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OF 1 


Blinds, Mouldings, Rope, Bead, etc., 





Glazed Sash, All Sizes, Constantly on Hand. 

Particular attention given to painting BLINDS and carefully boxed for Shipping by 
Railroad. 49~ PRICE LISTS sent by mail on application ; also, MOULDING BOOK, 
containing description of work, on receipt of 50c. 



Cor. Clark and Twelfth Streets, 




In Chicago or the West, having a seal for each STATE 
and TERRITORY of the United States, as follows: 









District of 









New Jersey, 

X. Hampshire, 

X, Carolina, 


New York, 

New Mexico, 





Rhode Island, 

S. Carolina, 







W. Virginia, 




No. 94 Washington Street, Room 4 

Residence 700 West Monroe Street. 

|3|r Deeds, Mortgages, Powers of Attorney, etc., carefully 
drawn and authenticated, Oaths administered and Depositions 
taken to be used in any Federal, State, or Territorial Court. 
Notes, Drafts, etc., protested, Marine protests taken, Insurance 
Statements sworn and certified to for any State or Territory. 





















Made from Dennison's Tough Cheap Stock, 

Manufactured by 


Also, Proprietors and manufacturers of all the varieties of the 

" Manser Tas," consisting of Manger's Cloth, Paper Cloth, 

Parchment, "D.P.P." and Manilla Shipping Tags. 

3STo. SS Lake Street, CPIIO-A.C3-O, 

71 milk Street, BOSTON. 19 Broadway, NEW YORK. 

36 South Third Street, I'll 1 1. A I>D. I'll 1 V . 






HILW&iKII, - - W(< 

The Largest Company outside the 
Seaboard Cities. 

ASSETTSover - - - - $5,500,000 

Income in 1868, nearly $3,000,000 

No. of Members, - 30.OOO 


Our BATES OF INTEREST being HIGHER, and rate 
of MORTALITY LOWER, than Eastern Companies, our 
Premiums are less and Dividends greater. 

Our INVESTMENTS are restricted by CHARTER to 
safest possible kinds. 

Our FUNDS are carefully invested by COMMITTEE of the 

Our Company is PURELY MUTUAL, having NO STOCK 
and managed by the MEMBERS for their OWN BENEFIT. 

We do business in New England and New York, hence are 

anywhere in the the UNITED STATES, CANADAS or 

Our Dividends are on the CONTRIBUTION PLAN, pay- 
able annually after second year. 

J. H. TAX DIKE, President. A. W. KELLOGG, Secretary. 

HEBER SMITH, Vice- President. AUG. GAYLORD, Assistant Scc'y. 
EDWARD ILLSLET, Actuary. L. McKNIGHT, Med. Examiner. 

SHUGART & DEAN, General Agents, 

No. Se Washington St., CHICAGO, ILL. 

K. E L. I .A. B L E .AQ-EISrXS W A, 1ST T 13 ID . 




TK* TT "^ IK* 
Jtr JL JtrtL i HP* ? 

Inland & Ocean Marine 

15 Chamber of Commerce, 



Assets over $1,140,OQQ. 




Assets over $820,000. 


Assets over $500,000. 


Assets over $770,000. 


Assets over $340,000. 


Assets over $310,000. 



O-E 1ST E 


Wos. 1O8 & 11O La Salle Street, 


Represent the following First-Class Companies : 


Capital and Surplus, $369,397.02. 


Capital and Surplus, $1,177,492.74. 


Capital and Surplus, $392,425.52. 


Capital and Surplus, $358,587.05. 


Capital and Surplus, $372,348.03. 


Capital and Surplus, $264,412.01. 


Capital and Surplus, $356,903.18, in G-old. 


Capital and Surplus, $5,000,000. 

Lumtermans' Insurance Company, 

108 & HO I^a Salle Street, 

CHICAGO, June 14, 1869. 

At a meeting of the Directors, held this day, THOMAS 
GOODMAN was elected President, in place of H. G. POWERS, 
resigned. T. L. MILLER was elected Secretary. 

The Company will continue to issue Policies against loss or 
damage by fire, at rates corresponding to the hazard assured. 

Thomas CiOODTCAN, PresH. T. I.. miAUR, art*. 

T. M. AVKRY, Vice Pres't. 




Of Onioago, on January 1st, 18S9. 

Cash Capital, 
Assets, - 



Cash on hand and in Bank, - 
Government 5-2Os and other Bonds, 
Loaned on mortgages, - 
Loaned on Stocks as collaterals, , 

Market value, $ 227,960 25, ) 
Other Cash Loans, - 
Premiums in hard* of Agents :aid 

in course 
AH other Assets, 

\o Losses due and unpaid. 
Income of year 16, 

gents :uid ) 
ivsi >is, j 

$21,280 18 
11,SO9 7 
43,O9 O2 

163,106 50 

25,506 4 

,595 14 

14,215 54 

$394,602 73 

$254.540 75 
9*9,39* 13 

H. Gk POWERS, President. 

T. L. MILLEE & CO., Managers of City Business, 

Union Bank Building, 108 & 110 La Salle Street, 




Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weekly. 

The Oldest Daily Paper in the Northwest. The best Family and 

Commercial Newspaper in the West. The Advocate of 

Protection to American Labor. 


ITS POLITICAL MOTTO, "Pat None but Loyal Men on Guard." 

Its Purpose To give the people of the "West the earliest 
news in advance of all its cotemporaries. Its Chief Aim To 
be able to chronicle Western Progress, contribute to Western 
Intelligence, Refinement and Ascendancy, and assist in the 
Promotion of Western Development, and the Interests of 
Western Industry and Prosperity. 

12 oo 

6 00 

3 OO 

6 OO 


59 OO 

2 OO 

8 75 

16 OO 


DAILY JOURNAL, per year, ...... 

** " six mouths, ..... 

' " three months, ..... 

TKI-\VICKK.LV JOURNAL, Single Copy, ... 
" Club of Five Copies, 

" Club of Ten Copies, - 

WKICKLY JOURNAL, Single Copy ..... 

** Club of Five Copies, ... 

< " Club of Ten Copies, ... 

" '* Club of Twenty Copies, and one extra to 

getter up of Club, - - - . 3O 00 

The getter up of a club of more iliau five copie may 
retain a commission of TEN P1U CENT, on Weekly 

Remittances for Clubs must be made at .nc time, but 
additions may be made at any time, at Club Rates, after 
the Club has been raised,, provided a full year's sub- 
scription is I. .Urn. 

money should be sent by Post Office money Order 
when practicable. 

CHAS. L. WILSON, Publisher, 

ISTo. 4r6 H) ear "born Street, 



Michigan Central Railroad 


284= 3VEHL.133S, 


Is one of the connecting link* In the direct and shortest line 

of rail communication between the Atlantic Seaboard and 

the Mississippi and the Northwest; and, with its con- 

nections, forming a through route unequalled for 


AT DETROIT with the GRKAT WESTERN" RAILWAY, f>r London, Hamilton, Toronto, Su- 

p nsion Bri ige, Niagara Fall", Albany, New York, Boston, etc., e'-c. 
With the GRAND TKUXK for li iffil and points East,, Toronto, Mont'eal, Quebec, etc.. and 

thenee by rail connection to all the principal intermediate and Seaboard Cities in the Statei 

and Canada*. 

L uiaville, Ltfiyette. In liannpolis, Cincinnati, etc., forming a DIKECT route between 
Chicago and a I the Cities named, th travel hein? accommodate I by T>vo Express Trains 
D*ily rach way. NO CHANGE of PVSSEXGERS or BAGGAGE. 

AT CrttOAGi(at the GRE vT CEVl'RAL DEPOT, with tha adva it* rM of transfer of P*s- 
sengeri and Baggage withi-i the arae building), wi'h the ILLINOIS CENTllAL RAIL- 
ROAD. to all C*nUMl and Southn 1111 ioU. Cair> n1 Lower Mis*is ppi points. 

With the CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & QUINCY RAlLR )AD, to Gilesburg. Uurlinaton nnd 
Qirnc/, and 'hence by the Burlington and Missouri R >a I to S mt.hern Iowa, Council Bluffs, 
(>maha City ; n 1 with the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad to St. Joseph, Leavenworth, 
Lawrence, Kinsai City, etc. 

Also, conTenieut connection the GALENA t CHICAGO CVION, the CHICAGO A MIL- 

Pullman's Palace Sleeping Gars on all Night Trains 




E^~ The faciliti and reputation of t'.is Line and its Eastern connections for ihe transportation 
Of FRKIGHT and LIVE STOCK, between Chicago and all Eastern points, are too well known 
and appreciated to require further notice. 

C > '* F* I G IS Ffc ** I 

JAMES F. JOY ...... President, Detroit. 

H. . SARGENT, ..... General Superintendent, Chicago. 

W. K MUIR, ..... Assistant Superintendent, Detroit 

C. D WHITCOMB, ..... General Ticket Agent, Detroit. 

CH AS E NOBLE, .... General Eastern A^ent, New Tork, 

H. C. WENTWORTH, .... General Fassengar Agent, Chicago. 

THOU AS HOOPS, ..... General Freight Ag^nt, Chicago. 

L. P. KNIGHT, ..... Freight Agent Detroit. 

N. A. 8KINNER, ..... Freight Agent, Chicago . _ 

UI \TIOJf furnlahrd at the offices of the CoTip^ny in the following places : 
Chicago Gen'l Offices foot of 3 >ath Wat^-r St., an 1 Tremo-it H >us, cor. Lake and Dearborn 

St--. F. A. HOWE An I W. W. STREET, C uitractinv; Aarents. 

Ne^r Tork Office No. 8 Astor H>me, >.H VKL< E. NOBLE. General Eastern Agent. 
Boston Office No. 6 Washington S-reet, P. K. RAN'DvLL. Au'ent. 
Buffalo Office, Western. oppo;te Mansion House. T. 3. WOOD, Agent. 
St. Louis Office, 223 Ollva Street, SAMUEL SMITH, Afoot. 





DOCK Billing, 

IDealers in 



Roofing Gravel. 


West End Chicago Avenue Bridge. 





Wrought Iron Pipe 


Brass Cocks, Valves, Whistles, eic. 


Packing, Dose & Belling 

(5 South La Salle St., 


Steamboat Work Promptly Attended to. 



Manufacturers of the 


Oldest and Best Self-Raking Machine in use. 

General Western Agent, 

93 and 95 West Lake Street, CHICAGO. 

UK'I.NXATI, 124 Main St. XEW YORK, 53 Cedar St. 


Dealers in 


Upholsterers' Goods, 

Mechanics' Tools, Building and 

Cabinet Hardware, Coffin 

Goods, Trimmings, etc. 

19O Lake Street, coi-ner AVells, 

Represented in C'hicago by CAR.L1CTON WHITK. 





Manufacturer and Dealer in 

Mantles, Plumbers' Slabs 

Monuments and Tablets, of American and Foreign 
ITIarble. Also, 


Importer and "Wholesale Dealer in 

\os. US. 148, 150 and 152 North Water Street, 
orriCE, 158, CHICAGO, ILL. 








preserved their contents from Fire. 

Awarded the Prize Medals at the World's Fair, London, 
"World's Fair, New York, Exposition Universelle, Paris, and 
winner of the Wager of 30,000 francs ($6,000 in gold), at the 
recent International Contest in the Paris Exhibition. 

Burglar Proof Safes, 

With Herring's, Floyd's and Farrcl fc Sherman's 


The only Jlctul which eamiot be Drilled by a Burglar. 

B3T The largest and be-t stock of Safes in the Wist ou bund and for Bale at 

HEHRING- & CO., 40 State St. 

Chicago, ISM. 
" Orfcan*, 1S69. 

( BI 


Edwards' Directories. 

Tie Staniaril anil Official Directories of lie Sootl anil West 

From the Chicago Evening Journal. 

As Edwards' Directories been pronounced the best EVER PUBLISHED IN CHICAGO, 
and as they have been THOROUGHLY TESTED BY ALL CLASSES OP CITIZENS, we can fully 
rely upon the forthcoming work as being in every particular correct and reliable. 

t Resolution or the City Council or Indianapolis. 
, That the CITY COUNCIL of Indianapolis, feeling the want, and knowing the 
value of ? uch a work to their fellow-citizens, and appreciating the enterprise of Mr. Edwards in 
issuing the Indianapolis Directory tor the last few years in a manner creditable to the city and 
himself, and that we recommend our citizens to give their support to Edwards' Directory, thus 
securing the annual publication of a standard work. 


rom tht Chicago Daily Tribune. 

Edwards' Directory combines all the qualities needed in a work of this kind, and has the entiie 
confidence of the business men of all cl.isses. The highest testimonials have he-'ii bestowed upon 
it. It has been pronounced " unsurpassed for beauty and correctness:" ' THE STANDARD 
BOOK OF THE CITY;" an indispensable requisite to every business office ;" "highly apprecia- 
ted by the business community and travelers generally ;" an institution in the West, and its annual 
visit always welcome," Ac., &c. 

J^" From the St. Louis Daily Times. 

Mr. Edwards is emphatically a pioneer in this branch of business, and is a faithful representa- 
tive of St. Louis enterprise. He commenced the publication of Directories for this city many years 
ago, after all had failed in previous attempts, and has continued the issue under all circumstances 
every year since. Not long after his advent here, he commenced the publication of Directories for 
Louisville, Indianapolis and Milwaukee. Next he tackled Chicago, where he had to encounter a 
strong opposition for three yen's, finally coming out victorious. He also publishes Directories for 
Memphis, Mobi'e and New Orleans. As a Directory publisher, " no pent-tip Utica contracts his 
powers," but whenever he sees a point, in common parlance, he " makes for it," and where others 
would be months in issuing a like work, he accomplishes the ta-k in the same number of weeks, 
complete and reliable. Our Merchants' Exchange have taken the right view of the value of a City 
Directory to our people, as well as to strangers, and have passed the following complimentary res- 
olution in regard to it : 


tion of an annual Directory of our city a great convenience and a business necessity, and that our 
fellow citizen, Mr. Richard Edwards, has for many years issued such a work as has shown from 
time to time our growth and the greatness of St. Louis ; be it 

RESOLVED, That the Union Merchants' Exchange of St. Louis appreciate the enterprise and 
public spirit of Mr. Edwards, in ptrmanently establishing a standard annual Directory of the city, 
and that we recommend our fellow citizens to give him such annual encouragement, by subscrip- 
tion and otherwise, as will enable him to issue such a Directory aa will be justly entitled the Model 
Directory of the West, and that the Secretary be instructed to forward a copy of the Directory, 
with the compliments of the President and Directors of the Exchange, to the various Exchange 
Rooms and Board of Trade Rooms of the large cities of the country. 

GEO. H. MORGAN, Secretary. 

4SrHundrds of such notices and resolutions have been given to EDWARDS' DIRBCTORIBS ia 
Ibe variout Cities of the South and West. 



Hawing been frequently solicited }y friends and 

patrons, during the tout twelve yean, to i*tue in my publication* a good likents of mytelf, 
and presuming it wilt gratify the curious, with, an eye tc business, I prtsent the above as a 
faithful representation engraved from a photograph.. At a business policy, and believing in 
advertising, I am in hopes the presentation of the likeness will not be without it* good effect. 
Having studied and labored for over fifteen yeart in making the publication of city directories 
a business, I am proud to say that I have accomplished what thousands have attempted and 
failed. As. there are alwayi unprincipled persona ready to use the reputation of others, J hope 
the above likeness will aid in protecting my friends and the public against bogus md-centurers, 
and also agninyt the numerous irresponsible person*, who are constantly soliciting patronage to 
Bogus Directories and ether advertizing mediums, some of them hairing represented themselves 
n JfJt. SD WARDS, others as his agent, thereby enabling them to collect money, and impose 
upon the public, ftcottld caution all persona against subscribing or paying any money to any 
person who doet not show Ait responsibility and authority for whom he is acting. 

<BTtabli*)ud at St. 

tn 1868.) 

Devoted Exclusively to the LanW Interests of the Country. 



Indispensiblo to Every Capitalist and Business Man. 




Of Plats of Land Prominently before the Public. 


Terms, $3 per annum, in advance. 

Unequaled as an Advertising Medium, 

As it circulates among the monied men of the entire country. 

The LAND OWNER is the only journal in the United States exclusively devoted to 
Real Estate and kindred matter. 

Address, JACK WING, 


115 Madison Street, Chicago. 

3/1. 73 /'"*' 
Ed 9 



To you the Chicago City Directory for 1869 is respectfully dedi- 
cated by the Publisher, in view of your long connection with this branch 
of publications, your prominent and influential position with the Masonic 
Order, whose works for good are so largely felt and so highly appreciated ; 
and more particularly for the happy termination of the rivalry once exist- 
ing between us in publishing the City Directory. Having fought out the 
battle for years, we trust on the line of friendship, let us view the matter 
from the stand-point of forgetfulness, " with malice towards none, with 
Chanty for all, with Firmness in the Right as God gives to see the 
right ;" 

" So here's a hand my trusty friend, 
Just gie us a hand o' thine." 



r v 

. M. & J. B. MAYO, 




French Clocks, Bronzes, Etc., Etc, 



Chicago, Illinois. 


IN presenting to the citizens of Chicago the Twelfth Volume of their 
City Directory, the publisher deems it not out of place to congratulate her 
people upon the evidences of prosperity which are everywhere manifest in 
every department of business, and the unmistakable truths which point 
with unerring certainty to her being in population, wealth and import- 
ance, the second city in the Union. It is useless and a matter of superero- 
gation to go into a long and elaborate detail of the reasons by which we 
arrive at the above conclusion. " He that runs may read," and the most 
obtuse observer, and the most skeptical on this point, cannot fail to 
acknowledge that Chicago has but few rivals, and must, at the progress 
she is now making, goon stand on an equal with the commercial metrop- 
olis of the nation, as she now stands far in advance of any of the inland 
cities of America. The growth of Chicago is axiomatic ; her natural 
advantages are great ; yet in many respects not particularly superior to 
those of her sister cities. Allowing this to be true, the question naturally 
arises, from whence does Chicago derive those elements which have made 
her famous the world over, and caused her streets to teem with such busy 
throngs intent? Simply then, the indomitable will which actuates all her 
public and private citizens. This has built her railroads, her tunnels and 
her parks; erected her magnificent business blocks of marble, her ware- 
houses and costly private residences ; beautified and improved her streets, 
and made the waters of Lake Michigan white with the sails of commerce. 
This it is which attracts so much the attention of the people of the Old 
World, brings swarms of emigrants hither, who assimilate and participate 
with the business characteristics of those "to the manor born," and 
become worthy and industrious citizens of a free, happy and enlightened 

No better evidences of the prosperity of any city can be obtained than 
by consulting the pages of its annual directory, and through these pages 
may be learned results in regard to population with as much accuracy as 
though given by means of an actual census. This directory contains 
nearly one hundred and twenty thousand names, an increase over last 
year of some eighteen thousand. The ratio of multiplication in Eastern 
cities in computing the population from a directory, is four to one; thus, 
if the directory contained one hundred thousand names, the city for which 
it was issued would have a population of four hundred thousand. Here, 


we place the ratio three to one three persons for every name contained 
in the directory and it gives Chicago to-day a population of at least 
three hundred and fifty thousand. We say this in no idle boasting, but 
with facts and figures to substantiate the assertion. To every citizen of 
Chicago this is a pleasing figure to contemplate, and forms the basis upon 
which our people so often make the prediction, that the Garden City is 
designed, within the lifetime of many of its inhabitants, to be the largest 
in population of any on the Western Continent. 

In presenting the Directory to the people and the institutions of Chi- 
cago, we take the occasion to call attention to the many obstacles which 
have interfered with its progress obstacles which ever will present them- 
selves in works of like nature ; and also to urge the importance of the 
information collected, which renders it of great value. An examination 
of the volume, however, will better convey a proper idea of its import- 
ance to the citizens of Chicago, and the amount of labor necessarily 
required to prepare it for the press, than any classified description of its 
contents. The canvass for the directory was commenced the first week 
in May, but owing to the unfavorable state of the weather in that month, 
was materially interfered with. To make the canvass in that space of 
time necessary to bring out the work in proper season, required a force of 
over one hundred men. This being completed, it has required also in 
compiling, type setting, supervising, press work and proof reading, an- 
other corps of at least one hundred ; this labor bringing the sheets into 
the hands of the binders, another force of one hundred workmen became 
necessary, and it is safe to say that three hundred different individuals 
have participated and lent their handiwork in giving the directory its 
present shape and usefulness. The territory over which the canvass cov- 
ered, being of greater breadth than that of last year, some thirty more 
canvassers than usual were needed, and notwithstanding the increased 
amount of names, and the small sized type used in printing the book, it 
contains as many pages as that of last year, and has been given to the 
public in about the same space of time. Considering this vast amount of 
labor, with all the perplexities and annoyances attendant thereto, the 
issuing of a work of over twelve hundred pages of closely printed matter, 
in so short a period of time, is a feat never before accomplished in Chi- 
eago ; and when, taking into consideration the mechanical execution of 
the work, its clear printed pages upon new and beautiful type, and its 
substantial and magnificent gilt binding, the task accomplished must 
appear marvelous to those unacquainted with the manner of doing business 
here in Chicago. 

In the preparation and compilation of a directory, it is necessary to 
take the information afresh every year, and to make as near a perfect a 
work as possible, requires the systematic co-operation of a large body of 
competent and intelligent hands. Those only who have participated in 


the labor of works of this kind can form any adequate idea of the many- 
vexations and perplexities connected with it, and to which canvassers and 
compilers are subjected. The present volume is original in its produc- 
tion, the information obtained being from an actual canvass. The impor- 
tance of the work will be readily conceded by all who have occasion to use 
it; and its cheapness must be as manifest as its usefulness, except, perhaps, 
to those who imagine it to be their duty to pick all the little errors they 
can find and exaggerate their importance. It is by this class of people 
that many formidable and embarrassing obstacles are thrown, and which 
help to render the work imperfect. They not only refuse to give their 
names and necessary information, but are the very first to complain of any 
inaccuracies that may occur. 1 1 would be a burdensome task to describe 
the capricious opposition with which we have had to contend, in obtaining 
the information required to make the directory as correct as we have aimed 
to make it, or give a tolerable idea of the ridiculous criticisms to which we 
are afterwards exposed. 

The very great majority of the community, we are happy to say, gave to 
our canvassers all the information sought for. There were, however, some 
exceptions. For instance, one person not only refused to give the requir- 
ed particulars about himself, but positively forbid the insertion of his 
name and residence in the directory. This person may have had some 
particular reasons for remaining incog, and keeping his whereabouts a 
secret, best known to himself; but as it was the duty of the canvasser to 
obtain all the names possible, he must needs get the information elsewhere' 
Hence the error, possibly, in the spelling of the name or giving the correct 
business or profession to which the person belonged. 

Again there was another individual who could not see the use or neces- 
sity of a directory ; it made persons who looked through its pages inquis- 
itive, and gave them a ^wcm-license to obtrude their presence into places 
where they would be an unwelcome visitor ; he likewise refused the infor- 

Another person, as wise as Socrates in his own estimation, but undoubt- 
edly a very simple individual in the opinion of his acquaintances, refused 
the information, because he regarded the directory as a humbug, gotten up 
for speculation simply, and to please those who liked to "see their names 
in print." 

In another instance, an individual having an eye to advertising largely 
without subjecting himself to any expense, refused all information, unless 
the canvasser would, in addition to the insertion of his name, address and 
business, enumerate the different articles of his stock in trade. Our can- 
vasser modestly declined the performance of this gratuitous labor, and 
consequently the directory is minus another name in the general compi- 
lation, and the economical advertiser's ideas have been nipped in the bud. 

Then there was an ambitious young gentleman, who fills the useful and 


honorable position of clerk in a wholesale dry goods house, who insisted 
on having his name inserted as "a gentleman," and, as might be expected 
of persons of suoh aspirations, became extremely abusive because he could 
not be gratified. But the directory aiming to give facts, inserts his name 
simply as a clerk. 

In calling at a certain residence, the canvasser was told by the owner 
that his name was omitted in last year's directory; he considered the 
omission an intentional insult, and therefore declined to give the informa- 
tion. Wishing to make the amende honorable, the necessary " docu- 
ments" were furnished by a more obliging neighbor of the indignant gen- 
tleman, and his name appears, verbatim et literatim, residence, street and 
number, as distinct as types can make it. 

The above are some of the annoyances in the publication of a directory, 
to which we have alluded. "We merely mention them to show the glaring 
contrast existing between a very few individuals, and the great mass of 
the people and the business men of Chicago, who exhibit from year to 
year so many courtesies to our canvassers, and to whom we take this 
occasion to acknowledge a thousand obligations. 

We desire particularly to call the attention of our patrons to the fact 
that this directory, though printed in smaller type, and some of the busi- 
ness portion accompanying last year's volume, transferred to our " City 
Guide and Complete Business Directory," which will immediately follow, 
it is larger than that work, and we trust will prove satisfactory, as we 
have aimed to make it, to the citizens of the City. 

Very Respectfully, 



Don't lend your Directory. Keep a sharp look out for bogus works. 
They are gotten up to deceive, and are imperfect and worthless. 


There are hundreds of copies of the Directory stolen every year, by 
persons who, under the pretence of borrowing for a short period, obtain 
them for the purpose of sale. Too much caution cannot be exercised in 
this respect. 




an, <irmott2, 





Marine Building, 154 Lake St. 

Corner La Salic, 

, ILL. 

The Hon. J. Young Sosimmon, 


3R,o"bert Reid., 


Under Provisions of its Charter 




AM on Won, Paris ant other European Cities. 



Abbreviations 88 

Business Directory 1035 

City and County Record 955 

Dedication 19 

General Directory of Names 33 

Illustrated Title 


Names too late for Regular Insertion. 
Street and Avenue Directory 



Academies nd Seminaries 982 

American Protestant Association 989 

Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and 

Accepted Masons 985 

Banking Institutions %2 

Board ot Aidermen 955 

Board of Health 956 

Board of Police 956 

Board of Public Works 958 

Board of Supervisors 958 

Board of Trade 969 

Cemeteries 990 

Chamber of Commerce 962 

Chicago Exchange 962 

Chu rches 972 

Circuit Court of Lake County 960 

Circuit Courts 959 

City Boundaries 957 

City Government 955 

City Railway and Omnibus Routes 990 

Collectors 959 

Colleges and Seminaries 988 

Commissioners of Highways 959 

County Constables 959 

County Court 960 

County Officers 958 

County Organization 958 

Courts 959 

Custom House 960 

Dispensaries 984 

Druids 989 

Educational Institutions 980 

Executive Department 955 

Express Companies 966 

Fire Department 956 

Foreign Consuls in Chicago 960 

Hack Ordinance 958 

Hospitals and Asylums 984 

Incorporated Companies 9(54 

Independent Order of B'nai B'rith 989 

Independent Order of Good Templars 988 

Independent Order of Odd Fellows 988 

Independent Order of the Sons of Hermann 989 

Insurance Companies 963 

Internal Revenue Department 960 

Justices of the Peace. 959 

Libraries Reading Rooms 968 

Masonic. . . 985 

Medical Institutions Colleges and Societies ... 983 

Missions 973 

Newspapers Publications 966 

Police Court 956 

Police Department 95C 

Police Magistrates 959 

Post Office Department 961 

Public Halls, Blocks and Buildings 990 

Railroads 964 

Recorder's Court of the City of Chicago 960 

Sabbath Schools 985 

Savings Institutions 963 

Secret and Benevolent Societies 985 

Societies 968 

Sons of Temperance 988 

Standing Committees 955 

Steamboats, Packets, etc 965 

S uperior Court of Chicago 960 

Supreme Court of Illinois 960 

Supreme Court of the United States 960 

Telegraph Companies 964 

Theatres 990 

Town Clerks 959 

Transportation Lines and Agencies .965 

U. D. O. Haraguari 989 

U. S. Assessors of Internal Revenue 960 

U. S. Circuit and District Court for the Northern 

District of Illinois .960 

U. S. Circuit and District Court for the Southern 

District of Illinois 960 

D. S. Commissioner's Court 960 

U. S. Commissioner's Office 960 

U. S. Marshall's Office 961 

U. S. Offices in Chicago 960 

U. S. Pension Agent 961 

Ward Boundaries 857 


Aiken Frank E. propr. Aiken's Dearborn thea- 
tre Top lines General Directory 

Andrews A. H. & Co. office desks, school and 

church furniture 1142 

Atkins & Burgess, props. \ 7 ulcan iron works 56 

Baeder, Adamson & Co. mnfrs. glue, etc 1033 

Barrett & Fay. paper box mnfrs 1117 

Bassett Ira. organ and piano tuner 1157 

Basset! & Pattisou. plumbers 1126 

Bayley J. M. laundry 1084 

Beardsley George P". house and sign painter 1114 

Beckert L. sign painter 1115 

Beebe Thomas H. pres. Peshtigo Co 1100 

Bceson H. D. sign painter 1121 

Berkshire Life Ins. Co. Smith & Tufts, gen. agts. 

Back fly Teaf 9 

BlickensderferN. lightning rod mnfr 1098 

Blue Line Back fly leaf 15 

Blunt, Derby & Co. dredging and dock build- 
ing Front fly leaf K 

Bolter A. propr. Illinois iron works 1092 

Bond & Chandler Back fly leaf 1 i 

Boomer's Bridge Works, 

Inside front cover, and page KM8 

Bosley E. F. house raiser and mover 1087 

Boyiugton >fc Rust, bridge builders and general 

contractors 1050 

Branch, Crooks <fc Co. C. A. Hiles, agt. saw 

mnfrs 1141 

Brand's New Temple of Art 1122 

Briggs House, B. H. Skinner, propr. 

Back fly leaf 3 

Brightlv & Earlie, engravers on wood 1064 

Brink & McAllister, proprs. Brink's city express 1071 
Browne William H. gen. western agt. Seymour, 

Morgan & Allen Front fly leaf M 

Bruce E. K. ins. agency 1033 

Bryant & Strattou Business College, 

Top lines Business Directory 
Building and Loan Association, 

Front cover and 1099 
Buschick A. F. pres. Chicago Steam Boiler Mnfg. 

Co 7 1044 ; 

Byrne Harry, plumber, etc Side lines on page* j 

Cullender VVm. H. gen. ins. agt. 

Top corner cards General Directory 

Carse W. S. Jk Co. stained glass works 1080 

Chess J. B. Dr. dentist 1064 

Chicago Billiard Table Mufy. R. Kleemann vt Co. 

proprs 1042 

Chicago Building and Loan Association. 

Front cover and 1099 J 

Chicago Evening Journal, Chas. L. Wilson, pub- 
lisher Front fly leaf I | 

Chicago Fire Ins. Co. 

Side lines General Directory [ 
Chicago Glue Works. Wahl Bros, propre. 

Bottom corner cards General Dhrectory and 920 

Chicago Iron Works, F. Letz & Son, proprs 1137 

Chicago Steam Boiler Mufg. Co. 1044 

Chicago Terra Cotta Co Bottom corner cards 

Chicago Type Foundry, Marder, Luse & Co. 

proprs 1 128 

ChieaL'o Union Lime Works. F. E. Spooner, agt.1098 i 

Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Back fly leaf 8 

Chicago A Wilmington Coal Co. A. L. Sweet, 

agt 1056 

Chickering & New. mnfrs. asrt- 1076 

Choate R. agt. N. O. Vosburgh & Co 1123 

Clarke George C. A Co. fire, inland and ocean 
marine ins. agency. 

Back cover and Front fly loaf F 

Cleveland Paper Co. C. H. Roberts, agt 1116 

Collins & Burzie. mnl'rs. stoves and hollow ware 186 

Colon -!n>- B. M. mni'r. of jewelry 1094 

Corn Exchange Bag Factory, Hart, Asten & Co. 

proprs 1038 

Cowles James A. lawyer 10% 

Crane. Breed & Co. mnfrs. metallc burial 

cases and caskets 204 

Crerar, Adams & Co. mnfrs. and dealers in rail- 
road supplies Bottom corner cards and 208 

Curtis J. H. show case mnfr 1067 

Dee \VflliamM. practical sewer builder 1144 

Dennison & Co. shipping tags, 

Front fly leaf D, and Back bone 

Devine & Bro. boiler makers 1044 

Disston Henry & Son, saws and belting 1141 

Douglas W. & B. mnfrs. pumps, etc 1131 

Eagle Insurance Co. of Chicago. ...Back fly leaf 5 

Eagle Mills, D. F. Schnler, agent 1038 

Eagle Works Mnfg. Co. P. W. Gates, pres 262 

Eiseudrath & Co. importers of fruit. Back fly leaf 6 

Emerich Charles, dealer in feathers 1073 

Emery & McFarland, mnfrs. plain and ornamen- 
tal galvanized ironwork 1078 

Excelsior Vinegar Works 1158 

Fairbanks, Greenleaf & Co. mnfrs. Fairbanks' 
Scales, Top corner cards general directory 

and Back bon 

Fawcett J. J. brass and bell founder 1137 

Fay J. A. & Co. mnfrs. wood working machinery.1103 
Forsyths' U. S. Standard Scales. Side lines on pages 

Foy & Keys, Lorillard's tobacco, wholesale 1154 

Frisbie Mortimer L. pressed hay, etc 1085 

Garretson D. G. stencil cutter 1150 

Gates P. W. president, Eagle Works Mnfg. Co.. 263 

Gilbert Hubbard & Co. ship chandlers 433 

Globe Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y., J. G. Me 

Kindley, manager 932 and 933 

Golds-mid A. & Co. pawnbrokers 1121 

Goodsell J. H. & C. M. publishers, etc 33 

Gowen E. L. mnlr. marble mantels, etc. 

Front fly leaf N 
Greenlee Bros. & Co. mnfrs. and dealers in iron 

and wood working machinery 1104 

Griffith J. S. & Co. gen. agts. Sampson Scale Co.1041 

Griffith Robert, practical slate and tin roofer 1138 

Hagen G. Leon, paper box mnfr 1116 

Hamburger I. lithograph importer 1099 

Hanna & Billings, proprs. Mystic Star 1110 

Hannis George W. mnfr. hose cans, etc. 

Back cover and 376 
Harris S. H. safe mnfr. and dealer, 

Bottom lines general directory 
Hart, Asten <ft Co. Corn Exchange bag factory. .1038 

Hartt H. & Co. printing press machine shop 1118 

Hatch, Holbrook & Co. hard and soft wood lum- 
ber 1100 

Haythorn William, general steam titter and 

steam boat supplies ....'... Front fly leaf L 

Herring & Co. mnfrs. of Herrings fire proof safes, 

Front fly leaf O 

HeuelF. A. bootmaker Back fly leaf 7 

Higgins. Rufus & Co. Higgins patent rafter and 

brace rule 1076 

Hiles C A. agt. Branch, Crookes & Co 1141 

Hill Robert, propr. Matteson house. 

Back fly leaf 3 

Hilton John C. stone cutter 1151 

Hodson J. machine shop 1137 

Holland Charle*. sec. Eagle Ins. Co. and propr. 
patent right of Frear's artificial stone, 

421 and Back fly leaf 5 

Holmes, Pyott & Co. proprs. Washington "foun- 
dry and n:achine shop 1104 

Ilowell M. A. Jr. A Co. mnfrs. wall paper 1111 

Hoyne Philip A. commissioner of deeds 1060 

Hubbard Gilbert & Co. ship chandlers 433 

Hunt S. M. A Co. paper and rag warehouse 1180 

Illinois Central R. R 979 

Illinois Iron Works. A. Bolter, propr 1093 

Irons James plumber 1033 

Jacobs E. A., Phcenix cord and tassel mnfy 1057 

Jordan C. II. undertaker 1156 

Kellogg & Co. coal dealers Back cover 



Kerfoot S. H. & Co. real estate agents, 

Front cover and 1134 
Kerfoot William D. real estate agis. 

Top lines general directory and 484 

Kerr William & Cu. mni'rs. Wisconsin lime 1093 

Keystone Machine Works and Foundry, C. Me 

Ginniss, propr 566 

Kimhall T. L. gen. west. pass. agt. Penn. Cent. 

R. R Back fly leaf 13 

King Simeon W. commissioner of Deeds. IS the 
ONLY duly authorized COMMISSIONER 
OF DEEDS in Chicago, or the West, for 
ALL the States and Territories of the Uni- 
ted States. Mr. King is also United States 
Commissioner, Attorney at Law, Commis- 
sioner of U. S. Court Claims and Notary Pub- 
lic. (See card of ' Commissioner of Deeds 
for all the States and Territories," on page 

1059 and Top lines general directory 
Kleemann R. & Co. proprs. Chicago billiard 

table rnnfy 1042 

Koon Henry II. gen. agt. Phoenix Mutual Life 

Ins. Co 707 

Laclede Hotel, J. A. Sample, propr. Back fly leaf 4 

Laflin, Butler & Co. paper warehouse 1120 

Lake Shore & Mich. South'n R. R. .Back fly leaf 11 
Latou Charles A. gen. agt. Pacific Ins. Co. of 

San Francisco 1089 

Lester M. W. & Son, hot air furnaces, registers, 

etc 1074 

Letz F. & Son, proprs. Chicago iron works 1137 

Lumberman's Ins. Co. of Chicago. 

Front edge, Front fly leaf H, and 548 
Maas & Manz, engravers on wood. 

Bottom lines Business Directory 

Mann George P. Dr. dentist 1064 

Harder, Luse & Co. proprs. Chicago type 

foundry 1128 

Marine Company, R. Reid, manager 26 

Matteson House, Robert Hill, propr. 

Back fly leaf 2 

Maurer D. T. & Co. electrotypers, Back fly leaf 7 
Mayo W. M. & J. B. Jewelers, silver smiths, 

etc 20 

McDonnell C. attorney at law 1033 

McGinniss C. propr. Keystone machine works 

and foundry 566 

McGrath J. J. paper hanging mnfr. and im- 
porter Bottom end of book 

McKindley J. G. manager, Globe Mutual Life 

Ins. Co. of N. Y 932 and 933 

McMullin J. C. gen. eupt. C., A. & St. L. R. R. 

Back fly leaf 8 

Mead & Co. real estate a<rts. . . Front cover and 1133 
Mechanics' National Bank, J. S. Reed, cash. 

Side lines of pages and 604 

Meeker A. B. pig iron and coal 1128 

Merchants' Lithographing Co inset opp. 1099 

Michigan Central R. R. Front fly leaf J, and 

Back fly leaf 14 

Michigan Southern R. R Back fly leaf 11 

Middleton J. W. stationer 1147 

Miller T. L. & Co. gen. ins. agts. Top edge and 

Front fly leaf G 
Miller & Drew. agts. Pacific Ina. Co. of San 

Francisco 1089 

Mobile & Ohio R. R 980 

Morgan M. H. music teacher 25 

Morris Coal Co. George Turner, agt 1041 

Morse F. E. geu. pass. agt. M. S. R. R. 

Back fly leaf 11 
Murphy J. K. sec. Chicago Fire Ins. Co. 

Side lines on pages 

Mystic Star (Masonic monthly), Hanna <fc Bil- 
lings, proprs 1110 

New Orleans. Jackson & Great Northern R. R. . 978 
Nichols J. F. truas. Chicago Terra Cotta Co. 

Bottom corner curds general directory 
North Side Brass and Bell Foundry, J. J. Faw- 

cett, propr 1137 

Northwestern Houiceopathic Pharmacy, G. M. 

VnnSchliuben, propr 1032 

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. Top corner 

cards general directory and Front fly leaf. E 
Oliugo-r, Waller & Co. real estate brokers. 

Buck cover 
Ormsbee T. gen. manager, Universal Lire ins. 

Co. of N. Y., Top corner cards general directory 

Ortou G. V. manager, J. A. Fay & Co 1102 

Or good H. E. ho -se, sign and ornamental 

paiuter 682 

Pacific Ins. Co. of San Francisco 1089 

Palmer, Fuller & Co. sash, doors and blind 

niutix Front fly leal B, and page 688 

Pan Handle and Pennsylvania Central Routo, 
N. E. Scott, gen. western pass. agt. 

Back fly leaf 12 

Paradis F. D. & Co. Paradis patent washer 1076 

Patersou James, plumber 1125 

Pearson Joseph fc Sous, house, sign and deco- 
rative paintere, Corner cards Business Directory 
Pennsylvania Central R. R. T. L. Kimlmll, gen. 

western pasii. agt Buck fly leaf 13 

Peshtigo Co. lumber mntrs 1100 

Peterson P. S. propr. Rosehill Nursery inset 

PtuEiiix Mutual Lilt* Ins. Co. H. H. Koon, gen. 

agt 707 

Pinkertou's National Police Agency, 

Back fly leaf 5 and 1127 

Porter Henry B. bell hanger 1043 

Racine & Morgan, mnfrs. wire goods 726 

Randolph William, agt. Crane, Breed & Co 204 

Reed J. S. cash. Mechanics' National Bank, 

Side lines on pages and 604 

Reeds Temple of Music 736, 1109, im and 1124 

Reedy J. \\ . builder of hoisting machines 1076 

Reiul, Roemer & Co. . . .Side lines general directory 

Reynolds B. P. oculist and aurist llll 

Reynolds, Reed & Co. wool com. mem 1162 

Roberts C. H. agt. Cleveland Paper Co 1116 

Roehl Edward . ladies hairdres&ing 1082 

Rood Frank H. gen. agt. Universal Life Ins. Co. 

of N. Y Top corner cards gen. directory 

Sample J. A. propr. Laclede hotel, 

Back fly leaf 4 

Sampson Scale Co 1041 

Sampson & Drew, realestate brokers 1136 

Sargent H. E. gen. supt. M. C. R. R. 

Front fly leaf J and Back fly leaf 14 

Schnlenberg C. & Co. billiard table inul'rs 1042 

Schuler David F. flour dealer 1038 

Schultz Henry, paperbox muir 1116 

Scott N. E. gen. passenger agt. Pan Handle 

and Penn. Central route Back fly leaf 12 

Seymour, Morgan & Allen, mnfrs. self-raking 

reaper and mower Front fly leaf M 

Sharp George W. sec. Building and Loan associa- 
tion Front cover and 

Sherwood Henry M. school furniture 

Top lines general directory 
Shipherd, Sweet & Co. realestate brokers, 

Bottom lines general directory 
Shugart & Dean, ins. agts. 

Top cor. cards and Front fly leaf E 
Skinner B. H. propr. Briggs house, Back fiy leaf 3 

Smith & Tufts, gen. ins. agts Back fly leaf 9 

Spooner F. E. agt. Chicago Union Line works. .1098 
Strong W. W. fashionable furniture, 

Front coyer and page 8KO 

Stuart J. M. undertaker 860 

Sturges, McAllister & Co. dealers in wool and 

woolen goods 862 

Sweet A. L. agt. Chicago and Wilmington Coal 

Co 1056 

Terra Cotta Co. Bottom corner cards gen. directory 

Thayer A. B. engraver Back fly leaf 5 

Thayer Engraving and Mnfg. Co 10G8 

Thiele Ar.gust, wagonmaker 1153 

Thwing William U. patternmaker 1034 

Tillingnast. Allen & Co. wool com. mere... Hti2 

Turner George, agt. Morris Coal Co 1041 

Union Pacific Railroad. Front cover and Back fly 

l.'fif. 10 
Universal Life Ins. Co. of New York. 

^ Top corner cards general directory 
Van Deursen W. P. & Co. bankers and broken?. 

Back cover 

Van Os-dell John M. architect 1034 

Von t-chlieben G. M. Northwestern hormvojm- 

thic pliarmacy 1032 

Vosburirh N. O. & Co. perfumery and toilet ar- 
ticles 1123 

Vredenburgb Bros, mnfrs. show case- 114(5 

Vulcan Iron Works. Atkins & Burgess, proprs.. 56 
Wahl Bros, mnfrs. glue. etc. 

Bottom corner cards general directory and 920 


Walker J. W. & Co. coal dealers 1041 

Walker 8. J. realestete office 1149 

Walter John. German wines 1034 

Walwortb, Twohlg & Furse, wrought iron pipe 

and fittings 920 and 1104 

Washington Foundry and Machine Shop, 

Holrues, Pyolt & Co. propre 1109 

Wayne J. L. & Son. hardware Front fly leaf M 

Weber John S. general engraver 1070 

Weigle Frederick, papcrbox mnfr 1117 

and vinegar mutr.1158 
Wentworth H. C. gen. pass agt. M. C. R. R. 

Front fly loaf J 
White Carleton, ngt. J. L. Wayne & Son 

Front fly leaf M 
Wlllson & Co. cut stone contractors 1067 

Wilson Charles L. publisher, Chicago Evening 

Journal Front fly leaf I 

Wing Jack, pub. Land Owner 18 

Winne A. L. & Co. steam heating apparatus, 

inset opp. 1162 
Wisner Henry, commissioner of Deed*, 

Front fly leaf C 

Witkoweky D. propr. Star clothing kouse 1047 

Wolf E. merchant tailor 1067 

Wood Walter A. Mowing and Reaping Machine 

Co. C. E. Whitman gen. agt 1037 

Woodruff & Raffen, plumbers, 

Top lines general directory 

Wright James, Undertaker 970 

Wyeth & Vandervoort Malting Co 1105 

Zeese Alexander.electrotyping and sterootyping.1068 



ADLER Fred. G. cabinetmaker, John J. Laner, 
bds. 35 Cottage Grove av. 

Ahrens John A (Ahrens & Behrens), r. 105 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Ahrens & Behrens (John A. Ahrens and Georsre 

Behrens) wood and coal dealers, 565 and 567 W. 

Madison, and 36 Front 
Akin William J. clerk, H. E. Champion & Co. r. 16 

Alfred Johnson, salesman, Bowen, Whitman & 

Winslow, r. 62 Ellis av. 
Allen Horace, physician, 101 Washington, r. 680 W. 


Allen V. R. (Fry & Allen), r. 697 W. Washington 
Aloysius Sister, teacher, Loretto academy, r. same 
Anderson A. T. silversmith, Juergens & Anderson, 

r. 113 Ada 
Anderson John, jeweler, Juergens & Anderson, r. 

104 Desplsines 
Anderson J. C. (Warren & Anderson), r. 197 W. 


Anderson Mary, wid. LonK r. 76 W. Erie 
Andrews Edmund, prof. Chicago Medical College, 

office 81 Monroe 
Ark'ns John, printer, Chicago Printers' Co-operative 


Armbrnster Frederick (John Hook & Co.) 
Arnheiter Christian (Miller & Arnheiter), r. 159 Chi- 
cago av. 
Arshanbo , lab. Petit & Co. r. Archer rd. nr. 

Artificial Stone and Building Co. Lewis Dodge, sec. 

133 LaSalle 
Ashbury Life Ins. Co. George C. Cook, pres. Leroy 

Bworaatedt, sec. Thom:Vs Bevan, medical exam- 

inar. Grant Goodrich, counsel. 65 Washington 
Atkinson Peter J. (Ernst Hess & Co.), r. 480 N. 


INS. CO. of Providence, R. 1., W. W. HoT 
den. a-t. USLaSalle 

of St. Louis, F. L. Harvey, gen. agt. 129 Dear- 

Augustana Rweedbb Church Journal, Prof. T. W. 
Hasselquist, editor, 192 Superior 

BACHERT Ferdinand (L. Blume & o.), r. 409 
Archer av. 
Bailoy K. C'ammilla Miss, proof reader, R. Edwards, 

r. SSIW. Monroe 
Baker Milton E. shipping clerk, Austin <fc Boal, 

bds. 40 Franklin 
R-iNt-T August, lab. Petit & Co. 
Barnitz George C. (Oglcsby, Barnitz & Co.), r. Mid- 

dleton. Ohio 
Barothy Victor, sparkling wines and mineral water, 

130 Dearborn, bds. Briggs house 

Bascome A. G. pastor, Clinton Mission Congrega- 
tional church, bds. 194 W. 12th 

vestings, whol. 87 and 89 Michigan av. 

Beardsley Levi, agf. Atlas Mutual Life Ins. Co. of St. 
Louis, r. 138 Kankakee av. 

Beck August, consul, Hesse Darmstadt. 95 S. Water 

Beck Jacob, meatmarket. 120 Townsend. r. same 

Beekman Fire Ins. Co. of New York, Teall & Fish- 
er, agts. 150 Washington 

BEESON H. D. signpainter, 154 Clark, r. Jack- 
son, west of Western av. 

Bennet Alexander, brassfonnder, 87 Franklin, r. 154 
Newberry av. 

Bennett Ammi M. com. mer. 33 Chamber of Com- 
merce, r. 250 W. Van Buren 

Bentley Calvin, realestate dealer, room 20 Fullerton 
blk. r. same 

Berbach Theresa, wid. Thomas, propr. French ho- 
tel, 37 and 39 E. Kinzie. r. same 

Billings Henry F. bookkeeper, Reynolds, Reed 6 
Co. bds. 389 Superior 

Binghara W. C. bookkeeper, Fourth National bank, 
bdf>. 324 Michigan av. 

Bishop James D. (Bishop <fe Grant), r. 921 W. Lake 

Bishop <fe Grant (James p. Bishop and Leroy Grant), 
com. mere. 189 E. Kinzie 

Blake man Jacob (VanVelzer & Blakeman), bda. 
Lincoln house 

Block Solomon (Milius Wilzinski & Block), gen. 
agts. western dept. Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New 
York. 153 LaSalle 

Bloom M. com. mer. 31 Chamber of Commerce, r. 
53ii Wabash av. 

Boehm Frank, lab. Peter Schoenhofen, bds. 41 and 
43 Seward 

Boniel M. A. mnfr. Ottoman Empire cigarettes, 83 
Dearborn, r. 70 Van Bnren 

Boot Adam F. (Wixer, Kirschten & Co.), r. 476 

Borden Andrew (Warren & Borden), bds. 107 N. 

Bowen E. A. wood and coal dealer. 205 W. Madison, 
r. 379 W. Monroe 

Bowron J. W. solicitor, rooms 70 Revnolds blk. 

Brady's Bitters, William Wiggins & Bro. gen. agts. 
209 Washington 

Briggs Oscar, propr. European hotel, 44 Gri~\vold 

Brophy Truman W. dentist, room 3, LaSalle, 8W. 
cor. Lake 

Browning James, lab. Merchants 1 ' Despatch 

Buffalo Brewery. Henry B. Miller & Son. proprs. 420 
to 440 N. State 

Bund John Rev. pastor. Fourth Evangelical Luth- 
eran church, r. 182 Noble 

Burdick Otis S. printer, r. 215 E. Erie 



Burgess Thomas F. (Atkins & Burgess), r. Union 

ButterneldS. W. salesman, G. T. Belding & Co. r. 

558 Butterfleld 
Byrne John H. druggist, 233 W. Randolph, r. samo 

/^ARD Albert, carriagemaker, 47 and 49 N. Wells, 

U r. 343 N. LaSalle 

Carpenter John H. (John H. Carpenter & Co.), and 

lawyer, 1(54 Washington, r. 43 N. Reuben 
Carpenter John H. & Co. (John H. Carpenter, A. W. 

McClure, William Jameson and A. H. Mills), 

realesitate and loan brokers. 164 Washington 
Chandler Frank K. (P. R. Chandler & Son), r. 154 

Chandler Peyton R. (P. R. Chandler & Son), and 

pres. Union Stock Yard and Transit Co. r. 560 

W. Lake 
Chandler P. R. & Son (Peyton R. and Frank R. 

Chandler), agts. for the Red River Iron Co. 53 

Chicago City Railway Co. West Division, William 

H. Ovington, sec. room 1, 67 State 
Chicago Marble Co. Oren Sherman, treas. 221 and 

838 State 
Clark William S. bookkeeper and cash. Washington 

foundry, r. 83 S. Jefferson 

Clinton \Vire Cloth Co. H. H. Waters, agt. 175 Ran- 
dolph, r. Oakwood av. nr. Cottage Grove av. 


Mew York, r. 153 LaSalle 
Cobbin Archibald, horseshoer, McNurney Bros. bds. 

Belfast house 
Coleman Andrew, clerk, D. S. Weaver, r. 75 N. 

Connorton John W. (Connorton & Gould), bds. St. 

Cloud hotel 
Connorton & Gould (John W. Connorton and David 

B. Gould), publishers, room 4, 94 Washington 

\ ., S. T. Lockwood, manager, N . W. dept. office, 

Merchants' Ins. Co.'s bldg. 94 LaSalle 
Cook Bartlett, wood carver, 260 Randolph, r. 224 

Crosby Alden G. (Hotchkin, Palmer & Co.), r. 1016 

Wabash av. 

Curtis Charles, tinner, bds. Lafayette house 
Cults James M. (Cutts & Whaley), r. 199 Michigan 


Cntt.s & Whaley (James M. Cutts and John D. Wha- 
ley), lawyers, room 8, 90 LaSalle 

DANIELS George, with Reynolds, Reed & Co. r. 
627 Burnside 

Darie Charles H. (Davie & Co.), r. 608 Wabash av. 
DAVIE & CO. (Charles H. Davie and ), 

wines and liquors, 42 LaSalle 
Dirk^-meyer F. W. r. 5^0 Arnold 
Dodge Lewis, physician, 141 LaSalle, r. 172 S. San- 


G AN Wiley M. com. mer. .33 Chamber of Com- 

inerce. r. 557 W. Washington 
uropean Hotel, Oscar Briggs, propr. 44 Griswold 

T7ARISH Frank, com. mer. room 2, 18 LaSalle, r. 

J; 82 Lincoln av. 

Flagg J. B. (Smith & Flagg), r. Asylum pi. cor. 


Flint Daniel M. clerk, W. H. Eddy. bds. 744 State 
Foster Frank (Oglesby, Baniitz & Co.), r. 800 W. 

Freihage Henry, drygoods and notions, 302 North 

av. r. same 

Fry John E. (Fry & Allen), r. 227 Ohio 
Fry & Allen (John E. Fry and V. R. A!lcn).dealer in 

flour, teed and hay. 8 and 9 Wigwam bldg. 



/ i ABEL Lodwlg (Brickmann & Gabel), r. 353 Mil- 
\T \vnukee av. 

WORKS, Hyck & Randall, proprs. 3t 8. 

INS. CO. of New York, 153 LaSallo 
Goodalo S. D. clerk. Garden city house, bds. same 
Goodkind Louis (Goodkiud & Mannheimer), r. 2* 


Grebes August, saloon, 144 W. Randolph, r. same 
Grece Peter, hatter, J. M. Looniis, r. 271 N. Frank- 

Grecer Joseph, machinist, r. 194 Mitchell 
Grecher Joseph, shoemaker, r. 35 Forquer 
Grecy James, soap and caudle maker, r. 117 N. Jef- 
Grebles Alfred (Grebles & Co.), r. 173 Milwaukee 


Grebles & Co. (Alfred Qrebles and ), watchma- 
kers, 173 Milwaukee av. 

Greebert Elizabeth, wid. Jacob, r. 173 Wright 
Greedon Patrick, watchman, r. 799 W. Kinzie 
Green Martin, 8 Steel's bldg. bds. 403 N. LaSalle 
Grubb George G. r. 143 Adams 

HANSCOM P. L. (P. L. Hanscom & Co.), r. 22 N. 

Harris L. W. & Co. (L. W. Harris and Herman Mc- 
Gonegal), mnfrs. Harris' Stomach Bitters, 8 W. 

Hide and Leather Ins. Co. of Boston, W. E. Rollo, 
agt. LaSalle, nw. cor. Washington 

Hinds Russel, patent Brunswick paints, 119 Dear- 
born, r. same 

Hubbard Henry W. lawyer, room 30, 122 LaSalle, r. 
748 Michigan av. 

JAMESON William (John H. Carpenter & Co.), r. 

*J 13 Davis 

Jenkins Arthur, printer, Chicago Printers' Coopera- 
tive Association 

Jones G. N. (Van Court & Jones), r. Cottage Grove 
av. sw. cor. 31st 

TTLEEMANN R. & Co. (Rud Kleemann, Geoirs 
J\. Stephani and Henry Monheimer), billiard taile 

mnfrs. and dealers. 190 to 204 S. Water 
Knobloch Valentine (Feldkamp & Knobloch), r. 619 

Knott Fergus, carpenter, r. 213 Hurlbnt 

LAWRENCE R. H. adjuster of flre losses, 50 Wash- 
ington, r. 74 Ashlaud av. 

LeRoy John, confectioner, Page & Co. r. 705 W. 

McCLURE A, W. (John H. Carpenter & Co.), r. 
47 S. Carpenter 

Mills A. H. (John H. Carpenter & Co.), r. 331 Wa- 
bash av. 

NICHOLS JOHN F. treasurer Chicago Terra 
Cotta Co. 290 State, r. 1071 Indiana av. 

j rtGLESBY, BARN1TZ & Co. (William B. Ogles- 
I \J by, George C. Barnitz and Frank Foster), pa- 
per warehouse, 15 Dearborn 

Oglesbv William B. (Oglesby, Barnitz & Co.), r. 
Middleton, O. 

ST. LOUIS Mutual Life Ins. Co. room 1, 162 Wash- 

TAYLOR H. r. 75 N. Peoria 
Tnrjford John, lab. Great Western Despatch 


There are hundreds of copies of the Directory stolen every year, by 
persons who, under the pretence of borrowing for a short period, obtain 
them for the purpose of sale. Too much caution cannot be exercised in 
this respect. 




JPublishers, jPrinters & ^tationers 


Not. 156 and 158 Broad-way, New York, 

JVos. 156 and 158 Washington Street, Chicago. 











Published Monthly. J2 Double Octavo Pages. 


t, ^yote Compa m . 










north side 

S or * 

al . . . . 


E. or e.... 

east side 

opp .... 



88 .... 








forwd .... 

. . . forwarding 



sec ..... 


. . independent 

P. 0... 

post office 

sup : 
trans .... 

. transportation 






pres ... 
prod . . . 



. . . .boards 

trp.aa 1 . 


public ! W. or w . 
road ws 


com. mer 

colored ; mnfr 





Rev . .. 



a merchant 

N. or n . . . 

. north 




he classification by business will be found after the alphabetical arrangement of names, on page 
1533. For full indices to the content* of the work, and names too late for regular insertion, see preceding 



A AGER Thomas, lab. bds. 14 W. Mather 
_/!_ Aak Emannel, sailmaker, r. 29 Hunt 
Aapnes Peter, lab. r. 24 Fisk 
Aarluius Louis K. foreman, Wood, Lawrence & Co. 

r. 30th. sw. cor. Michigan av. 
Aarnodt Neils H. painter, r. 33 W. Indiana 
Aaron Bennett, clerk, 394 S. Clark 
Abaja Corenna, lab. r. es. al. bet. Wells and LaSalle, 

Madlaon and Monroe 
Abal Michael, lab. r. 701 N. Halsted 
Abarle Anton, lab. r. 329 4th av. 
Abart Recart, r. 718 Clybourn av. 
Abbatt James, teamster, bds. 17ti W. Madison 
Abbatt Joshua, moulder, bds. 176 W. Madison 
Abbe Mary J. teacher, Wells school, r. 239 W. Indi- 

Abberger Roman, r. Broadway av. bet. 27th and 28th 
Abbey F. J. with James H. Foster & Co. r. 450 W. 

Abbey Grove N. (Johnson & Abbey), r. Cleveland. 

Abbev G. H. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Abbey Milton F. (Rnssell Abbey & Co.), r. W. Jack- 
son, cor. Rockwell 
Abbey Russell (Russell Abbey & Co.), r. 136 S. San- 

Abbey Russell & Co. (Russell Abbey, J. E. Bruce 

and Milton F. Abbey), stoneware, whol. 129 to 

137 X. Water 
Abbey Samuel, salesman, Johnson & Abbey, r. 209 

N. Djarborn 
Abbey William M. (Eaton & Abbey), bds. Congress 

Abbot Joseph S. supt. Coan & Ten Broeke Carriage 

Mnfg. Co. r. 35 Centre av. 

Abbot Thomas L. bds. 402 W. Monroe 
Abbot William H. salesman. b<is. Keystone house 
Abbott Arthur H. clerk, bds. 244 YTabiish av. 
Abbott A. E. milliner, 54 N. Clark, r. same 
Abbott A. O. salesman, Clement, Ottman & Co. r. 92 

Lincoln av. 

Abbott Charles, brickmaker, r. 37 Emma 
Abbott Daniel, watchman, Gould Bros. r. 31 W. 


Abbott Edward, r. 109 S. Halsted 
Abbott Edward P. painter, r. Monroe, bet. Western 

av. and Rockwell 

Abbott Elizabeth, wid. Joseph, r. 176 W. Madison 
Abbott Ezra, clerk. L. Gould & Co. bds. Like house 
Abbott Frank, salesman, L. Gould & Co. 
Abbott Hannah L. Miss, librarian. Young Men's 

Christian Association, r. 194 N. Weils 
Abbott Henry, grainer, Bent & Goward, r. Halsted, 

cor. Caualport av. 

Abbott Henry C. (Long & Abbott), r. 90 Miller 
Abbott H. C. jr. siirnpainter, r. 99 Miller 
Abbott H. H. printer, Chicago Printers' Co-operative 

Association, r. 256 Buddan 
Abbott James H. (McDougall, Nicholas & Abbott), 

r. 702 Michigan av. 

Abbott Jerre (Abbott & Howard >. r. Boston, Mass. 
Abbott John. lab. Union Rollins Mill Co. 
Abbott John, lab. r. 180 Barber 
Abbott John. te:imster. bds. 174 X. Bespiaines 
Abbott Jtulson. expressman, r. 53 El: ; - 
Abbott Lawrence F. elk. P. O. bds. 271 Ontario 
Abbott Louis, engineer, Fox, Howard & Walker, 

r. 795 Archer av. 
Abbott Louis L. city clerk, Hall, Kimbark & Co. r. 

244 Wabash av. 
Abbott Moses (Cavile & Abbott), r. 135 Jackson 


Kasement of 78 Ar RO Tart Madison Street. 







Returned at Death, 

W4t In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

^ Abbott Nathan W. physician and surgeon, rooms 

C 4, 5 and 6, 161 Clark, bds. Everett house 

^ Abbott Oliver H. r. 313 Clark 

C* Abbott Orin Mrs. clairvoyant, room 16, 137 Clark, 

r* r. same 

* Abbott O. S. policeman. Tremont house 
1?_ Abbott Patrick, mason, r. 194 Wesson 

IB Abbott Payson, painter, r. Monroe, bet. Western 
M and Campbell avs. 

55 Abbott Robert, fireman I. C. R. R. r. 601 State 
gf Abbott Roxbury, peddler, bds. 20 5th 
Jj Abbott Rynard, carpenter, r. 459 Larrabee 

< Abbott Wade, solicitor Chicago Evening Post, r. 
'ft? Monroe, bet. Western and Campbell avs. 
k* Abbott Willard (Forsyth & Co.). r. Rochester, N.Y. 

Abbott William, lab, r. 179 Barber 
Abbott William, sec. Turtle & Co.'s. r. 80 LaSalle 
2 Abbott W. H. artist, Hollister & Phelps 
K ABBOTT & HOWARD (Jerre Abbott 
5? and Frederick A. Howard), agts. Thomas Firth 

& Sons, 21 Dearborn 

... Abbring Cornelius, carpenter, r. 360 Carroll 
W Abeck Christoph A. boardinghouse, 200 Washing- 
^m ton, r. same 
^ Abel Charles, r. 523 S. Canal 

Abel Francis, shipcarpenter,Fox, Howard* Walker, 
* r. 669 Archer av. 

* Abel Frank, engineer, r. 1260 State 

H Abel Henry, lab. Charles Rietz <fc Bro. r. 76 Wright 
, Abel Herman, gastttter. bds. 129 W. Randolph 
~ Abel Jonathan (J. A. Montgomery & Co.), r. 74 
b Throop 
M Abele August, bookkeeper, James Kelly & Co. r. 

461 N. Clark 

Abele Christian, shoemaker. 534 Sedgwick, r. same 
^ Abeles Sigismund, agt. John J. Uiuchman & Co. r. 
(K 46 Randolph 

e Abell Charles C. real estate, Randolph, cor. Dear- 
_J born 

<w Abell James E. (Abell & Hotchkiss), r. 476 Fulton 

Abell Joseph S. clerk, C. C. Holden & Co. r. 17 Pine 

^ Abell & Hotchkisd (James E. Abell and Edward P. 

Hotchkiss), lawyers, room 7, 93 Washington 
^ Abembroth Carl, blacksmith, r 90 Milwaukee av. 
^ Abenwrath Frederick, r. 490 Milwaukee av. 
Aber Ezra, cafpenter, r. 134 Hubbard 
^ Aber William E. salesman, Miner & Co. r. 740 W. 

Van Buren 

71 Abercrombie A. L. student, PORTER'S TELE- 
ffij Abercrombie Otis P. lawyer, room 5, 78 Dearborn, 

r. game 

p> Aberg Charles, tailor, r. 55 Bremer 
i-^ Aberla Michael, gardener, r. 599 N. LaSalle 
M Aberly August, blacksmith, r. 177 W. Randolph 
^ Abemethy John, agt. tug Monitor, room 2, 310 S. 

Water, r. 419 Warren av. 
* Abers William, carpenter, r. 77 Shurtleff av. 

Abort Mathias. lab. r. 40 Willow 
,4 Abet Louis, lab. r. 205 Main 
h Abtel Hi-nry. clerk. P. O. 

+M Ablard Thomas, iiiachiuist, Frank Mayer & Co. r. 
2 lli-i W. Harrison 

g Able Char'os. saddlemaker, r. 15 Poarce 

Ableng Carolina, wid. Conrad, r. 511 N. Reuben 
9* Ablewhite Thomas, salesman, Clement. Ottmau & 
jjg Co. bds. 130 Franklin 

m Abraham Ciiarle*. carrier, Illinois Staats Zeitnng, r. 
. :i')l N. U-Mi'Dcn 

F* 1 Abral'.:\m C. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 
ft tiOLLEGE 

M Abraham Frederick C. W. butcher, r. 126 Ohio 
M* Abraham Isaac, boots and shoes, 337^ Clark, r. 


5 Abraham John, r. rear 6 W. Oak 
nt Abraham Marks, expressman, r. 64S S. Canal 
i*i Abraham Theodoiv, teamster. Stearns & Co. 
Abraham Mi-s. r. 244 Superior 
Abrahams Anthony H. carpenter, r. 47 Krcmor 

Abrahams Charles, auctioneer, 33 W. Randolph, bds- 

28 N. Canal 

Abrahams Elizabeth, r. 274 4th av. 
Abrahams George, barber, S. Marks, r. 263 Wells 
Abrahams Joseph, carpenter, bds. 559 N. Wells 
Abrahams Louis, furniture, etc. 203 Wells 
Abrahams Max, salesman, A. & H. Kohn & Co. r. 

306 State 
Abrahamson Aanen, expressman, r. 164 N. Dea- 


Abrahamson Carlotan, lab. r. 11 Otis 
Abrahamson Isaac, cabinetmaker, F. Porter Thayer 

& Co. r. 170 Larrabee 
Abrahamson John, painter, Jcrnc & Almini, r. 83 


Abrahamson Louis, sailor, r. 232 W. Erie 
Abrahamson Svante, carpenter, r. 103 Townsend 
Abrahamson Pete r A.bookbiuder, Dean & Hoffmann, 

r. 6 W. Oak 

Abrahamzen Edward, seaman, r. 159 Johnson 
Abram Aden, glazier, r. 209 Jackson 
Abram Isaac, peddler, r. 221 4th av. 
Abrams Henry, grocer. 208 Wells, r. same 
Abramson Fred, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Abstein Charles, clerk. P.. C. & St. L. R. R. bds. 94 


Abt Peter, clerk, Gustav Esche, bds. 724 8. Canal 
Academy Christian Brothers, Brother Francis De 

Sales, director. 99 Van Buren 
Academy of Design, room 51 Crosby's opera 

Academy of Science, William Stimpson, secretary, 

263 Wabash av. 
Academy St. Francis Xavier, Mother Mary Scho- 

lastica. supt, 135 Wabash av. 
Academy Sisters of Loretto, Sister Mary Ferdi- 

nand, superior. 149 W. Adams 
Accles D. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH COL- 

Achden Mathias, carpenter, 158 Arnold, r. 152 


Achen Christian, tanner, r. 424 Larrabee 
Achert Anna H. Miss, teacher, Franklin school, bds. 

246 Oak 
Achert A. F. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Achert Edward E. cigars and tobacco, 5 N. Clark, r. 

246 Oak 

Acheson Adam, boot mnfr. r. 704 N. Franklin 
Acheson Guy, clerk, Chase Bros. & Co. r. 324 W. 


Achilles F. W. clerk, New York house, bds. ?ame 
Achilles Letournent, clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 

85 S. Halsted 
Achten B. Y. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

i Achterberg Ferdinand, upholsterer, ChariesTobey, 

r. 37 Oakwood 
| Ackdold Charlie, blacksmith, bds. 204 Kanka- 

kee av. 

i Ackelbeiu Frederick, lab. Beck & Wirth. r. 23 Fay 
Ackelbein William, lab. Beck & Wirth, r. 31 Fay 
Ackeman W. K. local treas. I. C. R. R. r. Ken- 


I Ackenberg Henry, carpenter, r. 813 Fulton 
' Acker George H. asst. agt. Northern Transportation 

Co. 2 N. Clark, r. same 
! Acker J. C. solicitor, bds. 190 W. Lake 
Acker Michael, r. bet. Banks and Grand Haven, 

Ai-tor and Stone 

1 Acker Philip, carpenter, r. 313 Mohawk 
; Ackerbcrg John, carpenter, r. 48 W. Oak 
Ai'kerly George, clerk, bds. 165 S. Halsted 
, Ackerly R. C. jeweler, 123 Lake, r. 417 W. Madison 
1 Ackennan Amanda, wid. A. F. r. 18 Park av. 
Ackennaii DanK-1. gardener, r. Egan av. nr. Reuben 
Ackennan Daniel, tobacconist, 57 Douglas place, r. 

- 5 


General Northwestern Agents for 

& sonars. 

. 11 &13 S. "Walls St. 

SJiipberd, Sweet & Co., Brokers in Keal 

No*. 155 and 157 LA NAL.LK STREET. 

SIMEON W. KING, Commissioner of Deeds 

For AK.IJ the States and Territories. 117 South Clark Street, 




Ackerman Elizabeth; wid. Joseph, r. 359 Larrabee 

Ackerman George, porter, Z. M. Hall 

Ackerman George H. clerk, Julius H. Wilson, bds. 
22 O'E -ien 

Ackerman Jacob, lab. r. 411 N. Wells 

Ackermau John, lab. bds. 89 Kinzie 

Ackerman Joseph, gardener, r. Egan av. nr. Reuben 

Ackermau J. lab. Smith & Walker 

Ackerman J. George, porter, r. 70 W. Indiana 

Ackerman Peter, glass stainer, Ellas Cooke 

Ackerman Philip J. bartender, J. Keller, bds. 130 E. 

Ackermau William C. butcher, r. 275 2d 

Ackerman W. K. treas. I. C. R. R. 

Ackennann Chas. V. meat market, 677 W. Lake, r. 

Ackermann Chris, barber, August Klenke, bds. 
Washington house 

Ackermann David, butcher, r. 65 Purple 

Ackermann Frederick W. butcher, C. H. Hall, r. 274 

Ackermann George, hostler, bds. 419 State 

Ackermann J. W. (Robb & Ackermann), bds. 54 
4th av. 

Ackermann John W. (Robb & Ackermann) archi- 
tects, bds. 84 4th av. 

Ackermaun Louis, tinsmith Elder & Tyler, bds. 670 
W. Lake 

Ackermaun Nicholas, carpenter, r. 12 W. 17th 

Ackermanu Robert, shoemaker, bds. 185 Ohio 

Ackers Thomas, clerk, Tappan,McKillop & Co. bds. 
481 W. Madison 

Ackereon Charles, carpenter, r. Broadway av. bet. 
26th and 27th 

Ackhoff Henry, saloon, 91 Milwaukee av. and board- 
ing house, 206 N. Halsted, r. same 

Ackhoff Henrv, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Ackin Walter S. cabinetmaker, bde. 316 4th 

Ackin Walter, teacher, r. 316 4th 

Ackland Edward (R. Candy & Co.), r. 100 Ran- 

Ackley George, grocery and provisions, 331 Laflin 

Ackley John, stonemason, r. 6 Seymour 

Ackley John B. insurance broker, r. 684 W. Wash- 

Ackley Patrick, machinist, H. A. Pitts' Sons. r. 170 
W. Monroe 

Ackman Wilhelmina, wid. Ludwig, r. 321 N. Car- 

Acres Staudish, compositor, Chicago Republican, r. 
343 N. Clark 

Adae Otto M. bookkeeper, Union National bank, r. 
494 Hubbard 

Adair David L. (Adair & Minkler), r. 352 Catherine 

Adair Robert (C. H. McCormick & Bro.), r. 793 

Adair & Miuklor (D. L. Adair and W. S. Minkler), I 
hops and sage, whol. dealersaud pressers, 156S. 

Adam Alexander B. salesman, Keith Bros. bds. 
Cliftou house 

Adam Andrew, r. room 24, 12 N. State 

Adam Ernst, plasterer, r. 86 Bissell 

Adam Anna Mrs. midwife, room 24, 12 N. State 

Adam Frederick, cabinetmaker, bds. 64 Blue Island i 

Adam George, baker, J. W. Crawford & Co. r. 146 S. 

Adam Gottlried, cooper, 182 Indiana, r. same 

Adam II jury, painter, bds. 64 Blue Island av. 

Adam Henry, teamster, r. Orchard, *e. cor. Centre 

Adam Joun," cabinetmaker, r. 29 Starr 

Adam Jo'.m, lab. r. IS Clybourn av. 

Aflum John B. carpenter, r. 129 Hurlbut 

Adam Peter (Adam & Braentigam), r. 146 Illinois 

Adam William, packer, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 
SS Larrubee 




Architectural Trimmings 

Warerooms. - - 290 State Street. 



Assets over 85.0OO.OOO 
Annual Income, nearly $3.OOO OOO. 

SHUGARD & DEAN. Gen'l Agents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
Reliable 1 District Agents wanted. 



Adam William jr. book binder, bds. 88 Larrabee 
Adam William J. student, BRYANT & STRAT- 

Adam & Braentigam (Peter Adam and August HJ 

Braentigam), barbers, 57 N. Clark 
Adamek Joseph, icedealer, r. 30 Rees 
Adams Aaron, clerk, Edwin Edwards, r. 151 W. 3 


Adams Abraham B. r. 59 Bunker 
Adams Alvin, supt. Baker, Smith &" Co. r. 211 W. 

Van Buren 

Adams Ambrose, peddler, r. 240 W. Taylor 
Adams Andrew jr. printer, Spalding & La Montes, 

bds. 233 Division 
Adams Andrew J. teamster, Swett & Crouch, r. ss. 2j 

22d, nr. Burnside 
Adams Authony, student, PORTER'S TELE- Z 


Adams Asbury. clerk, bds. 886 State JJ5 

Adams Augustine W. clerk, C., A. & St. L. R. R. * 

office, r. Geneva 
Adams A. B. salesman, Keith Bros. bds. Chfton Jg 

Adams Benjamin (B. Adams & Co.) r. 968 Prairie ^ 

av. u2 

Adams Benjamin F. office, 116 LaSalle, r. 360 On- G 


Adams Bentley F. r. 360 Ontario *v 


vur Adams, O. C. Blackmer and G. G. Lyon), Jrj 

publishers, 155 Randolph ^ 

Adams Bridget, wid. Murphy, r. 288 Clark mt 

Adams Bridget, wid. Patrick, r. 102J4 Quincy 

Adams B. & Co. (Benjamin and John O. Adams), 

millers, 180 N. Water 

Adams Charles (col'd), bellboy, Sherman house 
Adams Charles E. r. 33 S. Water ^ 

Adums Cnarles, fireman, bds. 684 State ^ 

Adams Charles Rev. r. 743 W. Washington 
Adams Charles C. bookkeeper, J. F. Temple & Z 

Sons, bds. 322 W. Harrison * 

Adams Charles H. (Sloan & Adams), r. 743 W. 

Washington ^ 

Adams Charles S. printer, r. 45 S. Halsted ^H 

Adams Cyrus H. r. 120 Pine 

Adams C. H. city express, r. 528 N. LaSalle . 

Adam* Daniel, r. 536 Washington av. 
Adams Daniel, saloon, r. 52 Hope 

Adams David, agt. FranK Pannelee & Co. 
Adams David, clothing, 249 Randolph, r. 136 N. 2 


Adams D. bds. Matteson house 

Adams Eber, r. 243 W. Lake H 

Adams Edward F. lawyer. 132 Dearborn, r. 328 t 

W. Randolph ^ 

Adams Ellen M. Miss, teacher, Washington school, f 

bds. 239 W. Indiana 
Adams E. F. fc Co. real estate agts. Madison, nw. H 

cor. Dearborn 

Adams Francis (.Buell <fc Adams), bds. 130 N. State 
Adams Francis T. (Adams & Bro.), r. 318 W. Harri- <JC 

sou HB 

Adams Frederick, student, PORTER'S TELE- 


Adams Frederick M. with Ely, Btirnham & Bartlett, 

r. 78 Jackson 
Adams F. A. bookkeeper, American Powder Co. r. 1 B 

Clark yj 

Adams F. M. reporter, bds. 149 Deaiborn 

Adams George, tire man. bcls. 0*4 State 
Adams George, live stock broker. Exchange bldg. 

Union stock yards, r. 1087 Michigan av. 
Adams George E. lawyer, 110 LaSalle. bds. 360 On- 

Adams George P. (Adams & Bro.), r. Joliet, 111. 
Adams George R. clerk, r. 322 Calumet av. 
Adams George W. (G. W. Adams & Co. >, r. 52 24th 
Adams George W. special assess't. dept. Board of 
Public Works, 15 and 17 Wells, r. 780 W. Adam* 



All kinds of Plumbing and Sewerage done. 

Apply under VK*?V* tker's 








Office, 124 Washington Street, 










Adams G. P. groin dealer, r. 352 Waba*h av. 

Adams G. W. & Co., (George W. Adams, and Lester 
H. Eames), com. mers. 286 8. Water 

Adams Harry, sewing machine agt. bds. 240 N. 

Adams Henry, music agt. r. 369 State 

Adams Henry, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Adams Henry, saloon, 321 State, r. same 

Adams Henry A. (H. A. Adams & Co.), bds. Cen- 
tral house 

ADAMS HENRY D. foreman, news dept. 

Cbicago Evening Journal, r. 218 N. State 
Adams Henry H. (Adams, Gibbs & Co.), r. 806 Wa- 

bash av. 

Adams Horace P. bookkeeper, r. 119 N. Green 
Adams House, Pearce & Benjamin, proprs. Lake, ne. 

cor. Michigan av. 

Adams Hugh (C. H. McCormick & Co.), r. 120 Pine 
Adams H. saloon. 321 State, r. same 
Adams H. A. r talent, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Adams H. A. & Co. (Henry A. Adams and Owen H. 

Roche), mnfr. agts. 84 Dearborn 
Adams Isaac O. r. 45 S. Halsted 
Adams Isaac R. with Chicago Rolling Mill Co. 82 

LaSalle, r. 826 Wabash av. 
Adams Jacob, boilermaker, C. &. N. W. R. R. r. 74 


Adams James, moulder, Eagle works 
Adams James (col'd), waiter, Richmond house 
Adams James, tailor, r. 255 26th 
Adams James E. polisher, bds. 240 W. Taylor 
Adams James H. (Burton & Adams), r. 536 Wash- 
ington av. 

Adams James W. (Adams & Burke), r. 435 N. Dear- 

Adams James W. engineer, r. 163 20th 
Adams Jesse (Adams & Mallory), bds. Transit 

Adams John (Adams & Eldredge), r. 1000 Michigan 


Adams John, barber, C. P. Justus 
Adams John, elk. bds. 1250 Wabash av. 
Adams John, fireman, C. &. N. W. R. W. r. 143 N. 

Adams John, foreman, roundhouse, C. & N. W. R. 

r. 208 N. Halsted 
Adams John, jeweler, Morse, Roddin & Hamilton, 

r. 385 State 
Adams John, polisher, Sherman, Cole & Co. bds. 95 

E. Indiana 

Adams John (Vodolsky & Adams), r. 1318 State 
Adams John, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Adams John, teamster, Chicago Shot Tower Co. r. 

282 Forquer 

Adams John, bds. 185 W. Randolph 
Adams John B. (Chase Bros. & Co.), r. Evanston 
Adams John C. jeweler, 407 State, r. same 
Adams John C. (P. H. Goodrich & Co.) 
Adams John M. produce dealer, 262% W. Madison, 

r. 89 S. Sangamon 

Adams John Q. (Adams & Co.), r. 594 Archer av. 
Adams John Q. (Adams & Goodrich), r. 239 Forquer 
Adams John Q. (B. Adams & Co.), r. 540 Michigan 

Adams John Q. plumber, Hugh Watt, bds. 147 


Adams John W. musicteacher, Crosby opera house 
Adams Joseph, carpenter, r. 343 Park av. 
Adams Joseph, cashier, Adams & Eldredge, r. 1000 

Michigan av. 

Adams Joseph (col'd), porter, r. 80 4th av. 
Adams Josephine C. operator, W. U. Tel. Co. r. 477 


Adams J. C. clerk, Queal & Middaugh, bds. 716 Cen- 
tre av. 

Adams. Gibba & Co. (Henry H. Adams and John S. 

Gibbs), tobacco whol. 54 Michigan av. 
Adams J. C. jeweler, r. 307 W. Jackson 
Adams J. C. jeweler and hainvorker, 385 State, r. 

Adams J. McGregor (Crerar, Adams & Co.), r. 302 

X. LaSalle 

Adams J. Newton, clerk, r. 239 W. Indiana 
Adams J. Q. (Adams & Goodrich) 
Adams J. O, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Adams Lewis V. clerk, P. O. r. 268 Forquer 
Adams Machine Graining Co. Brown Bros, proprs. 

226 and 228 Monroe 
Adams Maggie, waiter, Arctic house 
Adams Marcus, boot and shoemaker, 463 N. Wells 
Adams Margaret, wid. Samuel, grocery, 52 Hope, r. 


Adams Manilla Miss, dress and cloakmaker, 49 Mad- 
ison, r. same 

Adams Martin, stonecutter, r. 336 Centre av. 
Adams Mary A. wid. John, bds. 302 N. LaSalle 
Adams Mary M. r. 76 Sholto 

Adams Matthew, shoemaker, 463 N. Wells, r. same 
Adams Michael, cutter, C. P. Kellogg & Co. r. 484 


Adams Michael, lab.bds. 344 Coolidge 
Adams Newton, r. 2 W. Indiana 
Adams Noah J. bailiff, U. S. Court, rooms 12 and 13 

Custom house, r. 85 S. Jefferson 
Adams Olive P. (col'd), wid Henry hairdresser, r. 

252 S. Wells 

Adams Oliver (Adams, Blackmer & Lyon) 
Adams O. E. clerk, Custom house, bds. 35 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Adams Peter, boilermaker, Walworth, Twohig & 

Furse, r. .330 North av. 

Adams Peter, boilermaker, r. 219 N. Rucker 
Adams Richard A. woodturner, r. 73 N. Green 
Adams Robert, brassfinisher, bds. 507 S. Clark 
Adams Robert, pilot, r. 401 W. Madison 
Adams Robert M. bookkeeper, C. H. McCormick 

& Co. r. 120 Pine 
Adams Samuel jr. brassflnisher, David M. Ford, r. 

52 Hope 
Adams Samuel F. salesman, Terry & Barnes, bds. 

Everett house 

Adams Samuel W. sec. North Western Manufactur- 
ing Co. r. 253 W. Madison 
Adams S. M. wid. r. 51 Van Buren 
Adams Thomas, baggage master, r. 92 Miller 
Adams Thomas W. bookkeeper, Second National 

bank, bds. 265 Wabash av. 
ADAMS THOMPSON W. saloon and res- 

turant. 143 S. Clark, r. 1312 Indiana av. 
Adams William (Bleuis & Adams), bds. 103 Ellis av. 
Adams William, carpenter, Eli Jennings, r. Adams, 

w. of Campbell av. 

Adams William, clerk, bds. Keystone house 
Adams William, drayman, r. 403 Hubbard 
Adams William, furrier, r. 551 N. Wells 
Adams William, machinist, bds. 7 W. Randolph 
Adams William, works John McEwen 
Adams William A. bookkeeper, Thomas C. Boyd, 

r. 30 W. Madison 

Adams William A. chair mnfr. r. 70 Ellis av. 
Adams William E. clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. r. Go- 
ne va 

Adams William E. lawyer, 165 Clark 
Adams William H. carpenter, r. 384 N. Wells 
Adams William H. chiropodist, r. 143 W. Kinzie 
Adams William H. (Osborn & Adams), r. 454 Wa- 
bash av. 
Adams William H. jr. bookkeeper, Osborn & Adams, 

bds. 454 Wabash av. 
Adams W. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Adams W. F. clerk. Young Bros. & Co. r. rooms 11 

and 12, 161 Clark 


General Northwestern Agents for 


Warehouse, 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

Ship herd, Sweet & Co., Brokers in Mortgages, 

NOB. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREIST. 


89 Washington Street. Property. Sold and Rented. 

ADA 37 


Adams W. R. salesman, Young J r -s. fc Co. bds 

Matteson house 
Adams & Bro. (Francis T. and George P. Adams), 

stone dock, 264 Market 
Adams & Burke (J. W. Adams and Michael Burke), 

plumbers, 88 N. Clark 
Adams & Co. (John Q. Adams and Henry Sterland), 

groceries and provisions, 5'J4 Archer a v. 
Adams <fc Eldredge (John Adams and Isaac Eld- 
redge), live stock brokers. Exchange bldg. Union 

stock yards 

Adams & Goodrich (J. Q. Adam? and William Good- 
rich), com. mere. 1% S. Water 
Adams & Mallory( Jesse Adams and H. E. Mallory), 

live stock brokers, 9 Exchange bldg. Union 

stock yards 

Adams , captain, bds. 79 W. Erie 

Adams , insurance, bds. 83 Jackson 

Adams , wid. r. 758 Sedgwick 

Adamson Alvin E. student, PORTER'S TELE- 
Adamson R. J. (Baeder, Adamson & Co.), r. 45 


Adcock Albert (M. Drukker & Co.), r. 135 W. Polk 
Adcock Harriet, wid. Edward, milliner, 223 W. 

Polk, r. same 

Adcock M. Mrs. milliner, r. 223 W. Polk 
Addams Andrew, machinist, r. 339 Hubbard 
Addems Ephraim (Nicols & Addems), bds. 1063 

Wabash av. 

Adden Charles, driver, Frank Parmelee & Co. 
Addis I. Walter, britannia ware mnfr. r. 671 Sedg- 
Addison Alex, clerk, Thomas Mason, bds. 14 N. 


Addison John, barber, r. 158 W. Chicago av. 
Addison Robert S. physician, 271 Milwaukee av. 
Addvon Walter G. lawyer, 42 S. Clark, r. 420 W. 


Addy Edward (E. Addy & Co.), r. 61 4th av. 
Addv E. & Co. (Edward Addy and Charles F. G. 

Stender), harness mnfrs. 308 State 
Addy Friederich, tinner, Chicago stamping and 

tinning works, r. 69 W. Ewing 
Addy H. George, physician, 183 W. Madison, r. 908J4 

W. Lake 

Adel Edward, painter, bds. Dupage house 
Adelman John, mechanic, A. L. Mason & Co. r. 74 


Adelman Michael, lab. r. 74 Front 
Adelmann Peter, student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Aderling August, r. 204 Townsend 
Ades John, meat inspector, 94 S. Wells 
Adex Adolph, r. 277/i Black Hawk 
Adirn William, r. 51 Cedar 
Adkins Gabriel (col'd), waiter, Sherman house 
Adkison Allen (col'd), whitewasher, r. 370 Clark 
Adlam John, brass finisher, Thomas H. Darby, r. 

171 y, W. Polk 

Adlard Thomas, grainer, bds. 50 Congress 
Adlem Robert, policeman, r. 171 '/J w. Polk 
Adler Charles, clerk, Peter Cunningham & Son, bds. 

112 Adams 

Adler Daniel N. peddler, r. 150 Quincy 
Adler Dankmar (Kinney & Adler), r. 52 Peck ct. 
Adler Emanuel, r. 245 4th av. 
Adler Elias, r. 1153 Wabash av. 
Adler George W. engineer, Western News, r. 601 

Adler Henry C. teamster, West & Farrar, bds. 387 

W. Randolph 

Adler Ignatz, peddler, r. .335 Wells 
Adler Ignatz G. fancy and staple dry goods, 116 Blue 

Island av. 
Adler Isaac, driver, Am. M U. Express Co. r. 7.>U 


Adler Isidore, clerk, bds. 71 Blue Island av. 
Adler John, r. 244 Coolidge 



Glues & Neatsfooi Oils 




Assets over $5,000,000. 

Dividencn* payable annually after second year. O 

SHUGART & DEAN. Gen'l Agents, 

8B Washington Street, Chicago. JS 

Reliable Agents wanted. 5 

Adler John, vinegar maker, r. 190 Ewing 2 

Adler John W. with Western News Company, r. 

601 State J* 

Adler Joseph I. elk. R. F. Christian, bds. 71 Blue ** 

Island av. A 

Adler Liebman Rev. pastor Kehilath Anshe Maarah v* 

r. 52 Peck ct. 
Adler Moritz, furniture dealer, 231 Van Buren, r. 

same ,, 

Adler Peter, boot and shoemaker, 210 N. Clark, r. 3 

444Vi N. Clark 
Adler Phillip, clerk, S. J. Ulman & Co. r. 243 S 

4th ay. 

Adler William, cooper, bds. Loomis, cor. Coolidge C 
Adlejr Henry, painter, r. 113 W. Lake 

Adlof Adolph, carpenter, r. 55 4th J8 

Adlnm Henry, blacksmith, r. 433 N. Clark Q 

Adlund Eric, carpenter, r. rear 389 24th pi. 

Admiraal Garrett, bartender, Geo. Bleimes, rooms S 

65 State 

Adnew Anton, slate roofer, r. 27 Kramer A 

Adolph Casper, tailor, r. 174 Mitchell 

Adolph Frederick, lab. Hyde & Mitchell, r. 49 W. 2 

Adolphus Philip,, physician, 169 Dearborn, r. 130 


Adrea Elizabeth, wid. Anton, r. 132 W. Harrison 
Adrian William, engraver, W. D. Baker, bds. 

Barnes house 

Adriance John, office, 116 LaSalle, r. 160 Rush 
Adrianson John, moulding sticker, R. B. Appleby, 

bds. 517 State 

Adrianson Peter M. moulding sticker, R. B. Ap- 
pleby, r. 517 State 
AdrrEdward, lab. r. 399 Seneca 
Adsit James M. banker, 39 S. Clark, r. 422 Wa- 

bash av. 
Adsit James M. jr., cashier, J. M. Adsit, r. 422 Wa- 

bash av. 

Advent Christian Chapel, 89 and 91 S. Green 
Adyen Thomas, drayman, r. 11 Vedder 
Aeby Frederick, coppersmith, bds. 185 Ohio 
Aegahoover Anton, gardener, r. 483 Larrabee 
Aehl Samuel, turner, Stotz&Woltz, bds. 167 N. In- 

Aeissig Charles, florist, r. 375 W. 16th 
Aely Frederick, coppersmith, Crerar, Adams & Co. 

r. 133 Townsend 

Aenstein Myer, cigar peddler, r. 361 Clark 
Aepplebe Gustavus, porter, J. C. Mooar, r. 92 Lar- 
^Etna Foundry, Clark, Rafien & Co. props. 

Kingsbury se cor. Ohio 


Hartford, Conn. Hunt & Goodwin, agts. 86 La 


NewYork. ^filler.*: Drew, agts. 130 LaSalle' 
PANY <>f Hartford, Conn. Samuel B. Ray- 
mond, manager, 86 LaSalle 


agt. '.17 Washington 
Aff John, blacksmith, r. 216 Division 
Affeld Carl (C. Affeld & Co.), r. 157 Rumsey 
Affeld Charles E. ins. agt. bds. 301 N. Paulina 
Affeld C. & Co. (C. Affeld and ) California wine, 

56 and 58 LaSalle 
Affeld F. O. surveyor. Mutual Security Insurance 

Company, and notary public, 158 Lake, r. 157 


Affeld Helen W. teacher, Wells school 
Affelt Joseph, carpenter, bds. 129 Ruble 
Aft'erton A. C. telegraph operator, bds. 143 W. 


Afttedt Joseph, lab, r. 104 String 
Affolt Henry, lab. Stearns & Co. bds. 521 Archerav. 
Asran B. courier Grant & McLean 

The Morse Safes Slave a record of 25 years and never failed. 


Baker*' Ovens Built, Woodruff Jk RafTcn 

Nos. 78 & 80 EAST MABJKSON 






Solicitors Paid Liberal Brokerage. 

Office, 124 AVn! Jinn ton St., 

Agan John, wks. N. C. rolling mill 

Agan Patrick, stonecutter, Cummings & Hagan, r. 

485 State 
Agar James, teamster, John F. Rathbone & Co. r. 

101 Bremer 


_j Agar John, porter, J. W. Stearns & Sons 
~ A"ar Thomas, foreman, John F. Rathboi 


Agar Thomas, foreman, John F. Rathbone & Co. r. 

88 Sedgwick 
Agatha Mary Mis?, principal, St. Aloysius School, r. 

512 S. Halsted 






Agemar Henry, plasterer, r. 25 Lisle 
Ageu William IT. lab. bds. 16 Arnold 
Ager John, porter, r. 349 Division 
Agj;le John, tuckpointer, bds. 74 N. Peoria 
Agnes Francis, mason, r. 187 E. Chicago av. 
Agnew Alexander, clerk, Bowen. Whitman & Wins- 
low, r. 131 29th 

Agnew David R. traveling agt. bds. 100 W. Monroe 
Agnew Harry, carpenter, r. 31 W. Lake 
Agnew Henry, blacksmith, bds. 50 N. Halsted 
Agnew Henry, bookkeeper, r 100 W. Monroe 
Agnew Henry jr. bookkeeper, Martin Ryerson & 

Co., r. 201 W. Washington 
Agnew James, check clerk, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. 

freight office, r. 121 S. Canal 
Agnew John, clerk Simpson, Norwell & Co., bds. 

208 Madison 
Agnew John, trainboy, Charles H. Shaver, bds. Jer- 

vis house 
Agnew John, watchman, steam fire engine Jacob 

Rehm, r. 304 Church 
Agrade James, bds. 185 W. Randolph 
Agson A. J. painter, Barry & Gushing 
Agustns Frederick, painter, bds. 74 N. Peoria 
Aharn Patrick, teamster, r. 375 Maxwell 
Ahearn John, lab. Chicago water works, r. rear 79 

Ahearn Kate E. booksewer, Dean & Hoffmann, r. 

352 3d av. 
Ahearn Norah, paper ruler, Dean & Hoffmann, r. 52 

3d av. 

Ahearue John H.bds. 274 Clark 
Ahern Daniel, cashier, outfreight C. & N. W. R. R. 

r. 205 Carroll 

Ahern David, hostler, bds. 140 State 
Ahern Dennis, teamster, bds. 212 N. LaSalle 
Ahern Ellen, chambermaid, bds. 30 and 32 W. Madi- 

Ahern George, clerk, bds. Potomac house 
Ahem Gustavus, school teacher, r. 477 W. Chicago 


Ahern James, bartender, r. 210 Wells 
Ahern James, crimper J. F. Morrill, r. 86 Hubbard 
Aheru James, blacksmith, r. 88 Hubbard 
Ahern John, bootmaker, r. 97 S. Jefferson 
Ahern John, photographer, 14 Milwaukee av, 
Ahern John, tailor, r. 174 S. Clinton 
Ahern John, tanner, J. T. & G. M. Walker, r. 630 

Ahern Joseph, broommaker, A. D. Ferry, bds. 

86 Q.uincy 

Ahern J. F. lumber inspector, bds. 468 W. 12th 
Ahern Michael, drayman, r. 28 Hope 
Ahern Michael, fireman, Tremout house, bds. same 
Ahern Michael, reporter Evening Post, r. 88. W. 


Ahern Michael, shoemaker, r. 194 Carroll 
Ahern Peter, teamster. Rock River Paper Co. 
Ahern Thomas, cooper, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 192 N. 

Ahem Thomas, wks. N. C. rolling mill, r. 36 Wa- 

bansia av. 

Ahern Timothy, r. 88 W. Quincy 
Ahern Garrett, lab. Hubbard & Pomeroy, bds. 137 

W. 22d 

Abler Henry, lab. r. Lafflin cor. Blue Island av. 
Ahlers Adolph, shoemaker, r. 247 N. Morgan 
Ahlers Fredrick, shoemaker, r. 39 Elston rd. 
Ahlers Henry, tanner, rear 82 Rees. nr. Black Hawk 

Ahle William (Geo. A. Smith & Co.), r. 310 W. 

Ahlos William, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Ahlgrim C'hrisn'an, carpenler, r. 579 W. 12th 
Alilgrim Christopher, lab. r. r>71 W. 12! h 
Ahlgrim Fredrick,. teamster, r. 215 Coolidge 
Ahlgrim John, carpenter, r. Blue Island av. nr. W. 


Ahlgrim John F. lab. r. 16 Mark 
Ahrcnd Ernst, upholster, Charles Wippo & Co., 

bds. !).-> W. Madison 
Ahreudt Christian, lab. r. 101 Howe 
Ahrendt Frederick, .ioinar, bds. 101 Howe 
Ahrens Charles, bookkeeper, r. 5(U N. Wells 
Aurcus Christopher, cooper, George II. Young, r. 

98 Rebecca 

Ahrens C. bootmaker, r. 41 Carroll 
Ahreus Froderick, teamster, r. 297 Larrabeo 
Ahrens Henry (Ahrens & Haverhampf), r. 31 W. 


Ahrens Henry, teamster, r. 411 Asylum pi. 
Ahrens Hermann, clerk A. Philleo & Co., bds. 438 


Ahrens John, drygoods and notions, 605 N. Wells 
Ahrens John, photographer, 14 Milwaukee av. r. 


Ahrens John, tailor, 167 W. Lake, r. same 
Ahrens John, tailor, r. Armitage rd. nw. cor. Wood 
Ahruns John A. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Ahrens John H. wood dealer, W. Water ne. cor. 

W. Lake 

Ahrens William, lab. r. 98 Mohawk 
Ahrens & Haverkampf (Henry Ahrens and John L. 

Haverkampf), mer. tailors, 31 W. Lake 
Ahrensfeld Bernhard (Ahrensfeld & Co.) bds. 433 


433 Union. 

y Ahrens- 
feld and John W. Schreiner), grocers, 490 Hal- 
sted and 433 Union 
Ahrivti Julius, shoemaker, r. 165% Cottage Grove 

Ahsendorff Louis (Charles Wippo & Co.), r. 48 

S. Desplaines 

Aich Christoph, cigarmaker, bds. 468 Sedgwick 
Aikart Conrad, carpenter, r. 817 S. Jefferson 
Aiken Alexander J. carpenter, A. Grannis, r. 58 4th 

Aiken' Arthnr, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Aiken Ann J. dressmaker, 58 4lh av. r. same 

Aikeu Daniel, r. 104 S. Sangamon 

Aiken D. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH COL- 

Aiken E. H. r. 129 S. Sangamon. 

BORN THEATRE, 111 and 113 Dearborn, r. 822 
Wabash av. 

Aiken George, carpenter, r. 187 Lincoln av. 

Aiken George, machinist, James Reedy, bds. Moul- 
tou house 

Aiken James, machinist. Eagle works 

Aiken James, stonecutter, bds. 831 Wells 

Aikeu James E. (Harmon, Aiken & Co.), r. 135 S. 

Aiken John, r. 58 4th av. 

Aiken John J. elk. Congress Hall. bds. same 

Aiken Moses, carpenter, bds. 504 N. Wells 

Aiken Robert F. stonecutter, r. 321 Wells 

Aiken William, foreman I. C. R. R. freight depot, r. 
234 Michigan 

Aiken William, painter,. bds. 88 Bremer 

Aiken W. D. conductor, r. 75 N. Peoria 

Aiken, see also Akin 

Dearborn, bet. Madison and Washington 



General Northwestern Agents for 

WIMI. criESSOip & 

Sbiplierd, sweet fc Co., isroRers in 

ISos. 155 and 157 LA SAL.LE STREET. 

AIKEX'S THEATRE, Dearborn SlTcef, 





Aikens Henry, painter, bds. 128 Michigan 

Aikers Thomas, clerk, bds. 181 W. Madison 

Aikin James C. (AikiD, Lambert &, Co.), r. New 


Alkin John J. lumber com. mer. room 9. 256 S. Wa- 
ter, r. 120 N. State 

Aikin. Lambert & Co. (James C. Aikin, H. A. Lam- 
bert and John B. Shea >. gold pen mnfrs. 34 Dear- 

Aillers Henry, moulder, r. 274 W. 15th 
Aimes William, c.npeuter, bds. 37 W. Lake 
Ainger Oscar, carriage driver, Wright Bros. r. 49 

P 'arson 

Aiust John. lab. r. rear 182 Griswold 
Ainsworth Charles, grocer. (Hi Willow, r. fame 
Ainsworth George, plumber, Adams & Burk, r. W. 


Am?- worth John. lab. r. rear 204 X. LaSalle 
Aiusworth J. D. printer, Cashman & Trudeau, r. 188 

W. Washington 

Aird Jane, wid. Archibald, r. 214 Centre av. 
Aird Mary, tailoress, r. 214 Centre av. 
Airth AgneK, wid. William, r. 234 W. Adams 
Aisler John, lab. r. 82 Garibaldi 
Aitchisou Andrew E. ^Robert Aitchison & Co.), r. 

542 Bntterfield 
Aitchisou liobert (Robert Aitchison & Co.), r. 1352 


Aitchison. S. II. Harrington and Andrew E. 

Aitchison), mnfrs. perforated sheet metals, 845 


Aitkeu James, stonecutter, r. 246 S. Clinton 
Aitken James F. artist, r. 723 N. Wells 
Aitken Mary A. Mrs. notions. 144 W. Lake, r. same 
Aitkeu William S. boots aiid shoes, 144 W. Lake, r. 


Ajaprieh John, teamster, bds. 161 Hurlbut 
Aiaprich Matthias, barkeeper, r. 161 Hurlbut 
Akass Edward II. shademaker, Bellamy & Haskins, 

r. 310 State 

Akely Harrison, physician, 15)4 Clark, r. same 
Aker Frank, machinist, r. 116 W. Taylor 
Akerberg John, cabinetmaker, F. Porter Thayer & 

Co. r. 48 W. Oak 

Akerley T. M. traveling agt. r. 404 W. Jackson 
Akerlind Andrew, boot aiid shoemaker, 143 Chicago 

av. r. same 

Akerlv Richard C. jeweler, r. 417 W. Madison 
Akers John, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Akers William B. clerk, Rumsey, Bro. & Co. r. Har- 
lem, 111. 

Akerson Charles, lab. r. 212 Cass 
Akertieng F. F. r. 267 S. Morgan 
Akerstrom Elizabeth Mrs. drygoods, 870 W. Lake, 

r. same 
Akery T. M. clerk, Adams, Gibbs & Co. r. 404 W. 

Akhurst James II. (Akhuret, Purington & Co.), r. 

802 Wabash av. 

Akhurst James H. jr. shipbuilder, r. 802 Wabash av. 
Akhurst, Purington & Co. (J. H. Akhurst, G. E. 

Purington and A. R. Scranton), proprs. canal and 

river line bet. Chicago and St. Louis and com. 

mere. 8 S. Wells. 

Akin Henry K. (H. C. Champion & Co.), r. 16 Dear- 
Akins John J. section boss, freighthouse, M. S. R. 

R. bds. 351 S. Clark 
Akins John T. blacksmith, 528 S. Canal, bds. 351 


Akins Samuel, machinist, bds. 527 State 
Akins William T. physician. 3ol Clark, r. same 
Aladesz Edward, bookkeeper, r. 420 N. Wells 

Albany, N. Y., W. W. Holden. agent. llSLaSalle 
Albasch John, brewer, Adam Bairle, r. 34 N. Market 



Assets over S5.OOO,OOO. 

Hate of mortafiiy jov.-cr ttiuu Eastern companies. 

SHVGART <fc DEAN. CJon'l Agents, 

S3 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Special Agents wanted. 


Should see tha Block of 


Situate on LaSalle St. nnd North Av. All the Orna- 
mentation to these beautiful homes was made by the 

Chicago Ti'rra Cotta Company. 

Wnrornnm*. 2!)O Staff Strf.t. 

Albaiurh William, dentist. 48 W. Randolph, r. same 
Albe John, teamster, Ira P. Bowen & Co. has. 245 ] 

Albeck John, lab. r. ss. Sophia, bet. Larrabe.- and 


Albee Benjamin F. (Albee & Sweger), r. 1102 Wa- 
bash av. 
Albee Charles, salesman, Cyrus P. Albee, bds. 207 

Cottage Grove av. 
Albee Cyrus P. butcher, 179 Cottage Grove av. r. 207 

Cottage Grove av. 
Albee Edson P. sec. Great Western Life Insurance 

Co. of Chicago, 111. r. 28 Grant pi. 
Albee T. C. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Albee & 4Sweger (Benjamin F. Albee and Aaron 

Swearer), groceries, 884 S. State 
Alberg Frank, carpenter, r. 74 Catherine 
Alberg Henry, sboedealer, 240 Blue Island av. r. same 
Albers Edward, carpenter, r. 125 Wentworth av. 
Albers Henry, clerk, Dupage house, r. same 
Albers John, lab. r. 117 W. 18th 
Albert Amos W r . clerk, D. J. Lines, bds. 211 Wabash 


Albert A. blacksmith, bds. 7 River 
Albert A. mason, r. 145 Bremer 
Albert Charles, carpenter, r. Moonaway, nr. Wah- 

pauseh av. 

Albert Edward, butcher, r. 103 Clybourn av. 
Albert Ferdinand, tanner, r. 21 Vedder 
Albert Frederick, cabinetmaker, r. 21 Hinden 
Albert George, lab. The Illinois Stone Lime and 

Boring Co. 

Albert Herman, lab. r. 37 Vedder 
Albert John, blacksmith, r. 103 W. Kinzie 
Albert John, lab. Illinois Stone Lime and Boring Co. 

r. 141 1st 

Albert Michael, shoemaker. 112 Arnold, r. same 
Albert Peter, teamster, r. 782 Archer av. 
] Albert Samuel R. cigarmaker, Camper Meyer, r. 16 

4th av. 

Albert Thomas, r. 252 Michigan 
Albertson Theodore A. watchmaker, J. P. Perro, 

room 27 Otis blk. 
Albertv Myron H. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Alberta Henry, cabinetmaker, Simons & Co. bd3. 


Alberta William H. lab. r. 127 Cornelia 
Albin Henry S. lawyer, 45 Clark, bds. 205 Madison 
Albin John, bartender, bds. 113 12th 
Albrand Julius F. (G. C. Knopfel & Co.), r. 58 Lin- 
coln av. 

Albrecht Andrew S. peddler, r. 43 Blair 
Albrecht Arthur, student, PORTER'S TELE- 

Albrecht August, tailor,. Paul Yager, bds. 909 State 
Albrecht B. E. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Albrecht Charles lab. Peshtigo Co. r. 74 Cornelia 
Albrecht Edward, machinist, r. Elston rd. cor. North 


Albrecht Frank, wagonmaker, r. 12 Myrick av. 
Albrecht Frederick, cabinetmaker, r. 95 Hurlbut 
Albrecht Frederick, machinist, r. 381 Elston rd. 
Albrecht George, blacksmith, r. 1137 Milwaukee av. 
Albrecht Jacob, trunkmaker, Becker & Kopsell, r. 

:;:> N. Howe 
Albrecht L. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Albrechter William, lab. M. Weber, bds. 186 Van 

Albrich Joseph, wagonmaker, Patrick Burns, r. 12 

Myrick av. 

Albricht Louis, saloon, 385 Milwaukee av. r. same 
Albright Clareance S. bookkeeper, Henry Wallace & 

Co. bds. St. James hotel 

Albright Frederick, bridgetender, r. 381 Elston rd. 
Albright Henry, lab. Steams & Co. 

Harris, Manufacturer ana Dealer in 

BANK, ana SAFE LOCKS. 62 South Canal Street. 



S., MA IPS, 




oisr xv :ESFLS .AH* 


Only Issued by this Company. 
A Good Thing Try It. 

Albright. Henry L. stockkeeper. Frank Meyer 
Albright J. W. clerk. Field, Leiter & Co. r. 60 Jack- 
Albright Thomas, coachman, H. Reed, bds. 583 

Michigan av. 
Albright Thomas S. salesman, Morse, Loomis & Co. 

r. 239 Sedgwick 

Albright Tilghman 8 salesman, Frank & Meyer 
Albright William, clerk, P. Buehrle & Bro. r.272E. 


Albright, see also Allbright, also Albrecht 
Albro A. (A. Albro & Co.), r. 355 W. Lake 
Albro A. & Co (A. Albro and N. L. Lutz), com. 

mere. 58 W. Lake 
Albro Clark B. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

1 Albro Emelius S. (D. W. Baker & Co.), r. 408 W. 

Albnl Charles D. ivoryturner, G. G. Thomas, r. 73 


Alcock Joseph, peddler, r. 259 4th av. 
Alcock Joseph, plumber, Baggot & Almy 
Alconi William, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Alcott Edward, machinist, r. 376 3d av. 
Alcover Joseph, lumber insp room 8, 258 S. Water 
Alden Charles, teamster, r. 113 N Franklin 
Alden Edward, clerk, P. O. 
Alden Gustavus S. mail clerk, Tribune Co. bds. 

129 Superior 

Aldsn Samuel E railroadman, r. 263 E. Chicago av. 
Alden W. II. printer, Tribune Co. 
Alderdice James D. clerk, r. 82 N. Market 
Aldcrmall George, cabinetmaker, r. 410 Maxwell 
Alderman Reuben, painter, bds. 171 E. Monroe 
Alderman Wells, carpenter, Bronson & Crane, r. rear 

1257 Clark 
Aldennott Gustav, machinist, bds. 7 W. Randolph 
Aldrich Alfred S. bookkeeper, r. 219 Superior 
Aldrich A C. (Lyman, Aldrich & Lincoln), bds. 704 

Michigan av. ' 

AldricU Byron L student, r. Chicago university 
Aldrich Charles H. foreman, carpenter shop, Boomer 

bridge works, r. 33d, cor. Burnside 
Aldrich Charles W. boots and shoes, 233 N Clark, r. 

445 Division 

Aldrich Charlotte, wid. Charles, r. 625 Burnside 
Aid rich Christian, student, PORTER'S TELE- 
Aldrich George S. H. salesman, J. M. Stine, Kramer 

& Co. r. Cottage Hill 
Aldrich Henry H. bookkeeper, S. H. Kerfoot & Co. 

bds. 250 W . Van Buren 
Aldrich James Franklin, entry clerk, King, Stewart 

& Aldrich. bds. 50 Calumet av. 
Aldrich James P. foreman, Chicago Iron Bridge 

works, r. 646 State 

Aldrich Nathan E. shoemaker, r. 233 N. Clark 
Aldrich S. W. salesman. Bowen, Whitman & Wins- 
low, r. 257 W. Van Buren 
Aldrich William (King, Stewart & Aldrich), r. 50 

Calumet av. 

Aldrich William, r. 350 N. Wells 
Aldrich W. Howard, shipping clerk, King, Stewart 

& Aldrich, r. 50 Calumet av. 
Aldridge Albert, furniture dealer, 887 W. Lake, r. 


Aldridge C. mer. bds. 704 Michigan av. 
Aldridge Frank, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Aldridge George W. confectioner, M. E. Pao-c. bds 

290 Randolph 
Aldridge Henry V. confectioner, M. E. Page, & Co r 

KMVi Clybonrn av. 
Aldridge John G. (H. H. Massey & Co), r. 178 Park 

Aldri-'gc J. F. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Ald^worth Reuben, patternmaker. David M. Ford 

Alea Eli, sawyer, Joel Bullard 

Alegka Carl, carpenter, r. 91 Forquer 

Alet Henry, teamster, r. 526 N. Clark 

Alex Christopher A. barber, 35 State, r. 468 State 

Alexander Aleck, junkdealer, r. 439 Milwaukee av. 

Alexander Alfred (col'd), waiter, AnsonH. Buck, 
bds. Union house 

Alexander Alonzo E. clerk, r. 101 25th 

Alexander Amos S. (Marriam & Alexander and 
Wilson & Marriam), r. 353 W. Monroe 

Alexander Arnold N. (U. Alexander & Sons), r. 696 
W. Adams 

Alexander Ashley H. carpenter, r. 485 W. Indiana 

Alexander Baptie, carpenter, bds. 254 Clark 

Alexander Charles, cigariuaker, Mathias Better- 
mann, bds. 133 Van^Bnren 

Alexander Christopher, brewer, Sands Ale Brewing 
Co. r. 244 Rush 

Alexander C. A. clerk, C. F. Gunther, bds. 139 Wa- 
bash av. 

Alexander C. M. (col'd), musicteacher, r. 132 Har- 

Alexander Daniel (col'd), coachman, J. H. Rees, bds. 
619 Michigan av. 

Alexander Edward, mail agent, bds. 74 Jackson 

Alexander Elijah, r. (505 W abash av. 

Alexander Elsie H. physician, r. 101 25th 

Alexander Emanuel (E. & G. G. Alexander), r. Ber- 
lin, Wis. 

Alexander E. S. (E. S. Alexander & Co.), r. 605 Wa- 
basb av. 

Alexander E. S. & Co. (E. S. Alexander and ), 

mufrs. of preserving paint'and dealers in roofers' 
saturated felt and composition, 28 McCormick'a 

Alexander E. W. builder and architect, r. 352 W. 

Alexander E. & G. G. (E.. G. G. and Philip Alex- 
ander) mer. tailors and clothiers, 68 Randolph 

Alexander Gerard, salesman, Satterlee, Sivyer & Co. 

Alexander George, conductor, r. 775 Wabash av. 

Alexander George, packer, Haywood, Cartlege & 
Honore. r. 252 21st 

Alexander George M. (col'd), janitor, Loomis blk. 

Alexander G. G. (E. & G. G. Alexander), r. Berlin, 

Alexander Henry N. sanitary police, r. 189 N. 

Alexander Hugh (H. Alexander & Sons), r. 92 S. 

Alexander Hugh jr. (Cadman& Alexander), r. Mon- 
roe, ne. cor. Reuben 

Alexander H. & Sons, (Hugh, Arnold N. and James 
G. Alexander) auctioneers etc. 180 and 182 

Alexander James G. (H. Alexander & Sons), bds. 92 
S. Reuben 

Alexander John (col'd), fireman, r. 271 4th av. 

Alexander John (col'd), porter, Samuel S. White, 
121 and 123 State 

Alexander Joseph, stockbroker, bds. Transit 

Alexander Joseph, whitewasher, r. 132 Harrison 

Alexander Joseph G. butcher, 143 26th, r. same 

Alexander Lucy Mrs. dressmaker, 259 Clark, .r. 

Alexander Matilda (col'd), wid. Carter, bds. 391 

Alexander M. com. mer. bds. St. Cloud hotel 

Alexander Philip (E. & G. G. Alexander), r. 68 Ran- 

Alexander Richard, blacksmith. 146 Elizabeth 

Alexander Samuel L. clothing, 191 and 193 Ran- 
dolph, r. 175 Monroe 

Alexander Thomas (L. C. Holmes & Co.) 

Alexander T. Loyd, clerk. Church, Goodman & 
Donnelley, r. Morgan, cor. Monroe 

Alexander Urban D. tinsmith, Chicago Mnfg. Co. 
r. 323 W. Indiana 


General Northwestern Agents for 

Shiplicrd, Swe^t & Co., IXiscoam Slsorl Paper, 

Nos. 155 and 157 


WIH. D. K.ERFOOT, Heal Estate Agent, 

89 Wasiiinston Street. Property generally managed. 




Alexander William (col'd), drayman, r. 212 4th av. 

Alexander Winfield S. clerk, Putnam & Edgerton, 
bds. 12 14th 

Alexer John, lab. H. I. Stouffer & Son, r. 35 Bur- 

Alexiau Brothers' Hospital, N. Franklin, bet. Schil- 
ler and North av. 

Aleyers Joseph, carpenter, r. 219 Hurlbut 

Alfe'ld Calsar. printer, Chas. Shober& Co. 

Alfeld John E. stereotyper, A. Zeese, bds. 176 N. 

Alferveetier F. carter, E. A. Chandler, r. 190 Eng- 

Alford James M. machinist, r. 321 W. Madison 

Alfred A. G. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 154 W. 

Alfred Henry, confectionery, 176 N. Halsted 

Alfson Alexander, carpenter, r. 159 W. Erie 

Alftren Henry N. lab. r. 1% N. Dearborn 

Alirar George, clerk, bds. 165 Michigan av. 

Algeo Frank, lab. bds. 341 4th av. 

Alger Pratt, carpenter, r. 284 Maxwell 

Algrim Charles, teamster, r. 411 S. Morgan 

Algrin Christopher, machinist, Eagle works 

Algrin John, machinist, Eagle works 

Alheim Jacob, baker, r. 696 S. Jefferson 

Aliart Henry, mason, r. 36 Mohawk 

Alickson Robert, machinist, r. 241 4th 

Alickson Robert, sailor, r. 309 W. Kinzie 

Alison Oliver, seaman, r. 569 S. Halsted 

Ali>tor Georcre. lab. r. 84 O'Brien 

Alieter William M. (B. F. Norris & Co.), bds. 122 S. 

Alitisz Edward, bookkeeper, Metz & Stege, r. 420 
N. Wells 

Alkire Adam S. clerk, r. 31 Langley 

Alkire Jackson, meat market, 55 Douglas pi. r. 109 
Vincennes av. 

Alkovcr Joseph, lumber inspector, r. 33 String 

Allaby David, stoker, Chicago Gas Light and" Coke 
Co. r. 229 Jackson 

Allaby John, foreman, Chicago Gas Light and Coke 
Co. r. Hawthorne av. cor. Division 

Allan Adam, painter, bds. 248 N. Clark 

Allan May Mrs. nurse, bds. 189 and 191 W. Jackson 

Allan Thomas, lab. r. 188 Coolidge 

Allan Thomas, marble polisher, r. 74 Henry 

Allan William, lab. r. 7 W. Pearson 

Allan William, porter, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 

Allar Michael, engineer, r. 156 Archer av. 

Allara Stanislaus, carpenter, r. 279 Blue Island av. 

Allard Charles, carpenter, r. rear 281 Kankakee av. 

Allbut J. A. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Allcock Aunesley, railway clerk, bds. 7 Park row 

Allear George, shoemaker, r. 239 2d 

Alleckson Louis, carpenter and builder, rear 124 
Huron, r. same 

Alleks Louis, steamboat mate, bds. 38 E. Kiuzie 

Allely Henry, saddler, r. 268/4 State 

Allen Adams J. physician, 503 Michigan av. r same 

Allen Albert, printer, Rounds & James 

Allen Alexander S. bookkeeper, Ellis & Heffern, 
bds 26 N. Wells 

Allen Alfred Y. reporter, Edwards' Directory, bds. 
204 State 

Allen Alonzo F surveyor, r. 87 Oakley 

Allen Alonza F. watchman, A. K. Stiles, r. 119 

Allen Amos A. insurance agt, bds. 46 S. Sangamon 

Allen Andrew W. boxmaker, Barrett & Fay 

Allen Anne, photograph colorer, C. D. Mosher, bds. 

153 Michigan av. 
Allen A. J. master mechanic, bds. 54 Sherman 

Allen A. F. salesman, B. F. Chase & Walker, r. 
Highland Park 

Allen A. T. with Hartford Fire Ins. Co. r. 46 S. 


At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

WASH, 13 


ss & Neat 


Allen A. W. cigar and tobacco nmfr. 262 State, r. 

Allen Benjamin, salesman, Quimby, Stark & Co. 

rooms 60 Jackson 
Allen Catherine M. boardinghouse, 385 State, r. 

Allen Charles, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Allen Charles A. cook Uhlich's hotel, bds. same 
Allen Charles A. silversmith, r. 137 Sigel 
Allen Charles B. druggist, Tolman & King, r. 189 


Allen Charles E. clerk, r. 20 N. Renben 
Allen Charles W. (Merrick, Allen & Co.), r. Oak- 
wood av. nw. cor. Cottage Grove av. 
Allen Charlotte D. wid. James F. r. 260 Maxwell 
Allen Clay (col'd), steward, r. 119 Jackson 
Allen C. H. civil engineer, r. 49 LaSalle 
Allen David, carpenter, bds. 215 W. Madison 
Allen David, tailor, r. 294 May 
Allen Delia Mrs. saloon, 465 Clark, r. same 
Allen D. A. wid. John, dressmaker, r. 504 State 
Allen D. B. (Stannard, Goss & Co.), r. Atkinson, HI. 
Allen D. D. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Allen D. R. Mrs. actress, Dearborn theatre, r. Pope's 


Allen Ed. C. (Day, Allen & Co.), r. 368 Wabash av. 
Allen Edward, carpenter, Allen & Bartlett, r. 216 


Allen Edward, signwriter, J. G. Allen 
Allen Ellen, wid. Dennis, r. 285 S. Clinton 
Allen Ellen, wid. Thomas, r. 158 W. Adams 
Allen Frank S. (Chicago Scale Co.), 34 and 36 W. 

Washington, bds. 79 Adams 
Allen Fred, engineer, Wabansia Co. No. 2, r. 1026 

S. Halsted 

Allen Frederick, fireman, bds. 99 N. Morgan 
Allen Frederick,_peddler, r. 694 S. Jefferson 
Allen Frederick B. sailor, r. 324 W. 12th 
Allen F. H. bookkeeper, Merchant's National bank, 

r. 128 N. State 

Allen George, gardener, r. ws. Ullman, bet. Doug- 
las pi. and 31st 

Allen George, p_laner, bds. 78 Hubbard 
Allen George, signwriter, J. G. Allen 
Allen George C.'brakeman, r. 45 N. May 
Allen George G. agt. Hall's Safe & Lock Co. bds. 4 

Allen George G. expressman, Gilbert & Sampson, 

r. 164 W. Van Buren 

Allen George M. grainbroker, r. 798 Wabash av. 
Allen George W. r. 640 W. Van Buren 
Allen G. clerk, M. S. & N. I. R. R. freight office 
Allen Harry, auctioneer, E. A. Jessel & Co. r. Union 
Allen Harry, mason, bds. 232 N. Clark 
Allen Heman, musicteacher, r. 88 Lincoln av. 
Allen Henry, civil engineer, bds. 201 26th 
Allen Henry, drayman, r. 360 Centre 
Allen Henry (col'd), waiter, Farwell Hall dining 

rooms, bds. same 
Allen Henry C. traveling salesman, Belding Bros. & 

Co. r. Beloit, Wis. 

Allen Henry L. clerk Chase, Favor & Barrett 
j Allen Hester '( col'd), wid. Lonis, cook, ss. al. bet. 

Polk and Taylor. State and 3d av. 
j Allen Hobart T. salesman, Day, Allen & Co. r. 48 

Van Buren 
Allen Horace, physician and snrgeou, room 3, 101 

Washington, r. 598 Washington av. 
Allen Isaac W. teamster, r. 245 Walnut 
Allen James (Allen & Bartlett), r. 210 Sebor 
Allen James, expressdriver. bds. 118 Griswold 
Allen James, furnituredealer, 56 W. Madison, r. 


Allen James, lab. E. Earnshaw, r. 451 S. Union 
Allen James, realestnte dealer, room 17 Reynold's 

blk. r. 81 N. Peoria 
Allen James, wiretwister, bds. 172 Wells 

Tlie kcsi protection against Fire and IHMrgfn 

Is H All HIS' Improved Safes, 62 SoutJi Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF & RAFFEVJ Sewer Builders, 

Baciiieiit of 78 ;: SO East Ittadison Street. 







General Agent for Chicago. 

124 Washington St. 


Allen James H. machinist, Eagle works, r. 21 N. 

Allen James II. paints, oils and varnishes, 87 4th. 

bds. 3ii2 W. Indiana 
Allen James T. (J. T. Allen & Co.), r. 1028 Indiana 


Alleu John (Allen & Darveau) 
Allen John, carpenter, bds. 109 Michigan 
Allen John, lab. r. 12 Currier 
Allen John, messenger, engineer department, H. Q. 

M. D. Mo. 23 Merchants' Ins. bldg. r. same 
Alleu John, sailor, bds. 38 E. Kinzie 
Alleu John (col'd), waiter, Thomson's dining rooms, 

bds. same 

Allen John (col'd), waiter, bds. 123 4th av. 
Allen John F. bookkeeper, Smith, Cleary, Enright 

& Co. bd-.. Wright's opera house restaurant 
Allen John H. (Allen & Mackey), r. 208 Wabash av. 
Allon John Henry, commercial reporter, J. H.Weils, 

r. Harlem. 111. 

Allen John M. carpenter, r. 619 Washington av. 
Allen John P. r. 369 Hulbert 
Alleu John Q. broommaker, 196 N. Green, r. 180 N. 

Allen John W. blacksmith, Northwestern Mnfg. 

Co. r. 110 Fulton 
Allen Joseph, lab. bds. 142 12th 
Allen J. Adams, physician. 503 Michigan av. r. same 
Allen J. Gilman, signpainter, 138 Madison, r. 161 N. 


Allen J. R. (Allen & HendersonX r. 103 22d 
Allen J. T. (J. T. Allen and J. A. Woodman), real 

estate and house agts. 92% 22d 
Allen Kezia, wid. John C. bds. Milwaukee av. and 

Western av. 

Allen Levy, carpenter, r. 45 N. May 
Allen Lizzie Miss, r. 423 Clark 
Allen Luther, clerk, gen. ticket office, M. S. R. R. 

r. 774 W. Adams 
Allen Lyman, clerk, Hopkins & Morse, r. 66 Lake 

av. " 

Allen Mary, wid. George, r. 103 N. Carpenter 
Allen Mary. wid. Johnrr. rear 94 N. Jefferson 
Allen Mellville V. (J. H.Wasson & Co.), bds. Metro- 

~ Allen Michael, lab. Bassett & Pattison, r. 188 Cool- 

g Allen Miles, lab. r. 327 Desplaines 
r, Allen M. wid. Francis, 178 W. Harrison 
mm Allen Nathan, lawyer, room 6, Yates' bldg. r. Mil- 
gg waukee av. se. cor. North av. 

Allen Omer, weigher, r. Milwaukee av. cor. North 
S av. 

Cr Allen Orange (col'd), waiter, Sherman house, r. 144 
p* Jackson 

J Allen Otis J. lab. Obeel Wells, bds. 1500 W. Lake 
r Allen O. H. wks. W. C. rolling mill 
PH Allen Peter, blacksmith, r. 185 Mohawk 

Allen Peter T. (Allen & Vollor), r. 241 W. Van 

H Allen Philip, clerk, r. 163 Reuben 
^ Allen Philo. 106 Madison, bds. St. James hotel 
^ Allen Ransom, bookkeeper, r. 182 Park av. 
M Allen Richard, clerk, T. S. Fitch & Co. r. 68 Ellis 


^ Allen Richard, machinist, r. 390 W. Lake 
M Allen Robert, teamster, r. 253 Blue Island av. 
H Allen Samuel F. foreman, Richards' iron works, r. 

16 Loomis 

M Allen Sarah (col'd), washing and ironing, 119 Jack- 
al 'son. r. same 
yZ Allen Smith, billclerk, M. S. R. R. freight office, r. 

B Allen Stewart, salesman, John Twohey. r. 158 W. 
^ Adam- 

H Allen S. E. H. salesman, Purington & Scranton, r. 
306 w. Lake 

Allen S. Merritt, lawyer, room 2, Portland blk, r. 
Highland park 

Allen Thomas, carpenter, bds. 212 Monroe 

Alleu Thomas, realestate broker, room 2, 41 Clark, 

r. 8M Ontario 

Allen Valentine R. com. mer. r. 697 W. Washington 
Allen William, actor, Wood's museum, bds. 170 


Allen William, billiard hall, 102 W. Randolph 
i Allen William, blacksmith, r. Broadway av. bet. 

2tith and 27th 

! Allen William, rubber, Sherman, Cole & Co. 
Allen William (col'd), wks. George F. Harding, bds. 

925 Indiana av. 
Allen William A. (Tilliughast & Alien), bds. 324 and 

326 Wabash av. 

Allen Warren D. r. 465 Prairie av. 
Allen William F. teamster, bds. Milwaukee av. cor. 

Western av. 
Allen William G. boilermaker, C. & N. W. R. R. r. 

445 E. Erie 
Allen William R. bookkee.per, Belding Bros. & Co. 

bds. Bryant av. bet. \ inceunes av. and Moon- 

awav pi. 
Alien William R. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Allen William T. (A. B. Van Doren & Co.), r. 298 S. 

Allen William T. (Day, Allen & Co.), r. 384 Wabash 

Allen William W. student. BRYANT & STRATTON 

Allen Zilpha M. wid. Paul V. r. 85 4th 

ALLEN & BARTLETT (James Allen and 
Murray ATBartiett). carpenters and builders, ss. 
al. bet. Throop and Loomis, Van Buren and Jack- 

Allen & Darvean (John Allen and Edward Darvean), 
job printers, 170 Washington 

Allen & Henderson (J. R. Allen and E. F. Hender- 
son), hardware, 103 22d 

ALLEN <fe MACKEY (John II. Allen and 
Benjamin P. Mackey). carpetings. curtain goods, 
bedding and paper hangings. 89 Clark 

ALLEN & VOLLER iPeter T. Allen and 
Joseph VollerX tack mnlrs. 33 S. Water 

Alleuton Samuel, r. (>44 Michigan av. 

FICE, Robert Emmett, agt. 52 C'lark 

Allert John, expressman, r. rear 30 Broadway av. 

Allerton S. W. live stock broker, Exchang'e bldg. 
Union stock yards, r. 644 Michigan av. 

Alley Whitney N. mailcarrier, r. 312 Fulton 

Alleyn George, tailor, Mendle & Co. r. room 21, 101 

Allgrem Henry, tailor, r. rear 135 Sampson 

Alhe M. machinist, bds. 362 S. Halsted 

Allin George, carpenter, r. 1 Cornelia 

Allin Henry A. clerk, bds. 779 W. Washington 

Ailing Albert, supt. Barnum & Richardson" Mnfg. Co. 
r. 49 S. Aberdeen 

Ailing John (Markley, Ailing & Co.), r. 71 Calumet 

Ailing Samuel A. clerk, bds. 49 Aberdeen 

Ailing William J. forman, carpenter shop, Eagle 
works, r. 239 W. Madison 

Allington Larse, carpenter, r. 116 N. May 

Allis Frank, r. 463 Division 

Allis Francis, shoemaker, bds. 171 Larrabce 

Allis George, plumber, r. 461 Division 

Allis James, r. 41 Bremer 

Allis Nicholas, teacher, r. 141 Cornell 

Allison Alexander (A. Allison & Co.). r. 18 LaSalle 

Allison A. job printer, Chicago Evening Journal 

Allison A. & Co. (A. Allison and X nint'rs. of 

stamped goods for embroidery, 18 LaSalle 

Allison Benjamin, carpenter, r. rear 60 Hastings 

Allison Charles, brassflnisher, David M. Ford, bds. 
153 S. Green 

Allison Henry, woodworker, Beal & Brown, r. 144 
W. Madison 


General Northwestern Agents for 
Warehouse. 11 &13 S. Wells S*. 

Shiplierd, weet & Co., Large Loans a Specialty, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLi: STREET. 

SIMEON W. KING, United States Commissioner 

For IVorf hern District of Illinois. 117 Sontli Clark Street, 



Allison James, brassfiuisher. David M. Ford 
Allison James. machinist, John Pratie & Son, bds. 

43 W. Washington 
Allison John, lab.' bds. 142 12th 
Allison John M. distiller, Samuel Myers & Co. r. 198 

W. Adams 

A!iison Joseph, carpenter, bds. 227 E. Indiana 
Allison L. K, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Allison William, r. 51 MeHenry 
AllL-s Thomas, packer. H. M. Curtis, r. 12 Clark 
Allkins Henrj' (Allkins & Martin), r. 324 Ewing 
Allkins & Martin (Henry Allkins and George Martin), 

house and sijrnpainters, 362 W. Van Buren 
Ailmeudint'or John, policeman. Huron street station, 

r. 254 Kush 

Allmendinger Peter, saloon, 2(iO Rush, r. same 
Allmendinger Tobias, street commissioner, r. 295 N. 


Allport Walter W. dentist, 32 Washington, r. same 
Allsb'-Tg Charles, tailor, r. rear 18 Superior 
Allsberg Richard, tailor, bds. rear 18 Superior 
Allwood J. M. carpenter, Easrle works 
Allyu Wiliiam, lab. r. 86 E. White 
Almberg G. F. painter, Jevne & Almini 
Almeudmger Peter, saloon, 2tiO Rush. r. same 
Aliaeurader Frederick, sculptor, 178 Blue Island av. ! 

r. game 
Almin John, carpenter, Jonathan Clark & Bro. r. N. i 

LaSaile, cor. Illinois 

Almiui Peter M. t Jevne & Almini), r. 84 3d av. 
Almquist Frank G. machinist, r. 40 Chicago av. 
Almquist John. lab. r. 14 Otis 
Alms Frederick W. watchmaker, N. C. Myers, bds. ' 

99 Madison 

Almstead John. clerk, r. 1S1 Larrabee 
AJmstedt A. bds. 218 Bnshnell 
Almurest John, tailor, r. rear 245 Superior 
Almy A. W. carpenter, bds. 7 26th 
Almy Frederick E. sailor, bds. <i23 S. Halsted 
Almy Miles (Baggott & Almy), r. 1250 Prairie av. 
Aloes Stempfla, presser, D. A. Hewes, r. 158 Ohio 
Alvarez Adolph, clerk, Dun's mercantile agency, 101 

and 103 \Vabash av. 
Aloysia Maria, sister, St. Joseph's Benedictine con- 


Alpals William, carpenter, r. 408 22d 
Alphonso Provost, bartender, Thomas Andrews 
Alpine Harriet, wid. Richard, r. 127 Forquer 
Alpiner Morris, mnfr. and dealer in cigars, 47 and 49 j 

M". Lake. r. 220 W. Randolph 

Alpiner Solomon { Weinreb & Alpiner). r. 587 N. Wells 
Alschuler Samuel, hats, caps and furs, 138 N. Clark, j 

r. same 

Alsop James, carpenter, r. 199 Forrest av. 
Alston, Devoe & Co. (John Alston. F. W. Devoe and : 

- ). mnfifi. of white lead, 172 and 174 Randolph ' 
Alston John (Alston, Devoa & Co.), r. 375 W. Wash- : 

ALston David G. clerk, Alston, Devoe & Co. bds. 375 ! 

W. Washington 

Alston Phillip i^ol'dl. carpenter, rooms 293 State 
Alstrup J liens Z. compounder, r. 50 W. White 
Alt .Frank, painter. 6^9 Hubbard. r. same 
Alt Jacob, painter, r. 546 N. Clark 
Alt Jacob. tailor, r. 7 Johnson 
Alt John, housemover, r. 78 Liberty 
Alt John, lab. Schneider & Co. r. 505 25th 
Alt John, master mason, r. 34 Rucker 
Alt Peter, engineer, Phillips & Lebenstein, r. 597 N. 


Alt William, painter, r. 109 Schiller 
AltauG. carpenter, r. rear 155 W. Erie 
Altemyer William F. operator, W. U. Tel. Co. r. 73 

S. Peoria 
Alten Ernest, salesman, Schweinfust Bros. & Co. r. 

410 M. av. 

Alten Frederick, painter, r. 224 Clybourn av. 
Altenrath Charles, butcher, r. 222 'Clybourn av. 



For House Cornices, Counters, and lute. '.or Store 

Ornamentation Geneivilly. Can be \r.i<\ in Terra 

Cotta at One-third the'cost of Carved Wood. 

Warerooms. 29O State St. 



Assets over 85.0GG.GOO. 

Largest accumulation* of any Co. wesror IsVw York. 

S'.IUGART <te DEAN, Gcii'l Adonis, 
83 "Washington Street, Chicago. 
Rename Agents waiviprt 

Altenrath Julius, butcher, r. Kit! Barber 
Altermatt George, furnisher, Kohn & Bro. r. 410 Max- 
Altermott Adam, cabinetmaker, Schultze Bros. bds. 

1(50 Milwaukee av. 

Althauser Mathias, brewer, r. 256 Rush 
Alther John, physician. and surgeon, 349 Sedgwick, 

r. same 
Althrop Thomas, woodenware and matches, r. 1134 

Michigan av. 
Altman George N. clerk, Adams & Mallory, bds. 

Transit house 

Altman Paul, lab. Chicago glue works 
Altman Sebastian, lab. Chicago glue works 
Alton John, lab. r. Reese, or. Halsted 
Alton Milton. leedman, city railway, W. division 
Alton William, boilermaker. Eagle works 
Alton & St. Louis R. R., S. Canal, cor. W. Madison 
Alpeter John J. watchmaker and jeweler, 801 S. Hal- 
sted, r. 828 S. Halsted 
Altvater Philip, policeman, 3d precinct sub-station, 

r. 44 Orchard 

Alvarson McKinley, mechanic, bds. 134 W. Madison 
Alveringo Lope/., musician, r. es. bet. Wells and La 

Salle, Madison and Monroe 
Alvin James, clerk, C. & N. W. R. R. Gal. div. r. 91 8. 

Alvis David H. medical student, Davis & McWil- 

liams, r. 1(56 State 
Alvord Christoff. lab. r. 141 1st 
Alvord Thomas (col'd), waiter, Sherman house 
Alward Patrick, foreman blacksmith, Chicago city 

railway, r. 155 Butterfield 
Alwhurm Wilhelm. lab. r. 71 N. Ewing 
Amarillo Pedro, organ grinder, r. es. al. bet. Wells 

and LaSaile. Madison and Monroe 
Amarillo Sebastian, lab. r, es. al. bet. Wells and La 

Salle, Madison and Monroe 
Amberg Anton, whitewasher, r. 162 Superior 
Ambers? A. L. (Amberg & Stenson"), r. 97 W. Monroe 
Amberg B'rank, com. mer. 84 W. Randolph, r. same 
AMBERG GEORGE, supt. compiling, 

Edwards' directory office, r. 5i vv. Erie 
Amberg Henry, saloon, 274 Clark, r. 51 4th 
Anibeig H. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Amberg John, machinist, r. 46 E. Pearson 
Aniberg John, teamster, Amberg & Stenson, r. 130 

W. Taylor 

Amberg W. A. bookkeeper, Culver, Page & Hoyne 
Amberg & Steusou (A. L. Amberg and James Sten- 

sou). mineral water and spruce beer makers, 99 

and 101 W. Monroe 
Ambin John, engineer, A. H. Andrews & Co. r. 69 

Ambrewster Freight (Henry Thomas & Co.), r. es. 

al. bet. White and Whitney 
Ambrose George F. asst. bookkeeper, C. T. Reynolds. 

&Co. r. 49 S. Morgan 
Ambrose George H. (Mears, Bates & Co.), r. 49 S. 

Ambrose G. J. clerk, gen. freight dept. M. S. &N. I. 


Ambrose Jacob, lab. r. 43 Burlington 
Ambrose John, lab. r. 189 Illinois 
Ambrose John A. driver, Chicago city railway, bds. 

173 21st 

Ambrose Mary, wid. Daniel, r. 234 N. Market 
Ambrosey Anson R. brick machines, r. 103 Park av. 
Ambrunn Gotthard, saloon. 403 N. Wells, r. same 
Ainbruster Carrie, boxinaker, Fred Wieyle, r. 86 

Xewberrv av. 
Ambruster George, engraver, W. D. Baker, r. 86 

Newberry av. 

Ambruster John, saloon, 713 N. Wells, r. same 
Amburg Michael, lab. r. 513 Arnold 
Amburgh Michael jr. carpenter, bds. 513 Arnold 
Ambus John, lab. r. 169 Bremer 
Amend John, machinist, 359 Wells, r. same 



morse's Celebrated Fire and Burglar I'roof Sales. 

lUade by S. H. HLAUfOS. 62 isoutli Canal Street. 


SSasemeiit of 78 fc SO Kant TCadleon Street. 





Only Issued by this Company. 
A Good Thing Try It. 

Amend William, machinist, John Amend, bds. 339 

Amenn Lonis, lab. I. C. R. R. car works, bds. 566 
Wentworth av. 

SION SOCIETY, Rev. 1. N. Hobart, dis- 
trict sec. 7 Custom House pi. 


TION SOCIETY Chicago branch and 
baptist headquarters, Dr. C. R. Blackall, district 
sec. 7 Custom House pi. 

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mis- 
sions, S. J.Hnmphrey. district sec.84 Washington 

American Brandy Schnapp's Company, 52 Franklin 


W. F. Tompkins, agt. 115 Lake 
American Coffee and Spice Mills, A. H. Blackall, 

propr. 175 Michigan 

RANCE CO. of New York, R. H. Jordan, 

agt. 112 LaSalle 

R. Brown, gen. agt. 57 State 
American Fire and Marine Insurance Company, G. 

C. Clarke & Co. agts. 15 Chamber of Commerce 
American Hone and Box Company, A. S. Wrislcy, 

agt. 92 Washington 
American Home Missionary, Rev. J. E. Roy, agt. 

84 Washington 
American Hotel, Thomas McDonald, propr. 105 and 

107 N. Water 
American Life Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, E. P. 

Jones, agt. room 7 Methodist Church blk. 

Providence, R. 1., Te:il & Fisher, agts. 150 Wash- 
American Lightning Rod Co. Edward Hodges, 

propr. 72 W. Madison 
American Ley Company, J. B. Shute & Co. agts. 

201 and 203 S. Water 
American Merchants' Union Express Co. O. W. 

Barrett, agt. Lake, cor. Dearborn. Stables, 

Henry H. Knight, snpt. 70 to 74 Monroe 
American Messenger, Published Monthly, by The 

American tract society, office, 45 Madison 
American Missionary Association, Charles H. How- 
ard, district sec. S. N. Clarke, asst. treas. room 

38 Lombard blk. 
American Oscar L. (American & Smith), r. 435 

Michigan av. 
American Popular Life Ins. Co. of New York, A. D. 

Jansen. agt. room 44 Lombard blk. 
American Powder Co. A. O. Fay, gen. agt. 1 Clark 
American Protestan Association, room 51 McCor- 

mick's building 

American Reformed Church, 355 W. Washington 
American Scale Co. Keeler & Griffin, agts. 231 Lake 
American Steam Engine Works. E. & J. Good & 

Co. proprs. 19, 21 and 23 Michigan 
American Sunday School Union, W. R. Port, supt. 

3 Custom House pi. 
American Tontine Life and Savings Insurance Co. 

of New York, Moritz M. Fried, agt. room 5, 104 

American Tontine Life and Savings Insurance Co. 

Buck & Bloni, agts. 85 Kinzie 

ton, Rev. G. S. F. Savage, see. 84 Washington 
American Tract Society, Rev. Glen Wood, sec. 45 

American Unitarian Association, Rev. C. A. Staples, 

sec. room -i4, 35 Madison 
American Ventilation Co. H. Everett Meacham 

agt. 53 State 
American Window Lock Co. J. W. Ludlam, manager 

26 N . Jenei'son 

; American & Smith (Oscar L. American & J. Smith), 

com. mere. 19 Lake 
Americanisher Botschafter, published monthly by 

the American Tract Society, 45 Madison 
Americus Engine Co. No. 2, John Dorsey, foreman, 

31 Blue Island av. 
Amerson William, foreman painter, Galena div. 

C. & W. W. R. R. r. 182 N. May 
Ames Benjamin L. bill clerk, Ingraham, Corbin & 

May, bds. 25 Michigan av. 
Ames Edward, collector, E. Buckingham elevator, r. 

405 E. Erie 
Ames Edward T. instrument maker, Bliss, Tillot- 

son & Co. bds. 476 Michigan av. 
Ames Erastus H. carpenter. 114 N. Sangamon 
Ames FAnk, salesman, Spear, Prince & Co., bds. 

321 W. Monroe 

Ames Frederick, lab. r. 310 S. Jefferson 
Ames J. P. r. 275 Morgan 

Ames Miner T. (Ames & Co.), bds. 268 W. Randolph 
Ames Nathan P. spring beds, 51 W. Van Buren, r. 

Ames Steam Engine Depot, Collins Eaton, agt. 70 

S. Canal 
Ames Wilson, traveling agt. Edwards & Crosby, 

r. 128 Throop 
Ames & Co. (Miner T. Ames & Albert C. Cole), 

coal and coke, 176 W. Kinzie, 1 W. Randolph 

and foot Carpenter 

Amesbury Edward, student, PORTER'S TELE- 

Amesbury Edward N. cooper, bds. 187 W. Kinzie 
I Amet Charles L. chief clerk, Singer's Sewing Ma- 
chine Co. r. 246 N. LaSalle 
i Amet Charles P. r. 91 Huron 
SURANCE CO. of New York, M. J. Whit- 
man, gen. agt. 108 LaSalle 
Amick Hiram, clerk, fire marshal's office, r. 895 

Amick Pleasant, city assessor, W. division, r. 256 


Amis John, lab. r. 119 Mather 
Amling Christian, blacksmith, Ulrich & Neffi, r. 174 

W. Sampson 
Amling John C. wood carver, bds. Van Buren, se. 

cor. Hermitage av. 
I Amman Frank (Kistner & Amman), r. Sheffield av. 

nr. North av. 

i Amman Godfrey, brickmaker, Frank Amman 
Amman Liberte, pianotuner, H. M. Higgins, r. 

223 North av. 

Ammann Joseph, lab. r. 892 Clark 
Ammann Michael, tailor, Paul Yager, bds. 192 20th 
Ammenson Charles, lab. Chicago lead and oil works 
Ammert John, stonecutter, r. ss. Kossuth, bet. 

Hanover and Stewart av. 
Ammet Charles P. supt. Western White Lead Co. 

r. 91 Huron 

Ammhaus Charles, joiner, bds. 617 N. Wells 
Arnmon Charles, machinist, Rheydt & Co. bds. 62 

W. Randolph 

Ammon Ernst (E. Ammon & Co.), r. 297 N. Wells 
Ammon E. & Co. (Ernst Ammon and Isaac Rutis- 

hauser), liquors, whol. 233 Randolph 
Ammon J. H. agt. Fields, Osgood & Co. Western 

News Co. r. 134 Ohio 

Ammonsen Tunnes, lab. bds. Fay. no. cor. Philips 
Ammussen Hans, lab. Western White Lead Co. bds. 

213 W. Erie 

Amondson A. pattern maker, David M. Ford 
Amory Benjamin C. clerk, William Raphael, r. 148 

W. Washington 
Amory William A. clerk, C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 426 

Kankakee av. 

Amoss Robert M. lab. bds. 293 Wabaeh av. 
Amss John, carpenter, r. 165 Walsh 
Amsburg Jeremiah (col'd), cook, Farwell hall 

dining rooms, bds. same 


General Northwestern Agents for 


Shipherd, Sweet & Co., Large JLoaii a Specialty, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA s A L, I, i; STREET. 

. I>. K.EKFOOT, Real Estate IJealea* and Broker, 

Not 89 WasIilEinton Street. Estates managed. 




Amsden Joel, messenger, U. S. Ex. Co. r. 110 Mo- 

Amstetter Martin, stonecutter, r. 7(5 Mather 

Amundsen Peter, shoemaker, r. 310 W. Chicago av. 

Amundsen Thore, shoemaker, A. C. Anderson, 15 
Milwaukee av. r. 155 N. Peoria 

Amuudson Amy, moulder, r. 348 N. Halsted 

Ainnnclson John, r. 49 W. Erie 

Amuudstm Lars, glazier, r. 32 W. Erie 

Ainnudson O. P. clerk, Burton & Pierce, r. 35 W. 

Amuudson Sevort, ship carpenter, r. 167 Townsend 

Amundsou Sjur (Ericksou & Amundson), r. 186 N. 

Amundsoifs. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Amuneg Christian, lab. Chicago lead and oil 

works, r. 247 Carpenter 
Anandt F. lab. Henry Furst 
Anaudt John, stonecutter, Henry Fnrst 
Anbach Rudolph, carpenter, bds. 57 Center av. 
Ancel Horace, butcher, r. 211 Dashiell 
Anchor Lite Insurance Co. of New York, D. & H. 

G. Feed, gen. agts. 154 Washington 
Ancrson Ely, carpenter, r. 80 Superior 
And Ferdinand, carpenter, r. 590 W. Taylor 
Andank John, farmer, r. W. Washington 
Andeaberg Peter A. presser, S. Lieberman, Carl- 
berg & Co. r. 16 Bremer 
Anderle Jacob, tailor, bds. 438 S. Canal 
Anders Charles, lab. r. 24 Hinsben 
Anders Frank, saloon, r. 123 Selgwick 
Anders Frederick, cooper, r. 148 Burnside 
Anderschmidt Peter, carpenter, r. 15 Granger 
Andersen Anders, lab. bds. rear us Carroll, bet. 

Jefferson and Clinton 
Andersen Anders, sailor, r. 32 W. Erie 
Andersen Andrew, expressman, r. 87 Elston rd. 
Andersen Andrew, shoemaker, r. 130 W. Indiana 
Andersen Authon, lab. r. es. N. Carpenter, nr. Chi- 
cago av. 

Andersen Anna, wid. James, r. 126 N. Reuben 
Andersen Anton, .lab. Phillips & Liebenstein, r. 139 

W'. Indiana 

Andersen August, carpenter, r. 191 N. Curtis 
Andersen Beruhard, blacksmith, C. & N. W. R. R. 

r. 31 4th 

Andersen Carl, carpenter, r. 41 4th 
Andersen Charles, bpardinghouse, 48 Milwaukee av. 
Andersen Cecilia, wid. Anders, r. Ill Front 
Andersen Christian, r. 254 N. Sangamon 
Andersen Christian, sailor, r. 130 N. Jefferson 
Andersen Halver, cabinetmaker, bds. 16 Grover 
Andersen Hans, carpenter, r. 219 W Erie 
Andersen Hans, iron caster, bds. 247 N. Green 
Andersen Jacob, carpenter, r. rear 196 N. Union 
Andersen John, tailor, K. B. Olson & Co. r. 78 Su- 

Andersen John F. shipcarpenter, r. 210 W. Chi- 
cago av. 

Andersen John P. lab. bds. 123 Superior 
Andersen Kerren Mrs. r. 256 N. Sangamon 
Andersen L. musical instrument maker, r. 30 Chi- 
cago av. 

Andersen Martin, furniture maker, r. 51 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Andersen Neils, carpenter, bds. 166 N. Union 
Andersen Nios, chairmaker, John Phillips, r. 156 


Andersen Ole, lab. r. 40 4th 

Andersen Ole, sawyer, John Phillips, bds. 156 San- 

Andersen Ole, shipcarpenter, r. 196 N. Union 
Andersen Ole C. watchmaker, Arneson & Hansen, 

bds. 28 Milwaukee av. 
Andersen O. blacksmith, r. 209 N. Halsted 
Andersen Peter, blacksmith, bds. 123 Superior 
Andersen Sebastian (Juergens & Andersen), rear 117 
Lake, r. 311 W. Division 



Glues & Neatsfoot Oil, 




Assets over $5,OOO,OOO. 

Annual Income, nearly $3,OOO OOO. 

SHUGAHI) & DEAN. GeiTl Agents, 

85 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable District Agents wanted. 

Andersen Sophia, wid. Lars, r. 55 Milwaukee av. 
Andersen Swaiite, letter carrier, r. 213 W. Market * 
Andersen Thomas, carpenter, r. rear 18 Huron A *L 
Andersen Ulick, carpenter, r. 13 Mark (^ 

Andersen William, stonecutter, Henry Kerber 
Anderson Aaron, cabinetmaker, F. Porter Thayer & ^ 

Co. bds. 209 Townsend $ 

Anderson Adam, presser, Chicago Terra Cotta 

works, Catherine cor. Laflin 
Anderson Adam C. publisher, 111 Madison, bds. 128 ^ 

State M 

Anderson Adolph, blacksmith, bds. 214 Cly- P 

bourn av. g 

Anderson Albert, musician, bds. 21 Wesson 
Anderson Aleck, sailor, r. 158 N. Sangamon 
Auderson Alexander, carpenter, r. 241 Townsend Jj* 
Anderson Alexander, machinist, Eagle works 

Anderson Alfred, lab. r. 81 Bremer 
Anderson Alfred, painter, bds. 363 Clark 
Anderson Anders, carpenter, r. rear 194 N. Union 
Anderson Andreas, boot and shoemaker, Nils John- 
son, r. 163 Larrabee 

Anderson Andreas, with C. II. McConnick & Bro. 
Anderson Andrew (Anderson, Thisted & Co.) 
Anderson Andrew (Wollesou & Anderson), r. 135 

Anderson Andrew, blacksmith, Bradley & Smith, r. 

138 N. Halsted 

Anderson Andrew, bricklayer, r. 188 20th 
Anderson Andrew, cabinetmaker, r. 1121 State 
Anderson Andrew, cabinetmaker, Peterson & John- 
son, r. 54 E. Indiana 

Anderson Andrew, carpenter, bds. 272 Wells 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, Louis H. Ellickson 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, r. 342 Church 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, r. 149 E. Division 
Anderson Andrew, expressman, r. 107 N. Desplaines 
Anderson Andrew, lab. bds. 13 W. Jackson 
Anderson Andrew, lab. Jacob Beidler, bds. 261 W. 


Anderson Andrew, lab. William Bartels & Co. 
Anderson Andrew, hatter, bds. 31 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson Andrew, machinist, bds. 117 N. May 
Anderson Andrew, machinist, Dane, Westlake & 

Covert, r. 12 Rush 
Anderson Andrew, machinist, roundhouse C. & N. 

W. R. R. r. 158 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Andrew, painter, bds. 137 Fry- 
Anderson Andrew, sailor, bds. 34 E. Kinzie 
Anderson Andrew, sailor, r. 45 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson Andrew, sailor, r. 60 W. Oak 


Anderson Andrew, shipcarpenter, r. 165 E. Division '** 
Anderson Andrew, shoemaker, r. Ill N. Desplaines 
Anderson Andrew, showcase maker, r. 1123 State 
Anderson Andrew, tailor, bds. 84 Superior 
Anderson Andrew, tailor, O. M. Haagenstad, r. 113 J 


Anderson Andrew, tailor, r. 162 N. Franklin 
Anderson Andrew (col'd), waiter, Sherman house, 

bds. same 

Anderson Andrew B. city expressman, r 256 W. In- 
Anderson Andrew E. blacksmith, Bradley & Smith, 

r 105 N. Desplaines 

Anderson Andrew G. student, BRYANT & STRAT- 
Anderson Andrew L. machinist, r. 162 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Andrus, cabinetmaker, r. 144 Bremer 
Anderson Anna H. Mrs. midwife, r. 169 Milwaukee 


Anderson Annie, wid. James, r. 137 Fry 
Anderson Anton, silversmith, r. 143 Ada 
Anderson August, carpenter, H. A. Pitts' Sons, r. 98 

E. Ontario 

Anderson August, tailor, bds. 36 4th 
Anderson August, lab. John McEwen 
Anderson August, r. 57 Bremer Jj 

Anderson August, sailor, r. 1:38 Wesson ^ 

Anderson August, saloon. 92 E. Kinzie Tg 



Harris' Fire and Burglar Proof Safes. 

Factory and Ware-room, No. 62 South Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF &. RAFFEN, Sewer Builders, 

Basement of 73 & SO East IttadJsou Street. 





tt General Agent for Chicago. 
124 Washington St. 


8 Anderson August, tailor, E. Colling, r. 84 Superior 
Anderson August, tailor, r. 44 E. Chicago av. 
^ Anderson Augustus E. Miss, teacher, Dore school, r. 
^ 493 Butterfleld 

Anderson Augustus, expressman, r. 233 Wells 
M Anderson Augustus (cord), whitewashes, r. rear 183 
A Wells 

JJ Andereou Andrew M. carpenter, Louis H. Ellickson 
" Andersou A. furniture polisher, bds. 168 N. Union 

,. Anderson A. junkdealer. r. rear 143 W. Erie 
r Anderson A. sailor, r. 180 W. Erie 

Anderson A. C. boots and shoes, 15 Milwaukee ar. r. 
25 same 

ig Anderson A. L. (Gano & Anderson) 
B Anderson A. M. carpenter, r. 202 Sedgwick 
^j Anderson, Bell & Co. (J. R. Anderson, A. C. Bell 

and John Fondey), electricians, 137>4 Madison 
B Anderson Benjamin, cabinetmaker, Simons & Co. r. 

175 N. Sedgwick 

M J Anderson Benjamin L. (Oliver & Anderson), r. 246 
m Forquer 

Anderson Benjamin N. restaurant, 151 Dearborn, r. 
^i 1216 Wabash av. 
JS. Anderson Beon D. shipcarpenter, r. 56 4th 

Anderson Berand. carpenter, r. 126 W. Erie 
Q Anderson Berent, cooper, r. 210 Vine 
g Andersou Bernt, painter, r. 236 N. Halsted 

e Anderson Bertel, bootmaker, W. C. Fischer, r. 268 ' 

^ Anderson Beaudt, tanner, r. room 9, 212 Milwaukee j 
^. av - 

JU Anderson Britta, wid. r. 377 Superior 
fri Anderson B. sailor, r. 7 N. Rucker 
Cj Anderson Caldwell, engineer, bds. 165 W. Chicago av. 
Anderson Carolina Miss, tailoress, r. 22 Bremer 

Anderson Catherine, wid. Peter, r. 220 S. Jefferson 
* Anderson Charles, carpenter, r. 78 W. Erie 

_w Anderson Charles, carpenter, r. rear 204 Kankakee 

*r av. 

JM Anderson Charles, carriagemaker, r. 122 N. Peoria 
J Anderson Charles, cooper, bds. 164 W. Indiana 
F* Anderson Charles, lab. bds. ISS'/i Archer av. 

i Anderson Charles, lab. bds. rear 82 Superior 

H Anderson Charles, lab. Garden City planing mills, r. 
41 4th 

~ Anderson Charles, lab. r. 185 4th 
A Anderson Charles, machinist, bds. 82 W. Lake 

Anderson Charles, moulder, bds. 141 17th 
Jj/ Anderson Charles, painter, r. 160 Townsend 
40 Anderson Charles, plasterer, r. 164 W. Indiana 
* Anderson Charles, publisher, r. 237 Superior 
r* Anderson Charles, sailor, bds. 196 N. Wells 

Anderson Charles, sailor, r. 152 W. Lake 
"5 Anderson Charles, stonemason, r. 172 N. Halsted 
Anderson Charles (col'd), sexton, r. 331 State 
3 Anderson Charles A. blacksmith, Bradley & Smith, : 
bds. 164 W, Indiana 

irfc Anderson Charles A. driver, Amcricus Engine Co. 
W No. 2. r. 7 Gurley 

Anderson Charles A. s?gripainter. 1013 State, r. eamc 
^jjj Andersou Charles J. sailor, r. 7 Hunt 

B Anderson Charles P. conveyancer, Jones fc Sellers, : 
rooms 42 Clark 

M Anderson Charley S. cooper, bds. 256 Milwaukee av. ! 
fa Anderson Charles W. basketmaker. r. 79 Ohio 
-~ Anderson Chriltten, boot and shoemaker, 215^ W. 
^ Randolph, r. sain 

) Anderson Christian, botanic medicine mnfr. office, 
>\ % Lincoln nv. r. same 

Anderson Christian, cahine'inaker. F. Porter Thayer ', 
J, it Co. b;ls. 7."> \V. K ; nxii: 

Anderson Chri-tian. drnyman. r. 73 Finncll 
J Aii'ier^on Christian, lib. r. ->S4 N. May 

w And'Tson Christian, shoemaker, 215'.; W. Randolph, ', 
& Anderson Clans lab. Chicasro lead and oil works, r. , 

169 Milwaukee av. 
** Anderson Claussius, tailor, J. Nelson, bds. 113 Illinois ; 

Anderson Clinton, carpenter, r. 34 Hunt 

^ Andersou Cornelius V. 151 Dearborn, r. 13 Harrison I 

Anderson Cyrus K. picture dealer, r. 335 W. Madison 
Anderson C. r. Park pi. 
Anderson C. B. restaurant, r. 13 Harrison 
Anderson C. W. jr. clerk, P. O. r. 952 N. Clark 
Anderson Daniel, carpenter, r. 179 Bushnell 
Anderson Daniel, clerk, r. 264 W. Indiana 
Anderson Daniel J. millwright, r. rear 730 State 
Anderson David, boilermaker, Devine & Bro. r. 306 

W. Polk 
Anderson David, clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. bds. 120 

3d av. 
Anderson David, telegraph operator, bds. 112 N. 

Anderson Edward J. r. Lincoln, bet. Adams and 


Anderson Ellen, wid. r. 51 Norton 
Anderson Enoch, tailor, r. 367 W. Kinzie 
Anderson Erasmus, shoemaker, r. 127 N. Market 
Anderson E. blacksmith, r. 63 Wesson 
Anderson E. with C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Anderson E. lab. r. 104 Bremer 
Anderson E. B. tailor, E. Colling, r. 123 Bremer 
Anderson Francis, clerk, r. 290 Calumet av. 
Anderson Francis, sashmaker, r. 557 S. Halsted 
Anderson Francis R. clerk, A. Booth, r. 290 Calumet 

Anderson Frank, clerk, Third National bank, r. 1254 

Indiana av. 
Anderson Frank, student, PORTER'S TELE- 


Anderson Frederic, carpenter, r. 268 Hubbard 
Anderson Frederick, carpenter, r. rear 98 N. Ann 
Anderson Frederick, saddler, J. M. Ward, r. 93 S. 


Anderson George, clerk, r. 105 S. Clinton 
Anderson George, cooper, r. ns. Black Hawk, bet. 

Holt and Noble 

Anderson George, r. 421 W. Taylor 
Anderson George, realestate agt. r. 1451 Indiana av. 
Anderson George, stonemason, r. 105 Townsend 
Anderson George (col'd), lab. Avenue stables, r. 47 

Wabash av. 
Anderson George (col'd), whitewashes r. rear 183 


Anderson George A. machinist, r. 1424 Prairie av. 
Anderson George C. carver, R. B. Appleby, r. 36 


Anderson George M. office, 129 Dearborn 
Anderson Ceorge W. lettercarrier, P. O. 
Anderson Gustave, caulker, r. 128 Bremer 
Auderson Gustavus, r. 73 Bremer 
Anderson Guy, moulder, C. B. Brown & Co. 
Anderson G. bds. Ill Kinzie 
Anderson G. shoemaker, r. 274 Hubbard 
Anderson G. wks. John McEwen 
Anderson Halis, sailor, r. 136 Wesson 
Anderson Hannah, wid. r. 126 n. Reuben 
Anderson Hans, lab. r. 23 Otis 
Anderson Hans, machinist, American steam engine 

works, r. 47 Michigan 
Anderson Hans, sailor." r. 49 W. Indiana 
Auderson Hans, shoemaker, H. T. Tulin, bds. 103 


Anderson Hans C. carpenter, r. 149 N. May- 
Anderson Harvey, machinist, bds. 165 W. Chicago 


Anderson Henry, blacksmith, r. 136 Wesson 
Anderson Henry, furnaceman, Clark, Raffen <!fc Co. r 

247 N. Green 
Anderson Henry, sailor, r. W. Kinzie, bet. Reubsu 

and Paulina 

Anderson Henry, teamster, r. 142 Larrabee 
Anderson Horatio, tren. master mechanic, C. & N. 

W. R. R. r. 172 N. Curtis 
Anderson Hugh, machinist, George W. Hannis, bd*. 

107 N. Franklin 

Anderson H. carpenter, r. 90 Wesson 
Anderson H. A. junk dealer, 93 Wells, r. 143 W 



General Northwestern Agonta for 

. J~:ESSO:P & sonsrs, 

Warehottse. 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Sliiplierd, feu eel & Co., l>i< ount Short Paper, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SA M,S<: STREET. 






Anderson Israel, lab. Illinois Stone, Lime and Bor- 
ing Co. 

Anderson Iven, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Anderson Jacob, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. r. 256 Union 
Anderson Jacob, lab. r. 37 Wesson 
Anderson Jacob, lab. r. 76 Wesson 
Anderson James, blacksmith, L. Buckley, bds. 230 

S. Jefferson 
Anderson James, carpenter, Charles Kelley, bds 273 

W. Randolph 

Anderson James, with C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Anderson James, clerk, r. 76 Miller 
Anderson James, foreman, John H. Anderson, r. 

318 W. Lake 

Anderson James, gas fitter, r. 263 Hubbard 
Anderson James, lab. Garden City planing mills 
Anderson James, shoemaker, r. 53 W. Erie 
Anderson James S. r. 1216 Wabash av. 
Anderson Jan, lab. bds. 84 Superior 
Anderson Jan. lab. bds. rear 82 Superior 
Anderson Jane Mrs. r. 195 4th av. 
Anderson Jennie B. Mrs. milliner and dressmaking, 

335 W. Madison, r. same 
Anderson Jennie S. teacher, Newberry school, r. 

135 Mohawk 

Anderson Jens, clerk W. Haagcnstad, r. 53 W. Erie. 
Anderson Jeremiah, lab. r. 29 Elgin 
Anderson John, agt. bds. 55 N. Halsted 
Anderson John, blacksmith, bds. Milwaukee av. se. 

cor. Pratt 

Anderson John, blacksmith, bds. 133 N. Water 
Anderson John, bookkeeper, bds. 888 State 
Anderson John, bricklayer, bds. 264 and 266 Madison 
Anderson Johu, bricklayer, r. 58 W. Oak 
Anderson John, carpenter, A. Grannis, bds. 144 W. 


Anderson John, carpenter, bds. 262 Church 
Anderson John, carpenter, C. &. N. W. R. R. bds. 

104 N. Doplaines 

Anderson John, carpenter, bds rear 691 State 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 493 Butterfield 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 81 4th 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 212 Illinois 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. Ill Sedgwick 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 88 W. Division 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. Kenzio 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. rear 80 Rucker 
Anderson John, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Anderson John, contractor, r. 224 S. Jefferson 
Anderson John, editor of Organ for Agricultural 

Economy, rear 17 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson John, lab. r. 603 Fulton 
Anderson John, lab. r. 119 N. Market 
Anderson John, lab. r. 271 21st 
Anderson John, machinist, H. A. Pitts' Sons, r. 84 


Anderson John, machinist, r. 123 Wesson 
Anderson John, melter, r. 603 Fulton 
Anderson John, operator, W. U. Tel. Co. r. 421 W. 

Anderson John, painter, I. C. R. R. car works, bds. 

154 Kankakee av. 

Anderson John (Langeland & Anderson), r. 237 Su- 
Anderson John, sailor, r. 2 Jefferson pi. bet. S. 

Jefferson and S. Clinton, W. Van Buren and W. 


Anderson John, sailor, r. 145 W. Harrison 
Anderson John, sheetiron worker, M. W. Leeter & 

Anderson John, shoemaker, John Schieferstein, bds. 

42 Oak 
Anderson John, shoemaker, Normilc & Glassbrook, 

r. 117 E. Illinois 
Andarson John, shomaker, Henry F. Thompson, r. 

164 W. Indiana 

Anderson Johu. shoemaker, r. rear 233 Huron 
Anderson John, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 



Assets over $5,000,000. 

Our Company is governed by New York laws. 

SHUGART & DEAN, Gen'l Agents, 

83 Washington street, Chicago. 

Liberal Commissions paid to Solicitors. 





For House Cornices, Counters, and Interior Store 

Ornamentation Generally. Can be had in Terra 

Cotta at One-third the'cost of Carved Wood. 

Warerooms, 290 State St. 

Anderson John, tailor, Blourgren Bros. r. 103 Bre- 

Anderson John, tailor, r. 141 Townsend 
Anderson John, tinsmith, r. 452 N. Clark 
Anderson John, watchman, r. 270 W. Indiana 
Anderson John jr. moulder, r. 603 Fulton 
Anderson John Andrew, clerk, A. C. Anderson, 15 

Milwaukee av. r. 396 W. Indiana 
Anderson John A. carpenter, H. A. Pitts' Sons, r. 

365 N. Detplaines 
Anderson John D. clerk, S. H. Kerfoot & Co. bds. {* 

285 Clark 
Anderson John H. wagon miifr. 308 W. Lake, r. 723 ^* 

Fulton A 

Andorso John J. carriage painter, Henry Willets, J* 

bds. Milwaukee av. sw, cor. Union 
Anderson John N. sailor, r. 17 Pleasant 3 

Anderson John S. bookkeeper, M. D. Wells & Co. r. rih 

239 N. Franklin 'tJ 

Anderson John S. (col'd), expressman, r. 176 4th av. 
Anderson John S. wheelwright, 145 E. Quincy, r. \-~A 

same *H 

Anderson John T. baggageman, N. W. R. R. r. 104 * 
. Ann . .3 

Anderson John W. wagonmaker, r. 37 Miller 
Anderson Johnson, lab. r. 90 Bremer 
Anderson Julius, carpenter, Louis Alleckson, r. 13 Q 

Mark ^ 

Anderson J. D. (col'd), janitor, 190 Clark wq 

Anderson J. II. carpenter, Reuben Cleveland, r. 275 ^ 

W. Randolph 
Anderson J. R. (Anderson, Bell & Co.), r. Pooria, iP 

cor. Madison 
Anderson J. S. jr. restaurant, 151 Dearborn, r. 1216 r* 

Wabash av. vi 

Anderson Laura, wid. Andrew, r. 226 N. Clark ^ 

Anderson Lewis, painter, A. B. Van Doren & Co. ^ 
Anderson Lorn, tailor, O. M. Huageustad, r. 41 Gard- GZ\ 

ner M 

Anderson Louis, clerk, r. 58 Indiana j^l 

Anderson Louis, r. 158 N. Sangamou 
Anderson Louis, porler, P. Peageot, r. 264 W. In- 

dinna g{ 

Anderson Louis, sailor, r. 264 W. Indiana ij 

Anderson Louis, teamster, r. 174 N. De>plaines >5 

Anderson Louis J. gen. agt. Chicago & Lyons Lime * 

Co. r. 98 Ellis av. 

Ander-on Louis R. bartender Daniel Lynch, bds. ~ 

152 N. Market V* 

Anderson Louisa Miss. r. 226 N. Clark t-* 

Anderson Ludwig, tailor, H. Halvorsen, bds. 227 

N. Market t-j 

Anderson Lymus (col'd), porter, r. 159 4th av. 
Anderson L. lab. Garden City planing mills, r. 9 ^ 
Oakley ^ 

Anderson Magnus, lab. r. 9 Otis ff\ 

Anderson Margaret, wid. Robr. r. 200 Fulton * 

Anderson Maria, wid. Andrew, r. 158 Sangamon KJ 
; Anderson Marie, wid. John, r. 307 21st 
Anderson Martin, r. Ill Kin/ie rfj 

Anderson Man in. sailor, r. 225 W. 12th 
: Anderson Michael, brass finisher, r. !!8 N 

Anderson M. plasterer, r. 58 W. Oak 
! Anderson Narve. tailor, r. 56 W. Erie 

Anderson Neils, carpenter, r. 268 Hubbard 
| Anderson Neils, carpenter, r. 36 Perch M 

I Anderson Nel.-on. carpenter, r. 267 Wentworth av. >J 
Anderson Nelson, coachman, D. A. Howes, 1081 *} 

Indiana av. 

I Anderson Nelson, irardoner, r. 31 Elston rd. 
i Anderson Nicholas, lab. C. & N. W. W. R. W. r. 54 


Anderson Nils, carpenter, r. 129 N. Market 
j Anderson Nils, special agt. In man Line Ocean 

Steamship, 112 Illinois, r. 104 Madison 
Anderson Olof. hardware worker, r. 140 Tomisend 
Anderson Olaons, cabinet mkr. r. 20 Rucker 
Anderson Ole, carpenter, C. & N. W. R. R. bds. 64 
W. Indiana 

Bunk Vaults, Iron Door* and Express Chests, 








> General Agent for Chicago. 
124 Washington St. 









Anderson Olef, cabinetmaker, F. Porter Thaycr & 

Co. bds. 147 Wesson 
Anderson Oscar, cabinetmaker, bds. 152 N. Des- 


Anderson Oscar, painter, r. 140 Larrabee 
Andei->u Oscar, sashmaker, r. 112 W. Liberty 
Anderson Otto A. books and stationery, 15 N. Wells, 

r. 119 Indiana 
Anderson Paul (Eckstorm, Anderson & Co.), r. 22 

E. Hinsd:ile 

Anderson Patrick, lab. r. 305 Catherine 
Anderson Peter, brushmaker, Gerts, Lumbard & 

Co. r. 100 Wells 

Anderson Peter, carpenter, r. 15 Pleasant 
Anderson Peter, C. H. with McCormick & Bro. 
Anderson Peter, fisherman, r. al. e. of Rush, bet. E. 

White and Whitney 

Anderson Peter, foreman, S. Whittier, r. 154 Huron 
Anderson Peter, lab. bds. 262 Church 
Anderson Peter, mattress maker, McDonough & 

Price, r. 174 N. Desplaines 
Anderson Peter (P. Lawrans and P. Anderson) 
Anderson Peter, sash and bliudmaker, r. 110 W. 


Anderson Peter G. carpenter, r. 14 Oak 
Anderson Philip W. confectioner, James Walker, r. 

140 W. Harrison 

Anderson Pierre, r. 84 8. Green 
Anderson P. lab. r. 27 Chicago av. 
Anderson P. J. machinist, bds. 421 W. Taylor 
Anderson Rasmus, carpenter, bds. W. Erie, nr. 


Anderson Rasmus, shoemaker, r. 125 N. Market 
Anderson Reuben, carpenter, bds. 635 N. Wells 
Anderson Robert, expressman, Williams & Parker, 

r. ss. Indiana, bet. Hoyne and Leavitt 
Anderson Robert, salesman, r. 135 N. Franklin 
Anderson Robert, shipcarpeuter, r. 56 4th 
Anderson Robert, teamster, ^Michigan mills, r. 108 


Anderson Robert, teamster, r. 649 W. Indiana 
Anderson Robert (cord), restaurant, 274 State 
Anderson Robert G. lab. r. 223 Cottage Grove av. 
Anderson R. mail agt. bds. 899 Wabash av. 
Anderson R. salesman J. B. Shay, r. 119 Ontario 
Anderson Sebastian (Juergens & Anderson), r. 311 

W. Division 

Anderson Samuel, carpenter, bds. 62 W. Randolph 
Anderson Seyort, shoemaker, r. 258 4th 
Anderson Simpson, carpenter, r. 183 N. May 
Anderson Sophus, painter, Joel Bullard, r. 87 Su- 


Anderson Surron, machinist, bds. 158 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Svant, lab. r. 81 Bremer 
Anderson Sven, mason, r. 23 W. 12th 
Anderson Swen, cabinetmaker, r. 49 Bremer 
Anderson S. carpenter, r. 232 W. Erie 

drew Anderson and Hagbarth Thisted), real es- 

tate and ins. brokers, 16 and 18 N. Clarfc 
Anderson Thomas, clerk, bds 134 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Thomas, lab. (J. Sherifl's & Son), r. 20 W. 

Anderson Thomas T. bookkeeper, Reyerson & 

Johnson, bds,. 244 N. LaSalle 
Anderson Thomas R. grocer, r. 735 Michigan av. 
Anderson Thomas W. clerk, J. W. Doane & Co. r. 

735 Michigan av. 

Anderson Tobias, lab. r. 20 W. Indiana 
Anderson T. tailor, r. rear 13 Rucker 
Anderson Vanander, sailor, r. 14 Pleasant 
Anderson William, cabinet mkr. r. 98 Sedgwick 
Anderson William, carpenter, r. ss. Henshaw av. 

bet. Holstein and Western av. 
Anderson William, clerk, r. 161 Walnut 
Anderson William, driver, Frank Parmclee & Co. 
Anderson William, seaman, r. 08 Lnke 
Anderson William, shoemaker, Steller, Bro. & Co. 

r. 21954 Lake 

Anderson William, teamster, Isaac Weutwonh, r. 

424 Catherine 

Anderson \Viliiam C. salesman, Irvine & Co. 
Anderson William D. S. 3d asst. auditor, C. & N. W. 

R. W. bds. 128 State 

123 LaSaile, r. 343 W. Washington 
Anderson W. (col'd), bellboy, Sherman house 
Auderssohu John C. (Anderssohu & Wissel), r. 179 

N. Dearborn 

Anderssohn & Wissel (John C. Anderssohn and Ju- 
lius H. Wissel), cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 

107 N. Clark 
Andersun Guilder, shoemaker, Fargo, Fales & Co. 

bds. 403 S. Clinton 
Andes John, lab. r. 130 Grovo 
Andess Charles, clerk, bds. 120 3d av. 
Anuiorth Benjamin, clerk, r. 475 N. Wells 
Anders Charles, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Andre Frederick, propr. Fond du Lac hoiiee, 123 S. 

Canal, r. same 

Andre Heury, peddler, r. 250 W. Polk 
Andre Philip, lab. Conklin & Campbell, r. 1013 S. 


Andreas, see also Andrus 
Andrec Charles, saloon and restaurant, 130 Clark, r. 

63 Mohawk 

Andrees William, saloon, 14(i Lake av. 
Andres John, lab. r. 245 Orchard 
Andres Samuel, cooper, r. 100 4th 
Andress Mattis, with C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Andress J. C. clerk, Uibbard & Spencer, r. Crosby's 


Andrew August, tailor, S. B. Rosberg, r. 95 Superior 
Andrew A. Mrs. confectionery, 269 W. Lake, r. same 
Andrew Charles, drygoods and notions, 80 and 82 

Blue Island av. r. same 
Andrew C. W. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Andrew Herman, lab. r. 250 W. Polk 
Andrew James, lab. bds. ss. Hobbie, nr. Crosby 
Andrew John, blacksmith, r. 34 Larrabee 
Andrew T. painter, Barry & Gushing . i 

Andrew William, com. iner. 132 S. Water, r. 374 N. 


Andrews Aaron (Andrews & Kuhn), r. 140 Wells 
Andrews Alfred Robert, engineer, r. Ill Adams 
Andrews Ambrose L. J. bds. 161 Park ar. 
Andrews Andre, pawnbroker, 134 Wells, r. same 
Andrews August A. (B. G. Gill & Co.), r. 405 W. 

Andrews A. C. (Calkins & Andrews), r. room 27, 112 


Andrews Chas. A. telegraph editor, Chicago Times 
Andrews A. H..(A.H. Andrews & Co.), bds. 1ST Wa- 
bash av. 
ANDREWS A. H. & CO. (Alfred H. and 

Herbert L. Andrews), school tumishing goods, 

111 State, rnnfy. 82 W. Washington 
Andrews A. L. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 186 N. 

drews, propr. 147 LaSalle 

Andrews Charles, wks, N. C. rolling mill 

Andrews Charles B. carpenter, John McEwen, r. 154 
W. 12th 

Andrews Charles J. entry clerk, Hubbard & Spen- 
cer, r. 120 3d av. 

Andrews Charles J. salesman, Seymour, Carter & 
Co. bds. 28 Silver 

Andrews Chester, entry clerk, Sturgis, McAllister & 
Co. bds. 128 N. State 

Andrews Chester, student, PORTER'S TELE- 
GRAPH COLLEGE, r. 337 Calumet av. 

Andrews C. W. clerk, P. O. 

Andrews C. W. com. mer. room 5, 163 Washington, 
r. 952 N. Clark 

Andrews C. W. jr. deliverer, P. O. r. 952 N. Clark 

Andrews D. plasterer, r. 195 3d av. 

33E33L* J 


General ^Northwestern Agents for 


Warehouse. 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Sliiplierd, Sweet & Co., Brokers in Mortgages, 

Nos. 155 aud 157 LA SALLE STREET 

D. K.ERFOOT, Real Estate DeaJer and Broker, 

No. 89 Washington Street. Estates managed. 




Andrews Ebenezer (Andrews it B^-o.), and book- 
keeper. Allen & Mackey, r. 389 Wabash av. 
Andrews Kdward (Andrew's & Sherman), r. (i 10th 
Andrews Edward A. r. 337 Calumet av. 
Andrews Edward S. clerk, M. C. R. R. r. 53 Myrick 


Andrews Edward E. r. 883 State 
Andrews Edwin, carpenter, r - 85 Aberdeen 
Anilrews Elvira L. wid. Lorenzo, r. 470 Wabash av. 
Andrews Erisk. basketniaker, r. 200 Church 
Andrews E. pros. Academy of sciences, r. (ill Wa- 
bash av. 
Andrews Fairman L. salesman. E. Richardson, r. 38 


Andrews Frank, grain dealer, 174 N. Jefferson 
Andrews Frank, tel. operator, St. James hotel, bds. 

Andrews Frank H. clerk, A. H. Andrews & Co. bds. 

220 Wabash av. 
Andrews Frank W. lab. A. H. Andrews & Co. bds. 

82 W. Washington 
Andrews Frauk W. (Daniel Andrews & Co.) r. Titns- 

ville, Pa. 
Andrews George, engineer. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. 

Mitchell, sw. cor. Jefferson 
Andrews George, carpanter, r. 87 Aberdeen 
Andrews George C. salesman, American Clock Co. 

bds. 122 Suite 

Andrews Henrietta N. wid. Joseph, r. 230 Huron 
Andrews Harry C. salesman, Western News Co. bds. 

127 4th av. 
Andrews Herbert L. (A. H. Andrews & Co.), bds. 

187 Wabash av. 

Andrews Hiram, news ngt. bds. 45 Monroe 
Andrews Ira A. draughtsman, Foster & Swift, r. 119 


Andrews Ira A. porter, M. Campb ill 
Andrews Ira B. hatter, r. 119 Superior 
Andrews I. R. realestate dealer, Methodist Church 

b!k. r. 341 Wabash av. 

Andrews I. refile.-tatu a:t. bds. 341 Wabash av. 
Andrews Janus, bookkeeper, Tower, Millard & 

Decker, r. 152 Cass 

Andrews James, bricklayer, bds. 301 State 
Anilrews Jum.'s. wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Andrews Joel D. fruit store, 497 S. Halsted, 

497 S Halsted r. same 
Andrews Joseph H. (Andrews & Brother), bds. 389 

Wab;v-h av. 

Andrews Julie E. clerk, P. O. 
Andrews J. F. com. ruer. bds. 18 Aberdeen 
Andrews Leonard, mason, r. 1(13 Ewiug 
Andrews Lion, secondhand clothing, 140 Wells, r. 


Andrews Lonise (col'd). wid. Clabiou, r. 80 4th av. 
Andrews Luduiif. tailor, r. 93 John 


S C.A L E S,jj 

At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

Andrews Sidney B. hote'.keeper, r. Vinceuues av. 

cor. Douglas av. 

Andrews Solomon, clothing, 162 Wel'.s, r same 
Andrews Thomas, restaurant, 115 Dearborn, r. same 
Andrews T. F. (Oliver Andrews V r. Kaakakee 
Andrew? Wallace, sailor, bds. 230 Huron 
Andrews Waiter R. machinist, r. 14"> N. Elizabeth 
Andrew.- William, lab. bds. 142 Division 
Andrews William, teamster, r. 143 Lyrnan 
Andrews William A. peddler, r. 233 4th av. 
Andrew.- William B. dining rooms, 8 and 9 Custom 

pi. r. same 
Andrews William B. jr. bartender, r. room 20 

Lombard block 
Andrews William H. salesman, Webster & Ga<*e, r. 

2S Silver 
Andrews & Brother (Joseph H. and Ebenezer An- 

drewis), real estate agt.*. room 2, 108 Madison 
Andrews & Kuhu (Aaron Andrews and Jacob Kuhn), 

cloth importers. 1-18 Dearborn 
Andrews & Otis' Bmldir.j' es. Clark, bet. Monroe 

and Adams 
Andrew- <fc Shevman (Edmotid Andrews and Julieu 

S. Sh irtajtn), -.ihy-JciaiiH, room !i. SI Monivs 
ANDREWS & THATCHF-R, real estate 

ji.L't*. ro-iii; 7 Methodist church bite. 
Andrews , (Aiifir-iw^ & Thatcher), room 7 

Methodist chii-ch blk. 
Au.livw* , bookkjper. bds. 128 N. State 
Andreyk<mtz Julii-u (Andivykovicz & Dunk), 213 

Audreykovicz & Dai:k (John Audreykovicz and 

Chavles Dunk', mnfir. chemists. .'!3 Madis-on 
Audrick Louis M. Isv.-ytT. 04 K<>vr,oids 
Andrin Oteoras, salouh. -,'fi2 Maaisoi:, r. t--ti;no 
Auclrus- C W. cabinetmaker, Greenlee Bros & Co. 

r. 15 S Union 

Auuruss E hvard H. baker, bds. 16 2Wh 
Andruss George H. engineer, r. 557 Jefferson 
Audrasi John. lab. r. 297 Hulburt 
Andruss Martin E. clerk, r. 1-157 Indians 1 , av. 
Andrnss William E. eon?eetioru)r. 1(> '>0th, r. same 
Auerr-on E!i, carpenter. North western Mnt'g. Co. 
Ansel Charles, carpenter, r. 220 E. r-th 
Ar.sce! E;!wurd. machinist, r. 207 W. Polk 

! Ansrel John, machinist. Gilchrisi. & Scheffler 

Andrews Maria Miss, milliner, Susan Bronson, r. 28 Augvll <\ W sec. Pullman's Palace Car Co. r. 199 
X. Silver Michigan av. 

ANDREWS MARTIN, rcale^tate dealer, I Angell Edward, clerk, bds. 155 E. En- 
room 1, Andrews' bldg. 147 LaSalte, 957 Wabash Angell Edward F. silversmith, r. 18V State 
av. winter r. and Lake View summer r. 

Andrews M-iry E. Miss, teacher, Jones school 

Andrews Michael, bricklayer, r. 000 W. 12th 

Andrews Mrs. cook. r. 242 Madison 

Andrews Rachael H. wid. Ebenezer, r. 389 Wa- 
bash av. 

Andrews Ransom H. reporter, Chicago Times, bds. 
100 Adams 

Andrew.- Richard, carpenter, Oliver B. Green, bds. 

Angell Francis E. operator. W. U. Tel. Co. bds. 72 

X. Wells 
Ani'dl Frederick B. watchmaker and jeweler, 420 

S. H i'.-ti'd. r. same 
Aueell F. Edwin, operator, W. U. Tel. Co. bds. 

St. J.:ui3s hof.-l 

ussell & Angell), r. Adrian, cor. ft 

es. Branch, ur. Division 

AnL'<-I! Henry A. 


Anircll Henry S. painter, r. 341 Hubbnrd 
Anirell WUllam A. ai'enr. IH-.. fa av. 

Andrew< Richard U. sailmaker, G. F. Foster, r. ; barles, r. .'." N. Wells 

N. Halsted M Theodore, clerk, Vanderbnrgn & Co r. 228 3 

Andrews Robert F. salesman, Horace Meech, bds. 

17." \V. Lake 

Andrews Rodolphns F. surveyor, bds. 119 Superior 
Andrews R. S. butcher, r. 470 Hurlbut 
Andrews It. W. machinist foreman, Carlile Mason 

& Co r. 145 Elizabeth 
Andrews Samuel, teamster, bds 334 W. Madison 



Glues & Neatsfoot Oil, 



Anuvl.i , clerk, bds. 227 N. LaSalie 

Au.-jrer Nicholas, lab. r. 75 Brn-vn 

An-c-t.'ii John C. carpenter. Wixer. Kjvscht.-ii 

Co. r. 570 Seil 's wick 
Angevine Albert V. >.A I". Angcrtno & Co ), r. r51 

Angevine A. I", k Co. (Albert U. Angevine and 

). but'- - ate 

Anjrier Oscar, hac-kdriver. r. 49 E. P. arson 

Anirle Louis M . H. S. Carter & Co.). r. Evanston, 


-S'linon. <;]'; lit-:-. 548 \ruold 
Anglemire Henry, grocer, - 115SV4 State 

Anglemire Wii'iam L. bds. 2t4 Maxw-'!! 
Antrliiur K'UnoiK'.. -i'vcvpiater. Ma'd .\"<n & Taylor 
Antrst John, peddler - -vmn 





Basement of 78 & SO East Hladlcon Street. 





M Fifty per cent. Dividends guaranteed in the Policy. 
Office, 124 Washington .Street, 

Angstin Joseph, r. 124 Arnold 

Aiignera Antonio, tnner, bds. 233 Park av. 

Anfcker Pvtvr. Student. BRYANT & STRATTON 

Anker Adolph, tailor, room 29 Dole's building, r. 

108 W. Erie 

Anker John, tailor, bds. 48 E. Kinzie 
Ankst Jacob, tailor, r. Ifil Van Buren 
Anlanf John, blacksmith, r. 27$ E. Chicago av. 
Anna Peter, grocer, 361 E. Indiana, r. same 
Auuaheim Cornelius, teamster, Henry Furst, r. New- 


Annan Matthew, teamster, r. 230 N. State 
Annaud James ( Anuaud, Parker, Thompson & Co.), 

bds. Adams house 

< ANNAND, PARKER. THOMPSON : Antonanjohn, bartender, Collins & McGnire, bds. 
S & CO (.James Annand, B. J. Parker, S. C. ' 
Thompson and J. B. Parker), dry and fancy 


goods, 73 Lake 

Annel Nathan, upholster, r. 298 North av. 
^ Annely Henry, silversmith, bds. 172 W.Jackson 
C Annely William F. brassfinisher, Illinois Mnfg. Co 
bp r. 172 W. Jackson 

-* Annen Frank (Annen & Keilmaun), r. Lincoln av 
r sw. cor. Asylum pi. 
M Annen Nicholas, cabinetmaker, 298 North av. r. 


Cj2 Auneu Peter, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
_ Aunen Peter, grocery and saloon, 361 Indiana, r. 


M Annen Peter, spoutman, Iowa elevator, r. North av. 
M nr. Hurlhut 

- Anneu &. Kielmann (Frank Annen and Philip Kiel- 
'' manu), groceries and provisions, Lincoln av. svr. 
^ cor. A.-ylum pi. 
OB Annetka Nicholas, carpenter, r. 320 24th 
^ Annewnlt Byron D. bds. Orient House 
r* Aunin W. H. groceries, 192 State 
W Annis Noah D. carpenter, r. 314 Church 

Anqnist M. tailor, John H. Kroger, r. 103 Supe- 
ft rior 

" Anright Michael, lab. bds. 65 Gurley 
L Anright Timothy, r. 65 Gurley 
4lt Ausbacher Morris, saiesmau, Leopold, Kuh & Co. r. 
~ 139 Lake 

Ansel Albert, salesman, O'Connor, Ellis & Co. r. 124 

Ansel Wallace, engineer, Stevens & Barker, r. 650 


Ansell Alinda. wid. Frederick, r. 113 Blue Island av. 
Ansel F. E. operator, W. U. Tel. Co. bds. 155 

Ansen Joseph, painter, George V. Drake jr. 86 E. 

Clncaaro av. 

Ani-iey Charlotte J. wid. George W. dealer in hard- 
ware, etc. 689 State, r. same 

ANSLEY ROBERT S. Kentucky whiskey, 
office, room 21, 116 La Salle, bds. Matteson 

Arson Jeppe, lab. C. & N. W. R. R. r. 305 Indiana 

Anson Jos -ph. expressman, r. 16 Johnson 

.V.isoii Nicholas. ;-ale.-mau. bds. 114 Wabash av. 

Anson Simon, expressdriver, r. 145 W. Taylor 

Aii-or.'e Si rah Mrs. bds. Sherman house 

Anst Henry, lab. 102 isth 

An-teth Christian H. woodturner, Kimball & Sheri- 
dan, r. :);0 Canai 

Anstey Artiuu N. reporter, Edwards' directory, 
bds. iv;i Clark 

An'aiiHn Elizabeth Mrs. midwife, r. 2*! s. Union 

Vutanon Jacob, r. ->r, s. I'nion 

Anteon Scherle, brewer, r. Broadway av. bet. 27th 
and 2Mh 

Antes Charles II. sec. and treas. Western White 
Lead Co. 6 State, r. 288 N. LaSalle 

Anthenburgh Mary Miss, dressmaker, Miss L. M. 
Hendee. bds. 6fi Madison 

i nhii. shoemaker. 30.1 North nv. r. same 


Anthony Albert, packer, 172 and 174 Milwaukee av- 

r. ISO N. Saugamou 
Anthony Charles F. (Charters & Anthony), r. 109 

Winchester BY. 
Anthony Elliot (Hervey, Anthony & Gait), r. 234 N. 

Anthony Ferdinand, finisher, Tidd & Phillips, r. 266 

N. Carpenter 

Anthony Francis (col'd), lab. r. 243 3d av. 
Anthony Henry, lab. r. rear 192 Ewing 
Anthony Horace C. butcher, A. Anthony, bds. ISO 

N. Saugamon 

Anthony H. M. carpenter, r. 162 N. Curtis 
Anthony James C. furnace worker, Fuller, Warren & 

Co. r. 46 Pearce 

Anthony Joseph P. foreman, Adams & Co. r. 20226th 
Anthony Joseph T. foreman, bds. 202 26th 
Anthony Robert, foreman boilermaker, Eagle works, 

r. 148 Centre av. 

Anthony William S. carpenter, r. 162 N. Curtis 
Anthwo Counte, glue mnt'r. bds. 268 North av. 
Antisdell A. asst. snpt. Illinois division, A. M. U. 

Ex. Co. 

Anton Christopher, tailor, r. 263 Black Hawk 
Anton Jacob, horseshoer, 592 N. Wells, r. same 
Anton Malan, nurse, bds. 141 N. Dearborn 

119 Dearborn 

Antonia Sister, teacher, St. Peter's school, r. same 
Antonini William, presser, Chicago terracotta works, 

r. Catherine, cor. Laflin 
Ants Henry, lab. r. 18 Lisle 
Anvesou Andrew, porter, King, Stewart & Aldrich, 

bds. Williams hotel 
Anwyl Richard, clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 81 W. 


Apel Augusta, wid. r. 502 N. Clark 
Apel Frederick, painter, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 187 N. 

Apelmann JohnF. cabinetmaker, 139' N. Desplaines. 

r. 35 Oak 

Apenl Charles, carpenter, r. 114 Sherman 
Apfel George, clerk, P. Apfel, r. 7 Hammond 
Aplel Henry, r. 7 Hammond 
Apfel Henry jr. clerk, P. O. r. 3 Hammond 
Apfel Phillip, boots and shoes, 467 Division, r. Lin- 
coln av. ne. cor. Wisconsin 
Appel Adam, baker, August Ortlop, r. 4 Smart 
Appel Christian, expressman, r. 456 Larrabee 
Appel Frank, painter, Barry & Gushing 
Appel Henry G. furniture dealer, 825 S. Halsted, r. 


Appelt August, grocer, 465 W. 12th. r. same 
Appelt John, marbleworker, r. 133 Townsend 
Appelt Louis, English and German school, Ridge- 

ville rd, r. same 
Appelton George E. (James T. Appelton & Co.), r. 211 

3d av. 
Appelton James T. (James T. Appelton & Co.), r. 

211 3d av. 
Appelton James T. & Co. (James T. and George E. 

Appeltou), saloon, 518 State 
Apple Andrew, bridgebuilder, bds. 51 W. Polk 
Appel Charley, lab. r. 670 S. Morgan 
Apple George, bridge builder, bds. 51 W. Polk 
Apple George, lab. M. Weber, bds. 186 Van Buren 
Apple Louis, painter, r. 200 Canalport av. 
Apple Richard, lab. r. 338 Kaukakee av. 
Apple Frederick, upholster, r. 338 Kankakee av. 
Applebee Elle, clerk. P. O. 
Appleburir John T. traveler, r. 377 N. Wells 
Appleby Richard B. engravings and photographic 

materials. 118 and 120 Clark, and picture frame 

and moulding factory, 180 and 182 Monroe, r. 4,^-i 

W. Washington 

Appledintr Jacob, machinist, r. 480 N. State 
Appleton George (J. & G. Appleton'i. r. 211 3d av. 
Appletou Isaac B. timekeeper, I. C. R. R. carworks. 

r. 31st. cor. Clark 


General Northwestern Agents for 

WIMI. CHESSOIP & sonars, 

Warehouse. 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Sliipberd, Sweet & Co., Broker* in Real Estate 

Noe. 155 and 157 LA SAIXE STREET. 

SIMEON W. KINO, Commissioner of Deeds 

For ALL the States and Territories. 117 Sontli Clark Streett 




Appleton James B. machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 31st, se. 
cor. Clark 

Appleton J. (J. & G. Appleton), r. 518 State 

Appleton J. Henry, student, PORTER'S TELE- 

Appleton J. &. G. saloon, 518 State 

Appleton Maude Mrs. clerk, r. room 27 Turner's bldg 

Appletou Peter, turner, r. 255 Vine 

Appleton Z. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Appley J. M. office, 141 LaSalle, r. 293 W. Randolph j Arends Henry (Arends & Gelder), r. 393 Clark 

Appleyard John W. (Francis & Appleyard), bds. 900 ! Arends & Gelder (Henry Arends and John Gelder), 



Assets over $5,000.000. 

Policies issued m 1808. 11719. 

SHUGART & DEAN, Geu'i Agents, 
83 Washington street, Chicago. 
Good Agents wanted. 

W. Luke 
Appobeiger J. lab. Downer & Bemis Brewing Co. 

bds. I5i Cottage Grove av. 
April Henry, night scavenger, r. 136 N. Robey 
Apt Mathias. butcher, 2W W. Chicago av. r. same 
Apt Peter, whitewashes r. 572 W. Taylor 
Apthorp Daniel J. bartender, r. 96 W. Washington 
Arado Ambrose, lab. bds. 83 Pratt 
Arado Philip, saloon. 80 N. Clark, r. same 
Araus Philip, lab. r. 60 Fisk 
Arata Andrew, confectionery, 910 State, r. same 
Arb James, blacksmith, bds. 78 W. Lake 
Arbardroth Fred, blacksmith, John Turner 
Arbegast Charles W. blacksmith. Coan & TenBroeke 

Carriage Mnt'g. Co. r. 332 Hubbard 
Arbeiter Halle, Sedgwick cor. Black Hawk 
Arbeiter Unter.-totzung Verein Von Hall, Sedgwick, 

cor. Black Hawk 

Arbert Henry, teamster, r. 130 Orchard 
Arbin John Edward, cabinetmaker, It. Bnrdett & 

Co. r. 234 Division 

Arbogast John, caipenter, 364 Sedgwick, r. same 
Arbor Peter, bootmaker, Charles B. Sawyer <fc Co. 
Arbour Peter, shoemaker, r. 149 N. Desplaines 
Arbreth August, lab. r. 144 Hastings 
Arbuckle Devorah R. wid. Andrew, 374 State 

Arbuckle , expressman, r. 227 Sedgwick 

Arcade Conn, bet. LaSalle and Clark, Monroe and 


Archambault Damas. lab. r. 499 Mitchell 
Archamb;iult James, planer, Bradner, Charnley & 

Co. r. 499 Mitchell 
Archambault John B. cabinetmaker, r. 1619 N. Des- 

Archambault Theophile, joiner, r. 274 Cottage Grove 

Arcliamboy Lawrence, lab. Petit & Co. r. 674 Archer 

Archambeau Nelson, baker, James Ravison, r. 376 

W. Taylor 

Archbold Laurence, wks, N. C. rolling mill 
Archdeacon William, foreman, Thomas & Co. r. 219 

W. Monroe 

Archembers Louis, lab. r. 674 Archer av. 
Archer Avenue Railroad Station, Pittsburg. Fort 

Wayne and Chicago Railroad, T. J. Lynch, agt. 

Archer av. ne. cor. Stewart av. 
Archer John, carpenter, J. S. Bast, r. 555 Milwaukee 


Archer John, saloon. 234 N. Halsted, r. game 
Archer Michael, blacksmith, r. 648 S. Morgan 
Archer Michael, lab. r. 23 Wright 
Archey John (col'd), lab. Chicago Dock Co. bds. 221 


Archibald Manin. wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Archibald Peter, teamster, r. 11 Evans 
Archrman Michael, gardener, r. 430 Beldon av. 
Arck August, clerk, Biroth, Block! & Co. bds. 311 


Artie Hou? >. John Cochran, propr. 95 and 97 S. Canal 
Ardeuheim Adolphus. boxmaker, bds. 140 Ontario 
Ardmond John. lab. Wood & Stevens, r. 41 John 
Arduaun Eru^t, broommaker, r. 44 Frank 
Ardn-jr Henry, wines jind liquors, r. 59 N. Clark 
Areczki Joseph, lab. bds. 830 State 
AREND N. A. architect, 157 Randolph, r. 697 

N. tVuuklin 

The Chicago Terra Gotta Company 


Carved Cornice Trimmings, 

At less cost than Wood. 
Wareroonu, - - - 290 State Street, 

secondhand clothing, 393 Clark 
Arens Christian, barber, Theodore Weitzer, bds. 371 

N. State 

Arens Hemrich, lab. Chicago glne works 
Arentz Andrew C. barkeeper, Samuel Arentz, r. 155 

N. Green 
Arentz Lewis N. clerk, Samuel Arentz, r. 155 N. 

Arentz Samuel, hardware, 95 E. Kinzie, r. 155 N. 


Arey Emra, mechanic, bds. 120 W. Madison 
Arey William A. conductor, city railway, bds. 120 W. 


Arf Hans, carpenter, bds. 137 W. 18th 
Argueitt Edward, stonecutter, r. 31 Charles 
Arguot John, sailor, r. N. LaSalle, nt. N. Clark 
Arhands Frederick, r. 46 Purple 
Arhard Joseph, roofer, R. Griffith, bds. 41 W. Madi- 
Arhman Jacob, drygoods and millinery, 662 S. Hal- 

sted, r. same 
Arickson CorueMus, cooper, John Eisner, bds. 121 

Ariou C. P. J. pres. Swedish Commercial Co. and 

realestate agt. r. 70 23d 
Arkalans Paul, seaman, r. 649 S. Union 
Arkhurst & Douglas (Henry Arkhurst and Joseph 

Douglas), boatbuilders, Wells, sw. cor. S. 


Arkley Mary, wid. John, r. 239 Monroe 
Arkushafski Charles, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Arkushafski Ignatz, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Arkushafski John, carpenter, C. H. McCormick & 


Arknshat'ski Peter, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Arkushetsky John, lab. r. 44 George 
Arl John, carpenter. Downer & Bemis Brewing Co. 

r. 392 Wentworth av. 
Arl Joseph J. policeman, r. 300 23d 
Arlears Frederick, lab. r. 214 Coolidge 
Arlington Charles, traveling agt. r. 113 W. Monroe 
Arlington Hall, Clark, cor. Monroe 
Arlt William, policeman, Huron Street station, r. 308 

N. Wells 

Arniack Adolph, teacher, r. 229 N. Franklin 
Arman John, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Armand H. printer. Chicago Printers' Co-operative 

association, bds. 76 W. Monroe 
Armbrecht Louis, saloon, 732 W. Lake, r. same 
Armbruster Adolph, blither, Joseph H. Shaw, r. 96 

Newberry av. 
Armbruster Catherine, wid. Charles, r. 96 Newberry 

Armbruster Charles R. machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 86 

Newberry av. 

Armbruster Jacob, tinner, bds. % Newberry av. 
Armbruster Martin, boardinsrhouse, b:i arid 84 W. 

Lake, r. same 
Armbruster . spapmaker, r. al. e. of Rush, bet. 

White and Whitney 
Arnies Charles, r. 574 Sedgwick 
Armidal Jacob, hostler, Chicago city railway, r. 321 

Armitage Anthony, stonemason, r. 49 Pearce 
Armitage John, r. Ashley, cor. N. Robey 
Armitage John E. (Arniitage ifc Jaqnee ). r. 71 Ham- 
ilton av. 

Armitasre Lewis, clerk, r. 11-1 Mather 
Armitage William, blacksmith, Fred. Taylor 
Armitage & Jaques (John E. Aimitage and William 
Jaques), wrapping paper, whol. and ret. 243 S. 

Armon J. H. bds. Matteson house 
Armory Police Station, First Precinct, Franklin, se. 

cor. Adams 
Armon . bds. 199 Michigan av. 

Harris, Manufacturer ana Dealer in 

H A Mi ana SAFE LOCKS. 62 South Canal Street. 



Returned at Death, 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

L Armour, Dole & Co. (George Armour. Charles S. 
. Dole and Albert W. Munger), C., B. & Q. R. R. 
pP elevator, A. & B.'s branch ur. 16th, office 58 La 
ff Salle 

,. Armour Georare (Armour, Dole & Co. and Munger, 

Wheeler & Co.), r. 135 Michigan av. 
^ Armour Gottfleld, lab. r. Sheffield av. nr. North av. 
A) Armour Herman O. (II. O. Armour & Co. and Ar- 
** mour & Co.), r. New York city 

ARMOUR H. O. & CO. ( Herman O , Joseph 
yy p. and Phillip D. Armour), com. mers. room 8 
t^ Union bldg. LaSalle, cor. Washington 
P^ Armour John, wood turner, bds. 205 S. Jefferson 
ftj Armour Joseph F. (H. O. Armour & Co. and Armour 
!* & Co.), bds. Sherman house 
M Armour Phillip D. (H. O . Armour & Co. and Armour 
AA & Co ), bds. Sherman house 
H Armour Thomas (O'Connor, Ellis & Co.), r. 91 Chi- 

cago av, 

B ARMOUR & CO. (H O. Armour & Co. Chi- 
cago ; Plaukinton & Armour, Milwaukee ; 
^ Armour & Plankinton, New York), packers and 
jobbers of provisions, room 8 Union bldg. La 
^ Salle, cor Washington 

-} Arms Ambrose, millwright, bds. 134 W. Adams 
S Arms George F. salesman, Field, Leiter& Co. r.290 
N W. Washington 

Arms W. A. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 290 W. 
gj Washington 

Armstead James (col'd), waiter, Richmond house 
ft Armsteiu George, r. 48 Eldridge ct. 
J" Armstrong Abraham (col'd), servant, 238 Calumet 


* Armstrong Alexander, manager, R G. Dun & Co.'s 
* mercantile agency, 101 and 103 Wabash av. r. 
fl 1037 Prairie av. 

Armstrong Charles M. asst. bookkeeper, J. H. Dole 
r* & Co. bds. 20 N. Sangamon 
9 Armstrong Christopher, drayman, r. 254 Mitchell 
j?5 Armstrong C. M. Mrs. china, glass and earthenware, 

S240 W. Randolph, r same 
Armstrong David, r. 240 W. Randolph 
Armstrong David J. foreman cooper, Michigan mills, 
{< r. 16th, so. cor. Butterfleld 
M Armstrong Daniel (Dodge, Armstrong & Co.), r. 1154 
^ Depuyster 

m Armstrong E. R. T. (Armstrong & Co.), bds. Clifton 
rff house 

*j Armstrong George, shoemaker, r. 382 N. Market 
^5 Armstrong George B. supt. railways, r. 20 N. San- 
rk gamon 

^ Armstrong George B jr. clerk, r. 20 N. Sangamon 
r* Armstrong Henry F. asst. manager, R. G. Dun & 

z: Co. 'a mercantile agency, r. 1037 Prairie av. 

H Armstrong Jacob, cooper, r. 47 Frank 

Armstrong Jacob (Dodge, Armstrong & Co.), r. 286 

. Franklin 

<3 Armstrong Jacob (Wells & Armstrong), r 501 State 
^ Armstrong James, bootcrimper. M. D. Wells & Co. 

H Armstrong James, moulder, tods. 142 S. Clinton 
** Arui>trong James (col'd), blacksmith, rear 134 Sher- 
man, r. 131 3d av. 

2 Armstrong James B. physician, 151 N. Paulina, r. 
S same 

-3 Armstrong Jennie, bds. Ki N. Sheldon 
M Armstrong Jennie, wid. Richard, r. 122 S. Sangamou 
tan Armstrong John, blacksmith, Carlile Mason <fc Co. 
r. 85 Front 

Armstrong John, cashier, J. & E. Buckingham, r. 

. 95 Huron 

S Armstrong John, painter, r. 56S)unpson 

^ Armstrong John, painter, Robbins & Carroll, bds. 

O 113 Harrison 

^9 Armstrong John, ehoemaker, r. 362 K. Market 

Armstrong John, stonemason, bds. 219 Clark 
** Armstrong John M. (Tully & Armstrong), r. 654 
9 Sedgwick 

CS Armstrong John R. bookkeeper, T. H. Seymour & 
Co. r. 121 Lytle 

All kinds of Plmnnbing and Sewerage done. 

Apply under Met 1 /? tker's r f Sae&tre. 

i AliN 3ZZZZ 

Armstrong M. J. shoemaker, r.100 Sholto 
Armstrong Nath. coachman. Dr. Ross, 17 n. Peoria 
Armstrong Nicholas P. printer, Hitchcock & Wold- 

en, r. 130 W. Indiana 
Armstrong Terreuce, lab. bds. 142 12th 
Armstrong Thomas, lab. r. rear 32 W. Harrison 
Armstrong Thomas, shoemaker, J. F. Morrill, r. 382 

N. Clark 

Armstrong Thomas-R. r. 290 W. Madison 
Armstrong T. wood and coal, 031 Sedgwick, r. 79 

Lincoln av. 

Armstrong William, blacksmith, r. 148 W. Harrison 
Armstrong William, lab. r. W;;yman 
Armstrong William, policeman, r. 0150 W. Lake 
Armstrong William, sailor, r. rear 147 Sedgwick 
Armstrong William, shoemaker, r. 382 N. Market 
Armstrong William B. salesman, Simon Klein, bds. 

220 Madison 

Armstrong William W. lab. r. 128 N. Wells 
Armstrong W. II. shoemaker, r. 125 Illinois 
ARMSTRONG & CO. (E. R. T. Armstrong 

and ), oil dealers and mnfg. agls. for oils, 

lead and varnishes, 41 River 
Arnamaim Ernst, lab. Charles Wagner, bds. 128 Illi- 

Arnaud' Henry, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Arnberg August, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Amde George, teamster, bds. 73 Morgan 
Arnds Christopher, lab. Chicago glue works 
Arnds John, lab. Chicago glue works 
Arndt Frederick, brickruaker, r. 4-11 N. Chicago av. 
Arudt John, cooper, r. 46 Broad 
Arndt Magdalena, wid. Albert, r. 294 S. Morgan 
Arudt Peter, lab. r. 579 N. Halsted 
Arnech Frank, wks. C. II. McCormick & Bro. 
Arnesen Martinus, peddler, r. 40 W. Indiana 
Arneson Carl, painter, Jevne & Almiui 
Arneson Evan (Arneson <fe Hanseii), r. 28 Milwaukee 


Arneson Nils, furniture. 20 Milwaukee av. r. same 
Ameson & Hansen (Evan Arnesou and Hans L. Han- 
sen), jewelry and stationery, 28 Milwaukee av. 
Arnett Charles, flour and feed, 141 W'ells, r. 415 


Aruett John, clerk, bds. 140 Elm 
Arnett J. Mrs. flour and feed, 141 Wells, r. 415 State 
Arnett William (D. Chapman & Co.), r. 140 Elm 
Arney Absalom L. foreman, bds. 239 W. Madison 
Arnheim Adolph, paperbosmaker, H. A. Schell, r. 

140 Ontario 
Arnheiter Christian (Mueller & Amheiter), bds. 268 

N. Wells 

Arnholt Christian, carpenter, r. 153 Fry 
Amholt Ferdinand, carpenter, bds. 153 Fry 
Arnholt Fred, barkeeper, Gabriel Moses, bds. 215 


Arnholt Henry, bartender, L. F. Martz 
Arnol Charles (Charles Arnol & Co.), r. Ill Franklin 
Aruol & Co. (Charles Amol and ), glass sign 

painters, 130 Madison 

Arnola Moses (col'd), waiter, Sherman house 
Arnold Adolph (A. Arnold & Son), r. 145 W. Ran- 
Arnold Adolph ir. clerk, A. Arnold & Son, bds. 145 

W. Randolph 

Arnold Alden, r. 167 W- Jackson 
Arnold Amos, brakemau, bds. 74 N. Peoria 
Arnold Antonia, wid. Jacob, r. 231 N. Clark 
Arnold August, gilder, Sammous, Clark & Co. r. 183 

Chicago av. 
Arnold August, pocket book maker, Merker Bros. r. 

15 N. Halsted 
Arnold A. & Son (Adolph and Hermann Arnold), 

meat market. 145 W. Randolph 
Arnold Bernard W. patternmaker, H. F. McCartney, 

bds. 134 W. Madison 
Arnold Bros. (George A. and James Arnold), mnfrs. 

of office furniture, 156 LaSalle 


General Northwestern Agents for 


Warehouse. 11 &13 S. "Wells St. 

Shipherd, Sweet & Co., Discount Sliori Paper, 

NO*. 155 and 157 LA SAX.UB STREET. 


89 Washington Street. Property. Sold and Rented. 




Arnold Caspar, cabinetmaker, r. 200 Van Buren 
Arnold Charles, carpenter, r. Maxwell, se. cor. Waller 
Arnold Charles, dgarmaker, r. 237 Division 
Arnold Charles, expressman, r. 428 W. Chicago av. 
Arnold Charles, papcrbox maker, Ritchie & Duck, r. 

87(3 Fulton 

Arnold Charles, saloon, 857 S. Halsted, r. same 
Arnold Charles A. com. mer. r. 243 W. Madison 
Arnold Charles Z. bookkeeper, r. 243 W. Madison 
Arnold Christopher H. butcher, ws. al. bet. State and 

3d av. Harrison and Van Buren, r. 93 3d av. 
Arnold C. porter, U. S. Ex. Co. 
Arnold C. H. coachman, r. 142 Illinois 
Arnold Frank, ins. agt. r. 581 Hubbard 
Arnold Frank, with Tower, Millard & Decker, 64 

Arnold Fred. A. shipping clerk, Furst & Bradley, r. 

W. Randolph 

Arnold Frederick, cigar mnfr. 243 S. Halsted, r. same 
Arnold Frederick, clerk, bds. 17 S. Union 
Arnold Frederick, r. 711 N. Franklin 
Arnold George, bootcrimper, 1. P. Farnnm, bds. 245 


Arnold George, carpenter, r. 281 W. Indiana 
Arnold Geonre, deskmaker, bds. 51 Madison 
Arnold George, salesman, Chas. Beardslee, Bros. & 

Co. r. 1S4 X. Franklin 

Arnold George A. (Arnold Bros.), r. 88 LaSalle 
Arm 11 George H. messenger, Am. H. U. Ex. Co. 

bds. liG Adams 
Arnold Henry, justice of the peace, 143 Randolph, r. 

386 Clark 
Arnold Henry J. prin, Cicero school, W. Chicago, 

bds. 745 W. W ushington 
Arnold Hermann (A. Arnold & Son), bds. 145 W. 


Arnold Horace L. (A. L. Mason & Co.), r. 164 West- 
ern av. 
Arnold Isaac F. contractor for street sprinkling, r. 

It37 W. Jackson 
Arnold Isaac N. (Higgius. Swett & Quigg), r. bet. 

Rush. Pine, Erie and Huron 

Arnold Jacob, billiard table maker, J. M. Bruns- 
wick & Bro. r. 272 S. Morgan 
Arnold Jacob, blacksmith, r. 45 Emma 
Arnold Jacob, cabinetmaker, r. 272 S. Morgan 
Arnold Jacob, student, BRYANT <fc STRATTOX'S 

Arnold James ( Arnold Bros.), r. 88 LaSalle 
Arnold James, I'ruit and vegetables, 893 W. Lake. r. 

Silo W. Lake 
Arnold James R. signpainter, B. F. Chase & Hild, r. 

83 Hastings 

Arnold Jay, saloon, 170 W. Lake, r. same 
Arnold John, blacksmith, Albert Card, bds. 37 W. 

Arnold John (John Arnold & Co.), r. 254 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Arnold John, lab. Staples & Co. bds. Dexter, nr. 


Arnold John, r. 254 Cottage Grove av. 
Arnold John, saloon, 231 X. Clark, r. same 
Arnold John, ship caulker, bds. Dexter, nr. Rey- 

Aunold John F. bookbinder, bds. 733 S. State 
Arnold John G. carpenter, r. 252 Burling 
Arnold John & Co. (John Arnold and ), Metro- 
politan straw works. 3S5 Clark 
Arnold Joseph, r. fi<i E. Hinsdale 
Arnold Julius, peddler, r. 47 S. Desplaines 
Arnold Kate Mrs. nurse, r 2 Gere 
Arnold Lorentz, cheese importer, 80 W. Randolph, 

r. 33 Mark 

Arnold L.-wis Miss (col'd), cook, r. 144 Quincy 
Arnold Mary H. Mrs. bookkeeper, Bonham & 

Brown, r. 82 Adams 

Arnold Maria S. wid. Levi F. r. 1024 Indiana av. 
Arnold Nancy C. wid. Bujamin F. r. 278 W. Ran- 


Giues & Neatsfoot Oil, 




Assets over 85>GOO.OOO. 


SIIUGARD & DBAN, Ger'l Ajrents, 

85 Washrnaton Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents wanted. 

Arnold Richard T. carpenter, r. ws. Cherry, nr. n. 

Arnold R. F. clerk, Kansas Pacific Railway office, 

111 Dearborn, bds. 142 Wabash av. 
Arnold Sarah W. wid. Caleb, books and stationery, 

120 W. Madison, r. same 
Arnold Theodore, clerk, A. Arnold & Son, bds. 145 

W. Randolph 

Arnold Thomas, machanic, bds. 134 W. Madison 
Arnold William H. (Barrett & Arnold), r. 416 Michi- 
gan av. 

Arnold William H. graincr, r. 114 S. Halsted 
Arnold W. F. traveling salesman, Brigham & Good- 
year, bds. Briggs house 

Arnold , painter, r. 68 Adams 

Amolde August, shoemaker, r. 456 Milwaukee av. 
Arnoldi John, wagonmaker, r. 210 N. Dearborn 
Arnott Frederick. 'lab. r. ss. 22d, cor. Wood 
Arnott Thomas, machinist, Baker, Smith & Co. r. 

40 Dickson 

Arns John, lumberman, r. 258 Mohawk 
Arusden J. messenger, U. S. Ex. Co. 
Arnst Catherine, saloon, 371 S. Clinton, r. same 
Arnst John, r. 26 Barber 
Arnst John, r. 615 N. Clark 
Arnst Peter, peddler, r. 220 4th av. 
Arnstein Emanuel, cigars and tobacco, r. 601 N. 


Arnt John, machinist, Harty & Co. r. 194 Sherman 
Arntse Even, lab. r. 25 Milwaukee av. 
Arutsen Meyer, cigarmaker, r. 476 N. Wells 
Arordavetz Joseph, plasterer, r. 117 Catherine 
Aron John, upholster, Henry Liebenstein, r. 88 

Aron Michael, upholster, Gilbert & Sampson, r. 

71 Bremer 
Arp Charles, lab. Ludington, Wells & Van Schaick, 

r. Union 

Arp Peter, plowmaker. r. 71 W. Lake 
Arpee Ernst, cutter, Edward Ely, r. 30 Mohawk 
Arrand John, bartender, Thomas Nelson, r. 268V4 


Arrant Henry, carpenter, r. 14 Rebecca 
Arroll James, waiter, Tremont house 
Arron Ellen, wid. Thomas, r. 113 E. Taylor 
Artebach Alois, stonecutter, r. 397 Clark 
Artas Clifford ( col'd), waiter, Richmond house 
Arthur Robert, collector, Day, Allen & Co. r. 578 

Wabash av. 

Arthur William K. r. 578 Wabash av. 
Artkin Alexander B. carpenter, r. 142 Wesson 
Art ley James B. woodturner, C. G. Udell, bds. 670 


Artley Sylvester, woodturner, bds. 381 S. Canal 
Artmeyer John, maltster, 133 Clybourn av. r. 190 


Artz C. Burr. r. 926^ Michigan av. 
Artz Edward, carpenter, Ferguson Bros. r. 373 S. 

Arveson Arent C. printer, Rand, McXally & Co. bds. 

115 W. Kinzie 

Arveson Theodore, printer, bds. 144 N. Desplaines 
Ary Michael, lab. r. iiU Gurley 
Arybs John, tinsmith, bds. 110 and 112 W. Lake 
Arye Henry, carpenter, r. 176 W. Lake 
Arye Henry, carpenter, r. 17(3 W. Lake 
Arye Henry A. Mrs. boarding house. 17<> W. Lake 
Arye John, blacksmith, bds. 17t> W. Lake 
Asay Edward G. lawyer, 37 Clark, r. Viuccennes rd. 
Asbach Anton, musician, r. NJ Milwaukee av. 
A~bjornsen Ole Auchvas. sailor, r. 45 4th 
Asbrand Edward, director, Evangelical Lutheran 

Immamiel* high school, r. 2lfi W. Taylor 
Asch Morris J. physician, U. Q. M. D. Mo. bds. Tre- 
mont house 
Aschcnbrenuer John, shoemaker, r. 151 Clybourn 

Ascher Theodore, salesman, Th. & G. Mendelson, 

bds. !I2 W. Washington 

Harris makes tlie bet Fire Proof afe, 

At tlie lowest Price, 62 South Canal Street. 

Bakers' Ovens ! nil t, Woodruff fc Raffen 













Policies paid tip iu Fire Years. 

Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago. 
Solicitors Wanted. 

Asenburgue Anthony, butcher, r. 59 Blair 
Asezling Charles, carpenter, r. W. Indiana, bet. 

Hoyne and Leavitt 
Ash Abbie M. Miss, ladies' hairdresser, 118 Madison, 

r. 309 Clark 
Ash August, lab. Bradner, Chamley & Co. bds. 38 


Ash A. J. railroadconductor, bds. 07 S. Jefferson 
Ash Frederick, lab. Bradner, Charnley & Co. r. 38 


Ash Frederick W. woodturner, r 550 W. Taylor 
Ash F. H. ornamental painter, bds. 183 State 
Ash Isaac N. (Isaac N. Ash & Co.), bds. 207 Michigan 


Ash Isaac N. & Co. (Isaac N. Ash and William S. 
Seaverns), produce com. mers. 6 Methodist 
Church blk. 

Ashaleman John G. whol. jeweler, r. 340 Ohio 
Ashby Alfred R. draughtsman, Carter & Drake, r. 97 


Ashe John, roller, Ward's rolling mills 
Ashe Thomas, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Ashe William, wks N. C. rolling mill 
Asher Hyronimus. machinist, r. rear 77 N. Union 
Asher Jacob, peddler, r. 335 LaSalle 
Asher Morris, clothing, 73 N. Clark 
Ashfleld Henry, machinist, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 127 


Ashfleld Henry, machinist, Eagle works, r. 202 Hub- 

Ashfleld John, wks. Eagle wks, r. 444 Hubbard 
Ashford John, machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 986 State 
Ashleman John G. watches and jewelry, whol. 102 

Lake, r. 240 Ohio 

Ashley A. Gilbert (Ashley & Co.), r. 46 S. Curtis 
Ashley A. H. printer, r. room 27 Otis blk. 
Ashley A. H. velocipedes, bds. 166 Clark 
Ashley Edmond, traveling salesman, S. B. Parkhurst, 

r. 83 Whitney 
Ashley Henry L. (Dewey, Havens & Co.), r. Wauke- 

Ashley J. S. clerk, snpt.'s office, M. S. R. R. bds. es. 

Wabash av. bet. 29th and 30th 
Ashley William, carpenter, bds. 343 W. Indiana 
Ashley W. H. bookkeeper, Pacific Ins. Co. r. 268 W. 


Ashley & Co. (A. Gilbert Ashley and F. M. McDow- 
ell), haydealers, whol. 4 Market 
Ashman Thomas, carpenter, r. 345 Walnut 
Ashton Carrie, musicteacher, bds. 265 S. Clinton 
Ashton Ernst, clerk, H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. bds. 265 

S. Clinton 
Ashton George W. salesman, Morse, Loomis & Co. 

r. 446 W. Van Buren 

Ashton Harry, porter, Conklin Bros. & Co. 
Ashton Isaac S. boilermaker, r. rear Oil State 
Ashton Samuel (Ashtou & Tewkesbury), r. 232 On- 

Ashton Samuel, gasfttter, r. 572 Fulton 
Ashton bnmuel, pastor, r. 265 S. Clinton 
Ashton Thomas, seaman, r. 216 Maxwell 
Ashton William, cutter, J. Waterbury & Crimes, bds. 

53 Dearborn 

Ashton William, plumber, r. 77 25th 
Ashton William, tailor, r. 537 Larrabee 
Ashton & Tewkesburv (Samuel Ashton and William 

J. Tewkesbury), lawyers, 80 Washington 
Ashwan Frederick, tinsmith, bds. 112 Vincennesav. 
Ashwin William M. accountant, room 14 Tribune 

bldg. r. Hyde Park 

Aahworai Charles, physician, r. 129 Aberdeen 
Aske Ole, cooper, r. 137 N. May 
Askcr James, carpenter, r. 24 N. Green 
Askin Alexander, distiller, r. 247 Calumet av. 
Askins Nelson W. (Askins & Peaslee), r. 793 W. 


Askins & Peaslee (Nelson W. Askins and Wash- 
ington 1. Peaslee), realestate agts. 163 Dearborn 
Asklanrt Peter, shoemaker, r. 1!I4 N. Market 

Askwith John, notions, etc. 694 S. Canal, r. same 
Aslokscm Ole, carpenter, r. 107 N. Curtis 
Asmuudsen Ole, sailor, r. 43 4th 
Asm us Theodore, cigars and tobacco, 139 VJ N. Clark, 

r. 1% Ontario 
Asmuse Adolph, painter,. Wieschendorff & Guder- 


Asmnssoo Henry, shoemaker, r. '2'W W. Erie 
Asoh Jordan, cabinetmaker, r. Ill) Hastings' 
Aspell Charles J. (Cleveland & Aspell), r. 733 Mich- 
igan av. 

Aspos John, carpenter, r. 316 23d 
Aspinwall Caroline S. Miss, head asst. Washington 

school, r. 141 N. Morgan 
Asselyn James, clerk, r. 92 Mohawk 
Asshyem Dolfns, lab. r. 143 Ada 
Assnias Adolph, upholsterer, McDonough & Price, 

r. 587 Milwaukee av. 

of Baltimore, Baruum & Wells, agts. 116^ La 


Asten William B. (Hart, Asten & Co.), r. New York 
Astor Fire Ins. Co. of New York, J. Van Inwager, 

agt. 128 LaSalle 

Aswold Benjamin, lab. r. 302 4th av. 
Atcel John, hostler, John Hofl'man, bds. 23 N. 


Atchcson Joseph, engineer, bds. 11 N. Jefferson 
Atchiuson James (col'd), expressdriver, bds. 433 


Atchison , wid. r. 73 S. Green 

Atchison Charles H. clerk, tax commissioner's 

office, r. Green, nr. Madison 
Atchison William, lab. bds. 608 S. Halsted 
Atel Hiram, plumber, Chas. Breyer & Bro. bds. 129 

W. Randolph 

Atell Michael, lab. bds. 43 Burlington 
Atherton Thomas (Atherton & Cartlidge), r. 48 


Atherton & Cartlidge (Thomas Atherton and Wil- 
liam Cartlidge), rope . mnfrs. Grover, svv. cor. 


Athins Samuel A. machinist, bds. 691 State 
Athow Thomas, britanuia worker, Standish, Hart & 

Co. r. 779 W. Lake 
Athow William H. Doggett, Bassett & Hills, r. 779 

W. Lake 

Athow William H. traveling agt. r. 11 N. Robey 
Athey Ed. clerk, M. S. & N. L R. R. freight office, 

r. 150 21st 
Athy Stephen, clerk, C., B. & Q. R. R. Co. r. 150 E. 

Atkin Walter, day and evening school, 22 Hubbard, 

r. 55 4th 
Atkins Arthur R. marine inspector, Merchants' Ins. 

Co. of Chicago, r. 24 N. Reuben 
Atkins Barton (Atkins & McLeod), bds. Garden City 


Atkins B. driver, U. S. Ex. Co. 
Atkins Charles H. (Atkins & Burgess), r. 175 N. 

Atkins Charles W. asst. foreman, Chicago Times, r. 

71 Ashland av. 
Atkins Edward, asst. foreman, Chicago Times, r. 

318 W. Madison 

Atkins Frank, sailor, r. 1040 S. Halsted 
Atkins F. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Atkins Gabel (col'd), waiter, bds. 357 Clark 
Atkins George, foreman, Chicago Times, r. 50 S. 

Atwater Gilbert, coachman, N. O. Williams, bds. 

863 Prairie av. 

Atkins Ira, r. 127 E. Pearson 
Atkins John H. printer, Chronicle office, r. 149 N. 


Atkins Martin P. printer, 149 N. Clark 
Atkins Robert J. driver, U. S. Ex. Co. bds. 576 N. 



General Northwestern Agents for 

W*:M:. crzEssoiE 3 & sozcsrs, 

Warehouse, 11 &13 S.WnTl* St. 

Biiipnerd, sweet cfc Jo., isroKers in JLOUIIS, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLJE STREET, 

THEATRE is an 





Atkins Snmner F. machinist, I. C. R. R. bds. 691 

Atkins William, cardriver, bds. 576 N. Clark 

Atkins William, foreman, Chicago Gas Light and 
Coke- Co. r. ISO Maxwell 

Atkins William, mason, r. 333 Hubbard 

ATKTNS & BURGESS ^Charles H. Atkins 
and Thomas Burgess), steam engines and gen. 
fonndrv work. Sii X. Clinton 

ATKINS & McIJEOD I Banton Atkins and 
Archie A. McLeod), iron clad roofers, 161 Wash- 

Atkinson Charles S. clerk, bds. St. Charles hotel 

Atkinson Bateman. carpenter, bds. 184 Madison 

Atkinson Charles H. clerk, Illinois Soap Stone Stove 
Co. bds. Orient house 

Atkinson Edward M. (Atkinson & Son), bds. 1091 
Indiana av. 

Atkinson Elizabeth (col'd), \vid. John, cook, r. 51 

Atkinson F. M. (F. M. Atkinson & Co.), r. 32 Wash- 

Atkinson F. M. & Co. (F. M. Atkinson, J. M. Var- 
num and David G. Daniels), proprs. Chicago 
springs works. 235 8. Clinton 

Atkinson F. M. & Co. (F. M. Atkinson and J. M. 
Varnurn), railroad supplies, 73 Wells 

Atkinson George, machinist, bds. 90 Peoria 

Atkinson George, teamster, r. 39 Cottage Grove av. 

Atkinson Henry, bricklayer, r. 179 State 

Atkinson Henry (Atkinson & Son), r. 1091 Indiana av. 

Atkinson Isaac (col'd), conductor, C. & N. W. R. W. 
r. 76 4th av. 

Atkinson James W. tinsmith, r. 959 W. Lake 

Atkinson John, lab. r. 76 Lumber 

Atkinson John, stone contractor, r. 186 4th av. 

Atkinson John jr. r. 51 Reuben 

Atkinson John L. student, room 20, K. H. Chicago 
Theological seminary 

Atkinson Mary Mrs. milliner, r. 461 State 

Atkinson Peter J. mineral water mufr. r. 480 N. Dear- 

Atkinson Philip, gen. agt. Folsom sewing machines, 
room 6, 164 Randolph, r. 49 Henshaw av. 

Atkinson Richard F. spriugmaker, C. & N. W. R. W. 
r. 90 N. Peoria 

Atkinson Samuel, wks. N. C. rolling mills, r. 64 
Wabansia av. 

Atkinson Thomas, glassblower, r. 39 Farrell 

Atkinson W. H. signpainter, bds. 1091 Indiana av. 

Atkinson & Son (H. and E. M. Atkinson), signpaint- 
ers, 95 22d 

Atlantic Fire Insurance Co. of Brooklyn, Alfred 
James & Co. agts. 114 LaSalle 

Atlantic Hotel, Zapp & Sehacht, proprs. 37 W. Lake 

ANCE CO. "" Randolph, cor. State 

Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Co. T. T. Childs, man- 
ager, 128 Washington 

Atlas Mutual Life Insurance Co. of St. Louis, M. J. 
Whitman, agt. 108 LaSalle 

Atler Emanuel, r. 245 4th av. 

Atler Phillip, tobacconist, r. 345 4th av. 

Atten William J. machinist, bds. 8 Lawrence pi. 

Atteug William, teamster, r. 477 S. Union 

Attpeter John J. watchmaker, r. 830 S. Halsted 

Attschul Phil. J. hairdresser, 233 W. Madison, r. same 

Atward Charles M. bds. 108 W. Adams 

Atwater Frank, clerk, bds. 274 Indiana 

Atwater H. B. (Atwater & Barstow), r. 1050 Michi- 
gan av. 

Atwater John, publisher, room 20 Stone's bldg. 144 
Madison, r. 989 N. Clark 

Atwater John L. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Atwuter Samuel T. adjuster of marine losses, 166 
Washington, bds. Clifton house 

Atwater William O. clerk, Bullock Bros. bds. 249 In- 

The Chicago Terra Gotta Company 


Carved Cornice Trimmings, 

At less cost than Wood. 
Warerooins, ... 290 State Street. 



Assets over 853OO.OOO. 

Our Company fs governed oy ^v_\\ lork laws. 

SIIt'GAHT & DEAN, Gen'l Agents. 

83 Washington street, Chicago. 

Liber*! Commissions paid to Solicitors. 

Atwater & Barstow (H. B. Atwater and Gsorgs F. 

Barstow), farm machinery, implements and heavy 

hardware, 175 Randolph 

Atwell Charles E. (Day <fc Atwell), r. 1226 Prairie av. 
Atwell Edward, engineer, bds. 1226 Prairie av. 
Atwell Frank B. driver, Wnght Bros. r. 32 N. State 
Atwell Joshua M. saloon, 203 Adams, r. same 
Atwood Athur D. clerk, F. D. Cossitt & Co. bds. 45 

Park av. 
ATWOOO CHARLES, managing editor 

Chicago Times, r. 1.54 State 
Atwood Charles M. bookkeeper, BagsstA Almy. r. 

108 W. Adams 
Atwood Daniel, agt. Great Western despatch, r. 1046 

Indiana av. 

Atwood Eugene S. (McClay & Atwood), r. 13 Adams 
Atwood George W. foreman, r. 1007 N. Halsted 
Atwood Jesse A. foreman, Tanquary & Hurlburt. r. 

781 W. Lake 

Atwood John H. baker, 277 W. Madison, r. same 
Atwood Joseph S. teamster, r. Washington, n. of 

Stanton av. 
Atwood Julius P. lawyer, 93 Washington, r. Winetka. 

Atwood Myron W. clerk, Sprague, Warne & Co. bds. 
310 W. Washington 

Atzel George, clerk, r. 557 S. Jefferson 

ATZEL GEORGE, harness and collar mnfr. 
81 N. Wells, r. same. ' 

Atzel John, carpenter, F. J. Roell, r. 58 Foster 

Atzel John, carriage driver John Hoffman, bds. es. 
Clinton, bet. Lake and Randolph 

Ateell George, teamster, Peter Miller, r. Mitchell 

Aubert Anthony, carpenter, r. 249 Vine 

Auberts Peter, painter, J. F. Gettins, r. 463 Larra- 

Aubin George, clerk, bds. 208 Madison 

Anbry Alphonse, saloon, 233 S. Halsted, r. same 

Auburn John, teamster, r. 57 St. Clair 

Auchiman , waiter, H. Dickey, bds. 206 Michi- 
gan av. 

Auchner Charles, bookkeeper, r. 196 Clark 

Audra Charles, plasterer, bds. 163 Van Buren 

Aud John, blacksmith, r. 544 E. Division 

Auer A. B. foreman, Chicago Printing Co. bds. New 
York house 

Auer George (Ponry & Auer), r. 218 Clark 

Auerbach Henry, 194 N. Halsted 

Auerbach Solomon, saloon, 93 Milwaukee av. r. 173 
W. Indiana 

Anerbauch Gottlieb, r. es. Broad, nr. Archer av. 

Auery Edward A. carpenter, bds. 139 W. Kinzie 

Aufhauser Samuel, bookkeeper, D. Umenneyer & 
Co. r. 93 Harrison 

Augee A. lab. bds. 895 S. Halsted 

August Charles, machinist, bds. 691 Indiana av. 

August Henry, lab. Bigelow Bros. r. 15 English 

August Herman, carriage trimmer, r. 335 Milwaukee 

August John, driver, city railway, W. division 

August Schilling, carpenter, r. 348 W. 12th 

August Sylvester, lab. 39 Banwans 

Autrust John, tinsmith, John Riplinger. bds. 263 
"Blue Island av. 

Augustine George H. entry clerk, Carson, Pirie & 
Co. bds. 274 Fulton 

Augustine Thomas, marble worker, Chicago marble 
works, r. 520 S. Morgan 

Augustus Charles, grocer, 443 N. Wells, r. same 

Auhl John, cooper, John Eisner, r. Mager, nr. Hal- 

Auhler Frederick, tailor, r. 312 S. Jefferson 

Aukust Kalaman, lab. John Biddner 

Aul Carl, carpenter, 72 Damon 

Aul Theodore, lab. bds. 137 Clybourn av. 

Aulauf John, wks. C. II. McConnick & Bro. 

Auld Peter, lab. Lull & Holmes, r. 122 Barber 

Aulford Thomas, (col'd) waiter, r. 267 4th av. 

Aultman & Taylor Mnfg. Co. Beach, nw. cor. Sebor 

Morse Safes have been tried in the largest fires in this country, 

AND NEVER FAILED. Made by S. H. Harris, 63 Soutli Canal Street. 

80 to 90 North Clinton Street, 

Nannfacttirers of 



ji; ^ 

s T IE _A_ 

'Mill Gearing and General Machinery. 


Jobbing Wort Promptly Attended to. 

WM. D. K.E31FOQT, Real Estate Agent, 

89 Waslilnstcii Street. Property generally managed. 












Ar.lwnrm William, porter, Hovey & Heffron, r. 71 


Anman Peter, carpenter, r. 261 Black Hawk 
Aumueller Jacob, gardener, r. 307 N. Franklin 
Anre John, baker, r. State, sw. cor. 37th 
Anrich Charles, taiior, r. 298 W. Chicago av. 
Aurich William, with Loring & Keene, r. 943 W. 


Aurora Turner Hall, 113 Milwaukee av. 
Aurora Fire Insurance Co. of Aurora, HI. W. F. 

D'Woli'. age. 17 Major blk. 
Ausber Bernhard, tailor, r. 43 Willow 
Ausmau J. F. carpenter, Joseph Goodman, r. S3 

Cottage Grove av. 
Austel Asa, patternmaker, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 

87 Hubbard 

Austin Alfred, mariner, r. 514 N. Wells 
Austin Alven, r. 400 Michigan av. 
Au>tin A. E. salesman, Young Bros. & Co. r. 303 

Austin. Boyuton & Bro. (Edwin C. Austin, Samuel 

B. and A. P. Boynton), rope moulding mnfrs. 25 

X. Jefferson 
Austin Charles, bookkeeper, Haywood, Cartledge & 

Honore, rooms Morrison bik. 
Austin Charles C. bookkeeper, W. Hansbrough, bds. 

113 Michigan av. 

Austin Charles C. realestate, r. 193 Wabash av. 
Austin Charles G. i Austin & Lewis), r. 250 State 
AUSTIN C. DEANE, agt. Dupont Powder 

Co. 81 S. Water, r. 42t! M.ehigan av. 
Austin Edward, salesman, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 776 

W. Adams 
Austin Edward S. publisher, 164 Clark, r. 365 Cath- 

Austin Frederick A. (West & Austin), r. 108^ S. 


Austin Frederick S. real estate, r. 10854 S. Robey 
Austin George, r. 256 W. Madison 
Austin George, patternmaker, bds. 87 W. Hubbard 
Austin George (col'd), teamster, D. J. Neal, r. 70 E. 

Au-inu Henry S. lawyer, room 12 Lombard blk. r. 

420 Fulton 

Austin Henry W. (Austin & Boal), r. Harlem, 111. 
Austin James, sailor, r. 100 N. Union 
Austin James, teamster, r. 6S9 S. Halsted 
Austin James K. clerk, J. M. Marshal, bds. 333 Wa- 
bash av. 

Austin John (Austin & McNaltyX r. 3s7 Warren av. 
Austin John S. sidewalk builder, bds. 365 Catherine 
Au>;ia Joseph G. teamster, r. -240 Walnut 
Austiu Lawrence, weighmaster, Flint, Thompson 


Austin Louisa A. wid. Ira G. r. 193 Wabash av. 
Austin Lucy. wid. Harlow, r. 299 Chicago av. 
Austin Mary Mrs. millinery and dressmaking, r. 256 

W. Madison 

Austin Nicholas, lab. r. 19 Stair 
Austin Philip, lab. r. 27 Arthur 
Austin Richard, clerk, bds. 730 Centre av. 
Austiu Richard H. (.Austin & Co.), bds. 426 Fulton 
Austin Sarah E. Miss, teacher, Ogden school, r. 299 

Chicatro av. 
Austin Thomas, lab. J. W. Stanley & Co. r. Green. 

se. cor. Carroll 

Austin William, bds. 46 S. Jefferson 
Aiir-tin William, lab. Jones, Corrigan & Co. r. 551 

AIC:KT av. 
AUSTIN & BOAli'H- W. Austin and Charles 

1'. Boah. taruiiUL' tools, stoves and hollow ware, 

waL'on and carriage stock, &c. 2:il anil 22-'J S. 

Wai ; 
Austin & Co. (Richard H. Austin and M. S. Baldwin), 

s-tavi-s and heading dealers, room 12 Lombard 

Austin A Lewis (Charles G. Austin and Edward 

Lewis), produce and grocery dealers, stalls 0. 7 

find 13 Chicago market 


At 22G & 228 Lake Street. 


Glues &Neatsfoot Oil, 


Austin & McNalty (John Austiu and John R. Mc- 
Xalryi. architects and draughtsmen, room 28 
Madison, nw. cor. LaSalle 

Austrian Joseph (Leopold & Austrian's, r. 78 3d av. 

Auten Philip L. foreman, J. Bialcr & Bro. bds. 476 
W. Van Buren 

Auverettc John, peddler. 309 Clark 

Auw Conrad, binder, J. M. W. Jones, r. 89 Whitney 

Auw John, teamster, r. 80 Whitney 

Avars Henry, lab. r. 277 Coolidge 

Avanson Andrew, goldsmith, r. 250 4th av. 

Avenue Hall, Henry Wood, propr. 147 22d 

Avenue Liver}' and Boarding Stables, C. C. Tilden 
& Co. proprs. 47 and 49 Wabash av. 

Averell Albert J. realestate broker, 7 Metropolitan 
blk. r. 600 Wabash av. 

Averins Charles, prof. r. 95 Myrick av. 

Avers Frederick, carpenter and builder, Judd, nw. 
cor. Stewart av. r. 269 Kankakee av. 

Avers John H. carpenter. 81 Shnrtleffav. 

Aversen Areut, printer. 115 Kiuzie 

Avery Albert S. abstract clerk, recording dept. cir- 
cuit court, r. 371 W. Polk 

Averj' Charles A. stock dealer, r. 1404 Wabash av, 

Avery Claud G. illoard & Avery). r. 40 Jackson 

Avery C. D. restnrant, r. 340 W. Monroe 

Avery Daniel J. (Runyan & Avery), r. 351 W. Jack- 

Avery Daniel Webster, sashmaker, r. 84 Forquer 

Avery Edward, carpenter, bds. 139 W. Kinzie 

Avery E. O. shipper, Avery, Murphy & Co. bds. 182 

Avery Frank H. salesman. Hoard & Avery. 97 Clark 

Avery Henry W. bookkeeper, Philips & Bro. r. room 
27, 126^i Dearborn 

Avery John II. (Smith & Avery) 

Avery Lydia C. Miss, teacher, bds. 703 Fulton 

AVERT. MURPHY & CO. (Newell 
Avviry, S. J. Murphy and Ernest CrepinX lumber 
(iuaK-rs aud mnfrs. W. 2id, sw. cor. Fisk 

Avery Newell (Aver}', Murphy & Co.), r. Detroit, 

Avery Oscar F. (Guilford & Aver}-), r. 455 Michigan 

Averv Samuel J. physician, 85 Washington, r. 328 

Avery Thomas M. pres. National Watch Co. 159 and 
101 Lake and lumber dealer, W. Water, cor. Ca- 
nal, r. -^45 W. Washington 

Avery William, boot and shoemaker. 197 Market, r. 


Avery William B. salesman. Maynard Bros. 84 Wash- 
ington, bds. St. Jams hotel 

Avery William W. withT. M. Aver}-, bds. 245 W. 

Avery W. D. traveling salesman, Armstrong & Co. 

bds 30 Rush 

Avoram Charlrs. lab. r. 4sti Archer av. 
Avil Mike. wks. N. C- rolliny n;il!s 
Avis Wiliiam. painter, Jevne & Almini, r. 144 N. 


Awerkamp Herman, teamster, r. 21'.* Mohawk 
Awerkamp Mary. wid. Gerhard, r. 219 Mohawk 
Axel N. painter. II. A. Pit;.-' Sous 
Axtbrd George, engineer, r. 10'.) Mi-a^hcr 
Axmnn David, secondhand clothing, 212 Wells, r. 


Axmau Joseph, hide mer. r. 20 -1th nv. 
Axman Philiip. clerk, David Axmau. Ms. 2ri W.-lis 
AXSOJI Fir.nci-, '.vatchman. r. Centro av. nr. W. 22d 
Axt William, barber. .V.-s 1 ;, Suit.-, r. .-ame 
Axt- ! Marv Miss, act sv-s," Dearborn theatre, r. 040 

W. Lake 
Axtell O. P bridge builder, r 139 Cottasrc Grove 


Ax'-!! Richmond, clerk, C. J. ChafiVe. r. l-?.3 Siatt; 
AxteH Volnuy F. s.-.lesman, S. J. Learned, r. 1(!08 

Michigan av. 
\xtr11WalrerM nowsdcalpr. 0(4 \\' Lake, r same 




Morse's Celebrated Fire and Burglar Proof gales. 

9iade by s. H. IlA'tciTlS. Gi ^outli C oual Street. 

WOODRUFF & RAFFEX, Sewer Builders, 

Basement of IS &. SO East IVadlsoii Stroot. 








Fifty per cent. Dividends guaranteed in the Policy. 

Office, 124 "Washington [Street, 


Ayars Charles G. deputy sheriff, bds. 36 Rush 
Ayars James, jr. (Ayars & Co ), r. 605 Michigan av. 
Avars &' Co. (James Ayars, jr. and ), com mers. 

90 LaSalle 

Aye Frederick, hardware, 78 Archer av. r. same 
Aye John, blacksmith, Washington foundry, bds. 

178 W. Lake 
Ayer Benjamin F. (Beckwith, Ayer & Kales), r. 532 

Wabash av. 

Ayer Charles W. clerk, J. W. Ayer 
Ayer C. B mechanic, Joseph M. Dake, bds. 94 N. 

Ayer Eibridge G. (Reed, Browne & Co.), r. Harvard, 

Ayer Herbert C. clerk, Hale, Ayer & Co. r. 1227 

Wabash av 

Ayer John M. (Flint & Ayer), r. 1 Park place 
Ayer John V. (Hale, Ayer & Co ), r. 1 Park place 
Ayer Joseph B. (Ayer & True), r. 388 W. Adams 
Ayer J. Winslow, physician, 100 Washington, r. 29 

Park av. 

Ayer Mary A. Miss, r. 529 Wabash av. 
Ayer Philip B (Hale, Ayer & Co.), r. 1 Park pi 
Ayer Simeon P. baker, Joseph M. Dake, r. 66 Eliza- 
Ayer & True (Joseph B. Ayer and Charles H. True), 

com. mers. room 29, 124 Washington 
Ayers Charles B. clerk, Ayers & South wick, bds. 110 

N. Dearborn 
Ayers George A. salesman, R. B. Appleby, 118 and 

120 Clark, r. 296 W. Washington 
Ayers Joseph, cabinetmaker, r. 113 W. Randolph 
Ayers Laura Miss, teacher, Washington school, bds. 

138 N. Morgan 
Ayers Lnther. currier, J. H. & G. M. Walker, bds. 

368 Milwaukee av. 
Ayers Mrs. wid. r. 138 N. Morgan 
Ayers William B. (Ayers & Southwick), r. Wauke- 

gan. 111. 
Ayers W. R. paperhanger, B. F. Chase & Walker, r. 

239 Wells 

Ayers & Southwick (W. B. Ayers and J. C. South- 
wick), com. mers. 164 S. Water 
Aylesworth Henry, clerk, bde. 481 Michigan av. 
Aylesworth Porter (Haveland & Aylesworth), r. 481 

Michigan av. 
Ayl.'-worth W. H. clerk, Haskell & Butts, r. 481 

Miclniran av. 
Ayling H.^drayman, Doggett, Bassett & Hills, r. 360 

Avlsworth George, coal mer. 335 Milwaukee av. r. 30 


Aylesworth Robert R. r. 239 W. Madison 
Aylwarrt William, machinist, David M. Ford 
Ayres Enos, realestate broker, room 7, 99 Clark, r. 

5-11 Wabash av. 
Ayres George V. reporter, Edwards' directory, bds. 

77 S. Jefferson 

Ayres Joseph, brewer, r. 72 Oakwood 
Ayres J. H. printer, bds. 75 Jackson 
Ayrs James B. commercial traveler, bds. 445 W. Lake 
Aze Emilo, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


EAAB Peter, harnessmaker, 25 W. Randolph, r. 

Baade Frederick, upholsterer, r. 513 Milwaukee av. 

Baa'l.- Henry, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bro. r:276 N. 

Baade Johanna Mrs. midwife, r. 276 N. State 

Baade John, clerk, Charles Proobsting, r. 276 N. State 

Baascli Frederick, cooper, r. 4 Arnold 

Baalen Isador, clerk, Abraham Lipman, bds. 553d av. 

Baash Mnthew, lab. r. 149 E. Indiana 

Babbitt Darius S. salesman, Houghton Bros. & Ben- 
ton, bds. 160 W. Van Buren 

Babbitt Mary A. wid. Laban, nurse, r. 909 State 

Babbitt Warren A. jeweler, 951)4 W. Lake, r. 113 
Western av. 

Babbitt William D. manager, U. S. Life Ins. Co. of 

N. Y. r. 618 W. Monroe 

Babcock A. N. mechanic, bds. 165 W. Chicago av. 
Babcock A. N. .student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

COLLEGE, bds. 737 W T . Lake 
Babcock Benjamin F. gen. agt. Palmer's emery 

grinder, 164 Washington, bds. 224 W. Madison 
Babcock Catherine E. wid. Giebert, boardinghouse, 

169 Walnut, r. same 

Babcock Charles, turner, bds. 147 Dearborn 
Babcock Charles M. cash. Universal Lii'e Ins. Co. 124 

Washington, r. Harlem 

Babcock Childs F. prin. Holden school, r. 53 215th 
Babcock David, machinist, W. H. Pugh & Bros. r. 

142 N. Halsted 

Babcock Demiiia, wid. Deriah, r. 474 Fulton 
Babcock Elisha G. (R. Hanson & Co.), r. 42 Hamilton 

Babcock E. O. salesman, S. D. Jackson & Co. bds. 

Congress Hall 

Babcock Frank, bds. 226 W. Madison 
BABCOCK FRANKLIN, gen. agt. Union 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Boston, 133 LaSalle, r. 

16 Bryant av. 

Babcock Henry H. teacher, r. 11 18th 
Babcock Louisa D. wid. Josiah, r. 474 Fulton 
Babcock Maria, wid. Timothy, r. 328 W. Lake 
Babcock, Martin & Co. (Walter S. and Stephen V. 

Babcock and Samuel K. Martin), lumber dealers, 

4:38 Lumber 

Babcock Morell, ins. agt. r. 737 W. Lake 
Babcock Rodolphus, with F. Babcock, bds. 16 Bry- 
ant av. 
Babcock Stephen V. (Babcock, Martin & Co.), r. 24 

Babcock S. O. Miss, prin. Rolling Mill primary 

school, r. Reuben, nr. Wabausia av. 
Babcock Walter S. (Babcock, Martin & Co.), r. 88 

W. Washington 

Babe Ferdinand, blacksmith, bds. 157 Fulton 
Babe William, baker, r. 114 Lincoln av. 
Babendererde Gustolph, r. 54 Cornelia 
Baber Elizabeth, wid. Nicholas, r. 203 20th 
Baber Henry, blacksmith, 156 W. Lake, r. Union 
Baber Joseph, shoemaker, 211 North av. r. same 
Babiugton John, carpenter, r. rear 131 Wright 
Bable George, clerk, bds. rear 116 Monroe 
Babrasen August, carpenter, r. 132 Cornelia 
Babty Robert, bookkeeper, bds. 17 Pine 
Babzaek George, carpenter, bds. Milwaukee av. se. 

cor. Pratt 

Bach Anthony, lab. Moody & Church, bds. 291 23d 
Bach August, lab. r. 680 S. Halsted 
Bach Balth, r. 54 Arnold 
Bach Fanuie, wid. Isaac, r. 92 4th av. 
Bach Mathias, lab. bds. 160 Milwaukee av. 
Bach Valentine, fireman, r. 292 22d 
Bach William, carpenter, r. 338 S. Canal 
Bacharach Bertha, wid. Samuel, furniture dealer, 

179 N. Clark, r. same 
Bacharach Charles, tinner, John A. Eastman, r. 

Schall's house 

Bacharach Isidore, clerk, bds. 179 N. Clark 
Bachelder Israel H. bds. St. James hotel 
Bachelder James C. G. clerk, M. S. & N. I. R. K. 

freight office, r. 807 Wabash av. 
Bachelder, see also Batchellor 
Bacheldor E. A. (Greeuleaf & Bacheldor), r. 112 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 

Bachle Frederick, brewer, r. 69 Oakwood 
Bachelor Susan A. wid. Eaton, r. 1338 State 
Bachelle Gideon V. physician, 53 W. Washington, 

r. 325 S. Halsted 

Bachlman Louis, baker, bds. 187 Michigan 
Bachli John, limedealer, 9 Archer av. r. 911 State 
Bachli John, calsominer and whitewasher, rear 911 

State, r. same 
Bachman Conrad, machinist, Gerts, Lumbard & Co. 

r. 218 N. Dearborn 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. criESSoiE 3 & sonars 

"Warehouse. 11 &13 S.Weils St. 

Sblphcrd, Sweet A Co., Large ILOUIIS a Specialty, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

SIMEON W. KING, United States Commissioner 

For Northern District of Illinois. 117 South Clark Street. 




Bachman Rudolph, shoemaker, Charles Trein, bds. 

29 Blue Island av. 
Bachman William, policeman, 12th Street station, 

r. 20 Sampson 
Bachmauu Charles, porter, Wm. Hoyt & Co. r. 338 


Bachmer Martin, wks. C. H. McCormick <fc Bro. 
Bach?inhh Charles, lab. r. 15 Emma 
Bacigalupi Francis, confectionery, 269 Clark, r. game 
Bacigalupi George, framemaker, li. B. A{>p!eby, r. 

ISo Monroe 
Biciiralnppi Lorenzo, carpenter, r. es. al. bet. Wells 

and LaSalle, Madison and Monroe 
Back Edward, carpenter, r. 1158 Milwaukee av. 
Back Henrietta, milliner, r. 92 4th av. 
Back John, stonecutter. Winthe & Moessinger, r. 

Halsted. ne. cor. 10th 
Backer Benihard, gardener, r. 233 Vine 
Backer Henry, tobacconist, r. 69 N. Sangamon 
Backer John, r. 233 Vine 
Backer John, conductor, r. 36-2 Warren av. 
Backer Philip, lab. r. ITS Carroll 
Backor William, engineer, r. 246 Rush 
Backhan Patrick, lab. r. a. Halsted, bet. Clybourn 

av. and Blackhawk 
Backhans Dora Miss, 3d asst. German school, r. 512 

N. Clark 

Backhatis Frederick, lab. r. rear 115 Hastings 
Backmeister Louise, wid. William, r. 94 Wendell 
Backstratim Gustavus, lab. r. 13 Wesson 
Backus Clinton E. cash. W. B. Keen & Cooke, r. 192 

S. Peoria 
Backus Cornelius F. livery stables. 78 Griswold, r. 

228 4th av. 
Backus C. R. propr. St. Charles dining rooms, 15 

Clark, r. same 
Backus Elisha E. bookkeeper, W. B. Keen & Cooke, 

r. 192 S. Peoria 

Backus John (Backus & Mosher), r. 97 3d av. 
Backus Olive, teacher, Wells school, r. 654 Fnlton 
Backus William, lumber insp. bds. 267 S. Clinton 
Backus Jfc Mosher (John Backus and Henry Mosher), 

fruits whol. 141 S. Water 

Bacon A. L. clerk, Ross & Gossage, r. 92 Dearborn 
Bacon Charles E. (George A. Prince & Co.), r. Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 
Bacon Edward, framer, Taft, Schwamb & Crego, 

r. Austin, HI. 

Bacon Emma, wid. r. 887 State 
Bacon E. B. salesman, Clement, Ottman & Co. bds. 

2;7 3Iichigan 
Bacon E. F. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Bacon George F. r. 37 Myrick av. 
Bacon George M. clerk, Bennett, Fuller & Co. bds. 

458 W. Jacksou 

Bacon Harriet, wid. Josiah, r. 553 S. Bumside 
Bacon Jason, tinner, bds. 436 State 
Bacon Jolin. wood turner, bds. 381 S. Canal 
Bacon Marcinna W. ins. agt. room 25, 165 Clark 
Bacon Moses S. (Bacon & Co.). r. 142 W. White 
Bacon Philip, barkeeper, George Andion, bds. 262 

Bacon Roswell B. lawyer, 90 Washington, r. 42 S. 

Bacon Sa*nuel F. salesman, J. T. Ryerson, r. 519 


Bacon William, clerk, r. 142 W. Lake 
Bacon William G. bookkeeper, r. 550 S. Union 
BACON & CO. (Muses S. Bacon and Robert L. 

Perry), com. mers. 146 LaSalle 

Bactin Joseph, blacksmith. 30 E. Kinzie, r. 8 Hunt 
Badar Adolph, barber, r. 98 Whitney 
Badcke John, grocer, Willow, ne. cor. Clybourn 

av. r. same 

Bade Charles, wagonmaker. r. 44 Fremont 
Bade Frederick, r. 584 N. LaSalle 
Badea Charles, tanner. Union Hide & Leather Co. r. 

128 Indiana 

The Chicago Terra Gotta Company 


Door Caps, Window Caps, Brackets, 

Modillious, Rosettes, Panels, 
Ceiling Centre Pieces, &e. 

Warerooms, 29O State Street 



Assets over $5,000,000. 

Dividends payable annually after second year. 

8HUGART & DEAN*. Gen'l Agents, 

88 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents wanted. 

Badeau William C. patent medicines, 66 Monroe, r. 

1028 Prairie av. 
Badenoch John, salesman, M. Kronberg & Co. r. 90 

N. Desplaines 
Budeiioch Joseph, horseshoer, 49 N. Desplaines, r. 

Badenock Joseph jr. clerk, Mears & Co. r. rear 90 

N. Desplaines 

Bader Adolph, barber, 203 Rush, r. 98 Whitney 
Bader Anthony, bartender, Cornelius Hau, bds. 115 


Bader August, printer, Louis Nelke & Co. r. 128 2d 
Bader Bon, printer, Cuas. Shober & Co. 
Bader Charles, tanner, r. 128 2d 
Bader Emil, barber. 174 Cottage Grove av. r. same 
Bader George, lab. bds. 15 Elston rd. 
Bader John. lab. r. 151 Johnson 
Badersbach Michael, lab. r. 100 Forrest av. 
Badey Peter, hammerman, Pynchon,Willard & Co. 

r. 230 Archer av. 

Badger Alpheus C. (A. C. & O. F. Badger and Bad- 
ger & Hilton), r. 319 W. Washington 

BADGER A. C. & O. F. (Alpheus C. and 

Octavius FrBadger). bankers, 51 Dearborn 
Badger Bracket H. traveling; agt. r. 2F3 Warren av. 
Badger Horace H. clerk, A. C. & O. F. Badger, bds. 

219 S. Reuben 

Badger Joseph W. engineer, r. 470 W. Washington 
Badger Leonidas V. bookkeeper, A. C. & O. F. 

Badger, r. 219 S. Reuben 
Badger Octavius F. (A. C. & O. F. Badger), r. 319 

W. Washington 
Badger & Hilton (A. C. Badger and W. C. Hilton), 

paper dealers and agts. for the Chicago Fibre 

& Paper Co. 26 Michigan av. 
Badgley Nathan, physician, bds. 524 State 
Badgley Squier E. teamster, r. Ruudell pi. bet. Cen- 
ter av. and Aberdeen 
Badmann Charles, carpenter, r. 213 1st 
Bado? John, scalemaker, r. 143 Rumsey 
Baear John, blacksmith, r. 65 Throop 
Baechly Alexander, calsominer. bds. 231 N. Clark 
Baechly Casper, whitewasher, r. 231 N. Clark 
Baechly Casper jr. paperhanger, bds. 231 N. Clark 
Baedeker Adolphus, druggist, 705 S. Halsted, r. 


mnfc. and dealers in curled hair, sand paper, 

&c. 45 LaSalle 

Baeder Gottlieb, foreman, lumber yard, r. 17 Seward 
Baehr Leopold (Selig & Baehr). bds. 75 3d av. 
Bael H. B. salesman. Kelloger '& Covell 
Bael John W. r. 521 W. Washington 
Baen Frederick, r. 34 Fry 
Baer Adam J. gasfltter, Henry Hoff, r. Ill Chicago 


Baer Christian, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Baer Christopher, bricklayer, r. 515 Centre av. 
I Baer Frank, wks. C. II. McCormick & Bro. 
j Baer Frederick, expressdriver. r. 1(15 Kinzie 
i Baer Frederick, lab. Voltz, Schaffener & Co. 
Baer Frederick, varnisher, bds. 21 W. Randolph 
I Baer Henry, cabinetmaker, bds. 82 S. Jefferson 
i Baer Hermann, carpenter, bds. 730 Centre av. 
Baer Jacob, silverplater, Heuel & Colius, r. 270 N. 


! Baer John, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
i Baer Joseph, meat market, 179 W. Lake, r. 141 W. 


i Baer Lornes, r. 237 N. Clark 
Baer Louis, peddler, r. 510 Milwaukee av. 
Baer Philip, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
j Baer Philipp, hides, pelts, tallow, etc. 263 S. Water 

and 248 Lake, r. 1233 Indiana av. 
Baer Samuel, meat market, 84 Sampson, r. same 
Baer William, boot and shoemaker, 101 Wells, r. 230 

Baernan Herman, carpenter, r. ws. Arnold, bet. 23d 

and 24th 

The Morse Safes bare a record of 25 years and never failed. 



llasement of 78 & 8O Fast Madison Street. 







Office, 124 Wasiifngton Street, 











Bacrtschi Uhlich, collarmaker, A. Ortmayer & Co. r. 

81 Menomnee 
Bagaluno Andrea, peddler, Marble pi. rear 195 

Bage William, saloon and boarding house, 311 S. 

Canal, r. same 

Bagerman Henry, stonesawycr, r. 130 Barber 
Bagcrt August, tailor, Paul"Yager, bds. 192 22d 
Bage Frank S. accountant, C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 904 

wabasb av. 
Baggerlcy Charles, storekeeper, Hyde Park house, 

bds. same 

Baggeraon flans, carpenter, C. B. Brown & Co. 
Baggeson Abraham, boot and shoemaker, r. 4th, bet. 

Carpenter and Morgan 
Baggio Giussekpe, peddler, r. es. al. bet. Wells and 

LaSalle. Madison and Monroe 

Baggot Edward (Baggot & Almy), r. 442 W. Taylor 
Baggot James, porter, J. S. Sharp, r. 88 Indiana 
Baggot James E. propertyman. bds. 277 State 
Baggot A Alrny (Edward Baggot and Miles Almy), 

plumbers and gasfitters, 137 Clark 
Bags.* Henry C. (Baggs & Hauley), r. 53 Blue Island 


Baggs Jeremiah B. whol. grocer, r. 444 W. Washing- 
Baggs & Hanley (Henry C. Baggs and Michael W. 

Hanley), restaurant, 53 Blue Island av. 
Bagley Burton W. barber, (558 Archer av. r. same 
Bagley Charles, carpenter, bds. 227 Michigan 
Bagley Clifford H. bookkeeper, Chicago Union lime 

works, bds. 4(i S. Curtis 
Bagle.y Dennis, lab. r. 239 Coolidge 
Bagley G. stonecutter. Chicago Marble and Granite 

Mufg. Co. r. 2l!> Washington 
Bagley John, sailor, r. 155 W. Taylor 
Bagley Joseph, carpenter, Ferguson Bros. r. 180 S. 


Bagley Samuel A. clerk, Butler & Butt. r. 74 State 
Bagley Thomas, boat builder, 1 N. Clark, r. rear 218 


Bagley William (col'd), waiter, Richmond house 
Bahda John, ioreman, Chicago Scale Co. r. Samuel 
Babe Henry, constable, 33 W. Randolph, r. 400 W. 


Bahe Julius, hamessmaker, bds. 110 and 112 W. Lake 
Baher Nels E. clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 244 Supe- 

Bahleuhqret John, furniture, 5fi4 N. Wells, r. same 
Bahm AlbeYtsfno Mrs. r. rear 10.89 State 
Bahin Josephine Mrs. r. rear 1039 Stale 
Bahme Henry, carpenter, r. 25(> Mitchell 
B:ihn Ferdinand, lab. r. 794 N. Halsted 
B:\hn Julius, rnrnituremaker, ian N. Desplaines 
Bnhr Jacob, rilverplater, r. 2ri5 Rush 
Bahr Julins, hiirnessmaker, Ms. 112 W. Lake 
Bahutuer Jamee, lab. r. 4-^ Fisk 
Baick-y 1). W. lab. C.. R. 1. & P. R. W. 
Baier Aii.-im. porter. Taylor & Wright, r.595N. Clark 
Baicu- Amlrew. musician. Great Western light guard ! 

band. r. 318 3d av. 

Baii-v Francis, carp-.inter, bds. 40 Kin/^ie 
Baler Frank, machini<t. r. 323Si-.i<.'wick 
Baicr Fn-dvrick, jowebr. 2-12 Blue Island av. r. same 
BMHT John. lab. r. 51 Sigel 
Baic-r Phillip, lab. y. 5:) Sigel 

Baierie A-lam, brewery, : N. Market, r. 57 N. Clark 
Baierle Martin, carpenter, bds. Milwaukee av. so. 

cor. Prutt 

Bai'-rth -!o<."ph. carp.'iiter. bds. I^afuyette house 
Baibman C. bds. Hc.-s house 
Bailard Edwin, lab. l>ds. -^li Wells 
B:iilc UM-VV. pirctvr.'r. r. 121 Johnson 
Bailer Daniel, carpenter, r. 44 Foster 
Baih-y Albert, machinist, David M. Ford, bds. 54 

W. Jackson 

Bailey Al-un X. co.-ildealer, 2 Marker, r. 159 S. Green 
Bailey Amos J. student, room 10 C. H.. Chicago 

Theological seminary 

Bailey Bennet (Bailey & Wallace), r. 301 Fulton 

Bailey Charles, foreman, Northwestern Mufg. Co. 
bds. 91 W. Randolph 

Bailey Charles F. sale.-uian, bds. 507 Washington av. 

Bailey Charlotte O. Miss, teacher, Dore school, r. 391 
\V. Madi.-on 

Bailey Ella (cul'd}, wid. chambermaid, r. 2(57 4th nv. 

Bailey E. C. wks. Illinois car works, r. 13 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Bailey Frederick H. special assessor, Board of Public 
Works, r. 292 W. Jackson 

Bailey George, carpenter, r. 301 Fulton 

Bailey George, clerk, Rosario, Lino & Co. r. 281 Ful- 

Bailey George F. lawyer, 39 Clark, r. 352 Chicago 

Bailey George H. (Chase Bros. & Co.) r. 733 Sedg- 

Bailey George W. carpenter, r. 301 W. Fulton 

Bailey Gilbert S. Rev. corresponding secretary Bap- 
tist Theological seminary, r. 4 Seminary blk. 

Bailey Hannah, wid. Jared, bds. 250 Michigan 

Bailey Henry, painter, r. 122 2d 

Bailey James, clerk, D. B. Fisk & Co. bds. 251 W. 

Bailey Jams, student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Bailey James T. carpenter, r. 800 Hubbard 

Bailey John, bds. 553 Center av. 

Bailey John, expressman, bds. 233 Wells 

Bailcv John, lab. r. 44 Hope 

Bailey John, lab. r. 10H Rebecca 

Bailey John, painter, John Stephens, bds. 22d 

Bailey John, saloon, r. 03 State 






r. 160 Warren av. 
Bailey John F. lawyer, r. 707 Tyler 
Bailey Jonas W. (col'd), cook, bds. 183 Monroe 
Bailey Jonathan B. grain, r. 182 Augusta 
Bailey J. D. wid. Rensseley, r. 611 W. Washington 
Bailey Mary, wid. John, r. 251 W. Monroe 
Bailey Michael, sawyer, Heeney & Campbell, r. 136 

Bailey Michael, mason and builder, 103 Madison, r. 

153 Brown . 

Bailey Oriu, painter, r. 800 Hubbard 
Bailey Paul, r. 122 Front 
Bailey Patrick, lab. r. rear 50 Augusta 
Bailey Reuben J. carpenter, r. 345 S. Morgan 
Bailey Rodger, lab. r. 863 Clark 
Bailey Simeon S. salesman. Robeson & Leisenring, 

r. 279 S. May 

Bailey S. paperhaiitrer, bds. 30 W. Madison 
Bailey Thomas (col'd), cook. bds. ls3 Monroe 
Bailey Thomas, stonedresser, T. W. Baxter & Co. 

r. 4'.X Center av. 
Bailey Thomas C. clerk, J. M. Loomis, r. 13 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Bailey Thomas F. foreman, B. M. Ford & Co. r. 353 

Centre av. 

Bailey William, r. 251 W. Monroe 
Bailey William, boardinsrhouse, 147 Dearborn 
Bailey William, furniture and upholstery, 176 and 

178 Monroe, r. siini'- 
Bailey William, lab. r. 23-S Main 
Bailey William T. clerk, P. O. r. 354 Calumet av. 
Bailey & Wallace (Bennet Bailey and E. i}. Wallace), 

carpenters and builders. Marble pi. rear 90 M^n- 


Bailie Henry, foreman, J. C. Mitchell, r. 2-13 Mnin 
Bailey John, teamster, r. 353 W. Jackson 
Baltoy Patrick, lab. r. 475 Wells 
Baily Edwin (Paling, Wright & Baily), r. 272 N. 



General Northwestern Agents for 


"Warehouse, 11 &1S S. "Wells St. 

& Co., jtia-okere in M 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SAJL&E STREET. 

WM. I>. MJERFOOT, Real Estate dealer and Broker, 

No. 89 Washfnprton Sttr^oft. 1 rCsla. 




Bain David, carpenter, bds. 401 S. Halt-ted 

Bain David, plumber, r. 73 Sliolto 

Bain Donald J. clerk, H. S. Hamilton, bds. 14 Adams 

Bain George, moulder, Washington foundry, bd*. 73 


Bain Lily, r. 73 Sholto 
B.iiu Martin, lab. r. 113 Forquer 
Bainbridg'j Benjamin, curiier, r. 52 W. Jackson 
Baiud Foxlerick, plasterer, r. 62 Deeriug 
Biiines Frederick J. clcrk^JSdward A. Clark, bds. 352 


Baines Johu, saloon, 45 N. State 
Baiuter Adam S. (True, Bainter & McMurry) 
Bair George W. carpenter, r. rear HiO W. Taylor 
Bairck Aucon, carpenter, r. 72 Hurlbut 
Baird Andrew, toivmau blacksmith, I. C. R. R. car 

works, r. 30'i Calumet av. 
Baird Charles (Wallace, Baird & Smail), r. 183 S. 


Baird Frank T. mueictcacher, bds. 2 Park row 
Baird Fred, packer, Field, Loiter & Co. 
Baird Frederick, clerk, bds. IGr and 1<M Van Buren 
Baird Lyimui (_ Baird & Bradley), r. 383 N. LaSalle 
Baird John, student, B1UANT & STRATTON 

Baird Otto, lab. II. Witoeck & Co. 
Baird William, bartender, r. 118 S. Jefterson 
Baird William, blacksmith, r. 150 Buruside 
Baird William, lab. 11. YVitbeek <fc Co. 
Baird W. B. clerk, Charles Kern, r. 118 S. Jefferson 
BAIRD & BR./UDJLiEY (Lyinau Baird and 

Francis Bradley), loans and rcalejtate, 90 LaSalle 
Bairle Adam, brewer, 34 N. Market, r. 57 N. Clark 
Bairuson John T. engineer, N. C. rolling mill, bds. 

30 McUeury 
Bairnsoa Thomas, blacksmith, N. C. rolling mill, r. 

30 Mcllenry 

Bairt John, brakeman, Ms. 157 Quiucy 
Bairstow William, stonecutter, bds. 23 Charles 
Baka August, lab. Stearns & Co. 
Baker Abraham, baker, r. rear 307 Wells 
Baker Albeit, shoemaker, T. B. Weber & Co. bds. 

Indiana, nr. Elizabeth 

Baker Albert, telegraph operator, bds. 58 3d av. 
Baker Albert C. clerk, C. & N. W. R. W., Gal. 

div. r. 244 Superior 

Baker Aldeii S. weigher, ro ng mills, r. 75 Coventry 
Baker Andrew H. justice of the peace, r. 79 Ewing 
Baker Anna Mrs. r. 379 Clark 
Baker Asahel M. lawyer, r. 106 Vincenuea av. 
Baker A. \V. Miss, r. lo X. Green 
Baker Barnard, r. 127 Barber 
Baker Benjamin F. salesman, r. 794 W. Fulton 
Baker Benjamin M. dentist, Methodist church bik. r. 

533 W. Washington 
Baker B. F. clerk, Hoaglan & Kimball 
Baker B. F. dry goods, r. 223 W. \Vashiugton 
Baker Caspar, cooper, Michigan mills, r. 101 Went- 

worth av. 
Baker Casper, drayman, Sprague, Warner & Co. r. 

277 May 
Baker Charles, barkeeper, August Bonsz, bds. 89 


Baker Charles, coachman, G. Sturges, bds. 109 Pine 
Baker Charles, shoemaker, bds. 20 Oak 
Baker Charles A. cigars and tobacco, 174 Madison, r. 

Baker Charles E. salesman, llaydeu & Kay, r. 48 

Baker Charles H. gen. agrt. Security Life Ins. Co. of 

N. 1". r. 109 Cottage "Grove av. 
Baker Charles H. (Balier, Greig & Co.), r. 45 Van 


Baker Christian, sailor, r. 93 Kinzie 
Baker C. A., student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Baker C. 11. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Baker C. T. varnisher, r. S92 State 



Glues &Neatsfoot Oil, 




Assets over S5.00O,OOO. 

Rate of mortal!! f lower th:m Eastern companies. 

SHUGAKt & DEAN. Gen'l Agents, 
S3 "Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliablo Special Agent* wanted. 

Baker Daniel W. (D. W. Baker & Co.), bds. 106 

Vincenues av. 

Baker David, ui<rht watchman, r. 69 Judd 
Baker David H. (Comstock & BakerX r. Hyde Park 
Baker D. W. (Baker & Bro.), r. 284 W. Madison 
Baker D. W. & Co. (D. W. Baker, E. S. Albro, and 

Charles E. Dix), gen. com. mers 161 S. Water 
Baker Ed ward, cooper, Weber & Eiszner, bds. 1S9 

W. Kiuzie 

Baker Edward, lab. bds. 138 Peoria 
Baker Ed ward, showcase maker, Vredenburgh Bros. 

bds. 138 N. Green 

Baker Edward, salesman, bds. 204 Park av. 
Baker Elizabeth, hatter, bds. 69 Wesson 
Baker Esther, wid Peter, r. 417 Centre av. 
Baker E. R. with Lymau, Aldrich & Lincoln, r. 204 

Park av. 
Baker Ferdinand, shoemaker, H. Marhofer, r. 405 


Baker Frank jr. r. 845 Wabash av. 
Baker Frank, saloon, Washington, sw. cor. Wells 
Baker Frank W machinist, r. 845 Wabash av. 
Baker Franklin (Baker & Gifford), r. 845 Wabash av. 
Baker George, lab. Tillotson & Bro. 
Baker George, salesman, J. G. Ashleman, r. 2-19 


Baker George, shoemaker, r. 328 W. Indiana 
Baker Godlrey J. gastttter, Verity & Whiteford, bds. 

239 W. Randolph 
BAKER, GREIG & CO.>Charlcs H. Baker, 

John D. Greig and Freeman Skinner), importers 

and jobbers of hosiery, gloves, notions, etc. 42 


Baker Henry (Baker & Bro.), r. 284 W. Madison 
Baker Henry, boxniaker, r. 117 Clybourn av. 
Baker Henry, lab. Illinois Stone Co. r. 264 May 
Baker Henry F. traveling agt. C. H. Beckwith, r. 190 


Baker Henry P. grocer, 114 and 116 22d, r. 81 23d 
Baker Hiram, 17 Exchange pi. 
Baker Homer, agt. Babcock's Fire Extinguisher 

Co. bds. 106 Viuceimes av. 
Baker H. Cynthia, r. i57 S. Wells 
Baker H. J. clerk, Root & Cady, bds. 255 W. Madi- 

Baker H. L. operator, W. U. Tel. Co. bds. 58 3d av. 
Baker Ignatius, stonemason, r. 268 Coolidge 
Baker Ira S. prin. Skinner school, r. 101 S. 

Hoyi e 
Baker Isaac (col'd), lab. Chicago Dock Co. bds. 136 


Baker Isam (col'd), cook, bds. 136 Sherman 
Baker Jacob, lab. r. 63 Dicksou 
Baker Jacob, lab. bds. Reuben, nw. Mills 
Baker Jacob, rubber, Sherman, Cole <fc Co. bds. 510 

Milwaukee av. 

Baker James L. r. 38th, cor. Ellis 
Baker James L. carpenter, r. 794 Fulton 
Baker Jeremiah M. clerk, Zeigler, McCurdy & Co. 
Baker John, baker, r. rear 367 Wells 
Baker John, bricklayer, bds. 227 E. Indiana 
Baker John, carpenter, r. 162 Arnold 
Baker John, carpenter, r. 102 Mitchell 
Baker John, cooper, Michigan mills, r. 310 26th 
Baker Johu, clerk, r. 145 B. Wells 
Baker John, dental student, J. H. Young, r. 277 W. 


Buker John, drayman, r. rear 831 W. Lake 
Baker John, lab. r. 01 Burling 
Baker Johu, lab. r. 806 Clark 
Baker John, moulder, C. B. Brown & Co. 
Baker John, painter, r. 226 Sherman 
Baker John, plasterer, bds. 704 State 
Baker John, teamster, King, Stewart & Aldrich, r. 

134 Sherman 

Baker Johu, teamster, r. 161 S. Green 
Baker Johu, r. 337 Church 
Baker John A. (Baker & Lincoln), r. 460 Michigan 



Tbe besi protection against if ire ama 

Is HARRIS' Improved Safes, 62 Soum Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF & RAFFE\? Sewer Builders, 

Basement of 78 Sc 8O East Madison Street* 




Low Rates of Premium. 

No Notes No Interest A Cash Surrender Value 

for Every Policy. 
Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago 

Baker John L. propr. Brighton house, Archer av. 

cor. Western av. r. same 

Baker John M. clerk, Gale & Blocki, r. 202 Ran- 

Baker John P. c'erk, r. 1155 Indiana av. 
Baker John W. carpenter, r. Pulton, nw. cor. Ged- 


Baker Joseph, carriage builder, bds. 827 State 
Baker Joseph, lab. r. 213 Blue Island av. 
Baki r Joeeph F. r. 133 W. 12th 
Baker Joseph S. clerk, Shoenfeld Bros. r. 133 W. 


Baker J. W. teamster, r. 277 S. May 
Baker LeviS. forjaian, Galena elevator, r. 163 N. 


Baker Lewis, engineer, r. 1006 S. Halsted 
Baker Lucinda D. printer, Brown & Colbert, r. 328 

W. Lake 

Baker Luther B. printer, r. 605 Fulton 
Baker Luther V. crimper, C. M. Henderson & Co. r. 

605 Fulton 

Baker Martin, lab. r. 104 Larrabee 
Baker Mary A. compositor, Horton & Leonard, r. 

328 W. Lake 

Baker Mary E. Miss, school, Lake av. nr. Pierre 
Baker Michael, harnessmaker, D. Horton & Co. bds. 

205 W. Randolph 

Baker Michael, lab. r. rear 78 DeKoven 
Baker Michael, moulder, C. B. Brown & Co. 
Baker Miss, Printers' Union, bds. 116 Wabash av. 
Baker Moses (Mayo & Baker), r. 33 Cottage Grove 

Baker M. vvhol. fish dealer, bds. 33 Cottage Grove 

Baker M. C. com. mer. Methodist Church blk. r. 

1148 Michigan av. 
Baker Nelson C. clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. Galena 

div. r. 244 Superior 

Baker Newell, pressman, Tribune Co. bds. 244 Su- 

Baker Oliver N. tinner, bds. 322 N. Carpenter 
Baker Orris P. agt. Cleveland Lightning Rod Co. 47 

and 4'J Wabash av. r. 48 St. John's pi. 
Baker Peter, lab. r. 144 Maxwell 
Baker Philipp, painter, bds. 905 W. Lake 
Baker Peter, painter, bds. 744 State 
Baker Peter, tinner, Dane, Westlaka & Covert 
Baker Samuel jr. entry clerk, Morse, Loomis & Co. 

r. 122 ISth 
Baker Sanford A. clerk, Page & Sprague, r. 428 E. 

BAKER, SMITH & CO. (W. C. Baker, J. 

J. Smith and J. L. Wise}, steam and hot water 

heatjng apparatus, 127 Dearborn 
Baker S^phen B. foreman, I C. R. R. r. 57Lang- 

i-y ii 

Baker T "ddens S. clerk, Thomas S. Baker, r. 285 

W. Monroe 
Bak-r Thomas, engineer, C. & N. W. R. R. r. 138 

N. Green 

Baker Thomas, lab. bds. Ill N. Water 
Baker Thomas, sailor, r. 267 S. Morgan 
Bake.- Thomas J. lab. Chapin, Marsh & Foss, r. 321 

Bukcr Thomas S. realestate broker, 124 Randolph, 

r. 285 W. Monroe 

Baker T. II. com. mer. r. Hyde Park 
Baker Valentine, baker, bds. 143 W. Randolph 
Baker Vincent, bds. 325 Michigan av. 
r> ik-r William, bookkeeper, bds. 33 33d 
Baker William, carpenter, Thomas Do Wolf, r. Peo- 

ria. bet. Randolph and Lake 
Baker William, druggist, 669 Archer av. r. same 
Baker William, foreman, elevator, r. 8-15 Indiana av. 
Baker William, irvn. manager, commercial agency, 

Tanimn. MeKillop & Co. r. 97 Centre av. 
Baker William, meatmarket, 308 W. 12th, r. same 
Baker William, painter, II. A. Pitts' Sons, r. 23 S. 


Baker William, supt. C., B. & Q. elevator, r. 845 In- 
diana av. 

Baker William (col'd), whitewasher, bds. THQuincjr 
Baker William, r. 908 Indiana av. 
Baker William A. barber, US 1 /* 12th, bds. 44 New- 

berrv av. 

Baker William D. gen. engraver, 63 Clark, cor. Ran- 
dolph, r. 478 W. Lake. 

Baker William H. bookkeeper, bds. 204 Park av. 
Baker William H. with Shepherd, Sweet & Co. bds. 

Adams house 

Baker William M. clerk. Ewinc. Bri^s & Co. 
Baker William R. foreman, r. 2:58 Erie 
Baker William T. (Knight, Baker & Co.). r. 76 22d 
Baker William W. clerk, Grosvenor & Co. 33d, nr. 

Cottage Grove av. 
Baker Wolfgong, cabinetmaker, G. Schaaf & Bros. 

r. 67 Clybonrn av. 

Baker W. C. (Baker. Smith & Co.), r. New York 
Baker W. H. Bookkeeper. Stanton & Co. 
Baker W. R. wks. C. H. McCormick <fc Bro. 
Baker W. Vincent, cash. Chicago Life Ins. Co. r. 

325 Michigan av. 

Baker , painter, bds. 157 Fulton 

Baker , bds. 336 W. Adams 

Baker & Bro. (D. W. and Henry Baker), wood and 

coal, 55 Market 
Baker & Gifford (Fran'din Baker and George W. 

Gifford), mnfrs. agts. for buck uiits and gloves, 

30 Lake 
Baker & Lincoln (John A. Baker and Henry Lincoln), 

lawyers, room, 19 Tribune bldg. 
Bakus Charles, glassmaker, r. 58 Bremer 
Bakus Charles, shoemaker, r. 58 Bremer 
Bakus Peter, lab. r. 58 Bremer 
Balatka Hans, teacher music, rooms 2, 3 and 4 

Uhlich blk. r. 146 Chicago av. 
Balay W. whitewasher, r. 1002 W. Washington 
Balch Charles L. Rev. bds. 1203 Prairie av. 
Balch Elena Miss, teacher, branch Jones school, bds. 

652 Wabash av. 

Balch H. A. (II. A. Balch & Co.), r. 206 N. Wells 
Balch H. A. & Co. (H. A. Balch and ), proprs. 

parcel express, 113 Randolph 
Balch's Parcel Express, H. A. Balch & Co. proprs. 

113 Randolph 

Balco Christian, lab. r. 755 S. May 
Balcom Charles, carpenter, r. 7 S.'Peoria 
Balcom Charles, machinist. Northwestern Mnfg. Co. 
Balcom Charles E. machinist, r. 134 1 /; N. Jefferson 
Balcom I'ri (Holt & Bakom), r. 694 Michigan av. 
Bald Caspar, painter, r. ;J13 Hurlbut 
Bald Gaorge (Christian Fisch & Co.), bds. Halsted, 

se. cor. Willow 

Balding Charles, carpenter, r. 234 S. Canal 
Baldwin Aaron F. speculator, r. 195 S. Clark 
Baldwin Aaron S. clerk. Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Baldwin Addison, photographer, C. D. Mosher, bds. 

2''>i> Wabash av. 
Baldwin Alirernon B. lawyer, 162 Lake, r. 211 W. 


i Baldwin A. G. clerk, cashier's dept. Am. M.U. Ex. Co. 
Baldwin A. X. com. mer. bds. St. Cloud hotel 
Baldwin A. S. photographer, bds. 200 Wabash av. 
BALD WIN BYRON A. F. ^1-Mnan, Penn. 

Oil Co. 2i>2 S. Water, r. 13 N. Curtis 
i Baldwin Charles, bds. 42 Jackson 
Baldwin Charles W. bds. Metropolitan hotel 
Baldwin Charlotte, wid. William C. boardinghouse, 

211 Wabash av. 
Baldwin Collin, asst. sec. Chicago Gas Light and 

Coke Co. r. 94 W. Madison 
Baldwin C. A. inspector, Custom House; r. 32 Mc- 

Cormick's blk. 

Baldwin E. B. (Baldwin & Stone), r. 83 Warren av. 
Baldwin E. W. salesman, Baldwin & Stone, bds. 83 

Warren av. 
Baldwin Fred. L. clerk. Board Public Works, bds. 43 

Van Bureu 


General Northwestern Agents for 

cTEssoip & soisrs, 

Warehouse, 11 &13 S. "Wells St. 

SliiiIierd, Sweet & Co., Large Loan* a Specialty, 

> os. 15.3 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 






Baldwin Frederick, lab. Soper & Pond 

Baldwin F. H. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Baldwin Gaylord S. (Radclifle & Baldwin), r. 83 War- 

ren av. 

Baldwin George, lake capt. r. 125 Brown 
Baldwin Gilbert S. (G. 8. Baldwin* Bro.),and pub- 

lisher Baldwin's Railroad Guide, 187 S. Clark, r. 

96 Van Buren 
Baldwin G. S. & Bro. (Gilbert S. and John G. Bald- 

win). booksellers and stationers, 187 Clark 
Baldwin Ileman, gen. collection agt. room 3, 112 

Dearborn, r. (>17 Michigan av. 
Baldwin Ileman P. (Wales & Baldwin), r. 649 Wash- 

ington av. 
Baldwin Herbert L. (Baldwin & Co.), r. 510 Wabash 


Baldwin H. A. Mrs. millinery, 195 Clark, r. same 
Baldwin James, lab. r. 106 Quincy 
Baldwin Jerome S. (J. S. Baldwin & Bro.), r. 148 N. 


Baldwin Jesse W. realestate. r. 323 Fulton 
Baldwin John, foreman, White Lead Co. r. 1224 Prai- 

rie av. 

Baldwin John jr. (Baldwin & Co.), r. 510 Wabash av. 
Baldwin John G. (G. S. Baldwin & Bro.), r. 641 State 
Baldwin J. S. & Bro. (Jerome S. and Melville Bald- 

win). grocers. 148 N. Morgan 
Baldwin J. W. (Baldwin & Co.), r. 322 Fulton 
Baldwin Luander R. carpenter, r. ns. Monroe, bet. 

Western av. and Rockwell 
Baldwin Lewis J. r. 1261 Indiana av. 
Baldwin Lewis (Baldwin & Taylor) 
Baldwin Lizzie, photograph colorer, C. D. Mosher, 

bds. 2W> Wabash av. 

Baldwin L. staple drygoods, 94 W. Madison, r. same 
Baldwin L. S. (Baldwin & Taylor), r. 1261 Indiana av. 
Baldwin Mary I. Mrs. private school, 370 W. Ran- 

dolph, r. same 
Baldwin Mellville (J. S. Baldwin & Bro.), r. 148 N. 

Baldwin Murray, boardinghouse, 136 W. Adams, r. 


Baldwin M. S. (Austin & Co.). r. Mundy, Mich. 
Baldwin P. H. (Gettemy, Parker <fc Co.), r. Newago, 


Baldwin Samuel, carriage builder, bds. 134 W. Adams 
Baldwin Samuel, blacksmith. Beal & Brown 
Baldwin Samuel, r. 431 W. Taylor 
Baldwon Samuel M. carpenter, r. Rockwell, cor. 


Baldwin Seth, bridgebuilder, r. 846 Clark 
Baldwin Silas D. artificial light and agr. Oakland iron 

ochre- paiut, 10 S. Clinton, r. 805 W. Madison 
Baldwin Thomas F. realestate agt. room 37, 104 Ran- 

Baldwin Thomas W. with T. F. Baldwin, r. room 27, 

104 Randolph 

Baldwin Walter E. teamster, r. 01 St. Clair 
Baldwin William A. merchant, room 14, 18 Dearborn, 

bds. Adams house 

Baldwin William F. lumber dealer, r. 528 Mitchell 
Baldwin William H. foreman, Gettemy, Parker & 

Co. r. 538 Mitchell 
Baldwin & Co. (J. W. Baldwin and - ), realestate 

ULCts. room 4, 100 Madison 
Baldwin & Co. (John jr. and Hubbard L. Baldwin 

and George K. Washburn), lumber dealers, 450 

N. W.-iter 
Baldwin & Stone (E. B. Baldwin and E. Stone), com. 

mers. J34E. Kinzie 
BAL, QWIN < TAYLOR (Law-is Baldwin 

and Frederick P. Taylor), silver platers and bell 

hangers, (i Washington 

Baldwin - (J. E. Darby & Co.), r. W. Taylor 
Baldwin - , builder, bds. 43 Vincenm.-s av. 
Baldwin -- . lawyer, bds. 211 W. Washington 
Baldwin - . telegraph operator, r. room 59 Portland 


For the Garden. 

For the Conservatory. 



Warerooms, 29O State Street . 



Assets over $5.0OO,OOO. 

Largest accumulations of any Co. wesror New York. 

SHUGART & DEAN^Geu'l A-rents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
\ Reliable Agents wan'ied. 

Baldwin . Ws. 122 N. State i 

Balentine David (R. A. Conolly & Co.), r. Wauke- 

gan, 111. 

Baler James (col'd). lab. Enoch Wood, bds. 395 State 
Baley Henry, r. 22 3d av. 
Balfour Alex., actor, r. 182 Clark 
Balibur James, clerk, Ross & Gossage, bds. 306 In- - 

Balfour John, bookkeeper, J. Weil & Bros. r. 


Balfour John, conductor, bds. 149 Dearborn 
Balfour John, salesman, Sturgis, McAllister & Co. , 

bds. 394 W. Harrison 

Balfuss Charley, r. Calumet av. nr. Vincennes rd. 
Balgros James, lab. bds. 18 Larrabee 
i Balka William, cook. r. 39 Whitney 
Balkam A. L. Mrs. intelligence office, 155>4 State, r. ] 

155 State 
Balkam Henry C. clerk, Merchants' Despatch, r. 155 ' 

Balke Christopher (Balke & Kouler), r. 41 W. Van 


Balke Julius (Julius Balke & Co.), r. Cincinnati 
Balke Julius & Co. (Julius Balke and Charles Mil- 
ler), billiard table ware and salesrooms, 165 


Balke & Kouler (Christopher Balke and John Kou- 
ler). saloon, 41 W. Van Buren 
Balke Urban, teamster, r. 99 Hill 
Balken J. B. wid. John, r. rear 345 Hurlbut 
Balkeu John, printer, bds. rear 345 Hurlbut 
Balken Peter M. foreman, Chicago Evening Journal, 

press room, r. 345 Hurlbut 
Balker Christopher, horse dealer, r. 136 Brown 
Balki August, carpenter, r. 202 Luke 
Balki Frederick, lab. r. 192 Ewing 
Ball Annie, clerk. Mason & Co. r. 198 W. Jackson 
Ball C. lab. C.. R. I. & P. R. W. 
Ball Edward F. barber, Isaac R. Van Slyke, bds. 439 

BALL E. & CO, J- J- Brisbin, gen. agt. mowers , 

and reapers, 170 Washington 
Ball Francis (Walker & Ball), bds. 68 3d av. 
! Ball George, supt. Illinois Steam Forge Co. r. 479 I 

Elston rd. 

! Ball George, iron forger, r. 479 Elston rd. 
Ball George, teamster, H. Witbeck & Co: r. 257 W. 


! Ball Henry, lab. r. 10 Lisle 
Ball II. B. traveling salesman, Kellogg &Covsll, bds. I 

Richmond house i 

! Ball James H. foreman, W. T. Ball, r. 171 Adams 
I Ball John W. clerk, Barnes house, r. Randolph, sw. 

cor. Canal 

| Ball John W. real estate, r. 521 W. Washington 
Ball J. M. (Matthews, Zollars & Co.), r. 1488 Prairie I 


Ball L. C. foreman, Whiting Bros, factory, r. 463 Di- 

| Ball Mrs. seamstress, bds. 189 and 101 W. Jackson 
i Ball Razin Z. carpenter, bds. 461 Hubbard 
Ball Rnfus, porrer. Am.M.U.Ex. Co. bds. 284 S. Canal ' 
Ball Samuel, carpenter, r. 253 Lafliu I 

Ball Samuel, wks. Scanlan Bros. & Colburn, r. 253 | 

Laflin . 

Ball Silas R. r. Adams, nw. cor. 56th. Hyde Park 
Ball Thomas, slock dealer, r. 933 State 
, Ball Thomas H. corn agt. 46 Lake, bds. 270 Wa- 

bn*h av. 
Ball William T. cooperage and commission, 167 S. , 

W;it T. r. 99 S. Desplaines 
Ballach Ludwig, bds. 115 Michigan 
! Ballantyne James F. r. 235 Ewing 
Ballantyne John Y. commercial reporter, Chicago 

Republican, r. 235 Ewing 

Ballantyne William, compositor, Chicago Republi- 
can, r. 235 Ewins 
Ballard Addison. lumber merchant, 146 Market, cor. 

Monroe, r. 227 Wabash av. 

Bank Vaults, Iron Door* and Expres Chests, 












G Only Issued by this Company. 

5 A Good Thing Try It. 

Ballard Albert M. room 3. 8 Clark, r. same 

M Ballard Andrew, millstone builder, r. 270 Centre 
^ av. 

Ballard A. M. physician, 115 Dearborn, r. HON. Dear- 

Ballard Charles D. bookkeepr, E. P. Dwyer & Co. 

bd*. 2iW Wabash av. 
Ballard Charles G. bookkeeper, F. N.Hamlin &Co. 

r. 105 Lake 

Ballnrd D. C. foreman, bds. Keystone house 
Billiard D. P. with John V. Fanvell & Co. r. 15 Van 

Ballnrd Edward, carpenter and builder, 937 State, r. 

s-2ii Michigan av. 
Ballard Edward.hoinceopathic physician,165 Madison, 

r. 1354 State 
Ballard Fred, shipping clerk, Farrington, Brewster 

& Co. bds. 13 A' an Buren 
Ballnrd George, machinist, Eagle works, bds. 424 

Warr-i: av. 
Ballard Henry C. (Ballard & Tallmadge), and sec. 

North Star Mining Co. bds. 314 W. Adams 
Ballard Henry D. clerk, Crego & Taft, r. 4:35 S. Hal- 


Ballard H. N. wood dealer. 150 Washington 
^ Ballard John A. carpenter, r. 1127 State 
N< Ballard John A. physician and supt. Wjishingtonian 

6 home. 570 and .572 W. Madison 

rZ B;il!:.rd Page D. salesman, bds. 13 Van Bnren 
8" Ballard W. F. upholster, 53 Hubbard ct. r. 1.339 
rf! State 

^J Ballard & Tallmadge (H. C. Ballard and C. H. Tall- 
M madge), collecting agts. 122 LaSalle 
M. Balle Peter, wks. C. H. McCormick <fc Bro. 
2 Ballegoieu John H. boot and shoemaker, 187 Hal- 
W sted. r. same 

1* Ballen Joseph, clerk. Shoenfeld Bros. r. 109 N.Clark 
r Ballenger John H. agt. Richard Edwards, bds. 
b. 114 Michigan av. 

Ballentine A. painter, bds. 164 W. Lake 
JK Ballentine David (Ballentine, Lawrence & Co.), r. 
2 Wankeiran. 111. 

" Ballentine James M. (Ballentine, Lawrence & Co.), 
&, r. Detroit, Mich. 

BBallentiue. Lawrence & Co. (David Ballentine, Ben- 
iamin F. Lawrence. James M. Ballentine and 
O Edward F. Lawrence), com. mere. 160 Wash- 
_ ^ ington 
W Bailer Charles, basketmaker, Charles Frederick, 

lid-. S2 Hurlburt 

Balliett Ephraim. blacksmith, r. 116 Arnold 
Ballin Jacob (Jacob Balliu & Co.). r. New York 
** Balliu Jacob & Co. (Jacob and Moritz Balliu), shirts 
jg !ln( l ^hirt fronts. 88 Lake 
\2 Ballin Louis, with Jacob Ballin & Co. r. 75 Forrest 


M Ballin Moritz (Jacob Ballin & Co.). r. New York 
W Ballin Meyer, carpet weaver, r. 117 W. Indiana 
(01 Balliu? Anthony, fancy goods, 532 S. Jefferson, r. 
rf\ same 

Bnllinur Georero M. furniture. 118 S. Wells, r. same 
Ballingall P.~wid. P. r. 147 Monroe 
Ballis Eugene (Ballis, Cuny & Pare), r. 345 State 
Ballis, Cuny & Pare (Eugene Ballis. Francis Cuny 
Cj and Moses Pare), pork store. 345 State, stall 9 

Chicago market 

Ballurin Charles, carpenter, r. 362 N. Wells 
M B.illou Austin, bookkeeper, bds. 230 LaSalle 
^ Ballon Byron, bootmaker. M. D. Wells & Co. 
m Ballou Flavins J. (F. J. Ballou & Co.). r. 242 Warren 

O Ballou F. J. & Co. (F. J. Ballou and B. L. Rider), 
rn lumber com. mers. ronm 10. 2W S. Water 
2 Ballou M. S. carpenter, r. 310 W. Polk 
^ Ballou William J. paver, lids. '.2 Judd 
T^ Balls Jake, carpenter, r. 3H3 Ruh 

* Ballwanz William, r. N. Cunis. bet 2d and May 

5 Balor Charles, lab. Chicago lead and oil works, r. 28 

Balow M. B. shoemaker, r. 57 E. Kinzie 

Bals Frederick, saloon, ItiO Milwaukee av. 

Balske George, lab. Hall & Winch 

Halt George, lab. r. 12 Willow 

Hair Willi.un. wks. N. C. rolling mill 

['aliii Casper, lab. T. W. Harrey. r. 99 Ne wherry av. 

Bah hazard Charles, carpenter, bat. 2S4 W. Taylor 

Balthaxard Dolphis. carpenter, bds. 284 W. Taylor 

Balthis William, bookkeeper, Flint & Ayer,"r. 43 

Hamilton p). 

Baltimore Oyster Depot, A. L. Gibson, agt. (57 State 
Balz Charles, grocer, 303 3d av. r. same 
Balznn Charles, silverworker, r. 484 Division 
Baml'arry Patrick, lab. bds. 55 Canalport av. 
Bamberg Charles, porter, Edwin Hunt and Sons 
Bauberg Frederick W. asst. ba:;ir.-!ire master, C. & 

N.-W. R. W. Wells Street Depot, r. 880 W. 

Bamberg Hermann, painter, r. 380 W. Chicago av. 
Ramberg Mary, wid. Henry, r. 380 W. Chicago av. 
Bambinbun John, cooper, Culbertson & Blair, r. 113 


Banibolr. James, lab. r. 209 DeKovcn 
Bambridge Benjamin, courier. Grant & McLean 
' Bame George, lab. r. rear 36 Oakwood 
Bame Rudolph, wks. C. H. McConnick <fc Bro. 
Bamford James, teamster, r. 123 W. Kinzie 
Bamford James jr. teamster, r. 123 W. Kinzie 
Bamford James T. clerk, Tremont house, bds. same 
Bamish Abraham, blacksmith, bds HI \Vells 
Bammler Augustus, machinist, r. 96 Schiller 
: Bammler Charles, locksmith, r. o!5 Sedgwick 

Bamreg Nicholas, r. 4.S9 N. Clark 
i Bamwick Michael, collarmaker. Grant & McLean 
Banafaldt John, lab. r. BS. Kinzie, bet. Gedder and 

: Banahan Benjamin, printer, Tribune office, bds 113 


Banahan Patrick, lab. r. 09 Indiana 
Banard Walter, clerk, bds. 32s Park av. 
Banbas Frank, lab. r. 169 DeKoven. 
i Bauchraz D. wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
. Bancroft Charles W. agt. Cayuga Chief Mnfg. Co. 

bds 121 S. Sangamou 
Bancroft John L. printer, Rounds & James, rooms 8 

3d av. 
Band Edward, stencilcutter, D. G. Garretson, r. 50 


: Banderman August, carpenter, r. 89 Hnrlbnt 
Baudert Frederick L. r. 249 W. Rucker 
Bandhauer Wenzel, shoemaker, r. !(*> Mathew 
i Bandine Maria, confectioner, 163 S. Wells, r. same 
Bandle Frederick, salesman, Blackburn Bros. r. 43 

N. Green 

Bandle Frederick J. tanner, r. 43 N. Green 
Bandmann Adolph, housemover, r. 153 Maxwell 
' Bandt Frederick, lab. Chicago lead and oil works, r. 

306 2d 

1 Bane George M. (Waterman & Bane), 117 Clark 
i Bane John, clerk, r. 91 W. RanijOn 
; Bane John, lab. r. 67 Stewart av. 
j Bane Levi B. bookkeeper, Clement, Ottman & Co. 

bds. 742 W. Monroe 
Bane Oscar F. (Clement, Ottman & Co.), r. 742 W. 


Banediffiiin Charles, waggonmaker. r. 11 Mark 
1 Banee Edward shoemaker, bds. 313 4th av. 
i Banes Georire, saloon. 30 E. Erie, r. same 
Bani'onh John, lab. r. 274 Noble 
Banff Christopher, lab. r. 302 Larrabee 
Ban.' Gotlieb, shoemaker, r. 647 S. Morgan 
: Bangart Nicholas, cooper, Hemau Foster, r. 16 Wes- 
Bauge August, shoemaker, William Frielitz, bds. 

117 Sampson 

BANGS BROS. (Isaac W. and Dean Bangs), 
stoves, ranges, furnaces, registers and ventila- 
tors, 156 State 
Bangs C. C. salesman, Cornell, Ward & Comings 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. CTIESSOIP & sonsrs, 

^Iiiplicrd, Sweet &, Co., Brokers in 91orig!tgc, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALL.E STREET. 

. D. KERFOOT, Real Estate Dealer and Broker, 

No. 89 Washington Street. Estates managed. 



Banes Charles, engineer, bds. 005 X. Clark 

Bangs Dean (Bangs Bros.), r. 8-2 E. 30th 

Bangs Edward W. clerk, J. B. Hobbs & Co. bds. 318 

Wabash av. 
Bangs Eishua N. wks. J. W. Stanley & Co. bds. 77 

Bangs George, lab. C. & N. W. R. R. Co. woodyard, 

Wisconsin division, r. 167 N. Green 
Bangs George H. gen. gupt. Pinkcrtons National 

detective agency, r. New York City 
Banker George L. clerk, internal revenue, room (i 

P. O. buirding, r. W. Monroj, W. of V.Vstern av. 
Bangs George L. special agt. P. O. depanment, r. 

Aurora, 111. 
Bang:* Isaac S. clerk, J. B. Hobbs & Co. bds. 318 

Wabash av. 

Bans Isaac W. i Bangs Bros.) 
Bangs Levi D. broommaker, Alfred W. Thomas, 

bds. 127 Sigel 
Bangston Andrew, junk dealer, Calhoun pi. bet. 

LaSalle and Wells, r, same 
Banhan Benjamin, compositor, Chicago Republican, 

bds. 113 Adams 
Banidge John, porter, Harmon, McVeagh & Messer, 

bds. 196 Michigan 
Bank Alfred, r. 156 Townsend 
Bank Wilhclm, teamster, r. bet. Lincoln and Wood, 

22d and Clayton 
Banker Bros. &~Greenc (W. S. Banker, and Samuel 

Greene), realestate and loan brokers, 131 LaSalle 
Banker E. M. realestate, r. 158 S. Sangamon 
Banker George L. clerk, r. Monroe, \v. cor. West- 
ern av. 

Banker W. S. (Banker Bros. & Greene), r. Hinsdale 
Banks Abraham O. salesman, M. D. Wells & Co. 

bds. St. James hotel 
Banks Adonjram H. shoemaker, J. P. Farnum, r. 284 

Banks Augustus E. salesman, C. M. Henderson & 

Co. bds. Metropolitan hotel 
Banks A. Arthur, salesman, Webster & Gage, r. 168 

Park av. 

Banks Bridget, r. 114 Miller 
Banks Charles R. clerk, bds. 507 Clark 
Banks Hollis, teamster, bds. 212 N. LaSalle 
Banks James (col'd), brassfounder, r. ss. al. bet. i 

Polk and Taylor, Slate and 3d av. 
Banks James N. physician, 44 Clark, r. 874 Michigan 


Banks Lawrence, blacksmith, r. 538 Milwaukee av. 
Banks Michael, bartender, St. Charles hotel, bds. 


Banks Stephen, lab. r. rear 128 S. Desplaines 
Banks William H. (Bradley & Banks), r. 526 W. 


Banks , realestate, bds. 1 N. Reuben 

Baukson Andrew, messenger, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 97 

N. Carpenter 
Bankson E. A. Miss, teacher, Washington school, 

bds. 07 N. Carpenter 
Bannan John, student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Bauuard H. B. wid. William, r. 246 Wabash av. 
Baimard Walter, clerk, bds. 328 Park av. 
Baunerman B. clerk, Field, Leiter& Co. r. 290 Aber- 

Bannett Joseph, ragpicker, bds. rear 20 Sherman 
Burnett Louis, butcher, r. rear 20 Sherman 
Bannerman Bowman, clerk, r. 290 Aberdeen 
Baung Peter, sashmaker, Palmer, Fuller fc Co. 
Banmugs J. moulder, Eagle works 
Bannister Alfred (col'd t, porter, Giles, Bro. & Co. 

bds. 88 4th av. 
Bannister Marshall, bookkeeper, N. Matson & Co. 

r. 2 Washington 

Bamiister , (col'd), porter, bds. 70 Quincy 

Banta James, engineer. I. C. R. R. bds. 602 State 
Banta Levi S. drygoods, 1297 State, r. same 
Banter , strawgoods, bds. 187 State 



Glues & Naaisfoot Oil, 



b G A L DJ S 5 H 

At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

Banthc August, lab. H. C. Tillinghast. r. 157 Emma 

Bantle Anton, carpenter, bds. 04 N. Canal 

Bantz Joseph, lab. r. 488 Archer av. 

Bantz Nicholas, lab. r. 72 Purple. 

Banyan H. japanner, Chicago Miifg. Co. r. Franklin, 
cor. Madison 

Banyon Agustus (Banyon & Co.). r. 134 Frar.klin 

Banyon Julia Miss, teacher, Jones' school, bd-. 1:34 

Bauyon & Co. (Augustus Banyon and Samuel N. 
Mac Adam), fruit and provisions, 102 Monroe 

Bauzhoff Henry, butcher, George A. Bush, r. 184 

BanzhoffMary, wid. Charles, r. 78 Mather 

Baoll John, teamster, r. 13 Blair 

Baon Charles, lab. r. 137 Main 

Baplin Fred. wks. John McEwen 

Baptie Robert, cl-rk. Reid. Murdock & Fischer 

Baptist Theological Seminary. Rev. G. W. Norihrup, 
pros. Cottage Grove 

Baptist Theological Union, C. B. Eg. Goodyear, pres. 
of the board. Rev. G. S. Bailey, D. D. sec. official 
Baptist theological seminary 

Baragwanath William, propr. Garden City steam en- 
gine and boiler works, r. 233 Franklin 

Barba Peter, quarryman. r. 33 Clarinda 

Barbarian Nicholas", cooper, r. 497 N. Clark 

Barbart George, stonecutter, r. 521 N. Wells 

Barbber Hiram, tinsmith, r. 48 Gurley 

Barbe Bemhard, r. lOi 3d av. 

Barbe Martin, bookkeeper, Frank & Meyer, r. 102 3d 

Barbe M. (Falk & Barbe), r. 102 3d av. 

Barbe Simeon, salesman, bds. 102 3d av. 

Barbeau Catharine Mrs. r. 126 Goethe 

Barbeau James T. carpenter, r. 15 Gold 

Barbeau Joseph, scroll sawyer, r. 44 Sholto 

Barbeau Leon, shoemaker, "bds. Montreal house 

Barbean Leopold, printer, Beach & Barnard, bds. 
114 Sherman 

Barbeck Mary. wid. John. r. es. al. bet. Franklin and 
Wells, Van Buren and Jackson 

Barbee James S. carpenter, r. 358 2cl 

Barber Adams S. driver, engine T. B. Brown, 80 W. 

Barber Allen, sawyer, Moody & Church, r. 207 Arch- 
er av. 

Barber Charles, carpenter, r. 10 Kramer 

Barber Clemens, engineer, r. I. A M. canal, ab. lock 

Barber David, laster, E. A. Chandler 

Barber Dennis, driver. Frank Parmelee & Co. 

Barber Dommick S. (Barber & Biggio), r. 29 N. Clark 

Barber Edward, clerk, bds. 139 N! Dearborn 

Barber Edwin L. cierk, L. Barber & Son, r. 167 W. 

Barber Elihu. agt. r. 593 W. 12rh 

Barber Eliza S.'wid. William W. r. 180 W. Washing- 

Barber E. D. clerk, Root & Cady, bds. 139 N. Dear- 

Barber E. L. lawyer, 35^ Mercantile bldg. bds. 44-1 

Barber Francis, cutler, r. 147 Catherine 

Barber George L. (L. Barber & Son), bds. 129 Union 

Barber George W. (col'd >. barb T. 56 Wells, r. same 

Barber G. L. clerk. Walker & Dexter 

Barber G. P. proof reader. Republican, bds. Revere 

Barber Hiram jr. , Barber & Lackncr), r. 212 25th 

Barber H. H. salesman. Harmon, Mac Veagb A Mes- 
ser). ivis. St. James hot.-l 

Barber Ira E. student. PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 
COLLEGE, bds. Emerald, nr. Egan av. 

Barber James, lab. r. Hi Depuystjr 

Barber James H. clerk. Callagh .n & Cockcroft, bds. 
54 4th av. 

Barber J. E. .King & Barb-rl 

Barivr J. N. student. PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 








Basement of 78 & 8O East ITIadlcon Street. 











Office, 124 Washington Street, 



Barber Lemuel (L. Barber & Sou), r. 45 S. Curtis 
Barber Lillibridge, carpenter, r. 444 Burnside 
Barber L. & Son (Lemuel and George L. Barber), liq- 
uors, whol. 117 Franklin 
Barber Malinda M. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 51 

S. Green 
Barber Seth. salesman, Seymour, Carter & Co. r. 116 

S. Green 
Barber Sister, order St. Francis, directress, 82 New- 


Barber thankful W. Mrs. boardinghouse, 524 State 
Barber Worden (col'd), waiter, r. l36 4th av. 
Barber & Biggio (Dominick S. Barber and Lorenzo 

Biggio). confectionery, 30 W. Randolph 
Barber & Lackner (Hiram Barber jr. and Francis 
Lackner), lawyers, room 4, 106 Madison 

Barber , icol'd), waiter, r. 70 Quincy 

Barber , lawyer, bds. 81 Centre av. 

Barbeva Peter, lab. Illinois Stone. Lime and Boring 


Barbian Joseph, carpenter, r. 505 N. Dearborn 
Barbiau Joseph, clerk, bds. 505 N. Dearborn 
Barbiau Mary Miss. bds. 505 N. Dearborn 
Barbian Theresa, wid. Anthon, r. 442 N. Dearborn 
Barbier George H. contractor, r. ss. Adams, bet. Pau- 
lina and Wood 
Barbier John C. r. es. Hoyne, bet. W. Kinzie and 


Barbier Joseph, realestate agt. r. 206 Clark 
Barbier Mariou F. contractor, r. ss. W. Adams, bet. 

Paulina and Wood Peter, quarry man, r. 33 Clarinda 
Barbliniirar Henry, cooper, r. 261 Cottage Grove av. 
Barbor Ira 1). r. Woodlawn 
Barbara Dominick S. dining rooms, 34 N. Clark 
Barboro John Baptist, clerk, Domiuick S. Barboro, 

r. 34 N. Clark 

Barborbusky John, lab. Collins & Burgie, r. Jeffer- 
Barbour Edward (Hunt, Barbour & Hale), r. 854 N. 

Barbour Frank A. cierk, Chicago Fireman's Ins. Co. 

r. 363 W. Lake 
Barbour Fred. E. clerk, Hildreth & Hall, r. 363 W. 

Barbour John, prescription clerk, C. H. Gardiner, r. 

28 N Clark 

Barbour John (James Pridham & Co.), r. 164 Ran- 

Barbuur Paul. ins. agt. r. 49 S. Halsted 
Barbour Peter ^col'd), waiter, Sherman house 
Barbour Stillmau, carpeuter, Bent & Coward, r. 363 

W. Lake 

Barbour S. P. engineer, Tremont house 
Barbour Vincent, clerk, Charles Botto, bds. 337 W. 

Barcal Francis P. cigannaker, Joseph Dibos, bds. 

5H7 Larrabee 

!'au;:l .Jacob, cigannaker, r. 504 Larrabee 

!'..!: -al .lohii. ci^urinaker, Joseph Dibos, bds. 597 

Barce CharliM J. supt. railroad barn, r. 887 W. Lake 

Kar'-khanU F.vilerick. teamster, r. 153 E. Division 

Barclay Daniel, show case mnfr. 141 State," r. 750 W. 

Barclay Fe'.ix. lab. r. 159 Laurel 

iJarcl;;y F. M. wid. William K. r. 399 W. Ran- 

Ban-lay II. Bowmar, paying teller. Manufacturers' 
Xati. nal bank. r. ! X. LaSalle 

Barclay .ia;:'e-. tailor, r. 2^6^ X. Market 

Barclay Rolvr;. teamster, r. 11 Xutt 

l!:.!'-lay , Kb. r. lO'.i Stewart av. 

Barclay B.-\run. lab. r. 172 S. Clinton 

Barco.-h W.-n:vl. machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 15SS State 

Barcreeda Edwar.-l. lab. r. i;2 D.jeriug 

Burl Charl.'s. clerk. Fi/icl. Leiter & Co. r. 1-28 State 

Bar ' 'D.'vid !. salesman. Win. B. Lovejoy & Co. bds. 
S . Jam -s hotel 

Bard Isaac, saddlemaker, Grant & McLean 

Bard John, salesman. Field. Leiter & Co. r 128 State 

Bard N. B. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 128 State 

Bard Peter, lab. r. 184 Barber 

Bard Robert S. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 538 

Bard Samuel M. salesman, Richards, Crumbaugh & 

Shaw, r. 771 W. Adams 

Barden Frederick, student, PORTER'S TELE- 
Barden G. E. bookkeeper, A. W. Rollins & Co. r. 

1052 Indiana av. 
Barden John, lab. r. 11 Kramer 
Bardeu Matthew, moulder, r. 168 18th 
Bardes August, milk peddler, 238 Hurlbut, r. same 
Bardon Daniel G. (l>. G. Bardon & Bro.), r. 609 State 
Bardon D. G. & Bro. (Daniel G. and Martin M. Bar- 
don), grocers, 609 State 
Bardon Martin M. (D. G. Bardon & Bro.), bds. 609 

Bardon Thomas F. broommaker, C. W. Genung & 

Co. bds. 704 State 

Bardwell Lorenzo S. painter, r. 73VJ W. llth 
Bare Jacob, lab. r. 45 English 
Bared George, printer, r. 143 Schiller 
Bareii John, lab. r. W. 16th, cor. Blue Island av. 
Bareos James, lab. r. 57 Burlington 
Barlul John, carpenter, r. 327 Hurlbut 
Barg Margaret, wid. Christian, r. 198 S. Desplainea 
Barga Charles, carpenter, r. 444 Union 
Barga Frank, heater, Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Barga Peter, chief heater, Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Bargarting John, lab. r. 192 Wesson 
Bargdolt John, varuishor, r. 69 Liberty 
Barge I. E. dressmaker, Mrs. S. M. Bean, r. 133Wa- 

bash av. 

Barger H. cutter, Engel & Livingston, r. 311 State 
Barger Samuel R. (Barger & Smith), r. 135 4th av. 
Barger & Smith (Samuel R. Barger and B. T. Smith), 
trunks, traveling bags and valises, mnfrs. and 
dealers, 85 Clark, and 124 Randolph 
Bargerbush Berand, carpenter, Cornelius C. Chan- 
dler, bds. 188 20th 
Bargerbush Lydia M. Mrs. confectioner, 188 90th, r. 


Bargerbush William, carpenter, r. 188 20th 
Barhydt Andrew D. machinist, George W. Hannis, 

bds. 110 Hubbard 
Baril Joseph E. carpenter and builder, 94 Douglas 

pi. r. same 

Baring Simon, tailor, 235 N. Rucker, r. same 
Baring Stephen, bartender, Cornelius Han, bds. 13 

S. Halsted 
Banger Caspar, blacksmith, Sophia Sceffler, r. 39 


Barker Albert S. lab. r. 237 S. Halsted 
Barker Alexander C. telegraph operator, room 5 

Wells Street depot 
Barker Alfred, clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 89 W. 

Barker Alfred C. carpenter, rear 334 Wabashav. r. 49 

3d av. 

Barker Ann Mrs. r. 19 Goethe 
Barker August, teamster, r. 26 Chnrch pi. 
Barker Betsy, wid. Thomas, bds. 49 S. Curtis 
Barker. Brown & Co. (Joseph Barker, Thomas H. 
and Aaron L. Brown >. fanning mills and middling 
separators, 208 to 218 Van Buren 
Barker Charles E. clerk, C., B. & Q. R. R. Co. bds. 

Burlington house 

Barker Charles Rolin. bds. 141 Wabansia av. 
Barker Cyrils A. student, r. Chicago university 
Barker Ebb K. traveling alc*mau, R. N. Bassett, r. 

Uelivun. 111. 

Barker Edward, clerk. 203 Kankakee av. 
Barker Edward, fireman. I. C. R. R. r. 723 5th 
Barker Frederick L. bookkeeper, H. H. Massey & 

Co. bds Farwell hall diuinir rooms 
Barker George, bricklayer, r. 15S Sampson 


General ^Northwestern Agents for 
Warehouse, 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

Sliiiphcru, Sweet <& Co., Broken* in iteenl 

Not*. 155 and 157 LA SAL1.E STISEKT. 

SOI EON W. KINO, Commissioner of Deeds 

For AH/Ii the States and Territories. 117 South Clark Street* 



Barker George A. clerk, Chicago steam laundry, r. 

19 S. Desplaiues 

Barker George F. salesman, Israel Nash & Co. 
Barker Henry, machinist, American steam engine 

works, bds. 100;<z Ohio 

Barker Henry, tailor, Henry G. Conlson, r. 12 Grove 
Barker Howard E. cabinetmaker, William T. Fuller, 

bds. 1238 Prairie av. 

Barker J mes G. patentright dealer, r. 52 Price pi. 
Barker James S. (Stevens, Barker <fe Butler and 

Stevens & Barker), r. 45 Wahpanseh av. 
Barker John, carpenter, David Coey, r. 226 Sampson 
Barker John, lab. 49 Kramer 

Barmm Chas. H. & Co. (Chas. H. Barmm and 
Thomas dowry), lawyers, 31 W. Randolph 

, ... . Barmin William, lab. Jacobs & Sawyer, r. 30 Cornelia 

Barker John B. carpenter, William Morley, r. 652 ! Barna Charles, machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 402 3d av. 
Hubbard I Barnade Conrad, lab. 266 W. 12th 



Assets over S5.OOO.OOO 
Annual Income, nearly S3.OOO OOO. 

SHUGARD & DEAN, G^en 1 Agents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
Reliable District Agents wanted. 

Barker John C. lawyer, 45 Clark, r. Hubbard pi. 
Barker John M. conductor, N. W. R. R. bds. 862 

Warren av. 
Barker John R. (Barker & lllsley), r. Wabash av. cor. 

Barker John T. bookkeeper, P., C. & St. L. R. R. 

bds. Union house 

Barker Joseph, clerk, bds. 99 Monroe 
Barker Joseph, trunkmaker, Becke%& Kopsell, bds. 

St. Charles hotel 

Barker Joseph (Barker, Brown & Co.), r. 52 Price pi. 
Barker Joseph N. (Barker & Tuley), r. 122 Cottage 

Grove av. 

Barker J. C. r. 69 Blue Island av. 
Barker Lorenzo D. clerk, bds. 97 16th 
Barker Margaret, wid. Richard, r. 101 Johnson 
Barker Olcott, lumber mer. r. 837 Wabash av. 
Barker Paul, tailor, r. 190 Black Hawk 
Barker Peleg A. boardinghouse, 266 and 268 W. Ran- 
dolph, r. sains 

Barker Richard, bricklayer, r. Morgan, sw. cor. Max- 
Barker Sarah Miss, teacher, Wentworth Avenue 

primary school, r. 102 W. Adams 
Barker Squire, moulder, Barnum & Richardson's 

Mufg. Co. 
Barker Walter G. clerk, Jones & Laughins, bds. 

Brigijs house 

Barker William, bds. 106 Adams 
Barker William, mason, r. 73 4th av. 
Barker William, merchant, r. 209 Park av. 
Barker William, woodworker, Novelty Carriage 

work?, bds. Oldridge house 
Barker & lllsley (John R. Barker and Thomas O. 

lllsley), dealers in hardware, 273 and 275 State 
BARKER & TU1.EY (Joseph N. Barker, 

Mart; F. and Thomas J. Tuley), lawyers, 157 


Barkhau.- Frederick, clerk, r. 310 W. Chicago av. 
Barkius Margaret, wid. Patrick F. r. 90 W. Chicago 


Barker Peter, shoemaker, r. 283 Rush 
Barkley W. P. bds. 82 Adams 
Barky F. hostler, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Barlen Gustoff. blacksmith, r. 514 S. Halsted 
Barieu Mcna, wid. Adam, bds. 514 S. Halsied 
Barlow Charles G. cash. McDonald & Murfey, r. 

144 W. Taylor 

Barlow George W. printer, r. 386 N. Wells 
Barlow Harry S. gen. ticket agt. M. C. R. R. r. 513 

Walmsh av. 

Barlow James, chair finisher, r. 338 Ohio 
Barlow J;imes II. bookkeeper, Elisha Eldred, bds. 

147 M vnroe 
Barlow Napoleon B. (Ottaway & Barlow), r. 3S6 N. 


Barlow Richard, printer. Tribune Co. r. 231 N. Wells 
BARLOW WILLIAM A. stoves and 

hou.-f furnishing good.*, 50 State 
Barnwu .J->hu E. printer, Chicago Evening Journal, 

bds. Evanston 
Barmeist-: T Charles, bds. 311 S. Canal 

Barnard Adeline A. wid. Daniel E. r.77 Aberdeen 

Barnard Albert, r. 528 Fulton 

Barnard Alice L. Miss, head aast. Dearborn school, 
r. 115 Superior 

Barnard Benjamin, r. 528 Fulton 

Barnard Benjamin, sailor, bds. 38 Kinzie 

Barnard Daniel, lawyer, r. 115 Superior 

Barnard Edward M. clerk, George W. Waite & Co. 
r. Lake View 

Barnard Franklin E. traveling salesman. Ingraham, 
Corbin & May, bds. 216 Ohio 

Barnard Frederick (Beach & Barnard), r. 570 N. 

Barnard F. W. actor, Dearborn theatre, r. 83 Adams 

Barnard George, salesman, S. C. GriggsA Co. r. 367 
W. Madison 

Barnard Gilbert W. (Swain Mnfg. and Distilling 
Co.), r. 300 Wabash av. 

Barnard Henry, carpenter, bds. 525 Cottage Grove 

Barnard John F. (Barnard & Gowen), r. 157 Case 

Baniard John, teamster, r. Wood, sw. cor. Harblne 

Barnard Mrs. seamstress, bds. 189 and 191 W. Jack- 

Barnard Richard (Thomas Phelps & Co.), r. 248 
Warren av. 

Barnard Thomas, circulating dept. Chicago Repub- 
lican, r. 505 N. Clark 

Barnard William, grocer, r. 216 E. Chicago av. 

Barnard & Gowen, (John F. Barnard and James 
Gowen), contractors, 157 Cass 

Barnard, see also Beruhard and Bernard 

Earned Charles, lab. North Chicago Railway Co. r. 
39 W. Will 

Earned James, agt. bds. 211 Wabash av. 

Earned Sarah, wid. bds. 228 W. Monroo 

Earner Joseph, cook, 58 Indiana 

Barnes Aaron H. policeman, r. 204 W. Taylor 

Barnes Annie M. Hamilton, r. 160 W. Jackson 

Barnes Alfred C. (A. S. Barnes & Co.), r. Brooklyn, 

Barnes Alfred S. (A. S. Barnes & Co.), r. Brook- 
lyn, N Y. 

Barnes Augustus F. cash. Transit house, bds. 

Barnes A. S. & Co. (Alfred S., Alfred C., John C., 
Honry B. and Charles J. Barnes, and Henry W. 
Curtiss), book publishers, 111 State 

Barnes Charles, salesman, Herring & Co. r. 372 N. 


j Barnes Charles B. carpenter, r. 618 Burnside 
! Barnes Charles H r. 356 W. Van Buren 

Barnes Charles J. (A. S. Barnes & Co.), r. 533 Wa- 
bash av. 

Barnes Charles W (Stryker & Barnes), bds. 124 

Barnes C. moulder, Eagle works 

Barnes Delano, painter, Ms. 7!Ki W. Lake 

Barnes D. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH COL- 

Barnes Edward A. bds. Ruudell pi. bet. Centre and 

Barmm diaries H. (Cha>. U. Barmm & Co. and \ Barnes Francis, cooper, George H. Young, bds. 487 

Thomas dowry & Co.), r. 1564 Washington av. S. Union 

~ ~~ ~~~ ~ - ! Barnes Frank, lab. Sopor & Pont) 

The Chicago Terra Cotta Company 


Door Caps, Window Caps, Brackets, 

ModillJons, Rosettas, Panels, 
Ceiling Centre Pieces, &c. 

Warerooms. 290 State Street. 

Barnes Frank G. cash., Stryker & Barnes, r. 484 N. 

Barnes Frank J. salesman, E. F. Peire & Co. r. 74 


Barnes George, teamster, r. 362 Catherine 
Barnes George, salesman, Writlr & Beebe 
Barnes Ilarrv W. carpenter ami nuilder, r. 6 r )7 State 
Ba-njs llailow, wks. C. H. McConnick & Bro. r. 368 


Harris, manufacturer ana Dealer in 

BANK ana SAFE LOCKS. 62 South Canal Street. 

All kinds of Plumbing and Sewerage done. 

Apply under McVl^ker'* TSser.tre. 



















Office, 124 Washington Street, 


Barnes Henry, lumber insp. bds. 146 Michigan 
Barnes Henry (col'd), porter, bds. 375 Clark 
Barnes Henry, salesman, J. Barnes & Co. r. 187 

Barnes Henry B. (A. S. Barnes & Co.), r. Brooklyn, 

Barnes Henry C. clerk, F. K. Orvis & Co. bds. 90 W. 

Barnes Henry P. painter, r. Randell pi. bet. Centre 

and Aberdeen 

Barnes Henry W. bookkeeper, bds. 182 S. Sangamon 
BARNES HOUSE, N. A. Hawks, propr. 

Randolph, sw. cor. Caual 
Barnes Jacob L. contractor, r. 186 W. 12th 
Barnes James, fireman, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 177 

Barnes James, fireman, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 118 


Barnes Jay, lumber insp. bds. 146 Michigan 
Barnes John, coachman, Edward Jessel, 562 Wabash 

Barnes John C. (A. S. Barnes & Co.), r. Brooklyn, 

Barnes J. C. (Jay Barnes & Co.), r. 648 Burnside 

Barnes J. C. & Co. (J. Barnes and Charles M. 
Foster), gen. com. mer. 208 E. Kinzie 

Barnes J. Spencer (Bishop & Barnes), r. 545 Michi- 
igan av. 

Barnes Matthew (Barnes & Wilmot), r. 22 W. Noble 

Barnes Michael, teamster, bds. 906 State 

Barnes Noah, salesman, Flint <fc Ayer, r. Hyde Park 

Barnes Norman S. physician, 66 Madison, bds. Mad- 
ison cor. State 

Barnes Orrin, cooper, r. 14 Canalport av. 

Barnes Orvis A. manager, H. D. Justi & Co. bds. 
151 S. Morgan 

Barnes Richard, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Barnes Richard, saloon and boarding house, 236 
Sherman, r. same 

Barnes Robert D. salesman, D. B. Fisk & Co. bds. 
Central house 

BARNES ROYAL B. propr. Barnes house, 
ifandolph, sw. cor. Canal 

Barnes Rufus R. conductor, Chicago city railway, 
bds. 173 2ist 

Barnes Samuel T. lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. r. es. 
Reader, bet. Mulligan and 31st 

Barnes Sarah, wid. C. A. dressmaker, 56 W. Ran- 

Barnes Thomas, lab. r. 347 23d 

Barnes Thomas, lab. r. 738 Indiana av. 

Barnes Thomas, teamster. Frost Bros. r. 447 W. Erie 

Barnes William, bds. 11 N. Jefferson 

Barnes William (Terry & Barnes), r. 478 N. LaSalle 

Barnes William H. cUsrk, J. M. W. Jones, r. 182 S. 

Barnes W. A. letter carrier, P. O. 

Barnes W. B. reporter, Edwards directory, bds. 90 
W. Lake 

Barnes W. Pitt, bookkeeper. Barnes house 

Barnes & Wilmot (Matthew Barnes and Robert Wil- 
mot), horseshoers, 120 N. Wells 

Barnes , lawyer, bds. 270 Wabash av. 

Barnesfather Mary, wid. George, milliner, 582 S. 
HaJsted, r same 

Barnet Alexander (Barnet & Murray), r. 154 New- 
berry av. 

Barnet George, realestate and ins. agt. 151 LaSalle 

Barnet Jacob (A. Daube & Co.), r. 137% Michigan 

Barnet James (Barnet & Hanna), r. 158 Newber- 
ry av. 

Barnet John, stonecutter, r. 159 Newberry av. 

Barnet & Hanna (James Barnet and John B. Hanna), 
book and job printers, 192 Lake 

Barnet & Murray (Alexander Barnet and Alexander 
Murray), brass founders, plumbers and gas fit- 
ters, W Franklin 

Barnett Abe, student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Barnett Abraham, gents" clothing, 93U Kinzie, r. 63 

N. Clark 
Barnett Alexander, type founder, Chicago type 

foundry i r. 215 S. Hoyne 
Barnett Bennett, milliner and dressmaking, 442 

State, r. same 

Barnett Edward (col'd), barber, r. 491 State 
j Baruett Ferdinand ^col'd), porter, r. 121 3d av. 
Baniett George, plaaterer, r. 768 State 
Barnett Geoige W. (Barnett & Nichols), r. 205 W. 


Barnett Henry, lab. Gould Bros. r. 153 W. Forquer 
j Barnett James, ornamental plasterer, 419 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Baniett John (Barnett & Wallace), bds. Tremont 


Barnett John, glassblower, r. 115 Cologne 
Barnett Louis, tailor, 42 W. Randolph, r. same 
Barnett Patrick, lab. r. 19 Huron 
Barnett Richard, r. 78 Superior 
Barnett Samuel, commercial reporter, J. H. Wells, 

r. 11 4th av. 
Barnett Willidm (col'd), waiter, St. James hotel, bds. 

Barnett & Nichols (George W. Barnett and Elisha 

R. Nichols), com. mcrs. 130 S. Water 
Barnett & Wallace (John Barnett and Charles T. 

Wallace), meat market, 381 S. Halsted 
; Barney Edward W. dockmaster, Flint, Thompson & 


Barney Fayette N. sailor, r. 349 Hubbard 
Baruey George H. salesman, Hollister & Phelps, 

bds. 247 W. Monroe 
Barney Hiram, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Barney James, lab. bds. 385 E. Indiana 
Barney William H. clockcase maker, bds. 107 N. 


Barney William J. real estate agt. room 15, 85 Wash- 
ington, r. 384 Michigan av. 
Barney William W. mechanic, r. 731 State 
Earnhardt Gettenar, bridge carpenter, r. 450 Burnside 
Barnier Frank, sailor, bds. 38 K Kinzie 
Barningham Addison, weighman, Munger& Armour 

elevator, bds. 179 Huron 

Barnitt Ebenezer H. paperhanger, r. 188 Ewing 
Barnitt Peace, paperhanger, bds. 188 Ewiug 
Barnmeyer Mathias, cooper, John Schick, r. 14 Lar- 


Barns Ezra, driver, W. Div. city railway 
Barns G. varnisher, bds. Franklin house 
Barns N. H. street sprinkler, Green, cor. Carroll 
Barns, see also Barnes 

Barnschmitt August, cooper, r. 197 W. Fulton 
Barnstroff Henry, bds. 14 Wells 
Barnt Frederick, plasterer, r. Benton, se. cor. 31st 
Baruum Bros. (Samuel and L. O. Barnum and 

George W. Thatcher), importers of toy s and fancy 

goods, 41 Lake 
Barnum C. A. (C. A. & C. H. Barnum & Co.), r.679 

Michigan av. 
BARNUM C. A. & C. H. & CO. (C. A. and 

C. H. Baruum, JT p. Mason and J. Staring), no- 
tions, gloves, hosiery and white goods, 49 Lake 
! Barnum C. H. (C. A. <fc C. H. Barnnm & Co.), r. 1316 

Prairie av. 

Barnum E. D. check clerk, r. 679 Michigan av. 
i Barnum George, supt. Ledlie & Corse, r. 430 W. 


Barnum Harrison, driver, Wabash av. omnibus line 
Barnum John L. (Barnum & Mosher), r. 886 Michi- 
gan av. 
i Barnum Lorson. machinist, r. ws. Western av. bet. 

Fulton aud Kiuzie 

Barnnm Norton H. machinist, bds. 856 W. Lake 
, Barnum Norval D. machinist, r. 716 W. Tyler 
Barnum P. H. with C. Goodrich, r. 704 W. Tyler 

^SsHBlL. J 


General Northwestern Agents for 

~\X7"\/r .T~P" 1 P3.C3OT=> AT car-i-N-rer? 
^" U -E-'Cato^.f 3c toOZsTS, 

Warehouse. 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Shipbcrd, Sweet &, Co., Discount Sftori Paper, 

No*. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 


89 Washington Street. Property. Sold and Rented. 




Barnum Russel, r. we. Western av. bet. Fulton and 

Barnnm R. S. machinist, H. C. Goodrich, bds. 125 

Western av. 

Barnnm Samuel (Barnnm Bros.), r. Lake Forest 
Biirnum S. O. (Barnnm Bros.), r. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Barnnm William E. carpenter, r. 332 Cnlnmet av. 
Barnnm William H. pres. Barnum & Richardson's 

Mnfg. Co. r. Salisbury, Conn. 
Barnum William L. (Barnum & Wells), r. 307 W. 


Barnum W. H. (Nissen & Barnum), r. 88 N. Reuben 
Barnum & Mosher (J. L. Baruum and H. M. Mo- 

sher), packers and provision dealers. 77 State 
Barnum & Richardson Mnfg. Co. car wheel works, 

William H. Barnum, pres. Albert Ailing, supt. 

Chas. C. Kellogg, sec. and treas. 64 S. Jefferson 
BARNUM & DWELLS (William L. Barnum 

and Edward W. Wells), ins. agts. 116^ LaSalle 
Baron Frank, showcasemaker, bds. 403 State 
Baron Joseph, barber, August Klenke, r. 205 W. 


Baron Michael, lab. bds. 839 S. Halsted 
Barothy Victor (Victor Barothy & Co.), bds. Hub- 
bard pi. house 

Barothy & Co.), innfrs. champaigne and mineral 

waters, 120 Dearborn 
Barr James F. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Barr William, machinist, I. C. R. R. car works, bds. 

154 Kankakee av. 

Barrad Thomas, lab. bds. 90fi State 
Barrat Edward, blacksmith helper, bds. 186 W. Kin- 
Barre Frederick, carpenter, I. C. R. R. car works, 

bds. 94 27th 

Barrell George H. clerk, Clifton house, bds. same 
Barrell James, bookkeeper, Armour, Dole & Co. r. 

1119 Indiana av. 
Barrell Joshua, propr. Clifton house, Wabash av. se. 

cor. Madison 

Barrels Carl, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Barrels William, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Barrett Abraham, brushmaker, r. 53 Granger 
Barrett Andrew, policeman, bds. 102 Harrison 
Barrett Andrew, lab. r. 320 24th 
Barrett Ann, wid. Patrick, saloon, 800 W. Lake, r. 


Barrett Anthony, lab. r. 96 E. Erie 
Barrett Anthony L. salesman, bds. 158 W. Adams 
Barrett Austin C. r. 882 Indiana av. 
Barrett Benjamin, blacksmith, bds. 126 S. Des- 

Barrett Bridget, wid. William, newsdealer, 540 S. 

Jefferson, r. same 
Barrett Caleb, with W. P. Van Deursen & Co. room 

20, 82 LaSalle 
Barrett Charles, produce dealer, 169 S. Water, r. 134 

Barrett Charles E. bookkeeper, Columbian iron 

works, r. 152 Aberdeen 
Barrett Charles M. bartender, W. R. Sampson, r. 66 

Barrett Converse, policeman, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 

382 N. Franklin 

Barrett Cornelius, lab. bds. 33 Wesson 
Barrett David, peddler, r. 130 Quincy 
Barrett David P. (Barrett & Fay), r. 10 Peck ct. 
Barrett Delia, wid. James, boardinghouse, 149 


Barrett Dominic, lab. r. 147 Wesson 
Barrett Daminick, lab. r. 35 Ontario 
Barrett Edward, blacksmith, bds. 183 W. Kinzie 
Barrett Edward, bricklayer, r. 8t> Ontario 
Barrett Edward N. student, room 13, K. H. Chicago 

Theological seminary 
Barrett Ellon, wid. William, r. 24 Hope 
Barrett E. A. painter, bds. 43 Harrison 




Glues &Neatsfoot Oil, 



Assets over $5,000.000. 

Annual Income, nearly $3,OOO.OOO. 

SHUGARD & DEAN, Gen'l Agents, 

83 "Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable District Agents wanted. 

Barrett E. P. messenger, Am. U. Ex. Co. 

Barrett Frank, clerk, r. 693 Indiana av. 

Barrett Frank M. clerk, city comptroller's office, r. 
703 Indiana av. 

Barrett George D. commercial agt. r. 239 Park ar. 

Barrett Henry, produce dealer, 169 S. Water, r. 134 

Barrett Henry, r. 234 Townsend 

Barrett Henry J. supt. file works, I. C. R. R. r. 763 
Indiana av. 

Barrett Jacob, bookkeeper, bde. 181 Townsend 

Barrett James, hostler, Chicago city railway, bds. 
172 30th 

Barrett James (Chase, Favor & Barrett), r. State, 
nw. cor. Chicago av. 

Barrett James, lab. r. 35 Ontario 

Barrett James, shoemaker, J. P. Farnum, r. 126 

Barrett James, teamster, r. Western av. city limits 

Barrett John, bootmaker, r. 24 Hope 

Barrett John, bookkeeper, r. 25 Sophia 

Barrett John, butcher, bds. 435 24th 

Barrett John, carpenter, r. 262 Augusta 

Barrett John, driver, Avenue stables, bds. State, 
cor. Randolph 

Barrett John, expressman, r. 362 3d av. 

Barrett John, gaspipes, bds. 159 Market 

Barrett John, lab. r. 102 Seely av. 

Barrett John, lab. r. 827 Clark 

Barrett John, lab. r. 350 W. Indiana 

Barrett John, lab. r. 33 Wesson 

Barrett John G. presser, D. A. Hewes, r. 11 Law- 
rence pi. 

Barrett John P. chief operator fire alarm and police 
telegraph, r. 37 Whiting 

Barrett John R. (Emerson, Barrett & Co.), r. 25 So- 

Barrett Joseph (Barrett & Co.), r. 457 Clark 

Barrett Joseph, printer, Workingnian's Advocate, r. 
455 W. 12th 

Barrett J. H. bookkeeper, O'Connor & Gaily, r. Oak, 
ne. cor. Townsend 

Barrett Lawrence W. silverplater, Thomas Gough, 
bds. 127 Quincy 

Barrett Marcus, bookkeeper, P. L. Garrity, r. Jack- 

Barrett Martin, brassflnisher, Northwestern Mnfg. 

Barrett Michael, carpenter, r. 24 Hope 

Barrett Michael, driver, city railway, r. 951*4 W. Lake 

Barrett Michael, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. r. 162 N. Hal- 

Barrett Michael, salesman, bds. 43 Harrison 

Barrett M. J. hatter, D. W. Lamberson & Bro. bds. 
3 Harrison 

Barrett Nicholas, expressdriver. r. 42 N. Green 

BARRETT OSCAR W. ins - a 8 f - and scc - 
Equitable Ins. Co. of Chicago, 120 LaSalle, r. 
178 S. Saugamon 

B: r.-ett O. W. agt. Am. M. U. Ex. Co. Lake, cor. 
Dearborn, r. 146 Calumet av. 

Barrett Patrick, hostler, city railway, bds. 172 20th 

Barrett Patrick, lab. r. 41 Huron 

Barrett Patrick, lab. bds. 181 E. Chicago av. 

Barrett Patrick, mason, r. 117 Sedgwick 

Barrett Permelia, wid. Daniel, r. 421 Buttcrfleld 

Barrett P. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Barrett Richard, butcher, Reid & Sherwin 

Barrett Robert. Bailor, r. 315 22d 

Barrett Samuel E. (Barrett & Arnold), r. 323 N. La- 

Barrett Steven M. A. Rev. pastor, St. Stevens church, 
r. 156 N. Peoria 

Barrett S. F. actor, Wood's museum, bds. 132 Mon- 

Barrett S. L. Mrs. r. 239 Erie 

Barrett Terry, lab. bds. 688 S. Canal 

Barrett Thomas, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 













Harris makes tlio best Fire Proof Safe, 

At tbe Itowevt Price, 62 South Canal Street. 

Bakers' Ovens Bnilt, Woodmff * RaflTcn 










Returned at Death, 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

Barrett Thomas, lab. r. 334 Aberdeen 

Barrett Thomas, lab. r. 728 Archer av. 

Barrett Thomas, police sergt. 1st precinct, r. 137 

Barrett Thomas D. real estate agt. 12th, cor. Blue 
Island av. bds. same 

Barrett Thomas K. printer, r. 235 Forquer 

Barrett Timothy, hostler, Chicago city railway, 
bds. 172 20th 

Barrett William (Barrett & McGrath), r. 596 Centre 

Barrett William, lab. r. 225 W. Taylor 

Barrett William, newsdealer. 540 Jefferson, r. same 

Barrett Winslow, caulker, bds. 31 Pine 

BAKRETT & ARNOLD (Samuel E. Bar- 
rett and William H. Arnold), mnl'rs. of Barrett's 
felt and composition roofing, 124 LaSalle 

Barrett & Co. (Joseph Barrett and F. E. Shaw), 
medicated cigar tactory, 188 LaSalle 

Barrett & Fay (David P. Barrett and A. J. Fay), pa- 
per box mnl'rs. 140 Lake 

Barrett & McGrath (William Barrett and James Mc- 
Grath), groceries and provisions. 596 Centre av. 

Barriiian Charles, blacksmith, r. 4 Myrick av. 

Barrington Alfred, saloon. 123 S. Franklin, r. same 

Barrhmton A. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Barritt Thomas, porter. Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 

Barritt Thomas, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 

Barritt William, porter. Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 

Barritter Michael, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 

Bamnamk Charles, clerk, bds. 90 N. Desplaines 

Barron Charles S. painter, r. 567 S. Burnside 

Barron George, com. mer. r. 195 N. LaSalle 

Barron George (Henry Milward & Co.), r. 1218 Indi- 
ana av. 

Barron George, lab. r. 287 N. Market 

Barron James, hostler, bds. 33 Market 

Barron James, shoemaker, r. 7f>2 Indiana av. 

Barron James L. bookkeeper, Thomas Barrows, r. 26 
Park av. 

Barron John P. (Daniels & Barron), r. 1 Brown 

Barron Mary, wid. John, r. 2d house rear 90 W. Chi- 
cago av. 

Barron Michael, lab. r. 50 Foster 

Barron Nellie, wid. Sabin, r. 72 Adams 

Barron William, r. 1218 Indiana av. 

Barrow John, foreman, Chicago stamping and tin- 
ning works, r. 316 W. Harrison 

Barrow'Timothy, caulker, Doolittle & Bates, r. 26 

Barrow William, clerk, r. 848 W. Fulton 

Barrow W. wigs and toupees, 103 Madison, r. 848 

Barrows Asahel, jr. (Barrows & Barton), bds. 1252 
Wabash av. 

Barrows Charles, clerk, Hutcliiuson & Sons, bds. 241 
W. Randolph 

Barrows John J. trav. agt. West & Farrar, r. 26 Park 

Barrows J. Lloyd (J. Lloyd Barrows & Co.), bds. 26 
Park av. 

Barrows J. Lloyd & Co. (J. Lloyd Barrows, Thomas 
Barrows and J. Allen Norton), gen. sewing 
machine agency, 89 Washington 

Barrows Peleg, machinist, Thomas Barrows, bds. 26 
Park av. 

Barrow* Steven S. carpenter and builder, 349 3d av. 
bd*. 285 Clark 

Barrows Theodore, bds. 285 Clark 

Barrows Thomas (J. Lloyd Barrows & Co.). and gen. 
a:,'t. Fiukle & Lyon sewing machines, 89 Washing- 
ton, brts. 26 Park av. 

Barrows William, painter, bds. 285 Clark 

Barrows & Barton (Asahel Barrows, jr. and John 
Barton"), architects, room 41 Lombard Block 

Barrstow Henry, stonecutter, William G. Cooper, 
bds. 23 Charles 

Bam- Charles, teamster, r. 1-14 W. Monroe 

, Barry David, r. 33 Cayuira 

Barry David, lab. r. 36 O'Brien 
! Barry Dennis, lab. bds. 51 W. Polk 

Bnrry Edward, horseshoer. lids. S.V2 S. Hal-ted 
' Barry Edward, plasterer, bds. 475 S. Halsted 
i Barry Edward, polisher, Sherman, Colo & Co. r. 327 

4th av. 

i Barry Edward M. carpenter, r. *!2 W. Hinsdale 
> Barry Eli/ie, wid. John. r. 42 U Noble 
! Barry Ellen, wid. John. r. 86 Elgin 
j Barry George (Barry & Van Vliet). r. 185 Indiana 
I Barry George, painter, Barry & Cashing, r. 680 N. 


Barry Gerald, express conductor, r. 285 Centre av. 
i Barry Gerard, clerk, bds. 354 Center 
Barry G. H. city engineer, bds. 35-1 Centre 
Barry Henry, brass finisher, bds. 40 Meridian 
Barry James, carpenter, Cox, Howard & Walker, r. 

457 S. Clinton 

Barry James, driver, P. O'Neill 
Barry James, insurance agt. r. 192 N. Peoria 
Barry James, shoemaker, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 95 


Barry James, salesman, r. N. Branch, nr. Cherry 
Barry James, tugman, r. es. Sheldon, bet. Kinzie and 


Barry James, tailor, bds. 227 Van Buren 
Barry James, lab. r. 209 Emerald 
j Barry James, lab. r. 52 Superior 
t Barry James P. carpenter, r. 4*52 Centre av. 
I Barry John, bookbinder, Culver, Page & Hoyne, r. 

299 Catherine 
Barry John, coachman, Edward H. Haddnck, bda. 

158 Wabash av. 

Barry John, fireman, r. 43 Elgin 
Barry John, foreman, McDonald & Murphy, r. 126 De 


Barry John, grocer, r. 200 Pine 
Barry John, fab. bds. 157 Market 
Barrv John. lab. r. 51 Wrieht 
Barry John, lab. r. 201 DeKoven 
Barry John, packer, Eaton, Magnire & Co. r. 51 


Barry John, lab. r. rear 367 W. Kinzie 
Barry John, shoemaker, r. 643 S. Mav 
Barry John, steam fitter, Walworth, Twohig & Furse 
Barry John C. boots and shoes, 118 22d, r. same 
Barry J. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH COL- 

Barry Lawrence, fruiterer, r. 202 Oakley 
Barry Lawrance, lab. r. 299 Catherine 
Barry Margaret, wid. James, groceries and proyi- 

sions, 113 Wright, r. same 
Barry Michael, carpenter, r. 281 Sedgwick 
Barry Michael, lab. bds. 85 E. Indiana 
Barry Michael, lab. r. 208 Kankakee av. 
Barry Michael, shoemaker, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 

Michigan, cor. Rush 
Barry Nicholas, foreman, Mills, Cook & Wilde, r. 381 

Barry Oliver, steamfltter, Walworth, Twohig & 

Furse, r. 45 S. Union 
Barry Patrick, lab. r. 10 Wright 
Barry Patrick, lab. Jones, Corrigan & Co. r. 103 


Barry Patrick, lab. r. 40 Blackwell 
Barry Richard, lab. N. C. rolling mill, r. SSMcHenry 
Barry Richard, lab. r. 73 Johnson 
Barry R. boilermaker. Eagle works 
Barry Samuel S. (Barry & Gushing), r. 402 W r . Mon- 
Barry Thomas, foreman, steamer Economy, r. 295 

Barn" Thomas, packer, Lord & Smith, bds. 267 S. 


Barry Thomas, plasterer, r. 33 Waller 
Harry Thomas S. watchman, r. 24 Otis 
Barry William, foreman, brass shop Northwestern 
Mnfg. Co. r. 77 N. Union 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. ,J:ESSO:P &; sonsrs, 

Warehouse, 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

Bliipncrd, sweet & Co., Brokers in t,oans, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALI*E STREET. 





Barry William, policeman, bds. 119 Market 

Barry William J. r. 15 Granger 

Barry & Cashing (Samuel S. Barry and Nathaniel S. 

Cashing), house and sign painters, 145 State 
Barry & Gregory (- Barry and Richard Gregory), 

gen. jobbers. Blue Island av. sw. cor. 23d 
Barrv & Van Vliet (George Barry and Walter J. Van 

Vliet), cigars and tobacco, 104 N. Clark 
Barry - , lap. Wightman, Legner & Co. bds. ws. 

Ullman, bet. Egan and Douglas avs. 
Bars Christian, lab. r. 10S Roes 
Bars Christopher, lab. bds. 446 Mitchell 
Bars Frederick, lab. r. 108 Rees 
Bnrscy Christian, r. 48 Wesson 
Barse C. J. loreman, W. Div. city railway car stables, 

r. 887 W. Lake 
Barse George, conductor, city railway, r. W. Wash- 

Barsesa M. whol. tobacconist, 52 Randolph, r. Mon- 

roe. foot Randolph 

Barshan John W. artist, r. 142J4 W. Jackson 
Barslan Fred, moulder, (i(i N. Desplaines 
Barsley Alonzo, cement roofer, r. 161 20th 
Barsoe Krist, teamster. Alston, Deyoe & Co. 
Barstow A. M. miifr. silk and cassimere hats, room 

53 McCormick's bldg. r. 442 Calumet av. 
Barstow Charles H. entry clerk, H. W. & J. M. Weth- 

erell, bds. 274 W. Lake 
Barstow C. O. (Ware, Stephens & Co.) 
Barstow Gardner S. salesman, Graunin & Parwell, r. 

r. 103 Calumet av. 
Barstow George F. (Atwater & Barstow), r. Morris, 


Barstow Henry H. ins. agt. r. 274 W. Lake 
Barstow Joseph, hats, caps and furs, 104 Randolph, 

r. 11 S. Ann 

Barstow P. wid. Jervis A. bds. 454 W. Adams 
Bart Joseph, boilerniaker, r. 51 Catherine 
Bart Lena Miss, r. 130 Taylor 
Bart Mary E. Miss, teacher, DeKoven Street primary 

school, bds. 199 W. Washington 
Barta Joseph, carpenter, Moody & Church, r. 409 S. 

Barta Robert, helper, Novelty carriage works, bds. 

158 S. Canal 
Bartchen Joseph, painter. Edward Fisher, bds. 921 


Bartee Michael, milkman, r. 220 Throop 
Bartel Catharine Mrs. fancystore, 384 W. Chicago av. 

r. same 

Bartel William, reporter, Howard, White & Crowell 
Bartell John, cabinetmaker, r. 409 Chicago av. 
Bartelme Alfred E. clerk, Brewster, Freeman & Co. 

r.256N. Halsted 

Bartelme Barthazar. contractor, r. 256 N. Halsted 
Bartelme Francis (Bartelme & Bro.), r. 524 N. Clark 
Bartelme Jacob (M. Bartelme & Co.), r. 143Larrabee 
Bartelme John (M. Bartelme & Co.), r. 143 Larrabee 
Bartelme Michael (M. Bartelme & Co.), r. 143 Larra- 

Bartelme Michael, cigars and tobacco, 557 S. Canal, 

r. same 
Bartelme M. & Co. (Michael, Jacob and John Bar- 

telme). contractors, 143 Larrabee 
Bartelme Peter (Bartelme & Bro.), r. 524 N. Clark 
Bartelme & Bro. (Peter and Francis Bartelme), sa- 

loon. 52-1 N. Clark 

Bartels Anton J. clerk, bds. 374 Sedgwick 
Bartels Bros. (Peter, George and Jacob Bartels), flour 

and feed, 542 S. JeftVrson 
Bartels Carstan, carpenter, r. 258 Forqtier 
Bartels Christian, carpenter, r. 2IX! Forquer 
Bartels Daniel, lab. r. 871 N. Wood 
Bartels Fred, fanner, r. 141 Fry 
Bartels Frederick, physician, 20 N. Union, r. same 
Bartels F. clerk. Ross & Gossage, bds. 199 Michigan 
Bartels George (Bartels Bros.), r. 542 S. Jettersoii 
Bartels George, r. 374 Sedgwick 
Bartels Henry, grocer, 205 Blue Island av. r. same 



Assets over $5,000,000. 

Our Company is governed by Now York laws. 

SHUGART & DEAN, Gen'l Agents, 

83 "Washington street, Chicago. 

Liberal Commissions paid to Solicitors. 



For House Cornices, Counters, and Interior Store 

Ornamentation Generally. Can be had in Terra 

Cotta at One-third the cost of Carved Wood. 

_ Warerooms, 29O State St. 

Bartels Henry, lab. r. 471 Mitchell 

Bartels Henry, sailor, r. 131 14th 

Bartels Henry, saloon, 222 Randolph, r. 208 Randolph 

Bartels Henry W. bartender, r. ns. Phillips, bet. Fay 
and Sagamon 

Bartels Jacob ^Bartels Bros.), r. 542 S. Jefferson 

Bartels James (Bartels & Franz), bds. llth, cor. 
Bine Island av. 

Bartels John (Bartels and Baumgarteu), r. 283 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Bartels John (Bartels & Franz), bds. llth, cor. Bhi3 
Island av. 

Bartels John F. carpenter, r. 121 4th av. 

Bartels John H. (Bartels & Liermann), r. 13 S. 

Bartels John H. (William Bartels & Co.), r. 158 

Bartels Lewis, groceries, whol. and ret. 99 Blue Is- 
land av. r. same 

Bartels Lewis, wagonmaker, bds. 131 W. Lake 

Bartels Peter (Bartels Bros.), r. 542 S. Jefferson 

Bartels T. Henry, liquor mer. r. 13 S. Union 

Bartels William, bookkeeper, White & Crowell, r. 
248 Forquer 

Bartels William, groceries and provisions, 458 Cen- 
tre av. r. same 

Bartels William, lab. r. ws. Wood, bet. Milwaukee 
av. and Division 

Bartels William (William Bartels & Co.), r. 73 Wil- 

Bartels William & Co. (William and John H. 
Bartels, William Hahne and Christ. Tegtmeyer), 
lumber dealers. 904 S. Halsted 

Bartels & Baumgarten (John Bartels and John 
Baumgarten), flour and feed, 283 Milwaukee av. 

Bartels & Bros. (Peter, George and Jacob Bartels), 
flour and feed, 542 S. Jefl'erson 

Bartels & Franz (James and John Bartels, and Leon- 
ard Gehrhard and David Franz), cabinetmakers, 
20 Coolidge 

Bartels & Liermann (John H. Bartels and William 
Liermann), wines and liquors, whol. 73 W. 

Bartemes Philip, carpenter, r. 63 Archer av. 

Bartenschlager Joseph, boardinghouse, 103 E. Van 

Bartenstein Henry, saloon, 43(5 E. Division, r. same 

Barter Adolphus B. painter, bds. 49 Eldridge ct. 

Barter Benjamin, carpenter, r. 49 Eldridge ct. 

Barter Catherine, wid. Conrad, bds. 611 Larrabee 

Barter Louis, peddler, r. Oil Larrabee 

Barter Thomas O. (Barter & Whitehouse), r. 308 W. 

Barter & VVhitehouse (Thomas O. Barter and 
Henry B. Whitehouse), com. mers. 153 LaSalle 

Earth Ann Miss, r. 130 W. Taylor 

Barth August, carpenter, A. Grannis, r. 444 Bumside 

Barth August, carpenter, bds. 423 State 

Barth Benjamin, machinist, Richard's iron works, r. 
225 Larrabee 

Barth Charles, bartender, August Binz, bds. 164 

Barth C. R. clerk, Ross & Gossage, bds. City hotel 

Barth Frederick, watchman, r. Cornell, bet. Cass 
and Noble 

Barth George M. carpenter, Coombs & Herr, bds. 
337 4th av. 

Barth Harm, tailor, r. 481 Arnold 

Barth Jacob (National Boiler Work Co.), bds. 130 

Barth John, lab. r. 31st, bet. Lock and Decring 

Barth Lewis, barber, 173 Milwaukee av. bds. 103 W. 

Barth Magdalea, wid. Nicholas, r. 280 N, State 

Barth Mathias, gilder, George Keller & Co. r. 223 

Barth Mathias, pictureframe gilder, r. 09 E. White 

Barth Mathias, saloon, 119 W. 12th, r. same 

Barth Mathias, tailor, r. 27 Rees 



Slorse Safes have been tried in the largest fires in this country, 

AM> NEVER FAILED. Made by S. H. Harris. 6 South Canal Street. 








H General Agent for Chicago. 
-j 124 Washington St. 


B Barth M. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH COL- 

3 Barth Nicolas, lab. bds. 119 W. 12th 

3 Barth Paul, barber, V. Diehl. bds. 606 W. Indiana 
^5 Brth Paul, lab. r. 473 N. Franklin 
gf> Barth Kegina. wid. Nicholes. r. Ill Newberry 

Bartha Frank, lab. r. 44 Burlington 
^ri Bartheil Jacob, locksmith, r. 117 Sedgwick 

vj Barthel Peter, cigarmaker, Heller & Mauren, r. 595 
M N. Wells 

Earthelman Christopher, woodturner, r. 20 Howe 
(JD Barthen Franz, carpenter, r. 83 Chicago av. 
fJH Barthen Theodore (Earthen & Rene), r. 98 N. Wells 
pj Earthen & Rene (Theodore Barthen and Louis C. 
Rene), book and job printers, publishers Katho- 
lishe Familien Bibliotheke (German weekly), and 

Bartlott Jeremy, baker, r. 648 Butterfield 
Bartlett John A. with S. W. Rawson, r. 260 W. Wash- 

Bartlett J. H. bds. Richmond house 
Bartlett J. H. agt. N. Y. Life Ins. Co. bds. Matteson 


Bartlett J. T. (Bartlett, Butman & Parker), r. Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Bartlett Mary, wid. Richard, r. 137 W. Monroe 
Bartlett Mary A. dressmaker, Mrs. C. O'Conner, r. 

333 Archer av. 

Bartlott Moses, mason, bds. 270 S. Morgan 
Bartlett Murray A. (Allen & Bartlett), r. 475 W. Ran- 

Bartlett Rody, lab. Lull & Holmes, r. 122 Larrabee 
Bartlett Ruins E. clerk, H. Scovil, r. rear!34and 136 

Wabash av. 
Bartlett Samuel C. Rev. prof. Chicago Theological 

seminary, r. 71 Park av. 
Bartlett Seth, shoemaker, J. L. Watson & Co. bds. 

7 Grant 

Bartlett Susan J. wid. Ebenezer. r. 91 8. Sangamon 
Bartlett Theodore, clothing, r. Jackson, cor. Cicero 


Bartlett Thomas, carpenter, bds. 027 State 
Bartlett William, baker, r. 640 Butterfield 

pM Dagslyset (Norwegian monthly), room 23 Dole's | Bartlett William Aloin Rev. pastor, Plymouth church 
^ blk. bds. 7 Park Row 

^ Barthling Henry, teamster, Thole & Fiddelke, bds. 
tf 911 State 

a Barthman Richlna, wid. Zacharias. r. 27 Will 
m B;,rtholdy N. C. (Banholdy & Carr), bds. 17 
JS Milwaukee av. 

2 Bartholdy & Carr(N. C. Bartholdy and Christian 
& i'nrr). stoves and hardware, 57 Milwaukee av. 
r} Bartholomae Fnink (F. Bartholomae & Co.), r. SSI 
W. 12th 

Bartholomae F. & Co. (Frank Bartholomae and John 

S. Miller), brewers. Brown, ne. cor. 12th 
Bartholomae Jacob, stonecutter, r. 22321st 
Bartholomae Philip, supt. Huck's Chicago Brewery 

Co. r. 470 N. State 
Bartholomay Frank, lab. r. 16 Rees 
Bartholme John, lab. r. 261 Mohawk 
Bartholmci Daniel, carpenter, Moody & Church, r. 

167 Mitchell 

1 Bartholomew Edward L. bds. 122 W. Washington 
Bartholomew Harriet E. wid. Philander H. r. 122 W. 


Bartholomew James, stonecutter. Henry Kerber 
Bartholomew John, teamster, r. 393 3d av. 
Bartholomew Martha, wid. Daniel, boardinghouse, 

(569 Archer av. r. same 
Bartholomy John, stonecutter, r. 369 Will 
Earthy Peter, lab. r. 147 Catherine 
Bartik Frank, lab. r. 44 Burlington 
\ Bartky Henry, willowware worker, John Lehmar, 

r. 3 Myrick av. 

I P.artky John, hasketmaker. r. 3 Myrick av. 
, Ban! Elizabeth, wid, John, saloon. 307 Clark, r. 313 
I Clark 

I Bart!<3 Albert, tailor, r. rear 250 21st 
BartL-s Edward, peddler, bds. 56 Coolidsre 
I Baltics John. lab. r. IS Miller 
| Bartlt-rt Augustus L. (Ely, Burnham <fc Bartlett), r. 

11260 Wabash av. 
Bartlett A. C. hardware clerk, Hibbard & Spencer, r. 
i n Ellis av. 

Bartlett. Batman & Parker. (J. T. Bartlett. Edwin 
E. Burman and Andrew H. Parker), mnfrs. truss- 

Bartlett William H. ast. bds. 611 Fullerton av. 

Bartlett William K. lab. r. 132 Augusta 

Bartlett Z. A. act. Swarthout, Kent & Co. r. W. 
Jackson, cor. Brockwell 

Bartley Jane, wid. John, r. 3548. Desplaines 

Bartley John, lab. r. 139 Banker 
| Bartley John, machinist, bds. 273 4th av. 
i Bartley Lorenzo C. salesman, r. 121 S. Sangamon 
I Bartley L. T. r. 901 N. Clark 

Bartley Michael, butcher, r. 332 Archer av. 

Bartley M. W. jr. salesman, Baker, Greig & Co. 
rooms 42 Randolph 

Bartley Robert, teamster. Kelley, Wood& Co. 

Bartling Frederick, solicitor, Home Ins. Co. of Chi- 
cago, r. 302 Chicago av. 

Bartman Charles (Goebel & Bartman), r. Chicago av. 
nr. Milwaukee av. 

Bartman John, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Bartmann George, r. 553 N. Franklin 

Bartner Charles, painter, r. 245 W. Chicago av. 

Bartol Harry B. receiving clerk, P. C. & St. L. R. R. 
r. 55 Pine 

Bartolameo Cella, restaurant, 241 E. Kinzie, r. same 

Bartoli Juan, caudymaker. r. es. al. bet. Wells and 
LaSalle, Madison and Monroe 

Barton Abraham (col'd). lab. r. 19 Perch 

Barton Allen J. clerk, Frederick Page, bds. 322 Ful- 

Barton Benjamin, hat and cap dealer, r. 568 N. Dear- 

Barton Catharine Mrs. bds. 1118 Wabash av. 

Barton Charles, com. mer. bds. 141 N. Clark 

Barton Charles R. (Barton & Jones), r. 190 W. Wash- 

Barton David, railroader, bds. 141 N. Clark 

Barton Frank, foreman folding room, Hitchcock & 
Walden. r. 250 Warren av. 

Barton George, brakesman, P. & F. W. R. R. bds. 
134 W. Adams 

Barton Georg.:. T. bookkeeper, Fourth National 
bank. r. 126H Stat.- 

Barton Jami's. bartender, Chapin & Gore 

Barton Joseph F. clerk. Fuller, Finch & Fuller, r. 
214 S. Green 

Barton King M. clerk, Hitchcock & Walden, r. 250 
Warren av. 

BARTON LEWIS H. groceries and provis- 
ions. 24th. si:, cor. StewartaT. r. snm.i 

Barton William, saloon, s-.t W. Luke. r. same 

supporter*, etc. 188 Clark : B ar;on John, (Barrows & Barton), r. 1116 

t B. J. foreman, Allen & Bartlett, r. 425 \\ . Barton John/traveling agt. bds. 71 Morj 

Bartlett Charles S. paymaster, C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 
888 Michigan av. 

Clara L. Miss, teacher, Jones school, r. 710 
iee Grove av. 

B:ir:k''t Frederick, bartender, August Mueller, bds. 
201 Rush 

Frederick H. boardinghouse, 144 3d av. r. 

: Henry (col'd), waiter, Shernian house, r. 43 
4th av. 

Henry A. cigarmaker. bds, 3(59 State 
i ;!"nry K. 144 3d av. 

B;irt!ett J. C., D. D, prof. Chicago Theological semi- 

ni'.ry. r. 71 Park av.; let i James C. watchmaker and jeweler, 240 Madi- 
-"ii. r. vmii- 


General Northwestern Agents for 

-JSSSOIP & sonars, 

Waroio-.iso, 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

>OK. 155 and l.'.T LA SALLE STREET. 

WW. D. K.ERFOOT, Real Estate Agent, 

89 Washington Street. Property generally managed. 




Barton William A. builder, r. 1298 Wabaab av. 

Barton William C. butcher, bds. 213 Erie 

Barton William H. mor. WO W. Madison 

Barton W. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH COL- 

BARTON & JONES (Charles R. Barton and 

Sjimuel M.Jones), lumber mufrs. and dealers, 

Wi 12th, cor. Lumber 
Barton - , mason, bds. 103 Ellis av. 
Bartinana Charles, lab. Green & Co. bds. W. 14th 
Bartosch Martin, lab. r. 38 Chapin 
Bartow Peril L. salesman, Baker, Greig & Co. r. 746 

Michigan av. 

Bartram Abigal, \vid. Harmon, bds. 450 N. Wells 
Bartram Henry, meatmarket, 231 4th av. r. same 
Bartram Wheeler, policeman, r. 456 N. Wells 
Barts John, fireman, bds. 171 Union 
Barts Frank Miss, seamstress, bds. 86 W. Adams 
Barts - , bricklayer, bds. 147 Illinois 
Bartsloff Albert, blacksmith, r. 134 Bremer 
Bartnsch Ferdinand, tinsmith, Uihleiu & Co. r. 321 

W. Chicago av. 
Barty David, carpenter, McDougal & Co. bds. 336 

W. Indiana 

Bartzes Christian, mason, r. 605 N. Wells 
Baruth Joseph, clerk. J. Glickauf, bds. 83 N. Clark 
Baruth William, groceries and provisions, 74 N. 

Wells, r. same 
Baruth William jr. clerk, Win. Baruth, bds. 74 N. 


Banvell Joseph, foreman, C. P. Kellogg & Co. 
Bary Simon, lab. r. 13 Wright 
Baryns Thomas, butcher. Reid & Sherwin 
Barzal Frank, cigarmaker, r. 507 Larrabee 
Barzal Michael, lab. r. 507 Larrabee 
Barzen Matthias, cooper, Munch Bros. r. 82 Barber 
Bar/en Neckbros, expressman, r. McGregor bet. 

Hanover and Stewart av. 
Basa Gustav, lab. r. 404 Milwaukee av. 
Basch Abraham, clothing, 227 Clark, r. 65 3d av. 
Basch McCready Mrs. r. 310 Wentworth av. 
Bascom A. D. foreman, Union elevator, r. 247 W. 

Bascom George J. student, room 23 K. II. Chicago 

Theological seminary 

Bascom George S. student, bds. 194 W. 12th 
Bascom Janus A. clerk, cash's, office, C. R. I. & 

P. R. R. Co. head LaSatle, r. 104 Wahpanseh av. 
Bascom John, carpenter, bds. 135 W. Erie 
Bascom Oliver (Tanner, Bascom & Co.), r. White- 

hall. N. Y. 

Basemberg William, plasterer, r. 241 Townsend 
Basenhorst William, carpenter, r. 126 W. Erie 
Basgill William, carpenter, r. 161 E. Division 
Bash Christian, shoemaker, Reimur N. Martens, 

bds. 270 Cottage Grove av. 

Bash Daniel N. (Bash & Keer), r. 576 N. Dearborn 
Bash Matthias, machinist, Burkhart, Van Slyck & 

Co. r. 149 E. Indiana 
Bashe Winslow A. operator Metropolitan Tel. Co. 

r. 131 DuKoren 
Bashe W. A. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

COLLEGE, r. 131 DeKoven 
Bash & Kerr (Daniel N. Bash & Thomas J. Kerr), 

rjal estate brokers, 100 Washington 
Basi Constan, butcher, Ballis, Cuny & Pare, bds. 

345 State 

Basil John, tumor, bds. 253 S. Canal 
Basim Arthur, shoemaker, bds. 262 Forquer 
Basket-field John. lab. r. 24 Blackwell 
Basl J. turner, Sugg, Lozier & Beiersdorf 
Basler Henry, upholster, r. 330 S. Jetterson 
Bass E. Ferdinand, foreman. Mears, Bates & Co. r. 

Sheffield av. bet. Clay and Centre 


At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 



Bass Perkins, lawyer, 93 Dearborn, r. 497 Wabash gj 

Bass Walter, salesman, Richard R. Landon, bds. 840 Z 
Wabash av. 

Basse William H. F. Druggist, 748 8. Halsted, r. JS 

Bassean Juan, candymaker, r. es. al. bet. Wells 4 

and LaSalle Madison and Monroe 

Basser Louis, carpenter, r. IS Rees (Ml 

Basset Daniel, machinist, r. Chicago av. sw. cor. Q 

Sangamon &9 

Bassett Andrew F. carpenter, r. 161 24th t 

Bassett Andrew J. clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. bd. ft 

123 Hubbard * 
Bassett Ann Mrs. physician, 76 Rucker, r. same 
Bassett A. F. Mrs. milliner, 161 24th, r. same 

Bassett Bros. (Orlau P. and John J. Bassett), job 8* 

printers, 95 and 97 W. Randolph p 

Bassett Charles E. clerk, bd. 650 Canal j 
Bassett Chauncey V. machinist, bds. 156 W. Wash- J^. 

Bassett Eugene A. physician, rooms 2 and 4, 187 and 

189 Clark, r. same 
Bassett George, kindling wood factory, 97 Qumcy, r. . 

50 4th av. Q 

Bassett George, snpt. buildings C. & N. V\ . It. VV . 

room 7 W ells st, depot, r. Batavia 
Bassett George, painter, A. B. Van Doren & Co. 
Bassett Henry A. clerk, C. B. Hearth & Co. r. 14 S. 

\Vfltcr f^i 

Bassett Henry D. (Doggett, Bassett & Hills), r. Bos- M> 

Bassett Hiram N. letter carrier, station B, r. 76 N. 


Bassett Ira, organ builder, r. 358 Centre av. 
Bassett James, boardiughouse keeper, r. 1170 State Q 
Bassett James S. (Bassett & Paulson), r. 499 Michi- P 

gau av. 
Basse tt Jared (Bassett & Snow), r. Morgan sw. cor. 


Basset t Joel H. office 128 LaSalle, r. same 
Bassett John J. (Bassett Bros.), r. 156 W. Washing- 
Bassett John W. r. Chestnut nr. sw. cor. Frederick 

pi. Hyde Park 

Bassett J. J. carpenter, r. 467 Burnside 
Bassett Nelson M. clerk, C. & N. W. railway, Wells 

st. depot, r. Austin 

Bassett Orlan P. (Bassett Bros.), r. Hyde Park 
Bassett Patrick, bartender, Michael McQuade, r. 337 

Bassett Robert N. mnl'r. hoop skirts and skirt wire, 

46 Lake. r. Birmingham, Conn. 
Bassett Samuel J. uevv.-paper depot, 724 State .r, 

Bassett Samuel W. cash. C. B. Heartt & Co. r. 244 


Bassett Sarah, boardinghouse. 44 Monroe 
Bas.-ett Thomas ( Basset t & Hammond), r. Winetka 
Bassett William R. livery [-table. 38 l^uincy 
Bassett William, wks. rolling mill, r. McIIeury bet. 

Rawson and North av. 





Bass Fannie C. Miss, teacher, Foster school, bds. 78 Bassett & Hammond (Thomas Bassett and Charles 


Bass Huyh. clerk. P. Bass, r. 86 Van Buren 
Bass H. H. shoemaker, J. F. Morrill, r. 578 S. Hal- 



Neatsfoot Oil, 


N. Hammond), hats, caps and furs. 124 Lake 

BASSETT & PATTISOJf (J'* . B^- 7. 

[-ett and James L. Pattison), plumbers and gas- gj 

fitters, 78 Monroe " 

Basse It & Snow (Jared Bassett and AlonzoJ. Snow). A 

real estate brokers. 128 LaSalle M 

Basstbrd Abram. banender. P. Carme. r. 182 State J, 

Basstbrd Laura M. Miss, teacher, Jones school . 

Ba-son Christopher, carpenter, bds. 172 N. Halsted 

BasMHi Bartimeus. blacksmith, r. 210 22;1 Z 

Bast Jacob S. carpenter and builder, r. 81 W. Ilins- p 

dale K^ 

Bast John, blacksmith, r. 109 Burlinz ^ 

Morse's Celebrated Fire ami ISurgiar i*roof 

flladc by S, H. UAHRlS. G^ south Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF A. RAFFEX, Sewer Builders, 

Basement of 73 & 80 East Madison Strt, 






r* Fifty per cent. Dividends guaranteed in the Policy. 
H Office 124 Washington .Street, 

h Bast J. S. cirpentershop . 118 W. White 

~ Bast J. S. r. 81 W. Hiusoale 

B;ista Cirpii'ta. imagemaker. r. es. al. bet. Wells and 

LuSalle. Madison and Monroe 
Bastchan John, tanner, bds. 130 Cornell 
CjJ Bastia Elear, carpenter, r. rear 75 Sampson 
J Bastick Peter, flagman. I. C. R. R. r. rear 114 14th 
^5 Bastick Peter J. machinist, bds. I127 State 
M Bastien Ulrich. carpenter, bds. 260 S. Clinton 

dBastir John, tailor, 81 George, r. same 
Bastow Jeremiah, plumber, Loring & Button 
WJ Bataille Jacques, saloon, 04 W. Chicago av. r. same 
^ Batavier Wolf, cigarniaker, George Braham. r. 158 
r~* N. Reuben 

< Batch William, cooper, George Smith, r. 267 W. 
6* Kinziij 

Batchelder G. W. printer. Church, Goodman & Don- 
nelly, r. 279 Warren av. 

Batchelder J. H. (A. Wolford & Co.), bds. St, James 

Batchelder James L. (Batchelder & Frisbee), r. 785 
W. Washington 

Batchelder Josiah C. clerk, Charles W. Stevens, 
bds. 132 S. Pcoria 

Batchelder W. bds. Matteson house 

Batchelder and William B. Frisbee \. publishers, 
bookbinders and blank book mnfrs. room 42, 
McCormick's bldg. 

Batcheller Webster (Batcheller & Rice), bds. Matte- 
son house 

Batcheller & Rice (Webster Batchellor and Byron 
RiceV lumber dealers, Beach, se. cor. Polk 

Batchelor Henry, packer, r. 130 W. Randolph 

Batchelor Joseph B. physician, bds. 163 W. Wash- 

Batchen James, stonecutter, r. 207 W. Polk 

Bateham William B. (Bateham & Co.), r. 286 W. 

Bateham A Co. (William B. Bateman and Edward 
D. Van AmburghX shingle mnfrs. 337 S. Canal 

Bateley Mary Jane, dress and cloakmaker, 233 La- 
Salle, r. same 

Bateman A. Mrs. r. 297 W. Randolph 

Bateman John, lab. T. rear 44 Nebraska 

Batjiuan J. carpenter, bds. 30 W. Madison 

Bateman Nelson, jeweler, Mark Campbell, 81 
Clark, r. 28 Vesta 

Bateman Peter, dyer, r. 211 N. Carpenter 

Bateman Richard, lab. r. 44 Nebraska 

Bateman Samuel, drygoods, 415 Clark, r. same 

Bates Aaron T. farm machinery, 195 Washington, 
bds. 14 Bishop ct. 

Bates Alice S. teacher, Carpenter school, bds. 192 
N. Carpenter 

Bates Ansel Mrs. confectionery and fruits, 754 W. 
Madison, r. same 

Bates Anthony, lab. r. 379 Mitchell 

Bates Bradley W. grocer, 613 W. Van Buren, r. 

Bates Charles L. salesman, A. H. Miller, bds. Ever- i 
ett house 

Bates David, drover, r. 40 Cottage Grove av. 

Bates Eli (Meare, Bates & Co.), r. 3'i7 Ontario 

Bate- (Jvonre C. bookkeeper. Haskin, Martin & 
Wheeler, r. 316 W. Washington 

Bates George C. (Bates & Towslee), r. room 5, 124 

Bates George H. order solicitor, L. P. Hill, bds. 145 

Bates Harry B. com. mer. bds. 112 Cottage Grove av. 

Bates Henry K. shoemaker, J. P. Faruum, r. 148 S. 

Bates Henry L. printer, Pigott, Webster <fc Co. r. 

Bates H. O. r. 113 Michigan av. 

Bates James S. shipcaulker. r. 112 W. Ewing 

Bates John (E. E. Bromilow & Co.). r. Mackinaw, 

Bates John S. currier, J. H. & G. M. Walker, bds. 

387 Klston rd. 
Bate- John G. salesman. Richards, Crumbaugh & 

Shaw. bds. Matteson house 
Bates Joseph, agt. r. 148 N. Green 
Bates Joseph E. gen. agt. Chicago Life Ins. Co. r. 

746 Michigan av. 
Bates Lenvm. r. .354 W. Madison 
Bates Lewis icol'dX expressman, r. 131 4th av. 
Bates Louis, butcher, r. 365 Wells 
Bates Newton H. bookkeeper, S. C. Griggs & Co. 

bds. 354 W. Madison 
Bates Richard W. draughtsman, F. Porter Thayer & 

Co. r. 365 W. Madison 
Bates R. C. r. 58 4th 

Bates Samuel E. carpenter, r. 163 S. Desplaines 
Bates Shultz, wid. r. 868 V State 
Bates Stephen (Doolittle & Bates), r. 173 W. Van 

Bates S. A. printer, Spalding & La Monies, bds. 350 

N. Wells 

Bates William, shipping clerk, bds. 387 Elston rd. 
Bates William, student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Bates William H. milk dealer, bds. 278 Erie 
Bates William M. (Doolittle & Bates), r. 170 W. Van 

Bates William W. (Doolittle & Bates), r. 169 W. Van 

Bates & Towslee (George C. Bates and Henry B. 

Towslee), lawyers, rooms 4 and 5, 124 Washing- 

Batesman Henry, bootmaker, bds. Franklin 
Bateson Alexander, lumber dealer, 347 Archer av. 

r. 12-1 State 

Bateson John, bookkeeper, bds. 1 42;Lake av. 
Batey John. wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Batey Richard, collector, Chicago Republican, bds. 

51 W. Van Bureu 
Batfaier Albert, cabinetmaker, F. Porter Thayer & 

Co. bds. 62 W. Randolph 
Bathlv John, cabinetmaker, Jacob Pfeiffer, r. 40 


Bathmann James T. embroidery, bds. 106 N. Clark 
Batista Corunna, painter, r. es. al. bet. Wells and 

LaSalle. Madison and Monroe 
Batker Henry, cabinetmaker, 257 Clark, r. same 
Batlershall F. H. clerk, internal revenue, room 6 

P. O. bldg. r. W. Harrison, nr. G. E. R. R. 
Bats John, lab. r. 14 Evans 

Batslart Albert, blacksmith, Rossow. Bros. & Co. 
Battail Jacob (Stoffel & Battail). r. 125Sedgewick 
Battan Frederick, lab. r. Canalport av. 
Batten John H. clerk, Superior court, r. 513 N. La- 

Battin Augustine J. clerk, bds. 47 Wahpanseh av 
Batter Charles W. asst. bookkeeper, Murray & Ma- 
son, bds. 20 Willard pi. 
Batterman Christ, barkeeper, P. Macfarlane, bds. 

Schall house 
Battermau Henry, barkeeper, Frederick Rolling, bda. 

bds. y-2 N. Union 

Batterman John C. clerk, J. J. Dwyer. r. 423 State 
Batterman John, groceries, 567 Canal, r. same 
Batterman William, clerk, bds. 327. Division 
Battennan William, foreman, Bradner, C'harnley<S 

Co. r. 90 John 
Battcrsby Joseph, photographer, 62 N. Clark, r. 221 

W. Madison 

Battershall M. broker, r. 42!} W. Madison 
Batten-hall William. boardius:honse. ', ^'ith. r. same 
Battershall William jr. clerk, bds. 7 -i6ih 
Battis Andrew J. carpenter, bds. 68 W. Randolph 
Battledorf John, lab. r. 162 Bushnell 
Battles EdirarC. bottomer, Chicago Boot and Shoe 

Co. r. 38 Pope'sblk. 
Battl 's John F. salesman, L. H. Davis & Co. bds. 

Revere house 
Batty Nicholas, drayman, r. 61 Bremer 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. CTIESSOIP & sortsrs, 

Warehouse, 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Shlplierd, Sweet * Co., Large i^oans a specialty, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLK STREET. 

SIMEON W. KETCG, United States Commissioner 

For Northern District of II lino!*. 117 South Clark Street. 




Batty Richard, machinist, r. 755 Hubbard 
Batuska Frederick, tailor. 5o Augusta, r. same 
Baty Robert, artificial limbmafeer, John E. Gardner, 

r. 37!t Wells 
Baty Thomas, clerk, F. E. Rigby jr. bds. Mattison 


Batzel Johanna, wid. Julius, r. 146 W. Division 
Batzer J. M. bds. -27-1 Clark 
Baubel William, carpenter, r. 22 W. O'Brien 
Baubin Robert, salesman, Trego & Co. r. 598 W. 


Baubras Sophia, wid. Theodore, r. 15 Archer av. 
Bauch Peter, flour and feed. 973 W. Lake, r. same 
Bauck John, carpenter, r. 258 Vine 
Baude Henry, expressman, r. 10 N. Elizabeth 
Bander John, bds. 163 E. Chicago av. 
Bander William, driver, F. Madlener, r. 19 N. Union 
Raudish James, painter, bds. 125 Ohio 
Bauduin Florimond. engineer, r. 22 Hastings 
Bauer Andrew, butcher, r. 350 Fulton 
Bauer August (A. Bauer & Co.), r. 402 N. State 
Bauer A. & Co. (August Bauer and R. Loebnitz), 

architects. 36 LaSalle 
Bauer B. saloon. GOO 8. Halsted, r. same 
Bauer C'aspar, lab. r. 625 N. Wells 
Bauer Charles, moulder, bds. 02 W. Randolph 
Bauer Frank, trunkmaker, bds. 425 Division 
Bauer Frederick, bookkeeper, F. C. McFarland, 

bds. 263 Evans 
Bauer Henry W. clerk, George G. Levi, bds. 187 


Bauer Herman, clerk, Childs Bros. bds. 102 3d av. 
Bauer Herman (J. Bauer & Co.). r. 542 N. Clark 
Bauer Jacob, bricklayer, r. 131 Burling 
Bauer Jacob, maltster, Buck's Chicago Brewery Co. 

bds. 406 N. State 

Bauer Johanna, wid. William, bds. 221 Oak 
Bauer John, laborer, r. 93 Burling 
Bauer John, saloon, 739 Larrabce, r. same 
Bauer John, wagon painter, Ulrich & Neff, bds. 432 

S. Halsted 

Bauer John B. carpenter, r. 168 Barber 
Bauer John R. (J. Bauer & Co.), r. New York 
Bauer Joseph, carpenter, r. 86 Sigel 
Bauer Joseph, housemover and raiser, 164 Mitchell, 

r. same 

Bauer Joseph, painter, r. 595 N. Wells 
Bauer Julius (J. Bauer & Co.), r. 221 Oak 
Bauer J. A. teacher, St. Michael's school, r. 188 


Bauer J. C. saloon, 486 Larrabee, r. same 
Bauer J. student, PORTER'S TELEGHAPH COL- 

BAUER J. & CO. (Julius, Herman and John 
TL Bauer), musical instruments, mnfrs. and im- 
porters, 69 Washington 
Bauer Kilian, trunkmaker, r. 425 Division 
Bauer Louis, file nmfr. 313 S. Canal, r. 346 S. Halsted 
Bauer Michael J. painter, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 695 

X. Wells 

Bauer Michael, lab. r. 180 North av. 
Bauer Nicholas, brushniaker, r. 232 N. Noblo 
Bauer Peter, stonecutter, bds. 425 Division 
Bauer P. moulder, Northwestern Mnfg. Co. 
Bauer, see also Baur 
Bauerfelt William, r. 175 W. Liberty 
Bauerle Michael (Schulz, Patezack & Bauerle), r. 

159 Milwaukee av. 

Bauerley Leonard, carpenter, r. 592 W. Indiana 
Bauft'E.'bds. Hess house 
Baui'ord A. Mad. female physician, r. 333 State 

uL'h Daniel, treas. Northwestern Fertilizing Co. 

34 LaSalle, r. Philadelphia 
uL'h Edwin P. vice.pres. Northwestern Fertilizing 

Co. 3-1 LaSalle, r. Philadelphia 
Baugh John P. pros. Northwestern Fertilizing Co. 

LaSalle, r. Philadelphia 
Baugham John P. bootmaker, C. M. Henderson & 

Co. r. 210 Randolph 


Should eee top 


On Sixteenth Street, near Prairie Avenue, containing 

Terra Cotta Door and Window Cap*, Brackets 

aud Alodilltons, made by the 

Chicago Terra Cotta Company. 



Assets over 85,000,000. 

Largest accumulations of any Co. west of New York. 

SHUGART * DEAN. Gen'l Agents. 

83 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Airents wanted. 

Baughan Bartholomew, bootmaker, C. M. Hender- 
son & Co. r. CO Wright 
Baughman Horace G. foreman, Robert V. Kennedy, 

r. 283 Park av. 

Baug'hniartin Louis, lab. bds. 148 Coolidge 
Banghman Wilson S. traveling agt. Bartlett, But- 

nuui & Parker, bds. 449 W. Jackson 
Baughton B. A. painter, N. Div. city railway, bds. 

79 Dearborn 
Baugulpho Francis, confectioner, 269 Clark, r. 


Bauland Herman, saloon, 261 Clark, r. same 
Bauld Adam, boilermaker, Devinc & Bro. 
Bauld David, engineer, r. 257 W. Tyler 
Baukl William, student, BRYANT & STRATTON, 

Bauler Carl, carpenter, r. 29 Barber 
Baum Andreas, lab. r. 75 Sedgwick 
Ban; 11 Bernhard A. watches and jewelry, 425 

State, r. same 

Banm Charles F. conductor, city railway, r. 96 Brown 
Baum Christ, lab. J. Lee Smith 
Baum C. F. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Banm Emanuel, peddler, bds. 78 W. Madison 
Baum Gabien, clerk, Daniels & Baum, r. 156 W. 

Baum Herman, watchmaker, Bernard A. Baum, 

425 State, r. same 

Baum Joseph, cigarmaker, r. 194 W. Jackson 
Baum Julius, salesman, Heilbron & Bar 
Baum Leopold (Baum <fc Hirch), r. 78 W. Madison 
Baum Michael, machinist, Ferguson Bros. 
Baum Moses (Daniels & Baum), r. 194 W. Jackson 
Baum & Hirch (Leopold Bnum and Sebastian Hirch), 

news depot, 78 W. Madison 
Bauman August, mason, r. 259 Black Hawk 
Bauman August, lab. Chicago glue works 
Bauman Boniface, teamster, r. 551 Larrabee 
Banman Charles, lab. r. 48 Fremont 
Bauman Francis, r. 144 Clybourn av. 
Bauman Frederick, lab. bds. 48 Fremont 
Bauman Henriette, wid. Henry, bds. 48 Fremont 
Banman Herman, bricklayer. r>ds. 48 Fremont 
Bauman John C. blacksmith, P. Lerrch, r. 332 22d 
Bauman John, lab. Chicago glue works 
Bauman M. pressman Chicago Republican, r. 67 


Bauman Nicholas, wiper, M. C. R. R. r. 37 Elgin 
Bauman Stephen, clerk, Frederick Kosche,"r. 134 

Clybourn av. 

Biiu man William, printer, r. 67 Vedder 
Baumanu Christian, wood and coal, 200 Milwaukee 

av. r. 205 N. Sangamon 

Baumann Christoph, lumberman, bds. 205 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Baumann Edward (F. & E. Baumann), r. 494 N. La- 

Baumann Frederick (F. & E. Baumann), r. 400 Erie 
BAUMANN F. & E. (Frederick and Edward 

Baumann), architects, 158 Washington 
Baumann George, meatmarket, 101 Blue Island av. 

r. same 
Baumann Henri M. cabinetmaker, John M. Stuart, 

r. 419 Wells 

J Baumauu IK-nry, brewer, Seipp & Lehmnun 
Baumann John, barber, basement, 123 W. Ran- 
dolph, r. 70 S. Desplaines 
i Baumann John, wood and coal, 75 Milwaukee av. r. 

317 4th 

Banmauu Julius, barber, 586 S. Halsted, r. same 
! Baumann J. H. mer. tailor, 1371 State, r. same 
I Baumann Richard, draughtsman, F. & E. Baumann, 

r. 406 Erie 

I Baumann William (Baumann & Buschik), r. Cly- 
bourn av. nw. cor, Halsted 

BAUMANN & BUSCHIK (William Ban- 
mann and Emil Buschik), civil engineers and 
architects, rooms 11 and 12. 106 Madison 

The llCorse Safes Iiave a record of 25 years and never failed. 



Basement of 78 & SO Kast Madlaon Street. 









Solicitors Paid Liberal Brokerage. 

Office, 124 Washington St., 


Baumbach Adolph, professor of music, r. room 24 

104 Randolph 

Baumeister George, bartender, r. 209 Hurlbut 
BaumieAter John, teamster, r 126 Fry 
Baumeister Joseph, musician. Great Western light 

guard band, r. 121 Sedgwick 
Baumet Michael, machinist, bds. Eagle house, 93 S. 


Baumgardener John, carpenter, r. 390 S. Morgan 
Baumgardner Albert, cabinetmaker, r. 54 Coolidge 
Banmgardner William H. painter, Barry & Cushing, 

r. 1470 Indiana av. 

Baumgarten Jacob F. r. W. Lake, cor. N. Halsted 
Baumgarten John (Bartels & Baumgarten and 

Baumgarten & Bro,), r. 187 Chicago av. 
Baumgarten J. F. (Baumgarten & Bro.), 194 W. 

Baumgarten & Bro. (John and J. F. Baumgarten), 

coin. mer. 194 W. Randolph 
Baumgarter Fred. (Heintz & Baumgarter), r. Lake, 

nr. Halsted 

Baumgrove J. moulder. Eagle works 
Baumhardt Charles, house raiser, bds. 232 Madison 
Buumhans Henry, bds. 274 Clark 
Baumont George, butcher, r. 607 Arnold 
Baumrnker Martin, tailor, Venzel Rezauka, bds. 64 

Baunnch Charles, engraver, Louis Nelke & Co. r. 398 

N. Wells 

Baur Frank X. tanner, r. 304 E. Division 
Baur Frank, policeman, r. 249 Ewing 
Banr John (Sebastian Baur & Co.), r. 420 N. Wells 
Baur Sebastian (Sebastian Baur <fe Co.), r. 420 N. 

Banr Sebastian & Co. (Sebastian and John Baur), 

leather and findings, 190 Lake 

Baurie , machinist, bds. 362 S. Halsted 

Baus John, sergt. 3d precinct sub-station, 269 North 

av. r. 227 North av. 
Bausbiss Martin, teamster, Sugg, Lozier & Beiers- 


Bauschleger Catherine, wid. r. 231 Dayton 
Bause Balthalzer, expressman, r. 276 W. Taylor 
Bausenbach Charles G. (Charles G. Bausenbach & 

Son and NiemierA Bausenbach), r. 626 S. Canal 
Bausenbaeh Chas. G. & Son (Charles G. and Edward 

Bauseubach), watchmakers and jewelers, 626 

Bausenbach Edward (Chas. G. Bausenbach & Son), 

r. 626 S. Canal 
Baushcr Henry jr. asst. purchasing agt. C. & N. W. 

R. W. bds. 8 Eldridge ct. 
Bauspies Martin, teamster, r. 13 Newberry av. 
Bautsch George, bartender, C. Hulke 
Bautz Casper (F. L. Schmidgall & Co.), r. 168 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Bautx Robert, siznpainter, 186 W. Randolph r. same 
Baux Went/el, shoemaker, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 107 

Bauze Frederick, driver, Hollister & Phelps, r. W. 

Bavarian Hotel, Adam Hilb, propr. 125 S. Canal, r. 

Bavel John, lab. bds. ss. Van Horn, bet. Leavitt and 

Bavinuton John, student, BRYANT & STRAT- 

Bavin it Bro. ( 'William and Edward Bavin), teas, 

coft'eu and spices, 12-1 Randolph 

Bavin William (Bavin & Bro.) r. 336 W. Washinuton ! 
Bavin Edward ^ Bavin & Bro.) r. 340 W. Washington | 
Bavel Joseph, carpenter, r. ss. Van Horn, bet. 

Leavitt and lulehart 

Bawl William T. cooper, r. 99 S. Desplaines 
Baxatoinaz Thomas, lab. r. 78 Buttertield 
Baxter Andrew J. physician, r. 263 Ontario 
Baxter Augustus G. with Shortall & Hoard, r. 139 S 

Baxter Ann E. wid. Georsre. r. 143 Brown 

Baxter David, saloon, 271 State, r. same 

Baxter Daniel F. (Webster & Baxter), r. 361 Ohio 

Baxter Edward G. elk. J. W. Doane & Co. bds. 287 


Baxter George, saloon, 212 N. Union, r. same 
Baxter George, cabinetmaker, 152 Newberry av. 
Baxter Gilbert L. carpenter, r. 37 Johnson 
Baxter Henry, asrt. r. 109 Miller 
Baxter James, stonecutter, r. 150 Newberry av. 
Baxter James, coppersmith, Wilks & Hainsworth. 
Baxter James H. teamster, r. 310 Wells 
Baxter John, carpenter, r. 106 S. Green 
Baxter L. saloon, 977 State, r. 318 Cottage Grove av. 
Baxter Mary, wid. Patrick, r. 360 Wells 
Baxter Robert T. clerk, Gale & Block!, bds. 106 S. 

Baxter Thomas G. mill furnishing manager, r. 343 

W. Adams 
Baxter Thomas W. (T. W. Baxter & Co.), r. New 

York city 
Baxter T. W. & Co. (Thomas W. Baxter and - ), 

mill furnishing goods, ss. W. Washington, nr. 

Baxter William, bartender, Thomas Foley, r. 89 W. 


Baxter William, engine cleaner, r. 143 Brown 
Baxter William, stonecutter, r. 243 W. Taylor 
Bay Edgar T. conductor, bds. 173 21st 
Bay George, brewer, bds. 82 and 84 E. Pearson 
Bay George P. (G. P. Bay & Bro.), r. 30 Rncker 
Bay G. P. & Bro. (George P. and Henry K. Bay), 

grocers, 288 and 290 Hubbard 
Bay Henry K. Mrs. cash. G. P. Bay & Bro. r. 288 


Bay Henry K. (G. P. Bay & Bro.), r. 288 Hnbbard 
Bay Josephine L. wid. Edwin R. r. 159 Aberdeen 
Bay State Market, Edward Davis, propr. 341 W. 


Bayden James W. realestate, r. 151 S. Sangamon 
Baye Charles, lab. r. 106 Bremer 
Bayer Henry, framemaker, R. B. Appleby, r. 233 W. 

Bayer John, blacksmith, Albert Wolter, r. 65 


Bayer Louis, ins. clerk, 670 Washington 
Bayhen Edward, lab. r. 102 Maxwell 
Bayhen James, clerk, r. 102 Maxwell 
Bayle James, boot and shoemaker, 2 River, r. same 
Bayley John, painter, r. 194 English 
Bayley J. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH COL- 

BAYLEY J. M. laundry, 70 Madison, r. 

Bayley Thomas, boatbuilder, 1 N. Clark, r. 218 Car- 


Bayley William L. S. ins. agt. 986 W T . Madison 
Bayley, see also Bailey and Baily 
Baylies John A. salesman, A. G.'Downs & Co. r. 145 


Bayliss Jeremiah H. Rev. r. 186 Park av. 
Bayly Richard Mrs. r. 340 W. Lake 
Bayne William, bookkeeper, George A. Seaverna 

& Co. r. 460 N. Dearborn 
Baynes Anthony, lab. r. 75 Ohio 
Bayncs Michael, lab. O'Connor, Ellis & Co. bds. 75 

" Ohio 

Bayard Edward A. clerk, Mears, Bates & Co. 
Bayston Jabez, painter, bds. 121 W. Lake 
Bazy James, bricklayer, r. 369 W. Polk 
Beach Albert, tailor, bds. 152 Forquer 
Beach Charles E. letter carrier, P. O. r. 132 W. Jack- 

Baach Charles J. miller, Western White Lead Co. r. 

131 Chicago av. 
Beach Ebon C. (John F. Rathbone & Co.), r. Al- 

bany. N. Y. 

Beach Edward, clerk, Gray, Griswold & Co. 
Beach Eli A. (D. 11. Lincoln & Co.), r. 1050 Mich- 

igan av. 


General Northwestern Agents foi 
. Cr:ESSO:F> & SOIsTS, 
Warehouse. 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Shiphcrd, Sweet & Co., Brokers in Iriorl gages, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

W3I. S3. ffiJBRFOOT, Real Estate Dealer and Broker, 

No. 89 Washington Street. Estateswmanaged. 



Beach E. Kellogg, r. 169 Lincoln av. 

Beach George, actor, r. 152 W. Van Buren 

Beach George, driver, U. S. Ex. Co. 

Beach He man S. painter, r. 6 Purple 

Beach John, driver. U. S. Ex. Co. 

Beach John, lab. r. 152 Forquer 

Beach John, tinner. D. P. Newell, r. 76 Griswold 

Beach John P. (Sackett & Beach), r. room 12, 168 

Beach J. S. physician and surgeon, rooms 20 and 21 

Reynold's blk, r. 119 3d av. 
Beach J. V. H. engineer, C. & N. W. R. R. bds. 

Lake, ne. cor. Peoria 

Beach Oscar, clerk, Ilorton & Leonard, bds. 93 Calu- 

Beach Samuel S. (Beach & Barnard), r. 125 W. Jack- 

Beach Schuyler, bookkeeper, r. 10 N. Sangamon 
Beach Stephen, fireman, bds. 516 N. Wells 
Beach Thomas S. bookkeeper, S. H. McCrea & Co. 

r. 10 N. Sangamou 
Beach William H. r. 565 Wabash av. 
Beach William H. printer, r. 125 W. Jackson 

Beach , r. room 39 Portland blk. 

Beach & Barnard (Samuel S. Beach and Frederick 

Barnard), book and job printers, 122 and 124 Clark 
Beagen John, carpenter, r. 56 Farrell 
Beahau James, clerk, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. bds. 102 


Bcahu John, carpenter, bds. 113 Forquer 
Beaim John, lab. W. W. Washburn 
Beal Henry, clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 456 Clark 
Beal M. realestate agt. r. 470 W. Jackson 
Beal Richard J. (Beal & Brown), r. ss. School, bet. 

Dcsplaiues and Halsted 

Beal Stephen, scrollsawyer, bds. 294 S. Morgan 
Beal & Brown (Richard J. Beal and J. J. Brown), 

carriage mnfrs. 142 and 144 W. Madison 
Beal & Coy, realestate agts. room 5, 156 Madison 
Bealas Matthias, boilermaker, r. rear 486 N. Clark 
Beale Frank H. carpenter, II. A. Pitts' Sons, r. 227 

8. Sangamon 

Bealetbki Thomas, furrier, bds. 177 Ewing 
Bealik Joseph, lab. r. 28 Burlington 
Bealka August, lab. r. 43 Grove 
Bealker Joseph, r. 572 N. Wells 
Beall Charles M. clerk, Charles B. Sawyer & Co. r. 

36 Rush 

Beall Edward T. stencilcutter, Charles Meyer & Co. 
Beats Charles, lab. r. 241 Burnside 
Beam Charles, private watchman, r. State, ne. cor. 

Douglas pi. 
Beam Charles W. printer, Rand, McNally & Co. bds. 

192 W. Lake 

Beam John, expressman, r. 22 Coolidge 
Beam Levi, buggywasher, E. R. Schall, bds. Schall 


Beam William Mrs. r. 55 4th av. 
Beamer Frederick, machinist, r. 48 Bremer 
Beamer Nicholas, carpenter, r. 48 Bremer 
Beamish Michael, lab. r. 116 Catherine 
Beamth A. C. lab. bds. 221 Wells 
Bean Edward, lawyer, bds. 341 Ohio 
Bean Edwin, (Sackett & Bean), bds. 341 Ohio 
Beau Elizabeth Miss, teacher, bds. 118 Superior 
Bean Hiram, miller, bds. 71 Oakley 
Bean H. S. lore man, Loring <fc Keeue 
Bean Jacob, carver, bds. 105 Newberry 
Bean J. E. Mrs. dress and cloakinaker, 194 Clark, r. 


Bean Peter, r. 105 Newberry 
Bean Sarah J . wid. William H. 33 W. Qulncy 
Beau S. M. Mrs. dressmaker, 153 Lake, r. same 
Bean Thomas S. (T. S. Beau & Co.), r. 155 W. 

Bean T. S. & Co. (Thomas S. Bean and Wesley W. 

Walsworth), drugs and medicines, 155 W. 

Bean William H. traveling agt. bds. 841 W. Lake 



Glues &Neatsfoot Oil, 




Assets over $5,000,000. 

Dividends payable annually after second year. 

SHUGAffT & DEAN, Gen'l Agents, 

83 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents wanted. 

Beaner Bartholomew, lab. r. 04 W. 18th 

Beans Anthony, lab. r. 27 E. Erie 

Beans August, baker, C. Weikhorst, bds. 266 Wells 

Beans K. I. machinist, ws. al. bet. 3d and 4th avs. 

and Harrison and Van Buren 
Beans Thomas, lab. r. 27 E. Erie 
Bear Auron, peddler, r. 121 E. Quiucy 
Bear Christian, cooper, Banks, cor. Stone 
Bear Jacob, mcatmarket, 736 W. Madison, r. same 
Bear Joseph, butcher, r. 141 W. Randolph 
Bear Martin B. clerk, Anton Schager, r. 356 S. Canal 
Bear Richard, clerk, r. 98 N. Morgan 
Beard Frimk, gardener, 45 Emma 
Beard John P. student, BRYANT & STATION'S 

Beard Joseph, carpenter, Charles Kelley 
Beard J. S. special agt. P. O. department, bds. 62 

Center av. 

Beard P. fly net maker, Grant & McLean 
Beard William, blacksmith, r. 43 Butterfield 
Beard William, carpenter, bds. 876 State 
Beard Samuel, plasterer, r. 1000 W. Madison 
Beard Samuel, plasterer, r. 1002 W. Madison 
Beardon A. H. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Beardslee A. H. student. PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Beardslee Charles Mrs. r. 264 Michigan av. 


CO. (Charles, Reuben and Phineas Beardslee $ 

and William P. Humble), whol. dealers in cloths, * 

cassimeres, vestings, &c. 87 and 89 Michigan ar. * 
Beardslee Charles R. salesman, Charles Beardslee, J9 

Bros. & Co. r. 264 Michigan av. Z 

Beardslee Phineas (Charles Beardslee, Bros. & Co.), J 

St. Louis M< 

Beardslee Reuben (Charles Beardslee, Bros. & Co.), _, 

r. 966% Wabash av. 
Beardslee William H. salesman, Charles Beardslee, J? 

Bros. & Co. r. bds. 264 Michigan av. 
Beardsley Addison H. clerk, Mechanics' National JJ* 

bank, r. Vincennes av. cor. Egan av. f 

Beardsley Carlos, distiller, U. J. Pahlman & Co. 588 M 


Beardsley E. D. (McDonald & Beardsley) 
Beardsley George, builder, r. 843% Kankakee av. H 
Beardsley George, student, PORTER'S TELE- 2 


Beardsley George H. r. 905 Michigan av. ** 

BEARDSLEY GEORGE P. sign painter, fi 

120 Monroe, r. 155 W. Van Buren jw 

Beardsley G. R. builder, 1058 Indiana av. * 

Beardsley Jerome G. cash. James Forsyth fc Co. 

r. 143 S. Peoria -j 

Beardsley Lawrence S. bookkeeper, J. K. Botsford 4,? 

& Sous, r. Van Buren, ne. cor. Morgan 9 

Beardsley Ruth, wid. Curtis, bds. 96 W. Washington _. 
Beardsle v William H. fireman, C.. R. 1. & P. R. R. 9? 
Beare Frai.k. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Beare William, canvasser, bds. 116 Wabash av. & 

Bearens Adolph, porter, Rubel & Bro. 
Bearer F. M. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 125 S. ^ 

Clinton < 

Bearman Alvin, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Bearman Henry, lab. r. 45 Meridian S 

Bearnard Joseph, carpenter, Thomas Healy |^ 

Beams Adolph, machinist, bds. 830 State 
Beams Christopher, moulder. C. B. Brown & Co. , 
Beams John, perldler, r. 53 Mohawk 
Beams Nick, blacksmith, John Turner, bds. 11 N. J - 1 

Beart Joseph, boilermaker, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. J5 

51 Catherine ri- 

Beart hold Herman, lumberman, r. 03 Noble C 

Beasuut Frederick Thomas, carpenter, r. 11)7 Noble JJ 
Beat Witzstein, clerk, Charles Heylmanu, bds. 61 W. 

Lake 7 

The best protection against Fire anil LSurg-iars 

Is KARRIS' Improved Safes, 62 Sonm Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF & RAFFEV? ScAver Builders., 

Basement of 7S Sc 80 East Madison Street. 












Returned at Death, 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

Beateo Frederick, r. ws. Kroger, bet. Clybourn av. 

and Sheffield av. 

Beatie James, printer, r. 48 N. Curtis 
Beatie William, engineer, r. 48 N. Curtis 
Bentoii Alexander, carpenter, r. 181 I'.ith 
Beaton Alice, wid. George, r. 125 Carroll 
Beaton Andrew, machinist, r. 76 N. Market 
Beaton Lemuel, carpenter, bds. 119 N. Wells 
Beattie John, buggywheeler, N. C. rolling mill, r.22 


Beattie Martin, salesman, r. 116 Canalport av. 
Beattie Robert, salesman, bds. 116 S. Green 
Beatty A. H. C. bds. 113 Adams 
Beatty D. mowers and reapers, 187 S. Water, r. 168 

N. Dearborn 

Beatty James T. painter, r. 162 N. Clark 
Beany Lawrence, lab. 1938. Jefferson 
Beatty Richard, collector, Chicago Republican, bds. 

51 W. Van Buren 
Beatty Sarah J. Mrs. embroidery, 162 N. Clark, r. 


Beatty T. M. clerk, P. O. 
Beaty Francis, carpenter, r. 139 Ewing 
Beaty John F. special agt. Equitable Life Assurance 

society of U. S. r. Elgin, 111. 
Beaubiau Frank, clerk, P. O. 
Beaubien Alexander, detective, r. 598 Fulton 
Beaubieu Philip, watchman, r. 281 W. Randolph 
Beaubien Robert E. salesman, r. 598 Fulton 
Beaubien William S. room 5, 66 W. Randolph, r. 601 

Beanbien William S. merchants' and detective police, 

room 5, <5fi W. Randolph, r. 601 Washington av. 
Beaucaire C. barber, bds. Montreal house 
Beandin A. bds. Champlin house 
Beaudry Alfred II. porter, Merrick, Allen & Co. r. 

11 River 
Beaudry Edmond, carpenter, F. W. Dickison, r. 161 


Beaudry John, carpenter, bds. 444 N. State 
Beanman H. tirem-in, J. Lee Smith 
Beanmann August, painter, r. 319 Noble 
Beaumaim Herman, fireman, r. 9 John 
Beaumont James D. fireman, C. & N. W. R. R. bds. 

143 Kinzie 
Beaumont John B. (John B. Beaumont & Co.), bds. 

!H5 Adams 
Beaumour John B. & Co. (John B. and Joseph M. 

Beaumont and William T. Shepherd), lumber 

dealers. 2-12 S. Water 

Beanmonr Joseph, machinist, r. 200 Sherman 
Beaumont Joseph M. (John B. Beaumont & Co.), 

bds. !H5 E. Adams 
Beaumont Laviua June Miss, dressmaker, Miss L. 

M. Heudee. r. 329 25th 
Beaumont Thomas, r. 321) Wentworth 
Beauprei Leon, teamster, Arnbroise Gagne, r. 213 

Besuregard Raymond, clerk, Michael Ryan. bds. 95 

Blue I -lanA av. 

Bourns Charles, teamster, r. 445 W. Chicago av. 
Beavans John, shoemaker, 230 N. Wells, r. same 
Beaver Eu^on-: E. bookkeeper, Bassett & Pattison, 

bds. 4!iii Michigan av. 
Beaver Jacob, cigarmaker, C. Freiberg, bda. 223 


Beaver Theodore G. (Vallette & BeaverX r. 43 ISth 
Beavis Jamas, bookkeeper, J. Beavis & Co. r. 312 


Beavi- Jay B. clerk. Bullock Bros. 67 L-ike 
Bi'av's John i-J'Mu B.-avis & Co.). r. 34:', Fulton 
Beavi-i John A Co. (John Beavis and Francis E. 

Flint), com. mors. 202U S. Water 
Bobber Hen:-v. carpenter. Wall & Winch 
Bebbington Edward K. Lill's brewery, bds. 136 Pine 
Bebby Fr -diTick. s ilr-man, W. W. Champion 
Bebby Fivd 'rick A. salesman, r. 221! S. LaSaile 
Bebce Gennre II. carpenter, bds. 8*2 Michigan nv. 
Bi-hee Henry T. carpenter, bds. SS2 MirhiLMii nv. 

Bebee Jacob, tinner, r. 205 Vine 

Bebse Melvin T. W. X. canalman, bds. I. & M. canal, 

bet. Reuben and Post 
Bebee Mrs. r. 205 Vine 
Bebernitz Frederick, barber, 13914 Chicago av. r. 


Bebow John, cooper, bds. 713 S. Canal 
Bech Rasmus K. carpenter, bds. 202 N. Halsted 
Beckeke Michael, moulder, r. 132 Mohawk 
Becheu Charles, tinsmith, r. rear 38 Finnell 
Becher Jacob, r. 48 Sampson 
Becher John, saloon and boardinghouse, 788 Archer 

av. r. same 

Bechesson Abraham, shoemaker, r. 158 4th 
Bechsteiu Catharine, wid. George, r. 46 Gardener 
Bechstein Henry W. carriage trimmer, Albert Male- 

fvt, r. 4!) N. Green 

Bechtel Jaoob, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Bechter Gabriel, plasterer, bds. 882 Clark 
Beck Adam, artist, Chicago Lithographing Co. 152 

andl 54 Clark, r. 318 Clark 

Beck Alexander R. lumber inspector, r. 11 Johnson 
Beck Andrew D. teamster, r. 59 W. 18th 
Beck Arnold, lead glazier, r. 203 N. Wells 
Beck August, cigarmaker, Max Fessel, r. 125 N. 


Beck August, glass painter, r. 203 N. Wells 
Beck August (Beck & Wirth), r. 356 N. LaSaile 
Beck Carl, porter, II. A. Kohn ft Bros. 
Beck Charles, butcher, Erdnianu Schoeppe, bds. 315 

Milwaukee av. 

Beck Charles, stonecutter, bds, 232 Adams 
Beck Charles (Thiele & Beck), r. es. Geary, bet. 

Hindsdale and White 
Beck Charles W. shoemaker, r. 99 14th 
Beck Christ, meatmarket, 422 W. Chicago av. r. 157 


Beck Christian, lab. r. 346 22d 
Beck Franz, machinist, bds. 15 Elston rd. 
Beck Frederick A. finisher, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 

223 4th 

Beck George H. cutter, W. H. Reid, r. 14 Charles 
Beck Henry, baker, 212 3d av. r. same 
Beck Henry, baker, r. 144 Bntterfield 
Beck Henry, bookkeeper, r. 239 Church 
Beck Henry, carpenter, r. 740 N. Halsted 
Beck Henry, engineer, r. 121 Newberry 
Bock Henry, machinist, Burkhart, Van Slyck & Co. 

r. 740 N. Halsted 

Beck Henry, stonecutter, Henry Kerber 
Bock iLrnit/. tannery, r. 21 Vedder 
Beck John, carpenter, r. 132 Ruble 
I Bock John, dyer, Charles Dahlgreen, r. 273 North av. 
i Beck John, lab. r. SI Orchard 
i Beck John I. grocer, 241 4th av. r. same 
Beck Joseph, cooper, r. 76 Hickory 
BJck Joseph, tailor, r. 170 Bunker, 
Bjck Joseph A. sailor, r. 117 Barber 
B.;ck Maria, wid. Malhias. r. 79 How 
Beck Michael, tailor, Jacob Schmit, bda. 292 North 


Bjck Nicholas, lather, r. 82 How 
Beck N. G. tailor, r. 223 4th 
Beck Otto, architect, bds. 189 Cass 
i Beck Philip, shoemaker, Muller & Klipfel, r. 280 


Beck Samuel B. clerk, J. Beck, bds. 241 1th nv. 
i Beck Thomas, harnes.-maker, Artesian Well Ice Co. 

bds. 723 W. Chicago av. 
! Beck William, peddler, r.3-t'.N. Reuben 
i Beck William, tanner, bds. North River house 
! Beck & Wirth (August Beck and diaries Wirth), 

mnfrs. of tobacco, 392 and 39 1 N. Clark, office, 95 

S. Water 

Beck , blacksmith, r. 3 Gere 

Beck , carpenter, r. 267 Centre 

Becke August, carpenter, r. 304 Larrabee 
Beckendorff John, teamster, John Kurth, bds. 20G N. 



General Northwestern Agents for 

Warehouse. 11 & 13 S. Wells St , 

SfiipliertI, Sweet & Co., Large Loans a Specialty, 

>ox. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 






Becker Adam, shoemaker, Nicholas Heiner, r. 244 

W. Chicago av. 
Becker Andrew, cabinetmaker, Schultz & Gobel, r. 

319 W. l'.)th 
Becker Andrew, lab. William Bartels & Co. bds. 20 


Becker Anna Mrs. r. 133 Schiller 
Becker August, blacksmith, r. 869 Clark 
Becker A. C. clerk, A. F. Becker, r. 2(57 State 
Becker A. F. hardware, etc. 2t>7 State, r. samo 
Becker Barbara, w id. John K. r. 101 Browu 
Becker Benjamin, lab. C., B. & Q. R. R. Co. 
Becker Catherine Mrs. milliner, 232 Blue Island av. 

r. same 
Becker Catharine (Miss Becker and Mrs. Nussbau- 

mer), r. 70 N. Clark 
Becker Charles, boots and shoes, 603 Archer av. 

r. same 

Becker Charles, gardener, r. 104 Orchard 
Becker Charles K. clerk, bds. 87 Walnut 
Becker Charles E. policeman, 22d Street police sta- 
tion, 414 Burnside 

Becker Charles G. (.Becker & Hippie), bds. 546 Hurl- 

Becker Charles H. policeman, r. 414 Buniside 
Becker Charles J. miller, Star & Crescent mills, bds. 

43 W. Washington 
Becker Christian, flagman, C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 291 

Catherine *" 
Becker C. wid. r. 762 Sedgwick 
Becker David, lab. Hobbs, Ely & Co. r. 263 W. Lake 
Becker Ernst, shoemaker, Michael Mueller, r. 262 W. 

Chicago av. 

Becker Felix, lab. Conklin & Campbell 
Becker Ferdinand, shoemaker, r. 405 Maxwell 
Becker Frank, carpenter, r. 433 Larrabee 
Becker Frank, machinist, r. 52 Linden 
Becker Fred. lab. r. 15 Fisk 
BECKER FRED. W. lawyer, 69 Dearborn, 

r. 42 STPeoria 
Becker Frederick, asst. U. S. assessor, rooms 8 and 9, 

Lombard blk. r. 87 N. Wells 
Becker Frederick, carpenter, bds. 519 Clark 
Becker Frederick, lab. Lutliugton, Wells & Van 

Schaick, r. 128 Rebecca 

Becker Friedrich, propr. Chicago Union, 233 Ran- 
dolph, r. Washington, nw. cor. Ann 
Becker Fritz, harness-maker, r. 1371 State 
Becker F. W. teacher, bds. 113 Michigan av. 
Backer George, boot and shoemaker, 54 Milwaukee 

av. r. 62 Milwaukee av. 
Becker George, lab. C., B. & Q. R. R. Co. 
Becker Gottfried, gardener, r. 189 Church 
Backer Hermann, bookkeeper, r. 611 Milwaukee av. 



Assets over $5,000,000. 

Rate of Interest higher than Eastern companies. 

SHUGART & DEAM,Gen'l Agents, 

83 "Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Country Agents wanted. 

Becker John, porter, Clayburgh, Einstein & Co. 5-19 

N. Franklin 

Becker John, stonecutter, Henry Kerber 
Becker John (Hammerschmidt & Becker), bds. 790 

S. Halsted 
Becker John G. tinsmith, r. Conner, 3d door w. of 


Becker John P. carpenter, r. 147 Clybourn av. 
Becker Joseph, boardinghouse, 197 12th 
Becker Joseph, carpenter, r. 232 Blue Island av. 
Becker Joseph, cxprer-man. r. 291 23d 
Becker Joseph, tailor, r. 175 Mohawk 
Becker Joseph (Becker & Ulni), r. 275 Chicago av. 
Becker Joseph, carpenter and builder, 232 Blue Is- 
land av. r. sama 
Becker Joseph S. clerk, Shocnfeld Bros. r. 133 W. 


Becker Katrine E. wid. Frederick W. r. 51 Brown 
Becker Lizzie Mrs. cigarstore, 87 N. Wells, r. samo 
Becker Loreuz, grocer. 103 Mohawk, r. same 
Becker Louis, engineer, Petit & Co. r. 1006 S. Hal- 


Backer Louis (Becker & Weisc), r. 69 Sedgwick 
Becker Luther, propr. Chicago Union, r. 347 W 

Becker L. r."29 Burling 

Becker M. boilermaker, Chicago Steam Mnfg. Co. 
Becker M.iry, wid. John. r. 33 Clarinda 
Becker Margaret, wid. Henry, r. 181 Fry 
Becker Matthew (Shormeyer& Becker), r. 184 Mar- 
Becker Maxniillian, jewelry and notions, 20554 Clark, 

r. same 

Becker Michael, lab. r. 97 Mohawk 
Becker Michael, lab. r. 22 Starr 
Becker Miss & Mrs. Nussbaumer (Catharine Becker 
and Barbara Nussbaumer), dealers in zephyr, 
worsted and notions, 25 N. Clark 
Becker M/vrtsug, blacksmith, r. 51 Hanover 
Becker Nathan (Sh-ause & Becker), r. 161 W. Ran- 

Becker Nicholas, cooper, r. 212 Mitchell 
Becker Nicholas, housemover, r. 198 Church 
Becker Nicholas, moulder, C. B. Brown & Co. 

Becker Hieroninma, foreman, Lindauor & Co. bds. ; Becker Nicholas, painter, r. Fulton, cor. Halsted 

46 N. Dearborn 
Becker Jacob, blacksmith, Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Backer Jacob, gardener, r. 539 Sedgwick 
Becker Jacob, hairdressiug andT bathing rooms, 

Clark, no. cor. Randolph 
Becker Jacob, housemover, r. 227 Hurlbut 
Becker Jacob, machinist, C. B. Brown & Co. 
Becker Jacob, mer. tailor, 569 N. Wolls, r. same 
Becker Jacob, propr. Washington house, 214 and 246 

Randolph, r. same 

Becker Jacob, tailor, 175 Mohawk, r. same 
Becker Jacob, teamster, r. 196 Mitchell 
Becker Jacob H. bartender, Washington house, r. 


Becker John, barber, 37 Clark, r. 265 Rush 
Becker John, boilermaker, r. 211 Hurlbut 
Becker John, cabinetmaker, Sugg, Lozier & Buirs- 


Becker John, carpenter, Bent & Goward, r. 74 Cly- 
bourn av. 

Becker John, lab. r. 104 Reese 
Becker Joan, lab. CouklinA Campbell, r. 12 Rum 
Becker Johu. peddler, r. 48 How 




Architectural Trimmings 

Warerooins, - . 29O State Street. 

Becker N. night watchman, Sugg, Lozier & Biers- i 

dorf < 

Becker Peter, barber, J. Becker, r. 23t> Oak 
Becker Peter, boilermaker, r. 451 Sedgwick | 

Becker Peter, lab. Hubbard & Pomeroy, bds. 580 

Jefferson i 

Becker Peter, saloon, S. Jefferson, nw. cor. Canal- ' 

port av. r. same 

Becker Philip (Becker & Kopsell), r. 56 4th av. 
Becker P. grocer, 79 North av. r. same 
Becker Rudolph, drygoods and millinery, 458 N. 1 

Wells, r. same 
Becker Theodore, clerk, Simon Klein, 179 and 181 I 

Clark, r. 298 K. Chicago av. 
Becker Theodore, lab. Ellsworth, cor. Sobor 
Becker Wendel (Younk, Higgins & Co.), r. 173 , 


Becker William, boots and shoes 88 E. Chicago av. | 
Becker William, boots and shoes, 129 Larrabee, r. i 

Becker William, boot and shoemaker, 112 Town- j 

send. r. same 

Becker William, carpenter, r. 147 Liberty 
Becker William, engineer. Lill's brewery 
Becker William, ma-on, r. l-.Hi Orchard 
Becker WiTHam, tailor, r. 4*' Hull 
Becker William ^Becker & Beese\ r. 205 Division 
Beck'T A: If ese (William Becker and John Beese), 

blacksmiths and wheelwrights, 42 Chicago av. 
Becker & Hippie (Charles G. Becker and James W. 

Hipplo). lumber dealers, 4(50 N. Water 
BECKER & KOPSEL.L (Philip Becker 

and Auirust Kopsell), rnnfrs. trunks, valises, etc. 

107 Randolph and 297 Clark 

Bank Vaults, Iron JUoor* and Uxprc** 1 he*!*, 








Only Issued by this Company. 
A Good Thing Try It. 

1 Becker & Mui ^ Joseph Becker and William M. Mui), 

butchers, 2*2 E. Division 
Becker & Weise (Louis Becker and Julius Weise), 

leaf tobacco and cigars, whol. 25 and 27 River 

Becker , plasterer, r. 79 Menomouee 

Becker , wid. r. 35 Linden 

Beckerley James G. engineer, r. 816 W. Washington 
Beckermann Frederick, agt. brush factory, r. 34 

Beckerman Henry (Jarshishek & Beckerman), 26 


Beckers , cigar store, 87 N. Wells, r. same 

Beckert Charles', gardener, r. 641 N. Wells 
Beckert Henry, shoemaker, r. 26 W. Oak 
BJtJ*7K.ERT Li. *ign and ornamental painter, 44 

Wells, r. same 

Beckett Benjamin, carpenter, bds. 18 State 
Beckett Henry, shoemaker, G. L. Cougdon, r. 26 

Beckett James, livery and sale stable, r. 341 W. 

Beckett William, shoemaker, J. P. Farnum, bds. 82 

S. Jefferson 

Beckey Aaron, peddler, r. 150 Griswpld 
Beckey David, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Beckford G. W. auctioneer, 30 Randolph, bds. Metro- 
politan hotel 
Beckh Frederick, bookkeeper, Emil Dietzsch, r. 162 

Clybourn av. 
Beckhaus William, carpenter, r. rear 310 Milwaukee 


Becking Theodor. wagonmaker. r. 65 Menomenee 
Beckle~John, wopdsawyer, r. 550 E. Division 
Beckler Eliza, wid. Conrad, r. 9 Grove 
Beckler James, brasstinisher. David M. Ford 
Beckley A. pressman, Spalding & LaMontes, r. 9 


Beckman Benjamin H. patternmaker, r. 572 S. Canal 
Beckmann Frederick, finisher, Boyd & Hill, r. 574 

N. Sedgwick 
Beckman Gustavns, lab. bds. 76 Wesson 

1 Beckman Jacob, woodturner, Farnou & Bro. bds. 
208 Bine I>land av. 

Beckman John, shipcarpenter. r. 274 Coolidge 
Beckman N. goldrmhli, r. 24 Wesson 
Beckmann A'ugust, shoemaker, William Rinn, r. 31 


Beckmann Charles, tanner, bds. 210 N. Desplaines 
Beckmanu John, shoemaker, r. 240 Clybourn av. 
Beckstrim Franz A. painter, r. 166 Townsend 
Beckwith Anna H. Miss, music teacher, bds. 302 

Chicago av. 
Beckwith, Ayer & Kales (Corydon Beckwith B. F. 

Ayer and F. H. Kales), lawyers, room 3 and 4 

Portland blk. 

Beckwith A. C. painter, Barry & dishing 
Beckwith Charles H. grocer, whol. 113 and 115 S. 

Water, r. 140 Michigan av. 
Beckwith Charles L. with C. H. Beckwith, r. 140 

Michieau av. 
BeckwitirCorydon (Beckwith, Ayer & Kales), r. 272 

Beckwith Franklin H. with C. H. Beckwith, r. 140 

Michigan ay. 

Beckwith Harriet, wid. William, r. 302 Chicago av. 
Beckwith Henry J. druggist, D. R. Dyche & Co. r. 

1H7 N. Dearborn 
Beckwith Reuben F.. practical painter, 213 W. Ran- 

Idolph. r. 71 Aberdeen 
Beckwiih Edward S. painter. Barry & dishing 
Bddan John, porter. Rubel & Bro. 
1 Bedard Thomas, billiardtabkmaker, C. Schulen- 

burg it Co. 

I Bedc Conrad, barber, Adam & Braentigam, bds. 150 
| Baperior 

I Bcdde F. W. mer. broker, room 5. 40 S. Water 
, f5-'(.V:iu William, who!, dealer in patent nudicines, 

t'.'i Manroo. r. Kris Prairie av. 
Bedee Frank, broker, bds. (K> W-ihadi av. 

Bedell Amos, foreman P., C. & St. L. roundhouse, r. 
r. ISRucker 

Bedell Arelas, student. BRYANT & STRATTON 

Bedell C. H. clerk, bds. 274 Indiana 

Bedell E. M. Mrs. bookkeeper, Barnuin Bros. r. 846 
W. Lake 

Bedell K. W. clerk, F. D. Co-<sitt Co. r. 272 Indiana 

Bedell Frederick, basketmaker, r. 251 N. av. 

Bedell George, coachman, A. Mc.-irs, r. 87 Cass 

Bedell Joseph, carpenter, bds. 47 Price pi. 

Bedell Lucius M. bookkeeper, Burley it Tyrrell, r. 
10 Oakwood av. 

Bedell Reatos, timekeeper, r. 90 N. Carpenter 

Bedenberg Charles, carpenter, r. 66 Judd 

Bederman Alexander, prof, music, bds. 8 Eldridge 

Bedfield William W. mechanical engineer. 38 Dear- 
born, r. 247 E. Indiana 

Bedford G. T. produce broker, room 18, 837 ',4 Madi- 

Bedford John E. painter, r. 640 Archer av. 

Bedford Lewis (col'd), waiter, Sherman house 

Bedford Willis, patternmaker, bds. 157 E. Indiana 

Bedford , printer, r. 23 N. Union 

Bedlan Frank, cigars and tobacco 471 S. Canal, r. 

Bedland Veit, lab. Jewett & King, bds. 131 12th 

Bedloff J. lab. r. 14 Wesson 

Bednair Jacob, r. 152 Catherine 

Bedorf Frederick, lab. r. 199 Hobby 

Bedour Antoine, carpenter, r. 134 Blue Island av. 

Bedonr John B. carpenter, bds. 134 Blue Island av. 

Bedour Xavier, carpenter, bds. 134 Blue Island av. 

Bee Joseph (National Boiler works Co.), bds. 721 

Beebe Albert G. physician and surgeon, 66 Ran- 
dolph, r. 378 Michigan av. 

Beebe Alonzo, fanner, r. 132 N. Carpenter 

Beebe Anna, wid. James, r. 13 Quincy 

Beebe Edward H. lawyer, room 3, 154 Lake, r. 368 

Beebe Frank, salesman, G. S. Bullock & Co. r. 13 

BEEBE GAYLiORD D. physician and sur- 
geon and western manager Atlantic Mut. Life Ins. 
Co. 66 Randolph, r. 378 Michigan av. 

Beebe George T. (Wright & Beebe), r. 1051 N. Clark 

Beebe H. policeman, bds. Eala house, 93 S. Canal 

Beebe Harry, bartender, William "Van Fleet, r. 157 
W. Madison 

Beebe Henry S. clerk. Pratt Bros. r. 560 Wabash av. 

Beebe James, bds. 560 Wabash av 

Beebe John, policeman, r. (13 S. Canal 

Beebe John E. clerk, H. W. King & Co. bds. 368 

Beebe Joseph, lab. r. 77 W. Ewing 

Beebe J. P. watchmaker, Walter Treleaven 

Bccbe Luther, r. 418 Centre 

Beebe Mary, wid. William J. r. 203 Division 

Beebe Milton E. draughtsman, G. P. Randall, r. 31 
Cottage pi. 

Beebe Mollie Miss, r. 516 State 

Beebe Thomas, moulder, W. H. Pugh & Bros. bds. 
23 S. Jefl'erson 

Beebe Thomas H. pres. Peshtigo Co. bds 3P>8 Ohio 

Beebe William H. cash. Peshtigo Co. r. 368 Ohio 

Beeble Christian, lab. r. 47 English 

Beech Mrs. dressmaker, 202 22d 

Beecham Frederick J. pressman, Chicago Evening 
Journal, r. 29 Langley 

Beecham Horace K. clerk, U. S. assessor's office, r. 
29 Langley 

Beecham Louisa, wid. John, r. 29 Langley. 

Beecham Walter E. clerk I. C. R. R. r. 29 Langley 

BeecherFred. B. telegraph operator, r. 577 Wash- 
ington av. 

Beecher A. D. artist, room 20. 126 '4 Dearborn, r. same 

Beechcr Herbert W. traveling clerk, r. 208 State 



General Northwestern Agents for 
Warehouse. 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 


.Broker* in 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

. D. KERFOOT, Real Estate Dealer and Broker, 

Kc. 89 Washington Street. Estates managed. 




Beecher Jerome, director, Chicago Gas Light and 

Coke Co. liti!" Dearborn, r. t41 Michigan av. 
Beecher John, clerk, r. 332 Sedgwick 
Beecher Joseph, lab. r. 137 Foruuer 
Bencher Joseph N. jewelry. 3-M W. Madison, r. 75 S. 

Beecher Louis, jeweler, Joseph Beecher, r. 75 S. 


Beecher W. (\V. Beecher & Co.\ r. 132 Dearborn 
Beecher W. <fe Co. (Wesley Beecher aiid George 

O'Conner), mnfrs. confectionery, 132 Dearborn 
Beeck John, lab. bds. 70 Illinois 
Beeden Joseph, shoemaker, r. 347 W. Polk 
Beegan John, machinist, r. 117 X. Green 
Beegan Katie, wid. Joseph, board inghouse, 146 W. 


Beegle Henry, saloon, 235 W. Kinzie, r. eame 
Boehan Michael, currier, Hammond & Bro. r. 132 

Beek George N. asst. cash, land dept. I. C. R. R. r. 

183 S. Jefferson 
Beek William, Cramer, Taft, Schwamb & Crego, bds. 

10 Currier 

Beeka William, lab. r. 308 S. Jefferson 
Beekman John, painter. 665 W. Lake 
Beekman M. A. Mrs. dress and cloakmaker, 665 W. 

Lake, r. same 

Beeler George, miller, r. 262 W. Indiana 
BeelerGotieib, cooper, bds, 64 N. Anil 
Beeier William, machinist, bds. 262 W. Indiana 
Beelink Henry, carpenter, r. 622 4th 
Beem William, brickmaker. r. 25 Vedder 
Beemer David B. (D. B. Beemcr & Co.), 109 S. 

Beemer D. B. & Co. (David B. Beemerand ), fiah, 

game and poultry, 109 S. Water 
Beemer Frederick, groceries and notions, 132 N. 

Wells, r. same 

Beemer H. wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Beemer John C. wks. rolling mill, r. 24 Coventry 
Beeuce J. A. clerk, M. S. R. R. freight office 
Beer Carl (Schweitzer & Beer), r. 184 Lake 
Beerly Frank, brufhmaker, Mathias Kaefer, bds. 39 

. Kinzie 

Beers Cyriuius, r. 292 W. Adams 
Beers Cyriuius jr. clerk, G. T. Baers, bds 175 Main 
Baers Charles I. (Bond & Beers), bds. Clifton house 
Beers C. H. bds. Revere house 
Bears Frederick T. printer, bds. 95 Chicago av. 
Beers George T. bds. 175 Main 
Beers G. T/ groceries and drygoods, 753 Archer av. 

r. 610 Archer av. 

Beers James (col'd), cook, European hotel 
Beers John, draper and tailor. K.t Lake, r. IS Congress 
Beers Joseph, dairyman, r. 89 North av. 
Beers Nelson A. t raveling agt. bds. 17 S. Halsted 
Bee*e A. 11. carpenter and wnol. dealer in sash, doors, 

blind*, etc. 52 W. Lake, r. 225 Milwaukee av. 
Bease Charles, lab. r. 57 Catherine 
Beese Charles . barber, William Nicolai, r. 234 N. 


Beese John (Becker & Beese), r. 106 N. Rucker 
Beesley Edmund, bricklayer, r. 50 Alexander 
Beesley Lewis G. bricklayer, r. 50 Alexander 
Bseson Henry, painter. 8'J4 W. Madison 
Beeton Frank, lab. Chicago Knife works, r. 176 W. 

Beeton John, mnfr. ditching tools, 176 W. 12th, r. 


Beety John. lab. r. 166 Mitchell 
Beever Charles, lab. r. 143 Vine 
Beger:-hom Henry, lab. r. 349 Brown 
Begir James, mil'ler, Star and Crescent mills, r. 43 

W. Washington 
Begley Johu. r. 201 Michigan 
Beglin Charles A. in*, agt. r. 369 W. Kinzio 
Beglin Mary C. Mrs. midwife, r. 369 W. Kiuzie 
Bagolc- B. B. r. 732 Sedgwick 
Begoliu Fritz, machinist, r. 21(i Larrabee 



At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 



Glues & Neatsfoot Oil, 


Begy Abel, cooper, r. 547 Hurlbnt 

Behan Alice, wid. Patrick, r. 93 Mitchell 

Behan John. lab. Chicago Dock Co. 

Behan Michael, currier, r. 122 Ohio 

Behau Thomas, lab. bds. I. & M. canal, bet. Reuben 

and Post 

Behl Christian F. W. mer. tailor, 936 State, r. same 
Behl Nicholas, musician, bds. 50 Archer av. 
Behl W. F. salesman, Moody <fe Church, HOW. 12th, 

r. 283 Centre av. 
Behlendorff Fred, deputy collector of customs, r. 242 

Behlendorf Henry, student, BRYANT & STRAT- 

Bchler Christopher, butcher, r. 147 W. Taylor . 
Behm Charles, lab. r. 365 3d av. 
Behm Charles, shoemaker, Lovey Behm, bds. 177 

Cottage Grove av. 

Behm Christopher, carpenter, r. 1563 State 
Behm Frederick, carpenter, r. 1563 State 
Behm Lovey, boot and shoemaker, 177 Cottage 

Grove av. r. sxme 

Behn F. porter. Miller Bros. <fe Keep, r. 84 Fry 
Behn John, confectioner, C. W. Sanford, r. 34 Oak- 
Behneke Valentine, salesman, Frank & Maar*, bds. 

403 Wells 
Behnke Henry, saloon, 70 Washington, r. 130 N. 


Behnke Julius, cabinetmaker, r. 120 N. Townsend 
Behrel Charles, upholster, William Bailey, bds. 170 

Behrend Albert, wagonmaker, Albert Wolter, r. 156 

Behrend Bernhard, dealer in furnishing goods, etc. 

334!i Clark, r. same 

Behrend Franz, confectioner, r. 9 Mohawk 
Behrends Ludwig, lab. Chicago glue works 
Behrens Ar'olph, lab. r. 71 Mohawk 
Behreus Anna, tailoress, Charles Schultz, bds. 


Behrens Charles, tailor, bds. rear 213 Lake 
Behrens Frederick, peddler, r. 2! Cornelia 
Behrens George, (Ahrens & Behrens), r. 197 W. 

Chicago av. 

Behrens George, carpenter, r. 13-1 Augusta 
Bohrens George, patternmaker, Boomer's bridge 

works. biU. 313 -ith av. 
Behrens Henry, lab. bds. 1-43 W. Randolph 
Beliren* Henry, wagonmaker. 41 Willow, r. 43 


Behrens H. hos-tler, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Bohrens Jacob, lab. Sand's Ale Browing Co. bds. S3 

and 84 Pear.-on 
Belm-ns John H. clerk, Bruns & Harter, bds. 302 N. 


Behringcr Henry, trunkmaker, r. 24 Oakwood 
Behringer Johu, blacksmith, 484 Larrabee, r. 301 

Behrke Otto, lab. W. H. Andrews & Co. r. 136 


B'lhsti'i John, teamster, r. 37 Mohawk 
Behtcl Jacob, wks. rolling mill. r. 67 North av. 
Beiberg Hans, cooper. John Schick, r. 200 Oak 
Beider John. lab. r. 29 Lo;'\v<- 
Beidler Augustus F. bookkeeper, J. Beidler & Bro. 

r. 261 W. Washington 
Beidler Henry (J. Beidler & Bro.), r. Muskc^on, 


Beidler Jacob (J. Beidler & Bro.X and pres. Lum- 
berman's Omnibus Co. r. 261 W. Washington 
Beidler J. & Bro. (Jacob and Henry Beidler), lumber- 
dealers. Beach, se. cor. Taylor 
Beidler William H. clerk, r. 201 W. Washington 
Beidzler Jacob, moulder, C. B. Brown & Co. 
Beier William, lithographer, r. MO W. Luke 

Beier . painter, r. rear 755 N. H-i!sted 

Beierlein John C. (Rickard & Baierk-iu), r. W. Union 











llasemcitt of 78 & 8O East HEadlson Street. 











General Agent for Chicago. 

124 Washington St. 


Bi'iarsdorf Emily Mrs. r. 17 Goethe 
3E5ERSDORF JACOB (Sugg, Lozier & 
R-i'Tsdurl). and fumturo dealer, 1.2 Lake, r. 350 
Wabash av. 

Beirsdorf R. flour and feed, 8722d, r. 1170 Prairie av. 
Beierstorf Jacob, cigars and tobacco, 170 W. Madi- 

son, r. same 

Buifeld Mori tz, bookkeeper, bds. 636 Wabash av. 
Beihl Lawrence, cigars and tobacco, 372 Clark, r. 


Beihler Leonard Mrs. r. 205 Vine 
Beihn Adam, driver, Frank Parmelee & Co. 
Beihn John (Schmidt & Co.), bds. 700 W. Lake 
Beil Andrew, carpenter, r. 505 Wentworth av. 
Beil Michael, lab. r. al. rear 60 Reese 
Bjilfuss E. lab. Chicago glue works 
Beilluss William, grocer. 355 State, r. same 
Beilfuss William, lab. I. C. R. R. car works, bds. 

372 26th 
Beilla Jose, organgrinder, r. es. al. bet. Wells and La 

Salle, Madison and Monroe 
Beillergon Anthony, boardinghouse, 262 Forquer, r. 


Beinar Frank, broommaker, r. 209 DeKoven 
Bainer Fred, plasterer, bds. 405 W. Chicago av. 
Beiner Henry, stereotyper, A. Zeese, r. 405 W. Chica- 

go av. 

Beiner Rudolph, typemaker, bds. 405 W. Chicago av. 
Beiuer Samuel, shoemaker, r. 405 W. Chicago av. 
B'.iinor William, carpenter, bds. 405 W. Chicago av. 
Beinhoff Froderich, r. 650 N. W T ells 
Bainhoff Fritz, butcher, r. 3!)5 North av. 
Beir John, shoemaker, bds. 160 Milwaukee av. 
Buiriger John P. carpenter, Moody & Church, r. 

39 Hanover 

Bairne Jam js, expressman, r. 287 8. May 
Beirne Patrick, groceries and provisions, 631 8. Ca- 

nal, r. same 

BMrue Patrick, lab. r. 293 8. May 
Beirs Henrietta Mrs. milliner and millinery goods, 

52 W. Randolph, r. same 
Beirtereto John, lab. r. 59 Emma 
Beisner August (A. &. G. Beisner), bds. 110 and 112 

W. Lake 
Baisnar A. <fc G. (Angnat and George Beisner), churn 

factory, 112 W. Lake 
Bcismsr George (A. &. G. Baisner), bds. 110 and 112 

W. Lake 

Baisner Henry, teamster, r. 561 Milwaukee av. 
Beisswenger William, billiard ball turner, J. M. 

Brunswick & Bros. bds. 106 N. Clark 
Beitz Gustavo ( William & Gustave Beitz), r. Haw- 

thorue av. nr. Division 
Beit?. William (William & Gustavo Beitz), r. Haw- 

thoni^ av. nr. Division 

Beitz William & Gustavo (William and Gustave 
Beitz). lumber dealers, Hawthorne av. nr. Divi- 

Belize] Mathiaf, painter, r. 197 Church 
Beitznl Mathias, saloon, r. 1% Church 
Beinnnan Jacob, lab. r. 231 1st 
Bekf Joseph, c^rringesmith, Henry Willets, bds. 112 

To wi wend 

Bekstrom Jpiin. carpenter, r. 2)!2 Church 
Bek/.e Martin, sailor, r. rear 109 X. Dosplaines 
Belajrer An.-elme, carriajjemaki.T. r. isl W. 12th 
Bcl.-inLrer Louis, carpenter, r. 9 Henry 
B,:!an-.'i-r Tr.'llor. iriiipcarpi-nter. bds'. 294 W. Polk 
Bck-h?rs Snirar Running Co. N. Water, bel. Rush 

Street bridge 
Balden Charles W. (Briutnall, Terry & Belden), r 

95 Pine 
Bi'ld.-n Edwin F. stationery and pictures, 237 W 

Randolph, r. same 
Belden H(ir;i(\'. solicitor, /Etna Life Ins. Co. of Hart 

ford. Conn. r. Old W. Lake 
Belden H. K. clerk. Hartford Fire Ins. Co. r. Geneva 

Belden John, carpenter, r. 509 State 

lden John 8. with Security Ins. Co. r. 281 Wa- 
baifh av. 

Bldeu Marshal O. carpenter, r. 80S S.' Morgan 

3elden Oliver W. (William Blair & Co.), r. Winetka 

Belden Sarah A. wid. Harmon, r. 284 Indiana 

SeldenT. r. 16718th 

Belden William P. carpenter, r. 256 Desplaines 

Selders-ea John, lab. r. 63 Purple 

Beldin John, agt. bds. 281 Wabash av. 

fielding Alvah N. (fielding Bros. & Co.), r. Rock- 
ville. Conn. 

Beldin," Bros. & Co. (Milo M.. Hiram H., Alvah and 
David W. fielding, C. D. Wood, W. A. Stanton, 
T. Nash and F. H. fielding), sewing silks, 56 
and 58 Wabash av. 

fielding David W. (fielding Bros & Co.). r. Cincin- 
nati, O. 

fielding Frank H. (fielding Bros. & Co.), r. Bryant 
av. bet. Vincennes av. and Moonaway pi. 

fielding George T. (G. T. fielding & Co.), r. Dover 
Plains, NY. 

BELDING O. T. & CO. (George T. fielding 
and A. 'Edwards), mer. tailors, clothing ana 
gents' furnishing goods, 96 and 98 Randolph 

fielding Hiram H. (fielding Bros. & Co.), r. 16 Bry- 
ant av. 

fielding Milo M. (fielding Bros. & Co.), r. New 

fielding William, peddler, r. 61 W. Kinzio 

Belenger John B. butcher, bds. 261 Wella 

Beler Frank, musician, bds. 97 Market 

Belfast House, 158 Michigan 

Belneld Henry H. prin. Dore school, r. 265 8. Mor- 

Belfield Thomas H. realestate dealer, 44 LaSalle, r. 
17 S. Union 

Belfleld William, tobacconist, r. 265 S. Morgan 

Belicku Gustav, locksmith, J. W. Newell, r. 143 

Belk John, machinist, bds. 136 Brown 

Belk Joseph, lab. r. 384 Asylum pi. 

Belke William, clerk, John Goldenberg, r. 19th 

Bulkuap A. L. (A. L. Belknap & Co.), r. 968 Wabash 
' av. 

Belknap A. L. & Co. (A. L. Belknap and ), com. 

mers. room 6, 163 Washington 

Belknap Ezra, carriage trimmer, bds. 15 S. Green 

Belknap Ezra G. carriage trimmer, bds. 15 Halsted 

Belknap George (Belknap & Monteith), r. 16 Price pi. 

knap and George Monteith), carpenters and 
builders, rear 62 Washington 

Belkovitz Nicholas, lab. bds. 18 Canalporl av. 

Bell Alexander, com. mer. room 2, 19 LaSalle, r. 865& 

Bell Alexander, teamster, Turner & Sutherland, r. 
243 Main 

Bell Alexander C. (Anderson, Bell & Co.), r. 96 Green 

Bell Amadee, bootmaker, Wenlworth & Co. r. 76 W. 

Boll Andrew (col'd), lab. Chicago Dock Co. bds. 54th 

Bell Andrew (col'd). shoemaker, bds. 136 Sherman 

Bell Ann. wid. Thomas, r. 373 S. Halsted 

Bell Antone. wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Bell Archibald, lakecaptain. r. 400 W. Chicago av. 

Bell Archibald, varnisher, F. Porter Thayer & Co. r. 
354 W. Indiana 

Bell Arthur, carpenter, r. 217 W. 12th 

Bell A. H. r. 884 Clark 

B-11 Barber, policeman, r. 31 Egan av. 

Boll Benjamin, clerk, r. 182 Wells 

Bell Charles, carpenter, r. 47 Price pi. 

Bell Charles, clerk, land dept. I. C. R. R. r. Ellis Ct. 
bet. Kankakee and Moonaway av. 

Bell Chiirlcs. lab. r. 605 S. Union 

Bell Charles, lab. r. 1SON. Green 

Beil Charles A. entrineer, r. 240 3d av. 

Bell Daniel, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. r. rear 44 4th 


General Northwestern Agenta for 


Warehouse, 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Sliipherd, Sweet & Co., Elrokerg in Keal 

Nos. 155 and 157 TLA. SALJL2E 

SIMEON W. KINO, Commissioner of Deeds 

For ALI. the States and 'Territories. 117 South Clark Street, 




Bell Foster, t-tonecutter, Winthe & Moessinger, r. 263 


Bell Frank, engineer, bds. 41 N. Union 
Bell Frank, engineer, bds. 73 Morgan 
Bell Frauk, mason, bds. 667 Archer av. 
Bell George, coal and woodyard, 13th, bet. State and 

Wabash av. 

Bell George, painter, bds. 876*4 State 
Bell Gaorge (Neighbour & Bell), r. 1627 Prairie av. 
Bell George L. jr. bookkeeper, r. 694 W. Monroe 
Bell G. L. physician, r. 694 W. Monroe 
Bell Harriett (col'd), wid. Washington, bds. rear 55 


Bell Harrison (H. Bell & Co.) 
Boll Horatio M. boot and shoemaker, 223 W. Lake, 

r. 407 W. Lake 

Bell H. K. painter, bds. 524 State 
Bell H. & Co. (Harrison Bell and John A. Hollem), 

drygoods, 637 W. Lake, r. same 
Bell James, janitor, McCormiek's bldg. r. room 48 
Bell James, caulker, bds. foot of Reuben 
Bell James, lab. bds. Canal house 
Bell James, plumber. 156 Wells 
Bell James, plumb jr,J.Saunders& Bros. bds. State, 

bet. 12th and 13th 
Bell James, stonecutter, Winthe & Moessinger, r. 

262 Loomis 

Bell James, traveling agt. r. 57 Pearce 
Bell James, wagonmaker, 879 S. Halsted, r. 810 S. 


Bell John, carpenter, r. 245 Division 
Bell John, caulker, r. 100 Hickory 
Bell John, clerk, Wheeler house, 80 and 82 W. Water 
Bell John, fruit dealer, 33 Clark, cor. Lake, r. 173 


Bell John, machinist, Rossow Bros. & Co. 
Bell John, student, BRYANT & STRATTON BUSI- 
Bell John B. physician, Chicago hotel for Invalids, 

r. same 

Bell John B. dentist, 85 Washington, r. same 
Bell John C. carpenter, r. 225 Hubbard 
Bell John J. druggist, bds. 606 State 
Bell Joseph, lawyer, r. 256 May 
Bell Joshua, r. 884 Clark 
Bell J. C. salesman, Sayrs, Gilmore & Doney, r. 

Plymouth, Ind. 

Bell J. L. sec. Union Brass Mnfg. Co. bds. 185 3dav. 
Bell Leonard F. (L. F. Bell & Co.), r. 694 W. Monroe 
Bell L. F. & Co. (Leonard F. Bell and ), 82 W. 


Bell McLean John, clerk, r. 70 St. John's pi. 
Bell Mark, stonecutter, bds. 262 Loomis 
Bell Marmaduke B. painter, bds. 199 W. Randolph 
Bell Mary K. wid. Robert, r. 74 DeKoven 
Ball Michael F. merchant tailor, 107 W. 12th, r. same 
Bell Mifflin, draughtsman, Cochrane & Piquenard, 

bds. 83 4th av. 
Bell Peter, wagonmaker, Henry Wagner, bds. 157 W. 

Bell Robert, coachman, Walter L. Peck, 1040 Wa- 

bash av. 

Bell Robert P. painter, bds. 524 State 
Bell R. B. (R. B. Bell & Co.), r. 42 LaSalle 
Bell R. B. & Co. (R. B. Bell and ), wines and 

liquors, 42 LaSalle 

Bell Samuel, carpenter, r. 167 Orchard 
Bell Samuel, hack driver, bds. 267 W. Lake 
Bell Theresa, wid. Robert, clerk, A. Ortmayer & Co. 

r. 74 DeKoven 

Bell Thomas, cooper, r. 112 Hickory 
Bell William, steamfltter. Walworth, Twohig & 

Furse. r. 215 Brown 

Bell William ^col'd). whitewashes bds. 203 Jackson 
Bdll William, wks. James Bell, bds. 810 S. HtUsted 
Bell William W. chief deputy collector internal rev- 
enue, room 6 P. O. bldg. r. 159 S. Robey 

Bell . clerk. bd<i. 478 W. 12th 

Bjllak John, carpenter, bds. 855 State 

The Chicago Terra Gotta Company 


Statnary, Tases, Urns, Fountains, &c. 

For Private and Public Grounds. 
Wareroms, 290 State Street. 



Assets over 85,000.000. 


SHUGARD & DBAN, Ger'l Aeents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agenta wanted. 

Bellamy Alfred (Bellamy & Haskins), r. 840 Wabash 

Bellamy A. D. cash. Chicago Gas Light & Coke Co. 

r. 840 Wabat-h av. 
BELLAMY & HASKINS (Alfred Bellamy 

and George W. Haskins), window shade mufrs. 

90 Randolph 
Bellatd Peter, gardener, Hyde Park house, bds. 

Bellhy Thomas, teamster, r. 15 Kansas 

Belle Sarah, wid. John, r. 76 Butterfleld 

Belldgoyen Henry, machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 215 Blue 
Inland av. 

Bellen Jacob, metalspinner, Dane, Westlake & Co- 
vert, r. 205 Winn 

Seller Jacob, r. room 5 Uhlich's block, 3d floor 

Bellerd Leopold, wagonmaker, bds. 238 N. Clark 

Bellew Frank, teamster, r. 329 Desplaines 

Bellew John, shipcarpenter, r. 143 W. Jackson 

Belligmann William, r. 175 N. Dearborn 

Belling Edward, macaroni and vermiceli manufac- 
turer, 17_ Canal, r. 49 Van Buren 

Bellinger Richard, gen. railroad agent, r. 91 Whiting 

Belljgooigin John H. shoemaker, 187 S. Halsted, r. 

Bellman Henry, boots and shoes, 486 S. Halsted. r. 

Ik-Hois Frederick, musician, Great Western light 
guard band, r. 265 N. Wells 

Bellote Mary, wid. Joseph M. r. ss. Eagle, bet. 
Union and Desplaines 

Bellows Frank, milkpeddler, M. A. Devine, bds. 229 

Bellows George, milkpeddler, M. A. Devine, bds. 229 

Bellows George G. lawyer, room 8, 90 LaSalle, bds. 
Hyde Park house 

Bellows John B. agt. for Moulton house, bds. 22 and 
24 N. Wells 

Belloy Aymaide. merchant, r. 314 Fulton 

Bellwood Henry, engineer, John Davisou, r. Ashley, 
bet. Wood and Lincoln 

Bellwood Henry, sailor, r. Ashley, bet. Lincoln and 

Belmont Walter, tinner, Edward Wing, r. 311 S. 

Belo Frederick, bartender, P. Cahill, r. 210 Ran- 

Below Karl, lab. Herhold, Johnson & Borgmoier, 
bds. 28 Hall 

Belser Joseph, porter, Austin & Boal, r. 115 Hurlbut 

Belser Martin, lab. r. 189 W. Carroll 

Belske John, lab. r. 71 Barber 

Belter Albert, bartender, P. A. Schumaker, bds. 457 
N. Clark 

Beltho-e Henry, lab. r. 534 W. 16th 

Beltz John, lab. r. 2S8 N. Reuben 

Belvulausic James, lab. r. rear 144 Catherine 

Belville Charles, watchman, Schneider & Co. r. 439 

Belz Frederick W. clerk, Star Union freight line, r. 
13 Depuyster 

Bclzea William, lab. r. 128 Fry 

Belzer Adam, peddler, r. 165 Clybourn av. 

Belzer Conrad, lab. r. 167 Clybourn av. 

Belzer Henry, lab. r. 173 Clybourn av. 

Belzer John, varnisher, J. Beiersdorf, 172 Lake, r. 
135 Deiden 

Bern Frank, lithographer, r. 92 W. Polk 

Beman Lansing, student, BRYANT * STRAT- 

Bemberton Arthur, machinist, Gilchrist & Schaffler 

Bomont H. N. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Bement John S. carpenter, r. 1174 State 

Bemis C. E. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Bemis Dwight. teamster, Downer & Bemis Brewing 
Co. bds. 97 25th 


Harris, Maisuraciurer ana Dealer in 

BANK, ana SAFE LOCKS. 62 South Canal Street. 

All kinds of Plumbing and Sewerage done. 

Apply under HffeVSiker'* T3teatre. 







Office, 124 Washington Street, 


B in is Edwin E. brewer, Downer & Bemis Brewing 

Co. r. 97 25th 
Bemis Henry V. (Downer & Bemis Brewing Co.), r. 

1090 Prairie av. 

Bemis John E. bootmaker, r. 1009 W. Madison 
Bemis Prescott W. clerk, r. 1009 W. Madison 
Bemont Henry, stonemason, r. rear 211 Coolidge 
Bencen Michael, painter, r. rear 454 N. Dearborn 
Benchide Gustave, engraver, bds. 191 N. Wells 
Bend Christian, bridgetender, r. 50 Larrabee 
BendaB. lab. r. 102 Bushnell 

Bendal William, wks. Fullam & Lashuer, r. 23 Mar- 

Bendar Joseph, tailor, r. 49 Ellsworth 
Bendeke Charles, physician, 49 E. Chicago av. r. game 
Bendel William, cabinetmaker, r. 23 Margaret 
Bender Adam, policeman, Chicago av. sub-station, 

r. 435 Milwaukee av. 

Bender Albert D. butcher, 277 State, r. same 
Bender Anna M. wid. Bernhard, r. 203 Hurlbut 
Bender Charles, tinner, Crerar, Adams & Co. r. 191 

N. Wells 
Bender Charles, upholster, Allen & Mackey, r. 140 


Bender Constantino, plasterer, r. 392 4th av. 
Bender Daniel R. lab. bds. 320 N. Carpenter 
Bander Frank, lab. r. 77 W. Ewing 
Bender George A. (Schmitt & Bender), bds. 509 Lar- 

Bender Joseph, carpenter, bds. 268 North av. 
Bender Joseph, lab. People's gas works, r. Fisk, nr. 

Bender Mathew, cellarman, Metz & Stege, bds. 

Scott, ne. cor. Stone 

Bender Michael, carpenter, r. 475 N. Franklin 
Bender Richard, lab. r. 320 N. Carpenter 
Bonder Sebastian, lab. bds. 509 Larrabee 
Bender T. S. meats and provisions, 277 State, r. 


Bender William, lab. r. 579 S. Halsted 
Bender William, lab. bds. 320 N. Carpenter 
Bending Eugene, carpenter, bds. 604 W. Lake 
Bending L. carpenter, bds. 604 W. Lake 
Bending Kate. wid. Henry, bakery and confection- 
ery, 163 Wells, r. same 
Bending Phoebe, wid. James, r. Fulton, nw. cor. 


Bendler John, lab. Green <fc Co. r. 134 Wentworth av. 
Bendrie L. W. agt. mercantile association, bds. 77 

Bendrop Frederick, stripper, H. A. Bromley, r. 349 


Bendt Charles, lab. r. 39 Will 
Bendnhn Fred. lab. r. 24 Centre 
Benecke Henry, barber. 634 State, r. same 
Beneda Martin, tailor, bds. 117 Catherine 
Benedict Auizi (Field, Benedict & Co.), r. Lako For- 

Benedict Bennet, lab. r. 295 W. Division 
Benedict Christian F. teamster, Turner & Suther- 
land, r. 540 Archer av. 
Benedict D. B. salesman, Sweet, Dempster & Co. r. 

34 Monroe 
Benedict Edward R. (Gooding & Benedict), r. 453 

Wabash av. 

Benedict Elias U. r. 94 Judd 
Benedict George G. lightning rodmaker, r. 702 W. 

Benedict Henry R. bookkeeper, Chicago Terra CottA 

Co. bds. 445 W. Harrison 
Benedict H. W. com. agency office, r. 318 Wabash 


Benedict Jobn E. moulder, r. 150 W. Jack.son 
Benedict Louis (Benedict & Dixon). and propr. 
Chicago foundry facing mill, r. 306 W. Madison 
Benedict Marvin S. painter, r. 1S4 Randolph 
Benedict Roinhart, lab. J. Sheriffs & Son, r. 43 Foster 
Benedict Russell (M. D. Wells & Co.), r. 618 Wabash 

Benedict Theodore, engineer, r. 785 State 
Benedict Tucker, lab. bds. Dupage house 
Benedict & Dixon (Louis Benedict and William H. 

Dixon), sash, door and blind nmfrs. 178 and 

180 E. Kinzie 

Benedix William, tailor, r. 259 Larrabee 
Renedotte Paul, restaurant, 655 Archer av. r. same. 
Beuet'eld Frederick, shoemaker, 49 Vedder, r. same 
Bones Anthony, lab. bds. 107 Dekoveu 
Benger William, blacksmith, Bishop & Prindle, r. 

184 W. Randolph 
Bengley Alexander, grocer, 16 and 18 Rush, r. 99 


Bengs John, mason, r. 15 Bremer 
Bengteon Johanna, wid. r. 31 W. Indiana 
Benhiureu Robert, mason, r. 262 Black Hawk 
Benhain Charles, r. 1274 Wabash av. 
Benham Jauies W. bookkeeper, Keuly & Jenkins, r. 

226 Wabash av. 
Benham John (Benham & Brown), r. 874 Michigan 

Benham J. K. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Benhsirn Raymond S. bookkeeper, L. Barber & Son, 

bds. St. Cloud hotel 
Benhain & Brown (John Benham and George W. 

Brown), mnfrs. agts. and whol. dealers in cotton 

batting, yarns, twines, &c. 44 and 46 Randolph 
Benhardt Frederick, lab. r. 330 N. Reuben 
Benhart Thomas, lab. T. W. Harvey, r. 23 Bunker 
Benight I. McD. with John V. Farwell & Co. bda. 

Richmond house 

Bening Frederick, tailor, r. 193 Mohawk 
Beninghoff Reuben, carpenter, r. 43 Johnson 

Benish , lab. bds. 82 W. Taylor 

Benjamin A. M. policeman, r. 256 W. Madison 
Benjamin Charles. BRYANT & STRATTON BUSI- 
Benjamin Charles Y. (Benjamin & Son), bds. 780 


Benjamin Edward A. machinist, r. 69 Huron 
Benjamin Edwin (Goodwillie, Benjamin & Co.), r. 69 

Benjamin Elias, clerk, Greenbaum & Foreman, r. 6 


Benjamin Fanny M. Mrs. r. 192 W. Polk 
Benjamin George J. engineer, r. 13-43 State 
Benjamin James, engineer, bds. 1343 State 
Benjamin Judith, wid. Jacob, r. 6 Smart 
Benjamin S. S. (Pearce & Benjamin), r. Adams house 
Benjamin V. A. steward. Adams house, r. same 
Benjamin William F. (Benjamin & Sou), r. 780 

Benjamin & Son (William F. and Charles Y. Ben- 

larniu). job printers, 16 N. Clark 
Benjowsky William, musician, r. 576 N. Wells 
Bonkers Julius, carpenter, r. 132 Townseud 
Benki Henry, saloon, r. 130 N. LaSalle 
Bennard Charles F. boots and shoes, 1005 State, r. 

1229 Wabash av. 
Bennard Peter, stonecutter, Cavanagh & Merriman, 

r. 348 Wells 
Bennedotte Paul, confectionery, 655 Archer av. r. 


Bennefeld Frederick, lab. bds. 339 Larrabee 
Benner Christopher, bricklayer, r. 951 Clark 
Benner Florenz, mnfr. and dealer in cigars and 

tobacco, 525 State, r. same 

Benner George, butcher shop, 192 Wells, r. same 
Beuner Jacob, tobacconist, 363 North av. r. same 
Benner Mathias, 3d asst. fire marshal, 140 and 14S 

Madison, r. 80 S. Jefferson 
Bennet F. agt. freight depot, s. branch junction of 

the C. & N. W. R. W. 
Bennet John, lab. r. 530 S. Canal 
Benuetson Michael, carpenter. r - 621 W. Indiana 
Bennett Albert, janitor, Union Stock Yards Ex- 

chans.'!.!. bds. Transit house 
Bennett Alexander, painter, bds. 64 W. Madison 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. CTIESSOIP & soisrs 3 

Warehouse. 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

Shiphcrd, Sweet & Co., Discount gnori Paper, 

NOB. 155 and 157 fcA SALINE STREET. 


89 Washington Street. Property. Sold and Rented. 




Bennett Alonzo, real estate agt. room 19 Oriental 

bldg. r. 195 W. Adams 
Benneit Andrew, capt. schr. E. M. Shoyer, r. 92 St. 


Bennett Ann, wid. William, r. 36 Wesson 
Bennett A. carpenter, r. 335 Carroll 
Bennett A. foreman box dept. J. Lee Smith, r. 689% 

S. Halsted 

Bennett A. F. clerk. Montgomery house, 352 Clark 
Bennett A. M. com. mer. 122 LaSalle, r. 250 W. Van 

Bennett A. M. salesman, Kingman, Height & Co. r. 

324 S. De^plainea 
Bennett Benjamin, policeman, Second precinct 

police station, r. 105 Mather 

Bennett Benjamin F. moulder, bds. 92 N. Jefferson 
Bennett Benjamin J. watchman, r. Fisk, nr. ne. cor. 


Bennett B. peddler, r. 212 4th av. 
Bennett Charles, porter, Samuel Myers & Co. r. 70 


Bennett Charles, tinsmith, Z. A. Neff, bds. 54 Madi- 

Bennett Charles, waiter, Transit house, bds. same 
Bennett Charles B. printer, Rand, McNally & Co. r. 

383 W. Madison 

Bennett Charles E. barber, 98 State, r. 19 Quincy 
Bennett Charles W. (Bennett & Ullmann) bds. Tre- 

mont house 

Bennett Christopher, carpenter, r. 341 Noble 
Bennett Cornelius gasfitter, bds. 105 Mather 
Bennett Cornelius, helper, Basrgot & Almy 
Bennett C. E. shoemaker, r. 220 N. Curtis 
Bennett David, freight porter, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 

151 W. Jackson 

Bennett David, lab. C. & N. W. R. R. r. 182 Madison 
Bennett Edmund, carpenter, r. 480 N. Clark 
Bennett Edward F. carpenter, r. 235 W. Lake 
Bennett Edward P. floor manager, Ross & Gossage, 

bds. 683 Wabash av. 
Bennett Edwin B. station agt. s. branch junction, 

r. 632 W. Lake 
Bennett Elisha W. clerk, W. E. Hathaway, r. 1190 

Prairie av. 
Bennett Ellis, engineer, Hepp & Schoenthaler, bds. 

270 N. Saugamon 

Bennett Ensign, civil engineer, r. 597 W. Indiana 
Bennett Ephraim, trav. agt. bds. 670 N. LaSalle 
Bennett E. driver. Frank Parmelee & Co. 
Bennett Fritz Q. policeman, bds. 125 Ontario 
Bennett Frank, bartender, Antonio Gaydou, bds. 87 


Bennett Frank, carpenter, r. rear 142 Lake av. 
Bennett Frank, printer, Tribune Co. 
Bennett Frank, saloon. 967 W. Madison, r. same 
Bennett, Fuller & Co. (Robert J. Bennett, Alonzo 

M. Fuller and James M. Smith), fancy grocers, 

15 Dearborn 
Bennett George, distiller, Singer & Bickerdike, r.77 

N. Curtis 

Beniu-tr George, gasfitter. r. 105 Mather 
Bennett George A. bds. 40 W. Monroe 
Bonnett Henry, bds. 40 W. Monroe 
Bennett Henry, gasfltter, bds. 105 Mather 
Bennett Henry. Speculator, bds. 1414 Prairie av. 
Bennett Hiram, saloon, 113 Morgan, cor. Kiuzie, r. 


Bennett Ira A. carpenter, bds. 194 Cottage Grove av. 
Bennett Jacob, clo'.hier. 585 S. Halsted, r. same 
Bennett James, puddler, Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Benneit James, wagonrnaker. t. US Se1x>r 
Bennett James A. clerk, r. 642 W. Madison 
Bennett James S. cigars, 174 Clark, and laundry, 181 

Stat-. r. 184lhav. 

Benneit John, miner, bds. 69 Whitney 
Bennett John, railroadman, r. 334 W. Indiana 
Benne't John. wks. Tremont house 
Bennett John W. (Bennett & Sherburne), bds. 195 

Wabas-h av. 



Glues & N&aisfooi Oil, 



Assets over 85.000,000. 

Rate of mortality jower than Eastern companies. 

SHUGART & DEAX Genl Agents, 

88 "Washington Stet, Chicago. 

Reliable Special Agents wanted. 


Bennett Joseph, baker, 228% Madison, r. same 
Bennett Joseph, foreman, r. 69 Whitney 
Bennett Joseph, painter, r. 430 Union 
Bennett Joseph T. printer, Chicago Evening Journal, 

r. 237 Forquer 

Bennett J. Leroy, lawyer, room 8, Portland blk. 
Bennett J. M. salesman, Giles, Bro. & Co. r. 211 

W. Washington 
Bennett Kate Miss, housekeeper, room 8 58 S. 


Bennett Laura Miss, boardinghonse, 50 S. Union 
Bennett Lirnan, lab. W. N. & J. F. Woodruff, r. 162 

W. 18th 
Bennett Louisa D. wid. Charles W. dressmaker, r. 

40 W. Monroe 

Bennett Martin, lab. r. 260 22d 
Bennett Martin, lab. r. 697 State 
Bennett Mathew, lab. r. 98% N. Market 
Bennett Morris, lab. r. 162 W. 18th 
Bennett Patrick, lab. r. Columbia nr. Reuben 
Bennett Patrick, mason, Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Bennett Patrick, puddler, Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Bennett Pauline, wid. George, groceries, 284 S. 


Bennett Philip A. J. painter, r. 10 Davis 
Bennett P. R. saddle and harness maker, 3 Wigwam 

bldg. cor. Lake and Market, r. 21 Market 
Bennett Robert, lab. bds. 105 Mather 
Bennett Robert (Martin & Bennett), r. 199 Adams 
Bennett Robert J. (Bennett, Fuller & Co.)r. 456 W. 


Bennett Roland (col'd), lab. r. 41 Meridian 
Bennett Rolin, carpenter, r. 203 E. 21st 
Bennett R. J. traveling salesman, Brintnall, Terry & 

Belden, r. 138 Sophia 
Bennett Samuel F. traveling agt. r. rear 100 N. 


Bennett Simon, lab. r. 162 W. 18th 
Bennett Thomas, salesman, J. Ullmann, r. 69 


Bennett Walter W. salesman, r. 14 Davis 
Bennett Walter W. salesman, A. D. & R. M. Tits- 
worth & Co. r. 14 2d av. 
Bennett William, r. 69 Whitney 
Bennett William jr. engineer, bds. 69 Whitney 
Bennett William, sea captain, bds. 217 3d av. 
Bennett William F. butcher, bds. 108 Lake av. 
Bennett & Sherburne (John W. Bennett and Ed- 
win A. Sherburne), lawyers and notaries public, 

room 15, 91 Washington 

Benueit and Frederic Ullmann), lawyers, 21 

and 23 Tribune bldg. 
Benning Barney J. lab. F. Porter Thayer & Co. r. 

354 W. 12th 
Benniug John B. (Whitney & Benning), r. 440 S. 


Benninger Leonard, porter, Schall house, bds. same 
Bennish John, lab. r. 453 S. Union 
Bennitt James, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Bennitt Michael, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Beuock Francis, lab. r. 293 E. 21*t 
Benoit Joseph, clerk, Patrick Gillespie, bds. 43 


Bensback Lawrence, baker, r. 224 Carroll 
Bensen Sarah, wid. William, r. 244 Erie 
Benser Jollie. lab. r. 32 Grover 
Bensinger Rudolph, basketmakcr, bds. 257 Centre 

BcLL-inger , wid. John, r. 144 Illinois 

Beusley Bros. (George E., John R. and D. William 

Behsley). com. mers. room 06, 137% Madison 
Bonsley D. William (Bonsley Bros.), bds. 51 Van 

Bensl.-y Fred, bartender, Charles Hanske, bds. Hi 

W. Randolph 
Bensley George E. (Buusley Bros.), r. 773 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Bensley John, clerk, Soloman Wolfe, r. 114 W. 








Harris makes the best Fire Proof Safe, 

At tne Lowest Price, 62 South Canal Street. 

Maker*' Ovens Ballt, Woodruff <& Raffen 






Returned at Death, 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

Bensley John R. (Bensley Bros.), r. Oakwood av. 
nr.'Cottage Grove av. 

Bensoo August, tanner, r. 130 Armetape rd. 

Benson Abraham H. salesman, r. 357 W. Taylor 

Benson Al ?x. painter. Coan & Ten Broeke, Carriage 
Mnfg. Co. r. 67 Illinois 

Benson Andrew, teamster, bds. 284 W. Madison 

Benson Anthony, grocer, 20 Larrabee, r. same 

Benson A vie, wid. Stephen, bds. 50 Smith 

Benson Catharine (Reinhart & Benson), r. rear 454 
N. Dearborn 

Benson Charles E. with Denisou & Co. 88 Lake 

Benson Henry, cigarmaker, Falk <fc Barbe, r. 298 

Benson Hosea. lab. C. & N. W. R. W. wood- 
yard Wis. div. bds. rear 90 N. Green 

Benson John, carpenter, r. 126 Hubbard 

Benson John, carpenter, r. 163 Wesson 

Benson John, carpenter, John Swedman, r. 75 Di- 

Benson John, foreman, John McEwen, r. 53 W. 

Benson John, stonecutter, bds. 308 S. Desplaines 

Benson Lawrence, lab. r. Lincoln Park 

Benson Levi, roller, Union Rolling Mill Co. bds. 
Reuben, nw. cor. Mills 

Benson Mary A. wid. William, dressmaker, 179 W. 

Benson Montgomery, fireman, bds. Lake Street 

Benson Olof (Swain, Nelson & Co.), and supt. Lin- 
coln Park, r. Lincoln Park 

Benson Sven, blacksmith, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 159 
W. Indiana 

Benson W. Edgar, clerk, G. W. Brethauer, bds. 120 
S. Morgan" 

Benson William, lab. r. 30 Sloan 

Benstein Lazier, peddler, r. 149 Qnincy 

Benstein Simon, whol. grocer, r. 201 Ontario 

Bent John W. (Bent & Goward), r. 17 8. Curtis 

Bent Samuel A. salesman, Bent & Goward, bds. 44 

Bent Thomas, brassflnisher, r. 156 Superior 

Bent & Goward (John W. Bent and Watson Goward), 
refrigerators, ale boxes and tables, Lumber, cor. 
Blair, 206 Madison and 513 Monroe 

Bentenson Rebecca Mrs. dressmaker, 859 Clark, r. 

Benter Adam, police, r. 435 Milwaukee av. 

Benter Conrad, wagonmaker, r. 265 Hurlbut 

Bentheimer Louis, traveling agt. r. 190 W. Jackson 

Benthin Frederick, lab. Lull & Holmes, r. 446 Cly- 
bourn av. 

Bentile John, boxmaker, r. 464 Clybourn av. 

Bentley Betsey, wid. Niles, r. 195 N. Halsted 

Bentley Cyrus (Bentley & Hart), r. 187 Michigan av. 

Bentley George, brakeman, r. 184 N. Peoria 

Bentley George, lab. bds. 368 E. Indiana 

Bentley George (G. Bentley & Co.), r. Emerald, nr. 

Bentley George (H. Jackman & Co.), bds. 427 N. 

Bentley George E. com. mer. r. 773 Cottage Grove av. 

Bentley George & Co. (George Bentley and John 
Wigelsworth). com. and stock brokers, 5 Ex- 
change bldg. Union stock yards 

Bentley Harvey, clerk, George Bentley & Co. r. Em- 
erald, nr. 38th 

Bentley Joseph, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Bentley Robert Rev. pastor, M. E. church, W. Indi- 
ana, cor. Sanganion, r. 182 N. Sangamon 

Bentley Thomas C. clerk, Fay & Pearson, r. 158 

Bentley Walter G. bookkeeper, The Advance, r. 518 
N. Dearborn 

Bentley & Hart (Cyrus Bentley and Eli S. Hart), law- 
yers, room 3, 112 Dearborn 

Bently John, milwright, r. 399 S. Monran 

Bently Joseph, lab. r. ns. Erie, foot of Lake 

Benton Abigal, wid. William H. r. 71 Morgan 
Beuton Charles, bridgebnUder. hd*. 1*1 N. Union 
Benton George, ironmoulder, bds. 71!) VVaba.-h av. 
Benton George C. (Houghtou Bros. & Bonton), r. 893 

Indiana av. 
Benton H. E. entryclerk, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 

81 W. Washington 

Bemon George S.'bds. 124 W. Washington 
Benton John, r. 446 Clybourn av. 
Beuton John, currier. William A. Russell, bds. 36f 

W. Lake 

Beutou R. M. dentist, 229 W. Madison, r. same 
Benton Sidney E. Defensive Mercantile association, 

bds. 300 Indiana 

Benton Thomas, ironmoulder, r. 719 Wabash ar. 
Benton W. M. (W. M. Benton & Co.), r. 42 Cottage 

BENTON W. M. & CO.tW. M. Benton and 

). rcaleftate orokers. 129 Dearborn 

Bentrem William, butcher. 229 Blue Island ay. 
Beutseu B. John, cooper, r. 201 N. Union 
Bentson O. publisher, r. 209 N. HalMeti 
Beutz Adam, tinsmith, W. A. Barlow, bds. 186 S. 


Bentz Charles, printer, bds. 186 S. Jefferson 
Beutz George, machinist, Murphy & Tarrant, bda. 

186 Jefferson 

Beutz Henry J. barber, J. Bohl, bds. 89 Pratt 
Beutz John, lab. r. 722 Kaukakee av. 
Bentz John, pressman, r. 18 S. Jefferson 
Bentz Michael, lab. bds. 79 Pratt 
Bentz Phillip, lab. r. 176 W. Lake 
Bentzon Marcus M. shipcarpenter. r. % Sedgwick 
Bentzon Svend, engineer, bds. 59 W. Indiana 
Benz Caspar, housemover, r. 271 Black Hawk 
Benz Charles, lab. r. 11 Fry 
I Benz Henry, watchman, r. 101 Reese 
Benz John, cabinetmaker, Charles Tobey, bds. 84 W. 

Benz John, foreman, Republican news room, r. 186 


Benz John, shoemaker, Fritz W. Koenig, r. 178 Noble 
Benz Michael, lab. r. 231 Vine 
Benz Nicholas, r. 313 Hurlbut 
Benz Philip, wooddealer, 230, 232 and 234 W. Lake, 

r. 176 W. Lake 
Benz P. W. metal spinner, Dane, Westlake & Coyert, 

r. 183 3d av. 
Benz Rudolph, draughtsman, F. W. Wolf, bds. 868 

North av. 
Banze Herman, clerk, special assessment dept. Board 

of Public Works, r. 215 S. Morgan 
Benzinger Frederick, groceries and provisions, 819 

North av. r. same 

Benznar Andrew, plasterer, r. 180 Butterfield 
Beppler Frederick, moulder, bds. New York house 
Beraidar Michael, charger, r. es. Reuben, bet. Mulli- 
gan and 31st 
Berbach Joseph, harnessmaker, Louis W. Koenig, 

bds. 55 25th 
Berbach Joseph, propr. Western Eagle hotel, 38 B. 

Kinzie, r. same 
Berbauch Warner, barber, Martin Wiederman, r. 4th 

ar. cor. Taylor 
Berblinger William, clerk, Conrad Stuckavt, bdd. 

428 Archer av, 

Berc Minor, barber, 101^ S. Wells 
Berce Frank, clerk, bds. 125 S. Clinton 
Bercher William, painter, r. 416 Milwaukee ar. 
Berchl Catherine, wid. r. 286 Centre av. 
Berchl Joseph, printer, r. 286 Centre av. 
Berck Einanuel, tailor, 11 W. Randolph, r. *am<j 
Berck Henry, lab. r. 307 N. Renben 
Berck William, saloon, 3 Mohawk, r. same 
Bercley Amos C. tailor. C. O. Charlson 
Berd Charles, lab. r. 11 Tedder 
Berdau John H. (Tobin & Berdan), r. 892 State 
Berdel Charles, sergeant. Chicago av. police sub sta- 
tion, r. 2u5 W. Randolph 

HEHL. 2 


General Northwestern Agents for 

W:M:. .TIESSOIF & soztrs, 

. Warehouse. 11 & 13 S. Walls S*. 

ftiiipncrd, sweet & Co., isrokers in 

NOB. 155 and 157 IA. SALLE STREET. 

THEATRE is an 





Berdel Henry, tinner, r. 101 Blue Island av. 
Berdel Nicholas, realeetate agt. room i, 101 Wash- 
ington, r. 153 W. Harrison 
Berdel William, clork. r. 153 W. Harrison 
Bcrderand Caroline, wid. Henry, milliner, r. 359 Clark 
Bcron Fred<>rick, varuisher. r. 806 W. Polk 
Beivntzent Be- rent, sailor, r. l!ll N. Curtis 
Berg Adam, agent, bds. 163 Van Butv.n 
Berg Adolph. (Berg Bros.), r. 14 S. Clinton 
Ben* Anton, machinist. H. A. Pitts' Sons 
Berg Anton (Berg & Skelly), r. 307 Wells 
Berg August, barber, Willfam Nicolai, r. 63 Goethe 
Berg August, carpenter, bds. 45 4th 
Berg August, machinist, Washington foundry, r. rear 

57 Carroll 

Berg Bros. (Morns. David and Adolph Berg), meat- 
market, 181 Madison 
Berg Cad, student. PORTER'S TELEGRAPH COL- 


Berg Charles P. salesman, G. & C. W. Church & Co. 

r. 307 Wells 

Berg Chrisi ma, boardin<rhonse.204Kankakee av. 
Berg Christina, wid. John, r. 61 4th 
Berg Christopher, lab. r. 593 N. Halsted 
Berg David (Berg Bros.), r. 181 Madison 
Bvr_- Dorothea. Mrs. r. 63 Goethe 
Berg Ferdinand, carpenter, r. 63 Goethe 
Berg Henry, butcher, 17 State Street market, r. 

143 Adams 

Berg John, blacksmith, r. 91 Wesson 
Barg John, carpenter, r. 189 Wright 
Berg John, machinist, r. 196 W. Adams 
Berg John, shoemaker, r. 152 N. Desplaines 
Berg Joseph A. clerk, Harmon, Mac\ eagh <fe Messer, 

r. 172 Indiana 
Berg Julius, mnfr. neckties, bows, braids, etc. 69 

Lake, r. 241 Forqner 
Berg Louis, carpenter, r. 288 Maxwell 
Berg Manuel, barber, bds. 143 Adams 
Berg Marcus, bookkeeper, Sugg, Lozier & Belers- 

dorf, r. 350 Wabash av. 
Berg Morri*, (Berg Bros.), r. 163 Adams 
Berg Myer, bds. 143 Adams 
Berg Nathan (N. Berg & Co.) 
Berg Nels M. carriage trimmer, r.398 N. Wells 
Berg Nicholas, cabinetmaker, Haller & Warneke, r. 

9 Rush 
Berg N. <fe Co. (Nathan and Seligman Berg), grocers, 

143 Wells 

Berg Ole, carpenter, r. rear 172 W. Erie 
Berg Ole, carpenter, H. A. Pitts' Sons, r. 59 W. Erie 
Berg Ole. framemaker, Taft, Schwamb & Crego, r. 

105 Newberry av. 

Berg Peter, printer, bds. 152 E. Chicago av. 
Berg Philip, compositor, Chicago Abend Zeitung 
Berg Quist, carpenter, r. 204 Kankakee av. 
Berg Seligman (N. Berg & Co.), r. 173 Adams 
Berg Victor, lab. r. us. al. bet. Roberts and Kings- 
bury, Huron and Erie 

Berg Victor B. tailor. K. B. Olson <fc Co. r. 4 Huron 
Berg Walter, tailor, T. Frosch, r. 32 Cook 
BERG & SKEU/V (Anton Berg and William 

Skelly), grocers, whol. and ret. 331 Wells 
Bergauer Paul, waiter, Hess house 
BtrgdoDd Sebastian, butcher, 310 W. 16th, r. same 
Berge Henry, butcher, 104 Archer av. r. same 
Bergeland 6ls, shoemaker, r. 123 W. Indiana 
Bergen Patrick, tinsmith, bds. 181 S. Jefferson 
Bergen Richard, saloon, 529 Archer av. r. same 
Bergener Doretta, wid. Henry, r. 119 14th 
Bergener Henry W. confectioner, r. 60 Canalport av. 
Bergener Rudolph, peddler, bds. 11911th 
Berger August, butcher. 536 Sedgwick, r. same 
Berger Charles, stonecutter, r. rear 471 Wella 
B>TLvr Conrad Peter, lab. r. 15 Reese 
Berger Frederick, shoemaker, r. 4274th 
Berger Gustavus, bookkeeper, r. 431 N. Dearborn 
Berger Henry, cutter, Cahn, Wampold & Co. r. 710 

N. Halsted 

For Use Cer-netery. 

For the Garden. 

For tlie Conservatory. 



Warerooms, 29O Sf Ata Street . 



Asseta over 85,000,000. 

Policies issued ralSGS. 11,719. 

SHUGAHT & DEAX. Gen'l Agents. 

83 'Washington street, Chicago. 

Good Agents warned. 

Berger Henry, lab. r. 15 Roes 

Berger Henry, tailor, r. 220 Church 

Berger John, carpenter, A. H. Andrews & Co. bds. 

36 W. Polk 

Berger John, tailor, bds. 38 E. Kiuzie 
Berger John S. salesman, <>3 Seely av. 
Berger L. A. bookkeeper, Max Koerncr, r. 670 

Washington av. 
Berger Peter F. physician and surgeon, room 11 

Ulrich block, r. 108 N. Wells 
Berger Thomas, lab. r. 239 Monroe 
Berger William, com. mer, r. 5 Archer av. 
Eerger William, sailor, bds. S86 Milwaukee av. 
Bergerhausen Fritz, lithographer, r. 169 N. Clark 
Bergersen Anne, wid. Hans, r. 27 Hunt 
Bergersen Svend, carpenter, bds. 258 N. Sangamon 
Bergesen Ole (Thorsen & Bergesen), r. 59 and til E. 


Bcrgfeld Henry, packer, S. B. Parkhnrst, r. 38 Sophia 
Bergfeld Henry G. clerk, bds. 38 Sophia 
Bergfeld Richard H. clerk, G. D. Beebe. r. 38 Sophia 
Bergfeld William, packer, Smith & Reeder, r.4-31 


Berggrcen Ludwig E. presser, S. Lieberman, Carl- 
berg <fe Co. bds. 117 Illinois 
Berggren Peter, blacksmith, John Swedman, bds. 

73 Chicago av. 

Bergh Andrew, city inspector, r. 42 Granger 
Bergh Herman, carpenter, r. 254 4th 
Bergh Kareii, wid. bds. 354 W. Madison 
Bergh Marie 8. Miss, teacher, Dore tchool, r. 396 S. 

Bergh Martin, baggageman, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 

172 W. Indiana 

Bergh Martin J. tailor, r. 296 S. Morgan 
Bergh, see also Berg 

Berghauer Herman, cabinetmaker, bds. 355 Larrabee 
Bcrghauer Johanna, wid. William, artificial flowers, 

r. 355 Larrabee 
Bergholz John, lab. Koop & Gade, r. ws. Sullivan, 

bet. Sedgwick and Hnrlbut 
Berghuis Doune, clerk, John Prince, bds. 83 N. 


Bcrgiu James, lab. Reid & Sherwin 
Bergin John, bricklayer, bds. 140 State 
Bergin Patrick, baker, r. 81 Kossuth 
Bergin Timothy, watchman, M. S. & N. I. R. R. Co. 

out freight depot 
Bergk O. Julius, physician and surgeon, 188 Blue 

Island av. r. same 

Bergland Olson, shoemaker, r. 123 W. Indiana 
Berglund B. F. painter, Jevne & Almini, r. 89 Town- 
BergluudE. S. painter, Jevne & Almini, r. 45 Bre- 

Bergman Charles, blacksmith, Coan & Ten Broeke, 

bds. 82 W. Lake 
Bergman Christian, lab. H. C. Tillinghast, r. 162 


Bergman Edward, cigar mnfr. 998 State, r. same 
Bergman Francis, tinner, John A. Eastman, bds. 339 

S. Morgan 

Bergman John, painter, r. 207 W. Van Buren 
Bergman Peter (Bergman & Krense), r. 430 State 
Bergman & Krense (Peter Bergman and William 

Kreuse), groceries and provisions. 430 State 
Bergmann Abraham, collector, bds. 423 State 
Bergmann August, carpenter, Henry Gilsdorff, bds. 

212 Michigan 

Bergmaun Casper F. lab. bds. 368 Sedgwick 
Bergmaun Conrad, lab. bds. 37 W. Lake 
Bergmann Helena, wid. John, bds. 368 Sedgwick 
Bergmann John C. r. 368 Sedgwick 
Bcr-rmark August, lab. bds. 15514 Archer av. 
Bergmark C. G. heater, Pynchon, Willard & Co. bds. 

155 Archer av. 

Bergmonn Christopher, r. 38 Fry 
Bergner William, ropemaker, Atherton & Cartlidge, 

r. 2.% Milwaukee av. 



Morse Safes have been tried in the largest fires in this country, 

AND NEVER FAILED. Made by S. II. Harris, 03 South Canal Street. 

M, g5iJBS&WOO5>, 152 STATE TREET 9 








Ui Only Issued by this Company. 
Oft A Good Thing Try It. 

H Bergolth Peter, carpenter, r. 431 Cottage Grove av. 
Bergqnist Banjt, woodworker, Smith & Co. r. 114 


Bergquist John, tailor, r. 85 E. Indiana 
Bergren Jan, shoemaker, bds. 44 Superior 
Bergrin Gustav E. baker, 134 Townsend, r. same 
Bergson Andrew, carpenter, r. 128 Bremer 
Bergstrosm Frederick, carpenter, bds. 146 N. Des- 
Bergstrom P. silver smith, Juergens & Anderson, 

rear 117 E. Lake 

Bergtoll Jacob, varnisher, Rudolph & Thomalen, r. 

69 W. Liberty 
Bergtoll John, varnisher, Charles Tobey, r. 69 W. 


Bergwald Charles, plumber, bds. 262 Church 
Berigan James, saloon, 198 Kinzie, r. same 
Beriger John P. carpenter, r. 39 Hanover 
Bering Henry, bricklayer, r. 349 S. Canal 
Beringer Leopold, brewer, Michael Fleichmann, 

bds. 157 Orchard 

Berington Edward, clerk, bds. 136 Pine 
Berjeahausen Philip, printer, Post and Staats Zei- 

tung Printing Co. r. 169 N . Clark 
Berk Christopher, teamster, r. 549 N. Wells 
Berk John, bds. 18 Coolidge 
Berk Patrick, lab. r. 18 Coolidge 
Berk Thomas, mason, r. 10 Coolidge 
Berka Frank, porter, Henry A. Holmes, 221 S. Hal- 

Berkanfeld Isador, clerk, Abraham Basch, bds. 235 

Berke James, marblecutter, Sherman, Cole & Co. 

bds. Seeley, cor. Iloba 
Berke John, marblecutter, Sherman, Cole & Co. 

bds. Hoba, cor. Seel :y 
Berke Mathias, lab. r. 282 Church 
Berkel Peter, stovepolisher, r. 3B8 North av. 
Berkemeyer Alexander, engraving agt. r. 190 Lar- 


Bcrkes Henry, saloon, 157 Randolph, r. 114 Wells 
Berkl Ludwig, r. 18 Dussold 
Be rider John, lab. r. 794 N. Halsted 
Berk:nan Joseph, ragdealer, r. 26 Dussold 

CO. of Pittstteld, Mass. Smith & Tarts, gou. 

agts. for Illinois, room 3 Major blk. 
Berkson Simon, glazier, r. 433 Wells 
Ui rkson Simon, glazier, r. rear 342 3d av. 
Berleman Andrew (Berleman & Plolni), r. Douglas 

pi. 3 doors e. of Cottage Grove av. 
Berlcman & Holm (Andrew Berleman and Nelson 

Holm), merchant tailors, Douglas pi. 3 doors 

e. ot Cottage Grove av. 
Rerlet Robert, turner, r. 1(>3 E. Division 
Berlien John, blacksmith, r. 180 Milwaukee av. 
Berlicu Otto, billiard table maker R. Kleeman&Co. 

lid-. 51 Cedar 

Berlin Block. Monroe, nw. cor. State 
Be;-lin Louis, optician, r. 584 N. Dearborn 
Berlin William, painter, 543 S. Union, r. sume 
Bcrliuger Joseph, bartender, F. Roschdiantzky, 

bds. 48 Chicago av. 

Berlinski Bernard, hatter, r. 174 Ontario 
Berlizheimer Bornhitrd, saloon, 105 and 107 N. Clark 
Berlizheimer David, clerk, N. Berlizheimer, bds. 

170 N. Clark 
Berlizheimer Louis (L. & R. Berlizheimer), r. 128 

N. C'lark 
Berli/.tieimer L. & R. (Louis and Richard Berliz- 

i finer), dryiroods, r. 133 N. Clark 
Berlizheimer Nathan, drygoods, 170 N. Clark, 

Bsrlizheimer Richard (L. & R. Berlizheimer), r. 132 

X. dork 

Barlmum Charles, lab. r. 251) Coolidgo 
Berlyu Bernard, cigarmaker, John P. Scharley, r. 

314 S. Morgan 
Berm Muthias, tailor, r. 137 W. Madison 

Berman Charles, carpenter, r. 544 Larrabee 
Berman Charles, mason, r. 140 Townsend 
Bermele Martin, shoemaker, 673 Archer av. r. same 
Bermingham James, shoemaker, S. W. Rawson, bds. 

185 Union 

Bermingham John, shoemaker, r. 185 N. Union 
Bermingham Thomas, bookkeeper, Scaulan & Fitz- 

gibb'on, bds. 52 Green 
Bern Michael, lab. r. 458 S. Jeflferson 
Bern William, machinist, Washington foundry, r. 11 

N. Jetterson 

Bernard Charles, cigars and tobacco, 200 N. Clark 
Bernard Edward, steward, r. 461 State 
Bernard Edward H. printer, Republican job rooms, 

r. Clybourn av. 
Bernard Henry, painter, ws. al. bet. 3d and 4th avs. 

Harrison and Van Buren 
Bernard Hermine, truukmaker, Becker & Kopsell, 

bds. 262 Black Hawk 

Bernard John, lab. r. rear 234 Wentworth av. 
Bernard John, wagonmaker, Bishop & Prindle, r. 

812 N. Halsted 
Bernard Joseph, carpenter, r. Davis, bet. Fulton and 


Bernard Kelly, lab. r. rear 150 W. Polk 
Bernard Nicholas, clerk, bds. 33 Newberry av. 
Bernard Peter, lumber inspector, r. 33 Newberry av. 
Bernard Peter, stonecutter, 348 Harrison 
Bernard Walter, entry clerk, Irvine & Co. 
Bernard, see also Bernhard 
Bernboun Charles, tailor, r. 183 Clark 
Bernds August, locksmith, Nicholas Faber, r. Divis- 


Berndt Carl, shoemaker, r. 18 Hubbard 
Berndt Charles, carpenter, Hepp & Schoenthaler, r. 

245 W. Chicago av. 
Berndt Frederick, lab. r. 233 Dayton 
Berndt Herman, clerk, r. 228 Maxwell 
Berndt Joseph, lab. bds. 24 5th 
Burndt Julius, cigar dealer, 501 Clark, r. same 
Berndzon Emma Miss, tailoress, r. 108 Bremer 
Berne Peter, sailor, r. 118 Erie 
Burue Philip, machinist, r. 402 3d av. 
Bernell Charles (col'd), saloon, r. 239 3d av. 
Bernoll Moses, merchant, r. 462 Centre av. 
Bjruer Catherine, wid. Jacob, r. 114 W. Harrison 
Berner Frank, salesman, r. 789 W. Washington 
Bernor Fred. lab. r. 508 Sedgwick 
Berner Jacob, r. 574 State 

Bonier Louis, lab. Chicago Plate and Bar Mill Co. 
Bernero Louis, ice cream saloon, G3 W. Madison, r. 

8!tVi Pratt 

Beruert Charles, lab. r. 70 Rees 
Bt;rnertz John, tailor, 178 Blue Island av. r. same 
Bernet John, baker, 28 Cayuga, r. same 
Berney John, engineer, r. 17'/i Silver 
Borngen Moritz, butcher, r. rear 21 N. Green 
Bern hard Charles, tobacco and cigars, 200 N. Clark, 

r. same 
Bernhard Jacob, harnessmaker, 516 N. Wells, r. 


Bernhard John, wagonmaker, r. Sl-J N. Halsted 
B'-rnhard Robert, carpenier, r. -227 N. Market 
Bernhard Theodore, citramuker, Frederich Staak, 

bd.-. 227 N. Market' 
Bernhardt T. G. architect, W. N. Areud, r. 355 Sedg- 


Bernhardt Henry, lab. r. 202 Wentworth av. 
BernVmrdt John, tailor, r. 483 S. Canal 
Bernhardt John jr. tailor, bds. 483 S. Canal 
Berulieement Jacob, r. 221 4th av. 
Bernheisenel Luther, caroenter, bds. 227 Michigan 
Bernholtz Ci. bds. 7 River 
Berninger Robert, nailer, IIair& Odiorne, r. 77 Samp- 


Bernird Joseph, stonecutter, r. 142 Sholto 
Bernitt John, tailor, r. 427 W. Chicago av. 
Benin Peter, cooper, r. 48 Wesson 
Bernsie Charles, lislulealer, r. Ii5 Barber 


General Northwestern Agents for 


Warehouse. 11 & IS S. "Walls St. 

Sklpherci, ajwect & Co., i>>iscouiit Sfrori S'sipsjr, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

WM. D. K.E21FOOT, Heal Estate Agent, 

89 Washington Street. Property generally managed. 



Bernstein F. S. with S. Kasprowicz, r. 69 4th av. 
Bernstein G. stonecutter, Chicago Marble and Gran- 
ite Miii'L'. Co. r. 143 Ontario 
Bernstein Israel, peddler, r. 262 4th av. 
Bern-iein Julius nier. tailor and dealer in ready 

made clothing. 256 N. Clark, r. same 
Bernstein S. (Bernstein & Epsteiu), r. 201 Ontario 
Bernstein Tobias, clothing, 5, 13 and 15 E. Kinzie, 

r. till Kinzie 
BERNSTEIN & EPSTEIN (9. Bernstein 

and M. Epstein), com. mers. 202 S. Water 
Berntr-ou Alexander M. foreman, E. Frankenthal & 

Co. r. 73 E. Erie 

Berntson Christopher, watchman, r. 11 E. Erie 
Berntt Heinricb, lab. r. 91 Hurlbnt 
Bernz Jacob, brewer, r. 51 E. Hinsdale 
Berong Peter, lab. r. 256 3d av. 
Berotka Joseph, tailor, 79' DeKoven. r. same 
Berquist Bent, wagonmaker, r. 114 Sedgwick 
Berr Ferdinand J. harness-maker, Robert Hanisch, 

bds. 509 Chicago av. 
Berr Herman, gardener, bds. 41 Kansas 
Berrdrahau John, musician, r. rear 174 Griswold 
Berresheim Anthony, grocer, 262 Catherine, r. same 
Berrey B. D. telegraph operator, bds. 300 Waba*h 


Berrey Patrick, gardener, r. 325 E. Illinois 
Berrill Edward, lab. r. 75 Hastings 
Berrill W T illiam, private watchman, r. 179 N. Pau- 
Berring Benjamin, sashmaker, Palmer, Fuller <fc 


Berringer Charles, blacksmith, r. 301 Hurlbut 
Berrington Alfred, saloon, 123 Franklin, r. same 
Benrwn William, washer, C. U. Murry, bds. Dear- 
born cor. Illinois 
Berry A. R. furniture repairer, 412 W. Madison, r. 


Berry B. D. tel. operator, bds. 300 Wabash av. 
Berry Charles A. carpenter, D. B. Rice & Bro. bds. 

245 Bnrnside 

Berry C. C. trainmaster, I. C. R. R. r. 117 Ellis av. 
Berry Daniel caulker, Arkhurst & Douglas, bds. 


Berry Dominick. weaver, r. 30 Superior 
Berry Edmund W. salesman, Hayden & Kay, r. 133 

8. Sangamon 
Berry Francis, stoker steam fire engine A. C. Coven- 

t'ry. r. 217 Illinois 
Berry Frank W. salesman, Porter & Jenks, r. room 

27 Otis blk. 
Bern,- G. T. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Berry Harry M. hardware, 1055 State, r. same 
Berry H. C" salesman, Biddle & Hunt, bds. 79 Madi- 

Berry Irving R. stonecutter, r. 107 Orchard 
Berry Isaac, meatmarket, 425 Cottage Crove av. 
Berry James, farmer, bds. 37 Frank 
Berry James M. r. 480 W. 12th 
Berry John (coPdX bellboy, Sherman house 
Berry John, butcher, r. 2i8 Grove 
Berry John, carpenter, bds. 100 W. 22d 
Berry John, he'lper, Pyuchon, Willard & Co. r. 43 


Berry ,fuhn. ins. a<:t. r. 258 W. Washington 
Berry John, lab. bds. 170 S. Clinton 
Berry John, porter. J. A. & II. F. Griswold 
Berry John. '.vks. rolling mill, bds. 428 Elston rd. 
Berry John Mrs. bds. 149 Illinois 
Berrv John E. carpenter, Ledlie & Corse, r. 100 W. 

Barry John J. stoker, fire engine Fred. Gund, r. 

217N. Clark 
Berry .lo-i-uii W. flour and feed, 108 Cottage Crove 

av. r. ii; 24th 

P. TV J. S. wid. r. 3^2 W. M'idison 
BJITV L.mi.-t M. moulder, Moody <fc Church, r. l-!6 
S. Halsted 



At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

Berrv Luther D. salesman, Fairbanks, Grcenleaf & 

Co. r. 220 Town^end ( 

Berry Mahalia L. wid. Alonzo, r. 31 Gold 
Berry Manraret, wid. John, r. 83 St. Ciair 
Berry Martin, porter, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. bds. 205 i 


Berry Mary, wid. John, r. 401 E. Superior 
Berry Monica Mrs. milliner, 90 Blue Island av. 
Berry M. F. transfer clerk. Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Berry Oliver, student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Berry O. A. clerk, I. C. R. R. bds. 117 Ellis av. 
Berry Patrick, shipping clerk, E. Hunt & Sons, r. 197 

Town send 
Berry Patrick, lab. W. N. & J. F. Woodruff, r. 70 


Berry P. A. bds. 56 N. State 
Berry Samuel, boxmaker, bds. 401 E. Superior 
Berry Thomas, butcher, Albert Anthony, r. 228 N. 


Berry Thomas, carpenter, r. 44 Brown 
Berry Thomas, clerk, Fuller, Finch & Fuller, bds. 

3*78 W. Madison 
Berry Timothv, carpenter. Fox, Howard & Walker, 

r. 156 Farrell 

Berry Walter, bookkeeper, r. 331 Hubbard 
Berry William, lab. r. 550 W. Indiana 
Berry William (col'd), porter, r. 187 4th av. 
Berrv William H. waiter, Michael O'Byrue, bds. 17 

N. Wells 
Berry William M. flour and feed mer. r. 07 24th 

Berry , baggage master, bds. 30 W. Madison 

Berrv , lab. r. ws. al. bet. Wabash av. and State, 

Jackson and Van Buren 

Berry , painter, bds. 43 Harrison 

Berryhill Juhn G. BRYANT & STRATTON BUSI- 
Berryman Jeremiah, lab. r. 39 Boufield 
Berryman William H. carpenter, r. 110 29th 
Bert-bach John, carpenter, r. 140 Ontario 
Berscheid Jacob, lab. r. 127 Burling 
Bcrsluide Lucas, Inb. r. ISO W. Liberty 
Berskeim George, lab. r. -602 S. Union 
Berson Christopher, moulder, r. 2-*'.) 22d 
Bert John. wks. C. H. Mi-Connu-k A: Bro. 
Bertenux Julius, carpenter, r. 24S Forquer 
Bertel August, carpet weaver, r. 281 Black Hawk 
Bertels Henry, sailor, r. 131 Mih 
Bertels William, boot and shoemaker, 10(53 Slate, 

r. snme 

Berter Lewis, curpenter. r. 21 Reese 
Berter Martin, blacksmith, r. '.iO Desplalncs 
Berthold Frederick, meatmarket, 268 N. Wells, r. 

Bertholf C. P. & Co. drugs and medicines, 30 W. 

Bertholf VV. H. jeweler, Canal, sw. cor. Madison, 

r. 240 W. Madison 

Bertinemi Rhiard. lab. r. Fry. near Noble 
Bertis Lewis, bookkeeper, Johnson, Spencer & Co. 

bds. 13 Adams 
Bertou August, boot and bhoumaker, 1S3 W. Lake, 

r. same 

Bertram ( harles. dairyman, r. Si2 Noble 
Bertram Henry, clerk. l>ds. 11" Michigan 
Bertram Henry, s.'.ilof, r. 290 W. Chicago av. 
Bertram J. August, joiner, r. 773 N. liaised 
Her. nu:i WilllUM, r. 1*5 N. Rucker 

Uartram . r. rear 755 N. Halved 

Berirand Caroline, wid. Henry, r. 359 Clark 
Benrund Frank, salesman. J" V. Clark & Co. r. 227 




Glues & Neafsfoo? Oil, 


Bert "and Solomon, painter, r. 251 W. Polk I** 

Bcrtzb Conrad, tailor, bds. Kj6 I.urraV.e<- ^ 

Berven Henry H. clerk, S. Uudem, bds. 280 W. ft 

Indiana fi 

George, sale.- man, Abraham Louis, r. 100 a 

Berwin Lnzarius. sale -man. r. )">! Clark ft 

Morse's Celebrated Fife and iS&irgSar FTo'of Safes. 

Blade by S. H. HAKfTlS. 62 souili Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF & RAF^EX, Sewer Bnilders, 

Basement of 7S fc 80 East Madison Street. 
















General Agent for Chicago. 
124 Washington St. 


Berwin Louis D. cloihing. 221 Chirk. -r. 1704th av. 
B-.'rysou Frank O. lake captain, r. isy Wesson 
Benw Cornelius \V. painter, r. 178 W. Jackson 
Beschiska Frank, lab. r. 98 Bunker 
Boiler John, reporter, Edwards 1 directory, bds. 471 

W. 12ih 

Besen John, joiner, r. 212 Orchard 
Bes,en Mathias. joiner, bds. 212 Orchard 
Besen Nicholas, joiner, bds. 212 Orchaid 
Besenhust Diedrich, lab. r. 237 N. Rnckcr 
Besford John, carpenter, r. 563 VV. Polk 
Besh Adam, lithographer, Chicago Lithographing 

Co. r. 232 Huron 

Besh Henry, saloon and boardinghouse, 187 N. Water 
Beshwell Aaron, machinist, r. ](> Bntterfield 
Besler Frederick J. physician. 3s 1 W. 12th 
Besley Charles S. student. BRYANT & STRATTON 

Beslev George, clerk, Cleveland & Snyder, r. 301 

W. Randolph 

Besly Oliver, flour dealer, r. 41 S. Carpenter 
Besmer Peter, lab. Conger, Walworth <fc Co. r. 47 

Bessam Herman, teamster, Bradner, Charnley & 

Co. r. 18 Joseph 

Bessason George, clerk, r. rear 79 4th 
Besse Louisa Mrs. r. 567 W. Indiana 
Be>se William, carpenter, r. 5<i7 W. Indiana 
Besselde John, cabinetmaker, r. 116 Hastings 
Bessellen AHck, 310 W. 22d, r. same 
Besselleu Moses, brickmaker. bds. 310 W. 22d 
Bessenger Benjamin, clerk, Flint, Thompson & Co. 

r. 403 State 

Besserer Gottlob, cooper, r. 499 Mitchell 
Besseson Charles, porter, Parker & Wilkinson, r. 

218 Sedgwick 
Besseson George, porter, Parkhuret & Wilkinson, 

r. 79 4th 
Besseson Ole, porter, Parkhuret & Wilkinson, r. 218 


Bessette" Ludger, tanner, bds. 261 Wells 
Bessler August, stonecutter, r. 473 S. Canal 
Bessler William, clerk, r. 383 N. Wells 
Bossier & Schoeppe (August Bessler and Frederic 

Schoeppe), stone contractors. 142 to 148 Sherman 
Best Andrew, harnessmaker, Aloise Haisch, bds. 

100 Wells 
Best Charles, salesman, Th. & G. Mendelson, r. 53 

N. Reuben 
Best Charles L. upholster, A. L. Hale & Bro. bds. 

236 S. Clinton 

Best Christian, house mover, r. 18 5th 
Best Edward W. fireman, C. & N. W. R. R. bds. 143 

Best Frederick, saloon, 513 S. Halsted, r. 139 W. 


Best Henry, r. 23 Oakwood 
Best Henry, grocer. 277 Rush, r. same 
Best Henry, saloon, 430^ State, r. same 
Best Henry, porter, r. 385 Indiana 
Best Henry H. supl. oil dept. C. & N. W. R. R. 

shops, r. 385 W. Indiana 
Best J. D. (Best & Dickinson), r. Harlem, 111. 
Bust Martin, r. 721 Michigan av. 
Best William, salesman, John C. Partridge & Co. r. 

Best William E. timekeeper, Wis. Div, C. & N. W. 

R. W. r. 385 W. Indiana 
Best & Dickinson (J. D. Best and Fred. Dickinson), 

whol. grocers, provisions and ship supplies, 210 

and 212 S. Water 

Besterfee John, teamster, r. 269 2d 
BesterfV-ld Henry, teamster, r. 221 N. Carpenter 
Bestloff Joseph.' baker, r. 139 Church 
Boston Michael, lab. r. 347 S. Jefferson 
Berwick Joseph, file cutter, bds. 311 S. Canal 
Beta Peter, blacksmith, r. rear 152 Button 
Betcke Au<ru>t W. carpenter, r. 115 Hurlbut 
Beter Jacob, painter, r. 247 Forquer 

Bethany Congregational Church. Rev. James Harri- 
son", i-a^tor. 2d M>. cor. Paulina 
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal church. -241, 243 

and 249 3d av. J. Mitcham, pa^or 
Bethe>da Chapel, Mitchell bet. Throop and Loomis 
Be'.hkc Charles, safemaker. Herring & Co. r. 20 W. 


Bethke Dnvid, lab. r. 222 Dayton 
Bethke John, foreman, H. T. King & Bro. r. 107 

Canalport av. 

Bethke Louis, lab. r. al. rear Rees nr. Black Hawk 
Beihke William, blacksmith, r. '29 Gardener 
Bethki John, lab. r. 107 Canalport av. 
Bethuue Duncan, lab. r. 105 String 
Bethune Robert, merchant, r. 82 Lincoln av. 
Bethze August, r. ws. Sheffield av. bet. Willow and 

Betig Jacob, lithograph printer, Ezra A. Cook & Co. 

r. 101 Sitrel 

Betka Frederick, lab. r. 99 George 
Betka John, foreman, A. T. King& Bro. 
Beto John, teamster, bds. 160 Milwaukee av. 
Betou Alice, wid. George, r. 125 Carroll 
Betram Ance, black.- mith, bds. 906 State 
Bet-ii.L'er John, lab. bds. Richard nr. Reuben 
Bettels William, bookkeeper, r. Egan av. bet. 

Moonaway and Kankakee av. 
Bettermaun Matthias, cigar mnl'r. 304*4 Clark 
Betiichor Peter D. contractor and builder, r. 112 

Cottage Grove av. 
BetticherT. T. contractor, bds. 112 Cottage Grove 


Betting Mnthias. carpenter, r. 327 Wells 
Bettles William, bookkeeper. Miller Bros. & Keep, 

r. Egau av. bet. Kankakee and Moonaway 
Betton Peter, builder, r. 139 Centre av. 
Belts Chauncey G. clerk, Denison & Co. r. 229 

Belts Charlea L. tinsmith, W. A. Barlow, r. 231 W. 

Betls George, salesman, Longley & Son, r. 323 W. 


Belts James, lab. Lcdlie & Corse, r. 333 W. 22d 
Belts Lewis F. patentright propr. Illinois Mnfg. Co. 

r. 231 W. Madison 

Betty Henry, clerk, Cook & McLain, r. 609 Washing- 
Betz Charles, woodcarver, 382 W. 12lh. r. 3G2 Centre 


Betz Christian, expressman, r. 150 Superior 
Betz Conrad, barber, r. 150 Superior 
Betz George, lithographer, bds. 101 Sigel 
Betz Henry, lithographer, Chicago Lithographing 

Co. r. 150 Superior 

Betz Jacob, expressman, r. 591 Washington av. 
Betz Louise, midwife, r. 150 Superior 
Betz Max. baker, r. 17 Bremer 
Betz Peter, lab. r. 177 Blue Island av. 
Betzmau Johan, shoemaker, r. 37 4th 
Beu Christian, lab. r. 418 Sedgwick 
Ben John. lab. r. 240 Clybonrn av. 
Beuble A. lab. Hilliard.'Peirce & Co. 
Beuchel Joseph, sash, door and blindmaker, 171 W. 

Madison, r. same 
Bencher J. clerk, P. O. 

I euhler Michael, teamster, r.. 103 N. Sangamon 
Beuke August, lab. r. 25 Evans 
Beuke Frank, lab. r. ns. Ellen, bet. Wood and Hous- 

Benland Morris, butcher, bds 16 4th av. 
Beulow Frederick, r. 126 Bnrnside 
Beum August, butcher, bds. 126 Townsend 
Beusing Morris, expressman, r. 500 W. Chicago av. 
Beutlei Ernest, sash and blindmaker, Davis & 

Hartwell, r. 173 Wentworth av. 
Beuttenmuller George, gunsmith. 116 Wells, r. sam 
Beutx. Peler, blacksmith, bds. 26 W. Madison 
Bevan Charles E. sawyer, C. G. Udell, r. 136 N. 



General Northwestern Agents for 

-ESSOiE 3 & soisrs, 

"Warehouse. 11 &13 S. Wells St, 

Shipherd, weet * Co., L.arge Loans a specialty, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

W. KI&G, United States Commissioner 

For Xorrhern District of Illinois. 117 Soutli Clark Street, 




Bo van John (John Bevan & Co.), r. 112 3d av. 

Be van J. & Co. (John Be van and ), paper i 

woolen rag*, old mutals, etc. 191 S. Water 

Bevan Mat H. clerk, r. 170 W. 12ih 

Be van Thomas, physician and medical examiner. 

Ashbury Lite lus. Co. r. 11 Harmon ct. 
Beveridge John L. lawyer, 80 Washington, r. Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Beverley Clarence A. student, r. Chicago university 
Beverly J. M. mining stock mer. 108 LaSalle, bds. 84 

Be vie r Dubois, bookkeeper, Oakley & Dwight, bds. 

911 Indiana av. 
Bevington Henry F. stairbuilder, wks. J. Taylor, r. 

1121 State 

Bevans Benjamin, sailor, bds. 413 S. Canal 
Bevans Lowell, electrotyper, Chicago type foundry, 

bds. 46 Franklin 
Bewniug Deidrich, lab. r. es. Eagle, bet. Union and 

Beye William, clerk, county treas. office, r. room 47 

Lombard blk. 
Beyer Charles J. shoemaker, H. Hobein, bds. 488 


Beyer Ernest, carpenter, r. 37 Butterfleld 
Beyer Henry H. shoemaker, H. Hobein, r. 488 State 
Beyer John, policeman, r. rear 254 3d av. 
Beyer John P. Kev. pastor, Emanuel church, r. 316 

W. Taylor 

Beyer Philip, lab. bds. 89 Pratt 
Beyetc Samuel, painter, A. B. Van Doren & Co. 
Beygeh Peter, butcher, r. 346 Division 
Bhala Joseph, stonecutter, r. 198 Jackson 
Bhles M. boilermaker, Chicago Steam Boiler Mnfg. 

Bhles Peter, boiler foreman, Chicago Steam Boiler 

Mnfg. Co. 

Bhnhke Christian, tailor, r. 38 Foster 
Bhrendt Samuel, peddler, bds. 270 4th av. 
Bhymer W. S. druggist, 70 Madison 
Bibow Charles, cabinetmaker, Frank Mayer <fc Co. r. 

74 English 
Bibow Ferdinand, barber, Louis Marx, bds. 598 S. 


Bicebarth Edward, carpenter, r. 109 Wright 
Bich John, baker, C. Trail, bds. 186 Indiana 
Bichl John, pressman, Rounds & James, r. 449 N. 


Bichl John J. (Bichl & Neuhalfen), r. ITTHSush 
Bichl & Neuhalfen (J. J. Bichl and F. C. Neuhalfen), 

hardware, 433 State 
Bichler Theodore, lab. r. 159 Mohawk 
Bichowsky Anton, lab. r. 20 Burling 
Bick T. harnessmaker, W. T. B. Bead, r. 719 W.Chi- 
cago av. 

Bickel Jacob, meatmarket, 211 Clybourn av. r. same 
Bickel S. Mis*, r. 297 W. Randolph 
Bicker Godfried, bootmaker, r. 47 Cornelia 
Bickerdike Joseph R. ( Singer* Bickerdike), and real 

estate agt. 85 Washington, rooms same 
Bickerton Joseph, manager, cloak dept. Ross & 

Gossage, r. 185 S. Morgan 

Bickfor E. pork packer, S. J. Bowers, r. Indiana av. 
BICKFQRD C. P, asst. cash. State Savings 

institution, r. 704 Michigan av. 
Bickford Harrison P. live stock dealer, r. 251 31st 
Bickford Hiram (H. Bickford & Co.), r. 154 W. Lake 
Bickford H. & Co. (Hiram Bickford and Frank G. 

Rane). hardware, 154 W. Lake 
Bickford Jane, wid. Harrison, r. 644 State 
Bickford John W. carpenter, Goodridge, Tenwinkle 

& Co. r. 423 Park av. 
Bickford Levi F. student, room 18 K. H. Chicago 

theological seminary 
Bickford R. K. lumber com. mer. S. Water, foot of 

Franklin, r. 574 W. Lake 
Bickin<* Frederick, clerk, J. Liebenstein & Co. bds. 

TON. Desplaines 
Bicking William, carpenter, r. 243 W. 16th 




Architectural Trimmings 


St*.tn Street. 



Assets over 85,000,000. 

Dividencrs payable annually after second year. 

BIIUGART & DEAN. Gen'l Agents, 

83 "Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents wanted. 

Bicking William, shoemaker, r. 243 W. 16th 
Bickins Thomas, plumber, brls. 157 S. Jefferson 
Bickley A. pressman, Spalding & LaMontes, r. 9 

Bickmise Henry, lab. Bradner, Charnley & Co. r. 714 

S. Junior 

Bicknell Andrew, r. 791 Cottage Grove av. 
Bicknell Edwin, realestate, r. 791 Cottage Grove av. 
Bicknell Frank, clerk, James P. Dalton & Co. bds. 

Central house 

Bicknell F. W. bookkeeper, r. 240 W. Indiana 
Bicknell George, lab. bds. Transit house 
1 Bickneil John, lab. r. 122 Angusta 
Bicknell S. W. clerk, J. B. Dudley, r. 113 Randolph 
Bickuell T. Wallace, bookkeeper, Furst & Bradley, 

r. 241 W. Indimia 

Biddell T. T. phytician, bds. 669 Archer av. 
Biddinger John, shoemaker, M. F. Streich, r. 3194th 

Biddle Caroline, Mrs. milliner, 564 W. Madison, r. 


Biddle G. W. A. (Biddle & Hunt), r. 150 N. Dearborn 
Biddle Louis, lab. J. Sheriffs & Son, bds. 7 W. Ran- 

Biddle Peter, carpenter, r. 564 W. Madison 
Biddle & Hunt (G. W. A. Biddle and Montgomery 

Hunt), cloths, cassimeres and trimmings, 45 and 

47 Lake 

Biddlecomb Walter, carpenter, r. 573 S. Jefferson 
Biddlecome Samuel, carpenter, r. 166 Mitchell 
Biddner John, bellhanger, 342 State, r. 18 4th av. 
Biddrenbeck Charles, carpenter, Palmer, Fulton & 


Bidwell Betsey M. wid. George, r. 52 Jackson 
Bidwell Duane S. r. 52 Jackson 
Bidennan Charles S.policeman, r. 65 W. Quincy 
Bidlan Horace, r. 23 Bunker 
Bidlas Joseph, tailor, r. 197 W. Polk 
Bidler Henry(J. Bidler& Bro.). r. Waukegan, Mich. 
Bidler Jacob ( J. Bidler & Bro.) 
Bidler J. & Bro. (Jacob and Henry Bidler), lumber 

dealers, W. 22d, sw. cor. Loomis 
Bidwell George, auctioneer, r. 223 4th av. 
Bidwell George H. salesman, S. J. Surdam & Co. r. 

52 Jackson 
Bidwell Martha A. Mrs. boardinghouee, r. 4 Hubbard 

Bidwell William, shippingclerk, James Durham & 

Co. r. 309 W. Indiana 
Bidwinn Mary. wid. Richard, r. 64 Wright 
Bidwinn Richard jr. bricklayer, r. 64 Wright 
Bieboldt Joachin. r. 739 N. Halsted 
Biechel, Louis, expressman, r. 543 N. Wells 
Biecker Ernst, mattressmaker, bds. 152 W. Randolph 
Biedenklegger Julius, bricklayer, bds. 142 2d 
Biedenwege Charles, lab. r. 531 N. Halsted 
Blederman George, brewer, r. 52 Rees 
Biedermann Charles S. policeman. Armory. 
Biedermann. Colwell & Co. (Emll Biedermann, Wil- 
liam T. Colwell and Henry Alexander Bischoff), 

hardware, stoves and tinware. 137 N. Clark 
Biedermann Emil (Biedermann, Colwell & Co.), r. 

140 Erie 
Biedermann Louis, salesman, Sternenberg & Osten- 

dorf, r. 257 Wuntworth av. 
Biedler Julia, wid. John, r. 211 DeKoven 
Bieg Anthon, bds. 311 S. Canal 
Biegen Bartley, switchman, bds. 105 W. 12th 
Biegler Mary, 'wid. John, boardinghouse, 82 and 84 

E. Pearson 

; Bie trier Peter, stonecutter, bds. 82 E. Pearson 
Biehl Charles, barber. 372 Clark, r. same 
Biehl Christian, saloon, 401 Milwaukee av. r. same 
; Biehl Joseph, iob printer, Chicago Evening Journal, 

r. 286 Centre av. 

| Biehlmeir Edward (Biehlmeir <fc Co.), r. .337 23d 
i Biehlmeir <fc Co. (Edward Biehlmeir and Coleman 

Hierholzer). grocers. 337 23d 

; Bicker Godfried, shoemaker, J. Yunker, r. 47 Cor- 
i nelia 




The Morse Safes Iiave a record of 25 years and never failed. 



Basement of 78 & 80 Hast Madison Street. 





Ml Fifty per cent. Dividends guaranteed in the Policy. 
Office, 124 Washington [Street, 


Biel Joseph, barber, r. 279 Division. 

Bieland Jacob, stonecutter, r. 49 Elgin 

Bieland John. r. 49 Elgin 

Bielefeld Frederick, barber, Constantino Daiqni, r. 

441 N. Clark 

Bielefeld John, veterinary surgeon, r. 441 N. Clark 
Bielefeld Peter F. photographer, 441 N. Clark, r. 494 


Bielenberg George W. seaman, r. 689 S. Haleted 
Bielenberg Peter D. carpenter, r. 604 W. Indiana 
Bieler Charles, carpenter, r. 21 Kramer 
Bieling Charles, watchmaker, bds. 152 W. Randolph 
Biemlar John, carpenter, r. 16 O'Brien 
Bien Franklin, clerk, H. Greenebaum & Co. r. 613 


Bier Adam, lab. r. 163 W. Ifith 
Bier Ferdinand, r. 509 W. Chicago av. 
Bior Henry, carpenter, r. 227 W. Division 
Bier L. Mrs. millinery and dressmaking, 411 State, 

r. came 

Bier Peter, lab. bds. 2<i8 North av. 
Bierbaum Bernhard, cigarmaker, r. 220 Church 
Bierbrauen Conrad, painter, Coan & Ten Broeke, 

Carriage Mnfg. Co. r. 143 W. Lake 
Bierdemann Ernst W. A. upholster, F. Porter 

Tluiyer & Co. bds. 322 Larrabee 
Bierdemann Richard C: upholster, bds, 322 Larra- 

BierdlerAnarnst, lab. r. 36 Bremer 
Bierdman William wks. C. H. McCormick <fc Bro. 
Biertield Benjamin, peddler, r. 393 S. Clinton 
Bierman Robert, cigarmaker, Falk & Barbi, r. 385 

North av 

Biermann Henry, carpenter, r. 703 Washington av. 
Biermnnn Jnhn'C. carpenter, bds. 248 Randolph 
Biers Henrietta Mrs. millinery goods, 52 W. Ran- 
dolph, r. same 
Bierwirth Charlus, mnsician. Great Western Light 

Guard band, r. 189 Superior 
Bies George, carpenter, r. rear 481 N. Clark 
Bies Michael (Bies & Grass), r. Stone, bet. Scott and 

Grand Huveu 
Bies & Grass ^Michael Bies and Mathias Grass), flour 

and feed, 237 N. Clark 
Biesch Joseph, carpenter, r. 128 DeKoven 
Bii-sen Peter, saloon, '256 Buruside, r. same 
Biot/.fn John, lab. r. 101 W. isth 
Bbver Peter, teamster, r. 5-2 Mohawk 
Bievi Nicholisi, black-mith, George W. Hannis 
Bi?a!ke AUGUST, lab. Chicago terra cotta works 
Biirby Pliiliph, tenmster. r. Itt W. Jackson 
Bigelow Alice A. Miss, teacher, Dore school, r. 848. 


Bieelow Amory (Hapcrood & Biselow). r. 83 Oak 
Bigelow Auson A. (Bigelow Bros.), r. 986 Indiana 

Bigelow A. L. traveling salesman, Harmon, Aiken 

~ & Co. 
Bigelow Bros. (Anson A., WilHnm H. and Charle 

II. Bigetow), lumber mnfrs. Fisk, bet. Lumber 

an i W. 22rt 

Bi'_'"low Caroline, wid. Arnold, r. 947 Wabash av. 
Bigelow Charles K. shipping clerk, J. P. Farnurn, 

rooms Lake house 
Bigelow Charles H. (Bigelow Bros.), r. St. Paul, 

Bigelow Charle* L. fireman, C., R. I. & P. R W. r 

-!>-' Butterfleld 
Bigelow Charles R. physician, 179 Clark, r. 757 Wa- 

ba-^h av. 

w D. F. artist, room 53 Crosby opera house, 

;-. 6(i 3d av. 
Bitf'ow K'hvard A. bookkeeper, L. H. Bigelow, bds. 

-00 Krie 

Bitrelow Klisha A. commercial traveler, r. 74 25th 
BL".-low Freeman, U. S. mail transfer, r. 50 Har- 

Bigelow George A. office, 125 Dearborn, r. 83 Calu- 

iivr nv. 

Bigelow Henry E. bookkeeper, Kirk, Coleman & Co. 
r. 200 Erie 

Bigelow Henry W. real estate agt. 23 and 25 Ran- 
dolph, r. 841 W. Madison 

Bigelow H. A. machinist, Robert Carlisle, r. 265 W. 

Bigelow Isaac, beltmaker, Munson & Whitmarsh, r. 
M W. Munroe. 

Bigelow Isaac, clerk, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 236 W. 

Bigelow Isaac, sailor, r. 44 W. Monroe 

Bigelow James H. architect, room &3, 84 LaSalle, r. 

Bigelow James K. salesman, Joel Bigelow, bds. 119 
4th av. 

BJgelow James L. bookkeeper, L. H. Biglow, bda. 
" 20() Erie 

BIGELOW JOEL, Pekin Tea Co. Madison 
cor. State, r. 119 4th av. 

Bigelow John, baker, Joseph M. Dake 

Bigelow John E. office, 63 Clark, bds. 947 Wabaihav 

Bigelow Levi, carpenter, r. 260 S. Jefferson 

Bigelow Liberty (Frank Parmelee & Co.), r. Boston, 

Bigelow Loyal H. merchandise broker, 115 E. Kinzie, 
r. 200 Erie 

Bigelow Solomon L. hardware dealer, r. 706 N. Frank- 

Bigelow S. D. messenger, U. S. Ex. Co. bds. 66 Ad- 

Bigelow S. G. salesman, W. C. Watson, rooms 19 
Andrews' bldg. 

Bigelow William H. (Bigelow Bros.), r. 1004 Indiana 

Bigenheimer Jacob, lab. bds. 244 Wells 

Bigford Marcus A. clerk, Hall's Safe and Lock Co. 
bds. 13 Quincy 

Bigford Thomas J. clerk, bds. 191 W. Randolph 

Biggar F. boilermaker, Carlile Mason & Co. 

Biggar P. boilermaker, Carlile Mason & Co. r. Car- 
roll, nr. Canal 

Bisrger John, expressman, r. 69 Wesson 

Bigger John, salesman. E. F. Peirce & Co. 

Bigger William, expressman, bd.". 69 Wesson 

Riggers Henry S. plasterer, r. 2S3 22d 

Biggims Thomas, driver, Edward Price 

Biggins John, carriagemaker, Henry Willets, r. 73 B. 

Biggins Michael, lab. r. 27 Catherine 

Biggins Patrick, lab. r. 556 C'lark 

Biggins Thomas, lab. E. R. Gard. r. 10 Liberty 

Biggio Joseph, clerk, Domim'ek S. Barboro, r. 34 N. 

Biggio Lorenzo (Barbor & Biggio), r. 30 W. Ran- 

Bisgs Charles, bds. 342 K. LaSalle 

Biggs Charles (Johnson, Spencer & Co.), r. New 
~ York citv 

Biggs Dallas, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 101 N. 

Biggy Phillip, lab. r. 195 S. Jefferson 

Bisrler Gotlib, bds. 160 Milwaukee av. 

Bisler William A. salesman, N. Matson & Co. bds. 
" 121 Stare 

Bi-.'ley William J. moulder, I. C. R. R. car works, r. 
" 2(54 Kankakee av. 

Biglow Gilbert F. r. 237 Michigan av. 

Signal Alfred J. painter, roundhouse, C. & N. W. R, 
W. r. 357 W. Jack-on 

Bignull Solomon L. (Bi?na!l & McDonald), r. 706 N. 

Bicrnall ,k McDonald (S. L. Biemalland A. J. McDon- 
" aid), agts. Holly Mnfg. Co. pumps, farming tools, 
etc. whol. 332 Lake 

Bizoncss Arthur, confectioner, r. 273 W. Taylor 

Bisronees Francis, millwright, r. 191 W. 12th 

Bigouct-s John, mason, r. 273 W. Taylor 

Bigoness Napoleon, confectioner, r. 273 W. Taylor 

Bi''o:ie-se Max. candvmaker. r. 275 W. Taylor 


General Northwestern Agents for 

"WIM:. J~:ESSOJP & sonars, 

Warehouse. 11 &13 S.Wellg St. 

&wee* & Co., Brokers in Mortgages, 

Nos. 155 uud 157 LA SALINE STEE42T. 

WM. 15. HJERFOOT, Real Estate Denser and Broker, 

No. 89 Washington street. Kstates^manajred. 




Bigron peter, stonecutter, r. 159 Larrabee 

Bihn Adam, omnibus driver, bds. Fort Donelson 


Bijal Edward, saloon, 09 W. Polk, r. gamo 
Bike John, cooper, r. 381 Elston rd. 
Bikey Peter, lab. r. 325 Elston rd. 
Bilaskye John, cigarmaker, Abraham Stromberg, 

bds. 118 Milwaukee av. 
Bilby John, lather, r. 58 Ourley 
Btldhiser George, basketuiaker, r. 83 Illinois 
Bilek John, lab. r. 157 Bunker 
Biles Leonard (col'd), lab. Emma Lawrence, bds. 

621 W. Van Buren 
Bilger Benjamin F. cigarmaker, John Vebelmesser, 

bds. 2-14 Madison 
Bilger Lucas, stereotyper, A. Zeese, bds. 572 N. 


Bili Simon, baker, r. rear 130 Bunker 
Bilifore Motto, lab. r. 29 Murray 
Bill Charles, lab. M. S. out freight depot 
Bill Charles, publisher, room 12, 132 Clark, r. 42 

Bill Conrad" lab. M. S. & N. I. R. R. Co. out freight 

Bill Edward M. publisher, room 12, 132 Clark, bds. 

42 Jackson 

Bill Jacob, bds. 246 N. Wells. 
Bill Jacob B. teamster, r. 852 N. Halsted 
Bill William A. (Hunt & Bill), r. 905 Wabash av. 
Billadeau George, lather, bds. 57 Augusta 
Billadeau Joseph, carpenter, r. 57 Augusta 
Billadeau Louis, truiikmaker, Vogler & Co. r. 67 


Bille Louis, teamster, r. 319 W. Taylor 
Bille Waldenmr, physician, 209 N. Wells, r. same 
Billedau Napoleon, salesman, John McEwen, r. 112 

N. Wells 

Billey Frederick, paperhanger, bde. 303 Clark 
Billing Frederick, tailor, r. 134 Ontario 
Billinger Leander, shoemaker, r. 132 Sherman 
Billings Albert (col'd) conductor, r. 139 Jackson 
Billings Albert M. pros. People's Gaslight and Coko 

Co. office, 199 W. Randolph, r. 75 Warren av. 
Billings C. F. milliard, Poirce & Co.), r. 17 Finnell 
Billings Daniel, shipcarpenter, r. 30 Vine 
Billings Edward L. surveyor, Samuel S. Greeley, r. 

14S W. Washington 

Billings George W. com. mer. r. 184 Ellis av. 
Billings G. VV. supt. Brunswick billiard hall, r. 317 

W. 12th 

Billings Hattic E. Miss, teacher, bds. 52 Van Buren 
Billings Henry, clerk, bds. 281 W. Randolph 
Billings Henry A. collector, People's Gaslight Co. 

199 W. Randolph, r. same 
Billings Henry F. distiller, r. 069 Wabash av. 
Billings Horace, lumber dealer, r. 45 S. Carpenter 
Billings Horatio G. (Blauchard & Borland), T. 45 S. 

Billings James Rev. (Hanna & Billings), r. Elgin, 

Billings Jane, wid. David, boardinghouse, 96 3d av. 
r. same 

Billings Samuel (Billings & Sherwin), r. 450 Michi- 
gan av. 

Billings William, painter, r. 299 21st 

Billings William B. clerk. People's Gas Light and 
Coke Co. r. 21 N. Peoria 

Billings & Sherwiu (Samuel Billings and A. Sher- 
win), real estate agts. 150 Washington 

Billingslc-v G. E. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Billiagton Garrity L. lab. bds. 232 Oak 

Billmeier Bernhaidt, bd.s. 331 S. Canal 

Billrneir Fred, carpenter, r. 59 George 

Billow Eliza, wid. Fred. r. 320 Clybourn av. 

Bills Frederick, butcher, r. 109 N. Wood 

Bills Frederick, jr. signpaintur, r. 109 N. Wood 

Bills George H. dentist, 120 Clark, bds. 109 and 111 
Wabash av. 



Assets over 85.000,000. 

Largest accumulations of nny Co. wnsr or New York 

SHUGART & DEAN,Gen'l Agents, 

83 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents warned. 

Glues & Neatsfoot Oil, 


Bills G. R. bds. Massasoit house 

Bills Thomas, grainer, r. 109 N. Wood 

Billsbach William, cooper, Christopher Wertz, bds. 

535 Canal 

Bilow Robert L. machinist, r. 113 3d av. 
Bilsen Catherine, wid. Peter, r. 274 N. Wells 
BilsQU Christian, carpenter, bds. 274 N. Wells 
Bilski Joseph, shoemaker, es. al. bet. State and 3d 

av. Harrison and Van Buren 
Bilrz Jacob, carpenter, r. 312 W. 22d 
Bimbolr James, lab. Chapin, Marsh & FOBS, r. 207 


Bimes A. saloon, 312 Cottage Grove av. r. same 
Binard Anton, fruit store, 70 Polk, r. same 
Binard Joseph, foreman, Kavauagh & Merriman, r. 

142 Sholto 

Binard Joseph, stonecutter. Kavanagh & Merriman 
Biuard Peter, stonecutter, Kavanagh & Merriman 
Biucka Jacob (col'd), waiter, Richmond house 
Bindel Albert, teamster, r. 303 Wells 
Bindemann August, billiard table maker R. Klee- 

maim & Co. r. 98 Hurlbut 
Binder Christopher, blacksmith, Henry Binder, bds. 

73 W. Mather 

Binder George, horseshoer, 394 S. Canal, r. same 
Binder Gottlieb, expressman, r. 110 Orchard 
Binder G. F. (Clump t Binder), r. Washington av. 
Binder Henry, wagon maker, 340 S. Canal, r. 73 

Binder Henry Gottlieb, blacksmith, 394 S. Canal, r. 

Bindler John, carpenter, P., Ft. W. & C. R. W. r. 

16 O'Brien 

Bine . wid. r. 228 Desplaines 

Biner Frederick, student. PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

COLLEGE, bds. 405 Chicago av. 
Bines R. pork packer, bds. 43 Harrison 
Binford George W. teacher, r. ws. Madison av. bet. 

Hyde Park av. and Adams, Hyde Park 
Bing Caspar, lab. r. al. rear 80 Rees 
Bing Casper, r. 590 Elston rd. 
Bing Jacob, lab. r. 30 Barber 

Bing John, clerk, Charles Williams, bds. 419 Clark 
Binger Frederick, lab. bds. 206 North av. 
Bingham Charles E. carpenter, r. 149 Wesson 
Biugham Charles M. student, room 6, C. H., Chicago 

Theological seminary 
Bingham G. clerk, Kirk, Coleman & Co. r. 144 Park 

Bingham Herbert C. clerk, Mutual Life Ins. Co. r. 

Bingham H. S. clerk, Samuel S. White's dental 

depot, bds. 109 S. Hoyne 

Biugham James A. gardener, r. rear 109 Loomis 
Biugham James A. salesman, H. W. King & Co. 

bds. St. James hotel 
Biugljam John, hackman. r. 93 Illinois 
Binglium Luiher. r. 155 Walnut 
BiiighMu R. II. physician, 8tl3 State, r. 772 Michigan 

Bingham S. R. manager. Samuel S. White's dental 

"depot, 121 and 123 Slate, r. Robey, ne. cor. Mad- 
Binglii.m Thomas L. capt. tug McClellan, r. 532 N. 

Biugham William W. foliounter, recorder's office, 

r. 155 Walnut 
Bingjol Henrich, tailor, John Johnson, r. 90 Chicago 


Bingk-r Frank, lab. Flint, Thompson & Co. 
Bingler Thomas, lab. P'lint, Thompson & Co. 
Biugler William, accordeonmaker. r. 230 2d 
Binsrley Elizabeth, wid. John, seamttross, r. 109 


Bingley Lucy B. Mrs. milliner. 594 W. Lake 
Bingley Richard C. 594 W. Lake 
Bingley Robert C. dealer in straw and fancygoods, 

594 W. Lake. r. same 
Binhoft' Frederick, r. 1st Wesson 









Tlic best protection agalntt i'lre anu ESurg-iars 

Is HAKItlS' Improved Safes, 62 Soum Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF & RAFFEX} Sewer Bail tiers, 

Basement of 78 & 80 East Madison Street. 









Policies paid up in Fire Years. 

Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago. 
Solicitors Wanted. 

Bininger Barbara, wid. Valentine, r. 171 Bunker 

Bink Jacob, lab. Straus. Hahne & Co. 

Binmore H. law reporter, Chicago Tribune, r. 318 


Binna J ohn, woodcutter, r. 174 Newberry av. 
Binney Sarah J. Miss, teacher, Ogden school, r. 497 

N. LaSalle 

Binsow Charles, lab. r. 21 Willow 
Biusow Charles jr. lab. r. 21 Willow 
Binspur John, cooper, r. 331 N. State 
Binting William, cabinetmaker, Kohn & Bro. r. 34 


Bintz John, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Binz Aloise, etockingmaker, r. 200 Oak 
Binz August, saloon, 164 State, r. 312 Cottage Grove 

Binz Francis, brewer, 28th, nr. Cottage Grove av. r. 

860 Michigan av. 

Binz Francis jr. agt. Francis Binz, bds. 860 Mich- 
igan av. 

Binz John, musician, r. 10 Orchard 
Binz Louis W. brewer, r. 133 24th 
Binz Louis W. engineer. Francis Binz, r. 158 24th 
Binz Peter, tailor, r. 313Hurlbut 
Bipper Frederick W. boot and shoe dealer, 174 N. 

Clark, bds. 229 Oak 

Birch Henry, lake captain, r. 113 Superior 
Birch Samuel, gunsmith, Joseph Butler, r. 289 3d av. 
Birch, see also Berch and Burch 
Birchler Joseph, lab. James E. Cassidy, r. 894 W. 


Birchler Thomas J. bookseller, 416 Clark, bds. same 
Birchmeier Celestin, salesman, r. 223 Oak 
Birchmeir Joseph, carpenter, r. 246 N. State 
Birchmeier Paul, carpenter, r. 223 Oak 

Birchoft . druggist, r. 240 W Madison 

Birchsbrom Albert, tailor, r. 123 Wells 

Birck Charles, saloon, 439 Clark, r. same 

Bird Albert, teamster, Downer & Bemis Brewing Co. 

Bird Andrew J. foreman, r. 89 Judd 

Bird Charles, lab. bds. 81 Deering 

Bird Charles W. foreman, Hnrlbut & Edsall, bds. 139 

N. Dearborn 

Bird Francis, lab. bds. 81 Deering 
Bird Frank, lab. bds. 81 Deering 
Bird G. W. meat market, stall 17 Chicago market, r. 

31!) Wabash av. 
Bird H. G. r. 800 Wabash av. 
Bird Isa:ic (Morris & Bird), r. 622 S. Canal 
Bird James, mechanic, N. C. rolling mill, r. 38 Mc- 


Bird James H. trav. agt. r. 313 W. Washington 
Bird M. artist, bds. 54 Sherman 
Bird Richard, teamster, r. 15 Wright 
Bird T'lomas. lab. r. 109 Meagher 
Bird William, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Bird William V. butcher, Maskell & Hill, r. 376 W. 


Bird . bds. 235 Clark 

Birdcerler Andrew, carpenter, r. 58 Wright 

Birde Patrick, boardinghouse, 129 S. Jefferson, r. 

Birdsall Edgar M. (H. Birdsall, Son & Co.), r. Penn ' 

Yan. N. Y. 
Birdcall Frank, bookkeeper, ticket office C., R. I. & ! 

P. R. R. head LaSalle. r. 235 W. Madison 
Birdsail George K.carpsnter. r. 810 4th 
Birdsall Hiram (H. Birdsall, Son & Co.), r. Penn | 

Yan. X. Y. 
Birds-all H. Son & Co. (Hiram and Edgar M. Birdsall, . 

Charles Strobridge and O'.iver II. Stark), thresh- ; 

inu' Machines. 93" and 95 W. Lake 
Bird-'eye James, baker, Johu II. Atwood, bds. 121 W. ! 


Birawaltz Nicholas, lab. r. 134 Wentworth av. 
Birmingham John, boat builder, r. 79 Indiana 
Birhardt John, tailor, John Bastir. bds. 81 George 
Birk Jacob, saloon and boardinghouse, 82 and 84 W. 

Lake. r. same 

Birkemeier Louis, tailor, r. 337 W. Chicago av. 
Birkenshaw Charles, sewer builder, 58 Wells 
Birkenstein S. r. 270 Desplaines 
Birkhart Edward, marble, r. 940 N. Clark 
Birkinbelien S. E. wid. Christian, r. 350 E. Indiana 
Birkle Frederick, collarmaker, A. Ortmayer & Co. r. 

103 Michigan 
Birkley Thomas, brass finisher, North Western 

Mufg. Co. 

Birler Joseph, Stewart, r. 37 Granger 
Birler Joseph, storekeeper, Revere house, bds. same 
Birmingham Alfred, student, PORTER'S TELE- 

Birmjugham Daniel, drayman, r. 110 S. Peoria 
Birmingham James, carpenter, r. 52 Ray 
Birmingham James, driver, Gould & Sawyer, bds. 


Birmingham John, teamster, bds. 323 Desplaines 
Birmingham John D. clerk, C., B. &. Q. R. R. r. 110 

S. Peoria 

Birmingham John J. carpenter, r. 844 State 
Birmingham J. D. student, PORTER'S TELE- 

Birmingham Lawrence, teamster, r. 323 Desplaines 
Birmingham Lydia R. Mrs. millinerand dressmaker, 

844 State, r. same 
Birmingham Patrick T. cutter, Chicago Boot and 

Shoe Co. r. 413 Erie 
Birmingham Richard R. clerk, Henry Biroth, bds. 

291 Michigan 

Birmingham Thomas, blacksmith, r. 137 W. 22d 
Birmingham William, bds. 524 State 
Birnbaum Charles, traveling agt. Manning Bros. 

West & Co. r. Marshalltown, la. 
Birnbaum Christian, carpenter, r. 3 Gardener 
Birney George, carpenter, bds. 124 Front 
Birney John, engineer. Lane & Co. r. 17^i Silver 
Birney John, lab. Thomas H. Darby, r. 17 1 /, Silver 
Birney Thomas D. carpenter, r. 388 E. Indiana 
Birney William, lab. r. 124 Front 
Birney William, plumber, Charles Bueyor & Bro. r. 

124 Front 

Birnstiel Maxmillian, salesman, bds. 611 State 
Biroth August, wid. r. 73 Archer av. 
Biroth Henry, druggist whol. and ret. 39 N. Clark 

and 163 and 165 Kiuzie, r. 189 Superior. 
Birren Henry, undertaker, 122 Eugenie, r. same 
Birren Nicholas, clerk, Henry Birren, bds. 122 Eu- 

Birst Philip, carpenter, Palmer, Fuller & Co. 
Birt Charles, r. 291 S. Halst.ud 
Birt Charles jr. watchmaker and jeweler, 291 S. Hal- 

sted, r. same 
Birt, see also Burt 

Birthelmes Nicholas, mason, r. 169 Menominee 
Bisbee John, portrait painter, bds. 339'/i Park av. 
Bisbee John R. foreman, r. 90 N. Morgan 
Bisbee Junius, builder, r. 329)4 Park av. 

Bisby , carpenter, bds. 875 State 

Bnchart Lucia, painter, r. 146 Coolidge 
Bis-clung August, lab. bds. 143 W. Randolph 
Bischmayer Paul, marble worker, r. 252 Oak 
BUchoff Alexander, merchant, r. 140 Erie 
Bischoff Andrew (Bischoff& Dolter). r. 321 Division 
Bischoff Christian, barber and dentist, 295 North av. 
BiscUotf Emil. turner, r. 433 N. Clark 
Bischoff Henry A. (Biederm >.nn, Colwell & Co.), r. 

140 Erie 

Bischoff Hermann, clerk, Ms. 450 Milwaukee av. 
Bischoff John, ladler. r. 155 E. Division 
Bischoff Johu Geo. land agen:, 289 North av. r. 293 

North av. 

Bischoff Michael, policeirai, Third precinct sub- 
station, r. 327 Division 
Bischoff Peter T. tailor, r. 261 Black Hawk 
Bischoff Wilhelm F. barber ghop, 202 N. Clark, r. 


Bl choff William H. cigarmaker, Charles P. Cramer, 
r. 184 N. Saneamon 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. CTESSOIP & soisrs, 

Warehouse. 1.1 &13 S. "Wells St. 

SMpherd, Sweet & Co., ILarge Loans a $pcch:ity, 

IVoa. 155 and 157 I, A SALLE STREET. 






Bischolf W. salesman, J. B. Shay, r. W. Fulton nr. 

Bischoff & Bolter (Andrew Bischoff and Benjamin 

Bolter), carriage and sign painters, 331 Bivision 
Bischop Carrie E. milliner, bds. 373 W. Harrison 
Bisdorff Peter, pardoner, r. 392 Asylum pi. 
Bisel Charles, sailor, bds. 103 Market 
Bishop Albro E. (Bishop & Lull and Bishop & 

PrindleX r. 207 W. Adams 
Bishop Alexander (Bishop & Barnes), r. 498 Wabash 

Bishop Andrew O. carpenter, Heeney & Campbell, 

r. 154 W. 12th 

Bishop Catherine A. wid. Rev. H. N. r. 95 Park av. 
Bishop Chapman J. (Evans, Bishop & Co.), r. 926 

Wabash av. 
Bishop Charles, drug clerk, J. F. Brabrook, 160 W. 

Harrison, r. 373 W. Harrison 
Bishop Charles, pressman, Chicago Republican, bds. 

102 W. Randolph 
Bishop Charles C. bartender, William Palmer, bds. 

54 Sherman 
Bishop Charles J. bookkeeper, Tolman & King, r. 

221 S. Hoyne 
Bishop C. J. salesman, B. B. Evans & Co. bds. 976 

W abash av. 
Bishop Ephraim, carpenter, r. Moonaway av. nr. 

Wahpanseh av. 

Bishop Frank, clerk, Smith & Odlin, r. 170 State 
Bishop Frank C. clerk, Holbrook <fc Parker, bds. 95 

Park av. 
Bishop Henry W. jr. (Thompson & Bishop), bds. 

Clifton honse 

Bishop H. W. lawyer, bds. Clifton house 
Bishop James, clerk, bds. Transit house 
Bishop James, clerk, James Van Inwageor, bds. 495 

W. Kinzie 

Bishop John, carpenter, r. 433 Arnold 
Bishop John S. moulder, r. 134 W. Lake 
Bishop J. B. (Bishop & Grant), r. 433 W. Madison 
Bishop J. M. receiving clerk, Biv. B, Union Stock 

Yards & Transit Co. bds. Transit house 
Bishop Lorenzo, clerk, bds. 31 N. Peoria 
Bishop Mary C. wid. Homer H. r. 20 Gold 
Bishop Mary L. wid. Albert H. r. 76 25th 
Bishop Michael, policeman, r. 327 Bivision 
Bishop Orris A. painter, r. 92 Sedgwick 
Bishop Robert, builder, r. 2(59 Superior 
Bishop Thomas, clerk, J. F. Brabrook, bds. 373 W. 


Bishop Thomas, r. 495 W. Kinzie 
Bishop T. B. Mrs. r. 42 18th 

Bishop William (Pitkin <fc Bishop), r. 302 Park av. 
Bishop William, carpenter, r. 302 Park av. 
Bishop William F. driver, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 16 

Price pi. 
Bishop William W. clerk, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. bds. 144 

W. Lake 
Bishop & Barnes (Alexander Bishop and J. Spencer 

Barnes), hats, caps and furs, 115 Lake 
Bishop & Grant (J. B. Bishop and Leroy Grant), 

com. mers. 189 Kiuzie 
Bishop & Lull (Albro E. Bishop and Walter Lull), 

lumber dealers, ws. Throop, near W. 22d 
BISHOP & PRINDLJE (Albro E. Bishop 

and James P. Prindls), wagon mnfrs. It5 S. Jeffer- 

Bpiert Anton, lab. E. H. & J. S. Turner, r. 4f> Kramer 
Eisner Frederick, traveling agt. C., R. I. & P. R. R. 

office, head LaSalle 

Bluett . plasterer, r. 178 Monroe 

Bisonp Henry, lab. r. ws. Gedder, bet. Fulton and 


Bisse William, sailor, r. 287 Main 
Bissell Byron A. foreman, E. P. Bwyer & Co. r. 139 

\\~aliash av. 
Biss >!! George F. gen. agt. Hartford Fire Ins. Co. 

4!) LaSalle, r. 040 Prairie av. 
Bis-jjll John, hostler, bds. Boarborn, cor. Illinois 

The Chicago Terra Cotta Company 


Door Caps, Window Caps, Brackets, 

Modillions, Rosettes, Panels, 
Ceiling Centre Pieces, &.c. 

Warorofvms, 29O State Street 



Assets over $5,000,000. 

Rate of Interest higher than Eastern companies. 

SHUGART & BEAN, Geu'l Azcnto, 

83 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Country Agents wanted. 

Bissell John W. transfer agt. C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 12 

Ruble , 

Bissell Josiah H. lawyer. 82 LaSalle, r. 3-11 Wabash av. ' 
Bissell Stephen, sailor, bds. 1H3 Market 
Bissell Walter, driver, W. div. city railway, r. 56 ' 

Bissell William, fireman, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 75 

Halsted . , 

Bissell William H. clerk, Anson H. Buck, bds. Union ; 


Bissett Thomas, confectioner, 267 N. Carpenter 
Bissinger Benjamin, wks. Flint & Thompson's ele- ' 

valor, bds. 405 State 
Bissinger Henry, ladies' and gents' furnishing goods, | 

405 State, r. same 

Bissinger Isaac, engraver, bds. 405 State 
JMssiuger Jacob, goldsmith, bds. 405 State i 

Bissler James, confectionery, 186^ State, r. same j 
Bisson Andrew (Bisson & Brassard), r. 194 W. Madi- , 

Bisson Andrew, gilverplater, Crerar, Adams & Co. 

r. 11 Wells 

Bisson Anna, board inghouse, 249 State, r. same } 
Bisson & Brassard (Andrew Bisson and Napoleon 

Brassard), bakery, 194 W. Madison 
Bist Mary, wid. John, r. 493 S. Halsted 
Bitchman John, cigannaker, George Blickhahn, ' 

bds. 544 Clark 

Bithermar Louis, clothier, 190 Wells, r. same 
Bitner Anton, lab. E. H. and J. S. Turner, r. 116 W. 


Bitner Thomas F. tel. operator, bds. Transit house 
Bittel John, tanner, Union Hide and Leather Co. r. 

91 Elston rd. 

Bittel Woldein, lab. r. 53 Burling 
Bittelston Henry, boots and shoes, 989 State, I. 


Bitter August, inspector, r. 116 E. Chicago ar. 
Bitter Frank, clerk, r. 72 N. Green 
Bitterman Louis, clothing, 190 Wells, r. same 
Bittig Jacob, lithographer, r. 101 Sigel 
Bittinger C. L. salesman, Eisendrath & Co. bds. ft 

Bittinger George W. (Eisendrath & Co.), r. 105 N. 


Bittle Valentine, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Bittner William O. salesman, Farrington & Brew- 

ster, r. ICKi N. Wells 

Bittorf John L. lab. Peshtigo Co. r. 230 Huron 
Bitzek Roland, machinist /bds. 72 Polk 
Bitzk Martin, lab. I. C. R. R. r. 73 Chapin 
Bit/lc Valentine, lab. I. C. R. R. bds. 73 Chapin 
Bixby Cyrus II. (Crane & Bixby). r. 140 Green 
Bixby John L. clerk. Star Union line. r. 84 Carpenter 
Bixby L. B. live stock broker, Exchange bldg. 

Union Stock yards, r. Kankakee av. cor. 30th 
Bizner Frederick, tra.'eling act. bds. 24 S. Besplaines 
Bjick Charles, carpenter, r. 19II Augusta 
Bjilke John M. gnw r r. 193 S-dgwick 
Binratrom Charles P. lab. r. UK) Townsend 
Blachford C. II. bookkeeper. Harmon, MacVeagh & 

Messer, r. Rmtcr's blk. 35 Madison 
Blachi Jacob, lab. r. 495 S. Halsted 
Black Angus, salesman. J. B. Shay, r. 341 S. Morgan 
Black Apollouia. wid. John, r. 95 S. Peoria 
Black Charles N. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 363 

W. Monroe 
Black Baniel, carpenter and builder, 49 N. Curtis, r. 


Black Edward, tugman. bds. 179 N. Water 
Black Fingal M. millwright, r. 3f W. Monroe 
Black Gconri!. di/pot muster, Wells Street depot, C. 

& N. W. R. W. 

Black George, gasflttsr, bds. 118 W. Madison 
Black Isaac, sai.-smaii. r. 110 4th av. 
Black James, caulker, bds. foot Reuben 
Black James, captain, bds. 179 N. Water 
Black Jam 's, carpenter, Heeney & Campbell, r. 24 


Bank Vautis, Iron lioors and Express iliesls, 








A Low Rates of Premium. 

i No Notes No Interest A Cash fcurremter Value. 

for Every Policy. 
* Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago 

Bh.ckiii.ii: S. II. r. 492 BuriiMde 

Blackmail Willis L. bookkeeper, Lind-sley. Black- 

m:.n & Co. bds. 169 Park ;;v. 
BlacKincr Charley, machinist, II. A. Pitts' Sons, r. 

lit S. JetVers-on 
Bhickmer Ernest, bookkeeper. Adams Blackncr & 

Lyon, r. es. Seelcy av. bet. Jackson and Van 

liii run 

Biackmer E. T. agt. 113 Madison 
Biackmer O. C. (Adams, Biackmer & Lyon). r. Oak 

i.iacn. d..m<., clerk, r. 219 Desplaines Park 

Black J.imes P. special airi. Lumberman's Ins. Co. \ Blackmore Benjamin, shoemaker, r. G17 N. Wells 
of Chicago, r. 42'." W. Luke Blackmore John. lab. r. US llth 

sk Jouu, merchant, bds. -274 Indiana j Blackmore Walter, clerk, Board of Public Works, r. 

Black Joiiu "5. clerk," H. O. Armour & Co. bds. 

Brig:.'* house 
Black John R. salesman, William Blair & Co. r. 690 

X. Franklin 
Black John S. salesman, H. P. Stanley & Son, r. 136 

Black Judson H. salesman, F. N. Hamlin & Co. r. 

3:8 Fulton 

Black Louis II. tailor, r. 977 W. Madison 
Black Marr, wid. John, r. 219 Desplaines 
B!.-ick Robert, a^t. bds. 155 E. Indiana 
Black William, boot and shoemaker, r. 262 N. State 
Black William, clerk, Standard office, bds. 201 


Nj Black William, packer, A. Booth, bds. 208 Ontario 
^ Black Willij.m, pnnter. bds. rear 45 S. Green 
4 Black William, tinsmith, Frank Nowak, bds. 81 
Of) Milwaukee av. 

Black William D. carpenter, r. 18 Arnold 

B Black William P. (Dent & Black), r. 14 Bishop ct. 
_ Black W. pressman, Tribune Co. 
N* Blackall A. U. tea, coffee and spices, 49 Clark and 

617 N. Wells 
Blackstone Daniel L. salesman. S. D. Jackson A Co. 

bds. 1487 Indiana av. 
Blac-ksioue T. B. pres. C.. A. & St. L. R. R. 

oflice, 53 Dearborn, r. 18S Michigan av. 
Blackwell Catharine R. wid. Robert S. r. 171 Michi- 

gan nv. 
Blackwell Henry M. clerk, Loomis & Davis, r. 305 

W. 1'Jih 
Blackwell H. G. salesman, Seymour, Carter & Co. 

bds. Richmond house 
Blackwell J. S. clerk P. O. 
Blackwell Orville B. cash. A. O. Slaughter, r. 171 

Michigan av. 
Blackwelf Robert, boardiughousa, 119 Market, r. 


Blackwell William, clerk, bds. 157 W. Washington 
Blackwell William, grocer, lie W. Division 
Blackwell William. B. clerk Sherman house, bds. 


Blad Phillip, physician, 243 4th av. r. eame 
Blacttner Conrad, plasterer, r. 17 Sampson 

175 Michigan, r. 2157 N. Dearborn Blaha George (Reznik & Blaha). r. 422 S. Jefferson 

Blackall, C. R. Dr. dist. sec. American Baptist pub- | Blaherty Michael, lab. David M. Ford 

lication society, r. 7 Custom House pi. 
3D Blackall John, lab", r. 181 Wright 

j Blackall Sarah, wid. John, r. 124 Sebor 
^ Blackall Thomas, lab. C. & N. W. elevator, r. 
J String, cor. Chicago av. 

^ Blackall Thomas, lab. r. ws. Lessing, bet. Front and 
Of) Chicago av. 
M Blackall William, with A. H. Blackall, r. 267 N. 


Blackburn Adam, roaster, Western coffee and epice 
L* mills, r. 87 Illinois 

p* Blackburn Bros. (Christopher and John F. Black- 
^ burn), tanners, and dealers in leather and fiiid- 
F-i ings, "227 Lake 

^j Blackburn Christopher (Blackburn Bros.), bds. Tre- 
inont house 

Blackburn Gabiii (col'd), coachman, J. M. W. Jones, 

82 Rush 




Blaherty Michael jr. lab. David M. Ford 

Blahie , bds. 8 Eldridge ct. 

Blahme Cash, saloon, 206 Washington, r. 213 

Blahnik Lorene, clerk, C. J. Fiske, r. 104 Van 

Blaikie George A. bookkeeper, John H. Keyser & 

Co. bds. 8 Eldridge ct. 
Blain John H. (col'd), porter, r. 267 4th av. 
Blain Maria (col'd), wid. John, r. 26T 4th av. 
Blain William F. saloon, r. 267 4th av. 
Blain W. D. physician. 142 Clark, r. same 
Elaine Charles, bds. 673 W. Adams 
Elaine Ephriam W., salesman, W. A. Elaine 
BLAIME WILLIAM A. "trt. Hazard 

Powder Co. and Tatham's New York shot, 8 

Busir Alexander, foreman, r. 521 W. Chicago av. 

__________________ ... 

Blackburn John F. (Blackburn Bros.), bds. Tremont Bi a j r Alonzo J. painter, r. 9 S. Ann 

. . , . . 

Q house Bliiir Andrew, clerk, Paul & Mason, bds. 129 Quincy 

rj Blackburn Martin, lake captain, r. 102 Huron Blair B.D. salesman, Cornell, Ward & Comings, bds. 

w Blackburn Mary A. wid. John, milliner and dress- , 550 Wabash av. 

maker. 172-i V\". Lake, r. same Blair Charles, bartender, r. 381 Wells 

Blackburn Richard B. asst. bookkeeper, Blackburn Blair Claudius, driver, Frank Sherman No.9,r.Moon- 

bros,. v d-. !."> W''Meru av. awuy av. -. of Oak av. 

Blackburn Willi;.in M. Rev. pastor Fnllertou Ave- Blair C.' B. pres. Merchants' National bank, r. 225 
mie Pivslv.erian church, r. 403 Orchard Michigan av. 

Blair C. JT (Culberstou, Blair & Co), bds. S25 Michi- 
gan av. 

Blair David, locksmith, Terwilliger & Co. r. 688 In- 
diana av. 


** Blacker Ik-nry. v.ks. C. II. McCormick & Bro. 
IJ BlacUcy Darnel, fim', C. & N. \V. R. W. r. Union, 
By nw. cor. Kin/.ie 

~A Blackfoul George W. carpenter and builder, r. 170 
>5; V>". Jackeou 
(fl Blacklor Bro-. (J^hu and Edwin Blackler), butchers, 
t W5S. Halsiel 

E^j Blackler Edwin i. Blackler Bros.), r. 245 S. Halsted 
Blackler John (Blackler Bros.), r. Lake county 

Blair. Densmore & Co. (Lyimn Blair, Eleazer W. 

Densmore and John II. Mott), com. mers. 165 

Washington Edwin H. teas and coffees whol. bds. 130 

Park av. 

Blackler Thomas, bookkeeper, Blackler Bros. r. 245 Blair Klien. r. 293 N. Wells 

B S. IhU>ted 

KBlackley Rebecca, wid. John, r. 21 Newberry av. 
Blftcklock David, carpenter, r. 94 N. Paulina 
P* Blackm.-m C;>r!o- H. \Linsley, Blackman & Co.), r. 
p| 159 Park av. 

Blackman Charles S. with G. C. Cook & Co. r. 869 
A Waba^h av. 

^? Blackmau Edward, realcstate agt. r. 241 Erie 
$ BUidonan Edwin, office, room 1-2, 70 LaSalle, r. 241 
0rf Erie 

It; Blackman Henry, shoemaker, r. 86 W. Hubbard 
W Blackman J. D. bookkeeper. C. II. Weaver 
M Blackman Orlando, music teacher, r. 70 3d av. 
M Blackman Rosweii, teamster, r. 8%Vi S. Jefferson 

, . . 

Blair Frank M. salesman, Warner & Felix, bds. 833 

Blair George, clerk, Merchants' National bank, r. S25 

Michigan av. _ _____ 


General Northwestern Agents for 
Warehouse, 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

&weel & t/o., iiroRers in juori^s-.ges, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

WJTI. I>. KERFOOT, Real Estate Denier and Broker, 

No. 89 Wasliisiiiton Street. Estates managed. 



Biair George W. i. Sinclair A: Blair), r. 2 Langluy 
Blair Isabella, wi'.l. William, r. <>5 W. Monroe 
iilair James, moulder, r. 72 X. Ann 
Blair ,lohn L. student, POUTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Blair Lyman (Blair, Den-more & Co. and Culbert- 

son, BlairA Co.), r. 374 Michigan av. 
BlairR. A. (A. G. Downs & CtOr. Thatcher 111. 
Blair Sidney (). tt-a dealer, r. 107 N. Dearborn 
Blair Sophia Mrs. r. 590 Sedsrwick 
Blair Wait, clerk. Merchants' National bank, r. 225 

Michigan av. 
Blair William (.William Blair <fc Co.), r. 230 Michigan 


Blair William J. city agent, r. 34 O'Brien 

Blair, C. B. Nelson aud Oliver W. Belden), im- 
porters and whol. dealers in hardware, tin plate, 

etc. 179 and 181 Randolph. 
Blaisdell Charles, wheelwright, E. Mulliken & Co. 

bds. 95 Polk 
Blaisdell C.W. advertisement artist, Chicago Times. 

118 Dearborn 
Blaisdell Edward C. real estate agt. room 9 Larmon 

blk. r.48N. Leavitt 
Blaisdell Edward R. engineer, C. &. N. W. R. W. 

bds. 87 Hubbard 
Blaisdell Harriet J. wid. John, boarding house, 72 3d 

av. r. same 
Blaisdell James, fireman, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 87 


Blaisdell John, machinest, r. 421 S. Halsted 
Blaisdell John C. patternmaker, C. & N. W. R.W. r. 

421 S. Halsted 
BLAISDELL. JOHN W. manager. Wood's 

Grand National Museum theatre, r. (!',( W. Erie 
Blaisdel! Samuel E. carringemaker, E. Mulliken <fc 

Co. bds. !7 Polk 

Blaisdell, see also Blasdell and Bleisdell 
Blake Albert jr. clerk. City hotel, bds. same 
Blake Artemus, realestate agt. bds. 37 Park av. 
Blake A. (Blake & Matthews), r. 37 Park av. 
Blake Charles V. (Wilson & Blake), bds. Matteson 

Blake Edmund K. W. cabinetmaker, r. 1626 Prairie 

Blake Frank L. bookkeeper, Brickett, Canoll & Co. 

3 Dearborn 

Blake Frederick D. clerk, Oscar B. Blake, r. 1 26th 
Blake Henry (Great East India Tea Co.), bds. 40 N. 


Blake Henry, clerk, bds. 481 Michigan av. 
Blake Henry, salesman, S. D. Jackson & Co. bds. St. 

James hotel 
Blake Henry H. sec. and treas. Chicago Ice Co. r. 252 

Calumet av. 

Blake Hiram M. (J. <fc H. M. Blake), r. 228 W. Ran- 

Blake James, realestate dealer, r. 114 Adams 
Blake John, gasfltter, r. 475 Butterfield 
Blake John, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Blake John, lab. r. 108 W. Ewmg 
Blake John, lab. r. 169 Deering 
Blake John. lab. bds. 238 S. Clinton 
Blake Joseph (J. & H. M. Blake), r. 163 Clark 
Blake Joseph, moulder. Barn urn & Richardson Mnfg. 

Co. bds. 37 W. Washington 
BLAKE J. & H. M. (Joseph and Hiram M. 

Blake), clothing. 163 Clark 
Blake Martin, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. r. 530 S. 


Blake Mary. r. 110 Gurley 
Blake Matthew, carrier, J. H. & G. M. Walker, r. 

585 Milwaukee av. 
Blake Michael, lab. T. W. Barter & Co. r. 93 W. 


Blake Nicholas, trncker, Smith & Walker 
Blake Oscar B. grocery. 1 26th. r. same 
Blake Patrick, carpenter, r. 401 23d 



Glues & Neatsfoo? Oil, 




At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

Blake Patrick, lab. r. Archer av. bet. Long John and 

Western av. 

Blake Patrick, lab. r. 41 Arthur 
Blake Patrick, lumber inspector, r. 10 Noble 
Blake Patrick (Ward A- Blake), r. 108 Ewing 
Blake Peter, draynwin. r. 341 E. Illinois 
Blake Samuel, physician, r. 888 Prairie av. 
Blake Stephen, gaefitter, H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. r. 

106 W. Ewitig 
BLA KK SAMUEL C. physician, room 5, 

120i/; Dearborn, r. 888 Prairie av. 
Blake Thomas, lab. r. 50 Hanover 
Blake Thomas, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Blake Thomas, lab. W. N. & J. F. Woodruff, r. 49 


Blake U. Clarence, lawyer, 91 Washington 
Blake Wallace H. salesman, Sladden & Crane, r. 

Blake Walter, rubber, Sherman, Cole & Co. r. 140 

Blake William, mechanic, r. room 21, 11 and 13 S. 


Blake & Matthews, (A. Blake and Josiah S. Mat- 
thews), grocers, 639 W. Madison 
Blake's Building, 180 and 182 Washington 
Blaki'ley James, porter, Wright & Beebe, bds. 33 S. 

Blakely A. W. asst. city editor. Evening Post, r. ws. 

Shiirtleff. bet. 30th and 31st 
Blakely Charles, printer. Post & Staatz Zeitung 

Printing Co. r. 288 State 
BLAKFLY C. H. business manager, job 

dept. Post & Zeituns:. r. 579 Michigan av. 
BLAKELY DAVTD, pres. Post Printing 

Co. and managing editor Chicago Evening Post, 

r. 9 Groveland Park 
Blakely Franklin, carpenter, William H. Weeks, 

bds. 35 W. Washington 
Blakely Selina, wid. David B. r. 9 Groveland 

Blakely Thomas, carpenter, William H. Weeks, bds. 

15 Depnyster 

Blakeman Hannah, wid. Jacob R. bds. 136 Carroll 
Blakeman Jacob, bds. 136 Carroll 
Blakeman Jacob, tobacconist, bds. Lincoln house 
Blakeman Richard, clerk, bds. 136 Carroll 
BLAKEMORE EDWIN, gilder, room 10, 

149 Clark, r. 161 Fry 
Blakemore Francis, gilder, Taft, Schwamb & Crego, 

r. 159 Fry 
Blakcmore Joseph, gilder, Taft. Schwamb & Crego, 

r. 159 Fry 
Blakeslee Chauncey F. with J. B. Lyon, & Co. room 

7, 165 Washington 

Blakeslee C. C. bds. Matteson house 
Blakeslee David, teamster, r. 625 W. Madison 
Blakeslee Homer L. trimmings and fancy good*, 122 

State, r. junction Prairie av. and 16th 
Blakey Edward, carpenter, bds. 15 S. Union 
Blakslee Joseph, r. 181 N. Cuni* 
Blarney William, dark. bds. 81 23d 
Blan Sigismund, salesman, bds. 44 and 46 Ran- 


Blanc E. L. barber, A. L. Mlllor. r. 10 Rouble 
Blanc Henry, blacksmith, r. 653 S. Morgan 
Blanchard A. Mrs. r. 138 Walnut 
Blanchard Charles, foreman, Doggett, Bassett & Hill, 

r. 270 N. Wells 

Blanchard Edward, r. 103 Jackson 
Blanchard E. printer. Tribune Co. 
Blanchard Forrest, foreman, Doggett, Bassett & Hill, 

bds. 268 N. Wells 

Blancliaid Ira. grocer, 140 N. Peoria, r. same 
Blanchard James G. bookkeeper, Goodwin & Elder, 

r. 24<1 Indiana 

Blanehard John, boots and shoes, r. 270 N. Wells 
Blanchard John, lab. r. 519 Clark 
Blanchard Judson J. traveling agt. Eagle works, r. 

Denver, Col. 





Basement of 78 & SO East TVadtam Street. 





Solicitors raid Liberal Brokerage. 
Office, 124 Washington St., 


^ Blanchard Marvin (Blanchard & Millard), r. 307 W. 
fi Randolph 

H Blanchard Oliver, student, PORTER'S TELE- 
)5 Blanchard Otis A. engineer, Cummings & Hagan, 

bds. Blue Island house 

05 Blanchard Rollin P. (Johnston & Blanchard), bds. 
M 388 W. Van Buren 

B Blanchard Rul'us, map publisher, 146 Lake, r. Whea- 
ton, 111. 

(f Blanchard S. M. salesman, r. 168 State 
04 Blanchard Wallace, physician, 81 Monroe, bds, 886 
T 3 Wabash av. 

9* Blanchard William (Blanchard & Borland), r. 401 W. 
9* Monroe 

Blanchard Willie F. importer, r. 138 Walnut 
i Blanchard & Borland (William Blanchard, J. J. Bor- 
A land and II. G. Billings), lumber com. mers. 242 
2 S. Water 

Blauchard & Millard (Marvin Blanchard and Sylves- 
ter M. Millard), lawyers, 116 LaSalle 
OBlinchford Jennie M. boardinghouse, 117 Peoria 
Blauchford Joseph G. machinist, r. 117 Peoria 
tg Blanck Jacob, stonecutter, bds. 309 Wells 
~* Blanco Pedro, imagemaker, r. es. al. bet. Wells and 
LaSalle, Madison and Monroe 
M Bland James, woodturner, r. 401 S. Halsted 
** Bland T. H. (col'd), coat room, Sherman house 
b Blandeor Adolphus, bricklayer, r. 523 N. Franklin 
^ Blane Theodore, machinist, r. 869 Clark 
^ Blane William D. physician, r. 63 Lake av. 
[N Blanes William (col'd), r. 183 Monroe 
tat Blaney Charles, engineer, bds. 161 Ewing 
^ Blaney Charles, sailor, r. 137 Catherine 
* Blaney E. R. Miss, r. 99 N. State 
.f. Blaney Hall, Metropolitan blk. 
W Blaney Hugh, engineer, r. 161 Ewing 
^j Blaney James F. marblecutter, Sherman, Cole & 
r t Co. bds. 145 Adams 
W Blaney James R. r. 99 N. State 

Blaney James V. Z. pres. Rush medical college, r. 

ffi 99 N. State 

2 Blaney Margaret, r. 324 May 

^ Blaney Noill, sailor, bds. 183 N. Halsted 

0d Blaney Rosetta Miss, housekeeper, Henry F. Eames, 

128 Michigan av. 

^ Blauey Thomas, with T. L. Miller & Co. r. 483 W. 
EQ Van Buren 

M Blaney William, peddler, r. 324 May 
"* Blanirer Francis, carpenter, Hearson & Pajn, r. 1C 


M Blank Charles, blacksmith, r. 519 N. Halsted 
^5 Blank Frederick, cabinetmaker, Rohn & Bro. bds. 

83d, cor. Indiana av. 

** Blank Hoiurich, blacksmith, Ulrich & Neff, r. 653 S 
^B Morgan 

fij Blankchain John, wks. N. C. rolling mill, r. 398 
w Noble 

Blanke George F. cash, circuit court and ex-officio 

a recorder's ofllce, r. Lake View 

Blanke William ( Kamnierer & Blanke), r. 100 John- 

Blanks William, merchant, r. 511 Michigan av. 
Blankshur Conrad, tanner, r. 138 Cornell 
Blann Henry T. clerk, Thomas Phelps & Co. bds. 

711 Hubbard. 

Blann James, r. 711Hubbard 
Blann William, sailor, r. 711 Hubbard 
k., Blanquest Carl, machinist, r. 252 N. Sangamon 
P Blam-ock C. A. crocer, flour and feed store, 432^4 
gj and 434 N. Wells, r. same 

J Blantz Phillips, painter, bds. 33-1 Park av. 
3 Ulanxius Christian, clerk, Hibbard & Spencer, r. 

" 127 Leavitt 

^5 Blany Benjamin F. barber, K. B. Norris 

SBlany Rebecca (col'd), wid. William, bds. 384 Wa- 
bash av. 

Blasdell George, bds 208 Madison 
Blase r Roman, pottery, 125 North av. r. same 



Blasey Bernard, r. 162 W. Washington 
Blasey John, driver, J. J. Brown, r. 164 W. Wash- 

Blasey John, tinsmith, bds. 1H2 W. Washington 
ilasius John, tailor, r. 502 Larrabee 
ilass Henry, teamster, bds. 206 N. Halsted 
Jlatcht'ord Charles H. bookkeeper, Harmon, Mac- 

Veagh & Messer, r. Rutter's blk. 
31atchtord Eliphalet W. pres. Chicago Lead and Oil 
Works and Shot Tower Co. 70 N. Clinton, sw. 
cor. Fulton, r. 375 N. LaSalle 
Blatchford F. W. wid. Rev. John, r. 367 N. LaSalle 
Blatchlbrd N. H. bds. 367 N. LaSalle 
31atherwick Matilda, wid. James, r. 183 N. Curtis 
BlatherwickN. R. (Lusk & Blatherwick), r. 183 N. 

Blatherwick C. W. deliveryman, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 

r. 183 N. Curtis 
Blatner John, butcher, Hermann Zenker, bds. 262 

N. Wells 

Blatner John J. saloon, r. 227 Elm 
Blatony Joseph r. 92 Cottage Grove av. 
Blattuer Francis J. groceries, 65 Waller, r. same 
Blattner Henry, lettercarrier, r. 1570 Indiana av. 
Blattner J. G. (M. Schanbley & Blattner) also land 

agt. lor Tell City, Ind. r. 227 Elm 
Blattuer R. J. clerk P. O. r. Bnrnside, nw cor. 30th 
Blatz John J. machinist, Rheydt & Co. bds. ws. N. 

Clinton, bet. Lake and Randolph 
Blauer Albert, watchcase maker, bds. 159 Lake 
Blauer Frederick (Blauer & Sperry), r. 159 Lake 
BLAUER & SPERRY (Frederick Blauer 
and August Sperry), watchcase niakers,159 Lake 
and 34 and 36 LaSalle 
Blayney Thomas W. surveyor, T. L. Miller & Co. 

r. 433 W. Van Buren 

Blazier Charles, grocer, 145 Sampson, r. same 
Blease Martin, blacksmith, r. 15 5th 
Blech Ernest, saloon, 3!58 S. Desplaines, r. same 
Blech Gustav, salesman, Kaltenegger & Schumann, 

r. 474 N. Wells 
Blecher Albert, blacksmith, A. Schmidt, r. 231 W. 


Blecker Henry, lab. r. 36 Pleasant 
Bleckmore Edwin, gilder, r. 161 Fry 
Sleeker Jacob, lab. Bateham & Co. r. 231 W. 12th 
Sleeker James, lab. Bateham & Co. r. 231 W. 12th 
Bleddner Henry, tailor, r. 57 Norton 
Bleimes George, saloon, 65 State, r. 58 Clybourn av. 
Blengy Francis, carpenter, r. 10 Henry 
Blems Louis (Blenis & Adams), bds. 103 Ellis av. 
Blenis & Adams (Louis Blenis and William Adams), 
house and sign painters, 598 Cottage Grove av. 
Benkenhair John W. car repairer, r. 216 1st 
Blentz John, bartender, Henry Guth, bds. 153 Kinzie 
Bless Christopher, boots, shoes and clothing, 55 Arch- 
er av. 

Blesser Charles, carpenter, r. 145 Sampson 
Blessing Charles, orchestrion maker, bds. 221 N. 

Blessing Ira M. engineer, Hair & Odiorne, r. 41 

Blessing Michael, wks. rolling mill, bds. 68 Waban- 

sia av. 

Blusson Michael, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Blettner Augustus, policeman, Second precinct po- 
lice station, r. 52 Kansas 
Blettner George, lab. r. 52 Kansas 
Blewett William M. horseshoer, 141 S. Canal, r. 137 

S. Sangamon 

Bley Charles, cigars and tobacco, 249 W. 12th, r. same 
Blickensderfer James C. salesman, N. Blickensder- 


BLICKENSDERFER N. P/opr. continuous 
copper strip and sheet metal lightning rod, 84 

BHckhahn Adam, cigar store, 361 Wells, r. same 
Blickhahn George, cigar nmfr. 172'^ Van Buren, bds. 
Wells, nw. cor. Harrison 


General Northwestern Agents for 
'Warehouse, 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

SbipUerd, Sweet & Co., Brokers in Real Estate 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLi: STREET* 

SIMEON W. KING, Commissioner of Deeds 

For AIi. the States and Territories. 117 South Clark Street, 




Blickham George, cigarmaker, r. 348 Wells 

Blicks Christine Miss. r. 127 Sedgwick 

Blid A. P. heater, Pynchon, Willard & Co. r. 50 Han- 

Blid Frank, heater, Pynchon, Willard & Co. r. 48 Han- 

Blid O. F. helper, Pynchon, Willard & Co. bds. 50 

Bliese Anthon, ship porter, r. 12 5th 

Bliese Martin, lab. bds. 14 5th 

Bliese Rosalia, wid. Lorinz, bds. rear 16 5th 

Blievernich Christian, lab. r. 181 W. Randolph 

Blifken Michael, lab. r. 82 DeKoven 

Bligh Andrew W. saloon, 07 E. Indiana, r. same 

Bligh Charles, meatmarket. 64 N. Market, r. same 

Bligh George M. (Hobbs, Bligh & Co.), r. New York 

Bligh James, groceries and liquors, 201 Adams 

Bligh James, stock dealer, r. 15% S. Halsted 

Bligh Thomas, saloon, 161 State 

Bliler Benjamin F. machinist, bds. 297 W. Taylor 

Bliler Lewis M. signpainting, Washington, sw. cor. 
Wells, r. 13 S. Water 

Bliler William, driver. Downer & Co. 

Blim Daniel, cooper. Decker & Morgan 

Blindauer Mathias, joiner, r. 152 Church 

Blink Minke, lab. r. 351 W. lth 

Blinn Charles A. clerk, I. C. R. R. r. 673 W. Adams 

Blinn Daniel, cooper, bds. 157 E. 18th 

Blinn George, shoemaker, r. 72 N. Market 

Blinn Jonathan, salesman, Ira B. Bowen & Co. r. 
837 Wabash av. 

Blinn Maria Mrs. r. 243 Newberry av. 

Blieh David P. (Ladue, Blish & Co.), r. 468 W. Van 

Blish Frank D. bookkeeper, Devine & Bro. bds. 1586 
Prairie av. 

Bliss AaronJBliss & Brown), r. 618 W. Randolph 

Bliss Abel H. supt. Gt. West. Tel. Co. r. 622 Burn- 

Bliss Albert, bds. 176 W. Monroe 

Bliss Amelia R. Miss, teacher, Washington school, 
bds. 280 W. Madison 

Bliss Calvin D. auction com. mer. r. 595 Paulina 

Bliss Charles, clerk, r. 226^ State 

Bliss C. W. painter, L. L. Smith & Co. 

Bliss Elmar W. organmaker, R. Burdett & Co. r. 85 
Chicago av. 

Bliss E. Fr carpenter, Eagle works, r. 93 S. Jefferson 

Bliss E. R. student, Chicago university 

Bliss Frank T. bookkeeper, Bliss & Brown, bds. 72 
S. Halsted 

Bliss George E. (Tyler & Bliss), r. 382 Fulton 

Bliss George H. (Bliss, Tillotson & Co.), and supt. 
tel. dept. C. &. N. W. R. W. r. 476 Michigan av. 

Bliss Hale, clerk, J. J. Siddall, bds. 185 W. Madison 

Bliss Harry, r. 284 Ohio 

Bliss H. W. agt. S. H. Ransom & Co. r. 79 24th 

Bliss Jacob, painter, r. 473 W. 12th' 

Bliss James H. shipping clerk, Eagle & Leonard, 
bds. 1(16 Clark 

Bliss James L. carpenter, r. 664 Fulton 

Bliss John, r. 10(5 27th 

Bliss Joeph. lab. Petit & Co. r. 106 27th 

Bliss Malcolm, machinist, r. 483 Loomis 

Bliss Moore & Co. (Samuel Bliss. A. P. Moore, Wil- 
liam P. Topliffimd G. M. Tisdale), grocers, whol. 
46 and 48 Michigan av. 

Bliss P. carpenter, r. 1030 Indiana av. 

Bliss Samuel (Bliss, Moore & Co.), r. 604 Wabash 

Bliss Sidney (Jones & BlissX r. 442 Warren av. 

B!Us Sylvester S. (Bliss & Sharp), r. 284 Ohio 

Bliss S. E. traveling agt. Buchanan. Carpenter & Co. 
bds. 481 Wabash av. 

Bliss. TilloTHon & Co. (George H. Bliss, L. G. Tillot- 
son. E. S. Greeley and George B. Gavett, jr.) tele- 
graph supplies, 171 Clark 

Bliss T. W. ruler, Culver, Page & Hoyne, r. 123 Park 

The Chicago Terra Cotta Company 

Door Cay>s, Window Caps, Brackets, 

Modillions, Rosettes, Panels, 
Ceiling Centre Pieces, &c. 

Warerooms. 29O State Street. 



Assets over S5.OOO.OOO 

Annual Income, nearly $3,OOO.OOO. 

SIIUGARD & DEAN, Gen 1 Agents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
Reliable District Agents wanted. 

Bliss William L. clerk, P. O. r. 85 Vernon av. 

Bliss William M. clerk, Hibbard & Spencer, r. 130 

Douglas pi. 

Bliss Zebina L. ins. agt. r. 123 Park av. 
Bliss <fc Brown (Aaron Bliss and R. F. Brown), fur- 
naces and ranges. 158 State 
Bliss & Sharp (Sylvester S. Bliss and J. Perine 

Sharp), druggists and apothecaries, 144 Lake 
Blitz Jacob, lab. r. 12 Mark 
Blitz John, lab. r. 12 Mark 
Blitz William (Neddirmeyer & Blitz), r. W. Water, 

ne. cor. Lake 

Blitz William, saloon, r. 555 N. Wells 
Bloch Julius, carpenter, bds. 215 Erie 
Bloch Simon, clerk, Brunswick billiard hall, bds. 

124 Washington 
Blochan Charles, lab. r. al. rear Bees, nr. Black 

Blochberger Henry, butcher, 266 Milwaukee av. r. 

Block Adolph, carpenter, bds. Milwaukee av. se. 

cor. Pratt 

Block August, lab. r. 483 Clark 
Block August, machinist, r. 148 Quincy 
Block Charles, drayman, r. 9 Weed 
Block Charles, miller, r. 678 S. May 
Block Christian, lab. r. 31 Clarinda 
Block Frederick, groceries and provisions, 710 S. 

Halsted, r. same 

Block John, carpenter, r. 133 Sampson 
Block John, foreman, Gardiner, Davis & Co. r. 194 

W. 18th 

Block John, lab. r. 194 W. 18th 
Block John, lab. r. 533 N. Halsted 
Block Louis, cigarmaker, G. Wagenfnehr, r. Lake 


Block S. ins. agt. 34 and 36 LaSalle, r. 890 State 
Block William, engineer, Streeter & Eddy, r. 218 

Van Buren 
Blockberger Herman (Parenser & Blockberger), r. | 

133 Johnson 
Blocki E. W. traveling agt. Henry Biroth, Ms. 64 ' 


Blocki John, r. 64 Oak 
Blocki William F. (Gale & Blocki), r. 663 W. Wash- 


Blocks Andrew, carpenter, r. 493 N. Wells 
Blocks Nicholas, sash, door and blind mnfr. 493 and 

and 495 N. Wells, r. same 

Blodge . r. 159 20th 

Blodget James, bds. 395 W. Randolph | 

Blodgett E. A. salesman, Kirk, Coleman & Co. bds. 

200 Randolph . 

Blodgett Gustavus, boardinghouse, 145 Monroe 
Blodgett Henry W. (Blodgett, Winston & Campbell), ] 

r. Wauketran 
Blodgett H. H. asst. engineer, M. S. R. R. office, 

passenger depot, r. 139 20th 
Blodgett James, salesman, Whiting, Goble & Co. r. I 

395 W. Randolph 

Blodeett Boxy S. Mrs. clerk, P. O. bds. 548 Clark ; 
Bloelirett. \Vm.-ton & Campbell (Henry W. Blodgett, 

Frederick H. Winston and George C. Campbell), I 

lawyers, 70 LuSalle | 

Bloemeke Ann. wid. Francis, r. 75 Rees 
Blohm Fred, tailor, r. 200 Wesson 
Blohm John, cabinetmaker, Frank Mayer & Co. r447 i 

Blohm Louis, real estate agt. 153 Randolph, r. 81 W. | 

IVnrson < 

Bloim Thomas, carpenter, r. 511 Mitchell 
Blom August, lab. r. 166 W. 22d 
Blom Christoph, tailor, r. 42 Bauwana 
Blom Gusti. lab. r. 166 W. 22d 
Blom John (Buck & Blom), and Danieb. emigrant 

agt. r. 85 Kinzie 

Blomberg Ernst, stationery, r. 273 North av. 
Blomgien Clans G. electrotyper, Chicago type foun- 
dry, r. 17 Vine 

Harris, Manufacturer ana Dealer in 

BANK ana SAFE LOCKS. 62 South Canal Street. 

All kinds of Plumbing and ewerngc done. 

Apply under Jte*W*. lcer> 'JTSiertr*. 








Returned at Death, 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 








Blomgicn Oscar, electrotyper, Chicago type foundry, 

has. 17 Vine 
Blomgren Bros. (John A. and Richard Blomgron), 

tailors, rear 214 Sedgwick 

Blomgren Charles, tailor, Blomgren Bros. r. 17 Vine 
Blomgren John A. (Blomgren Bros.), r. 17 Vine 
Blomgren Richard (Blomgren Bros.), r. 214 Sedg- 

Blomhoff F. tailor, r. rear 153 W. Erie 
' Blondon James, framemaker, bds. 50 Meridian 
Blonme Peter, carpenter, 80, 82, 84 Quincy, r. 86 

Blonquist Louis, tailor, room 72, 129 Clark, r. 83 

Blood Alvin A. clerk, Eldridge & Son, r. 138 W. 


Blood Hattle Miss, teacher, bds. 189 W. Jackson 
Blood H. E. actor, McVicker's theatre, bds. 277 State 
Blood I. W. druggist, Tolman & King, bds. Massa- 

soit house 
Blood James B. currier, Munson & Whitmarsh, r. 83 

Blood Joseph, fisherman, bds. Reuben, nr. canal 

Blood Mary L. Miss, teacher, Washington school, 

bds. 147 Park av. 

Blood P. S. clerk, P. O. bds. Montgomery house 
Blood Samuel L. letter carrier, bds. 43 Harrison 
Blood Sarah D. wid. David, r. 98*4 Douglas pi. 
Blood William M. druggist, Tolman & King, r. 175 

Blookberger Henry, butcher, 266 Milwaukee av. r. 

Bloom Christopher H. cooper, Heman Foster, bds. 43 


Bloom Daniel, liquor dealer, r. 1037 Wabash av. 
Bloom D. clerk, P. O. r. 116 W. Monroe 
Bloom G. sawyer, J. Lee Smith 
Bloom John, blacksmith, bds. 1% N. Wells 
Bloom John, lab. r. 288 N. Reuben 
Bloom John, watchman, Lull & Holmes, r. 309 S. 


Bloom J. W. clerk, P. O. r. 116 W. Monroe 
Bloom Lepold, bookkeeper, bds. 536 Wabash av. 
Bloom Maurice, shoemaker, r. 247 3d av. 
Bloom Morris (Mark, Green & Co.), r. 235 3d av. 
Bloom Moses, com. mer. r. 536 Wabash av. 
Bloom M. cap maker, J. Brody, r. 55 Clybourn av. 
Bloom Robert, gardener, r. Beers, near Archer av. 
Bloom William F. gardener, r. Beers, se. cor. Doug- 
las pi. 

Bloom , lab. J. Lee Smith 

Bloomenhageu August, machinist, r. 201 Augusta 
Bloomenthal David (Bloomenthal & Menke), r. 60 

N. LaSalle 
Bloomenthal & Menke (David Bloomenthal and 

Maurice Menke), mer. tailors, 4 N. Clark 
Bloomer S. H. teamster, C. D. Austin, r. Long John, 

cor. Columbia 

Bloomer W. painter, Jevne & Almini 
Bloomerth William, porter, Cahn, Wampold & Co. 

r. 96 Sedgwick 
Bloomfield Addison J. salesman, Hunt, Barbour & 

Hale, r. 197 W. Monroe 
Bloomfield John W. binder, J. M. W. Jones, r. 387 

N. Clark 

Bloomingter Isaac, peddler, r. 99 Ewing 
BLOOMINGTON INS. CO. of Illinois, 

II. 8. Tiffany & Co. agts. 4 Chamber of Com- 


Bloomis Henry, stonecutter, bds. 232 Adams 
Bloomley T. L. mason, bds. 80 N. Clark 
Bloou Edward, salesman, Hutchiuson & Sons, bds. 

239 W. Randolph 

Blorle Joseph, gilding, r. 184 LaSalle 
Blorn J. moulder, Eagle works 
Blosier Henry H. plasterer, r. 79 W. Ewing 
Bloss John, tanner, Union Hyde and Leather Co. r. 

49 Elston rd. 

Bloss Oscar F. clerk, S. B. Noyes, bda. 414 S. Hal- 

Blossom Cnlvin E. (Butler, Blossom & Co.), r. 114 

Blossom Daniel W. machinist, Moody & Church, 

ode. 6i>0 S. Camil 

Blolherwick Cynthia M. wid. James, r. 183 N. Curtis 
Blotzer Andrew, lab. r. 174 Orchard 
Blotzer John, butcher, r. 101 Spring 
Blouin Theodore, butcher, bds. 21>1 Wells 
Bloum Augustus, turner, Frank Mayer & Co. r. 511 

Bloiuit Fred. M. clerk, Fuller, Finch <fc Fuller, r. 14 

S. Sangamon 
Blount Sylvester P. bookkeeper, R. W. Hosmer & 

Co. r. 14 S. Sangamon 
Blow James, gasfltter, James Paterson, r. 337 N. 


Blow John S. fireman, bds. 21 W. Randolph 
Blow Joseph, bricklayer, bds. 161 Adams 
Blow Robert, health inspector, bds. 157 S. Jefferson 
Blowel Daniel, lab. r. 740 Clybourn av. 
Blowey John, shipping clerk, Adams, Blackmer & 

Lyon, r. Oak Park 
Blowm Jacob, bds. 474 Mitchell 
Blowm John, carpenter, r. 474 Mitchell 
Blownmn D. lab. r. 42(5 W. 12th 
Blenis - , bds. 103 Ellis av. 
Blue Elijah, carpenter, r. 57 W. Jackson 
Blue Henry, captain tugboat, r. 151 W. Van Buren 
Blue Island Avenue School, Albert B. Strong, prin. 

Blue Island av. nr. Western av. 
Blue James, dravman, r. 58 William 

CO. office, 91 Lake 
Blue Matty, tailored, bd*. 11 Price pi. 
Blue wid. bds. 57 W. Jackson 
Blue William, switchman, bds. 146 N. Green 
Blue William J. porter, G. C. Cook & Co. r. 58 Wil- 


Bluethmann Hans, lab. r. 100 Townsend 
Bluethmanu John, lab. r. rear 102 Townsend 
Bluett William C. with G. T. Belding & Co. r. 146 


Bluhm Charles, carpenter, bds. Elston's garden 
Blulun Dora, wid. Adolph, confectionery and fruit, 

121 W. Van Buren, r. same 
Bluhm Frederick, candymaker, Louis Haenhlen, 

bds. 121 W. Van Buren 
Bluhm Henry, shoemaker, r. 717 N. Wells 
Bluhm Henry, teamster, Michigan mills, bds. 861 

Bluhm Herman, turner, Frank Mayer & Co. r. 131 W. 

Van Buren 
Bluhm John, clerk, Julian Grossenheider, r. Fuller- 

ton av. nw. cor. High 
Bluhm Otto, deputy town clerk and city clerk, r. 

545 Butterfleld 

Blum August, clerk, Henry Greenebaum & Co. 
Blum Charles, lab. r. 178 Clybourn av. 
Blum Christian, tailor, 465 Larrabee, r. game 
Blum Christopher, cutter, J. M. Harrey, r. 42 

Blum Daniel (Killcn & Blum), r. 1037 Wabash av. 

Blum George, brewer, bds. 7 W. Randolph 

Blum Henry, saloon, 329 N. Wells, r. same 

Blum John, coachman, r. 303 N. Franklin 

Blum John, lab. r. 45 Bauwans 

Blum John, r. 47 Finnell 

Blum Jonathan, clerk, bds. 837 Wabash av. 

Blum Lewis, shoemaker, r. 427 Division 

Blume Anton, tailor, r. 203 Ewinc: 

Blume August, locksmith, Illinois Mnfg. Co. bds. 43T 


Blume Ernst, tailor, r. 113 W. Madison 
Blume Jacob, hodcarrier, bds. 12(5 Sherman 
Blume John, lampmaker, Illinois Mnfg. Co. bds. 196 

N. Wells 
Blume John, tailor, r. 342 S. Halsted 


General Northwestern Agents for 
Warehouse, 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Sbipbcrd. Sweet & Co., Discount Short Paper, 

Vo. 155 and 157 I.A SAU.E STREET. 


89 AVanhingrton Street. Property. Sold and Rented. 




Blume Joseph, bricklayer, bds. 161 Adams 

Blunie Louis (L. Blume & Co.), r. 402 Archer av. 

Blume L. & Co. (Louis Blume and Ferdinand Bach- 
eart), grocers, 403 Archer ay. 

Blunienhagen Frederick, blacksmith, r. 180 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Blumenthal Julius, mnfr. bows, neckties, etc. 
138 Lake. r. 71 W. 26th 

Blumenthal Michal, meatmarket, 135 W. Washing- 
ton, r. 125 W. Washington 

Blumenthal N. M. clerk, Chase Bros. r. 364 North av. 

Blumenthnl Simon P. mason, r. 364 North av. 

Blumgra Charles, tailor, r. 17 Vine 

Blumhaeger Adolph, scalemaker, Chicago Scale Co. 

Blundin James L. carpenter, R. B. Apple by, r. 50 W. 

BLUNT. DERBY & CO. (J- G. Blunt, J. 
W. Derby, A. C. Ellithorpe and W. B. Gere), 
contractors' dredging and dock building, w. 
end Chicago av. bridge 

Blunt Elbridge G. foreman, J. G. Blunt & Co. r. 778 

Blunt James G. (J. G. Blunt & Co. and Blunt, Derby 
& Co.), r. Leavenworth, Kansas 

Blunt J. G. & Co. (James G. Blunt and Albert C. 
Ellithorpe), dealers in lime, plaster, cement, etc. 
lime kilns, Western av. cor. 4th, office, w. end 
Chicago av. bridge 

Blussuy Fritz, lab. r. 683 S.May 

Blust Ferdinand, varnisher, r. se. Eagle, bet. Union 
and Halsted 

Bluthardt Adolph (Bluthardt Bros.), bds. 797 W. 

Bluthardt Augustus (Bluthardt Bros.), bds. 317 W. 

Bluthardt Bros. (Adolph and Augustus Bluthardt), 
cigar mnfrs. 590 W. Lake and 321 W. Madison 

Bluthardt David, cutter, Newhouse Bros. r. 797 W. 

Bluthardt Gustave (Bluthardt Bros.), r. 331 W. Madi- 

Bluthardt T. J. drugs and medicines, 247 W. Madi- 
son, r. same 

Bluthmann Ernst, lab. N. Chicago city railway, r. 
100 N. Townsend 

Ely Charles, lab. Eagle works, r. 679 S. May 

Bly Charles, tailor, r. 202 Maxwell 

Bly Douglas, patent artificial limbs, room 15, 167V4 

BlymyerD. W. (Blymyer, Fearing & Co.), r. 175 
Michigan av. 


Blymyer, B. D. Fearing, Blymyer. Norton & Co. 
Cincinnati. Blymyer, Day & Co. Mansfield, 
Ohio), mnfra. agricultural implements, 195 

Blynn G'.-orire A. clerk, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 391 
W. Madison 

Blyth Frederick, machinist, Murphy & Tarrant, r. 
198 Jefferson 

Blyth Thomas, grateflnisher, Prickett & Drysdale 

Biythe Donald, lab. r. 97 John 

Blythe Thomas, lab. r. 430 S. Halsted 

Biythe W. T. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Boa Christian, car repairer, r. 86 Sevmour 

Boa William, snpt. Chicago Dock Co. r. 154 S. 

Boaas Michael, blacksmith, r. 130 N. Green 

BoadloM Hurssell Miss, clerk, Francis Dodd, r. 21 

Boag John, bookbinder, James Dale, bds. 291 Mich- 

Boahin Ernest, tinner, r. 265 W. Kinzie 

Boahm Herman, axle grease mnfr. r. 2C4 W. Chi- 
cago av. 

Boake Charles A. clerk, P., C. & St. L. R. R. bds. 
Tremnut house 

Boal Charles T. (Austin & Boal), r. 447 Michigan av. 





Assets over $5,000,000. 

Dividends payable annually after second year. 

SHUGART & DEAN, Gen'l Agents, 

83 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents wanted. 

Boalch William, meatmarket, 27 Rush, r. game 

Boald John, teamster. Armour & Co. 

Boam Michael, lab. bds. 172 Wright 

Boaman Frederick, plumber, r. 29 Newton 

Board C. A. supt. Colton Dental association, r. 80 

Board of Education Rooms, 76 LaSalle 

Board of Health, Samuel Hoard, pres. J. W. Rus- 
sell, sec. John H. Ranch, sanitary supt. H. B. 
Wright, clerk, 140 and 142 Madison 

Board of Police Commissioners, Thos. B. Brown, 
pres. E. P. Ward, sec. 140 and 142 Madison 


and 17 Wells 

Board of Trade Bag Factory, Noyes, Brown & Hurd, 
proprs. 11 LaSalle 

Boardbach Peter, lab. bds. 225 Oak 

Boarder F. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 183 Ohio 

Boardman Albert, painter, bds. 119 N. Wells 

Boardman Alfred, painter, Albert Card, bds. 119 N. 

Boardman Frederick S. entry clerk, Chas. Beardslee 
Bros. & Co. r. 267 Indiana 

Boardman H. K. W. physician, office, 114 Wabash av. 
r. same 

Boardman H. M. bookkeeper, Salt Co. of Onondaga, 
r. 267 Indiana 

Boardman J. W. bookkeeper, r. 174 Michigan av. 

Boardman J. W. clerk, Adams house, r. same 

Boardman W. M. clerk, Magill & Hall, bds. 267 E. 

Boardt Frederick, hotel waiter, r. 10 Sherman 

Boarmen Peter, carpenter, r. 103 May 

Boary Frederick, lab. Holbrook & Co. r. 163 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Boas Fredrick, lab. r. rear 242 3d av. 

Boas William, carpenter, r. 125 Hastings 

Boasberg [Benjamin, secondhand dealer, 253 Wells 

Boattcher Charles, mason, r. 329 Clybourn av. 

Boba Robert, foreman machine shop Eagle works. 

Bobart William, BRYANT & STRATTON BUSI- 

Bobart William E. clerk, W. W. Holden 

Bobas John, painter, r. 162 DeKoven 

Bobbitt Joseph, plasterer, bds. 277 Burnside 

Bober Andrew, lab. Wood & Stevens, r. 137 Johnson 

Bobertz Jacob, lab. r. 81 Catherine 

Bobitzky John, lab. r. 10 Blair 

Bobkin W. W. clerk, P. O. 

Bobsen John, lab. r. 672 S. Halsted 

Bohsien Henry, wks. N. C. rolling mill 

Bobzien Henry, carpenter, r. 57 Bauwans 

Bobzien John" lab. Eagle works 

Bobzien William, lab. bds. 166 North av. 

Bobzine Charles, clerk, bds. 8 Eldridge ct. 

Bobzinn John C. carpenter, r. 720 N. Halsted 

Bocault John, boot and shoemaker, r. 341 Noble 

Boch August, lab. William Bartels & Co. r. 630 Hal- 

Boche Louis, diesinker, C. H. Hanson, r. 150 Indiana 

Bocherhart Anthony, lab. r. 46 Kramer 

Bochert Frank, tinsmith, Stephen Deschauer, r. 
Sampson, bet. Throop and Loomis 

Bock Albert, saloon, 561 N. Wells, r. same 

Bock Anthony, carpenter, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 102 

Bock August, boot and shoemaker, 324 Chicago av. 
r. same 

Bock A. T. cabinetmaker, Simons & Co. r. 150 Has- 

Bock Christoph (Bock & Brandes), r. 224 Blue Island 

Bock C. H. check clerk, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 476 

Bock Fred, brewer, bds. 82 and 84 E. Pearson 

Bock Frederick, actor McVicker's theatre 

Bock Frederick, tailor, r. 121 Orchard 

Bock Peter, packer, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 599 N. 


Harris makes the best Fire Proof Safe, 

At the Lowest Price, 62 SoutM canal Street. 

Ma Kern' Ovens Built, Woodruff A, Raffen 






Returned at Death, 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

Bock & Brandes (Christoph Bock and Charles Bran- 
dos), mer. tailors, 224 Blue Island av. 

Bock , wid. John. r. 23 Pleasant 

Bockefen Aug. saloon. 216 S. Halsted. r. same 
Bocker Afder, carpenter, r. 100 Coolidge 
Bockermann Albert, bookkeeper, H. Greenebaum & 

Co. r. Ohio, cor. Wells 
Bockious George R. r. Ill S. Clinton 
Bockius Charles R. soapmaker, r. 160 N. Morgan 
Bockius D. E. printer, Tribune Co. r. 160 N. Morgan 
Bockius Frank B. E. soapmaker, r. 160 N. Morgan 
Bockius Mary Ann, wid. Joseph R. r. 160 N. Mor- 
Bockius Mary L. Miss, teacher, Washington school, 

bds. 160 N. Morgan 
Bockius William J. printer, Guilbert & Clisold, r. 

160 N. Morgan 
Bockler Christian, stonecutter, Louis H. Bolden- 


Bockley Daniel, teamster, r. 127 Townsend 
Bockman Walter, blacksmith, r. 803 Clark ' 
Bockstahler Chistopher, cigarmaker, 125 Archer av. 

r. same 
Bocpmann Karl, watchman, bds. Fort Donaldson 


Boda Louis, sawyer, bds. 313 4th av. 
Bodach Charles, showcase mnfr. 49 W. Radolph, 

r. same 
Bodamer Andrew, teamster. Wood, Lawrence <3b Co. 

r. Taylor, se. cor. Sherman 
Bodamer Charles, teamster, r. 848 Clark 
Bodamer Magdelene, wid. Godfrey, r. 848 Clark 
Bodbarner Thomas A. harnessmaker, William T. 

J. McNally 
Bodden David, machinist, Chicago knife works, 

bds. 123 W. Madison 
Bode Frederick, brassfinisher, Illinois Mnfg. Co. r. 

584 N. LaSalle 

Bode Frederick, machinist, r. 56 Barber 
Bode William, bricklayer, r. 253 N. State 
Bode William F. carpenter, r. 471 State 
Bodefer E. J. wid. Christopher, r. 136 Elm 
Bodeker Augustus, clerk, B. Schuenemann, bds. 92 

Bodelson Elian Miss, bookkeeper, bds. 189 and 191 

W. Jackson 
Bodelson H. B. clerk, Adams, Blackmer & Lyon, 

r. 191 Jackson 
Bodemann Wilhelm (Bodemann & Hasselbach), r. 

356 State 
Bodemann & Hasselbach (Wilhelm Bodemann and 

Wilhelm Hasselbach), druggists, 356 State 
Bodenshatc John, bartender, r. 40 W. Lake 
Bodenschatz Conrad, cigar mufr. 207 W. Randolph, 

r. game 
Bodenschatz G. A. pharmacist, J. W. Ehrman & 

Co. bds. 387 State 
Bodenshatz Nicholas, cigarmaker, G. Wagenfuehr, 

r. 40 W. Lake 
Bodenschatz Thomas, groceries and provisions, 177 

W. Randolph, r. same 
Bodestea John, clerk, Anthony Raggio, bds. 145 


Bodett Daniel L. teamster, r. rear 60 N. Fulton 
Bodett Margaret, wid. r. rear 60 N. Fulton 
Bodiger Michael, lab. Chicago Plate and Bar Mill Co. 
Bodin Frank, cook, bds. 923 S. Halsted 
Bodinus Frederick, binder. Culver, Page & Hoyne 
Bodkin A. J. carriage finisher, Novelty carriage 

works, bds. 113 Adams 

Bodkin Wallace, clerk. P. O. bds. 1096 Wabash av. 
BODMAN ALBERT H. city clerk, room 

15 Court House, r. 411 W. Madison 
Bodoin William, bootmaker, B. O'Sullivan, r. 164 

Blue Island av. 

Bodtker J. F. photographer, 157 Lake. r. same 
Bodun Charles, teamster, r. 814 N. Halsted 
Bodwell A. J. salesman, J. W. Fox & Bro. r. Wau- 

kesran. 111. 

Boe Israel (col'd), bartender, James Barley, bd. 251 

Boeddecker Car], expressman, r. 540 E. Division 

Boedeker Bertha, wid. Anton R. r. rear 12 Lessing 

Boedeker Christopher, tailor, r. 22 Hubbard 

Boedeker William, groceries and provisions, 191 Mil- 
waukee av. r. same 

Boecltcher John, lab. r. 617 N. Wells 

Boedtcker Christian, teamster, r. 617 N. Wella 

Boedtke Heinrich, blacksmith, John Kuhl, r. 706 
Milwaukee av. 

Boeger Henry (Boeger & Grnndies), r. 14 S. Dea- 

Boeger & Grundies (Henry Boeger and Albert Grnn- 
dies), tobacco dealers, 8!) S. Water 

Boeher John, carpenter, r. 624 Butterfleld 

Boehl George, harnessmaker, G. & L. Ortmayer, 
bds. 82 W. Lake 

Boehland Henry, confectioner, Michael Korsosky, 
bds. 300 Clark 

Boehlke Hermann, teamster, r. Astor, se. cor. Grand 

Boehm Carl, asst. bookkeeper, E. Frankenthal & Co. 
r. 158 Illinois 

Boehm Charles, presser, Chicago terra cotta worka, 
r. Catherine, cor. Laflin 

Boehm Frank, brewer, Peter Schoenhofen, bds. 44 

Boehm Frederick (Perkins Bros. & Co.), and book- 
keeper, bds. 191 24th 

Boehm George (Boehm & Co.), r. 180 Archer av. 

Boehm Hermann, lab. Uiuleiu & Co. r. 264 W. Chi- 
cago av. 

Boehm Johanna Mrs. milliner, 225 Blue Island av. 

Boehm John, tailor, 225 Blue Island av. r. same 

Boehm Margaret, wid. George, r. 180 Archer ar. 

Boehm Michael, lab. r. 240 Black Hawk 

Boehm Rudolph, machinist, r. 617 N. Wells 

Boehm & Co. (George Boehm and Joseph Burk- 
hard), pork store, 182 Archer av. 

Boehman William, bootmaker, bds. 19 Blue Island 

Boehme August (Shubert & Boehme), r. 411 S. Hal- 

Boehmer Frederick (Boehmer & Bro.), r. 361 W. 

Boehmer Henry (John Van Deusen & Co.), r. New 
York city 

Boehmer William (Boehmer & Bro.) r. 361 W. 12th 

Boehmer <fc Bro. (Frederick and William Boehmer), 
bakery, 461 W. 12th 

Boehmler Frederick, clerk, Perkins Bros. & Co., 
r. 191 24th 

Boehn Ernest, tinsmith, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 265 W. 

Boehning George, plasterer, r. 50 Goethe 

Boeke Cornelius, lab. r. 36 Pearson 

Boeking James, conductor, C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 173 

Boeler Charles, lab. r. 139 Sigel 

Boeler William, blacksmith, r. 169 Fry 

Boelfosz William, lab. r. ns. 26th, bet. Stewart ar. 
and Hanover 

Boem Leopold, scroll sawyer, r. 102 Mohawk 

Boener Hugh P. foreman, composing room, Rounds 
& James, r. 768 W. Lake 

Boener Fred, groceries and provisions, 188 W. Ran- 
dolph, r. same 

Boening John, musician, r. 20 W. White 

Boening Louise, wid. Gottlieb, bds. 233 Dayton 

Boening William, plasterer, r. 69 Mohawk 

Boericke Anton, saloon, 249 Milwaukee av. r. 77 

Boerlin Louis (Foster & Boerlin), r. 584 N. Dearborn 

Boern Louis, machinist, Palmer, Fuller & Co. 

Boerner Christian, wood and coal dealer, Roberts, 
foot of Huron, r. 145 Townsend 

Boerner Frederick, grocery, 188 W. Randolph, r. 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. CTIESSOIF & sonsrs, 

Warehouse. 11 &18 S. Wells St. 

MiapiicrU, sweet dc Jo., lirokcrs in l,oans, 

No. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 






Boernor George, bartender, Fred. Busse 
Boerner Louis, r. Sfl Main 

Boerner Robert (R. Boerner & Son), r. 157 W. Ran- 
Boerner Robert W. (R. Boerner & Son), bds. 157 

W. Randolph 
Boerner R. <fc Son (Robert and R. W. Boerner), 

proprs. Illinois wire works, 106 Lake and 181 W. 

Boerst Friederich, lab. r. ss. Clayton, bet. Lincoln 

and Wood 
Boerst Johannes, lab. r. ss. Clayton, bet. Lincoln and 


Boert John, carpenter, r. 114 New-berry av. 
Boes John, expressdriver, r. 301 Hnbbard 
Boes Michael, blacksmith, American Steam Engine 


Boese Albert (Boser & Boese), r. 496 N. Clark 
Boese Ernst (Fred. Boese & Bro.), r. 192 W. Chicago 

Boese Fred. & Bro. (Frederick and Ernst Boese), 

furniture factorv, Chicago av. sw. cor. Green 
Boese Frederick (Fred. Boese & Bro.), r. 309 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Boese Henry, clerk, William C. Poleman, bds. 464 

W. Chicago av. 

Boese Julius, gilder, Jenkinson & Keitz, r. 303 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Boese Louisa, wid. Johann. bds. 214 W. Chicago av. 
Boeselina: Henry, joiner, r. 50 Fremont 
Boesse Albert, wooddealer, r. 4% N. Clark 
Boetman William A. clerk, r. 359 Sedgwick 
Boerner Frank, lab. John Biddner. bds. 218 4th av. 
Boettcher John, lumberman, r. 267 Coolidge 
Boettcher William, carpenter, r. 270 1st 
Boettner John, locksmith, r. 218 4th av. 
Boeys Margaret, candystore. 110 Gurley, r. same 
Boffer G. lab. Spaulding & Porter, r. 360 Centre av. 
Bogardns Bros. (Harrison D. and Edward Bogardus), ] 

"dealers in cheese. 65 S. Water 

Bogardus Edward (Bogardus Bros.), bds. 23 Whitney j 
Bogardus E. E. clerk, Bogardus Bros. bds. 23 


Bogardus Harrison D. (Bogardus Bros.), r. 23 Whit- 
Bogardus H. A. (H. A. Bogardua & Co.), r. 1213 

Prairie av. 
Bognrdus H. A. & Co. (H. A. Bogardns and R. F. 

Redell). com. mers. 181 S. Water 
Bogardus John D. (Bogardus Bros.), r. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Bogardus Samuel, r. 23 Whitney 
Bogardus Peter, mason, r. 424 Larrabee 
Bogart E. H. purchaser, W.M.Tilden, r.35 Cottage pi. 
Bogart Willis (col'd), expressman, bds. 254 Wells 
Bogers Gottlieb, saloon, 286 North av. r. same 
Bogert Dow, contractor, r. 271 Park av. 
Boges George, lab. Hatch, Holbrook & Co. r. 48 

W. Erie 

Boggs Charles T. ast. r. 64 18th 
Boggs David, bds. 367 Ohio 
Boggs James, carpenter, r. 95 Polk 
Boggs Robert, hostler, Chicago city railway, r. 909 


Boggy Edward, plasterer, r. 133 14th 
Bogia'm Nicholis, sailor, bds. 179 N. Water 
Bogle Daniel, dealer in coal and pig iron, 58 Kin?s- 

bnry, and Clark, se. cor. Washington, r. 607 

Washington av. 

Bofirle Daniel, clerk, bds. 507 Washington av. 
Bogle Walter S. bookkeeper, DanierBogle, r. 507 

Washington av. 

Bogme Lewis, engineer, r. Ill W. Erie 
Bogue Charles H. (Cone, Goodman & Co.), r. Ke- 

waunee. 111. 
Bogue Charles T. constable, 109 Madison, r. 192 

"4th av. 
Bogue George M. with Ogden, Sheldon & Co. real 

estate broker, r. Hyde Park av. bet. Oak and 

Chestnut, Hyde Park 



Assets over $5.000.000. 

Annual Income, nearly $S,OOO OOO. 

SIIUGARD & DEAN. Gen'l Agents, 

83 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable District Agents wanted. 


Should see Uw 


On Sixteenth Street, neat Prairie Avenue, containing 

Terra Cotta Door and Window Caps, Brackets 

aud -Modillions, made by the 

Chicago Terra Cotta Company. 

Bogue Hamilton B. Chicago Land Co. r. 698 Michi- j 

gan av. 
Bogue Hamilton, realestate broker, r. Hyde Park Jg 

av. bet. Oak and Chestnut, Hyde Park" 
Bogue Oswald, realestate, r. 3 S. Reuben 
Bogue O.-w.-ll A. vice president Illinois Mnfg. Co. 

r. Reubau cor. Park av. , , 

Bogue Roswell G. physician, 100 Washington, r. 3 

224 Ontario 
Bogue William L. silver plater, Illinois Mnfg. Co. B 

r. 1651 Prairie ay. j 

Boha Joseph, rag picker, bds. 119 Archer av. w 

Bohacek Franz, watch and clock repairer, 309 S. pQ 

Canal, r. same r^ 

Bohan Charles B. lab. r. 295 22d 

Bohan Fred. lab. r. 11 Ruble SB 

Bohan George, tailor, r. 295 22d * 

Bohan John, lab. r. 70 Catherine A 

Bohan John M. pawnbroker, 358 Clark, r. same ^ 

Bohanon George W. (Bohanon & Puringtou), r. 71 *< 

W. Monroe 
Bohanon & Pnrington (George W. Bohanon and ,. 

James A. Purington), carnage mnfrs. 58 and 60 58 

W. Madison ^J 

Bohasch Frank, lab. r. 457 S. Desplaines f^ 

Bohemian Catholic Church, Rev. Jas. Molitor, 

pastor, DeKoven cor. Desplaines tm 

Bohen John, carpenter, bds. 38 S. Canal /*. 

Bohl George, harnessmaker, bds. 82 W. Lake W 

Bohl Theodore, carpenter, r. 60 Rees ]jg. 

Bohland John, harnessmaker, A. Ortmayer & Co. s, 

r. 297 W. Chicago av. W 

Bohlander Henry, groom, Horace H. Yates, bds. IT M 

S. Peoria 

Bohle Henry, saloon, 145 N. Canal, r. 252 Halsted 
Bohlens Charles E. boardinghouse, 14 Wells, r. B 


Bohler Philip, lab. r. 29 Arthur f* 

Bohlkc Hermann, peddler, Huck'a Chicago Brewery ^ 

Co. bds. 466 N. State 

Bohlman Stephen, tinsmith, bde. 288 Milwaukee av. f\ 
Bohm Ferdinand, mason, r. 257 Mitchell * 

Bohm Marcus, paperhanger, r. 14 Polk 
Bohman George A. bookkeeper, Swedish Lutheran ^ 

Publication society ^ 

Bohman Gustav A. (Engberg & Bohman), r. 73 Reea ^ 
Bohn John, peddler, r. room 10 W. Lake, nw. cor. 

Bohn John B. cooper, George Rounsavell, r. 195 M 

EMon rd. \ 

Bohn Mathias, lab. r. 100 Townsend ^ 

Bohne August, harnessmaker, bds. 199 N. Clark 
Bohne Louis, machinist, Round house, C. & N. W. 

R. W. r. Ill W. Erie W 

Bohner George, salesman, Eaton, Maguire & Co. r. 

470 Wabash av. 

Bohnhoff John, teamster, r. 492 N. Franklin 
Bohnhoff John, woodturner, John Koenig & Co. bda. 

737 N. Halsted 
Bohnsack F. W. boxmaker, Barrett & Fay, bds. 488 


Bohr John, lab. r. 38 Otis 
Bohse John, lab. Chicago glue works 
Bohun Patrick, lab. r. 752 Archer av. 
Boi Edward, cooper, bds. 270 S. Morgan 
Boice Albert, bds. 77 William 
Boien James, lab. 69 Bunker 
Boile Michael, carpenter, r. 158 W. Harrison 
Boileau Damns, carpenter, r. 66 Gurley 
Boileau Paul, zinc ornameuter, A. Gateau & Co. bds. 


Boile- Charles C. bookkeeper, r. 182 S. Sangamon 
Boilvin William F. real estate agt. room 1, Fullerton 

blk. r. 1070 Wabash av. 
Boin Frank, whitewasher, r. 2694th av. 
Bois Frank, draper and tailor 77 State 
Boise James R. prof, university ot Chicago, r. same 
Boitz John, carpenter r. 20 Gardner 
Boitz Julins. painter, r. 599 Larrabee 





Morse Safes have been tried in the largest fire* in this country, 

AND NEVER FAILED. Made by S. H. Harris. 62 Soutb Canal Street. 







p4 Only Issued by this Company. 
* A Good Thing Try It. 

Q Boizard John O. collector, Heath & Milligan, bds. 93 
J S. Canal 

5 Boize Charles, sculptor, r. 194 S. Halsted 
W Bok George, butcher, William Schenk, bds. 30 N. 
**( Wells 

Mri Baker Charles, bricklayer, bds. 381 Fulton 
< Bouern Vauzlav, lab. E. H. <fc J. S. Turner, r.34Bur- 
^ liugtou 

" Bokin Charles, barber, William Eden, bds. 135 
J Michigan av. 

Bokleman John, shoemaker, bds. 122 W. Polk 
QjTj Bolau John, driver, city railway, r. 34930th 
A) Bolau Michael, lab. James Corrigan & Co. r. Bridge- 

^ Bolaud Elizabeth Mrs. boardinghouse, 91 W. Jack- 
i son, r. same 
bj^ Boland James (E. P. Dwyer & Co.), bds. Revere 

585 BolatuT James A. student, BRYANT & STRAT- 


^ Boland John, saddler, r. 2i7 Chicago av. 

4 Boland John, lab. Elisha Eldred, r. 31 Hope 

M Bolaud John, millstone mufr. r. 101 W. Van Buren 

^ Bo'.imd Johu. plasterer, r. 140 Eugenie 

^ Boland John K. saloon, 172 W. Harrison, r. same 

3f Bolaud John T. clerk, Patrick M. Donnellan, bds. 53 

V Sherman 

Boland Joseph, bricklayer, bds. 53 W. Van Buren 
|J Boland J. lab. Northwestern Mnfg. Co. 
^ Boland Michael, teamster, r. 117 Sigel 
* Boland Morris, provision dealer, r. 31 4th 
58 Boland Wesley F. agt. Shelton & Tuttle, 50 and 52 
2 Madison, bds. 110 Michigan av. 
^ Bolauder Thomas J. bookkeeper, Win. B. Langley, 

r. 445 N. Dearborn 

" Bolander W. II. clerk, C., C. &I. C. R. R. freight de- 
jnl pot, r. 250 E. Indiana 
;* Bolayn Cliarles, lab. r. 574 Sedgwick 
^ Bolek Frank, carpenter, r. 181 4th av. 
v?- Bolcouertyzewsky Poly, ragpicker, r. 229 North av. 
M Bold Fritz, lab. Hatch, Holbrook & Co. 

Bolden Thomas, cooper, r. 605 S. Jefferson 
2 Boldeuweck Frederick, drygoods, 257 Blue Island 
t4 av. r. 453 W. 12th 

E5 Boklonwick Louis E. stoneyard, 10 to 23 Tyler, r. 385 
M S. Halsted 
^ Boklonweck William, clerk, F. Boldenweck, bds. 

457 W. 12th 

A Bolding Edward, bds. 83 Warren av. 
W Boldiug Erastus, com. mer. 83 Warren av. 
^M Balding Gaylord, grocer, r. 83 Wairen av. 
^ Boldt. Charles, wagonmakcr, r. 178 Fry 
~ Boldt Frederick, barber, Scherer & Steinert, r. 176 
y^ Adams 

S Boldt Frederick, saloon, r. 133 Sampson 
Boldt George, engineer, Schultze Bros. 41 Bainyans 

Boll Christian, engineer, C. & R. I. R. R. r. 297 21st 
Boll George, lab. r. 28 Barber 
Boll Oscar, meatmarket. 275 North av. r. same 
Boll Theodore, city constable, 143 Randolph, r. 527 


Bollack Soloman, salesman, r. 136 N. Sanganion 
Bolland Henry C. butcher, r. 205 W. Van Buren 
Bollar Phillip, shoemaker, 174 W. Jackson, r. same 
Bollbach Charles, bootmaker, G. S. Bullock & Co. r. 

336 Hurlbut 
Boiler Charles C. polisher, J. Bauer & Co. r. 639 Hub- 


Boiler Frederick, blacksmith, r. 306 N. Reuben 
Boiler Fritz, shoemaker, Nicholas Boiler, 309 Mil- 

waukee av. 

Boiler Jacob, boot and shoemaker. 215 1st, r. same 
Boiler John J. restaurant, 80 N. Wells, r. same 
Boiler Nicholas, shoemaker. 309 Milwaukee av. r. 

Boiler Philip, delivery clerk, Ferry & Bro. r. 174 W. 


Bolles E. A. mer. tailor, 107 22d, r. same 
Bolles Horace T. builder, bds. 268 W. Harrison 
Bollig John, cooper, Metz & Stege, bds. Scott, ne. 

cor. Stone 

Bollig Michael, lab. r. rear 226 Sherman 
Bollman Albert J. harnessmaker, P. R. Bennett, bds. 

72 W. Lake 

Bollmann Fred, confectioner, 349 North av. r same 
Bollmyer O. M. compositor, Chicago Times, rooms 

143 3d av. 

Bolshaw William H. r. 115 Michigan av. 
Bolstad K. O. (K. B. Olson & Co.) ,r. 90 Superior 
Bolster Atnse, lab. Petit & Co. r. 1010 S. Halsted 
Bolt Albert, blacksmith, r. 251 Wentworth ar. 
Bolt Charles, wagonniaker. Rossow Bros. & Co. 
Bolt Peter, carpenter, r. Indiana av. nr. 38th 
Bolta Dietrich, cabinetmaker, F. Porter Thayer & 

Co. r. 67 Vollar 
Bolte William, supt. Wabash avenue rink, r. 583 

Bolten Gustav, draughtsman, G. P. Randall, r. 342 N. 

Bolter Andrew, groceries, 174 Van Buren, r. 173 Van 


propr. Illinois iron 


works, 174 Van Bureu, r. 172 V an Buren 
Bolter Frank, typemoulder, r. 405 Division 
Bolter Joseph, blacksmith, r. 225 W. Polk 
Bolton Gustav, architect, bds. 342 N. Wells 
Bolton Isaac W. carpenter, r. 781 Hubbard 
Bolton James, agt. Singer's sewing machines, 111 

State, r. 16 Bishop ct. 
Bolton James stonecarver, Louis H. Boldenwlck, r. 

23 E. Charles 

Bolton Thomas, lab. r. 23 Pi'nn 
Bolton William, lab. r. 159 Walsh 
Boltz Adam. lab. bds. 125 Cornelia 
Bolvra Hermann, lab. r. rear 47 Indiana 
Bolzan Carl, silversmith and plater, 5 Clark, r. 484 


Bomgardner Powel, lab. r. 155 Wesson 
Bomhack William, tobaccocutter, Nick Strotz, r. 44 

Clybourn av. 

Bonaparte Napoleon, coach trimmer, bds. 88 Jackson 
Bonard Dennis, gardener, bds. 183 Indiana 


Boldt John, boot and shoemaker, 454 W. Chicago i Bonaugh John, tailor, 737 N. Halsted, r. same 


av. r. samo 

Boldt William, r. 583 Elston rd. 

Bolo Frederick, r. 57 Burling 

Bolen Christopher, lab. r. Gore, bet. E. White and 

Bolen Daniel, carpenter, r. 1!) O'Brien 

Bolen Huich, painter, r. 423 S. Morgan 

BoleiuKT William II. foreman, P.,~C. & St. L. R. R. 
r. :iS() Full on 

Bolfontz Herman, r. 251 1st 

BoLvr Hnh. carpenter, r. 510 S. Morgan 

Bolder Jeremiah, lab. r. 17!t Meaghur 

i; ii::cr John, carpenter, bds. 510 S. Morgan 

Boliroi 1 Micharl. h-icktlriver, r. ISO Huron 

B .>M:i Thomas, lab. Fairbanks, Peck & Co. 

Boliua Frank, lab. r. 22 Burlington 

IJoiina Jos. -ph. lab. r. 4!i Burlington 

Bolk George F. shoemaker, L. Freiberger, r. 116 Or- 

Bolka Charles, lab. Steams <fc Co. 

Bulk;' Christian, saloon and boardinghouse, 344 
Well<, r. same 

, , . 

Bonce Chris, foreman, Avery, Murphy & Co. 22d, 

cor. Fisk 
Bonce Walter E. traveling agt. bds. 176 W. Wash- 

ing! on 

Bond Abel, teamster, r. 355 E. Ohio 
Bond Ann wid. John, boardinghouse, rooms 1, 2 and 

3, 2d floor. 538 Clark, r. same 
Bond Charles E. (col'cl), cook, r. 145 4th av. 
Bond Edgar, clerk, G. S. Baldwin & Bro. r. 141 N. 

Bond Emery S. (E. A. Lay & Co.), r. room 22 Ham- 

illou blk. 


General Northwestern Agents for 

Warehouse. 11 &13 S. Walls St. 

SMplierd, Sweet &. Co., >icount Short i'apcr, 

Noa. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

WM. D. KERFOOT, Real Estate Agent, 

80 Washington Street. Property generally managed. 




Bond Enos (col'd), porter, r. 8 Meridian 

Bond Francis, bds. '274 Clark 

Boud George, saloon, 43 and 45 W. Randolph, r. 

Bond Harriet, wid. Samuel, seamstress, r. 76 W. 

Madison , 

Boud Isaac, com. mer. 138 LaSalle, r. 675 Wabash 

Bond James A. printer, S. S. Schoff & Co. r. 351 

Bond James D. foreman, yard, Boomer Bridge 

works, bds. Transit house 
Bond John, expressman, r. 177 Jackson 
Bond John Rev. pastor Evangelical St. Peter's 

church, r. 182 Noble 
Bond Josiah, real estate dealer, 44 LaSalle, r. Ken- 

osha. Wis. 

Bond Lester L. (West & Bond), r. 141 N. Morgan 
Bond M. S. P. (Bond <fc Chandler), r. 136 N. State 
Bond Peter, cabinetmaker, Simons & Co. r. Ill 


Bond Rice P. clerk, r. 300 Calumet av. 
Bond Robert, carpenter, A. H. Andrews & Co. r. 113 


Bond Samuel, carpenter, r. 120 Burnside 
Bond Samuel H. (.col'd), porter, A. H. Miller, r. 145 

4th av. 

Bond Sarah E. wid. Eli, bds. 317 W. Washington 
Bond Thomas N. (Bond & Beers), r. 317 W. Wash- 

Bond Thomas, carpenter and builder, 881 W. Lake, 

r. same 

Bond Thomas S. physician, room 4, 112 Randolph 
Bond T. J. clerk, Bumhams & Van Schaack, bds. 

303 Archer av. 
Bond William A. bookkeeper, Huribut & Edall. r. 

19 Egan av. 

Bond William H. M. (col'd), porter, r. 54 Price pi. 
Bond William S. r. 19 Egan av. 
Bond W. R. entry clerk, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 

16 Centre av. 
Bond & Beers (Thomas N. Bond and Charles I. 

Beers), freight agts. foot N. Dearborn 
Bond & Chandler (M. S. P. Bond and V. L. Chand- 

ler), eugavern on wood and job printers, 106 

Bondschmidt Gustavas, lithographer, Chicago Litho- 

graphing Co. r. 191 N. Wells 
Bone Charles, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. r. 309 


Bone Francis, lab. John F. Whiting 
Bone William, saloon, 50 Dearborn, r. 144^ State 
Bonert John lab. bds. 270 W. Chicago av. 
Bonfleld John, puddler, Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Bontteld Joseph F. lawyer, room 10 Portland blk 

Boutield Martin, gardener, r. 647 Archer av. 

Boulield Michael, gardener, r. 647 Archer av. 
Bonfield Michael W. teamster, r. 601 Archer av. 
Boutield Thomas, engineer, r. 31st. ne. cor. Laurel 
Boufield Thomas, lab. r. !7 Mitchell 
Bougert Mathew, stonecutter, bds. 383 Kinzie 
Bongert William, stonemason, r. rear 83 E. Pearson 
BonefamsB Thomas G. printer, r. 283 Park av. 
Bonhun Edward, com. mer. 142 S. Water, bds. 135 

Centre av. 
Bouham Jeriah. editor and publisher, Bonham's 

Rural Meweager, 142 S. Water, r. 138 Centre av. 
Boniiumme Wilbred (Mercier & Bonhoinrne), r. 39 


Bonitz Christ, upholster, r. 101 Mohawk 
Bonm-tn Elijah, whitewasher, James Talbert, r. 293 


Bonn Henry, cigarmaker. r. 12 Polk 
Bonn Lawrence II. clerk, Max Schweizer, bds.- 167 

Bonne Anthony, plasterer, r. 36 String 



Glues & Nsaisfool Oil, 




At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

Bonnel David, sailor, bds. 499 Clark 
Bonnell Daniel, hostler, bds. 33 Market 
Bouuell George E. mechanic, bds. 731 State 
Bennelt Isaac, peddler, r. 266 3d av. 
Bonner Charles, carpenter, bds. Bill W. Lake 
Bonner James, marblefiniiher, r. 307 Tyler 
Bonner William, shippingclerk, Smith, Mason & 


Bonnet , actor, r. 601 N. Wells 

Bouney Charles C. (Bonuey, Fay & Griggs), r. 424 


Bonney Daniel, tailor, r. rear 158 W. Chicago av. 
Bouney, Fay & Griggs (.Charles C. Bonney, J. Ed- 
ward Fay and Charles W. Griggs), lawyers, 156 


Bouney Maria, wid. Edward, r. 459 Warren av. 
Bonney William E. painter, r. 459 Warren av. 
Bonniu Frederick, cabinetmaker, r. 511 N. Halsted 
Bonuiwell Frank B. traveling salesman, Brintnall, 

Terry & Belden 

Bonson Levi, puddler, Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Bonsz August, saloon and boardiughouse, 89 Kinzie 
Boutecou "Elijah J. bds. 63 Luke av. 
Boutell George, tinner, bds. 232 Madison 
Bonier Francis, carpenter, r. 300 4th av. 
Bonthous Alge, wagoumaker, Daniel M. Simmons, 

bds. 560 W. 12th 
Bonzelt Joseph, barber, August Klenke, r. 244 \V. 


Boobeck Andrew, lab. r. 22 Bremer 
Boock Chrioiopher, lab. r. 263 Coolidge 
Book D. M. bookkeeper, Marsh & Goodridge, r. 

1188 State 

Booker Charles, sailor, r. 561 Sedgwick 
Bookhart Charles, teamster, Thomas Goodwillie 
Booklund Johaunah Mrs. r. 124 Bremer 
Bookman William, finisher, bds. 3b7 Eleton rd. 
Bookwood Frederick, shoemaker, r. 28 Depuyster 
Boole J. L. bookkeeper, Louis J. Howard & Co. r. 

1351 Waba*h av. 

Boole , bookkeeper, Phillips & Browne 

Booley Peter, lab. r. 650 W. Lake 

Bools Z. H. tinner, Dane, Westlake & Covert, r. 40 

Boomer Andrew F. blacksmith, George Boomer, bds. 

rear 71 Monroe 
Boomer A. R. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Boomer Bridge Works. L. B. Boomer, propr. Rob- 
ert CartWright, supt. ur. Union stock yards 
Boomer George, uorsushoer, rear 71 Monroe, r. same 
JBGOMEK .LUCIUS B. bridge and turn- 

mbie bunder, rooms 6, 7 and 8, 38 Dearborn, r. 

571) Wabash av. 
Boomer \Viiiiam, wks. rolling mill, bds. 82 Waban- 

sia av. 
Boomer William H. (Thayer & Boomer), r. 847 

Michigan av. 

Boomi Jacob, mason, r. 314 Larrabea 
Boonu Block, es. LaSalle, bet. Washington and Madi- 


Booue Bros. (Daniel L. and Samuel S. Boone), real 

estate agts. 133 LaSalle 

Booue Daniel L. (Boone bro.s.), r. 1156 Michigan av. 
Booue lIjUiualHcol'd), wid. r. 357 Wells 
Boone I.-aac (.col'd), roomtender, r. 365 State 
Booiie John V. blacksmith, Northwestern Mnfg. Co. 

bds. It. N. Halsted 
Boone L. D. sec. western board. Union Mutual Lite 

In.-t. Co. and loan agt. 133 LaSalle, r. 665 Michi- 
gan av. 

Boouu Itobert G. real estate, r. (>.">2 W. Wa.-.hington 
Boone Robert N. boardioghouae and grocer, 30 and 

32 \V. Madison, r. same 

Bouiie S. S. vS. S. Boone & Co.), r. M5 Michigan av. 
Bonne S. S. & Co. (S. S. Boone and E. ft. Gaul). 

brk-kmakers. 1B-J LaSalle 
Boonford Martin, lab. r. ns. 31&t, bet. Lock and 

in- -ring 




Morse's CeSctoratcd Fire and I^urglar 5*roo$ Safes. 

Klade by S. II. HAttKlu G2 - outH C'anal Street. 

WOOimUFF & RAFFEX, Sewer Builders, 

Eaaciiicut of 73 &, SO Kast Madison Street. 






Office, 124 Washington Street, 


Boorman Adolphus, bookkeeper, r. 133 S. Sangamon 

Boorman Charles D. clerk, C. B. Brown & Co.'r. 1100 

Boorman Charles W. carpenter, r. 95 N. Paulina 

Boonnan C. clerk, P. O. 

Boorman Henry, carpenter, r. 698 S. Canal 

Boorman H. K. (Outhel & Boormau), 107 W. Ran- 

Boorman John, wagon mnfr. 89 Franklin, r. 128 

Boorman William, clerk, r. 166 Van Buren 

Boorn Chapman, seaman, bds. 59 N. Canal 

Boos Adam F. (Wixer, Kirschten & Co.), r. 476 Sedg- 

Boos Lewis, tailor, r. 115 Milwaukee av. 

Boos Mathias, carpenter, r. 476 Sedgwick 

Boot Abraham (Boot & Lapperre), rT25 Banwans 

Boot John, r. 750 W. Washington 

Boot J. (Lawson & Boot), r. 726 W. Madison 

Boot Walley, coal dealer, bds. 726 W. Madison 

Boot& Lapperre (Abraham Boot and Richard Lap- 
perre), house and sign Jpainters, 689 Milwaukee 

Bootey Charles, moulder, C. B. Brown & Co. 

Booth Alfred, dealer in oysters and fish, 134 Dear- 
born, r. 607 Michigan av. 

Booth A. (John Wright & Co.) 

Booth A. S. wid. Charles, bds. 20 Quincy 

Booth A. P. blacksmith, r. 374 W. Van Buren 

Booth Charles E. (Booth, Linsly & Co.), r. New 

Booth Edward, clicker, W. S. Rawson, r. 12 N. 

Booth Edward, cutter, rooms 7 Turner's blk. 

Booth Edward M. teacher, Dearborn female semin- 
ary, r. 141 Park av. 

Booth'Frederick, wkB. N. C. rolling mill, r. 138 Fry 

Booth F. D. porkpacker and provisions, Chicago 
av. bet. Wells and Franklin, r. 211 E. Chicago 

Booth George, com. mer. r. 337 Centre 

Booth Glover L. ins. agt. r. Lake View 

Booth He man D. (Tobey & Booth), r. 850 Wabash ar. 

Booth Henry (Booth, Kreamer & Hunter), r. 505 W. 

Booth Henry, dean, Chicago university 

Booth Henry, clerk, bds. 337 Centre 

Booth John", machinist. Singer's Sewing Machine 
Co. r. 173!4 N. Clark 

Booth John, tobacco and cigars, 175 N. Clark, r. 

Booth John, propr. Excelsior wire works, 179 Lake, 
r. 162 Sedgwick 

Booth Josie Miss, actress, Wood's museum, bds. 337 
3d av. 

Booth. Kreamer <fc Hunter (Henry Booth, John W. 
Kreamer, and John A. Hunter), lawyers, 116 

Booth K. F. chief engineer, C.. A. & St. L. R. R. 53 
Dearborn, r. 445 W. Jackson 

Booth. Linsly & Co. (Otis W. Booth, John H. Linsly 
and Charles E. Booth), merchandise brokers 
and com. mers. 25 S. Water 

Booth Otis W. (Booth Linsly & Co.),r. New York 

Booth Robert, teamster, 35 N. Union 

Booth Sherman M. advt. agt. Evening Wisconsin, 
18 Tribune building, r. 28 Seymour 

Booth Svdney, restaurant, r. 690'Fulton 

Booth Thoron W. pork and beef packer, r. 211 E. 
Chicago av. 

Booth William, sailor, r. 376 3d av. 

Booth W. A. clerk, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 43 Monroe 

Booth (col'd). teamster, r. 357 Wells 

B'mthby C. F. (Seavey & Boothby), bds. 66 22d 

Boothe Matthew, lab. r. 545 Clark 

Boothe Stanley A. dravman. r. 358 Burn?ide 

Boothman John, traveling agt. bds. 42 Monroe 

Boothman William, bricklayer. 139 Lincoln 

Bootv John, cooper, r. 419 N. State 

Bootz John, cooper, bds. 170 W. Chicago av. 
Bopp Theodore, brushmaker. bds. 185 Ohio 
Hopper Albert, whiskey dealer, bds. 113 Kinzie 
Borcfa Joseph, cooper, r. 124 Catherine 
Borchard Philip, cooper, Gould Bros. bds. 123 Samp- 

Borchard William, cooper, Gould Bros. r. 123 Samp- 

Borchart Joachim, r. 34 George 
Borchcas Herman, clerk, bds. 433 S. Union 
Borcherdt Amelia, wid. Albert, r. 101 Huron 
Borcherdt A. S. bookkeeper, Culbertson, Blair & 

Co. r. 101 Huron 
! Borcherdt Julius C. druggist, 735 W. Madison, r. 


Borcherdt Maria, wid. Julius, r. 735 W. Madison 
Borcherdt Rudolph, taxidermist, Academy of sci- 
Borchert Gustav, clerk, Joseph Baer, bds. 139 W. 

Borden James U. capitalist, 5 Metropolitan blk. bds. 

Briggs house 

Borden John, lawyer, 46 S. Clark, r. 283 Illinois 
Borden Thomas C. clerk. Am. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 144 

N. Curtis 

Bordet Ralley, r. 384 N. LaSalle 
Bordon P. C. express messenger, bds. 144 N. Curtis 
Bordon T. C. clerk, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Bordwell William, tallyman, r. 203 W. 22d 
Borecke Anthon, saloon and grocer, Milwaukee av. 

se. cor. Pratt, r. 77 Pratt 
Boree Halsey W. billiard hall, r. 58 N. Ann 

Borer , bds. 311 S. Canal 

Boresen Bernt, watch mkr. bds. 96 Madison 

Borg J. J. reporter, Edwards' directory, bds. Lake 


Borg Peter, watch maker, r. 684 S. Jefferson 
Borg P. J. coppersmith, Edward Smeeth, 125 W. 


Borgeu Johan, bartender, Gilbert Olson, r. 185 4th 
Borgenson Christian, sailor, bds. 38 E. Kinzie 
Borgh Jelle Ter. carpenter, r. 519 N. Reuben 
Borginann H. W. clerk, bds. 37 W. Lake 
Borgmeier Adolph D. turner. Herhold, Johnson St 

Borgmeier, r. 252 Milwaukee av. 
Borgmeier Anthon B. (Herhold, Johnson & Borg- 
meier), r. 367 State 
Borgmeier Anton B. Mrs. dressmaker, 362 State, r. 

Borgmeier Catharine Mrs. dressmaker, 362 State, r. 


Borgue James T. carpenter, bds. 331 22d 
Borgvat Jocher, lab. r. 89 George 
Borgwaldt John, lab. 40 Banwans 
Borgwardt Frederick, tobacconist, r. Chapin, nr. 


Borgwardt Leopold, stonemason, r. 91 Burling 
Borhe Charles, carpenter, r. 218 Aberdeen 
Boric Julius, engineer, r. 315 W. Jackson 
Boring C. O. clerk, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 830 N. 


Boring E. M. Rev. pastor Grant Place M. E. Church 
and sec. Home of the Friendless, r. 830 N. 

Borison Andrew, seaman, bds. 39 Illinois 
Boritz Fredrich, safe maker, 138 14th 
Borland James, salesman, bds. 281 Waba->h av. 
Borland John C. clerk, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 303 

W. Jackson 
Borland John J. (Blanchard, Borland & Co.), r. 953 

Indiana av. 
Borland J. A. salesman. Field, Letter & Co. r. 281 

Wabash av. 

Borling John, coachman, P. Cornell, bds. Hyde Park 
Borman Adolph H. bookkeeper, Mechanics' Nation- 
al bank. r. 138 S. Sangamon 
Borman Christ, tanner, r. 30 Vedder 
Borman Ernest, tanner, Union Hide and Leather Co. 
r. rear 312 Milwaukee av. 

gj M 3P3EgTES3L I 


General Northwestern Agents for 


roliniise. 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

Shlphcrd, Sweet * Co., Large 

a Specialty, 

No. 155 and 157 LA SALLK STREET. 

SIMEON W. KIXG, United States Commissioner 

For Northern District of Illinois. 117 SontH Clark. Street, 



Borman George H. grocer, r. 772 Washington av. 
Bormau Louise, wid. George, r. l.'iSS. Sangamon 
Bormunn Henry, teamster, r. 133 Townscncl 
Born Charles, shoemaker, Charles I. Levy, r. 372 

Milwaukee av. 
Born Jacob jr. bookkeeper, Blanchard & Borland, r. 

4 Habbard ct. 

Born John, engineer, r. 106 N. Franklin 
Bom John, painter, bds. 19 English 
Born Nicholas, brewer, bds. 82 W. Lake 
Born Kud, clerk. Louies Groeue, r. 134 W. Randolph 
Bornomann E. clerk, E. Trussing, r. room 6 Larmon 

Borner James, stonecutter, Chicago Marble and 

Granite Mnfg. Co. 

Borner John, bookkeeper, bds. 816 Wabash av. 
Bonier William, cash. Star Union freight line, r. 816 

Waba?h av. 

Boro Augelo, saloon and confectionery, 164 Milwau- 
kee av. r. same 
Borohart Albert, barkeeper, Peter Gerhardy, r. 123 

W. Randolph 

Borowes George, carpenter, bds. 489 S. Jefferson 
Borowes John, carpenter, bds. 489 S. Jefferson 
Borowes William, carpenter, bds. 489 S. Jefferson 
Borras Andrew, carpenter, r. State, nr. 19th 
Borrcacak Frank, watchmaker. 369 S. Canal, r. same 
Borret Peter, cigarmrker, r. 396 W. Taylor 
Bomnger R. C. salesman, bds. Orient house 
Borritti Beunard (Borritti & Gandolfo), r. 13 Dunn 
Borritti & Gandolto (Bennard Borritti and Louis Gan- 
dolfo X confectioners and icecream saloon. 7 N. 

Borrman Ludwig, shoemaker, M. Ohnstein, r. 20 

Borrmann Charles, clerk, Sachn & Bros. bds. 90 N. 

Borrmann Henry, clerk, Saehn Bros. r. 90 N. Des- 


Borroff G. J. with Eisendrath & Co. 
Borron Frank, bds. 204 Michigan av. 
Borrowman James, woodworker, Novelty carriage 

works, bds. 178 State 
Borsch Joseph, turner, Frank Mayer & Co. r. 124 


Borsey Edward, awnings. 147 State, r. same 
Borst Henry, carpenter, Chicago Plate and Bar Mill 

Co. r. 131 Wentworth av. 
Borten Moses, peddler, r. 156 Griswold 
Borter Henry, shoemaker, r. 316 Milwaukee av. 
Bortle John'J. lab. r. 223 Milwaukee av. 
Bertram Wheeler, policeman, Huron Street station, 

r. 456 N. Wells 

Bortree Franklin S. (Bortree & Smalley), r. 159 Wal- 

Bortree Maurice R. (LaBar & Bortree), r. 159 Walnut 
Bortree & Smalley (Franklin S. Bortree and Joseph 

H. Smalley). packers and provision dealer, 241 

and 243 S. Canal 

Bortvort Charles, lab. r. 284 W. Chicago av. 
Bortvort John, lab. r. 284 W. Chicago av. 
Borgel George, lab. r. 58 Wright 
Bos Gerthe, carpenter, r. 125 Sigel 
Bos RemL'e, lab. r. Polk. ur. Lattin 
Bosborn Thomas G. (col'd). lab. r. 171 Archer av. 
Boscamp Arthur, clerk, r. 11 W. 17th 
Bosch Constantino, blacksmith, r. 666 S. Halsted 
Bo.-'cha Wenzel, watchman, r. 331 DeKoven 
Bose Frank, lab. bds. 439 N. Clark 
Bose Henry, clerk, W T . C. Poleman, bds. 464 W. 

Chicago av. 
Boseck Charles, foreman, Frederick Katz, r. 62 Ved- 

der, bet. Halsted and Larrabee 
Boseck Fred, clerk, Alex. A. Ulrich & Co. r. 62 


Boseck Herman, lab. Chace & Dale, r. 70 Gardner 
Bosenbaum Frederick, lab. r. 194 Canalport av. 
Bosenberg George, carpenter, r. 210 W. Chicago ar. 
Boser Jacob (Boser & Boese), r. 313 Larrabee 



Assets over *5,OOO,OOO. 

Our Company is governed by New York laws. 

SHUGART & DEAN, Gen'l Agents, 

83 "Washington street, Chicago. 

Liberal Commissions paid to Solicitors. 



For House Cornices, Counters, and Interior Store 

Ornamentation Generally. Can be had in Terra 

Cotta at One-third the "cost of Carved Wood. 

Warerooms, 29O State St. 

Boser & Boese (Jacob Boser and Albert Boese), wood 

and coal dealers. 252 X. Clark 
Bjshaw James, lab. r. 389 W. Kith 
Boshaw Joteph, cooper, r. 127 N. Morgan 
Bothem John, cooper, r. 96 N. Curtis 
Boshka James, carpenter, Moody & Church 
Boshme John, engineer, A. N. Kellogg, r. 286 4th 
i Bosjens Dirk, lab. bds. 137 W. 18th 
i Bosker Edzo. carpenter, r. 316 Carroll 
Boskowitz Adolph (I. & A. Boskowitz), r. 214 Erie 
Boskowitz Ignaiz (1. & A. Boskowitz), r. New York 
Boskowitz I. & A. (Ignatz and Adolph Boskowitz, 
and Isaac Katzauer), buffalo robes and raw furs, 
246 Lake 
Bosley Daniel W. physician, room 5, 77 W. Madison, 

r. 144 S. Peoria 

Bosley Edward F. housemover, r. 117 W. Washing- 

Boslooper Peter, mason, r. 27th, nr. Hanover 
Boslooper Tys, teamster, 27th, nr. Hanover 
Boss Charles, lab. Illinois Stone, Lime and Bor- 
ing Co. 

Boss Edward, r. 133 Michigan av. 
Boss George, driver, city railway, r. 66 Butterfleld 
Boss Harry, sailor, r. 89 Stewart av. 
Boss Henry R. printer, Tribune Co. r. 54 S. Morgan 
Boss Mack, hostler, Illinois Stone, Lime and Bonng 


Boss Michael, lab. r. W. Indiana, nr. Western av. 
Boss Michael, quarry man, Illinois Stone, Lime and 

Boring Co. r. Whisky Point 
Bossat William, painter, r. 453 S. Morgan 
Bosse Henry, shoemaker, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 244 

BoBseck John, wks. Great Western Distilling Co. r. 

116 Townsend 
Bosse Theodore, bookbinder, Culver, Page & Hoyne, 

r. 443 Division 

Bossi Joseph, confectionery, 217 N. Clark, r. same 
Bossie Douglas V. painter, r. 165 '29th 
Boston George T. ins. agt. r. 82 25th 
Bostick Jacob (col'd), lab. r. 365 Wells 
j Bostler George J. tanner, J. H. & G. M. Walker, bds. 

36 Front 

i Bostler Peter E. grocer, 399 State, r. same 
i Bostock Jane Mrs. bds. 380 W. Madison 
i Boston Charles (Morgan <fc Boston), (col'd), bds. Sher- 
man house 

Boston Christopher, mason, r. 199 Black Hawk 
Bostwick Charles, sailor, r. 152 N. Peoria 
Bostwick E. M. receiver, city railway, S. Div. 
Bostwick W. C. clerk, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 175 

Michigan av. 
Bostwick W. W. (Orvis & Bostwick), r. 381 Wabash 

Boswell Christopher, hostler, Jefferson and Clinton 

Street stable, bds. 546 S. Jefferson 
Boswell George A. (Van Denbergh <fc Boswell) 
Bosworth Drake S. salesman, Seymour, Carter <fc Co. 

r. Geneva, 111. bds. Richmond house 
Bosworth Harlan P. clerk, Nutt & Brooks, r. Oak- 
land station 
Bosworth Henry H. clerk, William Blah- & Co. r. 618 

W. Lake 

Bosworth J. C. clerk, P. O. 

Bosworth M. G. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 274 In- 

Bosworth William E. student, r. Chicago university 
Botcher John, bookbinder, Adams, Blackmer & 

Lyon, r. 315 4th av. 

Botcher John, grocer, 315 4th av. r. same 
Botgeubach Edward, machinist, bds. 76 Sherman 
Botham Peter, moulder, r. 13 N. Desplaines 
Boihe August, meatmarket, 202 Luke, r. same 
Botheroid~John, seaman, r. 76 DeKoven 
Bothfuhr Albert, cabinetmaker, bds. 62 W. Randolph 
Botka Charles, lab. r. 666 Milwaukee av. 
Botkin Susan M. wid. George, tailoress, r. 148 N. 

The florae Safes have a record of 25 years and never failed. 



Basement of 78 & 8O Fast Madison St*et. 






Office, 134 Washington Street, 


Botkin W. W. supt. money order dept. P. O. r. 1096 

Wabash av. 

Botman John, printer, r. 292 4th 
Botsford Anna Mrs. r. 120 3d av. 
Botsford Bennett B. (J. K. Botsford & Sons), r. 75 

Wabash av. 
Botsford Henry, office, 92 LaSalle, bds. Tremont 


Botsford Jabez K. (J. K. Botsford & Sons), r. 75 Wa- 
bash av. 

Botsford John, bricklayer, r. rear 737 State 
Botsford John R. (J. K. Botsford & Sons), r. 75 Wa- 
bash av. 

BOTS> ORD J.K. &SONS(-TabezK., John 
R. and Bennett B. Botsford), hardware and cut- 
lery, importers and jobbers, 109 Lake 
Botsford T. B. r. 51 Jackson 
Bott Benjamin, furnace builder, bdi. 46 Broad 
Bott George (Neibnhr & Bott), r. 56 Goethe 
Bott John, wire worker, r. 56 Goethe 
Botte Charles, lab. r. 675 S. Morgan 
Bottger Henrv, teamster, bds. 13 Fay 
Botti Joseph E. physician, 220 N. Market, r. eame 
Bottimer Gahonnio, lab. r. 1 Armour 
Bottka Louis, lab. r. 16 W. Mather 
Botllemey Conrad, teamster, r. 19 Seward 
Bottlemey John, car repairer, r. rear 19 Seward 
Botto Charles, restaurant, 337 W. Madison, r. same 
Botto Joseph, confectioner, 29 W. Kinzie, r. same 
Botto T. wid. Antonio, saloon and restaurant, 116 W. 


Bottomloy William, lab. bds. 442 Milwaukee av. 
Botton Andrew, carpenter, r. 318 Maxwell 
Botts Charles R. furrier, r. 80 Centre av. 
Bouber Michael, r. ws. Sheffield av. bet. Willow and 


Bouch Joseph, sailor, r. 203 Hubbard 
Bouchard Edward, r. 33 Sampson 
Bouchard John, foreman, Conklin & Campbell, r. 

Fox, nr. Lancaster av. 

Boucher Daniel, blacksmith, S. S. Boone & Co. 
Boucher Desire, carpenter, Cyrille Lebeau & Son, r. 

21 Gold 
Boucher Eugene, lab. Wightman. Legner & Co. bds. 

ws. Ullman, bet. Egan av. and Douglas av. 
Boucher Frank, bricklayer, r. 85 Catherine 
Boucher Joseph, barber, bds. 183 S. Canal 
Boucher Louis, carpenter, r. 388 W: Polk 
Boucher Mary I'. muMCteacher, r. 388 W. Polk 
Boucher Michael, carpenter, r. 131 W. Polk 
Boucher Napoleon, moulder, bds. 309 W. Polk 
Boucher Oliver, painter, r. 131 S. Canal 
Boucher Patrick, delivery clerk, r. 76 E. White 
Boucher William, porter, 185 Kinxie. bds. 199 Kinzie 
Boucher William M. writer, bds. 227 Michigan 
Boudreau Alice, wid. r. 122 N. Reuben 
Boudrean Frederick \V. pilot, r. 122 N. Reuben 
Bondrean Louis C. asst. foreman, Chicago Post, 

bds. 122 N. Reuben 
Boudreau Placido. student, Presbyterian Theological 

seminary of the Northwest, bds. same 
Boudrie Edmund: carpenter, bds. 101 Adams 
Boudwick Ludwick, stonemason, r. 130 Coolidge 
Bouger Constant!, lab. r. 239 W. 12th 
Bonghan Andrew, telegraph repairer, r. 37 Smith 
Boughen John, miller, r. 202 S. Clinton 
Bough man Horace G. printer, S. S. Schoff& Co. r. 

2*3 Park av. 
Boughton B. A. ornamental painter, North Chicago 

city railway, r. 79 S. Dearborn 
Bonhan Patrick, lab. bds. 790 Archer av. 
Bon hen Andrew, baker. 13<i N. Wells 
Bonhobzer Paul, stonecutter, bds. 82 W. Lake 
Bonk Charles, lab. r. 08 Fisk 
Bonk Peter, lab. r. SO W. Ewing, cor. S. Clinton 
BoukemerHavier, lab. r. 334 Brown 
Bouklcy C. F. undertaker, r. S3."> W. Washington 
Bonland Frank, paperhangcr, r. 370 W. 12th 
Bonldecn Henry, lab. r. 2iil) 21t 

Boulder Ann, wid. Thomas, r. 53 Liberty 
Boulder Joseph, lab. r. 55 Liberty 
Boulett Louis, watchman, bds. 834 Archer av. 
Boulgar Bridget Mrs. r. 377 Loomis 
Boulgar Daniel, r. rear 145 Sampson 
Boulger William E. boardinsrhouse, 14 Dunn 
Bouhn Lawrence, lab. r. 13 Meagher 
Boult George, lab. r. 41 Bamvans 
Bou Hang Francis, wid. Robert, r. rear 272 W. Har- 
Boulton George D. accountant. First National bank, 

r. 385 W T . Randolph 

Bouman Peter, night watchman, bds. 601 Sedgwick 
Boumann John, barber, r. 70 N. Desplaines 
Boumaster Elizabeth, wid. r. 100 Wesson 
Bounthouse Eli, mechanic, r. 500 W. 12th 
Boura William, saloon, 870 Clark, r. same 
Bourdon Mrs. r. 330 Clark 
Bourgeau Antoine, joiner, r. 543 Butterfleld 
Bourgeau Florent, carpenter, r. 402 S Halsted 
Bourgeois E. salesman, A. G. Downs & Co. r. 52 N. 


Bourget James, shingler, r. 46 Bine Island av. 
Bourk Henry, blacksmith, bds. 206 N. Halsted 
Bonrk Michael, lab. Sands 1 Ale Brewing Co. bde. 

100 Whitney 

Bourk John, blacksmith, r. 112 2d 
Bourk John, lab. r. 65 Troop 
Bonrk Timothy, lab. 138 S. Clinton 
Bourkar Andrew, gardener, r. 282 Centre 
Bourkar Michael, gardener, r. ns. Centre, bet. Larra- 

bee and Orchard 

Bourkar Rubart, gardener, r. 282 Centre 
Bourke August, brickmaker, r. 18 Cleaver 
Bourke David, blacksmith, r. Ill Forquer 
Bourke Frank, brickmaker, Straus, Hahne & Co. 
Bourke Henry, cooper, Weber & Eiszner, r. 258 


Bourke Henry, horseshoer, 923 State, r. ame 
Bourke James, cabinetmaker, Calhoun pi. bet, 

LaSalle and Wells, r. same 
Bourke James, lab. r. 744 Indiana av. 
Bourke James jr. lab. r. 744 Indiana av. 
Bourke John, blacksmith, C. & N.W. R.W. r. 112 3d 
Bourke John, brickmaker, Straus, Hahne & Co. 
Bourke Julia Miss, saleswoman, West & Furrar, r. 

243 Erie 

Bourke Margaret, wid. r. 198 S. Desplames 
Bourke Michael, drayman, C. M. Henderson & Co. 
Bourke Patrick, horseshoer, 70 W. Indiana, r. 264 N. 


Bourke Patrick, lab. r. 15 W. 17th 
Bourke Ulich (Smyth & Bourke X r. 174 S. Green 
Bourke William, painter, bds. 704 State 
Bourne Charles A. bookkeeper, r. 329 Wells 
Bonrnique A. E. teacher of dancing, 70 State 
Bournique Ausrust, r. 198 Clark 
Bournique P. Mrs. embroidery, 198 Clark, r. same 
Bourte Daniel, blacksmith, bds. 141 Forquer 
Bourion William, furniture dealer, bds. 46 Johnson 
Bouscnchs Charles, carpenter, r. 349 Church 
Bousquet Leandre, joiner, r. 12 Goethe 
Bout Gutavus, carpenter, Heeuy & Campbell, r. 140 


Boutecou Elijah W. bds. 63 Lake av. 
Boutell Charles H. mason, r. 578 S. Canal 
Boutell George H. tinner, Kimball & Ryan, r. 238 

Boutell L. II. asst. U. S. attorney, Custom House 

bldg. r. Evanston 

Bouthil fer Baptiste, carpenter, r. 40 Davis 
Boutou Archibald, clerk, N. S. Boutou& Co. bds. 590 

Wabash av. 
Bouton Christopher B. (N. S. Bouton & Co.), bda. 

1 12 Cottage Grove av. 
Bouton George II. mason, r. 550 4th 
B-niton Martha A. Mrs. bds. 58 Meridian 
Bouton Nathaniel S. (N. S. Bouton & Co.), r. 590 

Wabash av. 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. criESSOiE 3 & sonsrs, 

Warehouse, 11 & 13 S. Wolls St. 

Sfiiiphcrd, Sw<aei & Co., Brokers in Mortgages, 

Nov. 155 and 157 LA 

W3f . E>. KJERFOOT, Real Estate l>eaEer and Broker, 

No. 80 Washington Street. ICsia 




Bouton N. S. & Co. (Nathaniel S. and Christopher 

B. Bouton, and Edward F. Hurlbut), proprs. 

Union foundry and machine works, 711 Clark 
Boutwell James N. ivaler.tate agt. r. 059 Bunioidj 
Bouwman John, wood dealer, r. 317 4tu 
Bovce A. W. r. 3'il Carroll 
Bovenscault Henry, meatmarket, lOo'-i String, r. 

Boverat Peter, cigarmaker. John P. Scharley, r. 3% 

W. Taylor 

Bovers John, lab. 622 Centre av. 
Bovits Hans, sailmaker. r. 122 Ohio 



Assets over S5.00O.OOO. ^ 

Largest accumulations of any Co. wot of New York 53 

SHUGART & DEA3, Gen'l Agents, 

83 Washington Street, Chicago. ft 

Reliable Agents wanted. a 

Bowen Jeremiah, apprentice, Hitchcock & Walden, 
65 Bunker 

Bow James M. barber, 189^ W. Van Buren, r. same j Bowen John, yard clerk, transfer depot, C. & N. W 

Bow John. lab. r. 98 Mitchell R. W. r. 493 S. Union 

Bowen Michael, lab. Smith & Walker 
Bowen M. cutter, Charles B. Sawyer & Co. 
Bowen Owen, lab. r. 31st, nr. Reuben 
Bowen Patrick (Bowen <fc Gillick), r. 118 29th 
Bowen Patrick, blacksmith. Union Roling Mill Co. 
Bowen Patrick, lab. r. 248 Wells 
Boweu Patrick, teamster, r. 327 Illinois 
Bowen Richard, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 

Bow Richard, lab. r. 282 4th 

Bowan William, express, r. 38 Pearson 

Bowden Horatio P. machinist, r. 190 N. Peoria 

Bowd'.-n Louisa Miss, teacher, bds. 189 and 191 W. 

Bowden William (Bowden & Reid), r. 207 McGregor 

Bowden & Reid (William Bowden and James Reid), 
plumbers. 264 State 

Bowdron J. A. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Bowe Edward, lab. r. 221 21st 

Bowe James, drayman, r. 15 W. Hinsdale 

Bowe James, lab." bds. 765 S. May 

Bowe James R. salesman, Irvine & Co. 

Bowe John, bartender, John Cook, bds. 243 S. Mar- 

Bowe Mary A. wid. Charles N. r. 171 W. Van Bu- 



Bowen Theodore D. clerk, bds. 474~Wabash av. 

Bowen Thomas, waiter, Tremonthouse,r.l23 Quincv P 

LOW, (George S. Bowen, George R. Whit- S* 
man and A. H. Winslow), drygoods, whol. 15 and 8* 
17 Randolph ft 

Bowen & Gillick (Patrick Bowen and Michael V. Gil- *. 
lick), grocers, 29th, cor. Calumet av. CJ 

Bowen's Building, ns. Randolph, bet. Michigan and M 

Wabash av. 

Bowe Richard, lab. William T. Pelton, r. 982 W. 4th ; Bower Anson G. chemist, 628 W. Lake, r. same 
Bowe William, lab. C., R. I. & P. R. R. bds. 257 S. Bower Caspar, carbuilder, r. 232 Noble 

Canal Bower Charles F. bookkeeper, bds. 136 W. Adams 

Bower Edward, shoemaker, C. Myles, r. 313 4th av. 
Bower Frank, trunkmaker, Vogler & Co. bds. 425 

Bowen Annie Miss, dressmaker, 206 W. Randolph, r. 


Bowen A. L. clerk, M. S. & N. I. freight office 
BOWEN BROS. (James H., George S. and 

Chauucey T. Bowen), real estate owners, 72 

Bowen Byron W. r. 75 Jackson 
Bowen Charles E. bookkeeper, J. Wilkes Ford & 

Co. bds. 445 Division 
Bowen Charles E. cutter, J. F. Morrill, r. Division, 

ne. cor. LaSalle 
Bowen Charles G. bookkeeper, Wright's restaurant, 

r. 647 Wabash av. 
Bowen ChaunceyT. (Bowen Bros.), and pres. Calu- 

met & Chicago Canal and Dock Co. r. 126 Michi- 

gan av. 

Bowen Ed. W. clerk, E. R. Bowen, r. 15 Centre av. 
Bowen Edgar J. fireman, bds. 83 N. Curtis 
Bowen Edgrar J. grocer, 492 State, r. 474 Wabash av. 
Bowen Elms R. military goods, regalia, etc. 20 

Clark, r. 15 Centre av. 
Bowen Emmet C. clerk, bds. 15 Centre av. 
Bowen Erastus S. veterinary surgeon, r. 146 Blue 

Island av. 

Bowen E. A. coal dealer, r. 366 W. Monroe 
Bowen Frank A. clerk, Greenlee Bros. & Co. r. room 

12 Otis blk. 


Bower George, bookkeeper, A. Saladin 

Bower Jacob, shoemaker, r. rear 145 Adams 

Bower Jacob, teamster, r. 929 Clark 

Bower John, carpenter, r. 185 Monroe 

Bower John, lab. r. 254 Noble 

Bower John B. carpenter, r. Barber, bet. Union and S3 
Halsted 5 

Bower Joseph, tailor, r. 155 Beach 

Bower Kilian, trunkmaker, Vogler & Co. r. 425 Di- 5* 
vision ^ 

Bower Louis, fancy dressgoods, 170 State, r. same T 

Bower Matthias, carpenter, r. 13 Coolidge J? 

Bower Michael, lab. Martin Schmutz, r. 180 North * 

Bower Owen. lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 

Bower Peter, marbleworker, r. ;VV"ells, ne. cor. Di- 

Bower William, r. room 63 Portland blk. 

Bowers A. H. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Bowers Christian, teamster, Johnson & Long, r. 915 

Bowers Dennis, weighmaster, r. 104 Whitney 

Bowers George, carpenter, bds. 750 Archer av. 

a utis biK. nowers George, carpenter, bds. 750 Archer av. *t 

Bowen Frederick W. salesman, E. R. Bowen, bdi. Bowers George C. cash. Moore & Stearns, r. 201 N. ft 

15 Centre av. Carpenter 

Bowen George S. (Bowen, Whitman & Winslow, and ! Bowers Harry C. bookkeeper, bds 178 3d av. ^j 

Bowen Bros.), aud pres. Merchants' & Commer- 
cial Travelers' association, r. 125 Michigan av. 

Bowen Girard P. clerk, bds. 15 Centre av. 

Bowen Henry S. confectionery, 101 22d, r. same 

Bowen Ira P. (Ira P. Bowen & Co.), r. 126 Casa 

BOWEN IRA P. & CO. (Ira P. Bowen, Asa 
Williams and \V . S. I. Sherwood), crockery and 
glassware, 170 Lake 

Bowen James, binder, Western Book Mnfg. Co r 
184 Rush 

Bowen Jamos, wood dealer, Harrison, se. cor 
Ellsworth, r. 69 Bunker 

Bowen Jamos II. (Bowen Bros.), and pres. Fourth Na- 
tional bank, r. 12-1 Michigan av. 



Glues & Neatsfoot Oil, 


Bowers H. W. plasterer, r. 98 Garibaldi 

Bowers Jacob, blacksmith, John Jubb 

Bowers Jacob (col'd), porter, r. 158 4th av. 

Bowers John, com. mer r. 173 23d 

Bowers John, painter, r. 432 S. Halsted 

BOWJIS John, r. 54 Wesson 

Bowe: a John H. (Cyrus, Bowers & Williams), r. 178 


Bowers John M. physician, 316 North av. r. same 
Bowers Joseph N. express driver, r. 485 Buruside 
Bowers Mary E. wid. Edward, boardinghouse, r. 44 

Bowers M. Mrs. dressmaker, Mrs. S. M. Bean, r. 781 

W. Lake 

Bowers Richard, woodsawyer, bds. 252 N. Halsted [ 
Bowers Robert J. bookkeeper, r. 1110 Prairie av. jE 
Bowers Samuel J. porkpacker, 19th, sw. cor. Grove, 

r. 977 Indiana av. 
Bowers Thomas, bootflttcr, r. ws. Shurtleff av. bet. S 

31st and 32d I? 

Bowers Thomas, farmer, r. Ullman, bet. Douglas ^ 

av. and 31st O 

Bowersa Allen, elk. Field, Leiter & Co. r. 115 Mich- H 

igan av. 

The best protection against Jt'lre ana isurg.iurs 

Is HARRIS' Improved Safes, 62 South. Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF & RAFFE yp Sewer Builders, 

Basement of 78 & SO East Madison Street. 







Fifty per cent. Dividends guaranteed In the Policy. 

Office, 124 'Washington [Street, 





Bowes Dennis, shoemaker, C. B. Sawyer & Co. r- 

46 Seymour 

Bowes Dennis E. weighman, r. 43 Whitney 
Bowes Edwin N. publisher, r. 701 N. Franklin 
Bowes Frederick K. salesman, Hall, Kimbark & Co. 

r. 29 Park av. 

Bowes John, machinist, r. 68 Canalport av. 
Bowes Margaret, wid. Martin, grocery, 110 Gurley, 

r. same 
Bowes William R. C. printer, Smith & Cowdery, 

r. 335 Noble 
Bowie Alexander, carpenter, Jonathan Clark & Bro. 

r. 244 S. Clinton 

Bowie Andrew, bricklayer, bd/. 1400 State 
Bowie James R. salesman, Irvine & Co. r. 344 W. 

Bowie John, shipping clerk, John Phillips, r. 181 N. 


Bowie Thomas, carpenter, r. 43 Prank 
Bowie William, machinist, r. 64 DeKoven 
Bowitz George, sailmakef, Purington & Scranton, 

r. 29 Hunt 
Bowker Andrew G. carpenter and builder, r. 225 W. 


Bowker Joseph, drayman, r, 45 W. White 
Bowker Peter J. brewer, Chicago Union brewery, 

r. 232 Kankakce av. 
Bowlan John, lab. r. 31 Hope 
Bowie Henry, saloon, bds. 232 N. Halsted 
Bowlen John, coachman, Leander Read, bds. 697 

Michigan av. 
Bowler C. L. baggagemaster, C., B. & Q. R. R. bds. 

410 W. Jackson 

Bowler Henry, teamster, r. 726 S. Canal 
Bowler Henry J. clerk, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. freight 

office, bds. 410 W. Jackson 
Bowler John, engineer, Hibbard & Spencer 
Bowler John, lab. r. 39 Meridian 
Bowler Michael, lab. r. 301 S. Jefferson 
Bowler Sylvester, lab. r. 280 W. 12th 
Bowler Thomas, lab. Elisha Eldred, r. Ill Sebor 
Bowler William J. clerk, Mandel Bros. bds. 135 


Bowles Edwin, clerk, C., B. & Q. R. R. r. Hinsdale 
Bowles Frederick A. (Marsh, Bowles & Co.), r. 108 

Douglas pi. 

Bowles Jacob, foreman. M. S. R. R. r. 95 Archer av. 
Bowles Joseph Rev. r. 60 Frederick pi. Hyde Park 
Bowles Michael, lab. M. S. & N. I. R. R. freight depot, 

r. 212 3d av. 
Bowles Stephen B. pres. Western Star Metal Co. 

r. ss. W. Monroe, 1st door w. of Hoyne 
Bowles Thomas G. solicitor, Louis Lloyd & Co. r. 

1354 Wabash av. 

Bowling Frank, lab. r. 77 Gardner 
Bowls William, lab. r. 90 Foster 
Bowman Adolph, hostler, bds. 205 N. Dearborn 
Bowman Barney W. carpenter, bds. 202 Madison 
Bowman Bros. (Charles A. and Frank Bowman), 

billiard saloon, 185 W. Madison 
Bowman Charles, expressman, r. 431 24th 
Bowman Charles A. (.Bowman Bros.), bds. 185 W. 

Bowman David, engineer,?., Ft. W. & C. R. R. bda. 

141 W. 121 h 
Bowman Francis, baker, Boehmer & Bro. r. 461 W. 

Bowman Frank (Bowman Bros.), bds. 185 W. Madi- 


Bowim'.n Frederick, broommaker, bds. 704 State 
Bowman Gustin, r. 467 W. Van Buren 
Bowman G. W. P. s;>c. Defensive Mercantile asso- 
ciation, r. Philadelphia 
Bowman Henry, porter, Huntington Bros. r. 38 W. 


Bowman Henry, teamster, r. 262 Kankakee av. 
Bowman Henry jr. clerk, bds. 38 W. Monroe 
Bowman Henry M. cabinetmaker, r. 419 Wells 
Bowman Hiram K. milkman, r. 204 S. Dasplaines 

Bowman James M. milkman, r. 204 S. Desplaines 

Bowman John, lab. r. 107 Mitchell 

Bowman John, stoker, Chicago Gaslight and Coke 

Co. r. 93 Mitchell 
Bowman Justin (Bowman & Crawford), r. 467 W. 

Van Buren 

Bowman Maria, wid. William, bds. 94 Newberry av. 
Bowman Mary, wid. \Villiam, r. 12 Lee pi. 
Bowman Spencer (col'd), whitewasher, r. 285 3d av. 
Bowman William, brewer, 415 N. State, r. same 
Bowman William, grocer. 94 Newberry av. r. same 
Bowman William, pressman, Chicago Republican, 

r. 67 Feather 

Bowman William J. carpenter, r. 12 Lee pi. 
Bowman & Crawford (Justin Bowman and John A. 

Crawford), tuu'boat office, 178 S. Water 
Bowmar Daniel M. insurance broker, 122 Washing- 
ton, r. 235 S. Morgan 
Bowmar Joseph M. clerk, Merchants' National bank, 

rooms 17, 108 Madison 
Bowmar P. night policeman, Kroes & Verseman, 

bds. 601 Sedgwfck 

Bowne Jerome, stairbuilder, bds. 744 State 
Bownee Gershon, teamster, M. E. Page & Co. bds. 

83 W. Walnut 
Boxel Theodore, wagonmaker, A. Shaefer & Co. 

r. 356 S. Canal 

Boy Fredrick, lab. r. 543 W. 12th 
Boyal John, lab. r. 99 N. Jefferson 
Boyce A. W. clerk, Holbrook & Parker 
Boyce Frank, mer. tailor, r. 1124 Wabash av. 
Boyce James, carpenter, Richard's iron works, r. 

737 State 

Boyce Jo_seph, machinist, r. 401 3d av. 
Boyce Michael, lab. Singer & Talcott 
Boyce Rebecca, Miss, r. 14 Butterfleld 
Boyce Thomas, blacksmith, r. 42 and 44 W. Lake 
Boyd Charles, lab. r. 235 S. Canal 
BOYD CHARLES L. banker and broker, 

38 Clark, r. 338 Calumet av. 
Boyd Christopher, meat market, 162 N. Market 
Boyd Isaac, carpenter, bds. 225 S. Peoria 
Boyd James, carpenter, r. 104 Brown 
Boyd James H. (Boyd & Hill), r. 39 Myrick av. 
Boyd James S. bookkeeper. 121 Dearborn, r. 50 May 
Boyd Jane Miss. r. 117 W. Taylor 
Boyd Jesse C. office, 38 Clark, r. Aurora, HI. 
Boyd John (Boyd & Clarkson), r. Lake View 
Boyd John, lab. bds. rear 27 Huron 
Boyd John, baker, r. 67 N. Dearborn 
Boyd John, carpenter, bds. 861 State 
Boyd John, mason, r. 35 Ruble 
Boyd John W. painter, r. 183 N. Dearborn 
Boyd Joseph, carpenter, r. ns. Harrison, bet. Centre 

av. and Throop 

Boyd Joseph, machinist. I. C. R. R. bds. 6 14th 
Boyd Patrick, lab. r. 31 Cornelia 
Boyd Robert, bookkeeper, Biddle & Hunt, r. 1450 

Prairia av. 

Boyd Robert, sailor, bds. 744 State 
Boyd Thomas C. plumber and gasfftter, 45 Dearborn, 

r. Vernon av. 

Boyd Walter, teamster, bds. 91 S. Jefferson 
Boyd W. driver, U. S. Ex. Co. 
Boyd & Clurksou (John Boyd and J. T. Clarkson), 

" realestate, 164 Randolph 
BOYD & HILL (James H. Boyd and Francis 

H. Hill), cotnn mufrs. 238 Randolph 

Boyd , r. 99 State 

Boyde Joseph, machinist, bds. 6 14th 

Boyden Fitz Henry, r. 1165 Indiana av. 

BO YUEN JAMES W. (.Boyden & Grierson), 

r. 151 S. Sani.'1'.mon 
Boyden Wyatt F. bds. 1165 Indiana av. 
BOYDEN N. B. realestate agt. room 1, 106 

Madison, r. 1221 Wabash av. 

den and John 0. Grierson t. realestate agts. and 

loan brokers, room 14. (14 LuSalle 

X s XS S3 XL 


General Northwestern Agents foi 

WIM:. CTIESSOIP & soisrs, 

"Warehouse. 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

SliipJierd, Sweet & Co., Large Loans a Specialty, 

No*. 155 and 157 LA S A LLK STREET. 






Bovdston N. L. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Boye Alexander, tender, Madison Street bridge, 

bds. 229 W. Lake 
Boye Charles, tender, Madison Street bridge, r. 229 

W. Lake 

Boye Henry (Boyo & Orum), r. 371 Division 
Boye I. A. special police, r. 229 W. Lake 
Boye Louis, wagonmaker, August Kiesling, r. 284 N. 

Boye <& Omm (Henry Boye & Christian Orum), 

turners, 371 Division 

Boyedell Joshua, bricklayer, r. 33 Alexander 
Boyer Allen, with Ely, Burnham & Bartlett, r. 1212 

" Prairie av. 

Boyer D. A. fireman, I. C. R. R. bds. 650 State 
Boyer Frederick A. carriagepainter, Henry Willets, 

r. University pi. 
Boyer John, clerk, C. P. Kellogg & Co. bds. 202 

Ellis av. 
Boyer John M. lab. C. & St. L. freight depot, bds. 26 

Van Buren 

Boyer Julia A. E. wid. James A. r. 65 Aberdeen 
Boyer Sidney A. bookkeeper, S. H. Harris 
Boyer Valentine A. com. mer. 231 N. Wells, bds. 239 

E. Chicago av. 
Boyhnson Andrew, cooper, George Smith, r. 267 W. 


Boyington Enos C. carpenter, r. 1180 Michigan av. 
Boyington Eli E. (Boyington & Boyle), r. 612 State 
Boyingtou George A. housebuilder, bds. 876 State 
Boyington Homer H. draughtsman, W. W. Boying- 
ton, r. 51 Calumet av. 
Boyington L. C. (Boyington & Rust), r. 1353 Wa- 

bash av. 

Boyiugtou L. R. bds. 51 Calumet av. 
Boyington Thomas C. supt. W. W. Boyington, r. 

1349 Wabash av. 
Boyington William W. architect and supt. room 4 

85 Washington, r. 51 Calumet av. 
Boyingum & Boyle (Eli E. Boyington and William 

M. Boyle), saloon, 76 E. Monroe 
BOYINGTON & RUST (L- C. Boyington 

and H. A. Rust), bridge builders and contrac- 
tors, rooms 2 and 3 157 LaSalle 
Boyje Louis, wagonmaker, August Kiesling 
Boyl Thomas, baker, r. 84 Hubbard 
Boylan George, carpenter, r. 40^4 Blue Island av. 
Boylan J. A. clerk, r. 118 Adams 
Boylau Kate, wid. Lee, washerwoman, r. rear 22 

E. Pearson 

Boylan Lettia C. Miss, teacher, bds. 46 Hamilton av. 
Boyland John, mechanic, r. 25 Vedder 
Boyle Alexander, carpetweaver, J. Boyle, r. 269 W. 


Boyle Andre w, lake captain, r. 299 W. Indiana 
Boyle Charles, saloon, 211 Wells, r. same 
Boyle C. J. paperhanger, bds. Lincoln house, 27 and 

" 29 W. Randolph 
Boyle Henry, porter, r. 49 Frank 
Boyle James, boot and shoemaker, 2 River, r. same 
Boyle James, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. r. 151 

Boyle James H. moulder, I. C. R. R. car works, r. 

999 State 

Boyle John, carpetweaver, 209 W. Randolph, r same 
Boyle John, hostler, bds. 140 State 
Boyle John, lab. C. & St. L. R. R. freight depot, 

r. 50 Mather 

Boyle John, lab. r. 4 Myrick av. 
Boyle John, lab. r. 99 N. Jefferson 
Boyle John. lab. r. 289 Blue Island av. 
Boyle Martin, lab. r. 25 Coolidge 
Boyle Mary, wid. John, r. 121 Forquer 
Boyle Michael, bottomer, A. & R. Chapin, bds. 59 

Boyle Michael, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. r. 196 W. 

Chicago av. 
Boyle Patrick, bds. 25 Coolidge 

The Chicago Terra Gotta Company 


Carved Cornice Trimmings, 

At less cost than Wood. 
Warerooins, ... 29O State Street. 



Assets over 85,OOOjOOO. 

Our Company fs governed oy xAw *ork laws. 

SHUGAUT & DEAN, Gen'l Agents, 

83 Washington street, Chicago. 

Liberal Commissions paid to Solicitors. 

Boyle Patrick, fireman, bds. 169 W. Chicago av. wJ 

Boyle Patrick, teamster, r. 51 W. Mather 

Boyle Patrick, teamster, r. 239 DeKoven 

Boyle Peter, currier, bds. 7 Fry 

Boyle Richard C. cooper, r. 185 W. Kinzie 

Boyle Robert, carriage maker, Henry Willets, r. 6 

Lawrence pi. j^ 

Boyle Rosanna, washerwoman, r. 19454 Rush uq 

Boyle Thomas, carpenter, Heeney & Campbell, r. M 

489 S. Jefferson j2 

Boyle Thomas, lab. r. 382 Desplaines 
Boyle Thomas, planer, r. 157 Forquer 
Boyle Thomas, salesman, Webster & Gage, r. 85 W 

State ii> 

Boyle William M. (Boyington & Boyle), bds. Eu- ^ 

ropean hotel ^ 

Boyle William W. (Boyle & Noble), bds. 55 N. M 

Halsted ft 

Boyle & Noble (William W. Boyle and Laroy C. T* 

Noble), cigars and tobacco, 166 W. Lake ^ 

Boylen Andrew, lab. r. 116 S. Market 
Boylen George, carpenter, S. Johnson & Co. r. 40>i y^ 

Blue Island av. *5 

Boyles Charles C. bookkeeper, Ross & Goesage, r. ^ 

182 S. Sangamon 
Boyles John, broom mnfr. 268 North av. r. Orchard, fl 

cor. Asylum pi. M 

Boyles Samuel, com. mer. 12 LaSalle, r. 785 W. A 

Boyles Mrs. r. 24 Better ty 

Boylson A. R. Mrs. metallic and elastic belt sup- j^ 

porters, room 42, 165 Madison 
Boylson John, teamster, r. 105 E. Hinsdale 
Boyne Patrick, lab. r. 33 Better 
Boyne Peter, currier, J. H. <fc G. M. Walker, bds. 7 t_j 

Fry 69 

Boyne Thomas, peddler, r. 97 W. Van Buren ha 

Boyne William, tailor, 87 Randolph, r. 213 4th av. 

Boynton Amasa J. painter, r. 22 Price pi. 
uton Andrew P. 
Galena, 111. 

. , . . 

Boyuton Andrew P. (Austin, Boynton & Bro.), r. 

Boynton B. B. (B. B. Boynton & Co.), r. 130 Park av. ' 
Boynton B. B. & Co. (B. B. Boynton & Co.), teas, 

whol. 54 and 56 Michigan 
Boynton Charles H. asst. harbor master, r. 22 

Price pi. 
Boynton Charles W. (Boynton, Foster & Co.), r. 770 ' 


Boyntou Charles W. carpenter, r. 142 N. Morgan 
Boyuton David J. realestate, r. 52 S. Green 
Boynton D. M. clerk, Red Line, bds. Sherman house 
Boynton Edgar S. (Skinner & Boynton), r. 285 W. 

Boynton, Foster & Co. (Charles W. Boynton and 

), com. mers. 84 and 86 LaSalle 

Boynton George, packer, r. 1131 Prairie av. 
Boynton George, conductor, r. 173 W. Monroe 
Boyuton George, engineer, bds. 31 E. Chicago av. 
Boyuton George W. machinist, r. 22 Price pi. 
Boynton G. L. carpenter, r. 864 State 
Boynton Joseph II. engineer, r. 180 W. Taylor 
Boynton J. II. restaurant, 107 Clark, r. 100 Jackson 
Boynton Moses, carpenter, r. 135 W. Kinzie 
Boynton Nathan, teamster, bds. Emerald, nr. Egan 


Boynton Samuel, oyster saloon, 1409 State, r. same 
Boynton Samuel B. (Austin, Boyuton and Bro.), r. 

Monroe, Wis. 
Boynton Thomas W. architect, E. Burling, r. 135 

W. Kinzie 

Boyse Michael, lab. r. 174 Barber 
Boy son P. N. sailor, r. 155 W. Erie 
Boy ten Bobc>rt C. entryclerk, Hibbard & Spencer, r. 

120 3d av. 

Braam P. painter. Barry & Ciishing 
Braam John, shippingclerk, r. 306 Mohawk 
Braam John, wks. rolling mill, bds. Wright, bet. 

Rawsou and Waubansia av. 
Braasch Henry, miller, r. 208 W. Forquer 

Bank Vaults, Iron JDoorc aiul Express diesis, 












General Agent for Chicago. 
124 Washington St. 


Brabandr Gustave. cabinetmaker, r. 39!iW. Lake 
Bnrtmnt Francis, blacksmith, r. rear 131 Blue Island 

Brabaz Joseph, lab. r. bet. Ilarbine, Evans, Robey 

and Campbell 
Brabcock Joseph, druggist, 160 W. Harrison, r. 373 

W. Harrison 
Brabenetx, Thomas, cnbinetmakor, Sugtr, Lozier & 

Beiersdorf. r. 192 Mitchell 
Brabiu Francis, carpenter, J. Young Scammon, r. 131 

Ulu ISlttnd av. 

Brabon Percy, brass finisher, bds. 620 N. Clark 
Brabow William V. carpenter, r. 140 W. Adams 
Bivulbroker Charles, picture dealer, r. 88 Warren av. 
Brabrook Joseph F. druggist, r. 373 \V. Harrison 
Brace Clinton H. check clerk, F. N. Hauiliu & Co. 

bds. St. Cloud hotel 
Brace James, news depot, 275 Clark, bds. Everett 


Brace Nathan, mason, r. 358 Centre av. 
Brace Thomas, builder, r. 2% W. Harrison 
Brae William H. teamster, A. II. Andrews <fc Co. r. 

31 W. Washington 
Brace nan John. lab. bds. 221 Wells 
Brach Peter, tailor, 23 Elston rd. r. same 
Brachele Charles, lab. r. 271 Black Hawk 
Brachendorf Frank, cooper, r. 124 Goethe 
Bracher Jacob, peddler, r. 225 Milwaukee av. 
Bracher Nicholas (Ihrig& Co.). r. 300 S. Canal 
Brachlc Joseph, lab. r. 112 Mohawk 
Brachtendorf P. grocer, 305 North av. r. same 

looking glasses and moulding mnfr. 1*1 Lake, r. 

88 Warren av. 
Brachvogel Fred, moulding maker, Charles Brach- 

vogel, r. 141 Lake 

Brachvogel Louis, cigarmaker. bds. 103 Michigan 
Bracie Mary, boardinghouse. 136V4 N. Jefferson 
Brack William, painter, bds. 203 S. Clinton 
Bmckbill F. carpenter, r. 233 Kin/.io 
Bracken Margaret, wid. Thoma*. r. 191 S. Jefferson 
Bracken Thomas saloon. 115 Market, r. ime 
Bracken William (Robbing & Bracken), 201 Kinzie 
Bracker August, carpenter, Wixer, Kirschteu & Co. 

r. 52 Fremont 

Bracket Edward, mail carrier, bds. St. Cloud hotel 
Bracket John, carpenter, bds. 94 Wilson 
Brackett Arthur B. physician, 90 4th. r. same 
Brackett Charles E. tetter carrier, station B, bds. 185 

W. Monroe 

Brackett William (Brackett & Waite), r. 2-17 Illinois 
Brackett & Waito (William Brackett and Charles B. 

Waite V lawyers, room 17. Tribune building 
Brackit JohnR. saloon, 581 S. Canal, r. same 
Brackit Rosauua, wid. Peter, r. 581 ^S. Canal 
Brackley Charles, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Brackman August, framemaker, George Keller <fc 

Co. r. 294 Milwaukee av. 
Braczier John, plasterer, r. 203N.Halsted 
Brada James, lab. r. 170 Ewing 
Bradbrick Charles, teamster, Field, Leiter & Co. 
Bradbury E. J. painter, bds. (545 State 
Bradbury John, engineer, r. 154 Burnside 
Brad den Robert, bootmaker, bds. 145 Wells 
Braddock Frank, moulder, r. 193 Henry 
Braddock John, clerk, bds. 228 N. Reuben 
Braddock John, moulder, r. 193 Henry 
Braderson Brader, carpenter, r. 48 Rucker 
Bradepen Elias. upholster, F. Porter Thayer & Co. 

r. 121 W. Main 
Bradey Bcmont. r. 378 State 

Brartey Bridget Mrs. boardinghouse, 87 N. LaSalle 
Bradey Henry, teamster, r. 457 W. 12th 
Bradey Michael, bricklayer, r. 108 Indiana 
Bradford Andrew J. patentright dealer, r. 176 W. 


Bradford Benjamin A. boatman, bds. 133 Bunker 
Bradford Charles, carriagedriver, Wright Bros. r. 115 


Bradford Frank M. coachman, bds. 579 W. Wash- 
Bradford Henry (col'd), restaurant, 139 4th av. r. 


Bradford Horace, printer, bds. 75 Jackson 
Bradford Horace C. printer, r. 170 W. 12th 
Bradford James, carpenter, r. 99 W. Ouincy 
Bradford John, sawyer, Taft, Schwamb & 'Crego, r. 

289 W. 12th 
Bradford John, supt. Chicago Shot Tower Co. r. 70 


Bradford W. R. clerk. C. & N. W. R.W. r. Oak Park 
Bradie Joseph, lab. r. 49 Cedar 
Bradii-h Alvah, artist, 22 Washington 
Bradish William, paperhanger. r. 7 Ilnbbard 
Bradison B. carpenter, Schofield & Wise Mnfg. Co. 
Bradley Alexander, carpenter, I. C. R. R. car works, 

r. 352 Knukakee av. 

Bradley Alexander, stock buyer, r. 12 14th 
Bradley Ambrose, lab. r. 205 *N. Paulina 
Bradley Ann, wid. Joseph, r. 52 Joseph 
Bradley Andrew, waiter, r. 200 Oak 
Bradley Andrew F. calsomining, r. 80 Walnut 
Bradley A. I), bds. Matteson house 
Bradley A. F. clerk, dead letter dept, P. O. r. Wah- 

panseh av. ne. cor. Milwaukee av. 
Bradley Byron C. foreman, Furst & Bradley, bds. 44 

S. Morgan 

Bradley Carey Miss. r. 267 W. Randolph 
Bradley Charles, boilermaker. Eagle works 
Bradley Charles, cooper, Patrick Mullins, r. 181 W. 


Bradley Charles, carpenter, r. 197 W. 16th 
Bradley Charles, driver, city railway, W. D. bds. 959 

W. Madison 
Bradley Charles, vessel agt. 16 Metropolitan blk. r. 

Lake Forrest 
Bradley Charles H. asst. clerk, sheriff's office, r. 197 

Lincoln av 
Bradley Daniel W. (Wolcott, Bradley & Co.), r. 147 


Bradley David (Furst & Bradley), r. 44 S. Morgan 
Bradley David C. (Rhodes & Bradley), r. 159 War- 
pen av. 
Bradley David E. salesman, J. H. Dunham, r. 1087 

Indiana av. 
Bradley Edward (Wolcott, Bradley & Co.), r. 147 

Bradley Edward L. dresstrimmings and fancyware, 

252 State, r. same 

Bradley Edwin, sailor, r. 175 Ontario 
Bradley Edwin R. mail agt. r. ns. Wabansia av. bet. 

liobey and Bradwell 
Bradley Elliott, clerk, Barnum Bros. r. 835 Indiana 


Bradley Emma Mrs. r. 120 4th av. 
Bradley E. Virginia, wid. A. D. bds. 41 and 43 

Bradley Fordyce G. (Jenks & Bradley), r. Jackson, 

ne. cor. Campbell av. 

Bradley Francis (Bnird & Bradley), r. Evanston 
Bradley Frederick E. lumber mer. r. 663 Michigan 

Bradley Foster, civil engineer, r. ns. Wabansia ar. 

bet. Robey and Bradwell 

Bradley George, carpenter. Palmer, Fuller & Co. 
Bradley George, painter, r. 128 Ewing 
Bradley George, painter, r. 199 W. Taylor 
Bradley George F. asst. bookkeeper, Hunt, Barbour 

& Hale. bds. 290yi State 
Bradley George L. (Bradley & Smith), r. 176 Warren 


Bradley George L. printer. r.'43 31st 
Bradley George M. r. 176 Warren ay. 
Bradley Harley. seed store, r. 44 S. Morgan 
Bradley Henry C. bookkeeper, J. H. Dunham, r. 420 

W." Adams 

Bradley Hermann, lab. Chicago lead and oil works 
Bradley James, blacksmith, r. SON. Green 

* I 


General Northwestern Agents for 
rehouse. 11 &13 S. "Wells St. 


Co., IS roller* in 132ori gages, 

Hoc. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

WTO. D. KERFOOT, Real Estate Dealer and Broker, 

No. 89 Washington Street. Estates managed. 




Bradley James, daywatchman, roundhouse C. & N. 

W.'R. W. r. lORnmsey 
Bradley James, express, r. 139 Wright 
Bradley James, grocer, 349 W. Harrison, r. tame 
Bradley Jame, lab. bds. ISLarrabee 
BRADLEY JAMES F. pen. apt. United 

States Life Ins. Co. of New York, for Wisconsin. 

Northern Illinois and Iowa. 94 LaSalle, r. Des- 

Bradley James N. operator, W. U. Tel. Co. r. 394 W. 


Bradley John. r. 159 Warren av. 
Bradley John, horceehoer, r. 7 N. Green 
Bradley John, sailor, r. 417 Archer av. 
Bradley John, teamster, Hall & Winch, r. 530 

Bradley John H. gen. accountant, Am. M. U. Ex. 

Co. r. 43 Monroe 

Bradley John II. lab. r. 396 W. Taylor 
Bradley Joseph, blacksmith. Coan & Ten Broeke 

Carraige Mnfg. Co. r. 12 Baldwin 
Bradley Joseph, clerk, C.. B. & Q. R. R. Co. r. 5 


Bradley Jo>eph. shoemaker, r. 13 Baldwin 
Bradley J. H. (Bradley A Banks X r. 44 S. Morgan 
Bradley Luke S. foreman. Bisrlow Bros. r. 79 W. 26th 
Bradley Margaret Mr*, r. 26Manraret 
Bradley Manraret. wid. Patrick,^ r. 81 Miller 
Bradley Martha A. wid. Cyras P. bds. 420 W. Adams 
Bradley Mary A. wid. W. H. book sewer, Culver, 

Pa ere & ilovne, r. 45 N. Dearborn 
Bradley Michae'l, lab. r. 145 W. 22d 
Bradlev M. C. salesman, Inness, Converse & Co. r. 

142 20th 

Bradley O. sailor, r. 52 Joseph 
Bradley Patrick, mason, r. 19 Sampson 
Bradley Phillip B. jr. with W. H. Rice, r. 36 Park av. 
Bradley Richard S. (Bradley & Plowman), r. 93 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 
Bradley Robert, lake captain, bds. Fort Donaldson 


Bradley Street, stationer, I. C. R. R. r. 192 W. Wash- 

Bradley S. H. Miss, r. 55 S. Green 
Bradley Timothy M. deputy sheriff and clerk, r. Lake 

Bradley Wallace F. salesman, Allen & Mackey, bds. 

769 Wabash av. 
Bradley William, tailor, John Ludwig, bds. 63 E. 


Bradley William, teamster, Peshtigo Co. bds. 7 Pine 
Bradley William H. clerk, U. S. circuit and district 

courts, Custom House bldg. 3d floor, r. 5 Wash- 
in srtonpl. 
Bradley W. H. shoemaker, J. W. Jewitt, bds. 94 

Bradley & Banks (J. H. Bradley and W. H. Banks), 

agricultural implements, 4(5 and 48 W. Lake 
Bradley & Plowman (R. S. Bradley and H. Plow- 
man), cigar mnl'rs. 55 Clark 
Bradley & Smith (George L. Bradley and Philo L. 

Smith), mnfrs. and dealers, carriages, etc. 1U5 


Bradner Alonzo (Bradner, Smith & Co.) 
Bradner, Charnley & Co. (Lester Bradner, jr. and 

Jams ar.d Charles M. Charnley), lumber and 

timber mnl'rs. and dealers, room B, 248 S. Water, 

yard, S. Branch, Quarry cor. Cologne 
Bradner Lester jr. (Bradner, Charuley & Co.), 283 

Bradner, Smith & Co. (Alonzo Bradner, J. Bradner 

Smith and George C. Smith), mufrs. and whol. 

paper dealers. 133 S. Water 

Bradrick Maggie Miss, clerk, bds. 189 W. Jacksdn 
Bradridge John, butcher, r. 358 22d 
Bradshaw Benjamin, lab. r. Browu nr. Adams 
Bradshaw Charles, carpenter, Eli Jennings, bds. 128 

Bradshaw David, moulder, r. Kinzie 



Glues & Nsatsfoot Oil, 




At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

Bradshaw Edward, carpenter, bds. ws. Ada, nr. W. JjJ} 

Bradshaw George, coachman, Henry Milward, bds. (+ 

1218 Indiana av. J-H 

Bradshaw Hugh, cisternmaker, 217 W. lake, r. 860 

W. Lake QJD 

Bradshaw H. brakeman, bds. Champlin house 

Bradshaw James, bds. 842 W. Lake rf, 

Bradshaw John, printer, bds. 842 W. Lake ^ 

Bradshaw J. H. rnnfr. and whol. dealer in syrups, w 

134 Kinzie, bds. City hotel K 

Bradshaw Lewis, builder, r. 8 14th 

Bradshaw W. wid. Miles, r. 38 Wesson Qt 

Bradson Bertel, lab. r. 78 W. Erie {3 

Bradstreet George P. salesman, Am. Clock Co. 115 m 

Lake 2 



Keese, supt. Dearborn, r. sw. cor. Lake ,-* 

Bradt Lansou, clerk, bds. 222 S. Peoria 

Bradwell James B. judge, county court of Cook 

county, 3 Court House, r. 170 Warren 
Bradwell *Myra, editress and propr. Chicago Legal 

News, 80 Washington, r. 170 Warren 
Brady Albert, currier, Eliel & Co. r. 152 Indiana 
Brady Ann, wid. James, r. 18 John 
Brady Barnard, bartender, Patrick McBride, bds. 

109 Forquer 

Brady Bernard, carpenter, r. 400 S. May 
Brady Burnett, lathmaker, r. 291 S. May 
Brady Catherine, wid. r. 400 S. May 
Brady Connor, switchman. M. S. out freight depot 
Brady David, bakery, 49 W. Madison, r. same 
Brady Edward, peddler, r. 1813 N. Union 
Brady Edward, plumber, Loring & Bufton, bds. 40 


Brady Elizabeth, wid. Owen. bds. 169 Mohawk 
Brady Frank, teamster, Illinois Stone, Lime and 

Boring Co. 563 W. Kinzie 
Brady Gilbert A. (G. Y. Davis & Co.), r. 10 W. 

Brady Hugh, porter, J. Cahill, bds. 165 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Brady Hugh J. stencilcutter, J. C. Hilton, r. 200 N. 


Brady H. clerk. Kirchoff Bros. 
Brady Jacob F. baker, David Brady, bds. 49 W. 

Brady James, hostler, Duncan Ross, bds. Transit 


Brady James, lab. bds. 170 S. Clinton 
Brady James, lab. r. ns. F. bet. Tucker and Gage 
Brady James, lab. r. 297 S. Jefferson 
Brady James, lab. r. 533 S. Burnside 
Brady James, lab. Abraham J. Knisely 
Brady James, stripper, C. Freiberg, bds. 52 4th av. 
Brady James E. clerk, city comptroller's office, bds. 

394 W. Randolph 


Brady Jeremiah, lab. John F. Rathbone & Co. r. 297 -' 


S. Jefter>on 

Brady John, blacksmith, r. rear 148 W. Madison 
B r ady John, carpenter, bds. 191 Kinzie *** 

iJr..<ly John, carpenter, r. 385 4th av. ^ 

Brady John, clerk, bds. 181 Michigan 3 

Brady John, drayman, r. 38<! 3d av. * 

Brady John, joiner, Bent & Goward. r. 12 Scott 
Brady John, livery and boarding stable, 602 W. Lake. E? 

r. same 

Brady John. lab. bds. 466 Elston rd. SW 

Brady John. lab. Bond & Beers ; 

Brady John. lab. Hobbs, Bligh & Co. r. 146 N. 3 


Brady John, lab. N. W. Mnfg. Co. ^ 

Brodv -lohn. lab. r. Wilcox'av. bet. Western and ^ 

Campbell avs. 

Brady John. lab. r. 15 E. Erie 

Brady John. lab. r. 215 Van Bnren ft 

Brady John, lab. r. 109 14th 
Brady John, lab, r. Wilcox. cor. Campbell nv. Z 





Basement of 78 <fc SO !?n*t TtadUon Street. 








Returned at Death, 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

Brady John, porter, Hurlbut & Edsall, r. 231 Kanka- 

Bradf John, plasterer, r. 112 W. llth 
Brady John, teamster, r. 275 Michigan 
Brady John, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Brady John J. tailor, 264 State, r. same 
Brady Johu M. baker, David Brady, bds. 49 W. Mad- 
Brady Joseph P. freight agt. P., Ft. W. & C. R. W. 

r. 348 W. Monroe 
Brady Louis, crockery and glassware, 558 State, r. 

Brady Louis P. agt. Brady's family bitters, 49 W. 

Madison, r. same 

Brady Luke, carpunter, bds. 273 W. Taylor 
Brady Mack S. clerk, Third National bank, r. 482 N. 


Brady Mary. wid. Hugh, bds. 300 22d 
Brady Mary Miss, dressmaker, r. 400 S. May 
Brady Mary, bookbinder, r. 45 N. Dearborn 
Brady Matthew P. law student, W. C. Grant, bds. 

273 Superior 

Brady Michael, carman, r. 99 N. Paulina 
Brady Owen, lab. N. C. rolling mill, bds. 476 Elston 


Bradey Owen, lab. r. 109 Taylor 
Brady Patrick, grocer, 154 W. Taylor, r. game 
Brady Patrick, driver, Conklin Bros. & Co. r. 137 


Brady Patrick, lab. r. 3 Hlinois 
Brady Patrick, lab. r. 110 Brown 
Brady Patrick, stock dealer, r. Dashiell, nr. Douglas 

Bra(?y Peter (Wall & Brady), r. 826 S. Halsted 

Brady Peter A. grocer, 439 W. Taylor, r. same 

Brady Philip, lab. r. 23 Huron 

Brady Timothy, lab. r. rear 120 Carroll 

Brady Thomas, barber. V. Diehl, bds. 52 4th av. 

Brady Thomas, clerk, P. O. r. rear 151 S. Halsted 

Brady Thomas, mason, N. C. rolling mill 

Brady Thomas, plasterer, r. 554 W. Taylor 

Brady Thomas, scrollsawyer, bds. 273 W. Taylor 

Brady Thomas, wks. N. C. rolling mill. r. 52 McHenry 

Brady William, carpenter, Bent & Goward, r. 240 


Brady William, clerk, bds. 506 State 
Brady William, heater, Union Rolling Mill Co. r.804 

Archer av. 

Brady William, lab. bds. 466 Elston rd. 
Brady William, plumber, bds. 40 Q.uincy 
Brady William N. student, BUY ANT & STRATTON 


Brady , turner, bds. 152 Indiana 

Braeher Jacob, teamster, r. rear 242 3d av. 
Braeke Michael, lab. r. 448 S. Jefferson 
Braeutigam August (Adam & Braeutigam), bds. 

146 Illinois 
Brajer Herman, cigarmaker Peter Hermes, bds. 423 

- Bragg Charles M. bookkeeper. Hall & Winch, r. 499 

Bragg Edward S. (Edward S. Bragg & Josiah L. 

Lombard), bds. Revere house 
Bragg Edward S. & Josiah L. Lombard, lawyers 

rooms 23 and 24. 131 LaSalle 
Brain: Kilian. carpenter, bds. 1418 Prairie av. 
BraM Frederick A. (F. A. Bragg & Co.), r. 2288. 

Bragg F. A. & Co. (Frederick A. Bragg and ), 

real estate brokers, 129 Dearborn 
r.riv.'g .Tos;-ph B. carp, -liter, r. 65 Butler 
Bra<:: Warren A. (Bragg Wescott & Co.). r. 116 Aber- 
Brag-r. Wescott & Co. (Warren A. Bragg, W. T. C. 

Wescott and Joseph W. Thomp.-o"u), gen com' 

rner*. room 20. 131 LaSalle 
Braggler Peter, machinist. C. B. Brown & Co. 
liiML'i AlfoLsa, clerk. Borrittii- Gandolib. bds. 38 E 


Brao A. F. agt. bds. 202 Madi*ou 
Braham George, cigar innfr. 302 State, r. same 
Braheny Catharine, wid. Patrick, r. 123 Wi/11* 
Brahm "Christian, stonecutter, Louis II. BolUenwick, 

r. 115 W. Polk 

Brahm Louisa, wid. William, r. 70 Polk 
Brahm Markos, stonemason, r. 567 Mitchell 
Braid wood John, paperhangings, 078 W. Lake, r. 

Brain James, carponter, Moody & Church, r. 535 


Brain William, lab. r. es. Reuben nr. W. 22d 
Brainard Benjamin W. boot and shoe-fitter, room 27, 

156 S. Water, r. 177 W. Van Buren 
Brainard David, carriagerepository. 187 State, r. same 
Brainard Ella Miss, teacher, Foster school, bds. 177 

W. Van Burnn 
Brainard Free Dispensary, rooms 11 and 12 Rice & 

Jackson's b!k. 
Braiuard Harry, clerk, Fuller, Finch & Fuller, r. 251 

Warren av. 
Brainard II. G. receiving teller, Third National 

bank. r. 301 Park av. 
Brainard Knu;e, carpenter, r. 81 W. Frie 
Brainard Lewis, carpenter, r. 81 W. Erie 
Brainard La Gee ( Carter & Brainard), r. 620 Barn- 


Brainard Mary, wid. James, r. 115 W. Taylor 
Brainard Nathan, com. rner. r. 620 Bnrnside 
Brainard Orrin, jeweler, r. 178 W. Madison 
Brainard Philip, blacksmith, r. 214 N. Dearborn 
Brainard Wanvn. brassfinisher, Union brass mnfy. 

bds. 165 N. Dearborn 
Braiue Reginald S. clerk, bds. 203 Ontario 
Brainerd Ezra L. lawyer, room 14. Clark sw. cor. 

Washington, r. Kenwood station 
Brainerd J. A. r. 251 Warren av. 
Brainard Wesley (Soper, Brainard & Co.), r. Evan- 

ston, 111. 

Braisher Alfred A. baker, r. 743 Hnbbard 
Braithwaite Leonard W. bookkeeper, S. Lieberman, 

Carlberg & Co. r. 16 Ru.-h 
Brakely Robert, shoemaker, bds. 64 DeKoven 
Brakemau Christopher, painter, Kitt & Stratton, bds. 

Braker John, barber, John Winters, bds. Transit 


Braky Benjamin A. hardware mer. r. 873 Michigan aT. 
Braley Johanna, wid. Jndd, r. 493 N. Wells 
Bramel Henrv, grinder, r. 254 N. Carpenter 

propr. 170 Michigan 
Bramor Louis, lab. r. 2(50 Clybonrn av. 
Bramhall George R. asst. snpt. of Board Public 

Works, r. 599 N. LaSalle 
Bramhall M. L. carpenter, r. 863 Fulton 
Brainni Frank, lab. Bateham & Co. r. 57 Catherine 
Brainm Frank jr. lab. Bateham & Co. r. 166 Chicago 


Brammel Edward, tinsmith, Ralph R. Day 
Brammerick J. painter, city railway, bds. Lake, se. 

cor. Western av. 

Branagan A. Foster, sailor, r. 82 Hickory 
Branajan John, carpenter, r. 82 Hastings 
Branaka Alfred, bootmaker, Wemworth & Co. r. 13 


Branau Jame's, lab. bds. 141 Mitchell 
Brandt Adolph, salesman, Stettauers & Wineman, r. 

484 North av. 
Branch, Crookes & Co. (Joseph W. Branch and 

Joseph Crookes), saw mnfrs. C. A. Hiles, agt. 

214 Lake 

Branch Horace 1 , musicteacher. r. ISO Park av. 
Branch Jacob, carpenter, r. 531 N. Reuben 
Branch Joseph W. (Branch, Crookes & Co.), r. St. 

Louis. Mo. 
Branch Ncedham (col'd), porter, Charles H. Fest, 

bds. Bni'srs house 
Branch Peter "O. carpenter, r. 132 Scdgwick _ 



General Northwestern Agente for 

WIML. J:ESSO:P & sonars, 

Warehouse. 11 A 13 S. Wells St. 

Sfaiplicrd, Sweet & Co., Discount Sitori Paper, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALI.E ST3E2ET. 

Persons Ylolatlas the U. S. INTERNAL BEYENUE LAWS may be arraigned 

For exam'natfou fcflfosv? U.S. Ccnamlssioner Simeon. W. Btinar, 117 S. C5arl SC 


Brunch Temperance, wid. Joseph, r. 307 Chirk 
Brancoli J. (Choloti & Brancoli), r. 55 W. Van Buren 
Brand Alexander W. miller. Star and Crescent mills, 

bds. ;tl S. Jefferson 

Brand Andrew P. carpenter, r. rear 266 Kankakeo av. 
Brand Charles, brewer, r. 233 Elm 
Brand Charles A. carpenter, bde. rear 266 Kankakee 


Brand Frank, lab. r. 306 2d 
BRANB EDWARD L. photographer, 28 

Washington, r. same 
Brand Franz, traveling agt. F. & E. Jaeger, bds. 2% 

Chicago av. 

Brand Frederick, porter, Austin & Boal 
Brand Herman, jeweler mnfr. room 9. 5 Clark, r. same 
Brand Jacob, baker, rear 176 W. Madison, r. 187 W. 


Brand Lazetta Mrs. saloon, 107 Milwaukee av. 
Brand Matthias, painter, r. 155 Hurlbnt 
Brand Michael (Bush & Brand), 2!> and 31 Cedar 
Braud Patrick, teamster, r. Douglas pi. nr. Ullman 
Brand Patrick, grocer. 322 W. 12th, r. same 
Brand Peter, sailor, bds. 38 E. Kiuzie 

Brand (Leahy & Bnmd) 


Brand, propr. 28 Washington 
Brandecker F. X. editor, Catholic Weekly, 47 La 

Salie. r. 648 Sedgwick 
Brandecker Rose Miss, r. 618 Sedgwick 
Brandelow G. machinist, Grover & Baker S. M. Co. 

r. 175 W. Randolph 

Braudeuberger Jacob, carpenter, r. 743 S. Halsted 
Brandcnberger William, fireman, P., Ft. W. & C. R. 

W. bds. 13 Barber 
Brandenburg Charles, lab. r. 240 2d 
Brandenburg Gustav (Hoffman & Brandenburg), r. 

124 Milwaukee av. 
Brandenburg Hiram, clerk, John Zimmerman, bda. 

7t>8 Archer av. 

Brandenburg Joachim, r. 133 Church 
Brandenburg John C. A. clerk, A. Bolter, bds. 173 

Van Buren 

Brandenburg Rarl, tailor. 249 N. Sangamon, r. same 
Brander Charles (H. Enderis & Brander), r. Halsted, 

se. cor. Lydia 

Brander Joseph, r. 309 Church 
Branderburger George, lab. r. 133 Catherine 
Brandes Charles (Bock & Brandes), r. 224 Blue Is- 
land av. 

Brandes Fritz, wasonmaker, John Kuhl, r. 281 Holt 
Brandimoure Henry (Riley & Brandimoure), r. 83 N. 


Brandis Albert, painter, r. 18 Cornelia 
Brandlc Frank, clerk, Wood Bros. & Co. r. 23 Hub- 

Brandon Conrad, teamster, bds. Farmers' hotel 
Brandon Francis, teacher, bds. Moonaway, cor. 

Wahpanseh av. 

Brandon Henry, painter, bds. 142 N. Wells 
Brandon Horatio N. waiter, Hyde Park house, bds. 


Brandt Cajus. physician, r. 8 Hubbard 
Brandt Charles F. B. chairmaker, Phillips & Leiben- 

stoin. r. 158 Cornell 
Brandt Ernst, hats and caps, 133 Milwaukee av. r. 


Brandt Frederick, carpenter, Coombs & Herr 
Brandt George, painter, bds. 103 W. Erie 
Brandt George W. (.Brandt <fe Higher), r. 66 Adams 
Brandt Henry, policeman, 3d precinct sub-station, r. 

317 North av. 

Brandt Henry, r. 103 Clybourn av. 
Brandt Henry, policeman, Huron Street station, r. 

568 Sedgwick 
Brandt Henry, cigarpacker, Julius R. Dupre, r. 38 


Brandt Jahn, lab. r. 141 4th av. 
Brandt John. lab. r. 377 North av. 
Brandt Joseph, barber, 473 Larrabee, r. same 




Architectural Trimmings 

Warercoms. S9O Sf-ftte Street. 



Assets over $5,000.000. 

Rate of mortality tower than Eastern companies. 

SIIUGAKT & DEAN, Gen'l Agent*, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
Reliable Special Agents wanted. 

Brandt Lisetta wid. saloon. 1 Kingsbury, r. same , 

Brandt Louis P. lab. r. 223 Vine 

Brandt Otto, saloon. 667 W. Madison, r. came 

Brandt Peter, stonecutter, r. 74 Kramer 

Brandt Silas, painter, bds. 103 W. Erie 

Brandt William, cigarmaker, Bernhard Degitz, bds. 

234 Cottage Grove av. , 

Brandt William, painter, Novelty carriage works, r. 

67 N. Halsted 

Brandt William, saloon and boardinghouse, 62 Sher- 
man, r. same 

Brandt William, r. 29 Sophia 
Brandt & Higbce (G. W. Brandt and D. W. Higbee), 

lawyers, 89 Washington 

Brandt -, expressman, r. 50 N. Curtis 

Brandt, see also Brand and Brant 

Branel Luke, lab. r. Emerald, nr. 38th 

Branen James, carpenter, r. 298 Catherine 

Branynburg John, plasterer, r. 240 Augusta 

Braner Frederick, carpenter, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 

146 Fry 

Branica Alexis, bootmaker, r. 12 Newberry av. 
Branick M. tinsmith, Chicago Mnfg. Co. 
Branigan Michael, stonecutter, bds. 205 Van Buren 
Branigan Hugh, tailor, 244 Madison, r. same 
Branigan Thomas, lab. r. 56 W. Pearson 
Branih Frank, machinist, Palmer, Fuller <fc Co. 
Brankey Joseph C. trainmaster, I. C. R. R. r. 238 

Branitzky Rudolph, shoemaker, Steller, Bro. & Co. 

r. 543 Halsted 
Brannagan James, teamster, bds. es. Reuben, nr. 


Brannan John, lab. Brigge house 
Brannan John, stairmaker, Moody & Church, r. 559 


Brannan Martin, lab. r. rear 58 Superior 
Brannan Mary, washing, r. 6 Dunn 
Brannan Michael, stairbuilder, Moody & Church, r. 

433 Burnside 

Brannan Michael, shoemaker, r. 172 Grig-wold 
Brannan P. lab. Smith & Walker , 

Brannan Thomas, clerk, 317 W. Indiana, bds. N. La- 

Salle, nr. Schiller 

Brannan, pee also Brennen and Brennon 
Branneck Edward, engineer, bds. 264 N. Halsted 
Brannen Charles, clerk, bds. 809 Wabash av. 
Brannen James, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Brnnnigan John, teamster, r. 109 Sholto 
Brannigan Mary. wid. bds. ws. al. bet. State and 

Wabash av. Congress and Harrison 
Branninger George F. carpenter, r.46 Wentworth av. 
Brannon John, cooper, Weber & Eiszuer, r. 62 


Brannork Thomas, policeman, r. 112 Renben 
Branoc Julia, wid. Robert, r. 190 S. Jefferson 
Branock James, dairyman, r. 147 Huron 
Bransel Conard, shoemaker, H. Gerber, bds. 1002 S. 


Bransfield John, lab. r. 31 Sanger 
Branson Benjamin (col'd), lab. r. 129 3d av. 
Branson James L. mnfr. of Branson's improved 

handloom. 23 S. Canal, r. 533 Washington av. 
Branson Susan ilisa (Branson & Hulvert), r. 381 

Wabash av. 
Branson & Ilnlvert (Miss Susan Branson and George 

S. Hulvert), gen. agts. Lamb knitting machine, 

<>2 Washington 

Branstacl Lars, carpenter, r. 235 N. Halsted 
Branston Ann Mrs. r. 162 N. Morgan 
Branston John, lettercarrier, station B. 112 W. In- 
Branston Richard, clerk, McCann & Fitch, r. 103 

Branstoh Robert W. clerk, Tuttle, Thompson & 

Wi'tmore, r. 162 N. Morgan 
Brant Anton, lab. r. 256 Maxwell 
Brant Daniel R. whol. wines and liquors, 147 S. Wa- 
ter, bds. I'hlich hotel 

Harris makes the best Fire Proof Safe, 

At the lowest Price, 62 Sooth Canal Street. 

All kindt f Plumbing and Sewerage done. 






H I,o\v Rates of Premium. 

No Notes No Interest A Cash Surrender Value 

for Every Policy. 
P* Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago 

? Brant Francis G. fllecutter, r. 83 Foster 
5^ Brant Frederick, porter, r. rear 333 Rush 
rf) Brant George, merchant, bds. rear 286 3d av. 

Brunt Henry, cooper, r. 611 W, 13th 
h Brant John, cooper, r. 33 Bonfleld 
^ Braut Joseph, plasterer, r. 168 W. Polk 
A Branthwaite John, lab. bds. rear 12 Leasing 
Brantigam Otto, locksmith, J. F. Wollensak, r. S88 

CS Braps Fred. lab. r. 169 1st 

Bras Christian, saloon, es. Roberts, bet. Chicago aT. 
and Superior, r. same 
Brase Michael, lab. bds. 89 Mulligan 
B Erase William, saloon, 293 Well, r. same 
_ Braseau Herminia Mrs. dressmaker, 9 Blue Island 

av. r. same 
Braseau William, bookkeeper, Hay & Davis, r. 9 

Blue Island av. 
Braseau William J. B. bookkeeper, r. 9 Blue Island 

Brasher A. J. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Brashford Christopher, driver, city railway, bds. 90 


Brass R. I. with John V. Farwell & Co. r. 67 Cass 
. Brassard Eugene, clerk, bds. Itil Adams 
Brassard Napoleon (Bisson & Brassard), r. 194 W. 


Brassel Garrett, lab. Jones, Corrigan & Co. 
Brassel James, lab. city elevator 

* Brassel John, blacksmith, r. 113 N. Desplainea 
Brassell John, blacksmith, bds. 75 Carroll 
Brassell Patrick, lab. bds. 75 Carroll 

-i Brassen Gustav, sailmaker, Gibbert Hubbard & Co. 

j r. -216 Division 

"* Brasserd John, lab. r. 462 Milwaukee av. 

* Brathson Jacob, expressman, r. 34 W. Erie 
Bratten James, foreman, Charles Rienacker, bds. 

486 State 
Branch Fred, clerk, Charles Sourre, r. 531 N. Reu- 

Branch William, tinsmith, Ferdinand Goppelsroe- 

der, r. 531 N. Reuben 

Brauckman Henry, brickmaker, r. 397 N. Wells 
f Brauckmann G. (C. Gehrke & Co.), r. Lake View 
n Braud Herman, clerk, bds. 431 W. Randolph 
Braud William, lab. r. 165 Rumsey 
Bnudman Robert, millwright, r. ws. Paulina, nr. 

Bran Iner Charles (Enderis & Braudner), r. Lake, no. 

cor. Halsted 

Braudrick John, plasterer, bds. 113 Harrison 
Brauds August, locksmith, r. 28 E. Division 
Braudt Nicholas, blacksmith, Rossow Bros. <fc Co. 
Brauer Fredrick, lab. r. 131 W. 18th 
Braner George, carpenter, r. 82 May 
Brauer James H. clerk, Saehn Bros. bds. 117 In- 


Brauer John, lab. r. 82 May 
Braught Frank, printer, Times office, bds. 86 Jack- 


Brauhu John, grocer, 98 N. Wells, r. 144 Ontario 
Brauhn Lizzie, midwife, 144 Ontario, r. same 
Braum John, r. 192 Larrabee 
Braum Louis, bds. 274 Clark 
Braumoeller Conrad, lab. r. 259 W. Tyler 
Braun Andrew, turner, Schultze Bros. r. 371 N. 


Braun Charles, shoemaker, r. 396 W. Polk 
Braun Charles N. engineer, r. 97 Townsend 
Brauu Christopher, teamster, r. 90 Rees 
Braun Ernest, lab. r. 171 Clybonrn av. 
Braun Frank, lab. r. 166 W. Chicago av. 
Braun Frank (Michaeles & Braun), r. Elm, ee. cor. 


Braun Gottfried, saloon, 340 Sedgwick, r. same 
Braun George A. barber, 274 Clark, r. 124 Sherman 
Braun George P. salesman, Good & Knopf, bds. 169 


Braun Henry, cabinetmaker, r. 632 N. Wells 
Braun Herman, musician, Great Western Light 

Guard band, r. 150 Erie 

Braun Herman A. cigarmaker, r. 711 Milwaukee av. 
Braun Hugh, bookbinder, bds. 183 Indiana 
Brain Jacob, teamster, r. DO Roes 
Braun John, carpenter, r. 330 Centre av. 
Braun John, housemover, r. 19 Granger 
Braun John B. physician, 815 N. Wells, r. same 
Braun Ludwig W. barber, 517 S. Jefferson, r. same 
Braun Naaman, porter, r. To Hurlbut 
Braun Nicholas, saloon, 88 N. Clark, r. 143 Illinois 
Braun Peter, bricklayer, r. 35 Starr 
Braun Peter, saloon and boardinghouse, 51 Franklin 
Braun Thomas, druggist, Clark ne. cor. Harrison, r. 

349 Clark 

Braun William, carriage painter, r. 67 N. Halsted 
Braun William, lab. flopp & Shoenthaler, r. 28 W. 


Braun Willy, carpenter, bds. 153 W. Randolph 
Braun, see also Brown and Browne 
Brauun John, lab. r. 13 Hull 
Brauns George, teamster, r. 348 Schiller 
Brauns Leopold (Hewes & Brauns), r. 98 Huron 
Braunshweig Louis, clerk, Shoenfeld Bros. r. Frank- 

lin nr. Chicago av. 
Braunstein Abram, clothing, 108 Archer av. r. same 
Brauut Fredrick, saskmaker, r. 146 Coplidge 
Braunt Max, sanhmaker, bds. 146 Coolidge 
Brausch P. Joseph, lab. r. 14 Starr 
Brausch Mathias, moulder, r. 357 Larrabee 
Brautgian A. teamster, r. 214 Coolidge 
Brautgian U. teamster, bds. 214 Coolidge 
Brautigaum Conrad, machinist, Decker & Morgan, 

bds. 197 Blue Island av. 
Bray James, iron moulder, David M. Ford 
Bray James, lab. bds. 72 Sherman 
Bray Joseph D. repairer, Fairbanks, Greenleaf & Co 
Bray Mary, wid. Henry, r. 31 Granger 
Bray Theodore D. repairer, Fairbanks, Greenleaf St 

Brayau J. H. engineer, Stettauers & Wineman, r. 366 


Brayman James O. editor, bds. 78 E. 12th 
Braymer Albert E. r. 79 Warren av. 
Braymer Albert E. student, BRYANT & STRAT- 

Braymer Frederick A. jr. bookkeeper, U. M. Hig- 

gins, bds. 97 Warren av. 
Braynard John H. real estate agt. room 3, 100 Madi- 

son, r. 281 Warren av. 
Brayton George E. express, bds. 1343 State 
Brayton George W. sec. Richards iron works, r. 954 

Wabash av. 
Bray ton Gertrude G. Miss, teacher, Haven school, 

bds. 876 Michigan av. 
Brayton HardinB. (Parson Brayton & Co.), r.44 Vin- 

cennes av. 

Brayton John T. clerk, bds. 954 Wabash av. 
Brayton W. H. lab. stock yards, r. 514 Burnside 
Brax Felix, carpenter, r. ws. Pearl bet. Sophia and 

Asylum place 
Brazelton William P. soda water and ice cream mnfr. 

100 Madison, r. 273 N. Jackson 
Brazie Francis R. painter, r. 396 W. Taylor 
Brazil Mike, cntter. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Brazzle Thomas, tinsmith, r. Attica near Auburn 
Brazil James, lab. r. 108 Elizabeth 
Bready Cornelius, boardinghouse, 869 State 
Breahm John, lab. r. 259 20th 
Breakey Benjamin A. (Seeberger & Breakey), r. 873 

Michigan av. 
Brearley Charles C. hat mnfr. % Washington, r. 352 

Brearley David R. (A. A. Rankin & Co.), r. 211 War- 

ren av. 

Breasted Charles (Day & Breasted), r. 25930th 
Brebant Charley, lab. bds. 422 2-2nd 
Brech Louis, boots and shoes, 852 Clark, r. same 


General Northwestern Agents for 


'Warehouse, 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Shipnerd. Sweet * Co., Large Loans a specialty, 

No*. 155 and 157 LA. SALLE STREET. 

WM. D. ItttRFOOT, Real Estate Agent, 

80 WaaKlngCon Street. Property generally managed. 




Brechbill Jacob T. house painUr, 385 N. Wells, t. 


Brechbill William, cigarmakor, bdi. 365 N. Wells 
Brechtel Sebastian, bartender, Peter Gerhardy, bds. 

123 W. Randolph 

Brechne Paschal, lak. r. 981 W. Polk 
Brack William, bakr, William Dolamer, bds. 8 8. 


Breckeau . carpenter, r. 388 S. May 

Bracken Josephine* Mrs. r. 998 W. Taylor 
Breekenridge Jumes, expressman, r. 132 8. Green 
Breckenridire William, grocer, 443 S. Canal, r. game 
Breckforth C. blacksmith, bds. 972 Wells 
Breckinridge John B. lawyer, room 20 Speed's blk. 

r. same 

Breda Christian, lab. bds. 164 N. Union 
Bredberg Jacob, rector, St. Angatius church, r. 96 

N. Franklin 

Bredder Jacob, r. 63 Nebraska 
Brede Bennett P. furniture, 678 State, r. same 
Brede Henry, compositor, Chicago Union, r. 83 N. 


Brede Henry, crockery, etc. r. 483 Milwaukee av. 
Brede Lewis, crockery ad glassware, 558 State, r. 


Bredenburgh Jacob B. merchant, r. 181 Walnut 
Bredtschneifler BarthaM, groceries, 185 W. Lake, r. 


Breed A. D. (Crane, Breed & Co.), r. Cincinnati, O. 
Breed A. K. salesman, L. H. Davis & Co. bds. Barnes 


Bred Charles G. r. 833 Wabash ar. 
Breed Stanley M. salesman, Armstrong & Co. r. 133 

S. Green 

Breed W. ,1. (Crane, Breed & Co.), r. Cincinnati, O. 
Breeder M. lab. r. 30 Bremer 
Breeck Catharine Mrs. r. 537 N. Franklin 
Brueck William, papercarrier, r. 443 Milwaukee av. 
Breefer Joseph, cigarmaker. r. 183 Larrabee 
Breemer Jacob, clerk, C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Breemer Peter, clerk, C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Breen Charles, lab. r. 56 Nebraska 
Breen Francis, clerk, r. 22tt W. Lake 
Breen James, lab. r. wg. Columbia, nr. Fox 
Breen Jeremiah, blacksmith, bds. 97 W. \ r an Buren 
Brueu John, cattle drover, bds. 457 Arnold 
Breen John, cooper, r. 51 Carroll 
Breen John, lab. r. 210 Maxwell 
Breen John, wks. N. C. rolling mills 
Breeu J. packer, E. P. Dwyer & Co. r. 306 Mohawk 
Breen M.'iry Ann Mis.-*, teacher, r. 476 W. 12th 
Breen Michael, lab. Chicago Plate & Bar Mill Co. r. 

Archer av. m. cor. Deering 
Breen Michael, carpenter, r. 162 S. Desplaines 
Breen Michael, r. rear 55 Sampson 
Breen Patrick, lab. r.476 W. 12th 
Breen Philip, lab. r. Lake uv. s. Douglas pi. 
Breen Philip, iner. tailor. 97 W. Van Buren, r. same 
Breen Tliomas, hostler, Chicago city railway, S. D. 

bdB. 969 Siate 

Breen William, clerk, r. 229 W. Lake 
Breene Frederick, carpenter, r. 101 Bushnell 
Brees L. S. clerk, bds. 164 3d av. 
Breei-e John, lab. bds. 127 Cornelia 
Breese Lee S. teamster, J. H. Clough & Co. 
Bre-'se Mary E. wid. Johnson B. boardinghouse, r. 

1HO Slate 
Breeze George jr. (James P. Dalton & Co.), r. 115 4th 


Breeze Robert R. boardinghouse. 273 4th av. r. same 
Breezer George, painter, r. 183 Forrest av. 
Bree/er William, lab. I. C. R. R. car works, bds. 183 

1st av. 

Brefner Samuel, peddler, r. 274 E. Division 
Brega C. W. (Gilbert & Field), bds. Clifton house 
Bregenser Joseph, stoni'mauon, bds. lt>6 North av. 
Brejrir John. lub. r. 19 Fry 

Brehm Charles (John E. Geyu & Co.), r. 181 N. Wells 
Brehm Ferdinand, plasterer, r. 47 Frank 


?f T,* K7! 



ABts over $5,000,000. 

Rate of Interest higher than Eastern companies 

SHUGART & DEAN, Gen'l Agents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
^_ RoHablo Country Agents wanted. 

Brehm Rudolphe W. turner, r. 234 W. Taylor 
Breictert Phillip, lab. r. 113 Sampson 
Breidenbach Fred, policeman, Twelfth Street sta- 
tion, bds. 208 Blue Island av. 
Breidenstein Frederick L. physician, 208 N. Clark, 

r. same 
Breidt Julius, watchmaker and jeweler, 31 W. Ran- 

r. 8 N. Canal 

Breigle Henry, waiter, Tremont house 
Breier Jacob, machinist, r. 343 Sedgwick 
Breinenester Gustav, stonemason, r. 207 Coolidge 
Brier P. stonecutter, bds. 261 Wells 
Breischneider C. wid. Julius, r. rear 236 3d av. 
Breissell Charles, ragpicker, r. 292 Purple 
Breit Adam, carpenter, r. 225 Rush 
Breit Dominikus, porter, Lazarus Silverman & Co. 

T. 152 Griswold 

Breit John, saloon, 270 Church, r. same 
Breitenreiter Ferdinand, shoemaker, r. 152 Hastings 
Breithch August, cabinetmaker, r. 163 E. Division 
Breitling Charles, physician, 20 Willow, r. same 
Breitspracher William, shoemaker, r. 249 Clybourn 


Breitung William, shoemaker, bds. 83 S. Canal 
Breitzman Fritz, lab. Charles G. E. Trussing 
Brekke Chr. M. shoemaker, A. C. Anderson, r. 203 

N. Carpenter 

Breman Patrick, blacksmith, American Steam En- 
gine works, r. Desplaines, sw. cor. Hnbbard 
Bremen Christian, packer, Scanlan Bros. & Col- 
bourn, r. 188 Sherman 

Bremen Hotel, Charles F. W. Jonas, propr. 909 State 
Bremer Charles, honsemover, r. 75 Mohawk 
Bremer Henry, r. 254 N. Carpenter 
Bremer Henry, lab. C. Mears & Co. r. 77 Morgan 
Bremer Henry, joiner, Ms. 37 W. Lake 
Bremer Ludwig, bricklayer, r. 105 N. Clinton 
Bremer Peter, lab. r. 188 Sherman 
Bremer William, millwright, bds. 50 N. Halsted 
Bremhall M. L. carpenter, r. 863 W. Fulton 
Bremmer A. A. watch repairer, National Watch Co. 

bds. Metropolitan hotel 
Bremmer Charles, teamster, r. 117 Front 
Bremmer Henry, baker, r. 399 Division 
Bremmer R. carpenter. Eagle works 
Bremner Alexander, sailmaker, r. 356 N. Carpenter 
Bremner David F. teamster, r. 78 O'Brien 
Bremner Hall, 340 N. Carpenter 
Bremner Horace, baker, r. 294 Maxwell 
Bremner James, stonemason, r. 340 N. Carpenter 
Bremner Jane A. wid. James A. r. 105 W. Polk 
Bremner John, watchman, r. 345 N. Carpenter 
Bremner Morris, baker, Joseph M. Dake 
Bremner Robert, mer. tailor, 55 W. Randolph, r. 78 


Brems Carsten (Brems & Bro.), bds. 185 W. Ran- 

Brems Jacob, cabinetmaker, bds. 61 Hastings 
Brems John, saloon, 185 W. Randolph, r. same 
Brems Louis (Brcms & Bro.). r. 185 W. Randolph 
Brems Ludeke (Brems & Bro.), bds. 185 W. Ran- 
BREMS & BRO. (Ludeke and Carsten Brems), 

produce dealers. 186 W. Randolph 
Brenan James, foreman, bds. 347 Stewart av. 
Brenan James, lab. bds. 1046 S. Halsted 
Brenan John, blacksmith helper, Walworth, Two- 

hig & Furse 

Brenan Michael, grocer, 23fi N. Market, r. same 
Brenan Peter, lab r. 17 McGlasheu 
Brcucell Jacob, carpenter, r. 12 4th 
Brendiert Frederick, wagonmaker, August Kiesling 
B'.vndt Charles, chairmaker, r. 158 Cornell 
Brenger John, lab. bds. 262 Coolidge 
Brengcr William, lab. r. 262 Coolidge 
Brenholt John J. lawyer, room 7, 93 Washington, 

bds. 227 Michigan" 

Brenk Abraham, tailor, Flentye <fc Curran, bds. 22 
Milwaukee av. 

The best protection against Fire ana isurg-iars 

! HARRIS* Improved Safes*, 62 6<ratti < anal Street. 

Haters' Ovens Sail!, Wood r a 2' & Raffeu 





Policies paid up in Five Years. 

1 Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago. 
Solicitors Wanted. 

Brenkcr Christian, teamster, Miller <fc Lahman, bds. 

209 Indiana 

Breunan Ann, wid. Thomas, r. 193 S. Jefferson 
Brennan Bernard, oil dealer, 113 W. Lake, bds. 761 


Brennan Catherine, wid, Thomas, r. 230 N. Halsted 
Brennan Charles, cooper, r. 189 Main 
Brennan Charles, lab. r. 7ft3 8. Halsted 
Brennan Charles H. printer, Republican job rooms, 

r. Adams, ne. cor. Campbell av. 
Brennan C. lab. Scanlan Bros. & Colburn, r. Des- 

plaines, cor. Polk 
Brennan C. M. whol. liquors, 357 Clark, bds. Adams 

Brennan Dominick, currier, J. H. <fc G. M. Walker, r. 

33 Blair 
Brenuan Edward, blacksmith helper, Columbia iron 

works, bds. 87 W. Lake 
Brennan Edward, tanner, J. H. & G. M. Walker, 

bds. North River house, Elstou rd. 
Brennan Edward, weigher, Board of Trade, bds. 116 

W. Jackson 
Brennan Edwin, weighman, James B. Darling, bds. 

116 W. Jackson 
Brennan Honora, wid. John, bds. N. LaSalle, nr. 


Brennan H. lab. Smith & Walker 
Brennan James, driver, II. M. Curtis, r. rear Harmon 

ct. bet. Michigan and Wabash avs. 
Brennan James, groceries and provisions, 213 W. 

13th, r. same 
Brennau James, gilder, Jenkins & Keitz, bds. 212 


Brennan James, lab. bds. 328 Franklin 
Brennan James, lab. bds. 185 Market 
Brenuan James, painter, r. 173 18th 
Brennan Jamen W. saloon, 38 N. Franklin, r. same 
Brennan John, bartender. Matteson house, bds.same 
Brennan John, blacksmith, Barney McGuira, bds. 

41 Michigan 

Brennan John, blacksmith, r. 138 8. Desplaines 
Brennan John, carpenter, bds. 559 Clark 
Brennan John, lab. r. rear 141 N. Elizabeth 
Brenuan John, lab. Stearns & Co. 
Brennan John, lab. r. 63 Meridian 
Brennan John, switchman, transfer depot, C. & N. 

W. R. W. 

Brennan John, steward, St. Cloud hotel, r. same 
Brennan John, teamster, r. 97 14th 
Brennan John, wks. John McEwen 
Brennan John B. locksmith, Herring & Co. r. But-- 

terfteld, ne. cor. 29th 
Brennau John H. piano mnfr. r. Van Buren, Be. cor. 

Hermitage av. 

Brennan Joseph, lab. r. 309 Aberdeen 
Brenuan Joseph P. salesman, Chas. Beardslee Bros. 

& Co. r. 555 Burnside 
Brennan J. lab. Hilliard, Pierce & Co. r. 1046 S. 


Brennau Kate, wid. Martin, r. 303 Van Buren 
Brennan Lawrence, machinist, bds. 38 W. Madi- 


Brennan Mary, wid. Patrick, r. 894 3d av. 
Brennan Matthew, brakeman, r. 188 20th 
Brennan Matthew J. boots and shoes, 539 Canal, r. 

Brenuan Michael, clerk, T. P. Knowles, r. 1T2 Gris- 

Brennan Michael, drayman, r. es. Sheffield av. n. 

of North av. 

Brennan Michael, lab. r. 233 N. Halsted 
Brennan Michael, lab. r. 122 Forquer 
Brennan Michael, mason, r. 3i Hope 
Brennan Michael, saloon. 39 Wells, r. same 
Brennan Michael, stairbuilder, r. 433 Burnside 
Brennan Michael, teamster, r. 285 8. Morgan 
Brennan Michael L. (M. L. Brennan & Co.), r. 104 

Brennan Murtogh, r. 793 S. Halsted 

Brennan M. L. & Co. (Michael L. Brennan and Rob- 
ert A. Newelh, carpenters and Jmilders, Calhoun 

pi. bet. LaSalle and Wells 

Brennan Patrick, clerk, James Me Andrews, r. 478 4th. 
Brennan Patrick. blacksmith, r. 36 Hubbard 
Breunan Patrick, lab. r. rear 247 W. Randolph 
Breunan Peter, lab. Smith & Walker 
Brennan Thomas, lab. bds. 287 W. Polk 
Breimau Thomas, plaetsrer, r. rear 129 Sampson 
Brennan Thomas, r. 173 18th 
Brennan Thomas, auction and commission mer. 75 

Clark, bds. Metropolitan hotel 
Brennan Thomas T. clerk, S. W. Montgomery, r. 539 

S. Canal 

Brennau William, carpenter, r. 24 Hunt 
Brennan William, farmer, r. 209 Deering 
Brennan William, harnessmaker, I). Horton & Co. r. 

190 Sedgwick 

Brennan William, lab. r. 1456 S. Halsted 
Bronuan William, lab. bds. 106 Hubbard 
Brennan, see also Brenan, Brenniu and Brennon 
Brennard Patrick, lab. r. 139 Laurel 
Brennauer Alary, wid. Louis, r. 245 Hurlbut 
Branneck Ann Miss, r. 50 Smith 
Brenneck John, carpenter, bds. 234 S. Clinton 
Brennen Frank, musician, r. 173 18th 
Brennen James, mason, bds. 175'/i E. Indiana 
Brenuen James, painter, bds. 196 Michigan 
Brennen James, teamster, r. ws. al. bet. Wabash and 

Michigan avs. Harmon ct. and 12th 
Brennen James W. saloon, 38 N. Franklin, r. sarna 
Brennen Patrick, corn and hop dealer, r. 478 4th 
Brennen Thomas jr. musician, r. 173 18th 
Brennen Timothy, carpenter, r. 781 E. Chicago av. 
Brenner Charles, music teacher, r. 212 Larrabee 
Brenner Donald, printer, r. 300 Mohawk 
Brenner Frank, butcher, r. 688 S. Halsted 
Brenner George, carpenter, r. 155 Sedgwick 
Brenner John, lab. r. 34 W. Harrison 
Brenner Phillip, shipsmith and gen. jobbing, 149 N. 

Water, r. 214 N. Dearborn 
Breuuick John, lab. t. 838 Adams 
Brennig John, r. 75 Coolidge 
Brenning Henry, lab. 62'^ Foster 
Brenning Maria, wid. Anton, bds. 87 Bissell 
Breuuing William, clerk, William Heitschmidt, bda. 

354 Milwaukee av. 

Brennock James, carpenter, r. 102 Sholto 
Brcnnock Patrick, drayman, r. 152 Superior 
Brennock Patrick, lab. r. Monroe, nw. cor. South- 
western Plank rd. 

Brennock John, stock broker, r. 374 S. Halsted 
Brennon Francis, lab. r. 762 Indiana av. 
Brennon James, peddler, r. 178 Bremor 
Brenon William, harnesemaker, r. tVO Sedgwick 
Brent Mary, wid. August, boardinghouse, 134 W. 


Brennwald Caspar, feeditore, r. 155 Mohawk 
Brenwald Casper (Sigg & Brenwald), bds. 163 B. 

Chicago av. 
Brereton H. J. agt. Frank Parmelee & Co. bds. 48 

Brerton Bridget, wid. Christopher, washerwoman, r. 

304 Halsted 

Bresel John, bricklayer, r. 261 Larrabee 
Bremen John, lab. r. 161 Clybourn av. 
Brasfel John, lab. r. 118 E. White 
Breehenridge W. R. student, r. Chicago university 
Breslahau Jeremiah, lab. bds. 173 X. Halsted 
Breslahan Michael, lab. bds. 173 N. Halted 
Breslaw James C. painter, Sands' Ale Brewing Co. 

r. 77 E. White 

Breeler Barnard, clerk, Elisha Eldred, r. 41 Kansas 
Breslin Thomas, lab. r. 37 Kansas 
Bresnahan Michael, lab. bds. 11 Cass 
Bresnan Dennis, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 293 N. 

Bresnan Michael, currier, J. H. & G. M. Walker, r. 

178 N. Reuben 


General Northwestern Agenta for 

. ,J:E:SSO:F> & soisrs, 

Warehouse, 11 &13 S. "Wells St. 

Shipherd, Sweet & Co., Brokers in 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SAK.L1E STREET. 

FRANK. E. AIKEX, produces an tne 

NEW and FIRtST CLASS Plays ct lifs 




Bresuen Hugh, bds. 293 N. Franklin 
Bresneu Mary. wid. Morris, r. 281 X. Market 
Bresuen Patrick, blacksmith, bds. .Montreal house 
Brcsuer William H. clerk, bds. 730 Centra av. 
Bressett Moses, fireman, 1. C. R. R. r. 714 Indiana 


Bressingham Thomas, bartender, r. 291 N. Franklin 
Broader Andrew, pediiler, r. 49 Kramer 
Breston E. lumber inspector, r. 10 W. Mather 
.Bretchbriker Louis, lab. Green & Co. r. 194 Luke 
Bretornita Herman, lab. r. 4 Sander 
Brethauer G. W. silver and plated ware mnfr. 113 

Lake, r. 442 Hulburt 

Breihaupt Jacob, whitewashes bds. 183 E. Indiana 
Bretherton William, carpenter, r. S3"J 3d av. 
Bretholf Cornelius P. druggist, 30 W. Madison, bds. 

240 W. Madison 

Brets Peter, lab. J. Bidder <fe Bro. r. W. 16th 
Bretshmeidt John, sausagemaker, r. 103 DeKoven 
Brett Charles, shoemaker, John Kyle, bds. 282 Blue 

Island av. 
Brett Frank, fllecutter, Chicago file works, r. 85 

Brett Hiram, realestate agt. 82 LaSalle, r. 1045 N. 


Brett James, plasterer, r. 365 Mitchell 
Brett Theodore F. salesman, Hunt, Barbour & Hale, 

bds. 4S-2 Michigan av. 

Brett William L. clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. Har- 

Brettner Mathias. joiner, r. 55 Sigel 
Bretz Mathias, lab. r. 262 21st 
Breuer Adam (A. Breuer & Co.), r. 7 Rush 
Breuer A. <fc Co. (Adam and Charles Breuer), cigars 

and tobacco, 7 Rush 

Breuer Charles A. (A. Breuer & Co.), r. T Rush 
Breuer John M. confectioner, r. T Rush 
Breuer Frederick, organist, St. Peter's church, r. 


Breuster A. 8. com. mer. r. 312 N. LaSalle 
Brew Margaret, wid. George, r. 147 17th 
Brew Martin, lab. W. N. & J. F. Woodruff, r. Emer- 

Brew Thomas, com. mer. 264 W. Madison, bds. same 
Brew William, plumber, Watson Griffith, r. 61 


Brew William (Brew & Johnston), r. 640 Archer av. 
Brew <fc Johnston (William Brew and David John- 
ston), dry goods, 640 Archer av. 
Brewer Arnold, cigar mnfr. 403 N. Dearborn, r. same 
Brewer Charles, salesman, Webster & Gage, bds. 882 

Indiana av. 

Brewer Daniel, clerk, Wilmanns & Pasdelonp 
Brewer Frederick, musicteacher, r. 200 Sherman 
Brewer Hattie M. Miss, milliner, bds. 71 Monroe 
Brewer Jacob, machinist. Wilks & Hainsworth 
Brewer John, cabinetmaker, r. 18 Emma 
Brewer John S. fuel agt. C. & N. W. R. W. r. 251 Ohio 
Brewer Richard H. capt. tug A. Mosher 
Brewer Thomas, livery stable, 46 and 48 Harmon ct. 

r. same 

Brewster Amelia A. wid. Jonathan K. r. 162 N. Peoria 
Brewster Benjamin (Brewster, Freeman & Co.), r. 

1006 Indiana av. 
Brewster Charles, clerk, Brewster, Meglade & Co. 

bds 418 W. Madison 
Brewster Charles F. printer, P. L. Hanscom & Co. 

r. 54 Pearce 
Brewster Edward L. (Farriugton, Brewster & Co.), 

r. 33.") N. LaSalle 

Br.-wr-tcr Edward W. r. 418 W. Madison 

jnmin Brewster. Jonah R. Butler and Winsor P. 
" Freeman), com. mer*. room 16, 134 LaSalle 
Brewster George H. cash. Republic Ins. Co. r. 

Wheatland, 111. 

Brewster Hiram, hide merchant, 264 E. Kinzie 
Brewster James U. engineer, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 6 

8. Peoria 



Assets over S5.0OO..GOO. 

Our Company f* governed oy .N"J\V iork laws. 

SIIUGAUT & DEAN, Gen'l Agents., 

83 "Washington street, Chicago. 

Liberal Commissions paid to Solicitors. 


Should see the Block of 


Bituata on LaSallc St. and North Av. All the Orna- 
mentation to these beautiful homes was made by tho 

go T- rro Cotta Company. 

Wnr"-f>mn. 2f)O Kfrtff Sfrrrt, 

Brewster James P. hats, cap* and fura, 62 Clark, r. 

50 Van Buren 
Brewster, Meglade & Co. (Oscar Brewster, William 

Meglade and J. Fraser), lumber com. mers. room 

4, 242 S. Water, yard foot of Morgan 
Brewster Oscar (Brewster, Meglade & Co.), r. 134 


Brewster Thomas, stableman, W. Div. city railway 
Brewster William, clerk, U. S. Depository, room 7 

Custom House, bds. 297 Michigan 

propr. .Northwestern Review, room 12 Union 

bldg. LaSalle, cor. Washington, r. 189 Wabash av. 
mercial Line and American Transportation Co. 

foot N. LaSalle, r. 312 N. LaSalle 
Brewzilus August, lab. r. 100 Bushnell 
Breyer Charles (Charles Breyer & Bro.), r. 305 

Milwaukee av. 
Breyer Charles & Bro. (Charles and Ernest Breyer), 

plumbers and gasfltters, 47 W. Randolph 
Breyer Conrad, groceries and provisions, 83 N. 

Wood, r. same 
Breyer Ernest (Charles Breyer & Bro.), r. 108 W. 


Breyer Henry, grocer, 677 Milwaukee av. r. same 
Bteyle Daniel, policeman, bds. 423 State 
Breytspaak Charles, musicteacher, 41 N. Clark, r. 

98 Kim 
Breytspraak E. Henry, bookkeeper, Cobb, Pritch- 

ard & Co. r. 98 Elm 

Brezel Anthony, boot and shoemaker, 681 Milwau- 
kee av. r. same 

Brian William H. r. 1183 Indiana av. 
Briard B. saloon, 217 Clark, r. same 
Briard B. physician, 217 Clark, r. 72 Van Buren 
Briarton Nicholas, lab. r. 29 Waller 
Briback August, carpenter, Mathias Achdcii, bds. 

107 Archer av. 

Bribromskin Frank, tailor, r. 106 Indiana 
Brice Edwin M. printer, The Advance, r. 13 Sedg- 

wick ct. 

Brice Michael, carpenter, r. 129 Wright 
Brice Patrick, lab. r. 383 W. Polk 
Brice William H. engineer, C. & N.W. W. R. r. 101 


Bricher G. S. locksmith, bds. 141 N. Clark 
Brick John, engraver, Charles Meyer & Co. bds. 303 

N. Rush 

Brick J. bds. 202 Madison 
Brick Peter, tailor, r. 2 Gere 
Brickett, Carroll & Co. (Gilman Brickett, Delos B. 

Carroll and William K. Thome), distillers agts. 

3 Dearborn, cor. S. Water 
Brickett Gilman (Brickett, Carroll & Co.), bds. St. 

James hotel 

Brickett H. K. machinist, r. 271 W. Indiana 
Brickett John L. student. BRYANT & STRATTON 

Brickley Amos, conductor, r. 2!i9 W. Jackson 
Brickley John, watchman. I. C. R. R. r. 239 20th 
Brickmann Charles. t!-.nner,Union Hide and Leather 

Co. r. 274 Augusta 
Brickmann Christian, lab. r. BS. Clayton, bet. Lincoln 

and Wood 

Brickmann Ernst (Brickmann & Gabjl), r. 353 Mil- 
waukee av. 
Brickmaun Johannes, lab. r. ss. Clayton, bet. Wood 

and Lincoln 
Brickmann & Gabel (Ernst Brickmann and Ludwig 

Gabel), meat market. 353 Milwaukee av. 
Brickner Charles, saloon, 159 Wells, r. same 
Biickuer Frank, blacksmith, bds. 19 N. Union 
Bricks Frank, shoemaker, bds. 824 Clark 
Bricks Frank, tinner, Bent & Goward, r. 303 Rush 
Brickstaller William, lab. r. 17 Lisle 
Brickwood William, mason, r.-322 Aberdeen 
Briddle Isaac (col'd), blacksmith, r. Indiana, cor. 



The Morse Safes Iiavc a record of 25 years and never fallen. 









Fifty per cent. Dividends guaranteed in the Policy. 

Office, 124 'Washington .Street, 


Bride Dominick, carpunier, r. wa. al. bet. Clark and 

Griswold, Polk and Harrison 
Bride Richard, lab. 515 S. Union 
Bridebard Fred, carpenter, r. 25f> Maxwell 
Bridel Isaac, blacksmith, 747 Hubbard, r. Indiana 

nw. cor. Leavitt 

Briden John S. foreman, H. M. Miller, r. 08 Cedar 
Briderick Augustus, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Bridge L. E. Miss, dressmaker, bds. 333 W. Madi- 
Bridge Norman, physician, 229 W. Madison, r. 

Bridge Ruel W. lawyer, Gookins & Roberts, bds. 

237 Wabash av. 

Bridgenian Henry, clerk, r. 857 State 
Bridgeman James, carpenter, r. 403 W. Polk 
Bridgeman Samuel, private police, r. 415 S. Halsted 
Bridgeman William P. clerk, bds. 138 Michigan 
Bridgeport Reform School, 707 Archer av. 
Bridge* Charles L. boot treer, J. P. Farnum, r. 84 

Bridges Francis, machinery depot, Carroll cor. San- 

gamon, r. 41 Winchester av. 

BRIDGES Li YM AN, dealer in building ma- 
terials and ready made houses, 336 to 346 Carroll 

and 70 Washington, r. 109 Centre av. 
Bridges Thomas B. r. 32 N. Carpenter 
Bridges Wilson H. tinsmith and hardware, 104 ,W. 

Madison, r. 76 Looinis 
Bridgmau Henry, clerk, Robert H. Counties, r. 857 

Brid<rman John W. (Dixon & Bridgman), r. 763 W, 


Bridgman Samuel, policeman, r. 415 S. Halsted 
Bridgwell A. W. flour dealer, r. Washington, cor. 


Bridsou Thomas, carpenter, r. 163 S. Jefferson 
Brie Henry, tailor, r. 303 Rush 
Briech Felton, shoemaker, W. Freiberg, bds. 550 


Brieder Peter, carpenter, r. 53 Ruble 
Briegemann John, carpenter, Heeney & Campbell, 

bds. 5908. Canal 

Brieggmann E. clerk, E. P. Dwyer & Co 
Brioiiu John, saloon, 70 Caiialport av. r. same 
Briekmann Enist (Briekmann &, Cabel), bda. 353 

Milwaukee av. 

Rrion Edward, blacksmith, bds. 37 W. Lake 
Brien Maurice, carrier, J. H. & G. M. Walker, r. 587 

Milwaukee av. 

Brien PatricK. lab. bds. 688 S. Canal 
Brieudeiss Ludwisy, lab. r.J172 Augusta 
Brier Christian, clerk, bds. 183 E. Indiana 
Brierley George F. organist, bds. 273 >*. Wells 
Brierly Jacob, painter, r. 389 3d av. 
Briefly James, boottreer, J. L. Watson & Co. r. 327 


Brieispiecher Charles, lab. r. 306 W. Chicago av. 
Bi-ietz John. lab. r. 10 Starr 

Briexc Alfred K. lab. French & Co. r. 218 Sherman 
Brigand Henry, saloon, r. 434 Cottage Grove 


Bri^'dnle James, lab. r. 84 E. Erie 
Mrigg William, tanner, r. 18 Mark 
Bri^'irs Andrew, carpenter, r. 2!I3 W. Madison 
Briggs Arthur R. (Child & Briggs), bds. 171 Michi- 
gan !IV. 
KriL'-.'- A. II. carpenter and builder, 43 Foster, r. 356 

Brigars Charles, clerk, Mansion house, bds. 169 

Van Bnreu 
Bih'i-s Charles C. salesman, Jones & Laughlin, r. 

Cotiage Hill 
Bn_'u'< Clinton (Ewing, Briggs & Co.), bds. Tremonl 

Briirirs Friend II. bookkeeper, Gould Bros. Briggs 

& Co. bds. (i24 W. Lake 

Briirirs George G. carpenter, bds. 339 N. Franklin 
B-T_r,~ Harvey D. clerk, 1. C. R. R. 

Briggs Hattie A. Miss, teacher, bds. 77 34th 

Briggs Henry, drayman. 305 W. Lake 

Briggs House, B. II. Skinner, propr. Randolph ne. 

cor. Wells 
Briggs H. B. salesman, Sevmour, Carter & Co. r. 

309 W. Randolph 

Briggs James, agt. George Milne, r. 292 N. State 
Briggs James L fruit dealer, r 392 N. State 
Brills James W. carpenter, bds. 831 State 
Briggs Jeremiah B. (Gould Bros. & Co.), r. 444 W. 


I Briggs John D. carpenter, r. .339 N. Franklin 
| Briggs Joseph W. bookkeeper, C. B. Dupee & Co. 

r. 317 Illinois 

Briggs Julia E. Miss, teacher, bds. 77 34th 
1 Briggs Matilda Mrs. 293 W. Madison, r. same 
I Briggs Orlander P. carpenter, r. 14 Margaret 
! Briggs Oscar, saloon, 137 Van Btiren, r. same 
Briggs Oscar, propr. European hotel, 44 Griswold, r. 


Briggs Peter, machinist. Palmer, Fuller & Co. 
Briggs Richard B. homeopathic physician, r. 624 W. 

Briggs Samuel A. cash. Fourth National bank, r. 

1118 Wabash av. 

Briggs Thomas J. machinist, bds. 399 Warren av. 
Briggs Walter E. stair builder, r. 76 14th 
Briggs Wesley, carpenter, r. 708 Cottage Grove av. 
Briggs Wilbert N. carpenter, bds. 339 N. Franklin 
Briggs William C. clerk, I. C. R. R. 

Briggs , lumberinspjctor. bds. Burlington house 

Brigham B. B. r. room y8 Lake hou?e 

Brigham Charles B. bookkeeper, Mining and Supply 

Co. r. ws. Western av bet Lake and Walnut 
Brigham George F. (Brigham & Goodyear), r. 340 

W. Madison 

Brigham G. H. bds. 340 W. Madison 
Brigham G. W. miisicteacher. bds. ;35 Fulton 
Brigham Henry, saloon. Cottage Grove av. bet. 33d 

and 33d, r. Dexter pi. cor. Cottage Grove av. 
Brigham P. S. clerk. Merchants' Savings Loan and 

Trust Co. r. 134 W. 13th 
Brigham Varnum B. bds. Lake house 
Brigham Walter, engraver, bds. 44 W. Adams 
I Brigham William, foreman. J. H. Watson & Co. r. 

429 X. LaSalle 

Bngham and C. B. Goodyear), saddlery Hard- 
ware, 181 Lake 
Bright Aaron (col'd), waiter, Thomson's dining room, 

bds. same 

Bright Frank, carpenter, r. 185 Meagher 
Bright Henry, carpenter, r. 634 Sedgwick 
Bright John, bartender, Charles "Walsh, bds. 37 


Bright Thomas, carpenter, bds. 72 S. Halsted 
Brightfield Louis, clerk, Fred. Busse, bds. 180 N. 

Brightly Henry A. (Brightly & Earlie), r. 185 Wabash 

BRIGHTLY & EARLIE (U- A.Brightly and 

W. H. EurlieX designers and engravers on wood, 

room 1"). '.Hi Washington 
Bright man Fred. lab. r. 191 Bremer 
Brighton House, John L. Baker, propr. Archer av. 

cor. Western av. 

Briurhtwell John W. bds. 156 S. Sangamou 
Brignardello Anthony, saloon, 312 Clark, r. same 
Brill Henry, carpenter, r. rear 7fi Hastings 
Brimmer William, millwright, Gilchrist & Scheffler 
Brimslow James, patternmaker. David M. Ford 
Brin Edward, switchman, r. 30-1 Catherine 
Brinan - . wid. r. 43 Farrell 
Brinckly Stephen (col'd), coachman, Henry F. 

Eumes. bds. 128 Michigan av. 
Brindley George, teamster, W. W. Washburn, bds. 

51 W. Sebor 

Brine George, lab. bds. 205 Ontario 
Brine George J. (J. M. Brine & Co.), r. 33 Bishop ct. 

" ~ 


General ^orthrrestem Agents for 

Siiipherd, Sweet &, Co., Largo L,oai> S 

>o. 1^5 and 157 LA S ALLE STREET. 

W3I. D. KERFOOT, Real i; si ate Dealer and If roker, 

No. 80 Wnsliiiigtoii street. i:tatesmai>a<rd. 



Brine G. J. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Brine John. lab. r. rear 169 N. Union 
Brine John M. (John M. Brine & Co.), r. 23 Bishop 

Brine John M. & Co. (,John M. and George J. Brine), 

wheat and Hour, 136 Kinzic 
Brine Richard, lab. bds. 205 Ontario 
Brine William, lab. bds. 205 Ontario 
Brine William W. a.-st. bookkeeper, J. K. Fisher & 

Co. bds. 23 Bishop ct. 

Briuer Emmanuel C. baker, r. 126 W. Taylor 
Bringle Henry, lab. J. Bidler <fc Bro. r. Coolidge 
Bringman William F. bartender, Giesbert Pott- 

gieser, r. 369 State 

' Briuig Hans, cabinetmaker, bds. 7S9 State 
Brink Dewiit, teamster, r. 351 Clark 
Brink D. C. driver, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Brink Fritz, boardinghouse, 152 E. Chicago av. 
BRINK WASHINGTON P. propr.Brink'8 

ci;y express, 119 Randolph, r. o* Whiting 
Briukerh.-lf Albert, distiller, r. 1406 Wabash ay. 
Bnnkerheff Horatio, foreman, bds. 719 S. State 

Brinkcrhoff , r. 652 W. Indiana 

Briukinad F. lab. Hilliard, Peirce & Co. r. 190 Canal- 
port av. 

Brhikley Charles S. engineer, C,, R. I. & P. R. R. 
Brinkk-y John, fireman, C., R. I. & P. R. R. 
Briukman Henry, lab. bds. 909 State 
Briukm.-am August, r. rear 567 Mitchell 
Briukmanu Christian, expre.-smau, r. 532 S. Canal 
Brinkinunn Christopher, bridgetender, r. 25 W. Polk 
Briukmtum Gustavus, r. 329 Augusta 
Brinkmauu Henry, expressman, r. 67 Coolidge 
Brinkmeier Christian, saloon, r. 305 N. Wells 
Brinkuier Christopher, saloon. 103 N. Clark 
Briiikmer Michael, lab. r. 66 W. Liberty 
Brink\va:er Charles, coremaker, David M. Ford 
Brinkwater James, ironmoulder, Dayid M. Ford 
Brink-worm George, porkpacker, 345 Milwaukee av. 

r. same 

Brinkworth Henry, mer. r. 708 Michigan av. 
Brhikworth Henry, provision dealer, 73 Monroe, r. 

Brinuan William, lab. r. rear 335 Calumet av. 

Brtndon Josiah W. lab. r. 768 State 

Brintnall S. (Briutnall, Terry & Belden), r. 684 W. 
Full on 

Brintnall, Terry & Belden (S. Brintnall, A. C. Terry 
and Charles W. Belden), hardware, 175 Lake 

Brintual! W. II. bookkeeper, Briutuall, Terry & Bel- 
den, bds. 684 Fulton 

Brisacbe Joseph, shoemaker. 24 Oakwood 

Brisben J. P. real estate broker, 79 Dearborn, bds. 
110 Michigan av. 

Brisbin J. J. gen. agt. E. Ball & Co. 170 Washing- 
ton, r. 1319 Indiana av. 

BrMm Aiplumso (Brisbri & Newton), r. 266 

Brisbri & Newton (Alphonso Brisbri and Louis 
Newton), saloon, 266 Madison 

Briscall John, bootmaker, bds. 181 Wells 

Bri^coe Jolm, truckwagon, bds. 199 Michigan 

Brucoe Nathan A. policeman, Second precinct police 
station, r. 51 Newberry av. 

Brisco,- William (col'd), fireman, r. 333 Wells 

Bris;tt Mos-Cf, fireman, r. 714 Indiana av. 

Brisham J. lab. Dwight Cutler 

Bi-Wi'arro Maria, r. es. al. bet. Wells and LaSalle, 
Madison uiid Monroe 

BrLslaura JOT ph. candystorc, 246 State, r. same 

Brisk' r P:-ter H. engineer, C., R. I. & P. R. R. 

Bdslew Patrick, engineer, r. -Ill Newberry av. 

BrNlin John. lab. bds. 1S9 N. HaUted 

Brisiiu John, gasfltter. Bagiiot & Alniy 

Briemann Jacob, sashmaker, Palmer, Fuller & Co. 

Brisuahau Michael, watchman, bds. 179 23d 

Brisolan Jo- .-ph. Mtl.xm. 246 State, r. same 

Brissnmn John, saloon, 527 S. Jefferson, r. same. 



At 226 & 22S Lake Street. 

Bristol Albert M. r. 141 Wells 

Bristol Barney, lab. r. 48 W. Adams 

Bristol Charles (Turner, Bristol & Co.), r. 308 W. 

Bristol Edward, clerk, r. 96 8. Green 

Bristol Frederick J. with F. G. Welch & Co. r. % 

S. Greeu 

Bristol George L. clerk, r. 253 Erie 
Bristol Willis, clerk, Sprague, Warner & Co. r. 115 

4th av. 
Bristol William, driver, Alexander Fraser, bds. 27 

Blue Island av. 

Bristow H. L. roofing materials, r. 1149 Michigan av. 
Britell Sylvester, machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 346 Burn- 
British Consulate, T. Fred. Wilkins, H. B. M. acting 

consul, room 30 Reynolds' blk. 
Brituell Harry, brakeman, bds. 354 Carroll 
Britnitz Hermann, teamster, Steams & Co. r. Archer 

av. se. cor. Sanger 

Briton Mattis, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Britoon Peter, taiior, A. B. McLean, bds. New York 

Britt Ann Mrs. boardinghouse, 155 S. Clinton, r. 


Britt Bryon, black>mith, r. 443 W. Erie 
Britt James, wk>>. N. C. rolling mill, r. 24 Coventry 
Britt Patrick, fireman, P., Ft. W. <fc C. R. R. r. 141 

Britt Patrick, blacksmith, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. 

380 Brown 

Britt Patrick, machinist, r. 97 N. Sangamon 
Britt Pierce, artificial sionemaker, bds. es. Lake av. 
Briuain C. H. musicteacher, bds. Clifton house 
Britian A. N. salesman, Giles, Bio. &, Co. 
Britten Charles, teamster, r. 421 Loumis 
Britten Mathias, lab. r. 265 Black Hawk 
Britten Peter, meatmarket, 226 Madison, r. same 
Briitengluun Edward W. physician, office, St.Charles 

hoiel, bds. same 

Brittin Lewis, painter, r. 71 Morgan 
Britton Frank vcol'd), lab. r. 527 \V. Polk 
Briltou John, lab. r. 35 Bremer 
Brittou John, tcuuiBler, r. 128 Illinois 
Britlou Michael, teamster, r. 200 Sampson 
Britton Silvan, wid. Arthur, r. 31) Smith 
Briiz P. helper. Chicago Steam Boiler Mafg. Co. 
Brit/.berger Louis, lab. r. 194 Luke 

Brizard , collector, bds.' Eagle house 

Brizzeot Fred-:rick, planer, Garden City planing 

mills, r. Corujha 
Brizzolara Andrea, lab. r. s. al. bet. Wells and La 

Salie, Madison and Monroe 
Bro Neloii, teamster, r. 6-<6 Archer av. 
Broad Edward U. cleik, W. P. Wright, r. Indiana 

av. nr. 4-.M 

Broadbent James, machinist, r. 925 State 
Broadbent John H. machinist, r. 103 Wade 
Broadway Charles T. butcher, r. 324 3d av. 
Bioadwuy D. D. meatmarket. r. !43 State 
Broadway Edward, meat market r. 943 St; e 
Broadway James H. (Harris & xiroadway), e. 430% 

Broadway Morris D. (Callahan, Broadway & Co.), r. 

82 O'Brien 

Broakbank Charles D. r. 193 N. Curtis 
Brobacii He i man. machinist, r. 67 Burling 
Brobell F. carpenter, Louis H. Ellick-oii 
Brobon Percy, machinist, Wai worth, Twohig & 

Furse. bds. 62! N. Clark 
Brobston Daniel, painter, r. 132 N Union 
Broceo George, wks. N.C. rolling mill 
Broceo Loiii.-v wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Brnchaska Tuonias, lab. r. 45 Elston rd. 
Brochtiiihcmmu Charles, blacksmith, L. Wolff 
Brock D. T. printer, Tribune Co. r. 21 U N LaSalle 
Broik Hanson il C. druggist, 49 E. Chigago av. r. 


Brock Isaac, saloon, r. 519 N. Wells 

Morse's Celebrated Fire and ISurglar I*rooT Safes. 

Made by S. II. UAUCTZS. Gi .vouch Canal Street. 









WOO3>RUFF fc RAFFEN, tScwcr Builders, 

Hutu-mcnl of 73 & 80 Kant JHadSson Street. 






Office, 124 Washington Street, 




Brockeen Johan Jt. \vks. C II. McCormick & Bro. 
Brockenhammer Carl, machinist, r. 64 Linden 
Brockcnbamraer Mary, wid. Fritz, r. 0-4 Linden 
Brockcr Christopher, drayman, r 596 S. Hatatcd 
Brockman Henry (Ro-sow Bros. & Co.), r. 93 Huron 
Brocknwn J. D. clerk, Field, Letter & Co. r. 341 

Wabash av. 

Brockuiann John, lab. Bradner, Charnley & Co. 
Brockmann William, foreman, Braduer, Charnley & 

Co. r. 19 Lock 

Brockmann William, tailor, r. 342 2d 
Brocknow John. lab. C., R. I. & P. R. R. 
Brockschmidt Henry, carpenter, Jonathan Clark & 

Co. r. 137 Illinois 

Brockschniidt William, cooper, r. 137 Illinois 
Brockway Charles T. deputy county surveyor, room 

IB Court House 

Brockway Eliphalet, carpenter, 359 Burnside 
Brockway Henry J. auction and commission, 302 

Milwaukee av. r. same 

Brockway P. II. clerk, Sweet, Dempster & Co. 
Brockway William, salesman, Kirtland, Ordway & 


Brodard Joseph, saloon. 81 K. Kinzie, r, same 
Brodarick Thomas, tailor, Cook & McLain, r. 132 


Brodbeck William, porter, r. 312 Wells 
Brodbent Henry, fireman, C., R. I. & P. R. R. 
Bro'lbent James, machinist, C., R. I. & P. R. R. 
Brodde Aust. tailor, 308 S. Clinton, r. same 
Brodell Frank, measurer, A very, Murphy & Co. 
Broder Patrick, lab. r. 174 Wright 
Broderick B. lab. M. 8. <fc N. I. R. R. freight depot 
Broderick John, tailor, Cook & McLain, r. 192 


Broderick Michael, carpenter, r. 52 Alexander 
Broderick Michael, tailor, r. 192 Adams 
Broderick Patrick, lab. bds. 557 Clark 
Broderick Patrick, lab. C., B. & Q. R. R. Co. 
Broderick Patrick, teamster, Joseph Stockton, r. 202 


Broderick Richard, lab. r. 105 Sebor 
Broderick Thomas, tailor, r. 132 Wright 
Broderk Patrick, lab. Eagle works 
Brodeur Joseph, bootmaker, Wentworth & Co. r. 

347 W. Polk 

Brodey Joseph, capmaker, r. 23 Granger 
Brodie Charles, gen. bookkeeper, George C. Smith 

& Bro. r. 241 Sedgwick 
Brodie Coleman (col'd), whitewasher, r. 130 Gris- 


Brodie David, clerk, r. 145 Bremer 
Brodie James, bookkeeper, bds. St. Cloud hotel 
Brodie William (col'd), expressman, r. 29 Merclian 
Brodiger Lewis, lab. Chicago Plate and Bar Mill Co. 
Brodiger Matthow, helper. Chicago Plate and Bar 

Mill Co. 

Brodrick Charles, omnibusdriver, r. 159 4th av. 
Brodrick John M. engineer, State Street mills, r. 105 


Brodscherb Fredrick, gardener, r. 453 W. Randolph 
Brodt Alonso P. clerk. C. & St. L. R. R. freight de- 
pot, bds. 222 S. Peoria 
Brodway D. billposter, r. 82 O'Brien 
Brodwick Patrick, lab. bds. 284 Wells 
Brody Joseph, cap mnfr. 123 Lake, cor. Clark, r. 23 


Brody Lewis (col'd ), porter, r. 375 Clark 
Brody Robert (col'd), porter, bds. 375 Clark 
Broeeker August F. cabinetmaker, r. 52 Fremont 
Broecker Henry, cooper, bds. 52 Fremont 
Broeckert Henry, clerk, Henry Tobeck, bds. Far- 
mers' hotel 

Broekouska James, lab. r. 154 Mitchell 
Broel Martin, bartender, 187 W. Randolph, bds. 

Broell John, machinist, Rheydt & Co. bds. 38 E. 

Broflold Thomas, lab. r. 32 Springer av. 

Brogan Bernard, drayman, r. 110 Arnold 

Brogan Patrick, bricklayer, r. 4574th 

Brogun William, carriagemaker, F. C. McFarlaue, 

l>ds. 101 Adams 

Brogger Joseph, lab. r. 29 Burling 
Broguert Charles, tinsmith. Chicago Mnfg. Co. 
Broidy Peter (col'd), waiter, Thompson's dining- 
room, bds. same 

Brokaski Ludwig. lab. r. 12 W. Mather 
Brokeman John. lab. r. 21 Fisk 
Brokey Carl, tinsmith, r. 101 Sebor 
Broknian William, lab. Bradner, Charnley & Co. 

bds. W. Fiske, nr. Kith 
Broman Lena Miss, machine operator, Purington & 

Scranton. r. 442 N. Clark 

Brome Franck, r. 59 Catherine , 

Bromfleld James, sec. Lill's Chicago Brewery Co. 

Pine, se. cor. Chicago av. r. 13-4 Pine 
Bromfield L. painter, r. 853 W. Lake 
Bromfielde Christopher, r. 820 Tyler 
Bromilow Edward E. (E. E. Bromilow & Co.), r. 

165 Michigan av. 
Bromilow E. E. & Co. (Edward E. Bromilow, John 

Bates and John McMorriue), fish dealers, whol. 

186 and 188 Washington 
Bromkartner Fritz, lab. r. 132 Sherman 
Bromley Amarilla, wid. Henry, r. 61 Park av. 
Bromley Henry A. dealer in raw furs, 199 Lake, r 61 

Park av. 

Bromley Samuel, printer, r. 40 Fry 
Brommer Philip, stonecutter, Henry Kerbcr 
Bromwell II. H. salesman, J. A. Smith & Co. bds. 

St. James hotel 
Bronillet Joseph E. barber, Charles H. Fest, r. 

Clinton, nw. cor. W. Lake 
Bronuzennki Thomas, r. rear 81 Front 
Bronold Henry, druggist, 208 N. Clark, r. 242 Huron 
Bronsen Andrew, watchmaker and jeweler, 7 E, 

Kinzie, r. eame 

Bronska Frank, lab. r. Benson, nw. cor. Lancas- 
ter av. 
Bronson Antoinette L. wid. Chauncey, r. 207 W. 


Bronson Catharine, wid. Jacob, r. 488 Hubbard 
Bronson Edwin J. salesman, r. 568 Hurlbut 
Bronson Eugene C. clerk, John H. Hooper, r. 8 


Bronson J. G. bdtf. Clifton house 
Bronson J. M. gasfitter, J. McGinley 
Bronson Martin, draughtsman, Webster, Pray & Co, 

bds. 124 S. Morgan 
Bronson Robert T. (Bronson & Crane), r. 349 W. 


Bronson Suxan, wid. milliner, 143 W. Madison 
Bronson & Crane (Robert T. Bronson and Henry E. 

Crane), carpenters and builders, rear 418 State 
Bronstad Evan, painter, Desplaines, sw. cor. 4th. 
Bronstein Henry, clothier, 133 Archer av. r. same 
Brook Alexander B. lab. Estee & Egleston 
Brook John, asst. bookkeeper, C. H. McGormick & 

Bro. r. room 27, 76 Dearborn 
Brook Laurence, joiner, r. 149 W. Harrison 
Brookbank Eliza, wid. Abraham, seamstress, r. 78 

Milwaukee av. 

Brookbanks Charlotte, wid. r. Charles, 51 4th ay. 
Brookbanks John, driver, r. 51 4th av. 
Brookbanks Robert S. lab. r. 51 4th av. 
Brookes Emma, wid. Mark, dressmaker, 399 S. Hal- 

sted, r. same 

Brookes Henry (Nutt & Brookes), r. Oakland station 
Brookhouse Herman, saloon, 79 Clark, r. same 
Brookings W. W. wid. William, boardinghouse, 192 

W. Van Bnren 
Brooklyn Life Ins. Co. of Brooklyn, N. Y., F. Whita- 

kor. agt. 156 Washington 
Brookman A. gold and silver repairing shop, 59 Clark, 

r. 181 W. Erie 
Brookman Michael, jewelry repairer, A. Brookman, 

r. 181 W. Erie 


General Northwestern Agents for 


Warehouse, 11 &13 S. "Wells St. 

Shipherd, Sweet &, Co., Discount Short Paper, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SAL.LK STREET. 

W. KEKG, United States Commissioner 

For Northern ;?yirt of Illinois. 117 South Clark Street. 




Brookrneyer Michael, teamster, r. rear 73 N. Union 

Brooks Albert P. r. 288 Culumet av. 

Brooks Alva O. machinist, r. 215 Walnut 

Brooks Barney, carpenter, r. 161 Brown 

Brooks Charles A. clerk, r. 474 W. Lake 

Brooks Charles A. (col'd), r. 546 W. Indiana 

Brooks Ciiarles B. saloon, 176 Clark, r. same 

Brooks C. A. dork. P. O. 

Brooks C. J. plumber audgasfltter, 879 W T . Randolph, 

r. same 

Brooks Daniel, servant, Briggs house 
Brooks Dams C. (Fowler & Brooks), r. 1473 Prairie 


Brooks Edmund, switchman, bds. 76 Wilson 
Brooks Edward, mail agt. bds. 41 S. Curtis 
Brooks Elvira, wid. O. D. r. 215 Walnut 
Brooks Emma Miss, milliner, bds. 432 Warren av. 
Brooks Everett W. agt. Loud, Priest & Gay, 242 S. 

Water, r. 174 Michigan av. 
Brooks E. machinist, bds. 1562 State 
Brooks Frank C. machinist, Boomer's bridge works, 

bds. 15t2 State 

Brooks Franklin, physician, 187 Clark, r. same 
Brooks Franklin jr. medical student, bds. 115 Adams 
Brooks Frederick, bookkeeper, bds. 67J4 3d av. 
Brooks George, lab. r. 7 Whiting 
Brooks George, musician, bds. 204% N. Clark 
Brook.s George H. (George H. Brooks & Co.), r. 356 

W. Monroe 
Brooks George II. (col'd), porter, C. & N. W. R. W. 

r. 104 Washington 
Brooks George H. <fc Co. (George H. Brooks and J. 

Jay Hackney), com. mere. 150 S. Water 
Brooks Henry, clerk, Sayrs, Gilmore & Douey, r. 85 

S. Water 
Brooks Harmanus V. S. coal dealer, r. 837 Wabash ! 

Brooks Henry J. BRYANT & STRATTON BUSI^ ' 


Brooks James C. (Mears, Bates <fc Co.), r. 369 Ontario 
Brooks John, clerk, bds. 68 Adams 
Brooks John, clerk, bds. 227 Michigan 
Brooks John, lab. Novelty carriage works 
Brooks John D. carpenter. Thomas Healy 
Brooks John W. salesman, Baker, Greig & Co. rooms 

Clark, sw. cor. Madison 
Brooks Jonathan W. jr. clerk, Burley & Tyrell, bds. 

857 Wabash av. 
Brooks Jonathan W. physician and surgeon, 55 

Clark, r. 857 Wabasn av. 
Brooks Joseph, carpenter, Chicago water works, r. 

632 Sedgwick 

Brooks Jo.v)ph, carpenter, r. 310 W. Polk 
Brooks J. G. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 227 Michi- 

Brooks J. P. office, 34 Clark, r. 333 Wabash av 
Brooks Lionel, clerk, A. G. O. hdqrs. U. S. A. r. 51 ! 

Van Bureu 

Brooks Louis A. carpenter, r. 171 W. Liberty 
Brooks Mary, wid. George, r. 448 S. Clinton 
Brooks M. Walter, salesman, C. T. Reynolds & Co. i 
Brooks Oliver J. bds. 240 Warren av. 
Brooks Roxannah, r. us. al. bet. Madison and Mon- I 

roe. Wells and Market 

Brooks Samuel, bookkeeper. J. Freeman Silke 
Brooks Sidney H. carpenter, r. 553 S. Burnside 
Brooks Stephen (col'd), lab. r. 18 Meridian 
Brooks Stephen, laundry, 228 Madison, r. same 
Brooks Stetson, machinist. Boomer's bridge works 
Brooks Thomas, foreman, Willow Springs Pressed i 

Brick Co. r. 446 S. Halsted 
Brooks Timothy, driver. Wabash av. trans, line 
Brooks William (Greenlee Bros. & Co.), r. 638 W. 


Brooks William C. clerk, bds. 857 Wabash av 
Brooks W. (W. F. Coolbaugh & Co.) 
Brooks W. H. jr. (Lewises & Brooks), r. Englewood 
Brooks W. II. reporter, Edwards' directory, bds. 288 


The Chicago Terra Cotta Company 


Statuary, Tases, Urns, Fountains, &c. 

For Private and Public Grounds. 
Wareroms. 290 State Street. 



Assets over S5.OOO ,OOO 

Annual Income, nearly S3.OOO OOO. 

SHUGARD A DEAN. (Jon 1 Agents, 

83 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable District Agents wanted. 

Brooks , bds. Congress Hall 

Brooke , bookkeeper, bds. 66 Adams 

Brookg, see also Brookes 

Brooksbank Joseph, carriage painter, 71 N. Wells, JQ 

r. 100 H. Curtis 
Brooksbank William, carriage painter, bds. 100 N. .. 

Cun is 1 

Broom J. bde. Lincoln house, 99 W. Randolph 
Broome Eliza, wid. Thomas, r. 140 W. Washing- H 

ton ^ 

Broomell Ellen C. Miss, teacher, Cottage Grove ^ 

school, 105 Vincennes av. M 

Broomell George D. principal, Haven school, bds. ^ 

105 Vincennes av. 
Broomell James H. prin. Cottage Grove school. J2J 

r. 105 Vincennes av. w 

Broomfield John, bookbinder, bds. 38T if . Clark t 
Broomhead William D. druggist, 56 W. Randolph, ^ 

r. 54 W. Randolph <* 

Broon Frank, lab. Smith <fc Walker 
Brophey Elizabeth, wid. Rnlph, r. 59 Indiana . . 

Brophy Andrew, marble polisher, Sherman, Cole & f, 

Co. r. 216 Oak J 

Brophy Bernard F. baker, r. Brown, nr. 12th r^ 

Brophy Bridget, wid. John, r. 142 S. Halsted p^ 

Brophy Catherine, wid. Michael, r. 587 Division u 
Brophy Edward, lab. M. S. & N. I. freight depot 3 
Brophy Edward, teamster, Ionic mills J 

Brophy James, lab. Stearns & Co. r. 6 Rum ^g, 

Brophy James, waiter, Tremont house 
Brophy John, lab. Jones. Corrigan & Co. |" 

Brophy Luke, lab. r. 284 Wells M 

Brophy Patrick, carpenter, Eli Jennings, r. Dear- k 

Dorn. sw. cor. Illinois 

Brophy Philip, sewerbuilder, r. 142 S. Halsted 
Brophy Thomas, lab. Jones, Corrigan t Co. r. 32 ^ 

Springer av. W* 

Brophy William, dentist, room 3 Commercial bldg. g 

r. 140 Monroe 
Brophv William, student, BRYANT & STRATTON S3 



Bropst Adam, carpenter, r. 78 Liberty t-J 

Bropst Philip, carpenter, r. 78 Liberty *5 

Brose Charles, lab. r. 257 Coolidge ^ 

Brose John, lab. r. 32 Willow 

Broken Timothy, waiter, Tremont house, r. 56 

Bremer M 

Brosh Frank, lab. r. 48 Fisk &| 

Broshni Timothy, teamster, r. 173 N. Halsted j^ 

Brosman John. wks. rolling mill, bds. 62 Wright 
Brosnahan Patrick, horseshoer, Michael McNulty, 

bds. 185 Wells W 

Brosnahen David, carpenter, r. 48 Cornell >^ 

Brosnan Cornelius, curp*-' n ' el % r - 204 N. Paulina ^ 

Brosnan Joanna, wid. Thomas, t. 120 W. Harris-on JJ^ 
Brosnan T. N. clerk, Hanchett A Griflth, bds. 310 JJ 

Michigan av. 
Brosnan William W. boots and shoes, 18 Milwaukee 

av. r. same Tf . 

Brosohen John, teamster, r. 69 E. Indiana j 

Brosold Garrett, lab. r. 45 Mary an 

Bross Anna, wid. Writislaw, dressmaker, r. 112 N. _ 

Clark * 

Bross Charles A. bookkeeper, bds. 112 N. Clark M 
Bross Ira B. N. gen. bookkeeper, Manufacturers' ^ 

National bank, r. 51 Harrison S 

Bross J. H., Board of Public Works,'r. 383Kankakee J 

av. ~ 

Bross Roger J. purchasing agt. J. V. Farwell & Co. 

BROSS' WILLIAM, pres. Tribune Co. r. 
202 Michigan av. 

Bross William, pres. Manufacturers' National bank, 
Dearborn, nw. cor. Washington, r. 202 Michigan 

Bross William jr. tel. operator, r. 383 Kankakne av. 

Bross William ir. student, PORTER'S TELE- 

Harris, Manufacturer ana Dealer in 

BANK and SAFE LOCKS. 62 f"nth Canal Street. 







General Agent for Chicago. 

124 Washington St. 


Brosseau Theodore, nutter, D. W. Lamberson & 

Bro. bds. 4(i N. Dearborn 
Brosseau Oilbert. lab. bds. 81 Deering 
Brosseam Samuel, burnisher, Illinois Mnfg. Co. bds. 

46 y. Dearborn 

Brosseau Z. P. (Divine & Brosseau), r. 458 N. Dear- 

Brosselton Thomas, hostler, r. 03 W. 12th 
Brossman Charles, teamster, H. Grusendorf & Co. 

r. 245 N. Rucker 

Bn son Ann, wid. Theodore, r. 204 Sherman 
Bros-ow Mary Miss, milliner, r. 198 W. Harrison 
Br ist-ow Mary, wid. J<*3ph, r. 198 W. Harrison 
Brost John G. saloon, ls5 W. Lake, r. same 
Brother David, lab. C., B. <fc Q. R. R. Co. 
Brow Peter, painter, r. 143 Lytle 
Brough Thomas, lab. r. rear 274 21st 
Brougham F. lab. Dwight Cutler 
Brougham Patrick, porter. Gray Bros. & Phelps 
Broughaski James, lab. r. 56 Burlington 
Broughn Patrick, porter, r. 204 4th av. 
Broughton Charles M. news dealer, 608 State, r. 600 

Brouilet Joseph E. hairdresser, r. room 8 W. Lake, 

nw. cor. Clinton 

Broun S. A. bds. Mattoson house 
Brounstin Herman, clothing, 132 Archer av. r. 142 

Archer av. 

Brouse O. R. lawyer, room 11, Major blk. r. same 
Broush Michael, machinist, Clark. Raflen & Co. 
Brower Charles, clerk, bds. 84 S. Sangamon 
Brower Charles H. r. 149 21st 
Brower Charles R. salesman, Edwin Hunt & Sons 
Brower Sylvester, policeman. First precinct, r. 700 S: 

Brower T. J. bds. 369 Wabash av. 

Brower , carpenter, bds. 141 S. Halsted 

Brown Aaron, coffee and spice dealer, bds. 74 Grant 

Brown Aaron, grocer, bds. 1 N. Reuben 
Brown Aaron J. sailor, r. rear S66 W. Harrison 
Brown Aaron L. (T. H. Brown & Co. and Barker, 

Brown & Co.), r. 172 S. Peoria 
Brown Abraham, butcher, r. 43 Meridian 
Brown Adam, bootmaker, W. C. Fischer, r. 46 N. 


Brown Adam, clerk, bds. 990 Madison 
Brown Adam, stonecutter, Louis II. Boldenwick, r. 

114 W. Polk 
Brown Adolph, machinist, A. H. Andrews & Co. r. 

152 W. Randolph 

Brown Adolph, tinsmith, r. 69 W. Ewing 
Brown Albert, stonecutter, Miller & Son, bds. 361 S. 


Brown Albert, tinner, r. 69 W. Ewing 
Brown Albert C. com. nier. r. 18 Peck 
BBOWN AX-BERT, H. editor, Chicago 

R\vning Josrnal. r. 14!) ^W. Washington 
Brown Albert L. cabinetmaker, r. Adams, bet. Camp- 
bell av. and Rockwell 

Brown Albert M. flreman, bde. 584 Ilubbard 
Brown Alexander (col'd), carriagedriver. r. 793 W. 

Brown Alexander, teamster, bds. 64 DeKoven 
Brown Agtistua F. carpenter, r. 145 W. 18th 
Brown Alfred, flshstore, r. S68',J Clark 
Brows Amelia, wid. John, confectionery, 256 W. Chi- 
cago av. r. ame 
Brown Andrew, carpenter, John Brown, bds. 180 W. 


Brown Andrew, carver, r. 143 Ontario 
BROWtf ANDREW, pork and beef pack- 

er and dealer ia provisions, 52 River, r. 

Wabash av. eor. 18th 
Brown Andrew, lab. N. Chicago city railway, bds. 

140 W. Ontario 

Brown Andrew, lab. r. 321 33d 
Br.nvn Andrew, shoemaker, bds. 130W. Indiana 
Brown Andrew, seaman, bds. 48 W. Water 

RAFFEY? Sewer Builders, 

Raeinviit of 78 "* PO East Itfadloon Street; 
124 BRO 

Brown Andrew J. lawyer, 116 LaSalle, r. Evanston, 

Brown Andrew S. tailor, 6. B. Lund, bds. 90 Supe- 


Brown Angelina Miss, dressmaker, r. 487 Clark 
Brown Ann M. wicl. Albert, r. 30 Vine 
Brown Annie Mrs. 178 Jackson 
Brown Anson C. (N. Ludingtou A Co.), r. Menomo- 


Brown Anton, carpenter, bds. 86 Sherman 
Brown Arza Rev. bds. 153 W. Indiana 
Brown Arx,a F. mayor's police, r. 89 Douglas pi. 
Brown Asa B. (Brown fc Scottl. bds. 1 N. Reuben 
Brown A. B. cigaimaker. bds. 151 State 
Brown A. E. denii.-t, r. 165 Wabah av. 
Brown A. Frederick, printer, V. B. Truax & Co. 

bds. 173 Michigan 

Brown A. F. policeman, r. 89 Douglas pi. 
Brown A. L. carpenter, Chicago Scale To. 
Brown A. Vance. Downer & Co. r. 231 Wabash av. 
Brown Barbara, wid. George, r. 16'. i isth 
Brown Benjamin, painter, bds. Montreal house 
Brown Benjamin, painter, r. 43<> State 
Brown Benjamin F. salesman. J. F. Webber & Co. 

47 Franklin 

Brown Bridget, wid. Charles, r. 15 Penn 
Brown Bridget, wid. George, seamstress, r. 342 24th. 
Brown Bros. (Franklin B. and Edwin L. Brown), 

sidewalk and vault light*. 226 and 528 Kbnroe 
Brown Bros. (John and Donmick Brown), foap and 

candle mnfrs. 550 Archer av. 
Brown B. Mrs. dressmaker. 43<> State 
Brown B. F. student. BRYANT & S7RATTOK 



Brown Canute, contractor, r. 30 Vine 
Brown Carrie Mrs. dresflnakar, 613 S. Janal, r. same 
Brown Catherine, wid. Patrick, r. 55 Ontario 
Brown Celinda C. Mrs. bds. 1116 Indiana av. 
Brown Charles, boardinsrhouse. 31 . Chicago ST. 
Brown Charles, butcher. Reinlurdt & Hill, bds. 

room 5, 02 and 64 W. Lake 
Brown Charles (col'd), painter, r. al. bet. Franklin 

and Wells, Jncknon and Van Buren 
Brown Charles, cook, European hotel, bds. same 
Brown Charles, inspector of water metres, r. 10 


Brown Charles, painter, bds. 112 W. Harrison 
wn Charle 
diana av. 

, p 

Brown Charles B. (C. B. Brown & Co.), r. 879 In- 

Brown Charles C clerk, C. & St. L. R. R. freight 

depot. r. H Lftflin 

Brown Charles F. trimkmaker, r. 135 4th av. 
Brown Charles F. r. 178 W. Jackson 
Brown Charles H. consulting artist, t6 Washington, 

r. 149 2lBt 

Brown Charles H. machinist, bds. 368 Ilubbard 
Brown Charles J. porter. Flint <fc Aver 
Brown Charles S. traveling agt. II. Scovill, r. rear 

134 and 13fi W abash av. 
Brown Charles T. foreman, engine T. B. Brown, bds. 

Lincoln house 
Brown Charles W. student, BRYANT & STRAT- 

Brown Chris; opher. Inb. r. 263 4th av 
Brown Conrad H. peddler, r. Ifi-j W. Polk 
Brown Cornelia It. Miss. bds. 105 W. M-ulison 
Brown Cornelius, shipper, r. 1343'i State 
Brown C. Acldie, teacher, Wells school, r. 74 S. Mor- 


Brown C. A. (Brown & Co >. r. 50 Cott.-ige Grove av. 
Brown C. A. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Brown C. B. & Co. (Charles B. and Theodore Brown 

and James G. Haiti, iron foundry, 28 Kingsbury 
Brown C. F. tenmster. bds. 58-1 Hubbard 
Brown C. II. railroad clerk, r. 263 Clark 
Brown C. M. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 



General Northwestern Agents for 

WIM:. J-JESSOIP & soisrs, 

WareKrms. 11 &13 S. Well* St. 

Sh!picrd, Sweet & Co., .Broker* in mort: ges, 

NOB. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 


89 Wanning!** Street. Property Sold and Rented. 



Brown C. Walter, r. 618 W. Washington 

Brown Daniel, lab. r. 189 Johnson 

Brown Daniel, porter, Thomas McDonald, bds. 105 

and 107 N. Water 
Brown Daniel H. r. B4 Wilson 
Brown Daniel L. student, r. 118N. Paulina 
Brown David (Brown, Ketchum & Co.), r. Kenwood 

Brown David Newton, shipping clerk, n. H. Taylor, 

r. '.) k>. Groen 

Brown Darid, lab. city elevator 
Brown David, lab. r. 33 Dussold 
Brown David, sailor, bds. 38 E. Kinzie 
Brown Darter G. capitalist, 22 Chamber of Com 

mere*, bds. 207 Michigan av. 
Brown Dominick (Brown Bros.), r. 550 Archer av. 
Brown Dragila M. M. wid. Charles, bds. 5 Eugenio 
Brown D. painter, Jevne & Almini 
Brown D. A. wool grader, r. 543 Archer av. 
Browu D. P. salesman, Field, Loiter <fc Co. bds. 

Richmond house 
Browm Jidfar F. sec. Chicago Hyde and Leather Co. 

47 Wlls, r. Evan*ton 
Browa Edward (col'd), porter, Coon, Packard & Co. 

r. 3M 3d av. 
Browa Jid ward, gen. engraver, 133 Lake, bds. 311 

W. Randolph 

Brown I/toward, grain broker, bds. 589 Wabash av. 
Brown Edward, lab. Epstein, Goodman & Co. r. 

Michigan, cor. Market 
Browa Jidward, lab. r. 113 Kossuth 
Brown Edward, lab. Stearns & Co. 
Browu Jtdwurd, lab. r. 43 Michigan 
Brown Edward, lake captain, r. 7 Johnson 
Brown Edward, whitewasher, bds. 135 W. Indiana 
Brown lidward C. clerk, bds. 14 8. Laflin 
Brown Edward E. bookkeeper, bds. 102 Randolph, 
Brown Edward E. bookkeeper, Day & Breasted, bds. 

238 State 
BROWN EDWARD JF- Physician and 

surgMou, room 4, 38 and 40 LaSalle, r. room 12, 

40 LuSulle 

Brown Edward H. bricklayer, bds. 117 Canal 
Brown Edward S. clerk, C., B. & Q. K. R. r. 408 


Brown Edwin, clerk, bds. 5 Eugenie 
Brown Edwin H. at A. C. & O. F. Badger, r. Fulton, 

nw. cor. May 

Browu Edwin L. (Brown? Bros.), r. Oak Park 
Browu Edwin T. printer, Jameson & Morse, r. 489 

Hub bard 

Brown Elbert, lab. bds. 841 W. Washington 
Browu Eliza, wid. F. C. r. 189 Walnut 
Brown Eliza, wid. George, r. rear99 N. Union 
Brown Ellen, wid. John, bds. 390% Jackson 
Brown Enos (Euos Brown & Co.), bds. bt. James 

Brown Enos S. realestate, r. ns. Oak, bet. Cornell 

aud Hyde park av. Hide Park 
Brown Enos & Co. (Enos Brown and Bowen Bros.), 

cotton aud woolen nintg. supplies, 19 and 21 


Brown Ephriam (col'd), plasterer, r. rear 113 Griswold 
Brown E. Mrs. notions, 152 W. Lake, r. same 
Brown E. H. actor, Dearborn theatre, r. 180 W. Ran- 

Brown E. W. com. mer. r. 637 N. Clark 
Brown Francis, clerk, C. Aftel & Co. bda. 152 Indiana 
Brown Francis, lab. bds. 59 N. Canal 
Browu Francis P. carpenter, r. 247 Warren av. 
Brown Frank, carpenter, bds. 194 Cottage Grove av. 
Brown Frank, confectioner, r. 403 Sedgwick 
Browu Frank, lab. Eagle works 
Brown Frank B. (Frank B. Brown & Co.), r. 5 N. 

Brown Frank B. & Co. (Frank B. Brown and 

William E. Buhl), French patterns, 5 N. Clark 
Brown Frank E. shipping clerk, Smith Bros. r. 189 




Glues & Neatsfoot Oil, 




AfMAtfl T* 66.OOO.OOO. |.| 

Policies issued in 13ftR. .11,719. W 

SIIUGAHT A D1AK, Gen'l Agents, O 

83 Washington tret, Chicago. ft 

Good Agents warned. JJ 

Brown Frank F. editor Western Magazine, r. 287 ft 
Warren ay. _ 

Brown Franklin B. (Brown Bros.)r. 267 Erie 
Brown Fred. lab. r. 143 Cornelia fife 

Brown Frederick, fireman, I. C. R. R. bds, 601 State " 
Brown Frederick, houseMiover, r. 101 Hurlbut A 

Brown Frederick, lab. r. 143 Liberty ^ 

Brown Frederick, painter, r. 433 Larrabee O 

Brown Frederick, peddler, r. 9 John < 

Brown Frederick, r. 87 8. Halsted ^ 

Brown Frederick t-ailaiaker, bds. 135 W. Indiana S, 
Brown Frederick, wagonmaker, August Kiesling, r. M 
343 W. 13th S 

Brown Frederick O. emigration agt. r. 73 Rees 
Brown Frederick \T. sailor, r. 87 Walnut 3 

Brown F. C. machinist, bds. 75 N. Peoria M 

Brown F. D. (Stevers * Brown), r 171 Park av. P 

Brown George, bds. Richmond house ft 

Brown George, fireman, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. bds. ** 
143 W. 13th a 

Brown George, fireman, r. 81 E. White M 

Brown George, lab. Chicago water works, r. 81 A 
White M 

Brown George, notions, 191 W. Taylor, r. same & 

Brown George, peddler, r. 30 Broadway av. 
Brown George, preeser, Chicago terra cotta works, C 
r. Catherine, cor. Lafiin ^ 

Brown George, r. 198 Mitchell 

Brown George, saloon, 40J 32d, r. same SB 

Brown George, shoemaker. John Brown, bds. 679 S. 


Brown George, teamster, r. 16 W. Liberty M 

Brown George (col'd), whitewasher, 385 3d av. r. * 
same M 

Brown George, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Brown George F. bookkeeper, Harvey Scovil, r. jf 
Adams, bet. Western av. and Rockwell 5" 

Brown Geortre F. carpenter, r. 401 Division .-4 

Brown George F. clerk, I. C. R. R. r. J7t Indiana 
Brown George R. moulder, George A. Jinks & Co. J? 

bds. 227 Michigan 

Brown George S. bookkeeper, Mitchell, Brown & {? 

Thompson, r. 267 Maxwell B* 

Brown George W. (Benham & Brown), bds. 874 M 

Michigan av. ^ 

Brown George W. bds. 885 W. Lake 

Brown George W. lab. r. 1 Pine r| 

Brown George W. musician, r. 237 3d av. B 

Brown George W. messenger, Am. M. IT. Ex. Co. M 

Brown George W. letter carrier, bds. 138 W. Wash- * 


Brown Gottfried, expressman, r. 684 S. Jefferson M 

Brown Hamilton, clerk, Brown, Ketcham & Co. r. ft 

434 Warren av. 

Brown Hamilton, lab. Jones & Laughlin ^ 

Brown Hamilton, ea;lor, r. rear 155 W. Taylor 
Brown Harriet, wiu. Sewell, bds. 247 Warren av. w 
Brown Harry, canvasser, John C. W. Bailey, 164 ^ 


Brown Harry, student, BRYANT & STRATTON . 

Brown Hat tie (col'd), wid. r. 357 Wells )f 

Brown Henry, boots and shoes, 116 Adams, r. 21 

N. Union ^ 

Brown Henry, brakernan, r. rear 99 N. Union ^* 

Brown Henry, cabinetmaker, F. Porter Thayer & 

Co. 632 N. Wells ^ 

Brown Henry, carpenter and builder, rear 877 Wa- S 

bash av. r. 827 Halsted 
Brown Henry, furrier, r. 44 Finnell 
Brown Henry, furrier, r. rear 253 N. Rncker * 

Brown Henry, grocer, 413 Archer av. r. same 
Brown Henry, lab. bds. 257 Mitchell 
Brown Henry, clerk, Sheridan's headquarters, bds. 
14 Adams |^ 

Brown Henry, Inb. J. Sheriffs & Son, r. 221 W. Taylor rf. 
Brown Henry, meatmarket, Grove, cor. 18th, r. 203 O 

Brown Henry, sailor, bds. 146 N. Hoisted 

Morse Safes Iiave been tried in the largest fires in this country, 

AM> NEVER FAILED. Blade by S. H. Harris, 63 South Canal Street.. 

Ovens BiSiS* Woodruff A; RaflTen, 

No*. 7S & f.O 15 







na lie turned at Death, 

jn In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 




Brown Henry, saloon, 51* Archer av. r. same 

Brown Henry C. clerk. Chase Bros. & Co. r. 308 

Brown Henry F. (Brown, Tucker & Sherman), bds. 
Metropolitan hotel 

Brown Henry H. barber, r. 120 Sigel 

Brown Henry H. Ms. 306 8. Peoria 

BROWN HENRY H. agt. Phoenix Ins. 
Co. of Hartford, Conn. 90 LaSalle, r. 450 Wash- 

Brown Henry S. carpenter, ns. School, bet. Jefferson 
and Desplaines 

Brown Henry W. moulder, r. 353 S. Clinton 

Brown Hermann, carpenter, Hepp & Schoenthaler, 
bds. -is W. Erie 

Brown Hermon A. cigarmaker, Phillip Kansman, r. 
711 Milwaukee av. 

Brown Horton L. driver, r. 155V S. Desplaines 

Brown Hubbard, lather, r. 303 Wentworth av. 

Brown Huberts. (Eaton, Maguire & Co.), r.353 Wa- 
bash av. 

Brown Hngh, plasterer, r. 50 Sholto 

Brown Hugo, bookbinder, Kiss & Ringers, r. 16 In- 

Brown II. B. physician, 148 Madison, r. 3 Hub- 
bard ct. 

Brown Henry, r. 131 Ruble 

Brown Henry, bus. 173 3d av. 

Brown Honry, bds. 332 S. Peoria 

Brown H. E. salesman, Bowen, Whitman & Wins- 
low, r. 61 Calumet av. 

Brown Ira (Ira Brown & Co.), r. 139 N. Union 

BROWN IRA & CO. (Ira Brown and -), 
reale*tate agts. room* 5 and 6 McCormick B bldg. 
Dearborn, se. cor. Randolph 

Brown Isaac, clerk, bds. 404 VV. Madison 

Brown Isaac O. saloon and bowling alley, 103 Ran- 
dolph, r. 315 Huron 

Brown Jacob, carpenter, bds. 166 Walnut 

Brown James, bricklayer, r. 325 McGregor 

Brown James, carpenter, Collins & Burgle, r. 28 

Brown James, engineer, Turner & Sutherland, r. 51 

Brown James, lab. r. Indiana ay. bet. 13th and 14th 

Brown James, lab. r. ns. Sullivan, bet. Sedgwick 
and Hurlburt 

Brown James, lab. 603 S. Union 

Brown James, plumber, Manny, Selleck & Co. r. 38 

Brown James, salesman, Humphreys, Gustin & 
Knott, r. Oskaloosa, Iowa 

Brown James, teamster, r. 123 Bnrnside 

Brown James D. cigarmaker, C. Sharnhost, r. 199 

Brown James D. clerk, Ross & Gossage, bds. 134 
W. Madison 

Brown James E. broommaker, C. W. Genning & 
Co. r. 110 State 

Brown James M. clerk, r. 45 S. Ann 

Brown James N. (Brown & Colbert), r. 280 W. Har- 

Brown Jane M. student. PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 
COLLEGE, bds. 143 W. 12th 

Brown Jennie, boardinghouse. r. 202 Griswold 

Brown Johanna Mrs. r. t>5 N. Market 

Brown John thrown Bros.), r. 550 Archer av. 

Brown John, bartender, Jerry Monroe, bds. 450 

Brown John, bartender, r. 76 Griswold 

Brown John, bookbinder, Smeal, Rebanks & Co. 
bd<. 310 Kuikakoc av. 

Brown John, boot and shoemaker, 28V4 W. Ran- 
dolph, r. 579 S. Halsted 

Brown John, carpenter, r. al. e. of Rush, bet. E. 
White and Whitney 

Brown John, carpenter, r. 75 Brown 

Brown John, clerk, r. M Pearco 

Brown John, cooper, r. 2S6W. Chicago av. 

Brown John, dealer in can^v. r. 90 Canalport av. 

Brown John, gardener, r. 19 Dickson 

Brown John, helper, Millar & Parsons, bds. Rock 

Island house 

Brown John, house and sign painter, r. 15 W. White 
Brown John ^col'dl, janitor, r. 106 Van Buron 
Brown John, lake captain, bds. Fort Donaldson 


Brown John, lab. r. 14 Wesson 
Brown John, lab. r. rear ns. Chapin, bet. Noble and 

R. R. track 

Brown John. lab. r. 432 Larrabee 
Brown John. lab. Soper A Pond 
Brown John, machinist, bds. 11 X. Jefferson 
Brown John, moulder. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Brown John, printer, Louis Nelke & Co. r. Griswold, 

n. of M. S"! depot 
Brown John, sailmaker, G. F. Foster, bds. 27 N. 


Brown John, sailor, r. 237 W. Taylor 
Brown John, sash, floor and blinds. 180 W. Randolph 
Brown John, sewerpipe mkr. r. 78 Mather 
Brown John, tenm*ter. r. 356 S. Clinton 
Brown John. wks. N. C. rollinar mill 
Brown Jo'in, wks. rolling mill, r. 72 Dirkson 
Brown John (col'd). student, r. 271 Wells 
Brown John, variety store, 90 Canalport av. r. same 
Brown John, r. 291 State 
Brown John. r. 240 W. Chicago av. 
Brown John, bds. 249 Mitchell 
Brown John A. engineer, r. 199 Illinois 
Brown John B. camlymaker. bds. 203 Ontario 
Brown John B. C. (Ecksterm. Bro. & Brown), r. S. 

Bimd, Minn. 

Brown John E. broker. 150 Washington 
Brown John G. bds. 387 E'.ston roaa 
Brown John J. grocer, 66 Bremer. r. same 
Brown John J. moulder, Clark, Raffen & Co. r. 66 


Brown John J. r. 144 W. Madison 
Brown John L. salesman, Reessing & Co. bds. 80 

Brown John Medbery, bookkeeper, Kellogg &Covell, 

bds 50 Calumet av. 
Brown John M. bookkeeper, E. Richardson, bds. 36 


Brown John N. engineer, Downer & Co. r. 17 Town- 

Brown John P. expressman, bds. 103 Harrison 
Brown John P. bds. 10 Gano 
Brown John R. carpenter and joiner, 111 Market, r. 


Brown John S. dentist, 165 Wabash av. 
Brown John S. liquor merchant, r. 206 S. Peoria 
Brown John S. realestate broker, room 8, 132 Clark, 

r. 165 Wabash av. 

Brown John T. (col'd), plasterer, r. 139 Jackson 
Brown John I", cooper, r. 284 W. Chicago av. 
Brown John W. clerk, Charles Cardy, bds. 86 Blue 

Inland av. 

Brown John W. lab. r. Buddan. nr. 29th 
Brown Joseph, clerk. W. Blair & Co. 179 and 181 

Randolph, r. 148 W. Adams 
Brown Joseph, boss wiper, C. A N. W. R. W. r. 18'/i 


Brown Joseph, carpenter, r. 386 Noble 
Brown Joseph, enginecleaner, r. 18J4 Fry 
Brown Joseph, lab. J. T. Rverson. r. 315 N. Carpenter 
Brown Joseph, lab. r. 262 Walmtt 
Brown Joseph, painter, L. L. Smith & Co. 
Brown Joseph, watchman, r. 105 14th 
Brown Joseph E surveyor, Chicago Firemen's Ins. 

Co. r. 74 S. Morgan 

Brown Joshua, paint ;r. brl*. 500 W. Madison 
Brown Jr.lm B. Mrs. r. 313 W. Randolph 
Brown J. clerk. William Blair & Co. 
Brown J. A. clerk. Ross & Gossage. bds. 304 Ohjo 
Brown J. A. (Mojller & Brown), bds. Metropolitan 




General Northwestern Agents foi 
0! St.. 

B&ipnerti, sweet dfc (Jo., Brokers in 

Pios. 155 and 157 LA SA&LJS STREET, 






Brown J. C. bds. 274 Clark 

Brown J. C. brooiuuiaker, r. 758 8. Halsted 

Brown J. D. trav. agt. C. T. Rayiiolds & Co. r. Wau- 

kegan. 111. 

Brown J. George, teamster, Downer & Bemis Brew- 
ing Co. r. Broadway av. cor. 27th 
Brown".!. H. (Brown &"Mathews), r. Evauston 
Brown J. II. driver, Frank Parmulee & Co. 
Brown J. J. (Beal & Brown), bds. 141 W. Madison 
Brown J. M. salesman, Crane, Breed &Co. r. 45 Oak 
Brown J. R. gen. agt. American Fenco Co. bds. i 

Orient house 

Brown J. S. clerk, bds. 144 Warren av. 
Brown. Ketchum & Co. (.David Brown, Renben A. 

Ketchum and William F. Keeler), teas whol. 34 

Brown Leonard M. (W. R. Hinckley & Co.), r. 633 


Brown Leroy, carriage maker, r. 170 S. Green 
Brown Lester, vice prea. National Loan & Tract Co. 
Brown Lewis A. (Brown & Schairer), r. Lake View 
Brown Lizzie J. Miss, dressmaker, 323 W. Madison, 

r. same 
Brown Lorenzo, switchman, M. S. & N. I. R. R. r. 

212 Sherman 

Brown Louis, switchman, M. S. out freight depot 
Brown Ludwig, clerk, Eckstenn, Bro. & Brown, r. 393 

Milwaukee av. 

Brown Luke S. stonemason, r. 42 Monroe 
Brown Maria Miss, candymaker, P. L. Garrity, r. 81 


Brown Marselle, watchman, Jones, Hough & Co. 
Brown Martin, lab. A. B. Meeker, r. 94 E. Ontario 
Brown Martin, lab. r. 173 Cologne 
Brown Martin, painter, Emil DeVide, r. Chicago av. 

cor. 'Milwaukee av. 

Brown Martin T. teamster, r. 584 Hubbard 
Brown Mary, wid. Charles, r. 97 Kith 
Browil Mary Miss, cutter, Chicago Boot and Shoe 

Co. r. Ontario, nr. Market 
Brown Mary, wid. George S. r. 14 S. Laflin 
Biowii Mary, wid. William, bds. 59 W. Jackson 
Brown Mary, wid. William, r. es. Halsted, bet. Bel- 
den av. and Asylum pi. 

Brown Mary E. wid. Ernst A. r. 250 W. Lake 
Brown Mary A. Mrs. ladies' furnishing store, 291 

State, r. same 
Brown Mary J. shirtmaker, J. H. O'Brien, r. 221 W. 

Brown Mary J. wid. John J. shirt manufacturer, 291 

State, r. same 
Brown Mathew (col'd), cook, Geo. M. Christian, 174 

Brown Michael, miller, Rickard & Beierlein, r. 73 

But lei-field 

Brown Milton, clerk, bds. 5 Eugenie 
Brown M>irden, cook, r. 142 4th av. 
Brown Morns, carriage painter, bds. 43 Meridian 
B.-own Morris, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Brown M. D. lawyer, l'Wy t Dearborn, r. 214 Park av. 
Brown M. J. bookkaeper, Novelty carriage works, r. 

1<>2 S. Peoria 

rown M. M. (Sawyer & Brown), r. 3754 Pine 
own Nathan II. (W. II. Brown & Bro.), r. 39 Park 


Brown Nathaniel, clerk, Tuttle, Thompson & Wet- 
more, r. 75 Hurlbut 

Brown Neil, plumber, bds. 453 S. Canal 
Brown Nicholas, coaldealer, r. 408 Maxwell 
Brown Nicholas, lab. Chicago Lead and Oil Works, 

bds. 4S-i N. Sedgwick 
Brown Nicholas, saloon, r. 143 Illinois 
Brown Xo'rris P. carpenter, 300 N. Curtis 
Brown Orlando II. ladder-maker, C. G. Udell, bds. 

001 State 
Brown Oscar, supt. Rothschild, Frank & Co. r. 92 N. 


Brown Otto A. seaman, r. 288 Maxwell 
Brown Owen, stonecutter, t. 4:f7 Taylor 



For House Cornices, Counters, and Interior Store 

Ornamentation Generally. Can be had in Term 

Cotta at One-third the'cost of Carved Wood. 

Warerooms, 29O Sts.ta S, 



Assets over $5,000,000. 


SIIUGAKD <& DEAN. Geu'l Agents, 

85 Washington. Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents wanted. 

Brown O. B. clerk, J. B. Fitch 

Brown Patrick, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. . 

Brown Patrick, expressman, r. IfiO W. Taylor 

Brown Patrick, lab. r. 203 N. Halmcd 

Brown Patrick, lab. r. 310 Catherine 

Brown Patrick, lab. r. 3!iO Indiana I 

Brown Paul, artist. 141 Lake. r. GOO Washington av. 

Brown Pedert Brown & Wilson), bds. 80 W. Lake , 

Brown Peter sailmaker, Pnrintrton & Scranton, r. j 

79 W. Erie 

Brown Peter, saloon, 51 Franklin, r. same 
Brown Peter K. constable, room 2 Uhlich blk. r. ( 
Belfast house I 

Brown Phillip, carpenter, r. 103 Bntterfleld 
Brown Phillip, real estate agt. r. 279 Calumet av. j 
Brown P. tanner, bds. 140 N. Jefferson 
Brown P. A. (Brown & Hamer), r. 179 Calumet av. i 
Brown Rebecca E. Mrs. r. 203 Forrest av. | 

Brown Richard, porter, Chicago type foundry, r. < 

351 W. Harrison 
Brown Robert, cafpenter, r. 1 Pine 
Brown Robert, carpenter, C. P. McKay <fc Bros. r. 

rear 212 Wabash av. 

Brown Robert, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Brown Robert, engineer. I. C. R. R. r. B02 State 
Brown Robert, clerk. William S. Brewster, bds. 

Waba.->h av. near Monroe 
Brown Robert B. broommaker, r. 553 Fulton 
Brown Robert C. clerk P. O. 
Brown Robert R (col'd), porter, r. rear 131 4th av. 
Brown Robert S. engineer, bds. 602 State 
Brown Rosamond A. teacher Carpenter school, bds. 

18 Peck 
Brown Roswell W. (Noyes, Brown & Hard), r 353 

Wabash av. 
Brown Royal F. (Hayes & Brown), r. 801 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Brown R. teamster, Field. Leiter & Co. r. 82 Gris- 


Brown R. F. (Bliss & Brown) 
Brown R. L. clerk, John V. Farwell & Co r. 162 S. 

Brown R.T.C., Merchants' Union commercial agency, 

r. New York 
Brown Samuel (Brown & Prior), r. 31 Cottage Orovo 


Brown Samuel, conductor, bds. 439 N. Clark 
Brown Samuel jr. BRYANT <fc STRATTON BUSI- 
Brown Samuel (Whittemore, Carter & Brown), r. 

570 W. Lake 

Brown Sarah, r. 305 S. Morgan 
Brown Sarah Miss. r. 505 W. Indiana 
Brown Sarah wid. George, r. Ii7 Stewart av. 
Brown Sarah D. wid. Rnfun D. r. 45 S. Ann 
Brown School. j. K. Merrill prin. us. Warren av. bet. 

Page and Wood 

Brown Sherman W. clerk, Bond <fc Beere, r. 63 Wen- 
Brown Simeon H. foreman, Sopor, Brainerd & Co. 

bds. 12 W. 12th 
Brown Simon, lab. r. 72 Fisk 
Brown Spencer A. bds. 47 S. May. 
Brown Stephen F. (Brown & Creswell), r. 8 Metro- 
politan blk. 

Brown S. fireman, bds. 035 S. Canal 
Brown S. M. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Brown Taylor (col'd), r. 51 Taylor 
Brown Tempie (col'd), waiter, Sherman house 
Brown Thad'ieiis. lab. J. Lonmx. !>ds. 10 Charles 
Brown Theodore F. (C. B. Brown & Co.), r. 875 In- 
diana f.V. 

Brown Theophile. wks. C. II. McConnicK & Bro. 
Brown Thomcs. receiving clerk, dlv. C. Union Stock 

Yard- & Transit Co. r. Trumbull 
Brown Thomas, ba; tender, r. !hj Ontnrio 
Brown Thomas, bricklayer, bds. 151 N. Water 
Brown Thomas, lab. bd"-. 534 S. .T.-O'crvori 

Harris' fi ire and Burglar Proof Safes. 

Factory and Wareroom, No. 62 South Canal Street. 







Only Issued by this Company. 
A Good Thing Try It. 

s, carpenter, r. 165 W. Chicago av. 
s, lab. J. T. Ryerson, r. 215 N. Car- 

<( Brown Thoma 
^ Brown Thomas. 

Brown Thomas, lab. r. 94 Ontario 
( Brown Thomas, lake captain, r. 76 S. Morgan 
Bv Brown Thomas, lawyer, r. 265 Park av. 
3 Brown Thomas, machinist, bds. 33 W. Washington 
^3 Brown Thomas, machinist, Washington foundry, 
O bds. 55 W. Randolph 

Brown Thomas, patternmaker, Clark, Raffen & Co. 

r. 165 W. Chicago av. 

_ Brown Thomas, seaman, bds. 48 W. Water 
gN Brown Thomas jr. (St. John & Brown), r. 63 Ellis av. 
M Brown Thomas, teamster, r. 18 Clayton 
P** Brown Thomas B. pres. Board police commissioners, 
W 1-10 and 14-J Madison, r. 26- 1 ) Park av. 
ff Brown Thomas H. (T. H. Brown & Co. Barker, 
W Brown & Co.), and propr. Novelty carriage 
{< works, -14 Adams, r. 162 S. Peoria 
jf. Brown Thomas H. ir. with Culver, Page & Hoyne, 
** r. 223 W. Van Buren 
ff Brown Timothy B. agt. r. 217 Lake av. 
Pi Brown Thomas M. r. rear 390 W. Indiana 
^ Brown Tliomas W. proofreader, r. roar 47 Ontario 
j Brown, Tucker <fc Sherman (II. F. Brown, H. R. 
PM Tuckorand D. Sherman), fruits and fancy gro- 
<J curios, 36 S. Water 

rf, Brown T. B. Steam Fire Engine. 80 W. Lake 
( * 4 Brown T. H. & Co. (Thomas II. Brown and Aaron 
^ L. Brown), planing mill and box factory, 208 to 

;! 918 Van Buren 
H Brown T. C. S. printer, Chicago Printing Co. bds. 

200 Randolph 
Brown V. Arad, teamster, r. 696 Washington av. 
Ct Brown Walter, lab. r. 572 Washington ar. 
I* Brown Walter O. (J. P. Fogg, Sou & Brown), bds. 
101 N. Dearborn 

Brown Warren, painter, bds. 246 Madison 

Brown Warre 

n, pai 
n M. 

, . 
liquor inspector, bds. 199 W. 

Z Randolph 

4j Brown Wcnzel, shoemaker, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 

^ 83 Dussold 

pc Brown William (Brown & Gilliland), r. 1012 W. 

M Madison 

p3 Brown William, candymaker. bds. 198 Madison 

O Brown W r illiam, carpenter, r. 227 W. Polk 
r ^ Brown William, carpenter, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 
W 152 W. Randolph 

Brown Willi-im, cook, bds. 199 Kinzie 
Gu Brown William, currier, bds. 7 Fry 
3 Brown William, gilder, W. T. Noble & Co. r. 208 

E Brown William, groceries and provisions, 292 Clark 

Brown William II. Mrs. r. 150 Michigan av. 

Brown William J. carriagemaker, r." 215 S. Halsted 

Brown William L. cash. Arthur B. Meeker, r. 45 

Van Buren 

Brown William M. ganger, bds. 199 W. Randolph 
Brown William P. artist, r. 606 Washington av. 
Brown William S. messenger. Am. M. I". Ex. Co. 
Brown William T. physician, 132 Clark, bds. St. 

Charles hotel 

Brown W. A. (.Brown & Co.), r. State, cor. 22d 
BROWN W. H. & BRO. (Wiilinm H. and 

Nathan II. Brown"), boots and shoes, 77 Lake 
Brown W. Watson, with W. G. Holmes, 148 Lake 
Brown Mrs. r. 37 Norton 

Brown & Co. (E. A. Brown and George Hill), drug- 
gists. 50 Cottage Grove av. 
Brown & Co. (W. A. Brown & S. F. Poorman), 

drugs, State, cor. 22d 

Brown & Colbert (James N. Brown and John P. Col- 
bert), steam book and job printers, 153 and 155 
Brown & Creswell (Stephen F. Brown and Thomas 

Creswell). lawyers, 8 Metropolitan blk. 
Brown & Gilliland" (William Brown and Theodore F. 

Gilliland). lumber com. mer. 237 Lake 
Brown & Hamer (P. A. Brown and F. G. Hamer), 

realestate agts. rooms 7 and 8. 163 Clark 
Brown & Mathews (J. H. Brown and George W. 

Mathsws), mer. tailors. 93 Wabash av. 
BROWN & PRIOR (Samuel Brown and 
"\\ . A. Prior), gents' furnishing goods, 93 VV a- 
bash av. 
Brown & Schairer (Lewis A. Brown and Mathew 

Schairer), mer. tailors. 35 E. Kinzie 
BROWN & SCOTT (Asa B. Brown and Alex- 
ander H. ScottV. groceries. 578 W. Lake 
Brown & Wilson (Peder Brown and John Wilson), 
bootmakers, 251 W. Lake 

Brown , bootmaker, bds. 280 W. Lako 

Brown , lab. bds. 103 Michigan 

Brown , real estate agt. r. 312 Fulton 

Brown , sailor, bds. 775 State 

Brown , sailor, r. 60 4th 

Brown , student, bds. 123 Michigan 

Browne Adaline M. Miss, millinery, 520 W. Indiana, 

r. same 

Browne Charles (Browne & Moran), bds. Metropoli- 
tan hotel 
Browne Charles E. realestate agt. 115 Madison, r. 

Browne Charles F. W. clerk, George Powell & Co. 

bds. Indiana, cor. Wells 
Browne David, lab. r. 113 DeKoyen 
Browne Edward, foreman, Phillips & Browne, bds. 

253 Forquor 
Browne Frank F. (Reed, Browne & Co.), r. 287 

Warren av. 
Browne George W. (col'd), carpenter and builder, 

129 4th av. r. same 

Browne Henry, butcher, r. rear 263 20th 
Browne John's. ( J. S. Browne & Co.X r. 206 Peoria 
Browne Joseph, lumber inspecter, bds. 253 Forquer 


Brown William, hostler, bds. 4th, cor. Oakley 
Brown William, lab. r. 45 Main 
gg Brown William, lab. r. 1002 S. Halsted 

* Brown William, painter, bds. 500 W. Madison 
*a Brown William, painter, r. 143 W. 12th ; 1 
rf Brown William, plasterer, bds. 433 S. Morgan 
2j Brown William, plumber, 333 Division, r. same 
f-\ Brown William, saloon, bds. 192 Burnside 
M Brown William, shoemaker, r. 294 N. State 

Brown William, student. PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 
B COLLEGE, bds. 80 W. Lake 

4 Brown William, teamster, r. 202 Walnut 
M Brown William, teamster, r. rear 2(57 Cottage Grove 
W &v. 

r^ Brown William E. clerk, J. L. Mandel, bds. 116 
Michigan av. 

Brown William F. sewerbuilder, r. rear 198 S. Jeff- 

r* Brown William F. (Mitchell, Brown & Thompson), 
TJ r. 1476 Indiana av. 

^ Brown William G. letter carrier, P. O. station B, r 
rj 138 W. Wa-lmiL'tnn 

a Brown William G. blacksmith, r. 100'^ Ohio 
, Brown William G. r. 189 Robey 

(S| Brown William H. (W. II. Brown & Bro.), r. 39 Park 

, , . 

Browne J. S. & Co. (John S. Browne, Willinm Mc- 
Kindley and Oliver G. Hampson). rectifiers and 
whol. dealers in wines and liquors. 23<i Lake 

Browne K. D. bookkeeper, gladden & Crane, bds. 
Orient house 

Browne Richard, clerk, bds. 82 Griswold 

Browne Samuel A. (Phillip-; <fc Browne), r. 965 In- 
diana av, 

Browne S. A. (Maxwell & Co.), bds. Matteson 

Browne William, fireman, C. & N. W. R. R. r. 75 

Browns William, lab. O. Smith & Co. r. Main 

Browne William, lumber mer. r. 2.33 Forquer 

Browne William (Taylor, Browne & Co.), r. 175 S. 

Brownie William, r. State, cor. Oak 


General Northwestern Agents for 

:. CTIESSOIP & sonars. 

Warehouse, 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

SJiipIserd, Sweet & Co., Brokers In Loans, 

>os. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

. I>. KEISFOOT, Real Estate Dealer and Broker, 

No. 89 Washington Street. Estates managed. 




BROWNE WIJLLIAM H. pen. apt. N^w 
Yorker reaper and mower, r. 121 S. Sangamon 

Browne Timothy B. manager, Abbott & Howard. 
21 Dearborn, r. 217 Lake av. Oakland 

Browne & Moran (Charles Browne and James M. 
Moran), tailors, 78 Madison . 

Brownell Benjamin, tinsmith, W. A. Barlow, bds. 
1290 Wabash av. 

Brownell Charles S. lawyer, 132 Dearborn, r. 34 
Western av. 

Brownell C. S. com. mer. 103 S. Water, r. 1163 
Prairie av. 

Brownell Pamelia W. wid. Barley, bds. 622 Wa- 
bash av. 

Brownell Thomas, shoemaker, bds. ISO N. Franklin 

Browner Philip, blacksmith, bds. 98 4th 

Browner Simon, blacksmith, r. 98 4th 

Brownfield Christopher, clerk. Chicago Gas Light 
and Coke Co. r. W. Tyler, nr. Backer 

Browuholt George, stonecutter, Miller & Son, bds. 
100 W. Ewing 

Browning Alfred^H. linguist, bds. 185 W. Randolph 

Browning E. R. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Browning Lorenzo, bookkeeper, J. W. Griswold <fe 
Co. r. 385 Kankakee av. 

Browning William, traveling agt. Knowles, Cloyes 
& Co. 29 River, r. 274 Indiana 

Browning William W. milkman, r. 353 Calumet av. 

Browning W. H. messenger, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 

Brownlei Annie, wid. Mungo. r. 168 Halsted 

Brownley James, blacksmith, r. 214 DeKoven 

Brownning Jenny Miss, r. 178 4th av. 

Browns George, teamster, J. A. <fc H. F. Griswold, 
r. 248 Schiller 

Browns Gnstav, clerk, r. G02 W. Indiana 

Brownson Bernt, watchmaker, A. H. Miller, bds. 1% 

Brownson Charles B. (Drew, Brownson & Co.), r. 36 

Brownson W. H. (Drew, Brownson & Co.), r. Birm- 
ingham, Conn. 

Brownstein Hermann, clothing, 142 Archer av. r. 

Broxmann H. lab. Pomroy, Gustorf & Co. 

Broze Charles, lab. Oliver & Anderson, r. 257 Col- 

Brozey John, lab. r. Union, cor. Meagher 

Brtch Martin, expressdriver, r. 485 N. Clark 

Brubaker William H. carpenter, r. 606 State 

Brubery P. G. tailor, r. 70 Wesson 

Brubitz John, sawyer, r. rear 78 DeKoven 

Bruce Archibald C. carpenter, r. 561 Division 

BRUCE BENJAMIN Jr. agt. Perkins, 
Stern & Co. California wines. 36 LaSalle, also 
MATCH, r. 302 Wabash av. 

Bruce Edward B. with Benjamin Bruce jr. 36 
LaSalle, bds. 300 and 302 Wabash av. 

Bruce Ephraim, machinist, r. James av. ne. cor. 

Bruce Ethan A. clerk, E. K. Bruce, r. 782 W. Madi- 

Bruce E. B. clerk, Perkins, Sterns & Co. r. 302 
Wabash av. 

BRUCE E. K. sen. ins. agt. and com. mer. 1, 
3 and 5 Oriental bldg. 120 LaSalle, bds. Sher- 
man house 

BRUCE FRANK N. with E. K. Bruce, bds. 
Sherman house 

Bruce Hector, tailor, Edward Hunt, bds. 185 S. 

Bruce James E. (Russell, Abbey & Co.), r. 136 S. 

Bruce John, teamster, r. 261 May 

Bruce L. lab. bds. 192 Van Buren 

Bruce Mary A. Mrs. physician. 561 Division, r. same 

Bruce Norman H. agt. sewing machine attachments, 
110 Monroe, bds. Massasoit house 



Glues & Neaisfoof Oil, 




At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 


Bruce Robert, caulker, Doolittle & Bates, r. 507 

Bruce Robert, clerk, E. K. Bruce, bds. Sherman 


Bruce Robert, ins. agt. bds. 7 Eldridge ct. 
Bruce Robert, machinist, I. C. R. R. bds. 744 State 
Bruce Winslow L. clerk, Culver & Co. bds. 354 W. 


Bruce /clerk, bds. 89 Jackson 

Brnchaska Frank, lab. r. 186 DeKoven 
Brucher Louis, miller, r. 298^4 S. Canal 
Brucher Nicholas, baker, 298J4 S. Canal, r. same 
Bruck Joseph, boot and shoemaker, r. 281 Kush 
Bruck Philip (Brack & Davis), r. 205 W. Randolph 
Bruck & Davis (Philip Bruck and William C. Davis), 

barbers, 212 Milwaukee av. 
Brucke Ernest, lab. r. 576 N. Wells 
Brncker Margaret, wid. John, saloon and boarding- 
house, 428 Elston rd. 
Brucklaeher Louis, cutlery and umbrellas, 133>4 N. 

Clark, r. same 

Bruckman Adolph, planer, r. rear 56 Hastings 
Bruckmann John P. boardfagbouse, 62 W. Randolph 
Bruckmeir Michael, teamster, Northwestern Mni'g. 


Bruckner Clara, wid. Abraham, r. 614 Michigan av. 
Bruckner Henry, shoemaker, r. 84 Sigel 
Brucksumar Harpis. lab. r. 336 Brown 
Brudell William, clerk, bds. 99 N. Carpenter 
Brudigam Charles (Tageler & Brudigam) 
Brudigam Henry (Thorns & Co), r. 93 Front 
Brueck John P. lab. r. 40 Wentworth av. 
Brueek Philip G. carpenter, r. 501 S. Canal 

Brueger , lab. r. 40 Gardner 

Bruening Eliza J. Wid. Henry, r. Morgan, cor. Chi- 
cago av. 

Bruening Rudolph, barber, bds. 190 Townsend 
Bruether Gustavus, bds. 274 Clark 
Brugener Louis, livery, r. Rundell pi. bet. Centre and 


Bruges Joachim, carpenter, r 46 4th 
Brugger John A. (John A. Brugger & Co.), r. 56 N. 

Brugger John A. & Co. (John A. Brugger and John 

P. Wolf), lime and cement, 56 N. Dasplaiues 
Bruggermann Charles, clerii, George Murbach, bds. 

204 Milwaukee av. 

Bmggerts Fred, carpenter, r. 143 Cornelia 
Brugmann John, carpenter, bds. 598 S. Canal 
Bruhlmann John, tailor, r Division, bet. N. Dear- 
bom and State 

Bruhn Marquard, cabinetmaker, r. 64 Cornell 
Bruhn Mary Ann Mrs. corsetmaker, r rear 521 State 
Bruhns Christian, billiardmaker, J. M. Brunswick <fc 

Bros. r. 5 Warren 

Bruhns Frederick, carpenter, r. 26 Mohawk 
Bruhus Henry, tailor, r. 4 Lisle 
BRUHNS JOHN, drygoods and notions, 400 

Archer av. r. same 

Bruin Anley. lab. Illinois Stone, Lime and Boring Co. 
Brniner August, carpenter, r. 86 How 
Brukmeyer Jacob, carpenter, bcls. X. Wells 
Brnkmeyei Philip, stonemason, bds. (!">(> N. Wells 
Brument Alexander, laundry, 191 Washington, r. 

Brumer Charles, cigarmaker, Heller & Maurer, r. 84 


Brumley Henry, roofer, r. 491 S. Union 
Brummel Frederick, carpenter, r 701 S. Canal 
Brummel Henry, stonedresser, Michigan mills, r. 70 

Canalport av. 

Brnmmitt George, collector, Frank Parmelee & Co. 
Brumski Wenzel. shoemaker, r. 129 DeKoveu 
Brunck Rudolph, plasterer, r. 184 1st 
Brnndage Louis, engineer, r. 158 S. Halsted 
Bruudage P. J. tinsmith, James P. Dalton & Co. r. 

13 S. Water 
Bruudage Stephen V. foreman, blacksmith, r. 539 S. 






Basement of 78 & 80 Eas$ Madison Street. 






Fifty per cent. Dividends guaranteed in the Policy. 

Office, 124 Washington .Street, 


Brunt Richard, wks. N. C. rolling mill, r. 205 W. 
Clybouni pi. 

Brunt . traveling agt. bds. 200 Chicago av. 

Brusch Poier, milk dealer, 457 Division, r. same 

Bru>chk Joseph, lab. r. 48 Burlington 

Bruse Charles, bookkeeper, A. F. Dwight & Co. r. 
. 258 Tyler 
1 Bruse Heinrich, tailor, r. 238 W Tyler 

Bi-use Peter, foreman, A. F. Dwight & Co. r. 258 Ty- 

bp Brundage William, porter, 3. Barnes & Co. r. 209 ; Brusguard Martin, lab. r. 099 S. Hnlsted 

^ Maxwell i Brush Charles, shippingclerk, Warner & Felix 

Q Brunder John, lab. r. 21 Alexander ( Brush David T. foreman, C. & N. W. elevator, r. 158 

HBrundridge James, canalman, bds. I. & M. canal, 1 N. Curtis 
bet. Reuben and Post j Brush Henry R. weighman, Munn & Scott, bds. 158 

CS Brundy Louis, engineer, r. 156 S. Halsted N. Cunis 

J Brnne Frederick, miller, Smith, Currie & Co. r. 640 i Brush Henry W. (T. F. Phillips & Co.), r. 299 Erie 
^ S. Union \ Brush James, carriagepainter, Coan & Ten Broeke 

!* Brunell Constant, patternmaker, r. 80 Archer av. Carriage Mntg. Co. r. 100 Ewing 

H Brunell Edward, teamster, r. 687 S. Canal ! Brush John, boilermaker. Eagle works 

! Bruuell John, porter, r. 93 Whitney j Brush L. A. conductor, Chicago city railway, S. Div. 

ml Bruuell Moses (Patchel & Brunell), r. 462 Centre av. I bds. 173 2 st 

4* Bruner John, policeman, 22d st. police station, r. 83 Brush William M. traveling agt. r. 41 Quincy 

Alexander ' Brushapcr William, lab. r. 255 Coolidge 

^ Bruner Joseph, teamster, r. 76 Mather j Brusie Erastus, expressman, r. 919 Clark 

' ^ Bruner Marshall, scale builder, Fairbanks, Greenleaf Brusler John H^paiuter, bds. 17-2 N. Halstad 

& Co. bds. Metropolitan hotel 

^1 Bruner Nicholas, cigarmaker, John Vebelmesser 
ft Bruner Otto, baker, r. 139 Wesson 
J5 Brunei Mme. dressmaker, 393 Clark 
<*" Brunei Moses, carpenter, J. Young Scammon, bds. 

Marble pi. bet. Monroe and Adams 

eBrunett Alfred (col'd), waiter, r. 397 Clark 
Brunetto William, lab. r. 571 Mitchell 
y> Brnning Augustus, ganger, r. 315 W. 12th 

Brunkee Herman, carpenter, bds. 59 Kansas 
> Brunk John, carpenter, bds. 268 North av. 
M Brunkhorst Charles, lab. Keith & Co. bds. 51 N. 
?5 Franklin 

B Brunnell Henry J. com. mer. r. 752 Sedgwick 
&4 Brunnell R. fireman, r. 899 W. Fulton 
^ Brunneman Benjamin, cattle drover, r. 86 4th av. 
P< Brunnemau Gabriel, clerk, S. J. Ulman, r. 86 4th av. 
i Brunnen James, lab. r. 23 Wright 
Jjj Brunner Charles, cigarmaker, r. 84 Howe 

Brunner Christian, tailor, r. 431 Wells 
r*i Brunner John, blacksmith, Winthe & Moessinger, r. 

245 Wells 

<5 Brnnner John, saloon, 215 Wells, r. same 
rk Bruno Ernst, grocer, 155 W. Lake, r. same 
** Brans Conrad, carpenter, r. 587 Milwaukee av. 
. Bruns Heinrich F. draughtsman, L. L. Coburn, r. 129 
Q W.Erie 

lm Bruns Henry, lab. Oliver & Anderson, r. 20 English 
^ Brnns John H. (Bruns & Harter), r. 392 N. Wells 

Brusou W. C. (Bruson & Rounds), bds. 471 W. Lake 
Bruson & Rounds (W. C. Bruson and George 

Rounds), butter and egg preservative mnfrs. 4 

Arcade ct. 

Brussel James, lab. r. 141 Mitchell 
Brussmnnn William, hostler, bds. 110 and 112 W. 

Brust Edward, with Hartford Fire Ins. Co. 49 LaSalle, 

bd.-.. 209 Wabash av. 

Brust Peter, engineer. White Lead Co. r. 758 State 
Brnst Petei\ housemover, r. 188 Mohawk 
Bruster William, baker, bds. Keystone house 
Brutt John, r. ws. Noble, bet. Kinzie and Hubbard 
Bruun August, lab. bds. 13 Howe 
Bruun Georgine Miss, cloak and dressmaker, 38 4th, 


Bruun Harald, sailor, r. 39 Hubbard 
Bruun Nicolas (Bruun & Burr), r. 282 W. Indiana 
Bruun O. R. joiner, bds. Hotel Denmark 
Bruun & Burt (Nicolas Bruuu and Edwin Burt), 

druggists, 282 W. Indiana 

Bntynkops Jacob C. De, student, Presbyterian Theo- 
logical seminary, bds. same 

Bryadella Andrew, confectioner, 61 N. Clark, r. same 
Bryan Alexander B. druggist, 80 W. Madison, r. 389 

W. Madison 
Bryan. B. S. bookkeeper, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 

898 W. Lake 


i Bryan F. A. druggist, 33 Dearborn, r. 1 Bryan pi. 
Brans Louis H. clerk, S. A. Deschauer, r. 143 Michi- ! Bryan F. W. clerk, bds. 1 Bryan pi. 

gan Bryan John C. clerk. F. A. Bryan, r. 1 Bryan pi. 

Bruns William E. bookkeeper, Chicago Union, bds. Bryan J. C. moulder, Carlile Mason & Co. 

143 Michigan ! Bryan J. H. engineer, r. 360 Fulton 

Brans William H. Berlin wool, 59 N. Clark, r. 143 i Bryan Lawrence, blacksmith, bds. 810 S. Halsted 

Michigan . Bryan Martin, machinist, bds. 207 W. Kinzie 

Brans & Harter (John H. Bruns and Frederick A. Bryan Milidy, hostler, Gould & Sawyer 

Harter), grocery, 392 N. Wells j Bryan Samuel M. cabinetmaker, r. 300 N. Curtis 

Brunsberg Frederick, carpenter, r. 579 W. 12th i Brvnn Thomas B. 89 Clark, r. Elmhurst, DuPage Co. 

Brunsdop William J. carriagedriver, bds. 372 W. ill. 

Madison Brvan W. H. messenger U. S. Ex. Co. 

Brunsemer H. lab. Sands' Ale Brewing Co. Bryan blacksmith, James Bell, bds. 810 S. Hal- 

Brunskill Henry, clerk, Field, Parker & Co. r. 348 | sted 

W. Van Buren ' Bryant Addison L. milkman, bds. 127 3d av. 

Bruuson A. watchmaker, r. 119 Hubbard J Brvaut Alexander, carpenter, r. 13 G rover 

Branson John, tanner, J. H. & G. M. Walker, r. 34 j Bryant A. Mrs. bcardinghonse, 14 3d av. r. same 

Sloan Bryant Barnett (col'd), waiter, St. James hotel 

Brunst John, wagonmaker, Louis Groper, r. 907 State Bryant Charles, boilermaker, Eagle works 
Brunstou Arthur (col'd), waiter, r. 117 Jackson 
Brunswick Billiard Hall, J. M. Brunswick & Bros. 

proprs. 122 and 124 Washington 
Brunswick Emannel (J. M. Brunswick & Bros.), r. 

T.'i-J Wabash av. 

Brunswick Joseph (J. M. Brunswick & Bros.), r. Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio 

Brunswick J. M. (J. M. Brunswick <fc Bros.), r. Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio 

Joseph and E. Brunswick), billiard table mnlrs. 

47 and 49 State 

BR'VANT "OAl^IEIj K. com. mar. 196J4S. 

Water, r. Marine Bank blag. 
| Bryant Eli. shoemaker, r. Ruudele pi. bet. Centre 

av. and Aberdeen 

Bryant Eli.rha. moulder, American steam engine 
| " works, r. 05 Onkwood 

If^flS, " 

Brunswick J. M. & Bros. (J. M. and Emumicl Bruns- 
wick), proprs. Bruns\\ ick billiard hall, 122 aud 
124 Washington 

Brans-wick Louis, salesman, 35 N. Clark 


General Northwestern Agents for 

:~W:M:. crjussoi 3 & soisrs, 

W^areliouse. 11 & 13 S. "Wells St. 

Sliiplierd. Sweet & Co., discount Sliori '2*ar*er, 

Nos. 155 and 157 I* A SALiE S2TKEET. 

Persons Violating the F. S. INTERNAL ESYENHS LAWS maj be arraigned 

For exarsilsjatJore fcrr>re <US, Commissioner Simeora W. KJiag, 117 S. Clark St 




Bryant George, carpenter, r. 802 Washington 

Bi'Vaut George, moulder, American steam engine 
" works, r. ti5 Oakwood 

Bryant George E. salesman. Harmon, McVeagh <fc 
Messer. bds. Mattesou house 

Bryant Goorge H. printer, Spalding & LaMontes 

Washington, r. 792 Michigan av. 

Bryant Joseph P. draughtsman, Merriam& Nocquet, 
bds. 17 C^uincy 

Bryant J. O. manager, The Howe Sewing Machine 
Co. r. 1S7 Wabash av 

Brvant J. P. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Brvant Theodore H. bookkeeper, bds. 271 Park av. 

Bryant William A. student, BRYANT & STRAT- 

Bryant William C. clerk, The Howe Machine Co. 
bds. 166 Clark 

Bryant William C. student, BRYANT AND STRAT- 

Bryant William H. master mechanic, P., Ft.W. & C. 
R. R.r. 78 Judd 

Bryant William K. foreman, Munn & Scott, r. 379 

WE3S COLLEGE, office, Clark, ne.cor. 

LEGE, telegraphing and bookkeeping de- 
partments, rooms 18 and 19 Smith & Nixon's 

Bryarly Thomas J. reporter, Edwards' directory, bds. 
572 W. Madison 

Bryce Hannah M. wid. John, r. 159 S. Halsted 

Bryce Janus, pass. agt. Union railroad ticket office, 
r. Adams house 

Bryce John Mrs. boardinghouse, 159 S. Halsted, r. 

Bryde Charles F. coopar, Chicago Pickle Co. bds. 115 

Bryd'jn John, maltster, r. 64 Cedar 

Bryden Joseph H. foreman printer, Noyes, Brown & 
Hurd, bds. 113 Michigan av. 

Bryden Richard, bottomar, Chicago Boot and Shoe 
Co. 145 Wells 

Bryer Christian, clerk, G. C. Knopfel & Co. bds. 183 
Indiana av. 

Bryer Thomas jr. clerk, North Western Liquid Fuel 

Bryerton W'illiam (Bryerton & Gorason), r. 772 State 

Bryerton <fc Gorason (William Bryertou and Fred. 
Gorason), mnl'rs. - and dealers in sash, doors, 
blinds, etc. 824 and 826 State 

Brynaldson B. clerk, F. Sturges & Co. r. 370 W. In- 

Brynaldson Osmer. sailor, r. 370 W. Indiana 

JJryne James, lab. Lull & Holmes, r. 447 S. Desplaines 

Bryne Joseph, boardinghouse, 661 State, r. same 

Brynes John, teamster, r. 708 S. Canal 

Bryngel Nelson, carpenter, r. 501 N. Halsted 

Br'yre John, blacksmith, A. Walter, bds. 20 French 

Bryson Charles, mer. tailor, 212 W. Randolph, r. 

Brysou George G. salesman, W. B. Keen& Cooke, r. 
16 S. May 

Bryson James, salesman, William Scott 

Brysou Patrick M. copper.-mi!h, L. Wolff 

Bryson William, civil engineer, Board of Public 
Works, r. ;6S. May 

Bryson William J. asst. civil engineer, bds. 16 S. 

Btias William, lab. r. 210 22d 

Buback Andrew, carpenter, A. H. Andrews & Co. 
bds. 22 Bremer 

Bubb Thomas II. clerk, Hank Ewing, bda. 239 V4 



Assets over 85,000,000. 

Dividenos payable annually after second year. 

SHUGART & DEAN. Gen'l Agents, 
85 Washington Street, Chicago. 
v Reliable Agents wanted. 

The Chicago Terra Gotta Company 


Door Caps, Window Caps, Brackets, 
Modillions, Rosettes, Panels, 

Ceiling Centre Pieces, &c. 

T>nw. 29O Stwte Street 

Bubeck Fred, showcase maker, Vredenberg Bros. r. H 

272 31st n 

Buberle Joseph, bricklayer, bdi=. 550 S. Canal H 

Bubrey Leo, teamster, r. 213 Carroll M 

Bubuhck Fettner, shiner, r. 272 31st kj 

Bubuucupper Gustavus, blacksmith, r. 74 Catherine 
Bucbee John, bds. 204 Michigan av. i* 

Bucey William T. cook, D. C. Thatcher 
Buch Charles, cabinetmaker, r. 458 W. 12th 5 

Buchan Peter, lab. r. 371 Larrabee A 

Buchanan Alexander, foreman, Bent& Goward, bds. ^ 

17 S. Curtis 

Buchanan Asher A. carpenter, r. 107 S. Desplaines 
Buchanan Benjamin G. carpenter, r. Moonaway, nr: ^ 

Orchard .j 

Buchanan, Carpenter & Co. (John S. Buchanan, C: 5 

H. Carpenter and E. W. Gibb), coach aiid sad- J 

dlery hardware, 179 Lake 

Buchanan Dennis, lab. r. rear 343 W. 12th QJ& 

Buchanan Ellen, wid. Payne, r. 530 Bull on .^ 

Buchanan Hume R. clerk, Buchanan, Carpenter & 

Co. r. 307 W. Monroe ^ 

Buchanan H. R. student, BRYANT & STRATTON F* 


Buchanan Isaac, r. 567 Wabash av. yj 

Buchanan James (Jas. & J. R. Buchanan), r. 789 W. 

Buchanan Jas. & J. R. (James and John R. ^ 

Buchanan), groceries and provisions, 789 W. hJ 

Madi.-on ^i 

Buchanan John, printer, Tribune Co. 
Buchanan John R. (Jas. & J. R. Buchanan), r. 

Watertown. Wis. 
Buchanan John S. (Buchanan, Carpenter & Co.), r. 

307 W. Monroe 

Buchanan Joseph O. bookkeeper, Jas. & J. R. Bu- 
chanan, bds. 789 W. Madison 
Buchanan J. R. receiving clerk, Markley, Ailing & 

Co. r. 307 W. Monroe 
Buchanan J. W. bds. 530 Fulton 
Buchanan Malcolm, sailinaker, G. F. Foster, r. 113 

Buchanan Milford D. cash. Commercial National 

bank, 55 Dearborn, r. 356 W. Washington 
Buchanan Nelson J. bookkeeper, r. 530 Fulton 
Buchanan Rhoda Mrs. boardinghouse, 107 S. 

Desplaines, r. same 
Buchanan R. T. salesman, Baltimore oyster depot, 

rooms 158 S. Water 

Buchanan Samuel R. bookkeeper, Buchanan, Car- 
penter & Co. r. 307 W. Monroe 
Buchanan Samuel W. silverburuisher, bds. 107 S. 


Buchanan William, carpenter, bds. 703 State 
Buchannan David, carpenter, r. 493 Hubbard 
Buchauuan Dennis, lab. Elisha Eldred, r. 12th 
Bucbannan Jacob (col'd), janitor, 183 Clark, r. rear 

14 Griswold 

Buchannan J. S. hardware, r. 307 W. Monroe 
Buchanou Henry, carpenter, r. 654 S. Morgan 
Buchanon Thomas B. salesman, Smith & Reeder 
Buchbindcr Jacob, porter, Leopold Hirsch, r. 130>4 

W. Madison 
Buchbindcr Morris, furniture dealer, 99 Milwaukee 

av. r. same 
Buchek Frank, carpenter, Joseph Buechul, r. 133 W. 


Bucher Alexander, grocer, 309 North av. 
Bucher Fidel (Waldweider & Co.), r. 261 Larrabee 
Buchar John. r. 43.1 Seugwick 
Buchert Joachim, lab. r. 29 Clarinda 
Buchert John, peddler, r. 31 Clariuda 
Buchhauser Andrew, wagoumakur,, r. 283 North 

Bucbholy Augustus, wks. N. C. rolling mill, r. 6 


Buchho'.t/ Christian J. wagonmaker, r. 168 Mohawk 
| Buchholz Albert, lab. r. 485 W. 12th 
I Buchholz Dora E. wid. Christian, r. 236 3d av. 


Harris makes the best Fire Proof afe, 

At the J*ovet Price, 62 South Canal Street. 

All kinds of Plumbing and ewerage done. 

Apply under Mc^ /ilcer 5 * Tlaestre. 






J Fifty per cent. Dividends guaranteed in the Policy. 

Office 124 Washington .Street, 


fed Buchholz John, bootmaker, W. C. Fischer, r. 341 


W Buchholz Louis, dyer, 48Sy t State, bds. 490 State 
. Buchholz Ludwig, tab. r. 26 Ridgeville 
p5 Buche John, grocer, r. 22d bet. Lumber and Union 

OBuchi Jacques, lithographer, Ezra A. Cook & Co. r. 
., 1371 State 

p4 Buchman Conrad, expressman, r. 417 State 
7-br Buchman Walter, blacksmith, rear 213 Randolph, r. 
W 803 Clark 

2P| Buchmann Arnold (Buchmann & Co.), r. 185 W. 
Ejg Chicago av. 

B Buchmann & Co. (Arnold Buchmann and ), Cali- 
fornia wines, 52 and 54 LaSalle 

ijr Buchmann Frederick, boots and shoes, 142 E. Chi- 
~j cago av. r. same 

^ Buchmonkler Frederick, porter, C. T. Raynolds & 
U Co. 
5 Bnchnan Nelson, marine insp. r. 530 Fulton 

Buchold Christian, tanner, J. C. Parsons, r. 330 N. 
u Reuben 

2 Buchsbaum Albert, tailor, H. Ephraim, r. 123 Wells 
Buchspies Fritz, saloon and boardinghouse, 490 State, 

r. same 
Buchwinkler Fritz, lab. r. 204 Church 

Buck Andrew, carpenter and builder, r. 381 Wells 
Q Buck Anson H. propr. Union house, 79, 80 and 81, S. 
\-m Canal, r. same 

^ Buck B. C. (Buck, Stow & Co.), r. Sturgis, Mich. 
f Buck B. W. com. mer. room 1 Major blk. 

HBuck Charles, plasterer, r. 122 Cornelia 
Buck Christ. (Buck & Blom), r. 85 Kinzie 
3J Buck Dudley, music composer, r. 39 Cass 
2 Buck Fred, carpenter, r. 197 N. May 
S Buck George B. r. 1002 Indiana av. 
fc- Buck Henry T. varnisher, Gilbert & Sampson, r. 352 

Centre av. 
Cfi Buck John, tinsmith, L. Wolff" 

Buck John jr. coppersmith, L. Wolff 

Buck Julius, carpenter, r. 468 Arnold 

H Buck Peter, packer, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 599 N. 
w Wells 

-. Buck P. H. (Buck, Stow & Co.), r. 471 W. Madison 
55 Buck, Stow & Co. (P. H. Buck, F. U. Stow and B. C. 
b Buck), com. mers. 185 S. Water 
^ Buck Thomas (col'd), barber, Alexander Lipscomb 

OBuck & Blom ^Christ. Buck and John Blom), agts. 
American Tontine Life and Savings Ins. Co. 85 
J Kinzie 

Buckbee John C. salesman, S. C. Griggs & Co. bds. 
k 206 Michigan av. 

w Bucke August, cabinetmaker, r. 150 Hastings 
3 Bnckhart Frederick, expressman, r. 588 W. 12th 
a Buckic John jr. foreman pressroom, Spaldinsr & La- 

Montes, r. 54 W. Hinsdale 

(9 Buckingham Catherinns P. r. 489 Michigan av. 
M Buckingham Charles, carpenter, Eli Jennings, r. 
P^ Western av. bet. Wilcox and Adams 
fa, Buckingham C. P. r. 489 Michigan av. 
^ Buckingham Ebenezer (J. & B. Buckingham), r. 383 
W Huron 
fiji Buckingham Edward H. clerk, J. & E. Buckingham, 

r. 489 Michigan av. 

ftj Buckingham Francis W. r. 698 Wabash av. 
B Buckingham John jr. student, r. 489 Michigan av. 
fa Buckingham John (J. & E. Buckingham), r. New 

York city 

W Buckingham J. & E. (John and Ebenezer Bucking- 
^ ham), elevators, foot S. Water 

Buckingham Mary A. Mrs. dressmaker, 260 Madison 
_ Buckingham Ozro, commission, 238J4 State 
B Buckinghaja R. H. shoemaker, Charles E. Wiswall, 

Or. 2W W. Madison 
Bnckingham William, printer, 739 S. Jefferson 
M Buckingham W. teller. Union Stock Yards National 

bank, bds. Swing's blk. 

Bnckley Aristocle, real estate agt. bds. 483 W. Mad- 
Buckley Charles, r. 225 1st 

Buckley Daniel, clerk, bds. 689 State 

Buckley Daniel, coachman, bds. 35 Pine 

Buckley Daniel, foundryman, r. 407 VV. Kinzie 

Buckley Daniel, lab. bds. 11 Cass 

Buckley Daniel, teamster, r. 17 Trustee, bet. Reuben 

and Paulina 

Buckley Dennis J. printer, r. 15 Nebraska 
Buckley D. F. (Simons & Co.), r. 982 W. Madison 
Buckley Elson G. lab. bds. 459 N. Clark 
Buckley George (Ritchie, Nevins & Buckley) 
Buckley George, lab. bds. 248 Walnut 
Buckley George, reporter, r. 248 Walnut 
Buckley George S. clerk, P. O. 
Buckley Georgiana, wid. Gilbert, nurse, r. 509 Clark 
Buckley Harry, painter, Barry & Cashing, bds. 117 

3d av. 

Buckley Hezikiah T. com. broker, r. 1248 Prairie av. 
Buckley Johanna, wid. Joseph, r. 118 W. Van 


Buckley James, drayman, r. 161 Townsend 
Buckley James, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. r. 225 1st 
Buckley James, shoemaker, r. 138 W. Lake 
Buckley James, lab. r. 337 N. Franklin 
Buckley James (col'd), porter, J. Carbutt, bds. 570 


Buckley Jeremiah, lab. r. 42 Augusta 
Buckley Jeremiah, tailor, r. 157 Huron 
Buckley John, clerk, G. W. D. r. 388 3d av. 
Buckley John, clerk, Thomas F. Buckley, bds. 251 

W. Taylor 

| Buckley John, herder, r. 225 1st 
Buckley John, lab. r. 119 Deering 
Buckley John, machinist, A. Plamondon 
Buckley John, printer, Republican Job Printing Co. 

r. 638 N. Wells 

Buckley John, tailor, Ingoldsby & Duffy, r. 44 Samp- 

Bnckley John, teamster, r. N. Branch, cor. Cherry 
Buckley John, teamster, bds. 9 Gere 
Buckley John F. agt. Charter Oak Life Ins. Co. of 

Hartford, Conn. r. 88 S. Jefferson 
Buckley J. A. bds. 274 Clark 
Buckley Lawrence, carriagemaker, 134 W. Van 

Buren, r. 118 W. Van Buren 
Buckley Michael, lab. bds. 55 Canalport av. 
Buckley Michael, lab. r. 325 Centre 
Buckley Michael, lab. r. 419 Park av. 
Buckley Michael, tailor, T. Newman, bds. 270 W. 


Buckley Morris, clerk, r. 368 W. Indiana 
Buckley Patrick, clerk, Thomas F. Buckley, bds. 

251 W. Taylor 
Buckley Patrick, lab. Bradner, Charnley & Co. r. 

19 Swing 

Buckley. Patrick, lab. r. 49 W. Ewing 
Buckley Patrick, lab. r. rear W. Chicago av. and 


Buckley Richard, lab. r. 63 Wesson 
Buckley Seth S. foreman, r. 459 N. Clark 
Buckley Thomas, r. 63 Wesson 
Buckley Thomas, brassftnisher, r. 126 Carroll 
Buckley Thomas, groceries and provisions, 66 

Gurley, r. same 

Bnckley Thomas, saloon, 442 S. Canal, r. same 
BUCKLEY THOMAS, sec. Home Ins. Co. 

OiChlcagO, 139 Madison, r. 194 W-. Taylor 
Buckley Thomas, sen-ant, Briggs house 
Buckley Thomas, shoemaker, r. 638 N. Wells 
Buckley Thomas F. groceries and provisions, 251 

W. Taylor, r. same 

Bnckley Timothy, lake captain, r. 186 S. Peoria 
Bnckley Timothy, blacksmith, r. 20 Ashley 
Buckley William, policeman, r. 189 3d av. 
Bucklin H. E. student. BRYANT & STRATTON 

Bucklue John, machinist, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. 
Buckman William, currier, J. H. & G. M Walker 

bds. 387 Elston rd. 
Buckminster Horace, restaurant, 176 State, r. same 


General Northwestern Agents for 

J-:ESSO:P & sours, 

"Warehouse. 11 & 13 S. "Wells St. 

Shipherd, Sweet & Co., JLargc ILOHII* a specialty, 

NOB. 155 and 157 LA. SALLE STREET. 

WM. D. KISRFOOT, Real Estate Agent, 

S9 Washington Street. Property generally managed. 




Bucknell Richard, saloon, 148 Dearborn, r. same 

Buckner Demill S. (col'd), conductor, Pullman 
Palace Car Co. bds. 139 Jackson 

Buckstahrer William, lab. Green & Co. r. Lisle 

Buckwith E. painter. Barry & Cushing 

Budach Gottlieb, tailor, r. 752 S. Jefferson 

Budach William, lab. r. 113 Cornelia 

Budd Benjamin F. carver, bds. 15% Silver 

Budd George E. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Budd Joseph, cooper. J. Mahar, r. 11 Bonfleld 

Budd Stephen B. (King & Budd), bds. Matteson 

Budde Frederick W. wood carver, 49 S. Union, r. 
47 S. Union 

Budde William, whol. liquor dealer, 116 E. Chicago 
av. r. 42 Clybourn av. 

Buddinger John. lab. r. 2(59 26th 

Buddy John. lab. r. 51 Lime 

Buderbac-h William, musician, r. 210 N. Green 

Budha William, liquor dealer, r. 42 Clybourne av. 

Budinger Charles, tanner, r. 319 Wentworth av. 

Budlong Lynian A. contractor, 127 Clark, r. 12 Jeffer- j 

Budinger Peter, carpenter, r. 175 Arnold 

Budoin Moses, carpenter, bds. 177 Forqner 

Bueburdle Joseph, carver, Hall & Winch 

Buechel Charles, tailor, r. 105 E. Indiana 

Buechel John, glazier, Joseph Buechel, bds. 171 W. 

Buechel John, tailor, r. 368 S. Desplaines 

Buechel Joseph, sash, doors and blinds, 171 W. 
MadNon. r. same 

Buecher & Roth (John Buecher and Louis Roth), 
horse shoers, 340 S. Canal 

Buecher John (Buecher & Roth), r. 338 S. Canal 

Buechnur Herman C. druggist, 319 Milwaukee av. r. 

Buehler Adam, bakery, 174 18th, r. same 

Buehler Edward, books and stationery. 111 Monroe, 
r. same 

Buehler George J. miller, New England mills, r. 262 
W T . Indiana 

Buehler Jacob, lab. bds. 16 Starr 

Buehler John, maltster. 314, 316 and 334 Milwaukee 
av. r. 334 Milwaukee av. 

Buehler John G. butcher, 604 N. Wells, r. same 

Bnehlers" Hall. a58 Milwaukee av. 

Buehrer Christian, lab. r. 234 North av. 

Buehring Theodore, salesman, Hubbard, Herrick & 
Co. rooms. 274 Ohio 

Buehrle Ambrose (P. Buehrle & Bro.), r. 272 E. Di- 

Buehrle Lucas, r. 191 N. Wells 

Buehrle Peter (P. Bnehrle & Bro.), r. 272 E. Divi- 

Buehrle P. & Bro. (Peter and Ambrose Bnehrle), 
grocers, 272 E. Division 

Buel Agnes M. Miss, teacher, Dore school, r. 322 W. 
Van Buren 

BiK-l Cyrus II. painter, r. 117 14th 

Buel David (David Buel & Co.), r. 322 W. Van Bu- 

Buel David & Co. (David Buel and ), gen. com. 

mers. 144 LaSalle 

Buel Henry K. merchant, r. 714 Wabash av. 

Bue! James M. r. so-.i Wabash av. 

Buel Mary. wid. Stephen, r. 125 N. Green 

Buele James, clerk, Field, Leiter, & Co. r. 809 Wa- 
bash av. 

Bueler John, teamster, r. es. Roberts, bet. Chicago 
av. and Superior 

Buoll Ira W. t Buell & Adam*), r. 1118 Indiana av. 

Buell H. K. salesman, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 714 Wa- 
bash av. 

Buell James W. sanitarv police, r. 64S State 

BnellM>. H. M. R. bds. 73ii Michigan av. 

Buell & Adams (Ira W. Buell and Francis Adams), 
lawyers, >s8 LaSalle 



Glues & Neatsfoo! Oil, 




Assets over $5,000,000. ^ 


SIIUGARD & DEAN, Geu'l Agents, 
83 "Washington Street, Chicago. u 
Reliable Agents wanted JJ 

Buelo Frederick, lab. r. 240 Black Hawk 
Buelo Gotleib, lab. Jones & Langhlin " 

Buendgen John, tailor, r. 141 N. Curtis ^ 

Buenger Theodore, prin. Emanuel school, r 427 <v 

S. May A 

Bnerfretz John, lab. Dayton, ne. cor. Willow 
Buerger Charles, cabinetmaker, A. Schieferstein & 9 

Bro. 404 Weutworth av. , 

Buerk Christian, meatmarket, 61 Chicago av. r. same , 
Buerker Chnshoffer, teamster, r. 621 N. Wells 
Buerlen Mary wid. John, r. 89 Pratt y 

Buerst Martin, shoemaker, bds. 25 Burling 
Buetcker Christian, drayman, Sherman, Hall & Ly- S . 

brand, r. North av. 
Bueter Charles H. bookkeeper, Beck & Wirth, r. 53 Ji 

Goethe *f 

Bnettger Charles, bookkeeper, Valentine Kopf, bds. Z 

204 Blue Island av. 2 

Buettner Daniel (Buettuer D. & Son), r. 199 N. 

Buettuer D. & Son (Daniel and Louis Buettner), har- T 

netsmakere, I'.i9 N. Clark ' 
Buettner Louis (Buettner D. & Son), bds. 199 N. 


01 Buffalo, N. Y., E7 K. Bruce agt. 120 LaSalle J* 
Buffalo Fire and Marine Insurance Co. of Buffalo, "J 

N. Y., C. Hinckley agt. 23 Chamber of Com- 

merce . 

Buffalo, Milwaukee & Chicago Daily Line of Steam- *" 

ere, Bond & Beers, agts. footoi'N. Dearborn 5 
Buffen Stephen S. bookkeeper, r. 150 4th av. Q, 

Buffiugion Leroy S. architect, E Burling 
Buffum A. Mrs. editor, Religio-Politico party, room 

11, 194 Clark, r. same 
Buffum L. L. salesman, B. F. Clarke 
Buffum Matilda, wid. Henry C. r. Jackson bet. 

Western av. and Campbell av. 

Buffum Stephen V.'R. nailer, bds. 272 W. Harrison 
Buffum S. S. bookkeeper, Bryerton & Gorasou, r. 

150 4th av. 

Buft'um Whitter, billposter, 194 Clark, r. same 
Bufka Charles, sawmaker, John Tear, r. 381 W. Ful- 

Buford John, carpenter, r. 115 14th 
Butprd Peter, carpenter, bds. 64 Blue Island av. 
Bufiou Edward, plumber, r. I, Depuyster 
Bufton James (Loiing & Button), bds. 180 State 

Button , plumber, bds. 52 Van Buren 

Bugbee J. W. student. BRYANT & STRATTON 

Bugby Charles, blacksmith, bds. 704 State 
Buge William, saloon and boardinghouse, 311 S.Caiial 

r. same 

Bugger David, blacksmith, r. 727 S . Halsted 
Buggey Patrick, plasterer, bds 552 State 
Buggy Jane. wid. John. r. 699 S. Canal 
Bughan Fred, expressman, r. 588 W. 12th 
Bugnon Christopher, cook, St. Charles dining rooms, 

bus. 15 Clark 
Buhl William E. (Frank B. Brown & Co.), r. 5 N. 

Bnhler Jacob, clerk, Christopher C. Rosenberger, 

bds. 217 Rush 

Buhlman Nicholas, lab. r. 81 Barber 
Buhuet Frederick, bartender, Charles Gretzner, bds, 

108 W. Harrison 

Buholz John, expressman, r. 161 Hastings 
Buhrer Andrew, lab. bds. 422 22d 
Buhri'eiud Frederick 1). watchman, r. rear 147 Sedg.- 


Buhrle Luias. r. 191 N. Wells 

Buhnnester Charles, broommaker, r. 61 E. Hinsdale 
TION (CHICAGO*. >mce 125 Dearborn 
Buirahonee Barney, lab. r. 6 N. May 
Buiner E. C. bake'r, Charles L. Woodman, r. 120 W. 

Buise Louis, tailor, r. 250 Hubbard 



Tile wcSi protection u^ai*>t Fire aiKJ i^urglurs 

Is MAURIS' Improved Safes, 62 SoutU Canal Street. 

faJLcr*' Ovens m ailt, Woodruff & RafTeii 

Nos. 78 A: 80 EAST MAEfcKSON STR353T. 



















Low Rates of Premium. 

No Notes No Interest A Cash Surrender Value 

for Every Policy. 
Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago 

Buit J. E. Miss, r. 400SrMay 

Bujinkuva Frank, sawyer, r. 80 DeKoven 

Buker William, tanner, J. C. Parsons, r. 185 Fry 

Bukotf Geary, carpenter, r. 72 Fisk 

Bulander W. H. foreman, C. <fe. 1. C. R. R. r. 380 


Bulbaum Frederick, brickmason, r. 70 Wesson 
Buld Fredrick, lab. r. 155 Wesson 
Buldilon William, carpenter, r. 81 Hurlbut 
Bulg Walter, tailor, r. 32 Cook 
Bulger Bridget, wid. Andrew, r. 377 Loomis 
Bulger David, mason, N. C. rolling mill 
Bulger Edward, groceries and provisions, 312 W. 

22d, r. same 
Bulger Jeremiah, lab. transfer depot, C. & N. W. 

R. W. 
Bulger Luke, brassflnisher, John Green, r. 510 S. 


Bulger Michael, lab. bds. 284 Wells 
Bulger Richard, porter, Mead & Higgins. r. 375 Pino 
Bulger Richard, trunkmaker. Backer & Kopsell, bds. 

352 Desplaines 
Bulicek Valentine, boot and shoe maker, 152 Mitchell, 

r. same 

Buliver Frank, lab. r. 677 Clark 
Bulkeley Calvin F. undertaker, 222 Washington, r. 

835 W. Washington 
Bulkeley Edward fl. clerk, C. F. Bulkeley, bds. 222 

Bnlker Christopher, cooper, Weber <fc Eiszner, r.296 

N. Paulina 

Bulkley Fayette S. bds. 149 Dearborn 
Bulkley Robert S. (T. S. Fitch & Co.) 
Bull Charles, pianotuner, r. 50 Miller 
Bull Henry, machinist, r. 356 Wentworth av. 
Bull John H. supt. Taylor & Shipman, r. 226 Michi- 
Bull J. P. cash. Marklcy, Ailing & Co. r. 155 


Bull William, blacksmith, r. 5 Sqymour 
Bullaber John, lab. Stearns <fc Co. bds. 521 Archer 


Bullar Charles, varnisher, bds. 204 1st 
Bullar Henry, lab. r. 467 W. Chicago av. 
Bullar John, lab. r. 204 1st 
Bullar William, varnisher, bds. 204 1st 
Bullard Bros. (Henry L. and Joel P. Bullard), straw 

hat and bonnet mnfra. 201 Clark 
Bullard Charles, tobacconist, r. 80 Jackson 
Bullard Charles E. bds. 256 Ewing 
Bullard Charles W. salesman, Larrabee & North, r. 

309 Sedgwick 
BiiUnrd E. R. bookkeeper, M. George & Co. bds. 215 


Bnllard Henry L. (Bullard Bros.), r. 201 Clark 
Bullard H- M- Miss, clerk, Chicago Fire Ins. Co. r. 

80 Jackson 
Bnllard Joel, builder and sash, door and blind mnfr. 

Indiana, se. cor. Kingsbury, r. 144 Franklin 
Bullard Joel P. (Bullard Bros.), r. 201 Clark 
Billiard J. B. bds. Revere house 
Bullard John 0. cash. Erie R. W, Line, the Union 

Steamboat Co. r. 176 8. Water 
Bullard Washington, agt. Erie R. W. Line. The 

Union Steamboat Co. 64 Clark and 176 8. Water, 

r. 649 W. Washington bet. Lincoln andRobey 
Bulle John. lab. r. S'.K) Centre av. 
Bullek William M. office 237 Lake 
Bulleman Henry, clerk, r. 572 W. 12th 
Bullenheimor Christian, foreman Lill's brewery, r. 

65 E. Hinsdale 

Bullens Peter, carpenter, r. 197 Blue Island av. 
Bulle i-dick F. II. cigars and tobacco, 3:38 Sedgwick, 

r. same 
Bnllerman Henry, clerk, August Fisher, r. 570 W 


Bullerman William, teamster, r. 58 N. Franklin 
Bulley Paul, carpenter, r. 1*3 W. Erie 
Bulley William, bookkeeper, r. 40 Newberry av. 
Bulley William H. carpenter, r. 143 Brunner 

Bullheimer Christian, brewer, Lill's brewery, r. 65 

Bullingham Charles, yardman, Sherman house 
Bullingham Charles, clerk, r.3Sl Carroll 
Bullis Robert J. stonecutter, r. M Cook 
Bullitt E. M. (col'd), lab. r. 275 3d av. 
Bullman Frank, sailor, bds. 590 S. Canal 
Bullman John, ragpicker, r. 285 Division 
Bullman Samuel, shoemaker, bds. 64 N. Wells 
BULLOCK WALTER H. optician, 179 

Madison, r. same 

Bullock Albert, glass stainer, r. fil School 
Bullock Bros. (Joseph C. and Looinis E. Bullock), 

boots and shoes, 67 Lake 
Bullock Francis, teamster, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 32 

Builock George S. (Bullock Bros.), bds. 53 Pine 

Bullock G. S. & Co. (George S. Bullock and ), 

boots and shoes, 146 Lake 
Bullock George S. clerk, bds. Orient house 

j Bullock Joseph C. boot and shoe mer. r. 386 W. 

. Bullock Loomis E. boots and shoes, r. 386 W. Adams 
Bollock Mary, wid. Ralph, r. 32 Bremor 

i Bullock William, artist, W. S. Carse & Co. r. 61 

i Bullwinkle Benjamin B. driver, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 

j Bulman Robert, clerk, Ann Davis, r. 381 Larrabee 

i Bulman Thomas, lab. r. 538 S. Morgan 

i Bulman Thomas, r. 194 N. Desplaines 

i Bulman William, lab. r. 565 W. 12th 

! Bulmer Frederick, painter, bds: 264 and 266 Madi- 

I Buhners Jacob, carpenter, bds. 61 Loewe 

I Bulow Frederick (Possehl & Bulow) 

! Bultje Martin, carpenter, r. Fry, cor. Chase 

; Bultze Catharine Mrs. midwife, r. 127 Cornelia 
Bulwan Edward, jeweler, T. Matther, r. 99 N. Clark 
Buman John, painter, r. 129 Michigan 
Buinb John, lab. Alfred Seebold, r. 266 Centre av. 
Bnmbach A. clerk, r. 256 W. Harrison 
Bumberry Patrick, machinist. Eagle works 
Bumble John, cooper, r. 113 Catherine 
Bumford William, lab. r. 770 Indiana av. 
Bumps James, bookeeper, bds. 719 State 
Bumpson A. lab. r. 73 Wesson 
Bumstead Thomas, engineer, Crevar, Adams & Co. 

r. 324 Chicago av. 
Bunbury H. T. clerk, Empire line 
Buubury Patrick, grocer. 124 14th, r. same 
Bunco Joseph, clerk, C., R. 1. & P. R. 11. freight of- 
fice, bds. 166 Clark 

Bunco W. E. traveling agt. bds. Orient house 
Bunch C. Mrs. r. 154 State 
Bunch Frank, traveling agt. r. 370 Clark 
Bunder D. com. mer. bds. 824 W. Lake 
Bundy John C. (Jones, Bundy & Co.), r. St. Charles, 

Bnney Robert (col'd), barber.191 Monroe, r. same; 

Bunge Christoph (C. Bunge & Co.\ r. 608 W. Lake 

Bunge C. & Co. (Christoph Bunge and John Hue- 
wing), coal dealers, 448 Clark 

Bunge Fritz, lab. r. 117 Bissell 

Bunge John, lab. r. 27 Vedder 

Bunge Samuel, tobacco packer, Nick Strong, bds. 82 
S. Jefferson 

Bunge & Huewing (Chris. Bunge and John Hue- 
win!;), flour and teed store. 608 W. Lake 

Bunge Theodore, lab. bds. 82 S. Jefferson 

Bungratts Catharine, wid. Nicholas, r. 23 Wesson 

Bunker Daniel jr. com. mer. bds. 817 W. Lake 

Bunker Eli, salesman, Dingee & Bro. 

Bunker John, lab. r. 23 John 

Blinker John, ins. agt. r. 817 W. Lake 

Bunker William H. (Bunker & Co.), r. 97 S. Sanga- 

Bunker & Co. (William H. Bunker and ), flour 

and grain brokers, 162 Madison 

Bunkum Henry, teamster, r. 124 Ruble 

fiB M 3P < 3Slg3ELii I 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. J-IESSOIP & sonsrs, 

Warehouse, 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Sliipherd, Sweet &. Co., Brokers in Mortgages, 

NOB. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREiST. 

FliAXK E. AIK.EX, produce* all Use 

NEW and PI REST CLASS iajs at lilg Theatre. 




Bunn Dennis, builder, r. 125 S. Desplaines 

Bunnel Reuben A. pipeman, steamer Liberty, r. 899 

Bunnell II. J. (O. P. Emerson <fc Co.), r. Sedgwick, 

cor. Asylum pi. 
Bunnetz Christian, upholster, Rudolph & Thomolen, 

r. 101 Mohawk 

Bnnzo Frederick, lab. bds. 682 Centre av. 
Bunzonn Frederick, lab. r. 287 Division 
Bunse William, carpenter, r. 618 Larrabee 
Buntgeiit William, blacksmith, bds. 184 W. Randolph 
Bunting Emanuel, lab. r. Chicago av. bet. Hoyne 

aud Robey 
Bunting Willfam, saloon, ns. Milwaukee av. bet. 

Robey and Bradwell, r. same 
Bunting William, tinner, John A. Eastman, r. ws. 

Canal, bet. Monroe and Adams 
Bunyan Matthew, clerk, McKindlev, Gilchrist & Co. 

r. 13 State 

Bunyea Francis Mrs. dressmaker, r. 417 State 
Bunyon Alexander N. entryclerk, Damon, Temple 

fc Co. r. 575 Fulton 
Bnob Louis, lab. r. 154 Superior 
B uol Abraham, carpenter, r. 207 Forquer 
Bnol Francis, cook, Michael O. Byrne, bds. 17 N. 


Burager John, lab. r. 24 Church pi. 
Burbach Jacob J. messenger, Second National 

bank, bds. 148 Sophia 
Burbach Poter, grocer, 256 21st 
Burbach William, brickmaker, r. ss. 22d, bet. Wood 

and Lincoln 
Burbank Charles, student, Isaac N. Danforth, 98 


Burbank Edward, r. 90 3d av. 
Burbank E. A. salesman, S. C. Griggs & Co. bds. 

90 3d av. 
Burbank Frank, sewing machinemaker, bds. 172 W. 


Burbank T. W. carpenter, r. rear 300 W. Indiana 
Burbank William B. realestate, 126>/i Washington, r 

90 3d av. 

Burbeck J. P. aset. assessor of legacies and succes- 
sions, r. 9 S. Curiis 
Burbeck Martain, lab. r. 32 Taylor 
Burbock Theresa Mrs. saloon, 37 and 39 Kinzie, r. 


Burbeck Valentine, r. 955 State 
Burbridge Albert J. carpenter, David Coey, bds. 781 


Burch Esther Ann D. r. 27 Hubbard 
Burch George W. tinsmiih, James P. Dalton & Co. 
Burch Hugh T. clerk, James Walsh, bds. 884 W. 


Burch John, carriagemaker, r. 152 Indiana 
Burch Nicholas, tailor, bds. 189 Cass 
Burch, see also Birch 

Burch's Block, ss. Lake. bet. Wabash av. and State 
Burchall Thomas, carpenter, bds. 105 Michigan 
Burcham Alvinza, coal and lime, r. Moonaway, nr. 

Oak av. 
Bnrchard Frank P. bookkeeper, J. M. Terwillejrer, 

bds. 170 25th 

Burcha rd George W. r. 170 25th 
Bnrchard Nelson (Burchard, White & Co.), r. 48 N. 


Bnrchard O. B. groceries and provisions, opp. Tran- 
sit house. Union Stock yards, r. same 
Burchard. W T hite & Co. (Nelson Bnrchard. George 

E. White. William H. Hafner and Frederick 

Hayler). hardwood, lumber aud cooperage 

stock, 93 N. Sansramon 
Bnrchard W. H. bookkeeper, Doggett, Bassett & 

Hill, r. 45 Van Buren 
Bnrchart Wilhelm C. lab. r. 123 Sampson 
Burcliarts Charles, barber, 148 W. Randolph 
BUROHEI/L J. E. & CO. (J. E. Burchell 

and B. F. Jacobs), realestate agts. 122 Washing- 


Should eee th< 


On Sixteenth Street, nenf Prairie Av.-nue. containing 

Terra Cotta Door and Windpw Cans, Brackets 

aud .Modillioiie. made by 'the 

Chicago Terra Cotta Company. 



Assets over $5,000.000. 

Policies Issued in 186S 11,719. 

SHUGART & DEAN. Gen'l Agents, 
83 Washington street, Chicago. 

GoocT Agents wanted, ^ 

! Burcheil J. E. (J. E. Burchell & Co.), r. 746 Mich- ta 

igan av. u 

i Burchell Thomas, conductor, r. 229 21st M 

i Burcher , bookkeeper, bds. 167 Schiller WJ 

i Burchers Henry, tailor, r. 123 N. Wells 
I Burchert Charles, barber, r. 733 W. Washington Q 
I Burchett Frank, brass finisher, David M. Ford W 

I Burchett Joseph, machinist, bds. 118 W. Madison ffl 
Burchett William, physician, 23 Major blk. bds. A 

Montgomery house 
Bnrchhartt John, lab. r. 481 Sedgwick 
Burchler Joseph M. clerk, bds. 416 Clark 
Burck Charles, cigarmaker, Philip Enders, r. 439 )>* 
Clark <-jt 

Burck John, baker, r. 108 Sedgwick 
Bun k John, butcher, Reinhardt & Hill, bds. 82 W. 2 


Burckhard Catharine, wid. Theobald, r. 201 Church QD 
Burckhard John, moulder, r. 201 Church N * 

Burckhardt Martin, tanner, J. H. & G. M. Walker, r. 

113 Cornelia ^ 

Burckhardt P. tanner, J. H. & G. M. Walker, r. 113 J^ 

Cornelia jt^ 

Burckhardt William, grocery. 148 Sedgwick, r. same wJ 

Burcky Christian, clerk, F. Burcky, 84 and 86 Wells, 

bds. same 

Burcky Frederick, baker, 84 and 86 Wells, r. same Q 
Burd William, coachman, Bern. Page, r. E. Erie, bet. ^ 
Pine and St. Clair ^ 

Burdell Elizabeth, wid. John, r. 158 N. Halsted ^ 
Burdell Henry, tinsmith, Rubel & Bro. M 

Burdell Madison, policeman, r. substation 22d " 

Burdett R. & Co. (Riley Burdett and Silas M. 
Waite), Burdett organ mnfrs. 77, 79, and 81 W 
Sedgwick Jj* 

Bnrdett Riley (R. Burdett & Co.), r. 384 N. LaSallo ii 
Burdick Edgar, conductor, r. 163 29th \- 

Burdick Frederick M. mason, bds. 384 Fulton 
Bnrdick Joseph, ins. agt. r. 346 Walnut JSJ 

Burdick J. printer, Rounds & James 
Burdick Mary A. wid. Zebulon, r. 304 Tyler 
BURDICK, MEAD & CO.(W. R. Burdick, ^ 
D. R. Mead, and J7D. Parker), lumber mere. ^ 
Grove, ne. cor. Stewart av. A 

Burdick Orrin H. (D. M. Osborne & Co.), r. Auburn, J* 

N. Y. 

Burdick Rodman S. carpenter, r. 21 Davis ^rt 

Burdick Samuel, carpenter, bds. 118 W. Madison 
Burdick William R. (Burdick, Mead & Co.), r. 584 S 
Michigan av. N* 

Burdock Alfred, clerk, Lincoln house, 27 and 29 W. 

Randolph, bds. same M 

Burdorf Dieterich, carpenter, r. rear 2(ith, nr. Oak S 
Burdsal C. S. jr. bookkeeper, Ludiugton, Wells & ^ 
Van Schaick, r. room 24 Speed's blk. ratf 

Burdsal John W. (C. E. Durand & Co.), r. 66 24th r\ 
Bureau Frank E. clerk, Burley & Tyrrell, r. 698 (^ 

Wabash av. 

Bureing Theodore, clerk, bds. 59 W. Madison 
Burelbach Michael, grocer, 230 Wentworth av. r. tJD 
same J 

Burell James (col'd), waiter, r. 194 4th av. 
Burenk Antz, lab. r. 128 W. Liberty 
Buresh F. architect, Sanford E. Loring & W. L. B. ~ 

Jenney, r. 483 S. Canal 

Burey John, lab. J. F. Temple & Sons W 

Burg Amelia Mrs. crockery, 265 Milwaukee av. r. 3 
same T 

Burg David, carpenter, r. 265 Milwaukee av. 
Burg Heinrich, lab. r. 81 Pratt 
Burg Henry, butcher, 33 Archer av. r. 134 Burusido 
Burg Henry (J. W. Crawford & Co.), r. 97 Mather 
Burg John, clerk, bds. 1311 W. Kinzie 
Burg see also Berg and Burk 
Burgan Daniel M. carpenter, r. 1386 State 
Burgano Herman, peddler, 135 4th av. 
Burgdraff Martin, carpenter, bds. 115 Kinzie 
Burgelin Frederick, carpenter, Stotz & Woltz, r. 216 

Tbe Ulorse Safes Iiave a record of 25 years and never failed. 










General Agent for Chicago. 

124 Washington St. 







Bnrgeu John, lab. r. 97 Bremer 

Bnrgen Michael, lab. r. rear 167 N. Union 

Burgeudurk William, tailor, r. 2 Lisle 

Burger Alexander, carpenter, Hall & Winch 

Burger Christopher, cabinetmaker, r. 48 Blue Island 

Burgjr Frederick, carpenter and builder, 151 Jack- 
son, r. same 

Burgjr George (Jurs & Burger), r. 142 Carroll 

BUGGER H. A- gen. Scandinavian agt. La 
Salle, so. cor. Madison, r. 151 Superior 

Burger John, bottlewasher, Gromrues & Ullrich, ]r. 
780 Archer av. 

Burger John S. salesman, Whittemore, Carter & 

Burger Mary, fancy goods, 239 LaSalle, r. same 

Burger S. B. bookkeeper, Sylvester Cummiugs, r. 
107 Schiller 

Burger , tailor, r. 22 N. Green 

Burgess Albert F. carriage maker, r. 808 W. Lake 

Burgess Alonzo, salesman, Eaton & Abbey, r. 24 
3d av. 

Burgess Charles, sailor, r. 160 Mitchell 

Burgess Charles, r. 226 Randolph 

Burgess Charles A. student, BRYANT <fc STRAT- 

Burgess, Driscoll & Piirshiug (William T. Burgess, 
Daniel Driscoll and Joseph Pfirshing), lawyers, 
92 and 94 Wa>hiugton 

Burgess Eli, foreman, r. 206 Bnshnell 

Burgess E. F. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Burgess Francis E. Mrs. r. 925 Wabash av. 

Burgess Gage, entry clerk, Seymour, Carter & Co. 

Burgess George, clerk, bds. St. Cloud hotel 

Burgess George, lab. r. 1121 State 

Burgess Henry, collector, r. 223 W. Randolph 

Burgess James, carpenter, r. 153 Brown 

Burgess Jeanuett, wid. John, bds. 1487 Prairie av. 

Burgess John, collector, r. 809 Washington ay. 

Burgess JohnF. supt. Atkins & Burgess, bds. 
Barnes house 

Burgess Johu S. collecting agt. r. 805 Washington 

Burgess M. wid. Thomas, r. 989 State 

Burgess Thomas (Atkins & Burgess), bds. Barnes 

R;m:>'ss Thomas, machinist, r. 339 W. Indiana 

Burgess William, clerk, S. B. Cox, bds. 260 Ran- 

Burgos William, coachman, bds. 099 Wabash av. 

Burgess William, flagman, P.. Ft. W. & C. R. R., Ar- 
cher av. crossing, r. 145 Archer av. 

Burgess William, newspaper folder and mailer, 84 
Washinsrron. r. Randolph, cor. Green 

Burgess Wffflam. student. BRYANT & STRAT- 

Burgess William T. i Burgess. Driscoll & Ptirshing), 
r. 925 Wabash av. 

Burggraff Martin, carpenter, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 
nr> Kinzie 

Burgh Carl, mason, r. 186 4th 

Bnrghali) William, lab. r. 754 S. Jefferson 

BuiX'lui'.i Wilihun. sawyer, Illinois Stone Co. 

BargnaKlt William, blacksmith, r. 2:i9 Lnrrabce 

Burgheim Casper, clothing. 131 Van Bureu, r. same 

Bnrgheim rhnrles. clothing. 395 S. Canal, r. same 

Burgheim H'-nnnim. cloihing. 83 S. Canal, r. same 

BiirgholFer Eiuil'.:, zinc ornamenter, A. Gateau & 
Co. brts. ?.Inv, nw. cor. 2d 

'r Gi-^tav. artist, bds. 73 Pratt 

Btirgboffler John, carpenter, rear 171 State, r. May, 
hw. cor. May 

BurL'hoffjr Leon, engineer, bds. May. mv. cor. -2d 

Burrf? Henry C. stovel'oundry. r. 216 W. Washing- 

T'.nrtrin K-ite Miss. r. 39Sanger 

B'.iruin Mary Mis^. dressmaker, r. 39 Sanger 

Burele A. IH'S. l.'fi Snmpson 

Burgle Benjamin, carpenter, r. 156 Sampson 

Burgomaster Henry, lab. Hatch. Holbrook & Co. 

Burgour Hersh, lab. r. 134 4ih n\ . 

Burhardt Louis, teamster, r. 188 Bremer 

Burhog Henry, carpenter, Schultze Bros. r. 18 W. 

Burian Jan, lab. r. bet. Evans. Harbiue, Robey and 

Burk Anthony, plasterer, r. 44 W. Indiana 

Burk Edward, lab. bds. 313 4th av. 

Burk Edward, lab. bds. 221 Wells 

Burk Edward, sailmaker. r. 23 Church pi. 

Burk George, druggist, r. 1002 Indiana av. 

Burk James, boardinghpuse, ss. Archer av. bet. 
Murray and Sanger, r. same 

Burk James, stoker, Chcago Gaslight and Coke Co. 
bds. tiO St. Clair 

Bnrk John, baker, Frederick Kleinholz, r. 108 Sedg- 

Burk John, expressman, r. North av. bet. Edgar 
and Ridgeville 

Burk John, lab. r. 19 Penn 

Burk John, lab. r. ws. Robey, bet. Milwaukee av. 
and Wabansia av. 

Bnrk John, salesman, r. 46 Cottage Grove av. 

Burk Martin, lab. r. 514 Arnold 

Burk Martin, tailor, r. 439 N. Wells 

Burk Maurice, wks. rolling mill, bds. 62 Wright 

Burk Michael, draymam. r. rear 395 Hubbard 

Burk Michael, lab. bds. 116 N. Sangamon 

Burk Michael, lab. r. Gere, bat. E. White and Whit- 

Burk Michael, shoemaker, bds. 176 Michigan 

Burk Michael, tailor, R. J. Walshe, r. 79 Adams 

Burk Michael, teamster, Hale, Ayer& Co. r. 174 Clin- 

Burk Patrick, comp. policeman, r. 113 Green 

Burk Patrick, lab. bds. 116 W. White 

Bnrk Thomas, lab. r. 49 Superior 

Burk Thomas, lab. r. 358 W. Polk 

Burk Thomas, lab. Braduer, Charnley & Co. r. 48 

Burk Walter, lab. Sands' Ale Brewing Co. r. 100 

Burk William, surgical instrument maker. Court pi. 
bet. Dearborn and State, r. 129 Fulton 

Burk Zachsrius C. S. stocktrader, r. Emerald, nr. Es- 

Burka Gottleib, lab. r. 599 Milwaukee av. 

Bnrkard Christoph. drj goods, 593 Larrabee, r. eame 

Burkard Martin, grocer, 113 Cornelia, r. same 

Burkard Philip, tanner, bds 113 Cornelia 

Burkart Alexander, wireweaver, Evans & Co. bds. 
Wells, mv. cor. Monroe 

Burke Alexander, lab. r. 585 S. Canal 

Burka Andrew, lab. r. 106 Newberry 

Burke Benjamin, lab. W. H. Pugh & Bros. 

Burke Edmund (C. M. Henderson & Co.), bds. Sher- 
man house 

Bnrke Edmund, clerk, Fargo, Fales & Co. bds. 311 
W. Indiana 

Burke Edmund J. (Collins & Burke), r. 210 W. 

Burke Edward, r. 156 E. Kinzie 

Burke Edward, shoemaker, r. 148 W. Taylor 

Burke Edward, teamster, bds. 8-3 Wentwotth av. 

Burke Edward K. bookbinder, Charles F. Weeks & 
Co 88 Washington 

Burke Edward P. defensive mercantile agency, bds. 
103 E. Erie 

Burke Edwin R. clerk, A. M. Wright & Co. r. 112 

Bnrke Ellen, wid. Cornelius, r. 14 Pratt 

Burke E. A. Mrs. r. 942 Fulton 

Bnrke Frank, lab. bds. 204 W. Chicago av. 

l!urk" Frank, lab. r. es. Pitney av. bet. 31st and Arch- 
or av. 

Burke Francis carpenter, r. 309 W. Polk 

Burke Graham B. millinery, 471 W. Madison, r. same 

CRERAlt, AD,OS3 & 

General Northwestern Agents for 


Shipherd, Sweet <& Co., Large Loans a Specify, 

Kos. 155 and 157 I- A SALLK STREET. 

W 31. U. KEHFOO'T, Iteal Estate Dealer and isa-oki' r, 

No. 89 Washington Street. Estatesmanaged. 




Burke Hall, teamster, Hall & Rathban. r. 222 Green 
Burke Isaac N. lawyer, r. room lit, Otis blk. 
Burke James, clerk, 13o Michigan 
Burke James, clerk. Patrick Caraher, 252 W. Poik 
Burke James, housemover, r. ss. al. bet. Desplaines 

and Halsted, Madison and Monroe 
Burk James, lab. r. 102 Ewing 
Burke James, lab. r. 404 S. Jefferson 
Burke James, wks. rolling mills, r. North av. bet. 

Wood and Commercial 
Burke Janus, saloon, 517 Clark, r. same 
Burke James, switchman, M. S. out freight depot 
Burke James, teamster, 321 W. Polk 
Burke James, teamster, r. Hoyue, cor. Erie 
Burke James, r. 519 W. Indiana 
Burke James, r. 86 N. LaSalle 
Burke James M. finisher, Fargo, Falea & Co. r. 311 

W. Indiana 

Burke John, blacksmith, r. 30 Hiusdale 
Burke John, bricklayer, r. 512 Arnold 
Burke John, butcher, bds. 46 Cottage Grove av. 
Burke John, carpenter, r. 86 Foster 
Burke John. lab. r. 61 Barber 
Burke John, lab. bds. 44 E. Indiana 
Burke John, lab. John F. Whiting, bds. 492 Centre 




At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

Burke Michael, lab. bds. 190 Coolidge 
Burke Michael, lab. r. 196 W. Harrison 
Burke Michael, lab. r. ss. 23d, bet. Wood and Lin- 

Burke Michael, maltster, bds. 100 Whitney 
Burke Michael, painter, r. 65 Burling 
Burke Mike, wks. N. C. rolling mill, r. 91 North 

Burke Michael, shoemaker, bds. 117 Michigan 
Burke Michael, team:-ter, r. Paulina, nr. Indiana 
Burke Michael J. teamster, J. C. Dunlap, r. Hoyne, 

sw. cor. Erie 

Burke Michael, teamster, r. rear 174 S. Clinton 
Burke Newton, lawyer, room 14, 134 LaSalle, r. 162 


Burke Parlia. wid. John, r. 103 E. Erie 
Burke John, lab. r. es. al. bet. 14th and 10th, Mich- ; Burke Patrick, black;- mith, r. 2(!4 N. Sangamon 

igan and Indiana a vs. j Burke Patrick, carpenter, r. 62"? W. Indiana 

Burke John. lab. r. 190 Forquer j Burke Patrick, clerk, bds. 402 Centre av. 

Burke John, lab. bds. 138 Coolidge Burke Patrick, cooper, M. S. & N. I. freight depot 

Burke John, moulder, C. II. McCormick & Bro. ! Burke Patrick, expressdiiver, r. 128 W. Taylor 
Burke John, moulder, Bariium & Richardson Mnfg. - Burke Patrick, janitor. Wentworth Avenue primary 

Burke John, painter, Northwestern Mnfg. Co. 

Burke John, billposter, r. 351 N. Wells 

Burke John, sailor, r. 314 Tyler 

Burke John, shoemaker, r. 91 E. Ontario 

Burke John jr. stonecutter, bds. 742 S. Jefferson 

Burke John, stoves and hardware, 165 W. Madison, 

r. same 

Burke John, watchman, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Burke John, r. 742 S. Jefferson 
Burke John, r. 578 N. Wells 

school, r. 49 Wentworth av. 
Burke Patrick, lab. bds. 24i) S. Adams 
Burke Patrick, lab. r. 26 Better 
Burke Patrick, lab. r. 333 Illinois 
Burke Patrick, watchman, r. 377 W. Kinzie 
Burke Patrick, sailor, bds. 94 E. Kinzie 
Burke Par rick, stonecutter, Cummings & Hagan, 

bds. 333 4!h av. 

Burke Peter, lab. r. 780 Archer av. 
Burke Ricliard, lab. Moody & Church, r. 107 Stewart 


Burke John (col'd), waiter, 78 Sherman, bds. same | Burke Richard, shoemaker, r. 951 W. Lake 

Burke John, upholster, Neuberger & Herald, r. Burke Richard A. salesman, Chas. E. Wiswall, bds. 

351 X. Wells 227 Wubash av. 

Burke John M. porter, Simpson, Norwell & Co. bds. Burke Samuel, teamster, r. 127 Canalport av. 

135 Michigan i Burke Simeon S. (Webster & Burke), r. 121 Walnut 

Burke John S. grocery and provisions, 554 Mitchell, \ Burke Thomas, coachman, bds. 297 Wabash av. 

cor. Loomts, r. same i Burke Thomas, blacksmith, r. 244 W. Indiana 

Burke John T. machinist, bds. 14 Pratt i Burke Thomas, brassflnisher, Northwestern Mnfg. 

Burke Joseph, clerk, bds. 172 Indiana Co. 

Burke Joseph, lab. r. 158 Augusta > Burke Thomas, clerk, bds. 206 N. Clark 

Burke Joseph, porter, Cleveland Paper Co. r. 55 ! Burke Thomas, lab. r. 48 W. Harrison 

Alexander : Burke Thomas, ship and house carpenter, r. 50 

Burke Joseph, printer, S. M. Kennedy, r. 135 : Ohio 

Michigan ; Burke Thomas Rev. pastor, St. Columbkill's church, 

Burke J. clerk, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 135 Mich- r. 51!) W. Indiana 

igan Burke Walter, maltster, bds 100 Whitney 

Burke Lawrence, wks. N. C. rolling mill, r. 131 : Burke William, wks. N. C. rolling mill 

Bremjr i Burke William, lab r. 10 Nutt 

Burke Margaret, wid. James, groceries and liquors, Burke William, plumber, Charles Brevar & Bro. r. 

430 4th," r. same 129 W. Randolph 

Burka Mary. wid. John, r. 94 Foster i Burke William, shipcarpenter. r. 186 N. Morgan 

Burke Martin, tailor. A. B. McLean, r. 430 N. Wells ' Burke Williiim. sailor, r. 151 Ewius 

Burke Mary, wid. John, r. 147 Wesson 
Burke Mathuw. hackdriver. r. 52 W. Jackson 
Burke Mathew, lab. W. H. Pugh & Bros. r. 93 W. 

Van Buren 

Burke Maurice, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Burk.- Molancthon T. r. 903 Indiana av. 
Burke Michael (Adams & Burke), r. 439 N. Wells 
Burke Michael, expressman, r. 94 Coolidge 
Burke Michael, grocer, 166 Buttenield. r. same 
Burke Michael, lab. r. Ashley, bet. Lincoln and 

Burke Michael, lab. Henry Willets, r. 156 Butter- 

Burko Michael, lab. r. 172 Brown 



Glues & Neatsfoot Oil, 


Buries WiH'ij.m. tailor, r. 204 Adams 
Burke William A. tailor, bds. 79 Adams 
Burke, see also Burk, Bourke. Berg and Berk 
Barker Chrlstoph, l.-ib. r. 621 N. Wells 
Barker Henry, butcher. 800 S. Halsted, r. same 
Burker llemy. stonemason, r. 535 S Jefferson 
I Burkert William, butcher, bds 5-17 N Weils 
i Burke ry Joseph, rag siore. r. 216 Siale 
Burkhaard George," tailor. John J. Weber, bds. 325 


' Burkhard Joseph (Boehm & Co ). r. ISO A rcher av. 
I Burkhard Lewis, sprlapmaker, 19 and 21 Mev.'her 
Burkhard Louis blacksmith, r. 677 Archer av." 
Burkhank A. wid Frederick, r. 194 3dav 
Burkhardt Albert, stonecutter. Chicago Marble and 

Granite M'l^. Co. r. I'.l-i .'$.! av 
1 Burkhardt Charles, r. 670 Sedgwick 
1 Burkhardt Edward (Chicago Marble and Granite 

Mnlg. Co. ). r. 940 N. Clark 

' y.urklmrdt Frederick, cattledealer. r. 478 Hnbbard 
; Burkhardt Frederick, Excelsior machine works, r. 

N. Wells, mv. cor. Eug-tnie 

Burkhardt James, rubber, Sherman, Cote & Co. r 
160 W. VaiiBuivn 

Morc's Cele&roied. Fire and asrglar jiPr<ou>f Safes. 

Made by S. Jtl. MAKUis. <j.i :.-outU (anal Street. 

WOOI5RUFF & RAFFEBT, Sewer Builders, 

IJasemeiit of 73 k SO East IVIadigou Street. 









Returned at Death. 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

Burkhardt John, grocer, 367 Wells, r. same 

Burkhardt John. lab.M. S. & N. I. R. R. Co. out- 
freight depot 

Burkhardt John W. cigars, 33 Milwaukee av. r. 

Burkhardt Joseph, pipeman, engine J. B. Rice, r. 
194 3d av. 

Burkhart Nathan, lab. M. S. outfreight depot 

Bnrkhardt Peter, lab. r. 391 23d 

Burkhardt Stuguste N. wid. Frederick, r. 194 3d av. 

Burkhardt William J. cigars and tobacco, whol. and 
ret. 33 Milwaukee av". and 48 and 50 Hubbard, r. 
33 Milwaukee av. 

Burkhart Frederick (Burkhart, Van Slyck & Co.), r. 
North av. ne. cor. Eugenie 

Burkhart John, moulder^ Burkhart, Van Slyck & 
Co. bds. 281 Sudgwick 

(Frederick Burkhart, Julius W. Van Slyck and 
Jacob Schotsal), machinists, 190 and 192 Wash- 

Burkin William, wagonmaker, r. 120 S. Jefferson 

Bnrkhart William, grocer, 148 Sedgwick, r. same 

Burkit John, cabinetmaker, C. Basack & Co. r. 51 

Burkitt John, carpenter, r. 51 Hastings 

Burkitt Joseph R. church sexton, r. 169 S. Morgan 

Burkitt Lois Mrs. dressmaker, 169 S. Morgan, r. 

Burkitt Thomas M. (Burkitt & Suttou), r. 46 S. San- 

BTJRKITT & SUTTON (Thomas M. Burkitt 

and E. C. Sutton), worsteds, hosiery, yarns, 

etc. 47 State 

Burkman Annie Miss, bds. Ill W. Taylor 
Burkman Peter, bricklayer, r. 24 Sloan 
Burkmeyer Paul, stonecutter, Chicago Marble and 

Granite Mnfg. Co. r. Oak 

Burkrart Sophia, wid. Charles, r. rear 203 Bushnell 
Burkros Emanuel, mason, r. 26 Sloan 
Burks Thomas, shoemaker, (50 S. Halsted, r. same 
Burldt Albert, blacksmith, 22d, se. cor. Went- 

worth, r. 251 Wentworth av. 
Burleigh Clarence H. bds. 309 Huron 
Burleigh Lemoyne, reporter, Evening Post, r. 99 

Burley Arthur G. (Burley & Tyrrell), r. 367 Wabash 

Burley Augustus H. pres. Board of Public Works, 

r. 309 Huron 

Burley John, wks. rolling mill, r. 533 Elston rd. 
Burley John D. painter, r. 123 Walnut 
Burley Luther, clerk, r. 123 Walnut 
Burley & Tyrrell (Arthur G. Burley and John 

Tyrrell'), china, glass and earthenware, 48 Lake 
Burling Edward, architect, 116 LaSalle, r. 333 N. 


Burling John, carpenter, r. 79 Stewart av. 
Burling John, engineer, r. 95 14th 
Burling John, locksmith, Charles Schaubel, bds. 102 

W. "Water 

Burling John E. watchman, Hall & Winch 
Burlingame Edward, engineer, Mehring, Pundt & 

Co. bds. Lake Street nouse 
Burliagamii Hardin. student. BRYANT* STRAT- 

BurlinLwme Hiram, expressman, bds. 14(5 12th 
Burlingame Sarah A. Mrs. r. 213 W. Lake 
Burlington House, Levi Pritchard, propr. Canal, se. 

cor. Kith. r. same 
Bnrling'on Junction, P., Ft., W. & C. R. R. ticket 

oflice, Stewart av. nr. Meagher 
Burlington Slip, 191 W. 22d 
Burlock A. R. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Burlock Samuel S. merchant, r. 297 State 
Buriuaester John, teamster, r. 145 Augusta 
Burmau Charles. carpenter, bds. 1% N. Wells 
BurniMii H. hostler. Am. M. I". Kx. Co. 

Burmann Frederick, teamster, r. 2 Oak 
Bnrnian Robert, grocer, r. 381 Larraboe 
Burniaster Henry, tailor, r. 225 North av. 
Burmaister Charles, tanner, r. 154 Bremur 
Burnieister Henry, baker, 362 Larrabee. r. same 
Burmeister Henry A. bricklayer, r. 145 Schiller 
Burmeister William, coppersmith, C. & N. W. R. W. 

r. 288 Sedgwick 

Burmeister John, clerk, F. Knapwurst, r. 213 Ran- 
Burmester Theodore, clerk, Leopold Ottenheimer, 

bds. 621 S. Canal 

Burmingham John, distiller, r. 635 Archer av. 
Burmingham John, shoemaker, S. W. Rawson, r. 

185 N. Union 
Burmingham John, shoemaker, S. W. Rawson, r. 79 

E. Indiana 
Bui-mister W. H. talesman, D. B. Fisk & Co. r. 1167 

Prairie av. 

Burn William, bricklayer, r. 263 Mitchell 
Burn William, junkdealer, 7 N. Wells, r. 42 E. Kin- 


Burn William, porter, r. 30 Cornelia 
Burnam Ambrose, health officer, r. 186 Wabash av. 
Bunifim Arthur, citybuyer, Day, Allen & Co. r. 186 

Wabash av. 
Burnam Frank, entryclerk, John V. Farwell & Co. 

r. 186 Wabash av. 
Burnam Lisle, clerk, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 186 

Wabash av. 

Burnam Lorin, carpenter, r. 190 S. Desplaines 
BURNAP W. A. prof, of accounts. BRY- 
r. 1035 Wabash av. 
Bnrnastar Henry, lab. r. ns. McGregor, bet. Hanover 

and Stewart avs. 

Burndike Benjamin, lab. r. 379 Carroll 
Burne James, millwright, Gilchrist & Scheffler 
Burne Thomas, teamster, Joseph Stockton, r. 45 W. 

Van Buren 

Burnell W. salesman, bds. Congress hall 
Buruell Thomas, machinist, Gilchrist & Scheffler 
Bnrnell William, blacksmith, John Hallett, r. 357 


Burner George, brickmaker, r. 425 S. Canal 
Burnes James, machinist, bds. 73SIndii a 
Burnes Margaret, wid. John, r. 760 Indiana av. 
Burnes Patrick, servant, Briggs house 
Burnes Thomas, polisher, Sherman, Cole & Co. r. 

147 Bremer 

Burnet Richard, finisher, r. 39 Fry 
Burnett Alfred, waiter, N. V. Kidder, bds. 255 On- 

Burnett Andrew, tinner. Chicago stamping and tin- 
ning works, bds. 19 Blue Island av. 
Burnett Charles, sailor, bds. 923 S. Halsted 
Burnett James, plumber, 114 N. Clark, r. 206 On- 

Burnett Jane, wid. r. 311 Illinois 
Burnett Mary, wid. John. r. 313 Illinois 
Burnett M. E. salesman, Western News Co. bds. 278 

W. Randolph 
Burnett Richard, plumber, James Burnett, r. 206 


Burnett Stephen, carpenter, bds. 127 4th av. 
Burne y Manraret, wid. Thomas, r. 385 E. Indiana 
Barney Martin, sailmaker. bds. 385 E. Indiana 
Burnham Albian, clerk, Smith. Clark & Co. 
Burnham Arthur, clerk, r. 186 Wabash nv. 
Burnham Charles W. painter, r. 203 W. Washington 
Burnham C. L. printer, bds. 203 W. Washington 
Burnham Daniel, architect, bds. 49 Congress 
Burnham Dyer N. lawyer, r. 1274 Indiana av. 
Burnham Edward, hairworker, M. Campbell, 81 

Burnham Edwin (Burnhams & Van Schaack), r. 47 


Burnham Edwin R. (Burnhams & Van Schaack), 
bds. 310 Michigan av. 

m I 


General Northwestern Agents for 

WIM:. CTIESSOIP & sonsrs, 

"Warehouse. 11 &13 S. "Wells St. 

Shiplierd, Sweet & Co., Discount Sbort Paper, 

IS os. 155 and 157 LA SALLi; STREET. 

SUtf EON W. KIft T &, United tatc Commissioner 

For Northern District of Illinois. 117 South Clark Street. 




Buruham Frank, clerk, bds. 18(i Wabash av. 
Burnham George E. plasterer, bds. 203 W. Washing- 
Burnham Harriet A. wid. George W. boardinghouse, 

X)?, W. Washington, r. same 

Burnh;im John P. foreman, Louis Hutt, r. 204 26th 
Burnham Lisle, clerk, bds. 18<> Wabash av. 
Burnham Lorenzo G. operator, P. B. Green, r. 151 

4th av. 
Bunihum L. T. foreman, Burnhams & Van Schaack, 

r. 47 Congress 
Buruham Mary Anne, wid. Leonard, boardinghouse, 

70 Adams 

Burnham Oliver G. carpenter, bds. 204 26th 
Burnham Paul, carpenter, r. 204 2(ith 
Burnham Sherburne W. (Ely, Burnham & Bartlett), 

r. 52 Vinceuues av. 
Burnham Telford, lawyer, room 5, 78 Dearborn, r. 

Hyde Park 
Burnham Thomas H. clerk, E. P. Dwyer& Co. r.297 

Burnham, see also Burnam 


(Edwin and Edwin R. Burnham, Peter Van 

Schaack and Henry T. West), druggists, whol. 

1 and 3 Randolph 

Burnitz Ernest, wks. C. H. McConnick & Bro. 
Buruos John F. bds. Matteson house 
Bums Augustus, paperhanger, 26 S. Clinton 
Burns Barnhard H. (John F. Eugel & Co.), r. 118 N. 

Burns Benjamin, baggageman, Milwaukee & Great 

Eastern R. K. depot, bds. 100 W. Water 
Burns Bridget, wid. Patrick, r. 23 Hickory 
Burns Charles, finisher. M. D. Wells & Co. . 
Bums Charles, lab. Billiard, Peirce & Co. r. 30 Lime 
Burns Charles, lab. r. es. Reuben, bet. Mulligan and 


Burns Charles, r. 153 N. Paulina 
Burns Charles, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co, 
Burns Charles, shoemaker, bds. 191 Kinzie 
Burns Cornelius, importer linens, 2974 Clark, r. 

New York 
Burns Cornelius J. driver, Frank Parmelee & Co. r. 

83 W. Harrison 

Burns Cornelius S. carpenter, r. 353 Blue Island av. 
Burns Daniel, cooper, bds. 259 S. Desplaines 
Burns Daniel, policeman, Huron Street station, r. 

199 Pine 

Bums Denis, express, bds. 315 W. Polk 
Burns Dennis, cooper, E. Frankenthal <fc Co. bds. 

129 S. Desplaines 

Burns Edmund, lab. r. rear 308 Canal 
Burns Edward, cabinetmaker, Decker & Morgan, r. 

36 Caualport av. 

Burns Edward, carmoulder, r. 454 Arnold 
Burns Edward, lake captain, r. 79 Wilson 
Burns Edward, r. 147 Hickory 
Burns Edward, cabinetmaker, r. ss. Sheridan, nr. 

Wentworth av. 

Burn Edward, receiving clerk C., R. I. & P. depot 
Burns Edward, lab. r. 64 Illinois 
Burns Ellen, wid. Terry, r. 142 N. Wood 
Burns Ellen, wid Thomas, r. 144 W. Lake 
Burns Frank, fireman, C. &. N. W. R. W. bds. 

Carroll, sw. cor. Halsted 
Burns Garrett, butcher, r. 8y t Myrick av. 
Burns Garrett, pressman, Rand, McNally & Co. r. 

106 N. Dearborn 

Burns Garrett. printer, bds. 227 E. Indiana 
Burns George C. shipcarpenter, r. 7 Otis 
Burns Henry, plumber, 47 W. Randolph, r. State 
Burns Hush, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Burns James, blacksmith, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 231 

N. Halsted 
Bums James, bootmaker. C. M. Henderson & Co. r. 

ss. Harrison, bet. Wells and Ciark 
Burn? James, bottomer, C. M. Henderson & Co. bds. 

39 Mark 

The Chicago Terra Gotta Company 


Carved Cornice Trimmings, 

At less cost than Wood. 
*. - - - 89O State Street. 


Assets over S5.OOO.OOO. 

Rale of mortaHiy jowerthan Eastern companies. 

SHUGART & DEAN. Gen'l Agents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Special Ageuts wanted. 

Burns James, bookkeeper, Thos. Nelson, r. 106 N- L, 

Burns James, bootmaker. Charles B. Sawyer & Co. H 

Bums James, brass finisher, David M. Ford 

Burns James, gasfitter, John Hughes & Son, bds. 

Lincoln house 

! Burns Jnmes, candy maker, bds. IflS Madison ^ 

i Burns James, carpenter, bds. 28 E. Polk jjj 

Burns James, coachman, C. N. Holden, r. 275 W. n 


i Burns James, expressman, r. 2S9 S. May 
i Bums James, lab. bds. 214 W. Polk te 

! Burns James, lab. r. 22 Better ft 

; Burns James, lab. C. & N. W. R. R. r. 169 ludiana tg 

Burns James, lab. r. 447 S. Desplaines 

Burns James, lab. r. 200 Mitchell 4. 

Burns James, lab. r. 45 Rebecca ft 

Burns James, lab. Robt. Aitchison & Co. bds. 821 f 

Burns James, lab. r. 653 Washington av. 

| Burns James, lab. r. 369 W. Indiana 
! Burns James, moulder, bds. rear 358 W. Indiana ,_ 
! Burns James, painter, bds. 227 E. Indiana A 

Jlurns James, porter, bds. 351 E. Indiana ^ 

Burns James, r. rear 34 Sholto 
i Burns James, lab. transfer depot, C. & N. W. R. W. ft 

Burns James, r. es. Reuben bet. Mulligan and 31st p 
! Burns James, seaman, r. 72 Indiana 
I Burns James, teamster, r. 349 S. Canal 
i Burns James, teamster, r. 34 Shalto 4 

I Burns James, r. 69 Mather 

' Burns James J. clerk, Cary & Woodward, r. 4 and 6 
Milwaukee av. cor. Kinzie 

Burns Jane. wid. Patrick, r. 256 W. Polk 

Burns John, boardinghouse, 971 S'. Halsted ^ 

Burns John, boatbuilder, Thomas Bagley, bds. 136 p 

Burns John, bookkeeper, Cornelius Burns, bds. 297K W 
Clark i 

Burns John, carcoupler, r. 74 Barber |_ 

Burns John, crockery, china and glass, 287 W. Mad- ft 
ison, r. same 

Burns John, engineer, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 76 

N. Sansramon 
j Burns John; lab. bds. 214 W. Polk 

Burns John, lab. bds. rear 233 Rush 
| Burns John. lab. I. C. R. R. r. 728 Indiana av. 

j Burns John, lab. r. 486 Arnold 

Burns John. lab. r. 95 N. Market 

Burns John, lab. r. 389 Park av. 

Burns John, lab. r. Reuben, bet. Mulligan and 31st 

Burns John, lab. r. 82 Wesson 

Burns John, machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 821 Clark 

Burns John, moulder, C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Burns John, peddler, r. 534 W. 12th 

Burns John, peddler, r. 115 W. Taylor 

Burns John, plasterer, r. 476 N. Franklin 

Burns J. plumber, bds. Lincoln house, 27 and 20 W. 

Burns John, roller, N. C. rolling mill, r. 57 McHenry 

Burns John, stonecutter, bds. 176 Van Buren 

Burns John, stonemason, r. 2 14th 

Burns John, switchman, M. S. outfreight depot 

Burns John A. clerk, J. E. Pettibone, bds. 81 

Burns John H. lab. John E. Pettibone & Co. bds. 81 

Burns Maggie E. teacher, Pearson Street school, r. 
233 Oalc 

Burns Maurice, lab. r. 82 Wesson 

Burns Maisraivt. wid. James, r. 194 N. May 

Burns Margaret, wid. Richard, r. 233 Oak 

Burns Mary, wid. James, r. ss. Clybourn pi. bet. 
Clyboufn av. and the river 

Burns Michael, carriagepalnter, Coan& Ten Broeke 
Carriaire Mnfg. Co. 

Burns Michael, lab. bds. rear 61 N. Carroll 

Burns Michael, lab. bds. 96 W. Polk 

Burns Michael, lab. Ms. 214 W. Polk 

Harris, MaiiufUcturer ana Dealer m 

BANK, ana SAFE LOCKS. 62 South Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF & RAFFED Sewer Builders, 

Kasement of 78 SO Eat Madison Street. 






Office, 124 Washington Street, 


Burns Michael, teamster, r. 520 Union 
Burns Michael, teamster, r. rear 421 N. State 
Burns Morgan, wagonmaker, Hyde Park, nr. nw. 

cor. Wahpanseh av. r. same. 
Burns Moses, lab. r. 14 Nutt 
Burns Owen, boot and shoemaker, 644 N. Clark, r. 

Burns Owen, lab. F. B. Gardner & Co. r. 131 Bunker 

Jurnside William, carpenter, bds. 198 S. Jefferson 
Burnstein Harris, furniture dealer, 360^ Clark, r. 

r. same 

Burnstein Louis, painter, bds. 361 Wells 
[Jurmd Joel, r. 245 Chicago av. 
Buron John, r. 147 We^on 
Burpee C. L. salesman, Greensfelder, Rosenthal & 

Burpee Charles P. with Chicago Silver Plate Co. bds. 

44 W. Adams 
Burpee Warren, lumber mer. bds. 171 Warren av. 
Burr Benjamin F. sailor, bds. 328 Archer av. 
Burr Charles A. merchant, r 644 Wabash av. 
Burr David, traveling agt. Wrisley Bros. bds. 287 

Michigan av. 

Burr E. clerk, bds. 102 Adams 
Burr Industrial School, 3893d av. 


Burns Owen, lab. r. 194 Rush 

Burns Owen, lab. r. rear 216 Monroe 

Burns Patrick, blacksmith, 250 Cottage Grove av. r. 
231 Kaukakee av. 

Burns Patrick, builder, r. 145 Vf. Jackson 

Burns Patrick, carpenter, r. 35 Ray 

Burns Patrick, lab. r. 218 Burnside 

Burns Patrick, lab. r. 308 Kankakee av. 
\^ Burns Patrick, lab. bds. 151 E. Kinzie 
^- Burns Patrick, lab. r. 68 X. Market 
Burns Patrick, lab. bds. 971 S. Halsted 
f- Burns Patrick, lab. r. 34 W. Mather 
Nfc Burns Patrick, lab. bds. 101 W. 12th 

Burns Patrick, paperhanger. r. 538 Clark, 3d floor 
^i Bums Patrick, r. 770 Indiana av. 
% Burns Patrick, switchman, transfer depot, C. & N. 
> W. It. W. 

fcs Bums Patrick, tailor, r. 90 Wilson 
& Burns Patrick, teamster, r. 381 Loomis 
P" 9 Burns Patrick, upholster, Allen & Mackay, r. 538 
IP Clark 

- Burns Patrick H. clerk, r. 192 Mather 
^ Burns Patrick R. plumber, r. 121 25th 
*g Burns Peter, bds. 181 W. Adams 
B Burns Peter, r. 486 Arnold 
fta Burns Philip, lab. bds. 738 Indiana av. 

Burns P. R. (Burns <fc Co.), r. 25th 

Burns P. R. & Co. (P. R, Burns and Joseph Teahon), 
plumbers and gasfttters, 53 Cottage Grove av. 
tp Burns Richard, bookbonder, bds. 68 Sherman 
JjJ Bums Robert, teamster, r. Lake, sw. cor. Halsted 
Bums Robert Ferrier Rev. D.D pastor. First Scotch 

Presbyterian church, r. 854 W. Madison 
Sci Romeo G. with Eldridge & Tourtellotte, r. 
J,, Mackinaw. Mich. 

Bums Samuel, blacksmith, bds. 152 W. Jackson 
* Bums Samuel A. clerk, bds. 287 Michigan 
^ Bums Simon, brakeman, r. 190 Sherman 
(K Barns Simon, boilermaker. Eagle works 
3* Burns Stephen, heater, rolling mill, Wabansia av. nr. 
T jjT c.jr. Reuben. 
x? Burns Thomas, horseshoer. r. 258 Franklin 

Burns Thomas, lab. bds. 191 Kin/.ie 
t$ Burns Thomas, lab. bds. 92 S. Jefferson 
Burns Thomas, lab. r. 199 S. Jackson 
2 Burns Thomas, lab. r. Waller, ne. cor. Mitchell 
Burns Thomas, lab. Smith & Walker 
_w Bums Thomas, porter, hds. 351 E. Indiana 
^ Burns Thomas (Welch & Burns), r. 238 S. Franklin 
J2j Burns Thomas, shoemaker, r. rear 32 Dobyiis 

- Burns Thomas teamster, r. 160 X. Halsted 

* Burin- Thomas, teamster. John Swasey jr. bds. 101 
(si VV. 12th 

^ Burn- Timothy, switchman, transfer depot, C. & N. 
-' W. R. W. r. 471 S. llaisted 

2 Burns Timothy, watchman, r. 298 Maxwell 
>"J Burn- Walter, lab. bds. 194 Cottage Grove av. 
^j Burns William, clerk, r. 568 S. Morgan 
ft Bum William, drayman, 142 Ontario 
"^ Burns William, roofer, r. 223 DeKovcn 

Burns William, ahlpcarpenter, r. 30 Otis 

,2 Burns William, tinner. Dane, Westlake & Covert, r. 
+ 2^'i Nui-tii av. 

<& Burns \Viliiam M. baker, r. 19 S. Halsted 
>.. Burn.- William R. painter, r. 219 X. State 
r~ Buni- ,t Ward, plumbers and gastitters. 112 22d 

^ B; r is . wid. William, r. 108 W. Chicago av. 

er, Bu.ns. ,-ee also Byrne- and Berne 

X Bur.isa-k . lab. r. 488 Larrabee 

W Bi.rii-:d F. K. student, POUTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Burr James, haycutter, Chicago city railway, S. D. 
bds 1820th 

Burr William, clerk. A. E. Kent & Co. 

Burr William H. bookkeeper, bds 182 Park av. 

Burras Mary A. Mrs. r. 903 Wabash av. 

Bnrrell Albert B. r. 324 W. Randolph 

Burrens Daniel, lab. r. 124 Towusend 

Burrescll Louis, lab. 61 Hastings 

Burresou Andrew, asst. baggageman, Wis. div. C. 
& N. W. R. W. r. 201 K. Union 

Bnrritt F. Mrs. physician, 1316 Prairie av 

Burrough Frank M. clerk, J. & H. Chapman, r. 204 
Michigan av. 

Burrough John, lumberman, r. 43 Butterfield 

Burroiiifh Amelia L. wid. Judson, bds. 64 18th 

Burroughs Charles H. (P. Burroughs & Son), r. 509 
W. Madison 

Burroughs Charles J. (Burroughs & Meers), r. 817 W. 

Burroughs Eugene P. bookkeeper, W. H. Walker, 
bds. 158 S. Sangamon 

Burroughs George T. inspector, r. 650 W. Washing- 

Burroughs Henry R. realestate, bds. 650 W. Wash- 

Burroughs James jr. carpenter, bds. 23 Lyman 

Burroughs Mary J. Miss, r. 169 Adams 

Burroughs John C., Rev. D. D. pres. University of 
Chicago, r. Ellis av. nr. Douglas pi. 

Burroughs Philip (P. Burroughs & Son), r. Rock- 
ton; 111. 

Burroughs P. & Son (Philip and Charles H. Bur- 
roughs), house painters, 500 W. Madison 

Burroughs & Meers (Charles J. Burroughs and 
Robert A. Meers), book and job printers, 113 

Burrows C. S. druggist, 447 N. Clark, r. same 

Burrows D. clerk, Carson. Pirie & Co. r. 149 W. Lake 

Burrows Emmaline D. wid. Edwin, r. 21 X. Halsted 

Burrows Frank B. clerk, Robert Burrows, r. 1032 
Michigan av. 

Burrows F. Mrs. r. 926 Wabash av. 

Burrows Joseph M. (Prentiss & Burrows), r. 703 W. 

Burrows Robert, com. mer. r. 1032 Michigan av. 

Burrows R. J . gasfltter, H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. r. 
14!) ir.ibbard 

Burrows Samuel, cash. Carson, Pirie & Co. r. 149 

Bureau Peter, cabinetmaker. I. C. R. R. carworks, 
r. -i52 Saniramon 

Bursch John P. tailor, C. J. King (col'd), r. 245 S. 

Bu'.-se.'k John, stonemason, r. 487 S. Canal 

Burson , bagira<reniasler. r. 201 X. Union 

Burst John. la v >. Hatch. Holbrook & Co. 

Bur 1 A. S. (Chicago Packing and Provision Co.), bds. 

St. James hotel 
Br.rt Carl. lab. bds. 143 Fry 
Bart Catherine Mrs. r. 4W S. May 
]?nrt Cynthia, wid Frank, r. 1."S2 Indiana av. 
l!u"t Edwin iBraun & Burr'i, r. 2S2 W. Indiana 


General Northwestern Agents for 

J-IESSO:^ fie sonsrs. 

Warehouse, 11 &13 S. "Wells St. 


in i;+4trii.gvs, 
>os. 155 and 157 



89 Washington Street. Iroperty Sold and Rented. 




Burt Emma Miss, r. 163 Wells 

Burt Francis M. Miss, artist, bds. 319 and 331 W. 


Burt Fred, painter, r. .339 N. Reuben 
Burt Gabriel, lab. Chicago terra cotta works 



Burt John, carpenter, bds. 744 State 

Burt John, teamster, r. 26 Rose 

Burt Leonard, clerk, bds. 291 Michigan 

Burt Randolph, insurance agt. r. 167 Park av. 

Burt I'han. lab. r. 143 Fry 

Burt William (Fitzgerald & Burt), r. 547 State 

Burt William, salesman, Gray Bros. & Phelps, r. 345 

N. LaSalle 

Burtans Annie Miss, dressmaker, r. 113 W. Madison 
Burtell Anton, lab. Gettemy, Parker & Co. r. Evans 

cor. Fisk 
Burtell John, lab. Getterny, Parker & Co. r. Evans, 

cor. Fisk 

Burtell Margaret, seamstress, bds. 64 DcKoven 
Burten Abraham, glazier, r. 335 S. Wells 
Burthwick Thomas, boilermaker, Devine & Bro. 
Burtis Charles K. clerk, Chicago Gaslight and Coke 

Burtis James K. sec. Chicago Gaslight and Coke 

Co. r. 796 Wabash av. 
Burtis Julia A. Miss, r. 134 W. Madison 
Burtiss John H. broker, bds. 38 Monroe 
Burtis Lewis W. bookkeeper, Johnson, Spencer & 

Co. bds. 13 Adams 

Burtis Peter T. supt. and engineer, Chicago Gas- 
light and Coke Co. r. 540 W. Washington 
Burton Allen, agt. tugs Robt. Tarrant and S. G. 

Chase, room 2, 210 S. Water, r. 290 2d 
Burton Benjamin, hats, caps and furs, 99 Washing- 
ton, r. 568 N. Dearborn 
Burton C. driver, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Burton C. C. (Vail & Burton), r. 173 Michigan 
Burton C. L. (Burton <fc Pierce), bds. 136 3lst 
Burton Elizabeth, wid. r. 788 W. Fulton 
Burton Henry, carpenter, r. 441 4th 
Burton Horace, com. mer. and storage, 190 and 192 

N. Jefferson, r. Waukegan 
Burton James D. clerk, William Breckenridge, bds. 

443 S. Canal 
Burton Joseph, r. ns. Lake, bet. Heyton and city 

Burton Josiah (Springer & Burton), r. 1049 Indiana 


Burtou Josiah H. clerk, 822 W. Jackson 
Burton Lucy Miss, cash. Tower, Millard & Decker, 

bds. 104 W. Adams 
Burton Stiles, r. 229 Michigan av. 
Burtou Thomas (Underwood, Burton & Co.), r. 567 

N. Dearborn 
Burton Thomas S. (Burton & Adams), r. 356 W. 


Burton T. wid. Thomas, r. 390 Ontario 
Burton Victor H. clerk, Horace Burton, r. Wauke- 

Burtou William, teamster, Jones & Laughlins 

Burton & Adams (Thomas T. Burton and James H. 
Adams), com. mere. 140 N. Jefferson 

BURTON & PIERCE (C. L. Burton and 
Jo.-eph W. Pierce), grocers, whol. 50 and 52 
Michigan av. 

Burtran John, filegrinder, bds. 147 Dearborn 

Burtrand Peter, lab. r. 59 Norton 

Burtz Ambrose, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Burwell Henry, salesman, Brown & Mathews, bds. 
Congress hall 

Burwell William B. r. 71 Aberdeen 

Busack Charles, lab. r. 71 Vedder 

Busack Charles (Hoppmiar & Co.), r. 513 Mitchell 

Busack C. (C. Busack & Co.), r. 472 Mitchell 

Busack C. & Co. (C. Busack and F. Busse), furni- 
ture mnfrs. 470 and 472 Mitchell 

Busby Charles, builder, r. 493 Wabash av. 



Glues & Neatsfoot Oil, 



Assets over 85,000,000. M 

Largest accumulations of any Co. wesror New York ? 

SHUGART & DEAN, Gen'l Agents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
Reliable Agents wan'.ed. 

Busby Thomas L. painter, I. C. R. R. carworks, bds. ft 

1228 Prairie av. M 

Busby William, builder, bds. 493 Wabash av. 
Busch David, boxmaker, r. 52 W. Oak fift 

Busch David, locksmith, Frederick A. Jenseh, r. 56 " 

W. Oak A 

Busch David C. packer, Charles Tobey, r. 183 Wes- if 

son j 

Bnsch Francis, clothing, 223 Randolph, r. same < 

Busch Francis, lab. r. 202 Black Hawk ^ 

Busch George, butcher, r. Lowe av. cor. Esplanade 2 
Busch Hannagus, lab. r. 327 Carroll 
Busch Henry, calsomining, r. 230 Huron 
Busch Henry, lettercarrier, P. O., Station B, r. 96 P 

Carroll g 

Busch Jacob, blacksmith, Richards' iron works, r. i^ 

183 Wesson p* 

Busch John, lab. r. 240 3d av. 

Busch John, wagonmaker, Millar & Parsons, r. 152 *>* 

Indiana JJ 

Busch Julius, Vice Pres. International Mutual Trust >* 

Co. bds. Tremont house ft 

Busch Kate, wid. Michael, r. 285 North av. H 

Busch Louis, upholster, F. Porter Thayer & Co. r. t 

158 Huron 

Busch Mary, wid. John, r. 144 W. 12th O 

Busch Ulrich (Ulrich Busch & Co.), r. 235 N. Clark H 
Busch Ulrich & Co. (Ulrich Bush and ), com. , 

mers. 232 Washington 

Busch Valentine (Busch & Brand), r. Lake View *, 
Busch Welcome, ice peddler, r. 390 3d av. ft 

Busch William W. painter, Barry & dishing, r. 1297 p 

Busch & Brand (Valentine Busch and Michael 9 

Brand), brewers, 29 and 31 Cedar M 


CO. Michael Brand pres. 29 andSl Cedar S* 

Bnsch Mrs. r. 444 W. 12th j_j 

Busch, see also Bush 

Buschan John, lab. r. 344 Wentworth av. 

Bntche Edward, stonecutter, r. 229 20th , 

Busche Otto, teamster, Louis Sues 

Buscher Anton (Buscher & Co.), r. 423 S. May 

Buscher Herman, propr. Fort Donaldson house, 28 N 

Buscher & Co. (Anton Buscher and Frederick 

Schrumphy), carvers, llth, cor. Aberdeen '"J 

BUSCH ICK A. F. pres. Chicago Steam H 

Boiler Mnlg. Co. 66, 68 and 70 Michigan, r. 507 MI 

Hurlbut ^ 

Buschick E. (Rheydt & Co.} fl 

Buschik Emil (Baumann& Buschik), r. 629 N. Clark f* 
Busching A. hostler, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. ft 

Buschkf Albert, lab. bds. 25 Burling 

Buschki Martin, shoemaker, bds. 25 Burling ^ 

Buschmaun Herman, cigarmaker, r. 482 N. Wells iJ 
Buschmeyer Henry, cabinetmaker, Neuberger & 

Herold, r. 200 W. 12th ^ 

Buschwah Jacob, cabinetmaker, bds 146 Eugenie 
Buschwah John, machinist, A. Strasser, r. 146 En- _ 


Buschwah Mary, wid, Nicholas, r. 146 Eugenie 49 

Buschwah Mathew, carpenter, bds. 146 Eugenie 
Buschwah Nicholas, conveyancer, Jones & Sellers, ^ 

r. 142 Eugenie <* 

Buschwah Peter, carpenter, S. Johnson & Co. r. 146 


Buse John, lab. r. 21 Lisle 
Busell Henry, tinsmith, bds. 604 W. Lake 
Bush Adresson, office, 73 Dearborn g* 

Bush David, furniture, bds. 183 Wesson yL 

Bush Edward H. stonecutter, r. 22'.) 20th 
Bush Frank, sailor, r. 116 White 
Bush Francis, wagonmaker, r. 33 Depuyster 
Bush Frederick, coppersmith, bds. 30 N. Market 1^ 
Bush Frederick W. student, Chicago Theological ^ 

seminary O 

Bush George A. meatmarket, 187 N. Wells, r. 237 H 

N. LaSalle 

Morse Safes have been tried in the largest fires in this country, 

AND NEVER FAILED. JTIudo by S. H. Harris, 63 South Canal Street. 

Ovens Bull* "Woodruff & RulFcn, 

Nos. 78 & 8O IE 







2 Low Rates of Premium. 

S3 No Notes No Interest A Cash Surrender Value 

{I for Every Policy. 

5) Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago 

Bush Helen Miss, dressmaker, Mrs. J. F. Gettina, 
85 bds. 264 N. Clark 

eBush Henrv L. bookkeeper, L. H. Rindge 
Bush Henry W. (H. W. Bush & Co.), r. 248 State 
prf Bush Herman, lab. r. 321 Aberdeen 
rfc Bush, Hill & Johnston (William H. Bush, F. B. Hill 
v and Alex. Johnston), gen. com. mers. 246 S. 
hpp Water 

^ Bush H. W. & Co. (Henry W. Bush and Frank H. 

Rose), cigar and tobacco mnfrs. 248 State 
3 Bu^h Jacob, machinist, bds. 183 Wesson 
3> Bu>h John, bottomer, C. M. Henderson & Co, r. 231 
*J Townsend 

5! Bush John, shoemaker, r. 25 Vine 
^ Bush Julius, r. 45 Quincy 
% Bush J. T. (Bush & Varney), and agt. R. T. Bnsh & 

Co. bds 344 W. Randolph 
_jj Bush Lambert, expressman, r. 73 N. Ann 
Bush Lewis, machinist, r. 498 S. Canal 
W Bush Lorenzo, dentist, 68 Washington, r. 1032 In- 
ftl diana av. 

Bush Louis, tailor, 175 Maxwell, r. same 

Bush Lucy, wid. musicteacher, bds. 475 W. Ran- 
A dolph 

;-- Bush Martin, lab. Chicago Elastic Stone Roofing Co. 
p Bush Mary, wid. r. 339 Stewart av. 

Bush Oliver, framur, Taft, Schwamb & Crego, r. 175 
aJ* Maxwell 

E& Bush Patrick, lab. r. 331 Stewart av. 
] Bush Peter, carpenter, r. 183 Wesson 
?* Bush Peter, lab. r. 37 Farrell 
I Bush Peter J. peddler, r. 245 S. Jefferson 
C^ Bush Richard, lab. r. 323 Carroll 
T Bush Robert, sailor, r. 493 S. Union 

* Bu4i Ruamy. wid. George, r. 560 S. Canal 
w Bush R. dentist, r. 1032 Indiana av. 

Bush R. T. (R. T. Bush & Co.), r. New York 

y) Bush R. T. & Co. (R. T. Bush and ), mufrs. white 

ffi win; clotheslines, room 3, 16 Dearborn 

2 Bush Wilder M. r. 614 W. Washington 
E Bush William H. (Bush, Hill & Johnston), r. 121 

SBush William H. clerk, King Bros. & Co. r. 121 Oak 
Bnsh & Varuey (J. T. Bush and Gorham C. Var- 
SP* ney), groceries and provisions, 344 W. Randolph 
^ Bushe Ernst, butcher, 681 S. Halsted, r. same 
^ Bushe Louis, boatman, r. 88 W. Q.uincy 

Busheo John L. (Bushee & Dorety), r. 702 W. Mon- 

^ Bnshee Joseph, clerk, bds. 199 Michigan 
WU Bushee J. N. clerk, Field, Letter & Co. r. 199 Michi- 

2 Bushee & Dorety (John L. Bnshee and Joseph H. 
9 Dorety), agts. Boston Glu-Ene Mnfg. Co. 85 


9 Bushel Joseph, barber, Philip L. Meyer, bds. Canal, 
J fcw. cor. Jackson 

? Bushman Herman, cigarpacker, Falk & Barbe, r. 
W 4M2 N. Wells 

Bushman William, grocery and saloon, 1103 and 1105 
State, r. same 

M Bushman William, teamster, r. 167 Clybourn av. 
^ Bushnel M. bds. 73 S. Halsted 
f-> Bii:-hn:;ll Anson, r. 8 N. Ann 

gj Bush null Augustus 15. janitor, Rutter's blk. Madi- 
son, nw. cor. Wabash av. r. same 

pM Bushivll H. com. mer. room 7 Stone's bldg. r. 243 
n| Waba-h 

H Biishiijll John W. traveling agt. r. 70 S. Morgan 

Bushnel' Joseph, clerk. European hotel, bds. same 
L*4 Busline!! Lizzie, wid. Joseph, bds. 12 14th 
la Bushnel! Louis, lumberman, r. 439 W. Randolph 
t$l BushnellL. M. (D. II. Wolls & Co.), bds. 72 S. 
&* Halsted 

H Bushnell Newton E. agt. M. E. Page & Co. 24 Mich- 

tf?( IL-:I i av. 

2 Bus'Hif!! Richard W. inn-tor mechanic, C. & N. W. 

It. \\'. r. Turner Junction 
Bnshnell Winslow. r. 5SO Michigan av. 

Bushur^t August, baker, George Keppel, bds. 435 


Bushworth E. moulder, r. 80 N. Peoria 
Busing Hugh L. drugs and medicines, 609 S. Canal, 

r. same 

Buskirk Peter, lab. r. 82 W. 18th 
Busl Frank, carpenter, r. 231 Townsend 
Bessler August (Bessler& Schoeppe), r. 473 S. Canal 
Buss Duke, painter, bds. 166 Larrabee 
Buss John, clerk, bds. 166 Larrabee 
Buss John James, furniture repairer, Charters & 

Amhony, r. 54 W. Madison 
Buss Julius Rev. pastor, Free Methodist church, 

bds. 174 S. Desplainerf 
Buss Peter, painter, bds. 166 Larrabee 
Buss W. lab. J. Lee Smith 
Bussay Henry, dyer. Chicago steam dye works 
Bussc Christian, bricklayer, r. 69 Hastings 
Basse F. (C. Busack & Co.), r. 83 Hastings 
Busse Frederick, expressman, r. 41 Hope 
Busse Frederick, grocer. 180 N.Clark, r. same 
Bmse Frederick, lab. bds. 471 Blue Island av. 
Bussa Fritz, saloon, 197 Chicago av. r. same 
Busse Gustav A. grocer, 170 N. Clark, r. same 
Busse Henry, clerk, r. 283 Rumsey 
Busse J. H. r. 633 N. Clark 
Busse John, peddler, r. 265 1st 
Bu<se John, teamster, r. 486 Mitchell 
Busse Martin, lab. r. 644 W. 12th 
Busse William, brewer, Metz & Stege, bds. Scott, 

ne. cor. Stone 
Bussee Henry, teamster, Joseph R. Nowse, bds. 

101 S. Robey 
Bussell George, tinsmith, Elder & Tyler, bds. 604 

W. Lake 

Bussey Frank, saloon, 675 Archer av. r. same 
Bussey Fred. lab. Tegtmeyer & Werdel, r. 12D Luka 
Bussey Henry, sawyer, r. 39 John 
Bussey John, teamster, r. 144 Henry 
Bussnp David, lab. r. es. al. bet. 14th and 16th, 

Michigan and Indiana avs. 

B nssom Charles H. builder, bds. 64 S. Desplaines 
Bu; sy John, lab. Dean & Perley 
Bust Fred. lab. Hatch, Holbroo'k & Co. 
Bustard William, carpenter, r. 307 W. 16th 
Bustein Thomas, lab. Fox, Howard & Walker, bds. 

Ronben, nr. Canal 
Bustin John H. wagonmaker, r. 177" W. Liberty 
Bustow Frank, machinist, N. F. Stone & Co. 
Buszen Jacob, r. 750 N. Halsted 
Butchart William, bds. 336 W. Van Buren 
Butcher Charles, baker, r. 93 Vedder 
Batcher Charles, tanner, J. H. & G. M. Walker, r. 

233 W. Division 

Butcher Charles, watchman, r. 91 George 
Butcher Edward, stonecutter 
Butcher James, lab. r. 20 Seward 
Butcher John, expressman, r. 892 Clark 
Butcher John, provision broker, 26 Chamber of 

Commerce, r. 188 S. Sangamon 
Bu cher Julius, blacksmith, "r. 248 N. Rncker 
Butcher Maria, wid. Thomas, r. 9 Penn 
Butcher Peter, housemover, 401 Division, r.'same 
Batcher William R. student, room 15 K. H., Chicago 

Theological seminary 
Bute J. W. clerk, bds. 5H7 W. Lake 
Butensehon DeidrichT. carpenter, Heeney & Camp- 

bell, bds. 590 S. Canal 

But Burner Henry, seaman, r. 146 Canalport av. 
Buthler Mathias, watchman, r. rear 118 Sedgwick 
Buthwick Thomas, boilermaker, bds. 152 W. Jack- 


Bu'im Dwight, roofer, bds. 232 W. Monroe 
Butler Albert J. carriagepainter, Coau & Ten 

Broeke Carriage Mnfg. Co. 
Butler Alii.Tt L. with Vose. Dinsmore & Co. r. 515 

N. LaSallo 

Butler Alb.' mis, H. carpenter, bds. 35 31st 
Butler A. B. stockbroker, bds. Transit house 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. -JIESSOIP & soisrs, 

Warehouse, 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Biiipncrd, sweet ofc Co., isrokers in JLoaus, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 





Butler A. C. (Butler, Bkmom & Co.), r. Harlem 
Butler Benjamin, iroumoulder, David M. Ford 
Butler Benjamin, stonemason, bcb. '.til W. Hinsdale 
Butler Bj!ij:'.inin F. bookkeeper, r. 20-t N. Dearborn 
Butler, Blossom & Co. (Samuel E. Ilurlbut. A. O. 

Butler and Calvin E. Blossom), com. mjrs. 14 

Exchange pi. 

Butler Catherine, wid. Pearce, r. 44 Pearce 
Butler Charles, bookkeeper, bds. 30 VVillard pi. 
Butler Charles W. clerk, r. SllSedgwick 
Butler C. W. bookkeeper, Murray & Mason, bds. 

107 N. Dearborn 

Butler Deals, traveling agt. r. 148 W. Polk 
Butler Dewitt C. com. mer. 109S. Water, r. 219 


Butler Edmund, lab. r. 26 Kramer 
Butler Edward, lab. r. 10!) 14tb 
Butler Edward, stonecutter, bds. 230 LaSalle 
Butler Edward C. (Stevens, Barker & Butler), r.Oak 


Butler Ellen, wid. Richard, r. T97 Hubbard 
Butler Erastus G. auctioneer, r.612 Fulton 
Butler E:ueht, carpenter, r. 175 Wentworth av. 
Butler Frank S. capt. tug A. B. Ward, r. 263 N. 

Butler Frederick, coachman, Bjujamin Adams, bds. 

9i>J Praine av. 
Butler Helen A. Miss, teacher, Skinner school, r. 78 

S. Sangauion 

Butler Henry, blacksmith, r. 148 3d 
Butler Jimus, lab. 172 Hickory 
Butler James, restaurant, r. 309 Clark 
Butler James F. salesman, r. 52 16th 
Butler James V.A. lawyer, room 2 Smith & Nixon's 

bldg. Clark, sw. cor. Washington, r. 287 Illinois 
Butlor John, carpenter, r. 320 Catherine 
ButL-r John, carpenter, r. 113 Forquer 
Butler Jolm, wks. C. H. McCoruiiek & Bro. 
Butler John, peddler, Artesian Well Ice Co. r. 797 


Butler John, lab. r. 221 3d av. 
Butler John, lab. r. 44 Pearce 
Butler John, lab C. dfc St. L. R. It. freight depot, 

bds. 160 W. Harrison 
Butlar John, r. 421 W. Harrison 
Butler John, sal'einaker, Herring & Co. bds. 6 14th 
Butler John, teamster and boardinghouse, r. 298 S. 


Butler John B. sailor, bds. 140 12th 
Butler John C. lab. bds. 367 E. Ohio 
Butler Joseph, gunmaker, 220 Clark, r. same 
Butler Joseph II. salesman. Knowles, Cloyes & Co. 

29 and 31 River, r. 204 W. Adams 
Butler Josiah R. (^Brewster, Freeman & Co.), r. 132 

S. Lincoln 

Butler Julia L. Miss, millinery, bds. 155 Wabash av. 
Butler Julius W. (Laflin, Butler & Co.), r. 118 Park 


Butler J. B. grocery, 272 W. Kinzie, bds. 260 Car- 

Butler Lucius, r. 545 S. Halsted 
Butler Mack (col'd), nailmaker, r. 108 Sherman 
Butler Margaret Auu^col'd), wid. bds. 2 x> Ontario 
Bmler Mary Mrs. r. Cork, bet. Reuben arid Paulina 
Butler Mary. wid. Lawrence, r. 263 21st 
Butler Mary ^ col'd). wid. Jesse, r. 108 Sherman 
Butler Mary E. wid. Samuel P. bookkeeper, Chris- 
tian Breemau, r. 143 22d 
Butler Micuael, flagman, I. C. R. R. r. 698 N. Hal- 


Butler Michael, moulder, bds. 117 S. Canal 
Butler Michael, teamster, r. 569 Morgan 
Butler Morgan (col'd), waiter, Thompson's dining 

saloon, r. rear 131 4th av. 
Butler M. P. lab. bd-i. 531 Clark 
Butlur Nellie (col'd), wid. r. 108 Sherman 
Butler Nicholas, porter, r. 31 Dussold 
Butler Nick, clerk, E. P. Dwyer & Co. 

For t2ie Cemetery. 
For the Garden. 

For the Conservatory. 



Warerooms, 290 State Street . 



Assets over S5GOO,OGO. 


SIH'GARD & DRAN, Gcr'l Agents, 
83 "Washmaton Street, Chicago. 
Reliable Agenta wanted. 

Butler Oliver M. (Laflin, Butler & Co.), r. St. 


Butler Patrick, lab. bds. 181 S. Market 
Butler Patrick, lab. C. & St. L. R. R. freight depot, 

bds. 281 Franklin 

Butler Patrick J. Rev. r. 497 N. Frnnklin 
Butler Richard, hostler, Artesian Well Ice Co. r. 797 


Butler Scley G. carpenter, r. 35 31st 
Butler Seph F. foreman, De Golyer & McClelland, 

r.459 N. Canal 
Butler Sylvester H. produce broker, room 14, 134 La 

Salle, r. 909 Indiana av. 

Butler S. D. conductor, bds. Chnmplin house 
Butler S. J. (Butler & Butt), r. 227 Wabash av 
Butler Thaddous J. Rev. r. 497 N. Franklin 
Butler Thomas, foreman, C. Means & Co. r. 137 


Butler Thomas, lab. r. 120 Forquer 
Butler Thomas, lab. r. 740 Indiana av. 
Butler Thomas, paperhangcr, bds. 71 W. Washing- 

Butler Thomas, porter, Metropolitan hotel 
Bntler Thomas, teamster, bds. 298 S. Canal 
Butler Thomas, watchman, r. 25 Kramer 
Butler Walter, blacksmith, bds. 411 State 
Butler Walter, lab. r. 424 S. Clinton 
Butler Walter, lawyer, room 2 Smith & Nixon's 

bide:, r. 219 N. LaSalle 
Butler Walter, teamster, Hall & Winch 
Butler William, engineer, r. 156 Maxwell 
Butler William, engineer, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. 

221 Mitchell 

Butler William, moulder, bds. 101 W. 12th 
Butler William, musician, bds. 362 W. Madison 
Butler William, teamster, r. 1(54 Milwaukee av. 
Butler William H. r. 73 Cass 
Butler William M. grocer, Kinzie, lie. cor. Carpenter, 

r. 249 Carroll 

Butler William M. ofHce, 237 Lake 
Butler William T. lawyer, 85 Washington, r. 610 W. 


Butler W. C. clerk, Am. M. U.Ex. Co. r. 164 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Butler & Butt (S. J. Butler and A. W r . Butt), hatters, 

74 State 

Butler, see also Bnttler 
Butlin T. E. supt. Goodrich Transportation Co. r. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Butuwn E. E. (Bartlett, Butman & Parker*, r. Bos- 
ton, Mass. 
Butman Joseph, peddler, W. T. B. Read, bds. 723 

W. Chicago av. 

Butrun Philip, carpenter, r. 529 W. Chicago av. 
Bntsbuch Edward, clsrk. Hopkins & Ward 
Butsbach Sebastian, policeman, bds. 4<S Sherman 
Butsboni-ky Andreas, lab. r. 26 Augusta 
Butsch Herman, wool and sheepskin dealer, r. Haw- 
thorne uv. cor. Rees 

Butsum Henry, stevedore, r. 5(>0 E. Division 
Butt A. W. (Butler & Butt), bds. 227 Wabash av. 
Butt Charles, innfr. excelsior liniment and pills, 544 

Clark, r. sani'j 

Butt William, drayman. Tibbals, Shirk & White- 
head, r. 237 Larrabee 
ButU'iihayer John. lab. r. 723 N. Halsted 
Butter Gertrude, wid. Michael, r. rear 288 3d av. 
Butterby Peter, engineer. 1. C. R. R. r. 1SI! Bitnif-ide 
Bntterbery Bridget, wid. John, r. Ill Forquer 
Bntterfleld Adelaide Mis*, cash. bds. 227 N. LaSalle 
Butterfleld C. W. correspondent, Tavlor & Wright, 

r. ills Illinois 

Butterfield Elijah (J. Farr & Butterfield), r. 347 In- 
Butterfleld Frederick, coachman, r. Burlington, nr. 


Ruttertield Henry, clerk, bds. 72 S. HaWfid 
Bntterfleld James S. salesman, r. 347 E. Indiana 
Bu'tivTicM -Tohn C. carpenter, crossing, nr. Reuben 

Harris' Fire and Burglar Proof 

Factory and 


Warcroom, .No. 62 South Canal Street. 







Only Issued by this Company. 
A Good Thing Try It. 

Buttertield J. B. salesman, Fitch, Williams & Co. 
bds. Richmond house 

Butterfield J. S. salesman, C. P. Kellogg & Co. r. 
347 Indiana 

Butterfield Mortimer, r. 1443 Indiana av. 

Butterfield P. office, room 13, 114 Dearborn 

Butterfield Samuel W. salesman, G. T. Belding, r. 
351 Calumet av. 

Butterfield Warren P. milkdepot, 121 E. Erie, r. same 

Buttertteld William, r. 268 Illinois 

Butterman Epa, lab. r. 4 N May 

Butters C. Frederick (William A. Butters & Co.), 
r. 1204 Indiana av. 

Butters Edward, painter, r. 175 W. Randolph 

Butters Frank, brickmaker, Straus, Hhne & Co. 

Butters George, furniture, r. 1204 Indiana av. 

Butters William A. (William A. Butters & Co.), r. 
1204 Indiana av. 

Butters William A. & Co. (William A and W. Hen- 
ry Butters, John A. Elison and C. Frederick But- 
ters), auction and com. mers. 5, 7, 9 and 11 Ran- 

Butters W. Henry (William A. Butters & Co.), bds. 
1204 Indiana av. 

Buttles Milo R. boots and shoes, 311 W. Madison, r. 

Buttner Daniel, barber, r. 118 Archer av. 

Buttner William O. citysalesman, Farrington, Brews- 
ter & Co. r. 216 N. Wells 

Buttolph J. W. clerk, bds. St. Cloud hotel 

Buttolph M. A. Mrs. r. 266 Wabash av. 

Button Charles, barber, 133 W. Randolph, r. same 

Button Edward B. bookkeeper, Merrick, Allen & Co. 
r. 112 Illinois 

Button Lucion, carpenter, r. 690 W. Indiana 

Button Richard, boardinghouse, 157 S. Jefferson, r. 

Button Robert N. wallplatterer, r. ss. Hastings, w. 
of Reuben 

Button Theodore, carpenter, bds. 76 Wilson 

Buttrick E. L. sec. Northwestern Liquid Fuel Co. 
bds. Clifton house 

Buttrone Louis, lab. bds. 279 2d 

Butts Aaron (O. W. Butts & Bro.), r. 49 N. Sanga- 

Butts Charles R. (Haskell & Butts), r. 80 Centre av. 

Butts Frank, plasterer, bds. 159 Bremer 

Butts John, locksmith, r. 213 DeKoven 

Butts Owen W. (O. W. Butts & Bro ), r. 49 N. San- 

Butts O. W. & Bro. (O. W. and A. Butts), com. mers. 
233 S. Water 

Butusky Peter, lab. r. 8 Currier 

Butz Casper (C. Butz <fc Co.), r. 127 N. LaSalle 

BUTZ C. & CO. (.Caspar Butz and August Mag- 
nus), brewers" materials, 223 Kinzie 

Butz Margarette Mrs. confectioner, 175 18th, r. same 

Butzeu Peter, pointer, r. 187 Mohawk 

Butzer Peter, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Butzer Peter jr. wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 

Butzow Christian (Butzow & Bro.), r. 30 Brown 

Butzow Joachim (Butzow & Bro.), r. 26 Brown 

Butzow & Bro. (Christian and Joachim Butzow), cab- 
inetmakers. 26, 28 and 30 Brown 

Buxton Volney 1. wood and coal dealer, 31 S. Canal, 
r. 551 Fulton 

Bu/.anbanz Agues, wid. John, r. 21$% Wells 

Buzzy William, cook, bds. 157 S. Market 

Byadella Andrea, saloon, 61 N. Clark, r same 

Byberg Hans, cooper, bds. 200 Oak 

Bydalberg Isaac, notions. 13 Archer av. r. same 

Bydon Andrew B. salesman, Bowen, Whitman & 

Byer Frederick, bartender. Revere house, bds. same 

Byer Jacob, boot and shoemaker, George Becker, 
luls. iH) Milwaukee av. 

Byerrkman Reinhold, painter, r. 70 Larrabee 

Byers James (col'd), coachman, II. C. Sargent, bds. 
870 Indiana av. 

Byers J. H. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Byford William II. (By ford & Roler). r. 194 Michigan 


By f.rd William II. jr. student, r. 194 Michigan av. 
Byford & Roler (W. H. Byford and E. O. F. Roler), 

physicians. t;2 State 
Bygiwosky M. peddler, r. 136 Griswold 
Byington George S. bds. 465 W. Jackson 
Byington H. H. trav. agt. r. 465 W. Jackson 
Byington Sidney S. salesman, Austin & Boal, r. 141 

S. Sangamon 
Byners Susan, wid. Joseph, r. ws. Valentine, bet. 

Fulton and Kinzie 

Byoman Charles, coppersmith, bds. 63 Larrabee 
Byran Patrick, teamster, Griffin & O'Grady, r. 381 


Byrd G. V. real estate agt. 86 Washington 
Byrde Charles E. prin. St. Stephen's Episcopal 

school, bds. 100 Judd 
Byrn Patrick, machinist. Eagle works 
Byrn Thomas P. capitalist, 118 Lake, r. 871 Wabash 


Byrna Edward, clerk, bds. 7 Waller 
Byrna Mary A. wid. James, r. 7 Waller 
Byrna Owen, lab. bds. 7 Waller 
Byrna Thomas, machinist, bds. 7 Waller 
Byrne Anna Miss, teacher, bds. 536 N. Dearborn 
Byrne Bridget Mrs. boardinghouse, 668 State, r. 


Byrne Catherine, wid. Luke, r. 501 W. 12th 
Byrne Charles, lab. r. 30 Lime 
Byrne Edward, blacksmith, r. 100 Bunker 
Byrne Edward, shoemaker, r. 100 Sampson 
Byrne Elizabeth, bds. 131 S. Canal 
Byrne Ellen, dressmaking. 227 Clark, r. same 
Byrne Ellen M. wid. Michael, bds. 68 Oak 
Byrne Henry, blacksmith, Donaldson Bros. 
BYRNE HENRY, plumber and gasfltter, 

204 Washington, r. \V abash av. sw. cor 23d 
Byrne Henry, saloon, 131 S. Canal, r. same 
Byrne James, plaster, r. 159 W. 12th 
Byrne James, seaman, r. 142 W. 18th 
Byrne James, lab. Lull & Holmes, r. Desplaines, 

nw. cor. Bunker 

Byrne James, tailor, r. 302 Hurlburt 
Byrne James C. millwright, r. 34 Brown 
Byrne James H. tinsmith, V. H. Sherman 
Byrne John, bartender, bds. 136 Harrison 
Byrne John, harnessmaker, 252 Randolph, r. 243 


Bynie John, lab. bds. 661 Clark 
Byrne John, lab. Hnbbard & Pomeroy, bds. 678 

Centre av. 

Byrne John, lab. r. 187 Maxwell 
Byrne John, law student, Spafford & McDaid, r. 1029 

Wabash av. 

Byrne John, tailor, r. 346 3d av. 
: Byrne John J. painter, r. 258 E. Division 
i Byrne John J. stonecutter, bds. 872 State 
Byrne Luke, hatter. 109 Madison, r. 115 W. White 
Byrne Mark, carpenter, r. 501 W. 12th 
Byrne Mary M. Miss, teacher. 225 S. Morgan 
! Byrne Matthew, plumber, Baggott & Almy 
Byrne Michael, plasterer, r. 49 Miller 
! Byrne Michael, porter, r. 553 N. Franklin 
Byrne Michael, lab. Griffin & O'Grady, 839 S. Hal- 

Byrne Michael, lab. Illinois Stone Co. bds. 96 W. 


Byrne Michael, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Byrne Michael, soda water innfr. 113 W. Lake, r. 

n:>. Ferdinand. betHoync and Leavitt 
Byrne Michael O. propr. Lill's hotel and restaurant, 

17 and 19 N. Wells, r. same 
Byrne Murte. lab. r. 23!1 N. Market 
Byrne Nicholas, teamster, r. 10 Hunt 
Byrne Owen, mortiser, Heeney & Campbell, r. 7 



General Northwestern Agents for 

"W:M:.. CTZESSOIF & soztrs, 

"Warehouse. 11 & 13 S. Wells St. 

Sliipherd, sweet & Co., Brokers in Loans, 

No. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

. D. KERFOOT, Real Estate Dealer and Broker, 

No. SO Washington Street. Estates managed. 



Byrue Patrick, drayman, r. 411 Ontario 

Byrne Patrick, lab. r. 78 Barber 

Byrne Patrick, lab. r. 150 W. 18th 

Byrne Patrick, bib. E. II. & J. S. Turner, bds. 101 

' W. 12th 

Byrne Patrick, teamster, Griffin & O'Grady 
Byrne Peter, carpenter, r. 338 S. Morgan 
Byrue Peter, lab. r. 155 W. 22d 
Byrite Richard, flagman, r. 95 Sampson 
Byrne Terrence. bootmaker, 951 W. Lake, r. same 
Byrne Thomas, boilermaker, r. 316 Loomis 
Byrne Thomas, lab. r 38 Hubbard 
Byrne Thomas F. steanifitter, Wm. Haythorn, r. 34 


Byras William, miller, r. rear 200 N. Dearborn 
Byrne William, millstone builder, A. Plamondon 
Byrnes Anthony (Byrnes Bros.), r. 117 Michigan 
Byrnes Bros. (Edward and Anthony Byrnes), gro- 

ceries and provisions, 119 Michigan 
Byrnes Charles, lab. C. & N. W.~ R. W. r. 23 W. 


Byrnes Dennis, lab. r. 28 W. Erie 
Byrnes Edward (Byrnes Bros.), bds. 121 Michigan 
Byrnes James T. carpenter, r. 625 S. Canal 
Byrnes John, blacksmith, bds. 11 N. Jefferson 
Byrnes John (Byrnes & Wadden) 
Byrnes John. r. 98 Mitchell 
Byrnes Liy.-lla, wid. James, r. 296 4th av. 
Byrnes Michael, lab. r. 96 N. Jefferson 
Byrnes Michael, porter, Sibley & Endicott, r. 553 N. 

Bymes & Wadden (John Byrnes and Bryan Wadden), 

saloon. 126 S. Water and 204 Washington 
Byrns Edward, lab. r. 29 Whiting 
Byms Hugh. wks. rolling mills, r. 77 Coventry 
Bvms John, moulder, r. Harrison, cor. Leavitt 
Byrns J. J. clerk, Carey & Woodward, r. 58 W. Jack- 


Byras Michael, r. 301 Chicago av. 
Byrns Patrick, blacksmith, r. 200 N. Sangamon 
Byms Thomas, r. Harrison, cor. Leavitt 
Byrns, see also Byrnes, Burns and Berns 
Bvron Daniel, carpenter, r. 133 14th 
Byron Mike, clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 208 N. Des- ; 


Bystanding Charles, lab. r. 257 Mitchell 
Bywater John, hostler, r. 97 E. Hinsdale 

William, horseshoer, bds. Schall's j 
\j house 
Cabel Louis (Brickmann & Cabel), bds. 353 Milwau- j 

kee av. 
Caberey Harvey R. mnfr. masonic, odd fellow and 

other regalia, etc. 60 State, r. 1273 Indiana av. 
Cable George, machinist, r. 14 N. Green 
Cacey Thomas, lab. r. 116 Barber 
Cacy" William, shoefiuisher, r. 90 Brown 
Cadd John, carriagemaker, bds. 623 State 
Caddick Isaac, bricklayer, r. 38 Goethe 
Caddey Henry, heater, rolling mill, r. 471 Elston rd. 
Cade Samuel, tinsmith, T. H. Maning, bds. Douglas 


Cader John. lab. r. 497 Arnold 
Cader Michael, r. 497 Arnold 
Caderallader Arthur, salesman, D. W. & A. Keith & 

Co. r. 76 and 78 Wabash av. 
Cadey John, butcher, r. 11 McGregor 
Cadigau Daniel, grocery, 310 Kankakee av. r. game 
Cading Thomas, mason, r. 28 Miller 
Cadinx Alfred G. cooper, r. 9 Price pi. 
Cadinx Caroline, wid. Phelix. r. 9 Price pi. 
Cadd John, carrir.gepainter, Henry Willets, bds. 623 

Cadmau William S. (Cadman & Alexander), r. 20 

Cadman & Alexander (William S. Cadman and Hugh 

Alexander jr.), lawyers, room 16. 80 LaSalle 
Cadmore Patrick, clerk, Prairie Farmer Co. r. Hvde 




Glues & Neatsfoot Oil, 




At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

Cado John, carpenter, Boomer bridge works 
Cadreatt Charles, barber, \. Diehl, r. 379 S. Canal 
Cadvill Patrick, lab. r. Farrell, bet. Archer av. and 

CaSwell Annie Mrs. hair jewelry, 293 W. Madison, r. 

Cadwell David, bookbinder, Charles F. Weekes & 

Co. r. 293 W. Madison 

Cadwell David, expressdriver. r. 197 W. Fulton 
Cadwell E. Eugene (Smith & Cadwell), r. 4i;0 Asy- 
lum pi. 

Cadwell George, carpenter, r. 45 N. Peoria 
Cadwell John jr. bookkeeper. B. F. Clarke, r. 36 

Vernon av. 

Cadwell Susannah, wid. John, r. rear 261 Hubbard 
Cadwick David, machinist, bds. 183 N. Sangamon 
Cady A. C. bookkeeper, A. L. Spencer, bds. 63 


Cady Charity, wid. Lyman, r. 297 W. Taylor 
Cady Cholett (C. Cady & Co.), r. 10 N. Sangamon 
Cady C. B. piano tuner. Root <fe Cady, r. Evanston 
Cady C. M. (Root & Cady). r. Hyde Park 
Cady C. & Co. (Cholott Cady and A. J. Colby), com. 

iners. 165 Water 

Cady David, with C. Cady & Co. r. 10 N. Sangamou 
Cady Edd, bds. 637 State 
Cady Edward, clerk, M. S. & N. I. R. R. freight office, 

bds. 637 State 
Cady Henry (G. & C. W. Church & Co.), r. 11 

Washington pi. 
Cady J. lab" Dwight Cntler 
Cady Mark, tinsmith, bds. 102 N. Jefferson 
Cady William H. clerk, bds. 506 State 
Caesar Julius, bookbinder, Batchelder & Frisbee, r. 

445 Clark 

Caesoar Julius, bookbinder, r. 114 Sherman 
Cafiary William, lab. r. us. Columbia, nr. Fox 
Cafiray Michael, carpenter, bds. 37 Arthur 
Callreri Peter, scissors grinder, r. es. al. bet. Wells 

and LaSalle, Madison and Monroe 
Caftrey John, lab. r. 1S2 W. Harrison 
Caffrev John, waiter, r. 98 Forquer 
Caftrey Michael, lab. r. 428 S. Clinton 
Cairg William, butcher, r. 217 Bushnell 
(.'agger B. F. tel. operator, rooms 50 Portland blk. 
Cagney Cather nj, wid. John, r. 70 W. Liberty 
Catrney Cornelius, plasterer, r. 66 Noble 
Cagney Edmund, teamster, r. 127 Gurley 
Cai;!i -> John, teamster, r. 102 Sholto 
Cagney Margaret, groceries and provisions, 242 S. 

Clinton, r. same 

Cagney Patrick, saloon, 606 S. Canal, r. same 
Cagney Richard, lab. r. 1W Maxwell 
Cahagiin Tlioma.s b.b. r. 573 Morgan 
Cahana Eva, wid. Moses, millinery, 197 Clark, r. 116 

4lh av. 

Cahberry Henry, lab. r. 39 Burlington 
Caher James, lab. bds. 50 Blue Island av. 
Ca'i.-i- Michael, expressdriver. r. 130 Forquer 
C.Jiill Burtk-y. lab. r. 72Seward 
Cahill B.srtley, lab. r 723 S. Canal 
Can-Ill Daniel, lab. r. 31 Burling 
Cahill Daniel, lab. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Cahill Daniel, sailor, r. 16 Canalport av. 
Cahill Edward, Irtb. r. 92 E. White 
Cahill Francis, wid. John, liquors, r. 95 3d av. 
Cahill Annie, wid. Frank, saloon, 165 State, r. 95 3d 


Cahill James, lab. bds. 150 Sampson 
Cahill .1 aincs, lab. r. 100 McGregor 
Cahill James, sailor, r. 226 Dekoven 
Cahill James, switchman, M. S. out freight depot 
Cahill James, teamster. O'Connor & Quinn 
Cah ill John, carpenter. Hall & Winch 
Caliill John, lab. Abraham J. Knisely, bds. 200 Luke 
Cahill John.' lab. r. 218 Carroll 
Cahill John, lab. r. 150 Sampson 
Cahill Joseph, wines and liquors, whol. 69 and 71 

Clark, r. 95 3d av. 














S J 



Kasrmrnt of 78 lt SO 




r -, 


Office, 124 Washington Street, 


\ Cahill Kynin, clerk, r. 338 W. Polk 
^ Cahill Mary, wid. Thomas, r. 207 Hurlbut 
Q Cahill Matthew, lab. r. 73 N. Union 
b Cahill Michael (Cahill & Golaher), r. 127 Blue Island 


V Cahill Michael, confectioner, C. W. Sanford, r. 114 ; 
HM Michigan 

^ Cahill Michael, contractor, r. 846 Halsted 
*< Cahill Michael, foreman, Matthews & Co. r. 400 Hal- : 
W sted 

5 Cahill Michael, lab. bds. 150 Sampson 
QB Cvhill Michael, lab. r. 846 S. Halsted 
4 Cahill Michael, lab. John Granger & Co 

Cahill Michael, msrblecutter, r. 2-10 W. 12th 

Cahill Patrick, lab. r. 117 Cologne 

Cahill Patrick, lab. National elevator 

Cahill Patrick, saloon, 90 Dearborn 
*!? Cahill Peter, carpenter, r. 524 Burnside 
A Cahill Peter, lab. bds, rear 227 Market 
It Cahill Philip, lab. r. 210 Carroll 
Cahill P. driver, U. S. Ex. Co. 
. Cahill Thomas, saloon, 169 18th, bds. 173 18th 

O Cahill William, butcher, Reid & Sherwin 
Cahill William, printer, Mathews & Co. r. 400 S. Hal- 
yf. sted 

Cahill & Golaher (Michael Cahill and Michael Gola- 
her), broom mnfrs. 127 Blue Island av. 
ftj Cahinn James, coachman, S. B. Cobb, bds. 241 
Michigan av. 

Cahn Aaron (Cahn, Wampold & Co.), r. 110 3d av. 
M Cahn Bernhard (Cahn. Wampold & Co.) 
F] Cahn Charles (Cahn, Wampold & Co.), r. New York 
!"J Cahn David, cigarmaker, Haller & Maurer, r. 315 S. 
M Clinton 
4 Cahn Ferdinand, hats and caps, 171 Clark, r. same 

Cahn Isaac, drygoods and notions, 178 Milwaukee 
rf) av. bds. 106'3d av. 

"j Cahn Joseph, salesman, Cahn, Wampold & Co. r. 10 
^5 3d av. 

r* Cahn L. bds. 45 Hnbbard ct. 

^ Cahn, Wampold & Co. (Aaron Cahn, L. Wampold. 
k Bernhard and Charles Cahn and D. Wallach) 
Q woolens and clothing whol. 60 and 62 Wabash av. 
% Caid Frank, wks. C. H. McCormick & Co. 
^ Caid Johan, wks. C. H. McCormick & Co. 
^ Cain Edwin, tinsmith, bds. 334 W. Madison 

Cain Henry, collector, W. W. Kimball, r. 374S. Des- 
4 plaines 

Cain James, lab. Smith & Walker 
Cain James, mason, Atkins & McLeod, r. 240 Ad- 

Cain John, engineer, P., Ft. W. & C. R. B. r. 156 
M 18th 

P5 Cain John, lab. Smith & Walker 
ta Cain John, upholster, Hugh McCabe, r. 145 E. Illi- 
j nois 

W Cain Joseph, varnisher, r. 190 W. Polk 
. Cain Martin, blacksmith, r. 215 Emerald 

Cain Michael, lab. r. 606 Arnold 
.5 Cain Patrick, lab. r. 7 Church pi. 
H Cain Robert, lab. bds. 892 Washington 
* Cain Thomas, lab. Smith & Walker 
P5 Cain Thomas D. news agt. r. 1 ! Hope 
Ml Cain William, moulder, r. 334 Djsplaines 
m Caine Thomas, lab. Daniel Eldred, r. 133 Wright 
^ Cairns James, estate agt. r. 948 Fulton 
^ Cairn- John, captain, r. 429 W. Taylor 
a Cairns John, lab. r. 75 Ohio 

Cairns John, printer, r. 86 Damon 
^ Cairns Patrick, lab. bds. 76 N. Union 
'" Cairn.- Tlmma-. clerk, bds. 831 W. Lake 
B Cainis William, lab. r. ns. Fulton, bet. Heyton and 


Q Calaghan Thomas, shoemaker, r. 76 N. Franklin 
0J Calaiian D. J. printer, T.-ibune Co. 
2 Calahan Huirh, lab. bds. 1!)2 Van Buren 
9 C.slahau J.-iiU-s. lab. r. .". 1 . 

Calahan John, foreman, H. &. M. Newberger, r. 31 

Calahan Patrick, !ab. Steams & Co. 
Caliivan Peter, sailor. 509 S. Union 
Calny Joseph, confectioner and saloon, 207 Milwau- 
kee av. r. same 
Calbu.-perl Frederick, glovemaker. GotthelpKruger, 

bds. 21 W. Randolph 
Calciu John, photographer, 161 W. Madison, r. 113 

N. Paulina 
Calder Arthur, pipeman, steam fire engine A. D. 

Titsworth, r. 97 Dearborn 
Calder W. actor, McVicker's theatre 
Caldum John. lab. Wiuthe & Moessinger 
Caldwell Byron (col'd), lab. r. 388 Clark 
Caldwell Eliza, wid. Nathan C. r. 149 N. Dearborn 
Caldwell George (Marsh. Bowles & Co.). r. New York 
Caldwell Hcury P. (L. Wing & Co.), bds. 258 Wa- 
bash av. 

Caldwell James, moulder, r. 17 Price pi. 
Caldwell Jamas C. moulder, Baruum & Richardson 

Mnfg. Co. 
Caldwell John, carver, Taft, Schwamb & Crego, bds. 

176 Van Buren 

Caldwell Joseph, filecutter. Chicago file works 
Caldweli Joseph, lab. r. 704 State 
Caldwell Juliet Miss, teacher, Ogden school, r. 118 

Caldwell Little, groceries and provisions, 812 W. 

Lake. r. same 
Caldwell L. P. bookkeeper, First National bank, r. 

732 W. Madison 

Caldwell Patrick, lab. bds. 64 Gurley 
Caldwell Patrick (Uanuon & Caldwell), bds. 21 S. 


Caldwell Peter, saloon, 255 Randolph, r. same 
Caldwell Samuel, policeman, r. 568 Archer av. 
Caldwell Thomas, grocery, 831 W. Lake. r. same 
Caleb Willis, organmaker, R. Burdett & Co. r. 113 

Chicago av. 

Calentzky Henry, saloon, 344 State, r. same 
Caleston Gustoff, lab. Illinois Stone, Lime & Boring 


Calevaie Bartholomew, expressman, r. 74 Sampson 
Cak>y John, lab. r. 664 W. 12th 
Caley Michael, drayman, r. 339 Ohio 
Calhana John, driver, Freeman Bigelow 
Calhoun Alexander, drayman, bds. 141 Mitchell 
Calhoun Bartel, r. ws. Arnold, bet. 23d and 24th 
Calhoun Block, es. Clark, bet. Washington and 


Calhouu David T. carpenter, r. 131 N. May 
Calhouu F. C. S. printer, 157 Randolph, r. W. Wash- 
ington, nr. Leavitt 
Calhoun John B. commissioner land dept. I. C. R. R. 

r. 101 Pine 
Calhoun Joseph, teamster, H. N. Wheeler, r. 141 


Calhoun Mary, wid. Charles, r. 131 N. May 
Calhoun Pamelia C. Mrs. r. 78 12th 
Calhoun W. A. lettercarrier, P. O. 
Calian Frederick, bartender, r. 85 Illinois 
California Joseph, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. r. 6 W. 


Caligan James, engineer, r. 311 W. Kinzie 
Caligan Mary, wid. Simon, r. 384 Indiana 
Caiiiri-r Thomas M. salesman, Keith Bros. r. 645 


Calimin Thomas, shoemaker, r. 27 Waller 
Ci'.liskii; J. lab. Dwight Cutler 
Calkin Richard, checkclerk, r. 123 Wright 
Calkins A. C. (Calkins & Sione), r. 49 2id 
Calkin- ChnrK-s R. bds. 49 22d 
Calkins George, shade trees, r. 32 Vcrnon av. 
Calkins George S. (Vauderburgh & Co.), bds. 335 N. 

Calkins Henry W. clerk, Sibley & Endicott, bds. 139 

Wabash av. 

Cnlkius James W. (Conger. Wai worth <fc Co.) 
Calkins James W. (Roberts, Calkins & Hull), r. 1154 

Michigan av. 


Gene.'-al Northwestern Agents fo>- 


W a rflKftTtg^. 1 1 A: 1 3 S. WelT.^i St. 

Sbipherd, Sweet <& Co., Discount Short 'Paper, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SAL5J3 STREET. 

Persons Violating the U. S. INTERNAL REVENUE LAWS maj be arraigned 

For exa.Tinatiu fc^fore U. S. Commissioner Simeons W. King, 117 S. Clark St 




Calkins John T. (Calkins & Andrews), r. 118 N. Pau- 

Calkins Leonard F. machinist, bds. 411 State 
Calkins Nellie Miss, rooms 77, 139 Clark 
Calkins & Stone (A. C. Calkins and R. B. Stone), 

lumber dealers, 381 Grove, nr. Archer av. 
Calkins T. G. engineer, bds. 13'Hs N. Jefferson 
Calkins & Andrews (John T. Calkins and A. C. An- 
drews), photographers, 161 W. Madison 
Call E. C. physician, bds. Hatch house 
Call Frank J. with Culver, Page & Hoyne, r. 190 S. 


Callaf John, milk dealer, r. 278 Erie 
Callagham John, porter, Hunt, Harbour & Hale, bds. 

288 State 
Callaghan Bernard (Callaghan & Cockcroft), r. 13% 

Indiana av. 

Callaghan Dennis, lab. r. 101 N. Carroll 
Callaghau Henry, baker, r. 16 Quincy 
Callaghan Henry, clerk, Georgo & Weckler, bds. 

60 W. Hinsdale 
Callaghau Jerry, bds. DeKoven, bet. Clinton and 

Callaghan John, tailor, room 30 Dole's bldg. r. 273 

N. Market 
Callaghan Micbael, lab. Beck & Wirth, r. N. branch 


Callaghan Patrick, lab. bds. 251 S. Canal 
Callaghan Patrick, tinsmith, r. 220 S. Jefferson 
Callaghan Thomas, engineer, bds. ns. Harbine, bet. 

Lincoln and Robey 
Callaghau & Cockrot't (B. Callaghan and James Cock- 

crott), law booksellers, 60 Dearborn 
Callaghan, see also Callighan 
Gallagher James, boardiugstable, Marble pi. bet. 

Monroe and Adams 

Callahan Andrew, agt. r. 34(5 Kankakee av. 
Callahan Andrew P. clerk, Callaghan & Cockcroft, 

80 Dearborn, bds. 17 Pine 

(John Callahan, Morns D. Broadway and ), 

bill posters, room 35, 112 Dearborn 
Callahau Cal. lab. r. 542 26th 
Callahan Charles, teamster, bds. Cottage Grove 

hotel. Cottage Grove av. 

Callahan Dauiel, blacksmith, bds. rear 73 N. Union 
Callahan Daniel, lab. r. 113 DeKoven 
Callahau David, lab. r. ss. al. bet. Madison and 

Monroe, Wells and Market 
Callahan Dennis, printer, bds. 99 W. Adams 
Callahan Henry, foreman, Joseph M. Duke, r. 16 


Callahau Henry, bds. 60 W. Hinsdale 
Callahan James, clerk, bds. 193 Washington 
Callahan James, lab. Elit-ha Eldred, r. Rubel, nr. 


Callahan James, lab, r. rear 158 N. Fulton 
Callahan James, 350 S. Halsted 
Callahan Jeremiah, clerk, C. &. N. W. R. W. r. 531 

Callahan John (Callahan, Broadway & Co.), 112 


Callahan John, bropmmaker, r. 139 Bremer 
Callahan John, engineer, bds. 123 Peoria 
Callahan John, foreman, U. & M. Neuberger& Co. r. 

31 Ontario 

Callahan John, lab. r. 116 Sebor 
Callahan John, lab. r. 531 W. 1-Jih 
Callahau John, packer, r. 238 N. State 
Callahan John, sailor, bds. 247 E. Kinzie 
Callahan John, seaman, r. 454 S. Jefferson 
Callahan John, watchman, Sturges' elevator, r. 99 

E. llinsilui'j 

Callahan J. sale-man, Ashley E. Mears 
Callahan Kate.-, wid. r. 247 E" Kinzie 
Callahan Martin, carpenter, r. 5(J Fox 
Callahan Mathew, lab. r. Hobby, ne. cor. Selah 
Callahan Michael, currier, J. II. & G. M. Walker, r. 

454 Taylor 




Architectural Trimmings 

JWareroosns. - - 29O State Street. 



Assets over $5,000,000. 


8IICGAKD & DEAN. Gen - l Agents, 
83 Washington. Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents wanted. 

Callahan Michael, stonecutter, Cummings & Hagan, 

r. 39 Blackwell 

Callahau Michael, tobacconist, r. N. branch, nr. Di- 

Callahan Michael C. policeman, r. 686 W. Indiana 
CallMhan Owen, engineer, Wahvorth, Twohig & Furse 
Callahan Owen, lab. bds. 213 Pine 
Callahan Patrick, grocer, 129 Ontario, r. same 
Callahan Patrick, lab. C., B. & Q. R. R. 
Callahan Patrick, lab. Eiisba Eldred 
Callahan Patrick, lab. r. 53 Blair 
Callahan Patrick, lab. r. 191 Deering 
Callahan Patrick, moulder, C. B. Brown & Co. 
Callahan Patrick, porter, r. 20 Evans 
Callahau P. blacksmith, 593 Archer av. r. same 
Callahan Richard, lab. r. 105 N. Morgan 
Callahan Simon, peddler, r. 77 We.vson 
Callahan Thomas, gasfitter, bds. 247 E. Kinzie 
Callahan Thomas, lab. r. rear 30-1 21st 
Callahan Thomas F. carpenter, r. 298 Cottage Grove- 

Callahan John, student. BRYANT & STRATTOX 

Callahan Thomas, peddler, r. 129 Ontario 
Callaly Samuel, expressman, r. 353 E. Indiana 
Callan Dauiel, switchman, bds. 105 W. 12th 
Callan Patrick, switchman, bds. 105 W. 12th 
Callan Thomas, lab. r. 72 W. Liberty 
Callan Thomas, lab. r. 1014 Bntterfield 
Callander B. M. broker, r. 334 Ohio 
Callauau John, cooper, r. 346 W. Hubbard 
Callauan John, boilerinaker, r. 43 Wentworth av. 
Callanan Timothy, cooper, r. 346 W. Hnbbard 
Callcanuou Tomey, salesman, John O'Malley, r. 158 

Callender F. W. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 

272 Indiana 
Callender William H. gen. agt. Universal Life Ins. 

Co. r. 393 Wan-en av. 

Callighan Michael, carpenter, r. 196 Sampson 
Calligan Michael, lab. r. Hickory, bet. Main and Jo- 

Callihan Patrick, lab. r. rear 284 4th av. 
Callihan Thomas, lab. r. 07 Barber 
Callinan John, teamster, r. 99 Sholto 
CalliuderJohn, blacksmith, bds. 214 N. Dearborn 
Callister John, carpenter, bds. 134 Ada 
Callon Thomas, cutter, bds. 208 Madison 
Calloo James, captain r. 377 Sedgwick 
Callory Peter, lab. bds. 159 S. Market 
Callouhan John, land commissioner, r. 101 Pine 
Callow Edward (Callow & Son), r. Milwaukee 
Callow Edward jr. (Callow & Son), r. 26 Kinzie 
Callow Robert, block and pumpmaker, Callow & 


Callow William, lab. brls. 109 Michigan 
Callow & Son (Edward Callow and Edward Callow 

jr.), block and pnmpinakers, 26 K. Kiuzie 
Galloway Peter (col'd), porter, F. D. Cossitt & Co. 
Calsing Phillip, moulder, r. .337 Noble 
Calson Charles, carpenter. H. A. Pitts' Sons 
AND DOCK CO. Channcey T. Bowen, 
pres. James P. Root, sec. room 13 Tribune bldg. 
Calvary Cemetery, T. D. Guinea, supt. office. 15 Mad- 
ison. !>[. Wabash and Miohiiran avs. 
Calvary Episcopal Church, Warren av. bet. Oakley 
and Western av. Rev. Albert W. Snyder, rector 
Calvary Presbyterian Church, 22d cor. Indiana av. 
Calvary Richard, salesman, r. 141 S. Halsted 
Calverley Bella Miss, clerk, E. H. Webster & Co. 

bds. 141 S. Halr-U-rt 
Calvert Frederick, clerk, Simpson, Nonvell & Co. 

r. 583 Washington av. 
Calvert George H. barber, C. E.' Bennett, bds. 146 


Calvert George H. barber, bds. 146 Aberdeen 
Calvert James, plasterer, r. 243 S. Halsted 
Calvery Richard, clerk, Childs Bros. 

Harris makes the best Fire Proof Safe, 

At the Lowest Price, 62 Soutfc Canal Street. 

AH kinds of PlaanbSng and Sewerage done. 

Apply under yteW *fcer' 






Returned at Death, 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

Calvey John, clerk, bds. 105 Michigan 
Calvin Kibbe, engineer, r. 135 W. 18th 
Calvo Charles A. jr. printer, Spalding & LaMontes, 

bds. 13 Adams 

Calvy John, check clerk, r. 103 E. Michigan 
Calwell William T. hardware, bds. 106 N. Clark 
Camaeleus Wenand, cabinetmaker, r 13 Cornelia 
Cambell Alexander, clerk, bds. 433 W. Lake 
Cambell Daniel, carpenter, bds. 249 State 
Cambell Fred, clerk, bds. 4133 W. Lake 
Cainbell Frank, white washer, r. 064 W. Erie 
Camb'ell George, clerk, bds. 104 Sampson 
Cambell George, r. 4*3 W. Lake 
Cambell George C. wks. Galena depot, r. 358 E. 


Cambell James, r. 104 Sampson 
Cambell John, machinist, r. 72 S. Lincoln 
Cambell Norman, carpenter, -bds. 249 State 
Cambell Russell, clerk, bds. 433 W. Lake 
Cambell William, lab. r. 356 E. Indiana 
Cambell William, bds. 104 Sampson 

Cambell , tanner, bds. 131 W. Erie 

Cambel), see also Campbell 

Carnbensy Antone, machinist, Robt. Aitchison & Co. 

r. 226 Chicago av. 
Camberg Charles, tailor, Harrison & Co. r. 162 N. 

Camberg John, pressman, Rand, McNally & Co. r. 

216 W. Indiana 

Camblos Frank, r. 665Wabash av. 
Cambren Daniel (col'd-) waiter, r. 335 Clark 
Cambren Daniel (col'd), waiter, Thomson's dining 

room, bds. same 

Cambren Edward (col'd) waiter, bds. 335 Clark 
Cambridge Honry, machinist, r. 28021st 
Camburg John C. printer, r. 216 W. Indiana 
CAME V. M. passenger agt. P., C. & St. L. R. 

BTPan Handle route, 95 Randolph, r. Harlem 
Camel Daniel, blacksmith, r. 120 N. Halsted 
Camel Daniel, sailor, r. 84 Forquer 
Camel Nicholas, carpenter, bds. 555 Clark 
Camerer Charles, printer, J. M. Geyerstanger, r. 118 


Cameron Alexander, clerk, bds. 1006 State 
Cameron Alex, cooper, Weber & Eiszner,;..bds. 209 

Cameron Andrew C. (Cameron & Sylvis), r. 213 


Cameron Angus, housebuilder, r. 151 N. Paulina 
Cameron C. agt. bds. 78 Aberdeen 
Cameron D. R. salesman, Culver, Page & Hoyne, 

bds. Briggs house 
Cameron Harry A. painter, Vaux& Schotte, bds. 190 

Cameron Hugh, blacksmith, Coan <te Ten Broeke 

Carriage Mnfg. Co. r. 50 W. Adams 
Cameron Hugh, bricklayer, bds. 37 S. Union 
Cameron John, bookkeeper, William Warren, r. ws. 

Butterneld, ur. 33d 

Cameron John, bricklayer, bds. 37 S. Union 
Cameron John, dep. sheriff, bds. 967 W. Madison 
Cameron John, with Liverpool and London and 

Globe Ins. Co. 122 LaSalfe 

Cameron John E. housebuilder, bds. 151 N. Paulina 
Cameron Nathaniel, bricklayer, r. 37 S. Union 
Cameron Robert, engineer, bds. 75 Larabee 
Cameron Roger, mason, r. 643 S. Jefferson 
Cameron Ronald, sailor, r. 100 Wilson 
Cameron Samuel F. carriagemaker, Coan & Ton 

Broeke Carriage Mnfg. Co. 
Cameron William, bricklayer, bds. 37 S. Union 
Cameron William, lab. lids. sr,l S. Halsted 
CAMERON & SYLVIS (Andrew C. Cam- 
eron and William II. Syivis), pubs. Working- 
man's Advocate, 155 Clark 
Carney John, painter, bds. 95 Polk 
Camie'r Isaac, carpenter, bds. 82 Wabansia av. 
Camier James, carpenter, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Camier James, wks. N. C. rolling mill 

Cauiier James, lab. r. 44 North av. 
Camier .lames, wks. Ward's rolling mills 
Camil William, painter, bds. Lafayetie house 
Camille Fremblay, lab. Wightnwu. Legner & Co. 

bcU ws. Ullmau. bet. Egan av. and Douglas av. 
Caminard Bernard, cooper, r. 94 Larrabee 
Camlott Charles carpenter, r. 744 S. Halsted 
Cammack Edward, teamster, bds. es. Reuben, nr. 

W. 2-id 

Cammack John, r. 385 Fulton 
Cammcl William (col'd), bartender, r. 196 Adams 
Cammell James, lab. bds. 151 Kinzie 
Cammells Joseph, clerk, hds. 695 \V. Madison 
Cammerdy John, lab. bds. 42 Waller 
Camp Algernon S. mcatcntter, 387 W. Harrison 
Camp Andrew P. clerk, r. 103 E. Erie 
Camp August, r. C43 N. Franklin 
Camp A. P. clerk, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Camp A. S. meatmarket, 115 Wells 
Camp Charles A. machinist, David M. Ford 
Camp Cyrus A. machinist, bds. 298 S. Clinton 
Camp Eleanor J. wid. Joel, r. 298 S. Clinton 
Camp Frederick, lakecaptain, bds. 3S E. Kinzie 
Camp George W. printer, Western Rural, r. 97 3d 

Camp Hrarn N. clerk, C., B. & Q. R. R. Co. bds. 298 

S. Clinton 

Camp I. N. (.H. L. Story & Co.), r. 409 W. Randolph 
Camp M. M. conductor, M. C. It. R. bds. Central 

Camp Sames M. carriage trimmer. Coan & Ten 

Broeke Carriage Mnfg. Co. bds. 22 N. Ann 
Camp William L. brassflnisher, r. 235 Milwaukee av. 
Carup William F. broker, 79 Dearborn 
Camp William, machinist, r. 235 Milwaukee av. 
Camp William, physician, r. 268 Burnside 
Camp William, teamster, r. 125 String 
Campaign Arthur, painter, bds. 842 W. Lake 
Campbell Adeline, wid. George, r. 192 Fulton 
Campbell Andrew, porter, r. 40 Whitney 
Campbell Ancel St. J. r. 63 Walnut 
Campbell Anna Mre. washerwoman, r. 101 W.Adams 
Campbell Ann M. wid. Hugh, private school, 14 S. 

May, r. same 

Campbell Aleck, brassmoulder, r. 419 State 
Campbell Archibald, carpenter, r. 83 Wilson 
Campbell Archibald (Heeiiey & Campbell), r. 80 


Campbell Archibald H. (Campbell, Whitman & Wal- 
lace), r. Thatcher 

Campbell Arthur, printer, r. 671 N. Clark 
Campbell Augustus H. oast. U. S. Marshal, bds. 799 

Wabash av. 
Campbell Augustus S. deputy U. S. marshal, rooms 

12 and 13 Custom House, r. 373 W. Washington 
Campbell A. G. clerk, Carson, Pirie & Co, r. 523 N. 

Campbell A. St. John, salesman, J. Willard Fox, r. 

63 Walnut 
Campbell Benjamin H. jr. bookkeeper, A. R. Gray 

& Co. bds. 799 Wabash av. 
Campbell Benjamin H., U. S. marshal, rooms 12 and 

13 Custom House, r. 373 W. Washington 
Campbell Boyer H. bookkeeper, Northwestern lad- 
der factory, r. 831 State 

Campbell Catherine Mrs. confectionery, 547^ Clark, 

r. same 

Campbell Catharine, wid. John, r. 188 Pine 
Campbell Charles, clerk, Stoddard & Lockwood, bds. 

318 W. Madison 

Campbell Charles, saehmaker, William Stevens 
Campbell Charles, teamster, r. 10 Bunker 
Campbell Christopher, expressman, r. 160 Coolidge 
Campbell Colin (C. & G. Campbell), r. 118 W. Mon- 

Campbell C. C. Mrs. r. 1057 Indiana av. 
Campbell C. & G. (Colin and George Campbell), 

brassfoundrv, lib and 118 S. Desplaines 
Campbell David", moulder, bds. 153 S. Green 


General Northwestern Agents for 
Warehouse. 11 &13 S, Wells S*, 

Shlnlierd, Sweet * Co., JLarge L-oaiis a Specialty, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALLE STREET. 

WIH. D. K.ERFOOT, Real Estate Agent, 

89 Washington Street. Property generally managed. 




Campbell David, policeman, Union Stock yards, r. 

loll S. Halsted 
Campbell Be Witt (Nye, Campbell* Co.), bds. Mat- 

teson house 

Campbell Duijald. seaman, bds. 48 W. Water 
Campbell Duvall. sale-man, r. 679 State 
Campbell Edward, check a<*t. r. 143 S. Jefferson 
Campbell Edward, clerk, CityK. K. Co. r. 546Burn- 

Campbell Edward, foreman, Star and Crescent mills, 

bds. 237 State 
Campbell Edward H. firebrick, 93 Market, r. 158 S. 


Campbell Edward, agt. Frank Parmelee & Co. 
Campbell Eliot W. student. BRYANT & STRAT 

Campbell Eli/a, wid. William, r. 1 Park pi. 
Campbell Emily E. wid. Charles, bds. 99 23th 
Campbell E. W. clerk, Barter & Whitehouse. r. 433 

W. Lake 

Campbell Francis, carpenter, r. rear 2-22 Madison 
Campbell Francis, stonecutter, bds. 331 Wells 
Campbell Frank W. with M. Campbell, r. 79 Clark 
Campbell Ferdinand, messenger, Union National 

Campbell Freeman, salesman, M. Campbell, r. 

Campbell av. cor. Jackson 
Campbell George, clerk, Edward Bulger, bds. 312 

W. 22d 
Campbell George (C. & G. Campbell), r. 120 S. Des- 

Campbell George, lab. bds. ss. Lyman, bet. Lock 

and Divriiii: 

Campbell George, lab. bds. 356 E. Indiana 
Campbell Geonre, lab. F. M. Atkinson & Co. bds. 

Kil W. Harrison 
Campbell George C. (Blodgett, Winston & Camp- 

Campbell George H. (Thomas C. Clarke & Co.), r. 

101 Warren av. 
Campbell Henry, blacksmith, Thomas O'Hern, bde. 

8 Bunker 

Campbell Henry, brassfinisher, David M. Ford 
Campbell Henry C. bookkeeper, Commercial Na- 

tional bai.k 

Campbell Horace (col'd). barber, 32G Clark, r. same 
Campbell Hudson, lab. bd*. 599 S. Jefferson 
Campbell Hugh C. boardinghoase, 48 W. Water 
Campbeil James, brickmaker. r. 449 Archer av. 
Campbell James, carpenter, r. 53 Van Buren 
Campbell James, carpenter, r. 185 Coolidge 
Campbell James, drayman. Kingman. Height & Co. 
Campbell Jamas, foreman, Dovine <fc Bro. 
Campbell James, lab. bds. 230 S. Jefferson 
Campbell Jnmos, printer, A. N. Kellogg, r. 218 Des- 


Campbell James, printer, bds. 149 Dearborn 
Campbell James, provision inspector, bds. 2(57 Burn- 


Campbell Jam?*, sailor, r. 55 Bntterfleld 
Campbell Jam v, sawyer, Heeney & Campbell, r. 


Campbell James. shoemaker. bds. 9. S. Union 
Campbell James, r. 248 W. Indiana 
Campbell James A. (Eagle, Campbell & Co.), bds. 

140 S. Water 
Campbell Jam :s. asst. foreman, Evening Post, r. 

Clark, n:;. cor. Madison 
Campbell James (Conklin & Campbell), r. Archer 

av. bet. Lime and Salt 
Campbell James, office. 1 Methodist Church blk. r. 

Van Bureu 
Campbell James A. (Eagle, Campbell & Co.), bds. 

Us Water 

Campbell James L. rcalestate, r. 975 W. Madison 
Campbell Jennie, r. 32 Walnut 
Campbell Jen-miah. hostler, bds. 185 W. Randolph 
Campbell John. am. Canada wood yard, 414 Arciier 

av. r. 4." Collage pi. 




Okies & Neatsfoot Oil, 


Assets over $5,OOO.OOO. 

Hate of mortality lower than Eastern companies. 
SHL'GART & DEAN, Geu'l Agents, 

83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
_ Reliable Special Agents wanted. _ 
Campbell John, carpenter, C. & N. W. RTW. r. 638 

W. Hubbard 
Campbell John McA. cash. Downer & Bemis Brew- 

ing Co. r. 1494 Prairie av. 
Campbell John P. clerk, Money order dept. P. O. r. 

311 W. Randolph 

Campbell John, foreman machinist. Eagle works 
Campbell John. lab. bds. 552 State 
Campbell John, machinist, r. 349 W. 12th 
Campbell John, sailor, r. 4(5 Brown 
Campbell John C. printer, A. N. Kellogg, r. 218 


Campbeil John, printer. Tribune Co. 
Campbell John, sailor, bds. 179 N. Water 
Campbell John, sailor, r. 354 Mitchell 
Campbell John, whitewashes r. 178 Ohio 
Campbell John, wood and coal yards, PS. Lumber 

bet. the dock and S. Halsted. r. Cottage pi. 
Campbell John (Campbell & Gillespie), r. New 


Campbell John G. switchman, bds. 562 S. Jefferson 
Cain])bell John H. notions, 117 W. Adams, r. same 
Campbell Joseph, axle grease maker, bds. N. Clark 

cor. North av. 

Campbell Joseph, dravman, r. 359 W. Chicago av. 
Campbell Joseph S. (W. P. Rend & Co.), r. 695 W. 


Campbell J. P. clerk, P. O. 
Campbell J. V. Miss, seamstress, bds. 189 and 191 

W. Jackson 
Campbell Leonard W. corresponding clerk, C. & N. 

W. R. W. r. 52 Portland blk. 
Campbell Louis (col'd), waiter, European hotel 
Campbell L. C. wid. John, bds. SOThroop 
Campbell Marcus A. (Hickok & Campbell), bds. 80 

N. Carpenter 
Campbell Mark, human hair goods, 81 Clark, r. 


Campbell Maria, wid. Major A. r. 629 Michigan av. 
Campbell Martin, expressman, r. 630 W. Lake 
Campbell Mason G. clerk, Hickok & Campbell, bds. 

8U N. Carpenter 

Cambpell Mason T. bootbottomer, O. C. Chapin 
Campbell Mathew, porter, Wm. B. Lovejoy & Co. r. 

40 Whitney 

Campbell Matilde, wid. William, r. 333 N. Wells 
Campbell Michael, wks. N. C. rolling mill, bds. 68 

Wapansia av. 

Campbell Morris, lab. r. 65C S. Moraran 
Campbell Murdock, carpenter, r. 509 W. 12th 
Campbell M. T. clerk, bds. 90 Cottage Grove av. 
Campbell Niel (C. A. Clybourn & Co.), bds. 512 

Elston rd. 

Ciimpbell O. A. clerk, B. F. Babcock 
Campbell Patrick, mason, r. 51* W. Taylor 
Campbell Peter, barkeeper, European hotel, bds. 

same. r. room 37 Dole's bldg. 
Campbell Peter H. carpenter, 223 Monroe, bds. 559 


Campbell Robert, dyer, bds. 219 Oak 
\ Campbell Robert, moulder, bd-. 507 Clark 
I Campbell Robert A. bookpublish<-r. 82 Walnut 
Campbell Robert J. bakery and confectionery, 029 

W. Lake. r. same 
Campbell Robert J. printer, J. M. W. Jones, r. 218 

S. Desplaines 

Campbell R. A. publisher, bds. 110 Wabash av. 
Campbell R. A. publisher. 131 Clnrk, r. 32 Walnut 
Campbell 11. D. printer, Tribune Co. r. 134 Michigan 
Campbell Samuel, brakeman. 232 Adams 
Campbell Sophronia R. dryirood*. 97."> W. Madison 
Campbell Thomas, lab. Conklin & Campbell, r. 86 


Campbell Tnomas. lab. r. 10 E. Pearson 
Campbell Thomas, bds. STA Mitchell 
Campbell Wallace, bookkeeper. Wj'eth & Vander- 

vort MaltiiiK Co. 
Campbell, Whitman & Wallace (Archibald H. Camp- 

bell, Nat hnn Whitman and William Wallace), 

ins. atrts. LaSal'e. nw. cor. Washington 


Tliv bcsi protection 

irc and 

2IAiSlS5S Improved Safes, G'i Soinii Canal Street.*' Ovens If nllt, "Woodruff Ac Raffcn 











Policies paid up in Five Years. 

Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago. 
Solicitors Wanted. 

Campbell William, blacksmith, r. 206 W Lake 
Campbell William, clerk, P O, bds 661 Wabash av. 
Campbell William, editor, bds. 333 N. Wells 
Campbell William, lab. Frank Parmelee & Co. 
Campbell William, painter, r. 272 4th av. 
Campbell William, painter, r. 319 Kankakee av. 
Campbell William, paperhanger. bds. 178 Ohio 
Campbell William (col'd), porter, r. Polk, ne. cor. 


Campbell William, shipcaulker, r. 90 S. Canal 
Campbell William, r. Campbell av sw. cor. Jackson 
Campbell William H. clerk, Chicago and St. Louis 

R. R freight depot, r. 279 N. State 
Campbell William A. city editor, Chicago Republi- 
can, r. 333 N. Wells 

Campbell William M. agt. R.Edwards, 125 Dearborn 
Campbell W. C. freight agt. G. T. R. W. bds. 472 

Wabash av. 
Campbell W. E. teamster, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 250 

S. Clinton 
Campbell W. P. clerk, dent. bds. 661 Wabash av. 

Campbell publisher, Shippers' Guide, bds. 116 

Wabash av. 

Campbell & Gillespie (John Campbell and John Gil- 
lespie), linen jobbers, 67 Monroe 

Campbell , bds. 40 Monroe 

Campe William, boardinghouse, 198 Canal, r. same 

Campfield Alfred L. silverplater. Frank Purtell 

Campfmeister John, carpenter, bds. Eagle house 

Campin Kearn, lab. r. 13 Kansas 

Campion Daniel, lab. r. 148 Maxwell 

Campion D. W. salesman, bds. 85 S. Desplaines 

Campion Johana, wid. Michael, r. 148 Maxwell 

Campion John, drayman, r. 148 Maxwell 

Campion John, lab. M. S. & N. I. R. R. Co. out 

freight depot 

Campion Kiom, plumber, r. 148 Maxwell 
Campion Michael, boilermaker, C., R. I. <fc. P. R. R. 
Campion Michael, lab. bds. 313 4th av. 
Campion Robert W. salesman, Johnson, Spencer & 

Co. r. 543 N. LaSalle 
Campodonice John (Campodonice & Laguori), r. 22 

W. Madison 
Campodonice & Laguori (John Campodonice and 

Anthony Lagnori), saloon, 22 W. Madison 
Campon James, lab. M. S. out freight depot 
Campon Julia, wid. Michael, r. 148 Maxwell 
Can John, cigarmaker, Falk & Barbe, bds. 403 State 
Cana Thomas, lab. bds. 552 State 
Canadendorf August, machinist, bds. 502 S. Morgan 
Canal House, John McGraw, propr. Reuben, nr. 

canal locks 

Canan John T. clerk, Metropolitan hotel, bds. same 
Canan John W. propr. Metropolitan hotel, Ran- 
dolph, sw. cor. Wells, r. same 
Canan Morris, mason, r. 42 Waller 
Canaught Adam, teamster, r. 475 Wells 
Canavan James, steward, r. roar 33 Whiting 
Canda Frank, lab. bds. 635 S. Canal 
Canda F. E. bridgebuilder and gen. contractor, room 

2, 3 Clark, r. 311 N. Clark 
Candler Adolph, watchmaker and jeweler, 381 State, 

r. same 

Candy John, lab. bds. 277 Burnside 
Candy Robert (R. Candy & Co.), r. 102 Randolph 
Candy R. & Co. (R. Candy and Edward Ackland), 

fruit dealers, 198 Madison and 76 Dearborn 
Caiulv William, packer, A. Booth, r. 737 State 
Candy. William J. lab. r. 737 State 
Cane Edward, foreman, bds. 949 State 
Cane Henry, painter, r. 35 Ray 
Cane Henry, r. 166 N. Dearborn 
Cane H. Mrs. r. 185 Illinois 
Cane Michael, moulder, Richards' iron works, bds. 

126 Forquer 

Cane Patrick, lab. r. 77 W. Indiana 
Caneen Michael, drayman, r. 527 S. Union 
Caneppa Anton, saloon, 30 W. Lake, r. same 
Canevin Henry, shipcarpenter, r. 148 W. Harrison 

Caufield Alvin W. tel. operator, Wis. div. C. & N. 

W. R. W. bds. Revere house 
Canfleld Bros. ^Edmund and John Canfleld), lumber 

mnfrs. and dealers, room 7 Lumber exchange 
Caufield Edmund (Canfield Bros.), r. Elmira, N. Y. 
Canfleld Emeline, wid. Samuel, r. 100'/4 N. Morgan 
Canfield E. L, room 19. 131 LaSalle, r. Lake Forest 
Canfield Frank, clerk, Fitch, Williams & Co. r. 100& 

N. Morgan 
Canfield George, jeweler, 121 Madison, r. 679 W. 


Canfield James, lab. r. 549 Hubbard 
Canfield Jane L. wid. Rufus, dressmaker, 210 W. 

Lake, r. same 

Canfield John (Canfield Bros.), r. Manistee, Mich. 
Canfield O. S. salesman, bds. 302 Wabash av. 
Canfield Patrick, student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Canfield Patrick J. weigher. City elevator, bds. 46 

Newberry av. 
Canfield Jason Mrs. dressmaker, 670 W. Madison, r. 

Canfield Thomas, inspector, City elevator, r. 47 

Newberry av. 

Canfield Thomas B. lab. S. P. Lunt, r. 77 Frank 
Canfield William, clerk, bds. 47 Newberry av. 
Canfield William B. inspector, Norton & Co. bds. 47 

Newberry av. 

Canfield William G. r. 84 Van Buren 
Canglay Patrick, lab. r. 216 Aberdeen 
Cangler Joseph, cabinetmaker, Schultz & Gobel, 

bds. 166 North av. 
Caniery John, lab. r. 122 Foster 
Caniff Patrick, lab. bds. 869 State 
Canillare Senical, baker, r. 112 Mitchell 
Caniper Antonio, saloon, 30 W. Lake, r. same 
Canisins Charles, bookkeeper, bds. 35 Grant pi. 
Canivan James, coachman, r. 886 Leadwith pi. 
Canjevsky Mary Miss, notions, 66 Willow, r. same 
Canjeveky Thomas, joiner, r. 66 Willow 
Canlon Charles H. S. wine mer. 3 N. Clark 
Canman Leopold, r. 150 N. Market 
Cann Amos, r. 241*4 S. Jefferson 
Cann John, clerk. John Nash, 121 N. Clark 
Cann John, watchman, bds. 75 W. Madison 
Cannali James, teamster, r. 87 Bremer 
Cannon Peter, merchant, r. 197 Sedgwick 
Cannavan Frank W. salesman, E. Conlon, r. 124 W. 

Cannavan John, lab. Heeney & Campbell, r. 509 S. 

Cannavan John P. salesman, E. Conlon, r. 124 W. 


Cannav Owen, nail mfr. r. 149 W. Washington 
Cannell Thomas, r. 782 N. Reuben 
Canney Daniel, fireman, I. C. R. R. r. 742 Indiana 


Canney Dennis, machinist, r. 6 Arnold 
Canney Isaac, sailmaker, r. 52 N. Market 
Canney Isaac F. foreman, Dunham & Hoit, r. 52 N. 

Canney Isaac S. clerk, Simpson, Norwell & Co. r. 

52 'N. Market 
Cannon Andrew, grain dealer, 162 Washington, bds. 

Metropolitan hotel 

Cannon Andrew, r. room 52 Portland blk. 
Cannon Cornelius, boardinghouse, 105 Michigan, r. 


Cannon George, carpenter, David Coey 
Cannon George R. clerk, bds. 2 Washington 
Cannon George R. clerk. Pacific Ins. Co. of San 

Francisco. Cal. 130 LaSalle 
Cannon Henry, cabinetmaker, C., R. I. & P. R. R. 

carworks," bds. 1256 Wabash av. 
Cannon James, catcher, Chicago Plate and Bar Mill 


Cannon .lames, lab. r. 122 N. Green 
Cannon Miller S. salesman, G. T. fielding & Co. bds. 

2 Washington 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. CTIESSOIP & soztrs, 

Shipherd, Sweet & Co., Brokers in Mortgages, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SALtE STREET. 

FRANK. E. AlKEiV, produces all Hie 

NK\V and FIRST CLASS Play* at Ills Theatre. 



Cannon Putcr, drayman, r. 3S9 Division 

Cannon R. M. (R. M. Cannon & Co.), r. 810 Michigan 

Cannon R. M. & Co. (R. M. Cannon and ), com. 

mers. -JS Nixon's Exchauiru 

Cannon Thomas, lab. r. 56 Granger 

Cannon Thomas, sidewalk iusp. Board of Public 
Works, r. 270 N. Franklin 

Canoll Deloss B. (Brickett, Canoll & Co.), bds. 
Everett house 

Canovan John. bds. 274 Clark 

Canovan Thomas, lab. r. 131 Deering 

Cantannan Levi, cook, Revere house, bds. same 

Canterbuiy Rufus P. printer. Church, Goodman & 
Donnelley, r. 202 DeKovon 

Cantfield Emeline. \vid. Samuel, r. 100 N. Morgan 

Cantfleld James F. sash and blinds, 361 State 

Cantlin Michael, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. Co.'s wood- 
yard, Wis. div. r. 142 Front 

Cantlin Patrick, lab. r. 142 Front 

Cantlon John, teamster, r. 77 W. Erie 

Cantwell William W. drug clerk, A. W. Todd, bds. 
1155 Indiana av. 

Canty James, lab. bds. 557 Clark 

Canty John, saloon. 55 Canalport av. r. same 

Canty Lewis, lab. C., R. I. & P. R. R. 

Canty Louis, lab. bds. -,>38 S. Clinton 

Canty Michael, lab. bds. 49 Burlington 

Canty Michael, lab. r. 31 Blair 

Canty Michael, sailor, r. 29 Blair 

Canty Richard, lab. bds. 557 Clark 

Canty Thomas, lab. r. 120 Ewina; 

Canty Thomas, teamster. City elevator 

Canvin Eiiza, wid. George. r."58 Price pi. 

Canway Richard, com. mer. bds. 946 W. Lake 

Capamagian Hatross H. carpetweaver, 51 W. Ran- 
dolph and 122 N. Clark, r. 158 N. Dearborn 

Capen Charles H. (Capen & Smith), r. 46 N. Peoria 

Capen Daniel, lab. r. 148 Quincy 

Capeu Ephraim. clerk, Rufas Blanchard, r. 146 Lake 

Capen & Smith (C. H. Capen and C. H. Smith), 
gems' furnishing goods and shirt mnfrs. 78 

Caper Iver. brassmoulder, r. 28 Oliver 

Capewell Elizabeth Miss, hassockmaker, Charters & 
Anthony, r. 191 W. Jackson 

CAPITAL CITY INS. co. of Albany, 

N. Y.. Teall & Fisher agts. 150 Washington 
Capner Henry C. printer, Rand, McNally <& Co. r. 

751 Fulton 

Capol Henry, painter, John Paulding, bds 167 W. In- 

Capooch John, machinist, Palmer, Fuller & Co. 
Capouch Joseph, lab. r. Ill Catherine 
Capp Daniel, shoemaker, r. 436 Union 
Capp Edward W. bricklayer, r. 510 Burnside 
Capp Susan, wid. William, r. 510 Burnside 
Cappeller Martha, wid. John, r. 14 Wright 
Cappelli Carlo, bartender, Andrew Queralli & Co.r. 

247 Clark 
Cappels Abraham, foreman, Falk & Barbe, r. es. 208 


Capplen H. A. sailor, r. 297 W. Kinzie 
Capps Richard, sailor, r. 203 Forquer 
Caprez Conrad, carpenter, bds. 34 W. 18th 
Caprez Jacob, carpenter, bds. 34 W. 18th 
Capriliau Kriekor, weaver. Hagoss H. Capamagian, 

r. 75 W. Lake 
Capron O. T. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAHP 

Capriz George, carpenter, Moody & Church, r. S. 

Canal, bet. Mitchell and Barber 
Capriz John, carpenter, Moody & Church, r. 34 W. 

Capro Peter, machinist, Atkins & Burgess, r. 31 


Caproni A. confectioner. 807 State, r. same 
Caprpni George, restaurant. 250 Clark, r. same 
Captie Charles, carpenter, r. 110 N. Wood 


Should see the Block ot 


Situate on LaSalle St. and North Av. All the Orna- 
mentation to these beautiful homes was made by the 

Chicago Terra Cotta Company. 

Warernom*. 29O State Street. 



Assets over $5.000,000 
Annual Income, nearly $3,OOO OOO. 

SIIUGARD fc DEAX. Gen 1 Agents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
Reliable District Agents wanted. 

Carabine Margaret, wid. James, r. 20 Bonfield 
Caraher Francis, clerk, Patrick Caraher, bds. 252 W. 


Caraher James, grocer, 350 S. Halsted. r. same 
Caraher Patrick, groceries and provisions, 76 and 

78 Blue Island av. r. 252 W. Polk 
Carapatti Felix, Wells and LaSalle, 

Madison and Monroe 

Caravatti Giovanni, mason, r. 87 Cottage Grove av. 
Carbar Robert, blacksmith, bds. 137 W. Lake 
Carbary Barney, servant, Briggs house 
Carbery William, servant, Briggs house 
Carberer John, gardener, r. 353"Clybourn av. 
Carberry Edward, finisher, Tidd & Phillips, bds. 79 

W. Adams 

Carberry John, lab. r. 148 Lyman 
Carberry Patrick, boardinghouse, 433 S. Morgan 
Carberry Patrick, r. 79 W. Adams 
Carbine John, shoemaker, B. W. Brainard, r. 201 

Van Buren 

Carbine Michael, lab. r. 87 Deering 
Carbine Thomas, realestate dealer, r. 327 W. Lake 
Carbley Dennis, lab. 121 Market 
Carbley Michael, lab. bds. 121 Market 
Carbry" Hanora, wid. John, r. 433 S. Morgan 
Carbry James, plasterer, r. 68 O'Brien 
Carbry John, carpenter, r. 167 Mitchell 
Carbry Patrick, carpenter, 334 S. Morgan 
Carbury Richard, lab. r. Blue Island av. nr. Robin- 
Carbntt John, photographer, 24 Washington, r. 18 

Park av. 

Carciott Pasqual, barber, 21 E. Kinzie, r. 42 N. Mar- 

Card Francis M. painter, Albert Card, 343 N. LaSalle 
Card Hiram, clerk, bds. ,33 Market 
Card John L. insurance agt. r. 196 Carroll 
Card Willard, carpenter, r. 46 Blue Island av. 
Garden Anthony, mason, bds. 118 Erie 
Carden John, mason, bds. 118 Erie 
Carder Charles H. provisions, r. 730% W. Madison 
Carder Harriet M. Mrs. milliner, r. 730J4 W.Madison 
Cardif William, agt. bds. 40 Qnincy 
Cardiman Joseph, baker, C. \Veikhorst, bds. 266 


Cardinale Tony, musician, 429 Clark 
Cardon John, maltster, r. rear 254 Rush 
Cardosi Angelo, bartender, r. 21 E. Indiana 
Cardrette Louisa, wid. Pierre, r. 377 S. Canal 
Card well Arthur W. engineer, r. we. al. bet. 14th and 

16th. State and Wabash av. 
Cardwell Edward J. express, r. 102 Gurley 
Cardwell William P. student. BRYANT & STRAT- 

Cardy Arthur F. V. apprentice printer, bds. 342 W. 


Cardy Charles, groceries and provisions. 86 Blue Is- 
land av. r. same 

Cardy James F. coffeemill agt. bds. 342 W. Madison 
Cardy L. Mrs. physician, r. 342 W. Madison 
Cardy W. T. Rev. r. 342 W. Madison 
Carenne Patrick, boilermaker, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 

160 Green 

Caretti John (Caretti & Rusca), r. room 29 Otis blk. 
Caretti & Rusca (John Caretti and Louis Rusca), 

frescoe painters, room 29 Otis blk. 
Care ton Thomas, clerk, bds. 367 E. Ohio 
Carew Albert, broommaker. bds. 154 Illinois 
Carew Michael, bookbinder, Tidd & Phillips, r. 47 

E. Indiana 

Carey Adam (col'd), janitor, U. S. court 
Caroy Bryon, setter, C. Slater, r. nr. Slater's brick- 

Carey Daniel, lab. bds. 237 Brown 
Carey Daniel, plowmaker. r. 124 W. Madison 
Carey Edward, clerk, John D. Tully. bds. 159 W. 22d 
Carey Edward, teamster, r. 51 Sholto 
Carey Edward, varnisher, F. Porter Thayer & Co. r. 
Hoyne, bet. Hubbard and Indiana 


The Morse Safes Iiave a record of 25 years and never fallen. 



, Etc. 





Fifty per cent. Dividends guaranteed in the Policy. 
Office, 124 Washington .Street, 


Carey Elizabeth, wid. Thomas. r. 523 25th 

Carey George, engineer, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 27 N. 


Carey James, currier, ss. Haines, ur. Crosby 
Carey James, expressdriver, r. Is. branch, nr. Di- 


Carey Jumes, fireman, bds. 73 Morgan 
Carey James, lab. bds. 72 Liberty 
Carey James., lab. bds. 148 l;itu 
Carey James, lab. r. 113 Kossuth 
Carey James, lab. Stearns & Co. 
Carey James M. painter, r. 315 Aberdeen 
Carey James, teamster, N. C. rolling mill, r. 61 Me 


Carey Jeremiah, lab. r. 723 Centre av. 
Carey Jeremiah, stouedresser, T. W. Baxter & Co. 

r. (iij W. Washington 
Carey John, caudlman, bds. I. & M. canal, bet. Reu- 

bjn anil Post 

Carey John, lab. r. 750 S. Halsted 
Carey John, lab. bds. 323 Despiaincs 
Carey Johanna, wid. Richard, bds. 130 Bunker 
Carey John, wks. railing mill, bds. 4ii Ruwsou 
C.irey Josio Miss, seamstress, bds. 152 S. Clinton 
Carey J. J. clerk, James Kelly <fc Co. 
Carey Michael, carpui cutter, Allen & Mackey, bds. 

101 Adams 
Carey Michael, teamster, John Swasey jr. bds. 101 

W. 12th 

Carey Michel, r. rear 348 W. Van Baren 
Carey Oliver, lab. bds. 148 12th 
Carey Patrick, fireman, bds. '.Hi E. Kinzie 
Carey Patrick, lab. r. 13 Liberty 
Carey Peter, baker, bds. 87 N. Halsted 
Carey Peier, lab. Union Rolling Mills Co. 
Carey Phil, carpunter. r. 223 N. Union 
Carjy Philip, c rpeuter, bds. 381 S. Canal 
Carey Puiiip, printer. Evening Post, bds 113 Adams 
Carey Qiuuey A. millinery, r. 195 \Vabash av. 
Carey Richard, bricklayer, r. 154 Blue Island av. 
Carey Richard, lab. r. us. Kossuth, bet. Murray and 

Carey Robert, bartender. Cavile & Abbott, bds. 135 


Carey Thomas, hackman, r. 2(5 Gurley 
Carey Thomas, miller, r. 87 W Jackson 
Carey Thoina-, lab. r. 30 Wright 
Carey Thoiua-s, teamster, r. 79 Ewing 
Carey William, bartender, bds. 0!)5 State 
Carey Vv'iiiium. collector and ins. solicitor, S. Water, 

cor. Weils', r. 121 S. Haisted 
Carey Willi.-un, lab. bd:>. 281 Franklin 
Carey \Viiluun, teamster, r. 5!i2 S. Morgan 
Carey Wilii.iiu, wk*. roiling mill. bds. 4<> Rawson 
Cargan Thomas, blacksmith, r. 222 Kankakee av. 
Cargill George P. collector, Chase, Haulord & Co. 

r. 72(> Fulton 
Cargill William H. carpenter. Fowler & Carr, r. 20 

\Vahpai!!~ih av. 

Carguevftje Rudolph, cabinetmaker, John Phillips, 

. r. 35* ->A 

Carlan Cornelius, tailor, r. 241 Monroe 
Carbar Patrick, grocer, r. 252 W. Polk 
Carbon C. li. packer, Tolman & King, r. 355 W. 


Carhart John W. com. mer. r. 142 Aberdeen 
CV.rlr.rr. I.i-wis A; Ta].p.-n (Richard L. Carhart, 


. . . , 

Charley. A. Lewi* and George W. Ta]>pen), job- 
bers o! hats. caps and straw goods. 43 anil 15 
Walia-h av. 

Carhavi Uirhard L. (Carhart. Lewis & Tappen). r 
!5 Pi ne 

Cari",) I!. C. student. BRYANT & STRVTTON 

Carin John, c-irpent.T. r. till) S. Je'lVrson 

C.irkin- W. S. contractor. bds. Briggs house 

Carl Benin's. r. .% Xobra-ka 

Carl Henry, catpenter. r. 4s Rees 

Carl James, lab. bds. !<9 Stewart av. 

Carl James, plasterer, r. 192 Newberry av. 

Carl Mathew. lab. Northwestern Mn!g. Co. 

Carl Otto, bookkeeper, Beck & Wirth, r. 302 N. 

Carl Owen. lab. r. us. al. bet. X. Market and Kings- 
bury, Indiana and Ohio 

Carl Patrick, carpenter, H. A. Pitts' Sons, r. 75 Car- 

Garland Phillip, blacksmith. 51 Franklin, r. same 

Carlberg Fabian i.S. Lieberman, Carl berg & Co.) r. 
154 E. Chicago av. 

Carlberg & Svenson, clothing mufrs. 4R and 48 Supe- 

Carle Charles, salesman, r. 10 Sedgwickct. 

Carle John, haruessmak'jr. r. rear 233 Huron 

Carleman Mority B. physician and surgeon, 123 Chi- 
cago av. r. same 

Carlen Frederickjr. (Carlen & Son), r. 102 Archer 

Carlen Fridolin (Carlen & Son), r. 102 Archer av. 

Carleu it Sou (Fridolin and Frederick Carleu). organ 
builders, 102 Archer av. 

Carley James, lab. r. 1G7 W. Taylor 

Carley John, teamster, C.. R. I. & P. R. W. 

Carlian James, saloon. 313 W. Indian;:, r. same 

Cariile Marian, wid. Richard, dressmaker, 151 Blue 
Island av. r. same 

Cjrlill Jamas B. machinist, bds. 272 W. Lake 

Carlille Janus, machinist, Northwestern Mnfg. Co. 

Carlin Anthony, carpenter, r. 73 Sampson 

Carlin Bernard, grain inspector, r. 37 Newberry av. 

Carlin Charles, plasterer, r. 205 W. Polk 

Carlin Daniel S. exchange manager. Third ^National 
bank, r. 51 S. Franklin 

Carlin James, wks. N. C. rolling mill 

Carlin John, baker, r. 278 Noble 

Carlin John, drayman, r. (> N. Market 

Carliu John R. bricklayer, r. 2!8 Hubbard 

Carlin P. horseshocr. 51 S. Franklin, r. PR me 

Carlin Mary, wid. Patrick, bds. 343 Hubbard 

Carline John, plasterer, bds. IC'.i Van Baron 

Carlisle Frederick, bookkeeper, William Stevens, r. 
llil W. Madison 

Carlisle Robert, wood mouldings, 75 Beach, r. 1235 
Indiana av. 

Carlisle William, machinist, Robert Carlisle, r. 90 

Carlisle William, sawyer. William Stevens 

Carlisle, see also Cariile 

Carll Andrew C. (Carll & Schmi'.t). r. 4C Goethe 

Carll & Schmitt (A. C. Carl! and Daniel Schmitt), 
tailors and repairers, 100 Randolph 

Carlou Frederick, lab. r. 70 Purple 

Carlon James, lab. r. 357 Clybourn av. 

Carlott John. wks. John Me E wen 

Cailow Joseph, barber. E. Morrell, r. 61 S. Des- 

Carls John, teamster, Frost Brothers, r. ( Grove 

Cartoon Charles, lab. r. 15 Bremer 

Carlsen C'h i:-les. carpenter, r. 115Townscnd 

Carlseu Christopher, lab. bds. 2tx"! Hubbard 

CarUen Erik, bdfirdinj.', 135 W. Indiana, r. same 

Carlson Alex, lab. r. Ill Ontario 

Carlson Ann M. wi.l. iV'rr, r.13 Otis 

Carlson August, tailor. Brown & Schairer, r. 140 

Carlson Carl, carpenter, r. 31 Elston rd. 

Carlson Charles M. tailor, H. Lie back, r. Sedgwick, 
se. cor. Mu-nomonee 

Carlson Christopher, lab. Bateham & Co. r. 2C8 Hub- 

Carlson C. tailor, bds. 3 Milwaukee av. 

Carlson C. .1. r. 1.% N. Morgan 

Cailsou C. M. r. 558 S-;igwi:-k 

Carl.ion Erl Rev. pas, or. Sv. .(!;>!) Lutheran church 
r. llurlbut, ?-;'. cor. Lincoln av. 

Carlson Fred, tailnr. r 5 Owosco 

Carlson Frederick, tailor. Brown & Schairer, r. 140 

. & 0. 

Northwestern Agents for 

& SO^TS, 

"WareLouss. 11 &13 S,W3;s St. 

JLoaiis a 

Kos. 155 and 157 


Will. D. BLERFOOT, Real Instate I>ea!er an<I Broker, 

No. 89 Washington Street. K<staic3inanag:ed. 




C-irlson Godfrey, fireman, r. 212 Sedgwick 

Carlson Johanna, wid. Christian, r. rear 130 Bush- 


Carlson John. lab. Batcham & Co. r. 268 Ilubbard 
Carlson Knud. thirtmaker. r. 3t>9 Ilubbard 
Carison Leonard, carpenter, bds. 204 Kankakee av. 
Carlson Otto printer, Hitchcock & Walden. r. 1 :0 


Carlson O. C. shoemaker, r. 39 4th 
Carlson Peter, carpenter, r. 51 Bremer 
Carlson Peter, carpenter, r. 232 W. Erie 
Carlson Peter John, r. 232 W. Erie 
Carlstmm George, cabinetmaker, I. C. R. R. car 

works, bds. 470 Butterfield 
Carltou C. J. painter, r. 113 North av. 
Carlton Ellen Miss, seamstress, bds. ISO W. Jackson 
Carltou John, shoemaker, Fargo, Fales & Co. r. 1C 


Carlloii Samuel, brickniaker, Ohm. Kastens & Co. 
Carlton Thomas II. entry clerk, Hunt, Barbour & 

Hale, bds. 1(17 Ohio 
Carly James, lab.C., R. I. & P. R. W. 
Carlyle John W. packer, E. P. Dwyer & Co. r. 100 

Adams * 

Carlysle Edward, plumber, r. 199 Church 
Carlysle William, sailor, r. 100 Church 
Carmadv Martin, lab. Singer & Tnlcott 
Carman Charted H. fireman, C., B. & Q. R. R. r. C49 

S. Union 

Carman Henry, carpenter, r. 567 Burnside 
Carman "William II. custodian, stolen property. Me- 
tropolitan police head quarters, r. 2o9 N. Wells 
Carme'Pierre, billiard saloon, 115 Randolph, r. 18*5 


Cannedy Marguerite, wid. Daniel, r. 257 N. Market 
Caimichael Daniel L. clerk, Phillips <fc Bro. r. 4-15 

W. take 
Carmichael D. L. (Hillis& Carmichael), r. as S. Hal- 


Carmichael George S. (Phillips & Bro.1, r. 209 Erie 
Carmichael James, lab. Star and Crescent mills, 

r. C.7 Elston rd. 

Carmicliaei John, lab. r. 45 E. Indiana 
Carmichael Robert (Robert Carmichael & Co.), r. 

Hyde Park 
Carmichael Robert & Co. (Robert Carmichael and 

), coin. mers. 134 LaSalle 

Carmichael . clerk, bds. 445 W. Lake 

Carmiduu Comelious. lab. r. 11 Wright 

Carmidy Cornelius, teamster. Elisha Eldred, r. Cool- 

idge, cor. Blue Island av. 
Carmidy Daniel, lab. Elisba Eldred 
Carmidy -James, lab. Elisha Eldred 
Carmidy Michael, lab. Elisha Eldred 
Carmidy Patrick, lab. bds. Market, ne. cor. Erie 
Carmidy inspector. Elisha Eldivd 
Carmley Cornelius, lab. r. 9 Wriirht 
Carmody Bridget, wid. John. r. 148 Shoito 
Cormodj Charles, stonecutter, bds. 149 Shoito 
Carmody Cornelius, teamster, r. 32 Dobyus 
Carmody Daniel, lab. r. 341 W. 12th 
C.iJinodv Daniel, machinist, r. 111! Shoito Edmund, ls;b. r. 2H4 X. Stale 
Carmody t.anet L. clerk, Bridget Latchford, bds. 

12: jT'orqiv-r 

Carmody James, lab. r. 120 Ruble 
Carmody Jeremiah, lab. bds. 296 W. Polk 
Caimody John, bartender. Patrick Carney, bds. 919 

Carmody John, lab. bds. 149 Shoito 

Carmody Jena, hib. r. 121! Ruble 

Carni'xly Joan, lab. r. 112 Rebjcca 

Carmody John, la!), r. 300 W. Polk 

Carmody John, lab. r. 4isau-"r 

Carino iy John, machinist, Supur, Brainy rd & Co. r. 

12-; W. Ruble John, marble worker, bds. 145 Adams 
Carmody -lolui. stonecutter, bds. i-;o siiolio 
Carmody Mai-Lin, lab. b:i:-. ;,1 \V. Polk 



At 22G & 228 Lake Street, 



Neaisfoot Oil, 


Carmody Martin, marblecutter, bds. 149 Shoito 

Carmody Michael, lab. bds. 119 Shoito 

Carmody Michael, lab. bds. ss. Lyiuan, bet. Lock and 


Carmody Michael, lab. r. 118 Brown 
Carmody Michael, machinist, r. llti Shol f o 
Carmodv Michael, painter. Bishop & Priudle, r. 91 

W. William 

Carmody Michael jr. lab. r. 104 Brown 
Carmody M. stonecutter, Chicago Marble and Gran- 
ite Mt;r. Co. 
j Carmody Patrick, cooper, George H. Young, r. 112 


Carmody Patrick, lab. bds. 149 Shoito 
Carmody Patrick, moulder, r. 149 Shoito 
Carmody Patrick, saloon and boardinghouse 539 

Clark, r. same 

Carmody Patrick, teamster, r. 11 John 
Carmody Steven, plasterer, bds. 149 Shoito 
Carmody 'I homas, lab. bds. 138 12th 
Carmody Thomas, lab. r. 118 Brown 
Carmody Thomas, lab. Soper, Brainerd & Co. r. 120 

W. Ruben 

Cannon Mary, wid.*. r. 12 Quincy 
Cannon William, bds. 25il N. Wells 
j Caiiusdorf Joseph, cooper, Gould Bros. 
Cam John, porter, r. I.ydia 
Carnagh Daniel, lab. r. 22 Bunker 
Carnauh W; Iter, blacksmith, Thomas O'Hern, bds. 

3fi S. Canal 

Caniahaii A. marblecutter. Sherman, Cole & Co 
Carnan Ristcati. clerk. Tyler & Bliss, bds. 273 In- 

Camay John, lab. r. 319 E. Illinois 
Camay Tin mas, flour and feed store, C5 N. Market, 

r. 75 Indiana 

Carnes James, carpenter, r. 395 S. Clinton 
Carnes Jcl:n. plumber, bds. 143 W. Randolph 
Caruiv William, steward. Transit house, bds. same 
Carney ]*"it'n. clerk. Thoman Carney, r. 75 Indiana 
Cjircev Edward. hou:e grainer, r. wft) Bulterlield 
Carney Ed \\-arcl. l;;b. R. I. R. R. r. 2i3 20th 
Carney Edwr.rd, railroad conductor, bds. 685 S. Canal 
Carney Fred. (H. Wit beck & Co.), r. Marinet, Wis. 
Carney George, painter, r. H30 Bntteitield 
Carr.ey Daniel, lab. r. 147 W. Jackson 
Carney .l; ; iiie>. br;;>stinisher, r. 147 W. Jackson 
Carney .TMH.-*. bricklayer, r. 707 State 
Carney J; caltk-shipper, r. 1B19 S. Halsted 
Cani'-y John, eni'nlman, bds. I. <fc M. canal, bet. 

Reuben and Post 
Canii-y J<>\ir.. driver. Frank Parmelee & Co. bds. 

Exchange ho 1 el 

Carney John, expressman, r. 39 Kramer 
Carney Juhn. Jab. C'. Mears & Co. bds. 137 Brown 
! Carney John. lab. r. Esplanade, cor. Wallace 
Carney John. lab. r. 04 Superior 
Cam -y John. lab. r. 811 Fulton 
Carney tMir. l;;b. roundhouse C. fc N. W. E. W. r. 

:(.-' 1inbb:vrd 

Carney .Toliu, !ab. W. D:v. city railway 
Csrney Jchn. printer, r. 2" Better 
CttTnuy . ; "!in. teamster, r. WK Fulton 
CarneV Micliai'l. lab. b(!s. 1>7 Ohio 
Can:i.-y .\i;cha t -l. 1-ib. r. -;( Frauklin 
Carney .Michai-J. >a\vver. bds. i;; Ohio 
C'aniey Patrick. fi;em-,n. C. .t \. W. IJ. W. 
Carney Patrick, lab. bds 4--J E. Kinzie 
Carney Patrici-:. maltster, r. 5 G -re 
Carnjy Patrick, sal-.-un. .'!?. ilalstod. r. ar,T3 

Pe'fer A. cnrriareflnii4er. Coan & Ton Brooke 

t:arri:i: < Mull 1 Co. r. 1:)S. Ann 
Cam > Tinnias. ba.'.irnir<! agt. brt-. Exc!i:\nge hotel 
Canvy Thonjr.s. fi^tir and feed. l>5 N. Market, r. 75 


r-rnvjy William, b'-ickhiyor, r. 707 S'.ate- 
Carni'v Mrv. >-. -Ji Hotfr 
Caniwriirht St.jphen, engineer. Hall & Rathbrn. r. 










Morse's eiea>iraie4i M''ii'e tasiii Jiurgisir i-i'^* Safes. 

Mado by K, li. KAWIffiS. Ci : outli C'aual Street. 

WOOI>RUFF & RAF3TCX, Sewer Builders, 

liusemeiit of 73 <fc 80 East Madison Street. 









Low Rates of Premium. 

No Notes No Interest A Cash Surrender Value 

for Every Policy. 
Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago 

Carlisle ns Henry, boardinghouse, 104 N. Desplaines 

Caroll Daniel, lab. r. 26 W. Eiie 

Caroll James, moulder, r. 253 N. Market 

Caron C. K. agt. R. Edwards, 125 Dearborn, r. Louis- 

ville. Ky. 

Caron Edward P. bds. Montreal house 
Carovan Edward, blacksmith, r. 16 Dobyns 
Carpenter Andrew, teamster, Amberg & Stenson, r. 

89 S. Jefferson 

Carpenter Ann Mrs. r. rear 204 N. LaSalle 
Carpenter Augustus A. (Kirby, Carpenter & Co.), r. 

137 Rush 

Carpenter Beulah, wid. Joel. r. 548 Washington av. 
Carpenter Bial J. (J . M. Sweet & Co.). bds. City hotel 
Carpenter Calip, sailor, bds. 744 State 
Carpenter Catherine, wid. Simeon C. bds. 1481 Prai- 

rie av. 

Carpenter Charles, carpenter, bds. 371 S. Halsted 
Carpenter Charles, carpenter, r. 54 Walnut 
Carpenter Charles, propr. Chicago steam laundry, 

92 W. Madison, r. 283 W. Adams 
Carpenter Charles B. carpenter, r. 90 Blue Island av. 
Carpenter Charles C. merchant, r. 170 Walnut 
Carpenter Cyrel D. agt. M. C. R. R. r. 121 21st 
Carpenter C. H. (Buchanan, Carpenter & Co.), r. 

Carpenter Daniel S. porter, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 

365 N. Clark 

Carpenter Edward, enginneer, Gould Bros. 
Carpenter Edwin, coachman, B. F. Norrls, 789 Wa- 

bash av. 

Carpenter Elizabeth, wid. Hirarn, r. 11 4th av. 
Carpenter Ely, clerk, r. 17 St. John's pi. 
Carpenter Emil, machinist, bds. 691 Indiana ay. 
Carpenter Erastus L. carpenter, r. 548 Washington 

Carpenter E. R. E. dentist, 3, 4 and 5 Opera house 

blk. r. same . 

Carpenter Frederick (col'd), barber, bds. 90 4th av. 
Carpenter George, cabinetmaker, A. L. Hale & Bro. 

bds. 159 W. Jackson 

Carpenter George B. student, bds. 288 Wabash av. 
Carpenter George B. (Gilbert Hubbard & Co.), r. 

251 Ontario 
Carpenter George N. (Cortright & Carpenter), r. 672 

N. LaSalle 

Carpenter George R. carpenter, bds. 43 N. Reuben 
Carpenter George T. dentist, 102 Washington, r. 17 

St. John's pi". 

Carpenter George W. grocer, r. 229 Fulton 
Carpenter Gilbert B. salesman, r. 199 Sedgwick 
Carpenter G. W. (Carpenter <fe Bro.), bds. 76 Sanga- 

Carpenter Henry (Carpenter & Leigh), r. 172 W. 

Carpenter H. R. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Carpenter H. S. canalman, bds. I. & M. canal, bet. 

Reuben and Post 
Carpenter James, clerk, Callaghan & Cockcroft, bds. 

180 Indiana 

Carpenter Jerome, operator. C. D. Mother 
Carpenter Job, gardener, r. 17 St. John's pi. 
Carpenter John"(Carpenter & Woodrow), r. 858 W. 


Carpenter John, r. 604 Washington av. 
Car,) 'Uter John A. lawyer, bds. 43 N. Reuben 
Carpenter John G. policeman, r. 609 W. Luke 
Carp.mter John H. lawyer, room 11, 164 Randolph, 

bds. 43 N. Reuben 
Carpenter, Johnson & Coles (R. P. Carpenter, 

Charles Johnson jr. and Theodore F. Coles), 

garden seeds, 186 Randolph 
Carpenter Joseph, bartender, John O'Brien, r. 359 


Carpenter Joseph, plasterer, bds. 102 Adams 
Carpjnter Joseph F. carpenter, r. 99 Blue Island 

Carnenter Julia, wid. Samuel, r. 775 Hubbard 

Carpenter J. L. saloon, 36 N. State, r. 245 Michigan 
Carpenter Laurence, roller, N. C. rolling mill, bds. 

19 McHenry 
Carpenter Libbeus R. hardware, 183 Blue Island av. 

r. same 
Carpenter Louis A. carmaker, C. & R. I. R. R. r. 

474 Burnside 
Carpenter Lyman S. carpenter and builder, r. 173 

Carpenter L. B. (Carpenter & Bro.), bds. 67 Sanga- 

Carpenter L. B. & Bro. (L. B. Carpenter and George 

W. Carpenter), grocers, Carroll, cor. Peoria 
Carpenter Mahlon, carpenter, r. rear 241 S. Sanga- 

Carpenter M. F. clerk, John V. Farwell & Co. r. 300 

Carpenter Oliver (Kleinman & Carpenter), bds. 648 

W. Lake 
Carpenter Peter, Ice cream saloon, 29 E. Chicago av. 

r. same 

Carpenter Rosana Miss, r. 548 Washington av. 
Carpenter R. P. (Carpenter, Johnson & Coles), bds. 

22 Willard pi. 

Carpenter R. W. traveling agt. Lyon & Healey 
Carpenter Samuel W., U. S. detective, bds. St. 

Charles hotel 
Carpenter School, Alfred Kirk, prin. Centre av. 

sw. cor. 2d 
Carpenter Solon E. porter, H. L. Story & Co. r. 409 

W. Randolpji 

Carpenter S. J. physician, 121 Madison, r. same 
Carpenter S. W. clerk, Markley, Ailing & Co. r. 273 

W. Randolph 
Carpenter William O. (Kirby, Carpenter & Co.), r. 

112 Park av. 

Carpenter William S. bds. 43 N. Reuben 
Carpenter William W. carpenter, r. 99 Blue Island 

Carpenter Z. auctioneer, E. A. Jessel & Co. bds. 

Moulton house 
Carpenter & Leigh (Henry Carpenter aud Lewis 

Leigh), proprs. Chicago steam dye works, 92 W. 

Carpenter & Woodrow (John Carpenter and William 

Woodrow), grocers, 858 W. Lake 
Carples Charles, U. S. storekeeper, r. 29 Hinsdale 
Carqueville Edward, supt. engraving dept. Chicago 

Lithographing Co r. 109 N. White 
Carqueville Edward, lithographer, r. 339 N. Wells 
Carqueville Max, lithographer, Chicago Lithograph- 
ing Co. r. 152 2d 

Carqueville Rudolph, cabinetmaker, r. 352 2d 
Carquewelle Otto, printer, r. 22 N. Union 
Carr Andrew, plasterer, r. 541 Wentworth av. 
Carr Byron O. (Whittlesey, Carr & Hewitt), bds. 443 

W. Washington 

Carr Calvin, lake capt. r. 833 W. Washington 
Carr Charles, boot treer, A. & R. Chapiu, r. ]02 W. 


Carr Charles, r. 74 N. State 
Carr Christian (Bartholdy & Carr), r. 55 Milwaukee 


Carr C. A. musician, r. 309 W. 12th 
Carr Edward, teamster, Joseph Stockton, bds. 218 

Van Buren 

LEGE, bds. 1047 Indiana av. 
Carr Frederick, pressman, Chicago Republican, r. 

443 Hubbard 

Carr George (Fowler & Carr), r. 13 Egan av. 
Carr James, brassfounder, Walworth, Twohig & 

Purse, r. 58 Franklin 
Carr James, lab. r. 268 Catherine 
Carr James, lab. bds. 903 State 
Carr John, bottomer, A. & R. Chapin, r. 102 W. 


Carr John, lab. bds. 386 3d av. 
Carr John, lab. bds. Ill W. Taylor 


General Northwestern Agents for 

11j St. 

Shipherd, Sweet k Co., Discount Short Paper, 

NOB. 155 and 157 L.A SALLE STREET. 

SIMEON W. KING, United States Commissioner 

For Northern District of Illinois. 117 South Clark Street, 



Carr John, r. 235 Statu 

Carr John C. news agt. bds. 113 W. Adams 

Carr John D. M. physician, McVicker's theatre 

blrti:. r. 32o \V. Madison 
Carr J. lab. bds. 903 State 
Carr Manraret, wid. Fnmcis, boardinghouse, 102 W. 

Randolph, r. same 

Carr Michael, haydealer, r. 21 Sampson 
Carr Miles H. (Nelson & Carr), r. 816 W. Lake 
Carr Moody, merchant, r. 139 S. Clinton 
Carr M. H. (Nelson & Carr), jt. Randolph, ne. cor. 

Carr Orlando O. bookkeeper, I. C. R. R. bds. 265 

W. Madison 

Carr Patrick, lab. r. 176 W. Taylor 
Carr Robert, blacksmith, 114 Michigan, r. 283 Ran- 

Carr Samuel, asst. bookkeeper, C. H. McCormick<fc 

Bro. r. 443 Hubbard 

Carr S. L. salesman, J. B. Shute & Co. 201 S. Water 
Carr S. P. wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. r. 443 


Carr S. T. realestate agt. r. 1047 Indiana av. 
Carr Thomas, finisher, Boyd & Hill, r. 222 Cass 
Carr Thomas, tinsmith, bds. 103 Ellis av. 
Can- T. S. (T. C. Lamb <fc Co.) 
Carr Watson, physician, Me Vicker's theatre bldg. 

r. 325 W. Madison 

Carr William, butcher, Reid & Sherwin, bds. 435 24th 
Carr William, groceries and provisions, 395 Clark, r. 


Carr William, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Carrabine William. R. R. messenger, r. 63 Meagher 
Carrall Jackson, lab. bds. 903 State 
Carre Thomas, painter, r. 222 Cass 
Carrey Edmond, vice consul of France, office, 175 

Lake. r. 154 N. Market 
Carrigan James, lab. M. S. & N. I. freight depot, 

r. 192 Sherman 
Carrigan John W. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 110 

Michigan av. 

Carrigan Thomas, lab. r. 494 Archer av. 
Carrillon Oliver, butcher, bds. Montreal house 
Carrington Charles D. grocer, r. 186 Superior 
CaningtOB John W. jft (Chambers & Carrington), r. 


Carrington Mary, wid. Eli, bds. 186 Superior 
Cams Eva Miss, dressmaker, bds. 169 Walnut 
Carris Charity M. Miss, milliner, bds. 703 Fulton 
Carritt William J. agt. r. 1*2 W. Lake 
Carrl Edward, bpxmakcr, Jacob Ulrich 
Carrol Ann, sewing girl, r. 122 Indiana 
Carroll Bros. (Martin, John. Thomas and Patrick 

Carroll), brick mnfrs. Bradwell slip, ns. Blue 

Island av. 

Carrol Bridget, wid. Thomas, r. 122 Indiana 
Carrol Edward, bootfitter. M. D. Wells & Co. 
Carrol James, plumber, bds. 82 and 84 E. Pearson 
Carrol John, coachman, Julia Newberry, r. Ohio, 

cor. St. Clair 

Carrol John, drayman, r. 40 Henry 
Carrol John, lab. bds. 17 Charles 
Carrol Mjrtin. seaman, r. 147 Johnson 
Carrol Mollie. tailoress, bds. 189 Huron 
Carrol Robert, plumber, r. 110 Sedgwick 
Carrol Thomas, ensineer, I. C. R. R. r. 999 State 
Carroll Albert, bricklayer, r. 266^ S. Clinton 
Carroll Alice Mrs. groceries and provisions, 128 

Ewing, r. Same 

Carroll Catherine, wid. James, r. 1S5 Meagher 
Carroll Catherine M. dressmaker, Mary E. Carroll, r. 

243 N. Clark 

Carroll Charles, r. 296 Wabash av. 
Carroll Charles (W. & C. Carroll), r. 15 Andrews' 

Carroll Charles A. warehouse inspector, r. ss. Henry 

bet. Margaret and Centre av. 
Carroll C. A. traveling aet. bds. 154 Illinois 
Carroll C. P. (Robbins &"Carroll). r. W. Taylor 

The Chicago Terra Cotta Company 


Statuary, Yases, Urns, Fountains, &c. 

For Private and Public Grounds. 
"Wareroms, 290 State Street. 



Assets over 85.00O.OOO. 

Policies issued in 1308 11,719. 

SIIFGAKT <fc DEAN. Geu'l Agents. 

83 "Washington street, Chicago. 

Good Agents warned. 
Carroll Daniel, restaurant, 234 Blue Island av. r. 


Carroll Daniel, wood sawyer, r. 89 Butterfieid 
Carroll David, moulder, r. 11 Grace 
Carroll Dennis, blacksmith, r. 17 Kansas 
Carroll Edmond, drayman, r. 399 Hubbard 
Carroll Edmund, groceries, ns. Milwaukee av. bet. 

Robey and Bradwell, r. same 
Carroll Fritz, carpenter, r. 19 Fiunell 
Carroll Francis, lab. water works, bds. 98 N. Jeffer- 

Carroll George, sawyer, r. 114 Catherine 
Carroll Geome, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Carroll Hannah M. Miss, dressmaker, Mary E. Car- 
roll, r. 243 N. Clark 

Carroll Hannah, wid. Dennis, r. 105 Superior 
Carroll Henry Rev. missionary, First Baptist 

church, r. 87 W. Harrison 
Carroll Henry J. carpenter, Henry Giledorff, r. 56 N. 


Carroll Jacob, wks. Tremont billiard saloon 
Carroll James, blacksmith, bds. 209 Michigan 
Carroll James, cooper, J. Mahar, r. 76 Hickory 
Carroll James, drayman, Knowles, Cloyes & Co. r. 

N. LaSalle 

Carroll James, lab. Clayton, se. cor. Paulina 
Carroll James, lab. r. 17 Ruble 
Carroll James, moulder, C. H. McCormick <fc Bro. 
Carroll James, packer, Burnhams & Van Schaack, r. 

933 Coolidge 
Carroll James, teamster, Lawson & Boot, r. 82 W. 


Carroll James, teamster, r. 94 N. LaSalle 
Carroll James, shoemaker, r. 97 W. Van Buren 
Carroll James, bds. 265 Forquer 
Carroll Jerry, lab. r. 124 Hickory 
Carroll Johana. wid. John, r. rear 187 Ada 
Carroll Johanna, wid. William, r. 241 W. Taylor 
Carroll John, boot and shoemaker, 374 Clark, r. 132 


Carroll John (Carroll Bros.), r. Reuben, cor. Clayton 
Carroll John, clerk, Fuller, Finch & Fuller, r. 61 

Carroll John, coachman, Phillip Wadsworth, 337 

Michigan av. 

Carroll John, coachman, r. 61 St. Clair 
Carroll John, collector, Frank Parmelee & Co. 
Carroll John, drayman, Pennsylvania Oil Co. r. 140 


Carroll John, lab. Illinois Stone Co. r. 17 Charles 
Carroll John, lab. r. 222 Centre av. 
Carroll John, lab. r. 262 22d 
Carroll John. lab. r. 151 Aberdeen 
Carroll John, lab. r. HI Sampson 
Carroll John, lab. r. 126 Ewing 
Carroll John (col'dl, porter. Hatch house, bds. same 
Carroll John, omnibus ticket agt. bds. Hatch house 
Carroll John, lab. r. 195 Mather 
Carroll John. bds. 265 Forquer 
Carroll John C. shippingclerk, Allen AMackey, bds. 

254 Ewing 

Carroll John J printer, bds. 91 W. Madison 
Carroll John M. clerk, Shoenfeld Bros. r. 154 Ohio 
Carroll Joseph, lab. Conklin & Campbell 
Carroll Joseph, bds. 265 Forquer 
Carroll Margaret, wid. Jerry, r. 47 Blair 
Carroll Martin, carpenter, bds. (iS4 Archer av. 
Carroll Martin (Carroll Bros.), r. Reuben, cor. Clayton 
Carroll Martin, lab. Northwestern Mnfg. Co. r. 'JO N. 


Carroll Martin, lab. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Carroll Mary, wid. James, r. rear 5 Whiting 
Carroll Mary E. Miss, dressmaker, 243 N. Clark, r. 


Carroll Michael, carpenter, bds. 64 Blue Island av. 
Carroll Michael, carpenter, r. 475 S. Wells 
Carroll Michael (Carroll & Galagher), r. 127 Blue Is- 
land av. 
Carroll Michael, fivnetmaker. Grant & McLean 

Harris, manufacturer ana Dealer in 

BANK, ana SAFE LOCKS. 62 South Canal Street. 

WOODRUFF & RAFFED Sewer Builders, 

Hascmeut of 78 .: 80 East Madison Street* 






i& Returned at Death, 

S In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

IB __ , 

Carroll Michael, lab. bds. !)VJ Cass 

Carroll Michael, lab. r. 4(5 Fry 

Carroll Michael, lab. 292 4th av. 

Carroll Miv'i:'.<-i. ;>,' Mler, r. 34 Rebecca 

Carroll Michael, printer, bds. 205 Ontario 
^" Carroll Mollie L. dressmaker. Augusta Dannigkert, 

bds. ISi) Huron 

Carroll M. job printer, Chicago Evening Journal, r. 
< 205 Ontario 

6 Carroll M lithographer, E. Mendel, r. 125 Market 
T* Carroll Patrick, blacksmith, r. 317 21st 
-to* Carroll Patrick, butcher. Reid & Sherwin 
-} Carroll Patrick (Carroll Bros.), r. Reuben, cor. Clay- 
M Carroll Patrick, clerk, bds. 82 Griswold 

Carroll Patrick, ftirnaceman. Northwestern Mnfg. 
9^. Co. r. Division, nc. cor. Water 
k Carroll Patrick, lab. bds. 75 Carroll 
" Carroll Patrick, lab. bds. 9'i Cass 
5 Garroll Patrick. lab. r. 271 4th 

Carroll Patrick, lab. r. 475 S. Morgan 
{^ Carroll Patrick, lab. r. 31 Miller 
^ Carroll Patrick, lab. r. 372 3d av. 
^} Carroll Patrick, lab. Isaac Wentworth, r. W 22d, nr. 

Carroll Patrick, peddler, r. 475 S. Morgan 
fig Carroll Patrick, plasterer, r. 81 Wright 
M Carroll Patrick, saloon. 25ti Wells, r. same 
p; Carroll Patrick, waiter, r. 204 Adams 
Carroll Patrick, lab. r. 201 N. Hal.-ted 
JJ Carroil Peter, lab. r. 11<> Rebecca 
K Carroll Philip, headwaiter. Tremont house 
Carroll P. teamster, r. 82 Griswold 
R Carroll Richard, tinsmith, r. HIS 3d av. 

Carroll Robert, carpenter, r. 283 4th av. 

Carroll Robert, plumber. Charles Breyer & Bro. 
bds. llOSedgwick 

Carroll Thomas, carpenter, r. 200 W. 12th 

Carroll Thomas (Carroll Bros.), r. Reuben, cor. 

CarroU Thomaa, clicker, W. S. Rawson, bds. 201 

Carroll Thomas, lab. bds. 9 N. LaSalle 
r>, Carroll Thomas, lab. bds. 14-^ 12th 

Carroll Thomas, printer, Chicago Evening Journal, 
rf, r. 419 W Erie 

^ Carroll Thonvis. shoemaker, bds. 273 Michigan 
^. Carroll Thomas, with C. C. Mc-rriek. 8-1 LaSalle 
r* Carroll Timothv. lab. '..21 N. Hal-tea 
w Carroll T. C. coal, Ms. 77 Van Buren 
r -.. Carroll T. F. corresponding clerk, bds. Hyde Park 
A hoiixe 

w t 'arroll Walter, confectioner. 91 W. Madison, r. same 
J Car-oil William, blacksmith, r. 1*9 E. Indiana 

Carroll William, carpenter, r. ws. Laurel, bet. 31st 
rfc and Lvman 

J* Carroll William (W. & C. Carroll), r. 7 Eldridge ct. 
Pi Carroll William, car repairer, r. 2">4 Ewiug 
wr Carroll William, lab. r. 208 Forquer 
fs., Carroll William, lab. Tegmeyer & Werdcl, bds. 50 


B Carroll William, shoemaker, r. 97 W. Van Bnren 
^ Carroll William, sh > maker. Fargo, Fales & Co. r. 
pi0 Jefferson, nr. Van Buren 
.j Carroll WiiHam D. :':-.\n\ dealer, r. 2(15 Forquer 
J^ Carroll William F. proof reader, room 9, 77 W. 

Carroll William J. bricklayer. }).[-. 56 Bremsr 
!: Carroll W. C.. printer. Jameson it Morse, r. 185 S. 

J? C!Ml:ll 

* Carroll W. A C. (William anil Charles Carroll), 
f * c-iun. mer~. :!."> Cl'.amoer of Commerce 

\f'. Ciiiroll --. Mrs. r. 2-*5 A'n'Heen 

C-arroll X G-ilajher iMii-i'a"! C:\iroll MM] Michael 
** (r.-ihiL'her). broom imiir-. 1.7 Blue Island av. 

V Cam. 11. ee al-<> Carol! 
CE Carroly John. h'b. r. 5-Wi Archer av. 

C'arrmie-s S:.mael, carpenter, McDougall & Co. r. 
15ii W. Jackson 

C'arrovv Albert, brommaker, bds. 119 N. Wells 
.'arrow Joseph, barber, r. (51 S. Desplaines 
.'arrow T. L. bookkeeper, Case & Savin, r. 42 Jack- 

Carrv Michael, lab. bds. 128 Barber 
Carry Philip, lab. r. 18 E. Ilinsdale 
''arlson Louis, carpenter, r. 200 W. Erie 
'arse William S. (W. S. Carse & Co.), r. 147 S. Canal 
CARSE W. S. & CO. ( William S. Carse and 
William Cuvvthorue), stained glassworks, 147 S. 
Carson Edward L. (Carson & Pringlc), r. Reuben, 

cor. Jackson 

Carson Frederick, r. rear 3-1 George 
Carson George W. clerk, William Goldie. bds. 71 


Carson Gotlieb, shoemaker, r. 94fi Clark 
Cars<>n Henry (col'd), whitewashes r. ss. al. bet. 

Clark and LaSalle, Monroe and Adams 
Carson Hugh, tanner, Matthew Clexton, r. foot N. 

Carson John, teamster, r. 301 Wells 
Carson John II. carriagemaker, r. 10(1 W. Van Buren 
Carson John H. carriagemaker. r. 30<) W. Van Buren 
Carson James P. photographer, Ms. 298 Clark 
Carson Margaret, wid. John. r. 25 Silver 
Carson Martin, dark, bds. Kil6 Indiana av. 
Carson Samuel (Carson, Pirie & Co.), r. 516 W. 


Carson, Pirie & Co. (Samuel Carson. John T. Pirie, 
George and Robert Scott and AndrewMcLeish), 
dry goods, ret. 118 and 120 State, whol. dry goods, 
00 and ti2 Wabash ar. 
Carson Thomas, lab. bds. 810 Archer av. 
Carson Thomas, teamster, r. 301 Wells & Pringle (E. L. Carson and J. M. Pringle), 

com. iners. 93 S. Water 
Carsten Gotleib, shoemaker, r. 946 Clark 
Carsten Johan. teamster, r. 50 Loewe 
Car.-tens Clans, cigar store, 124 W. Randolph, r. 


Carsteus Clans, glazier, Geo. A. Misch & Bro. 
Carstens Fritz, lab. bds. :!7 W. Lake 
Carstens Henry, papercarrier. r. 572 Mitchell 
Carstens Henry H. boardingho'tse. 104 N. Desplaines 
Carstens Jacob, porter, John F. Rathboue & Co. r. 

99 Chicago av. 
Carstens John F. coachman, John D. Jennings, 461 

Wabash av. 
Car.-tens J. H. salesman, J. D. Cole, jr. r. 104 N. 


Carstens J. R. salesman, Ionic mills 
Car.sten<en Peter, shipcarpenter, r. 150 W. Polk 
Car.^nlo Edward, bricklayer, r. (WO Wentworth av. 
Carswell David V. conductor, r. 21 N. Peoria 
Carswell Lockhart R. r. 110 Doughs pi. 
Caite'ot-au William, clerk, r. es. Houston, bet. Mil- 
waukee av. and Division 
Cartell William, upholster, A. L. Hale & Bro. r. 197 


Cartsu Thomas, moulder. C. H. McConnick & Bro. 
Caner Abial H. boardingbouse. 71 Monroe, r. same 
Cart'-r Adoniram, student. Waice &, Clarke, r. 169 


Carter Alfred, lab. r. 80 Walnut 
Carter Alfred, lab. r. C.51 4th 
Carter Alfred H. carpeuler, r. 150 W T . l^.li 
Carter Arttmas Barter & Jone>-). r. Wineika. 111. 
Carter Asher (Carter & Drake), r. 21 Van Buren 
Carter Cou.-ider B. (Carter Bros.), r. 31-i W. Jack- 
son D. Knight (Carter & Brainaivl), r. 1075 Michi- 

<ran av. 

Cari'er Elizabeth S. F. shirtmaker. r. 160 State 
Carter Ellen, sewing machine. oi>erator, bds. 172 W. 

C'arter Kv :rel, graindealer. 61 Pope's blk. r. 47 S. 

Carter FrancK agt. r. 234 Sherman 


Ceuural Northwestern Agents foi 


& T 3 S. T7ell S*. 

Nos. 153 RKd 157 LA SALINE STREET. 


89 WasMngfon Street. Property Sold and Rented. 




Carter Francis, lab. r. 107 Wright 

Outer George, brewer, bds. 82 and 84 E. Pearson 

Carter George II. painter, bds. 946 W. Lake 

Carter George T. salesman, Seymour, Carter & Co. 

r. 45 Van Buren 
Carter Henderson (col'd), porter, Henry C. Smith, r. 

133 Jackson 

Carter Henry C. shipcarpenter, r. 11 Keith 
Carter Henry S. (H. S. Carter & Co.), r. Evanston, 

Carter H. S. & Co. (Henry S. Carter, Archibald 

Sprott and Louis M. Angle), parlor furniture, 

\vhol. and ret. 195 and 197 Lake 
Carter James (col'd). coachman, James P. Fogg, 

bds. 314 N. LaSalle 
Carter James, watchman. Iowa elevator, r. 98 Blue 

Island av. 
Carter James jr. foreman, Iowa elevator, bds. 98 

Blue Island av. 

Carter James H. teamster, bds. 309 W. Kinzie 
Carter James P. chief clerk, N. Y. Life Ins. Co. r. 33 

Carter James S. bookkeeper, Philip Wadsworth & 

Co. bds. 17 Harmon ct. 
Carter John (col'd), porter, r. 114 4th av. 
Carter John F. (Whittemore, Carter & Brown), r. 

1033 Wabash av. 
Carter Johnson (col'd), servant, L. J. McCormick, 

78 Rush 

Carter Louis, carpenter, r. 396 W. Polk 
Carter Marshall W. ^Carter Bros.), r. 314 W. Jackson 
Cartin Michael, hostler, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Carter M. (col'd), waiter, r. 72 Quincy 
Carter N. C. H. clerk, William E. Eastman, bds. 57 

Van Buren 
Carter Peter, fireman, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. bds. 

001 S. Jeftarson 
Carter Peter, lab. City elevator 
Carter Philip, carpenter, r. 396 W. Polk 
Carter Roswell. office. 86 Washington 
Carter Samuel S. saddler, bds. 50 E. Harrison 
Carter S. P. com. mar. 61 Pope's blk. r. 240 Illinois 
Carter Thomas, r. 680 N. Wells 
Carter Thomas B. (Seymour, Carter & Co.), r. 13 

Van Buren 
Carter Thomas C. (Carter & Johnson), r. 439 .S. 

Carter Thomas T. shipping clerk, Murray & Mason, 

bds. 103 N. Dearborn 

Carter Thornton (col'd), whitewasher. r. 363 Wells 
Carter Wallace, builder, r. 318 W. Jackson 
Carter Walter P. bookkeeper, Fuller, Finch & Ful- 
ler, r. 166 State . 
Carter Walter S. lawyer, 3 Union bldg. LaSalle, cor. 


Carter William, blacksmith. Union Rolling Mill Co. 
Carter William, brewer, bds. 8-2 and 84 E. Pearson 
Carter William, engineer, C. C. Ireland, r. 99 North 


Carter William (col'd). lab. Merrick, Allen & Co. 
Carter William, lab. transfer depot C. & N. W. R W T . 

r. 32 Suward 
Carter William, student, BRYANT & STRATTON 

Carter William, weighman, Iowa elevator, bds. 98 

Blue Island av. 
Carter A. carpenter, Ledlie & Corse, r. 100 

W. 2-M 
Carter William H. engineer, Hart, Asten & Co. bds. 

M.-irket. lie. cor. White 
Carter William II. engineer, r. 147 E. Erie 
Carter William H. commissioner, Board of Public 

Works, r. 46 Van Buren 
Carter William II. C. clerk, William E. Eastman, 

bds. 57 Van Buren 
Carter & Brainard (D. Knight Carter and LaGee 

Bramard), lawyers, rooms 10 and 11, 122 Clark 
Carter & Drake (Asher Carter and W. H. Drake), 

architects. 1)7 Washington 




lues &Neatsfoot Oil, 



Assets over $5,000,000. 

Kate of Interest higher flian Eastern companies 

SIIUGAHT & DEAN. Ge-n'l Au't-nts, 
83 "Washington Street, Chicago. 
% Reliable Country Agents wanted. 

Carter & Johnson (Thomas C. Carter and John S. 

Johnson), ginger beer mnfrs. 57 W. Randolph 
Carter & Jones (Artemaa Carter and D. H. Jones), 

lumber com. mers. room 12, 242 S. Water 
Carthy Thomas, bellboy. Tremont house 
Cartledge Edward, moulder, bds. 314 Cottage Grove 

Cartledge J. J. (Hay wood, Cartledge & Honore) 

bds. Tremont house 

Cartlidge William, ropemaker, r. 71 George 
Gartner John, shipcarpenter, r. 64 Deering 
Cartney Daniel, lab. Kavaimgh & Merriman 
Carton Daniel, lab. bds. 2(54 W. Harrison 
Carton L. A. correspondent, Lunt, Preston & Kean, 

r. 214 W. Washington 
Cart oon William, lab. r. 279 Division 
Cartrell Charles E. with Haydeu & Kay, 45 and 47 

Cartwright Alvin H. salesman, C. W. & E. Pardridge 

& Co. r. 7!iO Fulton 

Cartwright John, carpenter, bds. 890 Archer av. 
Cartwright John, moulder, bds. 8W) Archer av. 
Cartwright Robert, supt. Boomer's bridge works, r. 

750 \Vabash av. 
Carty William, horseshoer, Richard Corrigan, bds. 

549 State 

Canlfield Julia, wid. James, r. 534 State 
Canlfield Patrick, clerk, bds. 168 Carroll, cor. Hal- 
Carvean Maria, wid. Francis, r. es. al. bet. Wells 

and LaSalle, Madison and Monroe 
Carvell Theodore F. clerk, land department, I. C. R. 

R. r. Hyde Park hotel 
Carver B. r. 17 Congress 
Carver Henry C. agt. for Leavitt & Winchester, r. 

28 Van Bnren 

Carver Ira L. com. mer. bds. 217 Wabash av. 
Carver Sarah, wid. Elias, r. 236 Desplaines 
Carver Thomas G. Rev. pastor, Church of the Ascen- 
sion, bds. 242 N. LaSalle 
Carver T. S. miller, Ionic mills 
Carvin Eli. sailor, r. 203 } Clark 
Cary Edward, finisher, r.'Hoyne, bet. Hubbard and 

Carv Edward S. (Cary & Woodward), bds. 59 N. 

Cary Horace S. dryaroods, 8 Milwaukee av. and 95 

"Kinzie. r. 39 N." Sangamon 
Cary James, lab. r. 156 N. LaSalle 
Carv James, student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Cary James, teamster, r. 287 4th av. 
Cary John, foundiyman. r. 258 4th 
Cary John M. composition roofing, office, 134 La 

Salle, r. 24 Jackson 

Cary Mary, wid. Noye, laundress, r. 123 W. Ran- 

Cary Mary B. wid. Charles A. bds. 78 Smith 
Cary Oliver, blacksmith, bds. 138 12th 
Cary Q. A. ladies' furnishing ;goods, 90 Lake, r. 195 

Wabash av. 

Cary William Cant. bds. Keystone house 
Cary & Woodward (Edward's. Cary and Charles A. 

'Woodward*, grocers, 4 and 6 Milwaukee av. 

Casady . merchant police, bds. 209 Michigan 

(.';i-:iL".-::nde Bartholomew, saloon, 39 Chicago av. r. 


Casay John, policeman, r. 367 Catharine 
Casbbnne John, engineer, r. 87 Johnson 
Case Abijah B. music printer. 182 Clark, r. 156 


Case Charles, cabinetmaker, bds. 09 W. Monroe 
Oa-.j Charles II. (Case it llvvwood), r. 168 Park av. 
Case Edward, clerk. bcK 744" State 
Case Edward B. clerk, Ca^e & Heywood, r. 168 Park 

Case Edward M. clerk, J. A. Stoddard & Co. bds. 

102 Washington 
Ca-c Elinor, wid. John. r. 127 Libertv 





Morse Safes liavc been tried in the largest fires in this country, 

A>D NEVER FAILED. Made by S. U. Harris, 63 South CauaJ Street. 



Ovens J35MI* Woodruff & Raffest, 

Nos. 78 & SO IS 
















Policies paid up in Five Years. 

Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago. 
Solicitors Wanted. 

Case Elisha W. piebaker, r. Monroe, 7 doors w. of 
Western av. 

Case Honry, brakeman, C., R. I. & P. R. R. r. 461 N. 

Case I. W. (Case & Saving r. 330 Calumet av. 

Case James, carpenter, bds. 744 State 

Case John, lake capt. bds. 33 E. Kinzie 

Case John R. 55 Clark, r. Cottajre Hill 

Case M. W. physician. 282 Clark, r. 1240 Prairie av. 

Case Newton (6. D. Case & Co.), r. Hartford, Conn. 

Case O. D. (O. D. Case & Co.), r. Hartford, Conn. 

Ca.-e O D. & Co. (O. D. and Newton Case and Hor- 
ace King), publishers, 20 and 21 Major blk. 

Case Rufus C. glass dealer, 330 Calumet av. 

Case Salmon M. (Dix & Case), r. 967 Wabasb av. 

Case Samuel 8. (S. S. Case & Co.). r. Harlem, 111. 

Case S. S. & Co. (Samuel S. and T. L. Case), leaf to- 
bacco and cigars, who!. 149 S. Water 

Case Truman, mnfr. r. 156 Quincy 

Case T. L. (S. S. Case & Co.), bds. Metropolitan hotel 

Case William, carriagetrimmer, Henry Willets, r. 15 
S. Ann 

Case Willie, clerk, bds. 116 Wnbasb av. 

Case Wilson W. glazier, r. 171 3d av. 

Case W. R. clerk, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 116 Wabasb 

CASE <fe HEYWOOD (Charles H. Case and 
P. P. Seywood), ins. agts. 170 Washington 

Case & Savin (I. W. Case and J. W. Savin), lamps 
and glassware, 97 Michigan av. 

Casely Isaac, coffeeroaster, r. 155 Johnson 

Casey Andrew, lab. bds. 46 N. LaSalle 

Casey Bartholomew, lab. r. 52 Main 

Casey Bridget, wid. Patrick, r. 31 Springer av. 

Casey Catherine, wid. Patrick, r. 97 Stewart av. 

Casey Christy, repairer, bds. 31st, nr. Reuben 

Casey Cormick, lab. r. 50 Augusta 

Casey Cornelius, driver. Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 

Casey Daniel, bookkeeper, W. Baragwanath, r. 227 

Casey Dennis, expressman, r. 63 Lime 

Casey Dennis, teamster, M. Dunne 

Casey Edward, carpenter. Gould Bros. r. 206 Mather 

Casey Edward, lab. r. 10 Wright 

Casey Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, r. 29 O'Brien 

Casey Edward (T. & E. Casey), r. 73 W. Monroe 

Casey James, bartender, M. Casey, bds. 280 State 

Casey James, cooper, r. 14 Joseph 

Casey Jam-is, lab. Smith & Walker, bds. 107 Foster 

Casey James, lab. r. 73 Ohio 

Casey Jam..;s. lab. F. B. Gardner & Co. r. 369 W. 12th 

Casey James, lab. r. 107 Wright 

Casey James, lab. r. 156 N. Rucker 

Casey James (P. & J. Casey), r. 75 W. Monroe 

Casey Jeremiah, carpenter, r. 273 N. Market 

Casey Jeremiah, policeman, r. 714 Archer av. 

Casey Jerry, lab. r. 302 S. Desplaines 

Casey John, blacksmith, Albert Card, r. 425 S. Jef- 

Casey John, carpenter, r. 278 Burnside 

C-i-'.'.v John, carpet layer, bds. St. Cloud hotel 

CiseyJohn, lab. Chicago stamping and tinning 
works, r. 193 Mather 

Cnsey John, lab. r. 16 Nutt 

Casey .!o!m. Lib. bds. 64l> S. Caual 

Casey John. lab. bds. Ill W. Taylor 

Casey John. lab. b:l>. -y>2 Michigan 

CMS -y .To'.m. lab. r. -22 Kramer 

Cns-.y John. lab. r. 193 Matii-.-r 

Ca-'V John, policeman, Twelfth Street station, r. 
357 Catherine 

Casey John, porter, Spear, Prince & Co. bds. St. 
Cloud hotel 

Cas.'j- John, stableman, r. 37 Kramer 

Casey John, shoemaker, r. 495 Hubbard 

Casey -T'>'m. s'u>;c ;>>> >;i:";-. r. 105 Huron 

CMS 'v John, watchman, bds. 8 Arnold 

CMS > John. bds. 185 Forquer 

Cas:-y John, tallyman. C.. B. & Q. R. R. Co. 

Casey John F. policeman, r. 7li9 State 

Casey Kate, dressmaker, Mrs. C. A. Connor, r. 37 

Casey Louis E. r. 47 Harrison 

Casey Maggie Mrs. r. 77 W. Monroe 

Casey Martin, lab. r. 163 Sebor 

Casey Mary, wid. Michael, r. 223 Washington 

Casey Morris, grocer, 318 Desplaines, r. same 

Casey Morris, waiter. Adams house, r. same 

Casey Michael, bricklayer, bds. 44 S. Green 

Casey Michael, helper,"Thomas C. Boyd 

Casey Michael, lab. r. 167 N. Halsted ' 

Casey Michael, lab. C. & N. W. elevator, r. 336 Hub- 

Casey Michael, lab. r. 578 S. Morgan 

Casey Michael, lab. r. 12 Nutt 

Gasey Michael, lab. r. 95 Waymim 

Casey Michael, lab. bds. 341 Wells 

Casey Michael, lab. C.. B. & Q. R. R. 

Casey M. billiard saloon, 280 State, r. same 

Casey M. F. fruits and confectionery, 21 Clark, r. 131 

Casey Owen, engineer, r. 212 N. Dearborn 

Casey Patrick, bds. 92 S. Desplaines 

Casey Patrick, cooper, r. 979 S. Halsted 

Casey Patrick, lab. r. 87 Coolidge 

Casey Patrick, lab. bds. 142 12th 

Casey Patrick, lab. Ledlie & Corse r. 62 Catherine 

Casey Patrick, teamster, r. 227 20th 

Casey Patrick, r. 185 Forquer 

Casey Patrick jr. lab. r. 97 Stewart av. 

Casey Patrick (P. & J. Casey), r. 77 W. Monroe 

Casey P. & J. (Patrick and James Casey), pawn- 
brokers, 41 and 43 Wells 

Casey Thomas (T. & E. Casey), r. 223 Washington 

Casey Thomas, drayman, r. 376 3d av. 

Casey Thomas, lab. r. 125 Wright 

Casey Thomas, lab. r. 515 S. Union 

Casey Thomas, lab. r. rear 70 N. Clark 

Casey Thomas, lab. r. 93 Ontario 

Casey Thomas, porter, r. 77 Gurley 

Casey Thomas, salesman, Seeberger & Breakey, r. 
77 Gurley 

Casey Thomas, student. BRYANT & STRATTON 

Casey Thomas P. carpenter and builder, 141 Blue 
Island av. r. same 

Casey Timnsi, clerk, bds. 273 N. Market 

Casey T.. Western News Co. r. 273 N. Market 

Casey T. & E. (Thomas and Edward Casey), furni- 
ture. 37 Wells 

Casey William, carpenter, r. 73 Catherine 

Casey William, carpenter, r. 29* Granger 

Casey William, lab. Chicago Dock Co. r. 585 S. 

Cash Anthony, engineer, r. 112 Mitchell 

Cash John, tailor, r. 168 Bremer 

Cash Kern, butcher, r. 11 Alexander 

Cash Margaret, wid. Peter, r. 227 S. Market 

Cash Patrick, com. mer. 162 Kinzie. r. same 

Cash Robert (col'd), cook. r. 264 3d av. 

Cash Thomas, bootfitter, M. D. Wells & Co. 

Cashan Michael, boardinghouse, 17220th. r. same 

Cashan Patrick, lab. r. 287 Franklin 

Cashel Thomas, blacksmith, C. &. N. W. R. W. r. 74 

Cashen David, confectionery, 317*4 Clark, r. same 

Cashen Michael J. salesman, Peterson & Patterson, 
bds. 97 Polk 

Cashen Pai rick, lab. r. 144 Carroll 

Casher Jacob, lab. Sopar, Brainerd & Co. r. 107 S. 

Casher Jamss, lab. Soper, Brainerd & Co. r. 107 S. 

Cashey Louis, artist, r. Marble pi. bet. Monroe and 

Cashin Henry, lab. bds. 46 N. LaSalle 

Cashin James, drayman, Wright & Beebe, r 33 


General Northwestern Agents for 


Warehouse. 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

sweet dfc Co., JUroKers in 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA SA&LJB STREET. 

AI&Eft'S THEATRE is an 





Ci.shin .him.:* W. bottomer, Chicago Boot & Shoe 

Co. r. 315 Hurlbut 

Cashion Thomas, blacksmith, r. 74 Nebraska 
Cashman David A. (Cashnian & Trudeau), r. 720 W. 

Cashnuiii John, plumber, J. Lamder & Bro. bds. 

State, sw, cor. 12th , 

Cashman Michael, lab. r. 480 W. 12th 
Cashm.';ii William (Cashnian & Trudeau), r. 733 W. 

Cashman & Trudeau (David A. Cashmau and Charles 

Trudeau), job printers, 53 Dearborn 
Cat-bore Andrew, foreman blacksmith, C. & N. W. 

K. W. r. 242 N. Halsted 
Cashore Robert, blacksmith, C. &. N. W. R. W. 

bds. T5 VV. Erie 

Cashy Louis (Louis Cashy & Co.), r. 116 Monroe 
Cashy Louis <fe Co. (Louis Cashy and - ), .plaster 

workers, 1(58 Clark 

Casidy John, moulder, bds. 447 X. Dearborn 
Casing John, lab. r. rear 85 Ontario 
Caskur Michael, wagonmaker, r. 30 May 
Caslaugh Bernard, lab. r. 21 Barber 
Caslaugh John, lab. r. 21 Barber 
Casler "O. M. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 


Casler R. IS 1 , messenger, Am. M. U. Ex Co. 
Casler Thomas, lab. Smith & Walker 
C^^son John, drayman, r. 114 Ewing . 
Caspor Casper, lab. r. 538 S. Halsted 
Casper Christian, machinist, 1. C. R. R. r. 148 21st 
Casper Christopher, machinist, r. 148 Butterfleld 
Caspar Conrad, teamster, r. Gardner 
Casper Frank, cooper, r. 2 Arnold 
Casper Frank, lab. r. 88 Barber 
Caspor Hubert, lab. r. 52 Barber 
Casper John W. carpenter, r. Ill Johnson 
Caspor Joseph, carpenter, r. 199 Ontario 
Casper Nicholas, lab. r. !K) Barber 
Casper Winfield G. piano dealer, room 7, 155 

Ciark, r. same 

Casuers Anthony, blacksmith, r. 101 Newberry 
C;^pei> Simon, wks. N. C. rolling mill 
Casper.sen Nicholas, lab. bds. 041 N. Wells 
Cass Andrew A. (Cross, Steele & Cass), r. 146 N. 

Cass Charles M. (Cass, Miller & Co.), r. 77 W. Madi- 


Cass Christopher C. machinist, r. 18 Sholto 
Cuss Edward P. bookkeeper, Wright & Beebe 
Cass Elizabeth, wid. r. 255 W. Madison 
Cass Frank, sailor, r. 87 Towusend 
Cass George W. pres. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. Pitts- 


Cass Lizzie Miss, clerk, bds. 19 S. Jefferson 
Cass, Miller & Co. (Charles M. Cass, John M. 

Miller and Lafayette Porter), Chicago Ins. Plate 

Co. 79 and 81 N. Green 
Cass Walter L. paperhanger, r. 12 S. Green 
Cassady J ohn, lab. r. Cohen, nr. Slade 
Cassady John, porter, Ingraham, Corbiu & May, r. 

24 N. Dearborn 
Cassary Thomas, lab. Winthe & Moessinger, r. 300 


Casserley Patrick, lab. r. 285 S. May 
Cassell Harrison, carpenter, bds. 1386 State 
Cassell John, drygoods, 721 Cottage Grove av. r. 


Cassi-U Patrick, lab. r. 228 Wells 
Casseii Alice, wid. Martin, r. <!9 Catherine 
Casserley Joseph, lab. bds. 50 Blue Island av. 
Casseriey Mary, wid. Henry, r. 51) Bine Island av. 
Cssaerly Thomaa, lab. r. 300 Catherine 
l'H>.-H'vai:t P. bricklayer, bds. 505 State 
Cassey John, lab. r. 24 Dearborn 
Cassey M:irtiii. bridgetender, r. 431 Elston rd. 
Ca.-.-.-y Kirlurd, machinist, Stoltz & Woltz, bds. 154 

Cassick J. lab. Dwight Cutler 



Assets over $5,000,000. 

Rate of Interest higher than Eastern companies. 

SHTGART & DEAN, Gcn'l Airentp, 

83 "Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Country Agents wanted. 



For Houea Cornices, Counters, and Integer Store 

Or- ] . rfation Gcnos-1] . C;-:i l,o kul hi Terra 

Colm at One-thiid tiio'cost of Curved Wood. 


Cassiday John, lab. r. 454 Archer av. 
Cassidy Bernard, lab. r. 127 Forquer 
Cassidy James, lab. bds. es. Reuben, nr. 22d 
Cassidy James E. marble works, 331 State, r. Lang- 
ley, cor. 38th 
Cassidy John, bookkeeper, Callaghan & Cockcrofl, 

r. 127 Forquer 

Cassidy John, drayman, r. 260 N. Franklin 
Cassidy John, lab. Elisha Eldred 
Cassidy John, teamster, Dix & Case, r. 121 N. Frank- 

Cassidy John, bds. 274 Clark 
Cassidy J. Archer, clerk, Northnp, Winans & Co. r. 

12 S. Sangamon 

Cassidy Luke, teamster, Joseph M. Dake 
Cassidv Mary wid. John, r. 242 Madi.-on 
Cassidy Michael, lab. bds. 53 W. Van Buren 
Cassidy Patrick, lab. bds. 903 State % 
Cassidy Patrick, lab. r. 122 Ruble 
Cassidy Peter, carpenter, r. 333 S. Morgan 
C'assidy Robert, Inb. bds. 534 S. Jeft'ersou 
Cassidy Robert, machinist, r. 1425 State 
Cass-il Harry, printer. Bassett Bros. r. 86 S. Halsted 
Cassily Charles, hostler, bds. 33 Market 
Cassin Dennis, railroad lab. bds. 17 Fay 
Cassleman Christian, student, BRYANT & STRAT- 

Casslemann Christian, tanner, Elston rd. ne. cor. 

Division, r. 2% W. Chicago av. 
Cassleman C. r. 05 Elston rd. 
Cassleman Ward, r.21(6 W. Chicago ar. 
Cassniann Matthias (Schillo, Cassmann & Senn), r. 

327 S. Jefferson 

Casson Enielia, wid. Edward, r. 9(5 Ohio 
Casson John, carpenter, Hall & Winch 
Casson John, carpenter, r. 528 Burn?ide 
Caason Louis, housemover, r. 45 Fisk 
Casson Mrs. r. 75 S. Green 
Casson Patrick, stonecutter, Henry Kerber 
Cassons John, carpenter, bds. 197.12th 
Casteel James, oysters, 358 State, r. same 
Castell William E. fireman, C., R. I. & P. R. R. 
Castello Edward, lab. r. 25 Vedder 
Castello Fernandez J. cigarmaker, bds. 94 W. Chi- 
cago av. 

Castello James, blacksmith, r. Cayuga, ne. cor. Au- 

Castello James, lab. bds. 286 Milwaukee av. 
Castello Jeffreys, blacksmith, bds. 158 Indiana 
Castello John.'lab. r. 113 N. Market 
Castello Mollie Miss. r. 219 Monroe 
Caster Nicholas, baggageman, C., A. & St. L. R. R. 

r. 378 S. Clinton 

Castteno John, confectioner, 1008 State, r. 198 22d 
Castillo John, musician, r. 153 Hviron 
Casting Charles, tanner, bds. 126 Larrabee 
Castinio James, fruit and confectionery. 358 State 
Castle Alfred 11. pres. Dixon. Pooria & Hannibal R. 

R. Co. 6 Dearborn, r. 928 Michiir.-'n av. 
Castle Edward II. realestate, r. 510 W. Washington 
Castle Edward II. with Herrick, Castle A: Co. 
Castle Edward M. bds. 510 W. Washington 
Castle Ephraim, clerk, r. 265 S. Clinton 
Castle E. Johnston, clerk, P., Ft. W. & C. freight 

office, r. 2(!5 S. Clinton 
Castle Harry, boilermaker, Devine & Bro. 
Castle Harry, printer, 8tiS. Halsted 
Castle Joseph, painter, I. C. R. R. carworks, 240;4 

Cottaire Grove av. 
Castle Robert, clerk, bds. !(>(> Clark 
Ca>tl 'man Adam, currier, r. 24 Fry 
Castlenirtii (ieorge, expressdriTer, r. 438 S. Jefferson 
Castolat John. teuin-t> r. Lds. S'.iK Sediiwick 
Casty Jeremiah, plasterer, bds. 34 W. 18th 
Casty John. lab. bds. S'J Mitchell 
Caswell Chiu-les L. bookkeeper, S. B. Parkhurst, 

bds. Revere house 

Caswell Edwin R. ensrineer. I. & M. canal, hy- 
draulic works, r. Levee, bet. Post and Reub 'ii 





Harris' Fire and Burglar Prof Safes. 

Factory and Wareroom, No. 62 Soutli Cauul Street. 



MAPS, Etc. 





General Agent for Chicago. 

124 Washington St. 


Casweil Nelson, scalebuilder, r. Wilcox av. w. of 

\W.-t TII av. 
CaswuH Sidney, r. 3-29 Wells 

Caswcll , carpenter, bds. 100 W. Van Burcn 

Casy Benjamin, sailor, bds. 37 W. Lake 

Casy M. h.b. John V. Parwcll & Co. r. 200 Mather 

Gate .\lbion. teacher latiu, high school, bds. 552 

tf. Washington 

Caten Dennis, lab. r. 15 Charles 
Cater Henry, sail maker, r. rnar 369 W. Kiuzis 
Cater Jacob, carpenter, r. S'i'j S. Green 
Cater Joseph, sawyer, r. 84 George 
Cathedral, Episcopal, W. Washington, ne. cor. Pe- 

Cathedral of the Holy Name (Catholic), Rev. Thomas 

Quiu'lby, pastor, State, ne. cor. Huron 
Gather Edward, moulder, r. 20814 Adams 
('ather Solon L. tobacconist, r. 263 W. Randolph 
Catli >r S. LTbookkeeper. W. G. Daniels, r. 203 W. 


Cathkart Charles, r. 728 N. Halsied 
Catholic Industrial School, Bro. Immanuel, prin. 

707 Archer av. 
Catholic Parochial Schools, St. Joseph's, 341 Chicago 

av. Parochial and select school under charge of 

the Benedictine; NUUJ 
Catholic Weekly, F. X. Brandecker, editor, 47 La 


Catin Michael, lab. bds. 347 Stewart av. 
Catlin diaries, receiver. W. U. Tel. Co. 
Catlin Frank E. clerk, J. A. & H. F. Griswold 
Caton C. A. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Caton James, teamster, Thomas Goodwillie, bds. 64 

N. Wells 

Caton John, lab. bds. 127 W. Randolph 
Cauck M. lab. r. 134 Wentworth av. 
CaufFman Mattis, wks. C. II. McCormick & Bro. 
Caugherty James, meatmarket, 28 N. State 
Cangherfy William, foreman, r. 194 Bnrnside 
Caulbach Henry, traveling agt. r. 210 Rush 
Caiiley Anna Miss, boaraingnonee, 124 W. Madison 
Caulfteld Bernard G. (Moore & Caulfleld), bds. Sher- 
man house 
Caulicld William, painter, Kitt & Stratton, r. 128 


Canliife Anthony, lab. r. 440 4th 
Cavan Dennis, lab. r. 198 N. Morgan 
Cavan James D. planer, Heeney & Campbell, bds. 

144 W. 12th 

Cavana Bridget, wid. Patrick, r. 189 E. Indiana 
Caviina James, r. 67 Shurtlit' av. 
Cavanagh Charles, horseshoer, Luke O'Riley, bds. 

Farmers' hotel 
Cavanngh Inward, traveling salesman, Woodbury, 

Reid & Co. 

Cavanagh Ellen, wid. Daniel, r. 101 W. Taylor 
Cav.-magh James, lab. bds. 12 Cass 
Cavanagh James, lab. Transfer depot. C. & N. W. R. 

W. bds. Union 
Cavanagh James, lab. es. Sheffield av. n. of North 


Cavanagh James, lab. Wilks & Hainsworth 
Cavanagh Tames, teamster, r. rear 22'.l Van Buren 
rav.inagh John, butcher, Reid &Sherwin 
Cavanagh Joseph, horseshoer, Luke O'Riiey, bds. 

69 W. L>ike 
Cavn nngh Margaret, wid. Cornelius, grocer, 242 S. 

Clinton, r. same 

Cavanagh Michael, lab. r. 40 Foster 
Cavanagh Michael, lab. r. 120 Bushnell 
Cavanagh Michael, moulder, bds. 92 N. Jefferson 
CavMia'j-h Patrick, lab. r. !7 14th 
Cavanagh S. porter, J. W. Stearna & Sons, r. 92 

E. White 

Cavanagh Thomas, lab. bds. 20S Sherman 
Cavamgh William, lab. r. 343 E. Illinois 
Cavanagh William, helper, William Hunt, bds. Far- 
mer's hotel 

Cavanagb William, lab. Hubbard & Pomeroy, bds. 

159 W. 22(1 

Cavanagh William, bds. Wilcox. nr. California av. 
Oivanaugh James, butcher, S. K. Linscott, bds. 303 


Cava:i:'.ugh James, cooper, r. 256 Clybonrn av. 
Cc. van a ugh James, peddler, bcK 96 N. State 
Cavanaugh James, teamsier. r. 208 N. Green 
Cavauangh John, butcher, S. K. Linscott, bds. 303 


Cavanaugh Michael, bridgebuilder, r. 569 State 
Cavaiiaiii'li Patrick, boilermaker. r. 15(1 N. Green 
Cavanaugh Patrick, lab. r. 69 E. Indiana 
CaVHnangh Thomas, bds. 67 N. LaSnlle 
Cavanna Dennis, steward, r. 101 W. 12th 
Cavanna E. Mrs. laces and embroderies, 84 and 86 

Wabash av. r. same 

Cavanna E. upholster, Spear, Prince & Co. r. 84 Wa- 
bash av. 

Cavanna Julia Mrs. boardinghonse, 101 W. 12th 
Cavanna Phillip A. hat mnfr. 62 State, r. 127 24th 
Caranna Phillip, saiior. r. 73 DeKoven 
Cavannagh Charles, blacksmith, r. Archer av. city 


Cavaunagh Daniel, lab. r. 170 DeKoven 
Cavannagh John, butcher, bds. 115 12th 
Cavannati Dan. stevedore, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 194 

N. Morgan 

Cavannah Lawrence, lab. C. & N. W. R. W. r. 73 On- 
Cavannnh Patrick, lab. C. &. N. W. R. W. r. 194 N. 


Cavannaugh Daniel, painter, r. 335 Desplaines 
Cavannaugh James, bookkeeper, bds. 121 Illinois 
Cavannaugh Nicholas, shoemaker, r. 12 E. Wendel 
Cave William M. drysrpods, 80 Archer av. r. same 
Cavender Mary A. "Miss, teacher, Skinner school, 

bds. 183 S. Morgan 

Cavener John, blacksmith, bds. 37 W. Lake 
Cavener Michael, carpenter, r. 49 Bonfield 
Cavener William, horseshoer, bds. 37 W. Lake 
Cavennaug James, shoemaker, r. 12 E. Wendel 
Cavennaugh Mary A. Miss, bookbinder, r. 12 E. Wen- 

Cavonnaugh Patrick, butcher, r. 12 E. Wendel 
Caveiiaug Charles, helper, Baggot & Almy 

Caveuoh , wid. Patrick, r. ws. al. bet. Wabash 

av. and State, Jackson and Van Bnreii 
Caverly John, shoemaker, r. 375 Wells 
Cavery James, carpenter, r. 542 S. Morgan 
Caviezel Christian (Caviezel & Gamboui), r. 34 W. 

Caviezel & Gamboni (Christian Caviezel and John 

B. Gamboni), saloon, 34 W. 18th 
Cavile George (col'd), (Cavile & Abbott), r. 135 Jack- 

Cavile & Abbott (col'd), (George Cavile and Moses 
Abbott), proprs. Grant house, 135 and 137 Jack- 

Cavin John P. painter, bds. .38 E. Kinzie 
Cavnah James, clerk, bds. 521 S. Union 
Cavnagh Michael, moulder, North western Mnfg. Co. 
Cavnaiigh Edward E. plasterer, r. 6129th 
Cavneh Thomas, sailor, r. 475 S. Halsted 
Cavoit Anthony, tanner, r. 26 W. Division 
Oavvaimgh Michael, lab. Western Star Metal Co. r. 

40 S. Fo-ter 
Cawley Hannah E. Miss, boardinghouse, 124 and 126 

W. Madison 

Cawthorn Robert, tailor, r. 40 Gothe 
Uavvthorne Nicholas, prof, music, r. 150 N. Reu- 

Cawthorne William (W. S. Carse & Co.), r. 37 Gran- 

Cay Hannah P. teacher, Newberry school, r. 135 Mo- 

Cay James, bookkeeper, 29 N. Clark 
Caya George, carpenter, r. 567 W. Taylor 
Caya Octayo, lab. bds. 81 Deeriug 


General Northwestern Agents for 
"Warehouse, 11 &13 S.Weils St. 

Sliipherd, Sweet & Co., Brokers in JLouiis, 

No*. 155 and 157 JLA SALLE STREET. 

. D. KEISFOOT, Real Estate Dealer and Broker, 

No. 89 Washington Street. Estates managed. 




ING CO. a-rriculiural implement mnfrs. C. 
\V. Bancroft, ail't. .V; and 54 X. Clinton 
C'axes Henry, boxmaker. r. -28 Oak 
Ceacler George, carpenter, r. 317 Mohawk 
Ceal Chrisiiau. tailor, r. 135 Cornelia 
Cech John, peddler, r. 6*> Augusta 
Cedarqiiest John M. cabinetmaker, Boyd & Hill, r. 

2r>5 Green 

Cederborg Jan P. carpenter, John McEwen, r, 36 Su- 

Cederstrom C. Robert, lab. bds. 34 W. Indiana 
Ceeley Johanna, boxmaker, Fred. Wiegle, r. 251 3d 


Ceesa Alexander, electrotyper. r. SOON. Clark 
Cehigh John, carpenter, r. 10 Wright 
Ceiiifber John, lab. r. rear 119 Maxwell 
Ceins A. clerk, Caldwell. bds. 831 W. Lake 
Ceitz Edward, blacksmith, Novelty carriage works, 

r. 160 Maxwell 

Caizack Ant hony, upholster. Spear, Prince & Co 
Ceizack Joseph, upholster. Spear, Prince & Co 
Cejka Joseph, turner, Frank Mayer & Co. r. 99 

Cekauder Charles, lumberman, r. 163 W. Chicago 


Celck Frederick, carpenter, r. 180 Cornell 
Celenger Joseph, lab. r. 72 Purple 
Cell William, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro 
Cella Anthony, (Malatesta & Cella), r. 121 Clark 
Cella Bartholomew, saloon, 241 Kinzie, r. 193 Michi- 

Cella G. L. Italian vice. consul, 131 Adams, r. same 
Cella James, oysters, 278 Clark, r. same 
Cella John, bartender. James Cella, bds. 273 Clark 
Cella Joseph, fruitstore, 2S1 W. Randolph, r. same 
Cella Paolo, (Andrew QueraUa & Co.). and sec. Ita- 

lio-Americau Printing Co. r. 247 Clark 
Cellan Thomas, cutter. J\ Mclatyre, r. 108 Madison 
Cellem Frederick, traveling salesman, Randall, Hall 

& Co. r. 1(5(5 Randolph 
Celler John H. confectioner, r. 302 N. State 
Cely Henry, sailor, r. 84 Liberty 
Cemeu Raphael, glazier, r. 151 Quincy 
Cenden William H. lawyer, bds. 257 'W. Harrison 
Oone Robert, drayman, r. 438 Burnside 
Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church. Monroe, bet. 
Morgan and Aberdeen, Rev. Robert M. Hatlield, 

Center Henry, agt. r. 155 Newberry av. 
Center Joseph, carpenter, bds. 24 s "Burnside 
Central Church, ws. Cass, bet. Michigan and Illinois 
Central House, S. H. Gill, propr. 182 Randolph 
Central Livery Stables, William Cox, propr. Sand 10 

S. Water 

Central Police Station, 140 Madison 
Central Union R. R. Depot, foot of Lake 
Centre Achilles, musician, r. es. al. bet. Wells and 

LaSalle. Madison and Monroe 
Ceralan Pat rick, saloon, 181 Market, r. same 
Cerf Leopold, furniture, !H)1 State, r. same 
Cermak Joseph, packer. Paulsiter, Stone & Co. bds. 

DeKoven, ne. cor. Jefferson 
Cermak Maria, r. 436 Union 

Chervin Andrew R. editor Ratta Hemlandet news- 
paper, r. Paxton, 111. 
Ceniviuka Samuel, lab. r. rear 26 Barber 
Cerragan Henry, lab. bds. Transit house 
Cerrey James, engineer, bds. 41 N. Union 
Cerve'ny Frank, tailor, r. 207 DeKoven 
Cessell Christian, lab. r. 90 Canalport av. 
Cevenny James A. bartender, bds. 105 State 
Cezar Garnet G. cigarmnker, %X>/ 2 State, r. eame 
Chaar Charles, lab. r. 166 1st 
Chaaritaus Vincent, carpenter, Hceney & Campbell, 

r. Gnrley 

Chace George (Chace & Dale), r. Englewood 
Chace H. M. r. 184 W. Van Buren 
Chace L. M. ;vid. Lathauel, r. l(J8 W. Van Buren 



Glues &Neaisfoot Oil, 




i At 226 & 228 Lake Street. 

: Chace & Dale (Goo. Chace and Charles T. Dale), 

com. mers. 44 N. Wells 
Chace, see also Chase 

Chachael John, clerk, bds. 307 W. Chiciieo av. 
Chacksfleld George, groceries, 242 W. Randolph, r. 

208 Fulton 
Chacksfield George T. clerk, George Shacksfleld, bds. 

Fulton, cor. Peona 
, Chacksfield Mary, wid. r. 723 W. Madison 

Chadau Mart ins." lab. r. ws. Arnold, bet.2Sdand 24th 
: Chadborn Heury E. clerk, C. i N. W. R. W. r. 10 

W. Lal-e 

Chadbourn Btrnjamin H. r. 1055 Wabash av. 
Clindbouru John F. drug clerk, ll!) 2"id. r. 1055 Wa- 
bash av. 
; Chaddock George E. messenger, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 

r. (500 Fulton 

Chadek Benson, sailor, r. 3ti!> 25th 
i Chadsey B<jnjamin, saloon, r. 20 S. Desplaines 
! ChadTvick Charles K. clerk. P. O. 
' Chadwick Charles M. saloon, 144 Madison 
i Chadwick C. F. carpenter, r. 550 Bnt'erfield 
I Chadwick George J. salesman, W. W. Kimball. r. 

523 Division 

CK AI>WI<OK J. E. fee. Garden City Insur- 
ance Co. of Chicago, 80 LaSalle. r. 115 Ellis av. 
Chadwick Samuel, machinist, r. 274Burnside 
Chi'dwick William P. bookkeeper, r. n\ 11:11 
Chadwick W. H. (W. H. Chadwick & Co.) 
Chadwick W. H. <fc Co. (W. H. Chadwick and J. H 

Smith), realestate brokers. 48 N. Wells 
Chafer Edward, tinsmith. 193 Washington 
Chaffee Byron M. flour and feed mer. bds. 10(JG Wa- 
bash av. 

Chaffee Charles W. druggist, 1293 State, r. same 
Chaffee Clarence L. wks. Cornell, Ward ifc Comings, 

bds. 10 N. Ada 
Chaffee Frank W. clerk, Chicago Readv Roofing Co. 

r. 641 N. Clark 
Chaffee John B. clerk, B. H. Leavenworth, bds. 279 

| Chaffee John L. clerk, J. B. Chambers & Co. r. 10 

N. Ada 
: Chaffey George, mnsician. Great Western Light 

Guard baud, r. 59 Pearce 
j Chafrod George, cooper, r. 151 Bntterfleld 
Chngnon Theophile. bricklayer, r. 176 DeKoven 
Chain James, hostler, bds. 140 State 
Chairman Adam, cooper, r. 53 Bntterfield 
Chairs James B. physician, 745 W. Washington, r. 


Chal John. lab. bds. 242 Grove 
; Chalifonx Charles, painter, bds. 51 Bine Island av. 
Chalifoux Israel, carpenter, bds. Mansion hotel 
Chalifoux John B. carpenter, r. 21 Silver 
Chalifonx Toussain. bookbinder, r. 43 Hope 
Chalk Charles, tailor, r. 543 W. 12th 
Chalbn Joseph J. stockbroker, room 1 Stone's blk. 

144 Madison, r. 537 Wabash av. 
Challi'ool Joseph, carpenter, r. rear 11 Gold 
Challinor John, conductor, r. 19 Mc.Glashen 
Coalman Andrew, schoolteacher, r. 181 Wesson 
Chalmer Andrew, roofer, R. Griffith, r. 112 Ffoflt 
Chalmers Fanny C. wid. Jacob B. bds. 105 W. Madi- 

Chalmers James, machinist, Eagle works 
Chalmers James, timekeeper, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 16 


Chalmers Richard, lab. Crighton * Rathborne 
Chalmers Thomas, supt. Eagle Works Mni'g. Co. r. 

112 Monroe 
Chalmers William, clerk, Durand Bros. & Powers. 

r. 77 W. Madison 

Chalome Charles, peddler, r. 248 Ewing 
Chal-on Joan. lab. bds. 257 Mitchell 
Chalson Swin, shoemaker, r. 132 Townsend 
Ch:;l-:on Casper, fireman, r. -142 Larrabee 
Chamber of Commerce Building, LaSalle, se. cor. 











Basement of 78 & SO East ITIadison Street. 














Only Issued by this Company. 
A Good Thing Try It. 

Chamberlain Austin E. (A. E. Chamberlain & Co.), 
r. I'niim av. ^w. cor. Cottage Grove av. 

Chamberlain A. E. & Co. (Austin E. Chamberlain, 
II. F. Hawkes and D. V. Purington), lumber 
dealers. 235 S. Water, yard, n. end Halsted 
Street bridge 

Chamberlain A. M. (C. N. Perry & Co.), r. Indiana av. 
cor. 31st 

Chamberlain Bayard L. (B. L. & O. S. Chamber- 
lain), r. 117 8. Hoyne 

Chamb'jrlaiu B. H. salesman, S. W. Raweon, bds. 
134 Kankakee av. 

Chamberlain B. L. & O. S. (Bayard L. and Orin S. 
Chamberlain), stoves and hollow ware, 83 to 94 
N. Sangamon, and 86 Michigan av. 

Chamberlain Calvin, clerk, U. S. Ex. Co. bds. 191 

Chamberlain Charles, salesman, H. W. & J. M. 
Wetherell, r. 191 Cass 

Chamberlain Charles, diningroom. P., Ft. W. & C. 
R. R. depot, S. Canal, bet. W. Madison and W. 
Monroe, r. 148 W. Monroe 

Chamberlain Charles W. clerk, Merchants 1 Ins. Co. 
of Chicago, r. 8 Eldridge ct. 

Chamberlin C. W. paperhanger, bds. 140 State 

Chamberlain Daniel, fireman, C. & N. W. R. W. 
' Chamberlain Ella G. hattrimmer, bds. Hnbbard, cor. 

Chamberlain Everett, literary editor, Chicago Even- 
in": Post, r. 526 W. Lake 

Chamberlain E. J. asst. proofreader, Chicago Even- 
ing Post, bus. 52i> W. Lake 

Chamberlain E. W. sec. and trcas. Union Collec- 
tion and Agency Co. r. 8 Eldridge ct. 

Chamberlain Harriet, wid. Henry W. r. 1438 Indi- 
ana av. 

Chamberlain Harry, Great East India Tea Co. bds. 
144 Monroe 

Chamberlain Hubbard, machinist, C. McGinniss, r. 
955 W. Madison 

Chamberlain H. A. clerk, bds. 192 S. Peoria 

Chamberlain John, builder, r. Arnold, bet. Wahpan- 
seh and Egau avs. 

Chamberlain Josiah, carpenter, bds. 771 W. Van 

Chamberlain Lanra, wid. Charles, r. 267 W. Madi- 

Chamberlain Orin S. (B. L. & O. S. Chambarlain). 
bds. Evanston 

Chamberlain Samuel, clerk, bds. 44 N. Carpenter 

Chamberlain Theodore D. freight clerk, U. S. Ex. 
Co. bds. 245 Michigan 

Chamberlain Vienna, wid. Ira, r. 191 W. Kinzic 

Chamberlain William, seaman, r. 156 Hastings 

Chamberlain , clerk, Merchants' Ins. Co. of 


Chamberlin Edward P. bookkeeper, Cayuga Chief 
Mntg. Co. 

Chamberlin Frank E. stairbuilder, J. Taylor, bds. 
ws. Indiana. 4 houses K. of 12th 

Chamberlin Henry A. i-alcsman, W. B. Keen & 
Cooke. bds. 102 S. Peoria 

Chamberlin Priscilla, wid. Rcnsiilaer, bds. 41 and 43 

Chamberlin Sophia, C. wid. John A. bds. 134 Kan- 
kake;; av. 

.Chamberlin Thaddeus S. clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 
44 N. Carpenter 

Chambers Archibald R. clerk, Am. M. U. Ex. r. 721 
W. Monroe 

Chambers P.. njurnin W. clerk. Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 

Chamber* Beverly R. (J. B. Chambers & Co.), r. 729 
W. Washington 

Chambers i'-rM^ t. wid. John, r. 134 N. Carpenter 

Chambers B. B. r. 81 22d 

Chambers B. V,". clerk. Am. M. V. Ex. Co. 

(' ,,-iibers Ed .>:)(!. >'iiil;'er, r. 173 W. Polk 

i uambei - < < rgc, '.luiM^r. r. 3iV :,. Clark 

i 'r.:iinli''rs George, machinist, bds. i'i~> Kuintr 

I Chambers George A. (Chambers & Carrington), r. 

si 22d 

Chambers Herbert O. r. 122 LaSalle 
i Chambers Jerome B. (J. B. Chambers & Co.), r. 729 

W. Washington 
j Chambers John, car clerk in freight, C. & N. W. R. 

W. r. 130 Indiana 

j Chambers John, clerk, bds. 134 N. Carpenter 
I Chambers John, sailor, r. 732 S. Jefferson 
! Chambers Joseph T. (Chambers & Gunning), r. 351 

W. 12ih 
Chambers J. B. 46 Co. (Jerome B. and Beverly R. 

Chambers), auctioneers, 126 Clark 
Chamber- Mary Ann. wid. Anthony, r. 23SEwing 
! Chambers Matthew, bookkeeper, bds. 73 W. Adams 
Chambers Patrick, drayman, r. 382 3d av. 
i Chambers Patrick, gardener, r. 13-1 N. Carpenter 
Chambers Patrick, lab. r. 47 W. Sebor 
! Chambers Richard, lab. r. 65 S. Desplaines 

Chambers Robert M. teamster, r. 238 Ewing 
! Chambers R. W. clerk. Merchants, Farmers & 

Mechanics' bank. r. 241 VV. Lake 
j Chambers Simon P. carpenter, r. HiO Larrabee 
j Chambers Thomas, porter, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
j Chambers William, grocery and saloon, 381 W. Lake, 

r. same 

Chambers William A. carpenter, r. 160 Larrabee 
(Georgj A. Chambjrs and John W. Carrington 
jr.), real estate agts. 147 Dearborn 
Chambers <fc Gunning (Joseph T. Chambers and 

William J. Gunning), scenic artists, 63 State 
Champ Luther (col'd), drayman, r. 136 4lh av. 
Champagne Joseph, driver, r. Maxwell 
Champagne Leopold, carpenter, r. 362 W. Taylor 
Champiu Henry, sole representative in America of 
the firm of Hte, Petin, Gaudet & Cie, 15 LaSalle, 
r. Nev, York 

Champing Samuel, baker, r. 179 Maxwell 
Champion Charles, r. rear 858 W. Lake 
Champion Henry C. (H. C. Champion & Co.), bds. 

Tremont house 

Champion H. C. & Co. (Henry C. Champion and 
Henry K. Akin), com. mers. and fancy grocers, 
16 Clark 

Champion William B. collector, E. Walker 
Champion William W. rnnfr. Quaker bitters, 66 


Champhn Delos W. bookkeeper, George W. Champ- 
Jin, bds. 433 N. Dearborn 
I Champlin D. C. grain, 38 Nixon's Exchange, r. 135 


j Champliu F. D. clerk, Champlin house, bds. same 
! Champlin George W. grain, 38 Nixon's Exchange, r. 

4: N. Dearborn 

CB AM P L IN HOUSE. William E. Champ- 
liu. propr. 47 and 49 Randolph 
Champlin J. B. lawyer, 38 Nixon's Exchange, r. 2G8 

Chicago a v. 
Champiin, Oliver P. student, room 18 Chicago 

Theploirical seminary 
Champlin William E. propr. Champlin house, 48 and 

4!l Randolph, r. same 
Champnoy Thomas D. clerk, R. G. Dun & Co.'s 

mercantile agency, bds. Massasoit house 
Champton John,' lab.'r. !I3 Wesson 
Chanccy William icol'd). clerk, r. 271 Wells 
Chandler A!v..h car;>en er. r. 2U1 Fill: on 
Chandler Anthou, saloon and boardinghouse, 369 


Chandler Charles, bds. 224 W. Monroe 
Chandler ChanesG. iCragir Bros.\ r. 33fiW. Adams 
Chandler Charles T. clerk, C. <fe N. W. R. W. r. 801 

W. Lrike 

Chandler Cornelius, carpenter, r. 75 25th 
Chandler Cornelius C. carpenter and builder, 162 

Cottaire Grove r.v. r. 73 -i5;h 

Cha;ul>r C. W. engraver, W. D. Baker, hd.^. 244 W. 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. crsseoip &s acnsrs, 

Warehouse. 11 &13 S. Wells St. 

Shiphcrd, Sweet & Co., Discount Short 

No*. 155 and 157 LA SAL&E STREET. 

Persons Violating the U. S. INTERNAL REVENUE LAWS may be arraigned 

For exaatf natl*n bbrs (U.S. Commissioner Simeon W. King* 117 S. Clark St 




Chandler Eber, driver, bds. 439 N. Clark 

Chandler Edward A. mnt'r. ladies' shoes. 191 54 Lake, 

r. 347 N. Clara 

Chandler Edward B. supt. fire alarm and police tele- 
graph, room 12, Court House, bds. Madison, nw. 

cor. State 

Chandler Frank, clerk, bd*. 472 W. Randolph 
Chandh-r Frank, bds. 234 W. Monroe 
Chandler Frank K. office, 53 Dearborn, r. 154 Rush 
Chandler F. printer. Church, Goodman & Donnelley, 

r. -2-24 W. Monroe 
Chandler George (Goudy & Chandler), r. 451 N. 

Chandler George D. clerk, Lyon & Healy, bds. 278 

W. Randolph 
Chandler Hannibal II. manager, advertising dept. 

Chicago Times, 118 Dearborn 
Chandler Henry B. clerk, J. H. Clough & Co. r. 831 


& Co.). r. 107 S. Sangamon 
Chandler Henry W, clerk, Star Union line, r. 378 

W. Madison 
Chandler Henry, boardinghouse, 793 S. Jefferson, r. 


Chandler H. clerk, bds. 219 W. Adams 
Chandler John, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Chandler John W. salesman, Hunt, Barbour & Hale, 

bds. 451 N. LaSalle 
Chandler Joseph B. real estate broker, room 9, 

Speed's blk. r. 1114 Indiana av. 
Chandler J. B. shipping clerk, W. W. Strong, bds. 

Metropolitan hotel 

Chandler Mary Ann, milliner, 861 W. Lake, r. same 
Chandler Peyton R. pres. Union Stock Yard and 

Transit Co. 53 Dearborn, r. 560 W. Lake 
Chandler Theodore C. gatetender and special police- 
man, passenger depot, head of LaSalle, r. 48 

3d av. 
Chandler Timothy E. supt. clerks, C. & N. W. R. W. 

r. 319 N. LaSalle 
Chandler Victor L. (Bond & Chandler), r. 195 Wa- 

bash av. 

Chandler William, printer, Rounds & James 
Chandler W. W. agt. Star Union Line, Randolph, 

nw. cor. LaSalle, bds. Hyde Park house 
Chanson Henry, sailor, 209 Sedgwick 
Chanuon James, carpenter. 9 Cottage pi. 
Chans John, lab. bds. 531 Clark 
Chant H. W. organbuilder, 128 N. May, r. 130 N. May 
Chapel Poter A. teamster, r. rear 185 Burnside 
Chapeleaw Thomas, boardinghouse, 344 Wells, r. 


Chapell Denis, lab. r. 652 Centre av. 
Chapell Wiiliard A. teamster, r. 8ii9 Clark 
Chapin Amasa (A. & R. Chapin). r. 226 W. Madison 
Chapin A. S. shipping clerk, r. 252 N. State 
CHAPIN A. & fit,. ( Amnsa anu Rufus Chapin), 

boot and siioj mnfrs. 86 Michigan av. 
Chapin Charles, carpsnter, bds. 1077 State 
Chapin Charles A. policeman, Second Precinct police 

station, r. 3i;:} Sution 

Chapin Charlotte, wid. Napoleon, r. 863 Clark 
Chapin C. Geortre. r. ! N. Ada 
Chapiu Eb';r J. (Chapin. Marsh & Foss), r. 387 Mich- 
igan av. 

Chapin Edgar D. pianomaker, bds. 141 N. Clark 
Chapin Etlmiind L. clerk, bds. 546 W. L;'.ke 
Chapin E-lw.ircl, machinist, bds. 191! Michigan 
Chapin K. H. shippiugelork, A. & R. Chapin, bds. 

2-26 W. Madi.-on 
Chapin Gardner S. (Chapin & Gore), r. 551 Michigan 


Chapin George M. patent agt. r. 15 Abecdecn 
CHAPIN Q. 1,. patent solicitor, room 44, Rey- 
nold* blk. 

Chapin Harrier L. Mrs. r. 1001 Wabash aT. 
Chapin Henry C. cash. Alston, Devoc; <te Co. r. 1001 

Wab-ih av. 

The Chicago Terra Cotta Company 


Door Caps, Window Caps, Brackets, 
Modillion.s, Rosettes, Panels, 

Ceiling Centre Pieces, &c. 

W,,^^,^.,. 990 State Street. 



Assets over 85.000,000. 

Largest accumulations of any Co. wesr or New York 

SHUGART & DEAN^ Gen'l Agents, 
83 Washington Street, Chicago. 
Reliable Agents wau'ied. 

Chapin Henry L. (Chapin &' Stevens), bds. 782 W. 

Chapin H. Dwight, printer, Chapin & Stevens, r. 782 

W. Washington 
Chapiu H. L. blocker, A. & R. Chapin, bds. Massa- 

soit house 

Chapiu H. L. printer, bds. 183 W. Washington 
Chapin James W. clerk, Blair, Densmore & Co. r. 

Sansramon. nw. cor. W. Monroe 
Chapiu John P. bds. 1001 Wabash av. 
Chapin J. Ely (J. M. Smith & Co.), and com. mer. 

19 Exchange pi. r. 599 W. Washington 
Chapin' Lonise'P. Miss, teacher, Foster school, bds. 

234 Maxwell 

Chapin Lyman R. carpentershop, r. 988"4 Michigan av. 
Chapin, Marsh & Foss (Eber J. Chapin, Alexander 

Marsh and Robert H. Foss), lumber dealers, Van 

Bureu, cor. Canal 
Chapin Nathan F. lumber dealer, W. Water, 1st house 

g. of Randolph, r. 352 Fulton 
Chapin Newton (Chapin <fc Wells), r. Lombard. 111. 
Chapin Oscar C. boot and shoe mnfr. 179 S. Water, 

r. 546 W. Lake 

Chapiu Rufus (A. & R. Chapin), r. 633 N. Clark 
Chapin Rufus A. clerk, bds. 546 W. Lake 
Chapin Salem T. r. 599. W. Washington 
Chapiu Samuel F. physician, 66 Madison 
Chapin Theodore F. Western News Co. r. 143 3d av. 
Chapin Volney (Jones & Chapin), r. 144 23d 
Chapin William H. (H. B. Worth & Co.), r. 123 W. 

CHAPIN & GORE (Gardner S. Chapin and 

James J. Gore), liquor dealers, whol. and ret. 162 

State and 65 Monroe 
Cnapin & Stevens (Henry L. Chapin and Robert R. 

Stevens), job printers, 164 Washington 
Chapin & Wells (Newton Chapiu and Daniel L. 

Wells), contractors and bridge builders, rooms 

9 and 10. 92 Dearborn 

Cbapleau Eugene, carpenter, r. 3408. Morgan 
Chaplin William J. editor, Gospel Pulp't, r. 


Chapinan'Albert H. record clerk, tax com. office 
Chapman Benjamin F. student, BRYANT & 

Chapman Edward H. student, BRYANT & STRAT- 

Chapman George C. dealer in hides, furs and wool, 

1S8 Washington, r. 92 N. Ada 
Chapman Jennie, teacher BRYANT & STRAT- 







CHAPMAN -T. !, hides, pelts and wool, 193 E. 

Kinzio, r. 008 W. \\ ashington 
CHAPMAN J. V. JR. supt. writing dept. 
LEGE, r. 123 N. LaSalle 
Chapman Ann E. teacher, Newberry School, r. 490 

A.-ylum place 

Chapman Benjamin F. r. 190 Bnrnside 
Chapman Cas's (Rose & Chapman), r. 160 Washing- 

Chapman Charles, foreman, Chapin & Wells 
Chapman Charles, machinist, bds. 719 State 
Chapman Charles, porter, bds. 180 State 
Chapman Charles D. vessel owner, r. 37 Cottage 

Chapman Charles N. teamster, William E. Eastman, 

bds. %>i State 

Chapman C. II. clerk. J. M. W. Jones 
Chapin 1:1 c. II. bookkeeper, C. Goldstein & Co. r. 

123 N. LaSalle 

Chapman David A. carpenter, r. 237 Walnut 
Chapman Denuie (D. Chapman & Co.), r. 361 N. 


Chapman D. & Co. (Donnie Chapman and William 
Arnett). forwd. and com. iners. toot of Wabash 

Chapman Edward, brushmaker. r. 214 N. Carpenter 
Chapman Elisba. shoemaker, bds. 781 W. Lake 

Harris makes the best Fire Proof Safe, 

AC the JUotvcst Price, 62 soutk Canal Street. 



All kind of Plumbing and Sewerage done. 

Apply under nicT?/feer Theatre. 





General Agent for Chicago. 
124 Washington St, 


Chapman Eugene, brashmaker, Mathias Koefer, r. 

201 Lake 
Chapman Eugene L. (E. L. Chapman & Co.), r. 200 

Ellis av. 
Chapman E. D. (Sammons, Clark & Co.), r.'Monroe, 

Chapman E. L. & Short (Eugene L. Chapman and 

James L. Short), ins. agts. 122 LaSalle 
Chapman E. T. barber, August Klonke, bds. Wash- 
ington house 
Chapman Frank, blacksmith, bds. 194 Cottage Grove 


Chapman Frank G. snpt. r. 56 Newberry av. 
Chapman Frederick A. salesman, Norton & Co. bds. 

45 Van Buren 

Chapman F. A. with J. & H. Chapman, 611 Michi- 
gan av. 
Chapman F. G. foreman, Garden City planing mills , 

r. 56 Newberry av. 

Chapman F. M. realestate, 107 Randolph, r. 269 Lin- 
coln av. 

Chapman George, carpenter, bds. 230 LaSalle 
Chapman Harvey H. (J. & H. Chapman) 
Chapman Henry, Board of Public Works, bds. 333W. 


Chapman Henry, clerk, J. A. Hamlin & Bro. 
Chapman Henry, furniture dealer, 675 W. Lake, r. 

Chapman H. H. printer, Perkins Bros. <fc Co. bds. 60 


Chapman Isaac, overseer, r. rear 83 North ar. 
Chapman James, clerk, Robert Law, r. 108 14th 
Chapman James, painter, bds. 773 W. Van Buren 
Chapman James, teacher, Bryant & Stratton com- 
mercial college, r. 123 LaSalle 
Chapman James L. dealer in hides, 190 Washington, 

r. 608 W. Washington 

Chapman Jerome M. com. mer. r. 347 W. Jackson 
Chapman John, brakeman. bds. 74 N. Peoria 
Chapman John. lab. r. 208 Kaukakee av. 
Chapman John E. (J. & H. Chapman), r. 332 Huron 
Chapman Joseph E. cabinetmaker, r. 122 Indiana 
Chapman J. M. recording sec. Young Men's Chris- 
tian association 
Chapman J . & H. (John E. and Harvey H. Chapman), 

proprs. Chicago bag factory, 139 S. Water 
Chapman Leonard, confectioner, 854 State, r. same 
Chapman Lincoln, r. 608 W. Washington 
Chapman Nelson, watchman, r. 58 Deering 
Chapman Richard L. builder, r. 224 W. Monroe 
Chapman Rosetta M. wid. Stephen, bds. 19 Pine 
Chapman Samuel S. engineer, C., R. I. & P. R. R. 
Chapman Sidney S. salesman, H. N. Wheeler, r. 590 


Chapman Susau, wid. William S. r. 190 Burnside 
Chapman Thomas, lab. M. S. & N. I. freight depot 
Chapman William F. painter, r. 401 3d av. 
Chapman William U. foreman Dater, Whaling & Co. 

bds. 135 Adams 

Chapman William J. carpenter, r. 108 Sedgwick 
Chappel Delos N. saloon, 1408 State, r. same 
Chappell Mvron G. painter, Ms. 408 State 
Chappell Richard W. washing compound mnfr. r. 87 

S. Ilulsted 

Chappell William, lab. Flint. Thompson & Co. 
Chappell William, plumber, Bassett & Pattison 
Chappell William H. iMahla & Chappell), r. St. 
Louis, Mo. 

John, plumber, John Hughes & Son, 163 













Charbonneau Joseph, (Chicago knife works), r. 52 

W. Erie 

Charbonnier John P. teamster, r. 438 N. Dearborn 
Chard Thomas S. correspondent. Lumberman's Ins. 

Co. of Chicago, bds. 190 Wabash av. 
Chat-din Thomas, lab. r. 156 Mitchell 
Charick Barnet, clothing, 3 Clark 
Charity Mitehel A saloon, 240 LaSalle 
Chark Joseph, carpenter, r. 231 Franklin 
Charlande F. clerk. Field, Leiter & Co. r. 661 State 
Charles Andrew, drygoods, 80 and 82 Blue Island av. 

r. same 

Charles George, bricklayer, bds. 180 S. Clinton 
Charles Gusta, blacksmith, r. 110 Indiana 
Charles James, conductor, bds. 969 W. Madison 
Charles John, assessor, bds. 433 Division 
Charles Robert F. bricklayer, bds. 180 S. Clinton 
Charles William, bricklayer, r. 180 S. Clinton 
Charles William, clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. rooms 38 

Mercantile bldg. 

Charles William, lab. r. 101 Sebor 
Charleson Just. lab. bds. rear 82 Superior 
Charleston Andrew, sawfller, bds. S*2 S. Halsted 
Charleston Casper A. pipeman, engine Jacob 

lie Inn. r. 442 Larrabee 
Charleston Charles, mechanic, r. 220 Ohio 
Charleston C. W. (Ball & Charleston), r. Franklin, 

ne. cor. Illinois 
Charleston Godfrey, pipeman. Long John steam fire 

engine, LaSalle, bet. Washington and Madison 
Charleston John, moulder, r. 220 Ohio 
Charlesworth David, boilermaker, bds. 90 S. Canal 
Charlesworth George, paperhanger, r. Van Bnren, 

nw. cor. Campbell av. 
Charlesworth John, boilermaker, John Schneider, 

r. 90 S. Clinton 

Charleton Franklin, carpenter, r. 122 N. Sangamon 
Charlotte Antony H. clerk, Tribune Co. r. 193 W. 

Charlette Louis S. bookkeeper, Third National bank, 

r. 339 N. Franklin 

Charley Mattis, cigarmaker, 62 Blue Island av. 
Charlo A. lab. bds. 895 S. Halsted 
Charlou Frederick, lab. r. 34 Will 
Charlou William, lather, r. 248 W. Rucker 
Charlow Charles, butcher, 400 Milwaukee av. r. same 
Charlsen Jan. lab. bds. rear 84 Superior 
Charlson Alexander, feeder, Rounds & James 
Charlsou C. O. tailor, 108 Adams, r. same 
CharUten Jan. tailor. Andrew Rosberg, r. 24 Huron 
Charlston Andrew, sawfller. J. Lee Smith 
Charlston John, wks. C. H. McCormick & Bro. 
Charlstrom Charles, bridgetnrner, r. 20 Vine 
Charlton Frank, carpenter, bds. 669 Archer av. 
Charlton William, brassflnisher, Illinois Mnfg. Co. 

r. 456 State 
Charnley Charles M. (Bradner, Charnley & Co.), r. 

529 Wabash av. 
Charnley James (Bradner, Charnley & Co.), r. 529 

Wabash av. 

Charpiot C. lab. Schneider & Co. r. 439 24th 
Charot Charles, shipping clerk, r. 165 N. Dearborn 
. Charroin Ellen, wid. Theophilus, r. 313 Noble 
i Chart John, carpenter, David Rus*, bis. 119 N. Wells 
ANCE CO. ot Hartford, Conn. Teull & Fish- 
er, airts. 150 Wahinton 
Charter Oak Lil'e Insurance Co. of Hartford, William 

H. Wells, agt. room 1 Tribune blrtsr. 
Charters Edward, expressman, r. 203 Mitchell 
Charters James, expressman, r. 217 Desplaiues 
Charters John (Charters & Parshall), r. 140 W. Jack 

Charters & Parshall (John Charters and Lyman B. 

Parshall), hassock mnfrs. 54 W. Madison 
Chartlon Jostvph. stonecutter, Louis H. Boldendwick, 

bds. 173 Wells 

Chartrand Frank, carpenter, r. 30 Gnrley 
Chartrand Isidore, carpenter, r. 22 Gurley 

Chapplctou Alexander, plasterer, bds. 1242 S. Hal- 
Chara John, hostler, Chicago city railway, S. D. r. 

497 Arnold 

Charbelois Wilfred, carpenter, bds. 44-2 Mitchell 
Charfoeonncau IsratJ. carpenter, bds. 442 Mitehel 
Cbaitoonneau Cyrille, stonecutter, bds. 307 W. Pols 
Charboiiwan Dolphis, palmer, Bent A Gowardtxl. 


General Northwestern Agents for 

-IESSO:^ & soisrs, 

W&rek>aa 11 & 13 S. Well* St. 

hipberd* Sweet 4k Oo. f Large Loans a specialty, 

PM. 15* and 1ST LA SALLE 

WM. I>. KERFOOT, Heal Estate Agent, 

89 \Vasli5nston Street. Property generally managed. 




Chartrand Stanislaus, carpenter, bds. 30 Gurley 

Chartreud Felix, carpenter, r. 39!*V. Polk 

Chartrend Joseph A. student, bds. Ellis av. cor. 
Douglas pi. 

Chase Albert, clerk, William Allen, bds. 102 W. Ran- 

Chase Alexander J. clerk, F. N. Hamlin & Co. r. 781 
W. Adams 

Chase Benjamin, r. 319 and 321 W. Monroe 

CHASE BROS. & CO. (Samuel B. and Hor- 
ace G. Chase. Joseph B. Adams and George H. 
Bailey), abstracts of title, 48 LaSulle 

Chase B. Frank (B. F. Chase & Hild and B. F. Chase 
& Walker), r. 2 16th 

CHASE B. F. <fc HILD(B. Frank Chase and 
F. William Hild), sTjznpataters, 109 Randolph 

CHASE B. F. & WALKER (Benjamin F. 
Chase and David T. Walker), importers and job- 
bers of paper hangings, 109 Randolph 

Chase Charles C. chief clerk, city comptroller's of- 
fice, bds. 924 Indiana av. 

Chase Charles E. (Gibson, Chase & Co.), r. 21 Centre 

Chase Charles W. foreman, E. A. Chandler, bds. 14 
N. Clark 

Chase Charlotte, wid. bds. 244 Wabash av. 

Chase C. M. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Chase David F. (D. F. Chase & Bro. and Morton & 
Chase ), r. 70(i Wabash av. 

Chase D. F. & Bro. (D. F. and H. W. Chase), lum- 
ber dealers, s. end of S. Halsted Street bridge 

Chase Elisha. r. 17 S. May 

Chase E. P. dentist, room 1, 35 Madison 

Chase, Favor & Barrett (Oscar C. Chase. Otis S. Fa- 
vor and James Barrett), paints, oils and varnish- 
es, 10 State 

Chase, Fuller & Co. (L. S. Chase, D. C. Fuller and 
), com. mers. 184 S. Water 

Chase F. L. lawyer, rooms 15 and 16 Dickey's bldg. 
r. Napcrvillc, 111. 

Chase George N. 17 S. May 

Chase George, lab. bds. ea. Lyman, bet. Lock and 

Chase G. N. (Chase & Condit), bds. 820 Wabash ar. 

CHASE, HANFORD & CO. (O. P. Chase 
and P. O. Hauibrd >, paints, oils, glass, white lead, 
varnishes, etc. 179 S. Water 

Chase Harriet Mrs. r. 55 N. May 

Chase Hector B. machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 442 Burn- 

Chase Henry A. salesman, F. D. Cossitt & Co. r. Ft. 
Atkinson. Wis. 

Chase Hiram M. lawyer, 115 Madison 

Chase Horace G. (Chase Bros. & Co.), and realestate 
and loan broker, 48 LnSalle, r. 924 Indiana av. 

Chase H. F. (D. Horton & Co.), r. Boston, Mass. 

Chase II. W. (D. F. Chase & Bro.) 

Chase H. T. cash. Bowen Bros. r. 1 Langley 

Chase H. W. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Chase John B. harnessmaker, E. Addy & Co. r. 442 
S. Burnside 

Chase John W. asst. teller, Lunt, Preston & Kean, r. 
1022 Indiana av. 

Chase J. Warren, photographer, 184 Clark, r. same 

Chase Laura J. wid. J. Dnstin. r. 42 Quincy 

Chase Luke C. com. mer. r. 110 Kankakeu av. 

Chase Luther M. sUverplaier, Cutler & Huse, bds. 
319 and 321 Monroe 

Chase L. C. (D. Horton & Co.), r. Boston, Mass. 

Ciia: L. S. (Chase. Fuller & Co.), r. HOKaukakee 

Chase Moses S. foreman, r. 1186 State 

Chase M. S. voucher clerk, M. S. R. R. freight depot 
bds. St. Charles hotel 

Chase Orrin P. (Chase. Hanford & Co.), r. 17 S.May 

Chase Oscar C. (Chase, Favor & Barrett), r. 3d9 W. 



Glues & Neaisfoot Oii, 




Assets over $5,000,000. 


SHUQAKD & DEAN, Geu'l Agents, 

83 "Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents wanted 

Chaee Park B. bookkeeper, r. 442 Burnside 

Chase Samuel B. (Chase Bros. & Co.), r. Lake 

Chase Samuel B. salesman, P. B. Weare & Co. r. 

room 16. 148 Madison 
Chase Warren, photographer, r. 42 Quincy 
Chase William L. gen. agt. Eagle works, r. New 

York city 
Chase & Condit (G. N. Chase and A. B. Condit), 

live stock brokers, Exchange bldg. Union Stock 

Chase , tel. operator, bds. Reuben, ne. cor. 

Chasseriau A. clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 43 Flori- 


Chassman Nathaniel, builder, r. 249 Park av. 
Chatanvert Charles, stonemason, bds. Montreal 


Chatfield A. B. (Ferguson & Chatfleld), r. Lombard 
Chatfield Wayne B. (Street & Chatfleld), bds. Clif- 
ton house 

Chatham Charles, teamster, r. 363 Wells 
Chatham J. student, PORTER'S TELEGRAPH 

Chatman Franklin L. carpenter, Bronnson & Crane, 

bds. 423 State 

Chatman Horace, carpenter, r. 287 W. Adams 
Chatman Robert (col'd), porter, Stryker & Barnes, r. 

75 Morrison bldg. 

Chatman Thomas, grocer, bds. 371 Clybourn av. 
Chatron Henry, stonecutter, bds. 173 Van Buren 
Chatron Joseph, stonecutter, bds. 173 Van Buren 
Chatron M. stonecutter, bds. 173 Van Buren 
Chatrwop Louis, leatherbusiness, r. 74 Sangamon 
Chatterton Henry R. bookbinder, Tower, Millard & 

Decker, r. 122 W. Harrison 
Chatterton Henry R. printer, r. 302 N. Franklin 
Chatterton Lavalette, bds. 339 W. Lake 
Chatterton Oscar W. bookkeeper, W. A. Chatterton, 

bds. 254 W. Randolph 

Chatterton W. A. mnfr. shipping tags, and job prin- 
ter. So Dearborn, r. 254 W. Randolph 
Chavett Franklin, physician, 213 S. Halsted, r. same 
Cheair John, lab. r. 1(5 Arnold 
Cheal Thomas, foreman, collar shop, A. Ortmayer & 

Co. r. 172 S. Desplaines 
Chean Michael, bootmaker, r. 1 W. Pearson 
Cheaney Richard, clerk, bds. 274 Fulton 
Cheasbro John W. engineer, C., R. I. & P. R. R. 
I Cheatem Nelson (col'd), porter, r. rear 166 4th av. 

Cheatle Henry, clerk, John Poxon, bds. 260 W. Lake 
j Cheaubu Henry, wagonmaker, L. C. Micel, bds. 313 

4th av. 
Cheetham Edward, salesman, Frank Sturges & Co. 

r. ns. Fullerton, but. Halsted and Sheffield av. 
Cheever Edward, pressed hay, bds. 16(5 Clark 
Cheevers John, lab. bds. 172 S. Desplaines 
Cheevers Richard, gardener, r. rear 1173 Prairie av. 
Cheevers Ro-e, wid. Bryan, bds. 172 S. Desplaines 
Cheavers Simon, teamster, Joseph Stockton, r. Jack- 
son, nw. cor. Franklin 
Cheisek Anton, lab. r. 213 DeKoven 
Chelewski Anton, tailor, r. 104 Bunker 
Chelewski Frank, blacksmith, bds. 104 Bunker 
Chemioux Louis (Chemioux <fc Richards), r. 1004 S. 

Chemioux & Richards (Louis Chemioux and David 

Richards), restaurant, etc. 6 State Street market 
Chenery Thomas, bricklayer, r. 356 2d 
Cheney Benj. F. clerk, Wm. B. Langley, bds. Everett 

Cheney Charles E. rector, Christ church, r. 870 

Michigan av. 
Cheney Clarence C. treas. Western Bank Note and 

Engraving Co. r. 782 Wabash av. 
Cheney George, teamster, bds. Ke>>tonc house 
Cheney George S. grocery store, bds. 145(i State 
Cheney George W. clerk, Durand Bros. & Powers, 

bds. 291 Michigan 









Tiic best protection Uaiiit Fire uua Lurg>lars 

Is IIAKKIS) Improved Safes, 6V Soum Canal Street. 

Bakers' Ovens Built, Woodruff & RafTen 








L.OW Rates of Premium. 

No Notes No Interest A Cash Surrender Value 

for Every Policy. 
Office, 124 Washington St., Chicago 

Cheney Jnmes B. druggist, r. 1-150 State 

Cheney Jo'jn, painter, r. 47 N. Clark 

Cheney Lucian P. clerk, Hurlbut & Edsall, r. 105 S. 


Cheney Mary L. wid. Lncian, r. 105 S. Sangamon 
Cheney Michael, lab. r. 283 S. Clinton 
Cheney Richardson, ticket clerk, C. & N. W. R. W. 

r. 273 Fulton 

Cheney Sarah E. wid. Charles, bds. 387 Fulton 
Cheney William H. cash. Keith Bros, bds. Ill S. 

Cheney William J. fireman, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 

1(55 W. Chicago av. 
Chenovveth William H. foreman, r. Adams, bet. 

Western av. and Campbell av. 
Cherbonna Peter, lab. r. 21!! W. Polk 
Cherlett Tony, clerk. Tribune office, r. 93 W. Monroe 
Chernich Michael, saloon, 728 S. Canal, r. same 
Cherold Henry, r. 140 Front 
Cherrie Henry, r. 13 Centre av. 
Cherrie Robert M. clerk, r. 13 Centre av. 
Cherry Frank, lab. r. rear 58 Burlington 
Cherry Peter, bootmaker, Charles B. Sawyer & Co. 
Cherterand Xavier, carpenter, r. 117 Gurley 
Chesbrongh Ellis S. city engineer, Board of Public 

Works, r. 317 N. LaSalle 

Chesbrough H. F. physician, bds. 317 N. LaSalle 
Cheseboro Oliver, r. 93 Washington 
Cheshak Frank, shoemaker, r. 149 E. Indiana 
Cheshire Harry, clerk, George Whorrall, bds. 5478. 


Cheski Joseph, tailor, r. 209 DeKoven 
Chess James B. dentist, 24 Washington, r. 745 W. 


Chessel Volfkink (Chessel & Co.), r. 125 Elm 
Chessel & Co. (Vollkink Chessel and Henry Odium), 

blacksmiths, 125 Elm 
Chessman Charles F. mnfrs. agt. 82 S. Water, r. 151 

Park av. 

Chessman Nathaniel, carpenter, r. 249 Park av. 
Chester Frank, engineer, C. & N. W. R. W. r. 99 


Chester James, mason, bds. 237 W. Kinzie 
Chester Richard, lamp store, 2 W. Lake and saloon, 

4^ W. Lake, r. 2 W. Lake 
Chester Walter M. clerk, Flint, Thompson & Co. r. 

172 State 

Chester William, lab. r. 138 W. 22d 
Chesterman Charles, baker, bdS. 904 W. Lake 
Chetham Samuel C. traveling salesman, Brigham & 

Goodyear, r. 167 S. Robey 
Chevan Michael, lab. r. 39 Burlington 
Chever Edward E. (Fry & Chever), r. 160 Clark 
Cheyne George, clerk," Simpson, Norwell & Co. r. 

287 and 2S9 Illinois 

Lieb, editor, 113 Madison 
Chicago Academy, Henry H. Babcock, prin. 218 Wa- 

baih av. 
Chicago Academy of Design, W. Shirlaw, instructor, 

rooms 50 and 51 Crosby Opera house 
Chicago Avenue Police Sub. Station, Charles Barde, 

sergeant in charge, W. Chicago av. nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 

MANUFACTORY, R- Kleemann & Co. 
I'.KI to 204 S. W.-iter, Old Board of Trade bldg. 
Chicago Board of Underwriters. T. L. Miller, pros. 

S. P. Walker, vice pres. S. M. Moore, treas. Al- ! 

fred Wright, sec. rooms 6 and 7, 168 Washington i 
Chicago Boot and Shoe Co. Charles H. Nichols, 

pws. 241 S. Wat'T 
Chicago Building Block and Brick Manufactory, 

junction North av. and lake shore 

ASSOCIATION, oftkv. 1-r, Dearborn 

CY RAILROAD- > offices foot S. 

Water, dock, John Start, fo -email, 191 W. 22d 

Chicago Car Wheel Manufacturing Co. Russell & 

Angell, proprs. 155 W. Kinzie 
Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Washington, se. 

cor. LaSallo 
Chicago Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, George 

Davenport, supt. 16 E. Pear.-on 
Chicago Chemical Laboratory, Garrison & Murray, 

proprs. 125 and 127 E. Indiana 
Chicago City Band. N. F. Colson loader, 85 Clark 

wards' Official), business office, 125 Dearborn, 

printing office, 73 Dearborn 
Chicago City Hospital, Arnold, cor. 18th 
Chicago City Railway Co. W. Div. Milwaukee av. 

stables," A. M. Franklin, foreman, Milwaukee, 

av. sw. cor. Augusta 
Chicago City Railway, S. div. ws. State, bet. 

20th and 21st 
Chicago Clearing House Association, S. A. Smith, 

pres. J. O. Rutter, vice pres. G. A. Ives, mana- 

ger and sec. room 9, 154 Lake 
Chicago Club House, 163 Michigan av. 
Chicago College of Pharmacy, room 12, 77 Dearborn 
Chicago Commercial Agency, P. H. Goodrich & Co. 

proprs. 170 Washington 
Chicago Conservatory of Music, Robert Goldbeck, 

director, 81 and 83 Wabash av. 
Chicago Cutlery and Edge Tool Works, Patchel & 

Brunell. props. 17 S. Canal 

TURING CO. factory, 224 to 232 Ewing, 

office, 177 Randolph 
Chicago Daily Law Record, R. R. Stevens, pub. 

room 9 Court House 
Chicago Daily Programme, P. H. Massie, editor and 

prop, rear McVicker's theatre 
Chicago Daily Record, John J. W. O'Donoghue, 

pub. 124 Washington 
Chicago Dancing Academy, J. Edwin Marline prin. 

179 and 181 Clark 

Dr. C. B. Stoddard, manager, Washington, nw. 

cor. Wabash av. 

wards. pub. office, 125 Dearborn 


chief engineer, 123 Lake. cor. Clark 
Chicago Dock Co. Charles H. Durphy, supt. sec. 

and treas. room 9, 84 LaSalle, warehouse Taylor, 

ne. cor. Beach 

IN G CO. Benjamin Lombard, pres. Clement 

F. Hinman, sec. warehouse and mnfy. 238 to 

244 Newberry av. 

C. L. Wilson, propr. Hi Dearborn 

Printing Co. pubs. 104 Madison 
Chicago Fibre and Paper Co. Badger & Hilton, agts. 

'M Michigan av. 
Chicago File Works, J. E. McNeill, sec. 133 S. 


Joseph E. Otis. pres. J. K. Murphy, sec. 128 

Chicago Fire Insurance Co. of Illinois, J. K. Mur- 

phy, sec. 128 LaSalle 

Chicago Fire Shovel Co. Adams, sw. cor. LaSalle 

ANCE CO. Thomas Church, pres. J. K. 

Botsford, vice pres. S. P. Walker, sec. 92 La- 

Chicago Foundry, Prickett & Drysdale, proprs. 80 

Chicago Foundry Facing Mills, L. Benedict, propr. 

178 and 180 W. Kiuzie 
Chicago Furniture Manufacturing Co. Alois Wicke, 

manager, Theodore Schunxcl, ca.-h. 317 S. Canal 


General Northwestern Agents for 

. criESSOiE 3 & sonars, 

"Warehouse. 11 &13 S. Wlti S*. 

Shipherd, Sweet & Do., Brokers in mortgages, 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA. SALINE STREET. 

FRAXK. E. AIK.EX, produces aHl me 

NEW and FIUST CLASS Play* at Ills Theatre. 




Chicasro Gas Light and Coke Co. Hugh T. Dickey, 

ex's. James K. Burtis, sec. office, 30 and 38 
earborn, works. Monroe nr. Market 
Chicasro Gisr. Saddle and Carriage Pud Manufactory, 

J. M. Ward, propr. 203 Lake 
Chkv.go Glue- Works, Wahl Bros, proprs. James av. 

6\v. cor. Benson 
Chicago Hide and Leather Co. Denton Gurnee, pres. 

E. F. Brown.sec. 472 Wells, salesroom, 47 Wells 
Chicago High School, ns. Monroe, bet, Hakted and 

Chicago Historical Society, ns. Ontario, bet. Clark 

and Dearborn 
Chicago Hotel for Invalids, J. B. Boll, surgeon in 

cbanre, 249 Clark 
Chicago House, Leonhard Haberbosch, propr.313 4th 

Chicago Ice Co. J. Parker Smith, pres. II. H. Blake, 

sec. and treas. room 9 Reynold s blk. 
Chicago Insurance Plato Co." Cass, . Miller &. Co. 

proprs. 79 and 81 N. Green 

Chicairo Iron Bridge Works, Buach. se. cor. Polk 

Meeker, pi-es. P. L. 5Toe, vice pres. Lucien G. 

Yoe, sec. and treas. office. 45 Dearborn 

Son, prop. 84, 8(1. 88, 90 and SB S. Franklin 
MERCE. Tappan. McKillop & Co. proprs. 50 

to 58 Randolph, entrance 67 Suite 
Chicago, Kalamazoo River and Allegan Line Steam- 
ers. D. Chapman & Co. foot Wabash av. 
Chicago Kindling Wood Co. John W. Goewey, agt. 

687 State 

Charbonneau and L. & B. F. Lunterman, proprs. 

108 and 110 W. Van Buren 
Chicago Land Co. Mahlon D. Ogden, George Watson 

and Laban S. Beecher, trustees, Hamilton B. 

Bogue, sec. office, 162 Lake 

Chicago Law Institute, Caleb J. Richardson, librar- 
ian, room 17 Court House 
Chicago Lead and Oil Works and Shot Tower Co. E. 

W. Blatchford, pres. 70 N. Clinton 
Chicago Legal News Co. 80 Washington 
Chicago Library Association, Rev. Robert Collyer, 

pres. G. P. Upton and J. S. Murray, sec. John 

Robson, librarian, 50 LaSalle 
pres. John W. Clapp, sec. 150 Washington, Union 

Chicago Lightning Rod Co. Isaac Johnson, gen. agt. 

41) W. Lake 


William Kioto, gen. business manager, Louis 
Kurz, supt. art dept. Edward Cnrqueville, supt. 
engraving dept. 152 and 154 Clark 

Chicago Loan and Deposit Co. James Launder, pres. 
1(14 Randolph 

Chicago Lumber Dryer, C. N. Shipman, propr. Lum- 
ber, bet. Mitchell and Maxwell 

Chicairo Lumbering Co. J. R. Slauson, pres. C. H. 
Cunningham, treas. lumber mnlrs. and dealers, 
200 S. Water 


lamps, lanterns and signals, J. S. Dennis, sec. 

and treas. 43 and45 Franklin 
Chicago Marble Works, Schureman & Melick. proprs. 

210 Clark 


Leonard W. Yolk, John Feeiwy, James A. 

Roche, and Edward Burkhardt, proprs. 197 


Chicago Marine Hospital. E. Engelsted, supt. Michi- 
gan av. nr. Rush Street bridge 
Chicago Market. 203, 205, 207 and 209 State 
Chicago Medical College, N. S. Davis, pres. 1015 

S !ltl' 


Should see the 


On Sixteenth Street, near Prairie Avenue, containing 
Terra Cotta Door and Window Caps. Brackets 

and Modillions, made oy the 
Chicago Terra Cot! a 

Warcroom*. 2.9O Stuff. Str*e>t. 



Assets over $5,OOO,000. 
Divktenou payable annually after nccond year. 

SHUGART & DEAN. Gen'l Agents, 

85 Washington Street, Chicago. 

Reliable Agents wanted. 


J. Adams Allen, editor, J. \\olcott Hooker, 
pub. room 12, Union bldg. LaSalle, cor. Wash- 

Chicago, Milwaukee and Lake Superior Steamboat 
Co. A. T. Spencer, agt. office, foot of LaSalle 

Chicago Mutual Homestead Association, Charles A. 
Crane, pres. D. R. Harder, sec. and treas. 
Chauncey T. Bowen, trustee, 141 LaSalle 

Chicago Mutual Life Ins. Building, Wells, bet. 
Washington and Madison 

Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan Asylum, Mrs. 
E. L.Hobson, matron, Franklin, sw. cor. Wiscon- 

Chicago Oat Meal Mills, 66 N. Halsted 

Chicago Oil Works, James D. Sturges. propr. White, 
nw. cor. Pine 

Chicago Omnibus Line, Frank Parmelee & Co. 
props. 50 Randolph 

Chicago Orphan Asylum, Miss Emily Swan, matron, 
789 Michigan av. 

Chicago Packing and Provision Co. B. G. Hutchin- 
son & Co. proprs. 122 LaSalle 

Chicago Patent Wood Hanging Co. E. G. Wolcott, 
pres. R. A. B. Mills, sec. and treas. 34 LaSalle 

CO. J- D. Decreet, pres. and gen. manager, J. 
H. Shepard, sec. office, room 3. 94 Dearborn 

Chicago Preei ;d Brick Co. Lafliu. sw. 22d 

C. W. Bailey, editor and propr. Kit Clark 

Pinta. supt. 164 Clark 

Cluer, sec. 128 and 1:30 Lake 

CY, A. Philleo & Co. 110 LaSalle 

Chicago Railway Review, Fowler & Brooks, editors 
and pubs, room 45 Lombard blk. 

Chicago Ready Roofing Co. Samuel L. Keith, pres. 
12fi Washington 

Chicago Real Estate Journal, Huugerford & Russell, 
proprs. 129 Dearborn 

Chicago Relief and Aid Society, Wirt Dexter, pres. 
Oscar C. Gribbs, sec. 213 Washington 




CIFIC R. X. passenger depot and offices, 
Van Buren. head of LaSalle, freight depot, 
Charles W. Maybury, agt. Clark, sw. cor. Taylor, 
freight and ticket office, J. J. Young, asrt. 37 Clark 

Ford & Co. projirs. otnce, 132 LaS.-\!!e 

CHICAGO SCALE CO. (William W. Net- 
ting and Frank S. Allen), 34 and 30 W. Wash- 

Chicago Sick Relief Association, 157 Randolph 

Cone. pres. J. C. Warnock, sec. 13 and 15 S. ; 

Chicago Society of New Jerusalem (Swedenborgian), I 
Jolin R. Hibbard, pastor, Adams, bet. Wabash | 
and Michigan av. 

CO. B- B. Mason, pres. E. G. Mason, sec. and 
treas. room 13 Dickey's bldsr. 86 Dearborn 

Chicago SpringWorks,F.~M. Atkinson & Co. proprs. I 
2S5 S. Clinton ' 

Chicago Stamping and Tinning Works, Frank Stur- 
ges & Co. proprs. 248 S. Peoria 

Chicago Steam Dye Works, Carpenter & Leigh, 
proprs. 92 W. Madison 

Chicago Steam Dve Works, Cook & McLaiu, proprs. 
Dearborn and 109 ("lark 

Chicago Steam Forge Works, Pynchon, Willard & 
Co. 286 Archer av. 

Chicairo Steam Laundry, Charles Carpenter, propr. 
9-2 W. Madison 

The Morse Safes Itave a record of 25 years and never failed. 











Returned at Death, 

In addition to the Amount of the Policy. 

Chicago Steam Sugar Refinery, R. J. Lackland, 
propr. N. Water, nr. North pier 

Chicago Tanning Works, Eliel & Co. proprs. 19 La 
Salle and N. branch canal 

F. Nicholas, treas. Robert King, gen. agt. Jo- 
seph N. Glover, supt. Catharine uw. cor. Laflin, 
office, 290 State 

Chicago Theological Seminary (Congregational), 
Union park 

CHICAGO TIMES, W. F. Storey & Co. 
proprs. lie Dearborn 

cor. Dearborn 

Harder, A. P. Lnse and David Scofield), 139 

Chicago Union Brewery, Patrick O'Neil, pres. Wil- 
liam Mariga, sec. and treas. 27th, cor. Johnson 

Chicago Union, German, Friedrich Becker, propr. 233 


F. E. Spuoner. agt. 182 Wigwam bldg. 

Chicago University, John C. Burroughs, pres. Cot- 
tage Grove av. cor. Douglas pi. 

Chicago Varnish Co. (Anson C. Potwin and Otho 
II. Morgan), 194 and 19(5 Pine 

Chicago Vinegar Works. Charles G. E. Prussing, 
propr. 399 and 341 State 

Chicago Vise & Tool Co. George M. Scott, sec. 
Thomas Ruybould, gen. manager, 149 to 153 

Chicago Water Works, lake shore, foot Chicago av. 

Chicago We=t Division Railway, room 1 Garrett blk. 
State, se. cor. Randolph 


!K) Randolph 
Chicago & Crystal Lake Ice Co. es. al. bet. 14th and 

lliih, Michigan and Indiana av. 
Chicago & Lyons Lime Co. Aaron Haven, agt. Cyrus 

B. Cobb, sec. State, cor. C. B. & Q. R. R. cross- 

SHORE R. R. engineer's office, R. A. Con- 
oily, chief engineer, 123 Lake. cor. Clark 

Chicago & Muskcgon Line of Steamers (tri-weekly), 
D." Chapman & Co. agts. foot Wabash av. 

Chicago & Milwaukee Depot N. W. R.W. Canal, cor. 

Chicago & Northwestern Elevator, Munu <fc Scott, 
p'.-oprs. W. Water, cor. Indiana 

W. CO. Henry Keep. pres. Henry R. Pierson. 
viee-pres. George L. Dunlap, gen. supt. John C. 
Gault, gen. freight agt. Benjamin F. Patrick, 
gen. ticket asf. gen. ticket office, 40 Clark, 
pass, depot, Kinzie, nr. Kinzie Street bridge, 
freight depot, Indiana, nr. Indiana Street bridge. 
Gal. Piv. pass, depot, Wells, cor. N. Water, 
freight depot. N. Water, foot Dearborn. Mil. Div. 
pass, depot, Kinzie, cor. Canal, freight depot, 
Indiana, cor. Jefferson 

Chicago L v Nor hwestcrn Telegraph Office, Clark, 
s\v. cor. Lake 

Chicago & South Haven Line of Steamers, tri-week- 
ly, D. Chapman & Co. agts. dock, foot Wabash 

Chicago & Rock Island R. R. office and depot, Van 
Buren. cor. L:\Salle 

Chicago & St. Louis Coke and Coal Co. Henry S. 
Austin, sec. and treas. room 12, Lombard blk. 

Chiouro & St. Louis, R. R. gen. offices 53 and 55 
Dearborn, passenger depot, Canal, nr. Madison, 
freight Depot. Charle*. n\v. cor. Van Buren 

CO. ''MIIICS M. Walker, pres. AmosT. Hall, sec. 
and trails. Albert L. Sweet, snpt. 2 W.Vau Bnreu 
find 79! t Suit 

CHICAGO WOOL CO. Reynolds, Reed & 

Co. 19 and 21 Randolph 
Chick Eli/a Miss, r. 3S5 W. Madison 
Chicken Francis, r. 51 Elu:in 
Chicken Stephen, shoemaker, L. Morse & Co. bds. 

52 Archer rd. 
Chicken Thomas, lab. Hatch, Holbrook & Co. r. 51 

Chicke ring John W. lawyer, 116 LaSalle, r. 162 Park 


Chickering J. A. (Chickering & New), bds. Rich- 
mond house 
CHICKERING & NEW (J- A. Chickering 

and Henry S. New), com. mers. and mnt'rs. agts. 

83 State 
Chidester N. B. (Farnum & Chidester), r. 71 N. 


Chidester Sarah C. Mrs, r. 45 Oak av. 
Chidester W. M. traveling agt. J. A. & H, F. Gris- 

wold, r. 45 Oak av. 
Chidley John, packer, Star and Crescent mills, r. 633 

W. Lake 

Chifflot Emile, cook, Barnes house, r. 33 Kinzie 
Ch'fflet Frederick, galvanizer, bds. 38 E. Kinzie 
Chihill Mary. wid. Mathew, r. 4-23 Sedgwick 
Chilcole Greenbury G. constable, 107 Madison, r. 

480 Arnold 

Child Albert A. (Child & Bri <.':>). r. 738 Wabash av. 
Child Charles (Harris & Child), r. 390 W. Lake 
Child Cyrus W. asst. sec. Defensive Mercantile asso- 
Child JohnM. bookkeeper, Western Rural, bds. 395 

CHILD St BRIGGS (Albert A. Child and 

Arthur R. Briggs), whol. grocers, 49 S. Water 
Childers Asbury, tanner, r. N. branch, nr. Divi- 

Childers "William, lab. r. 110 Miller 

Childes II. lab. bds. Transit house 

Guilds Abbott, E. printer, Hortou & Leonard, r. 51 
S. Carpenter 

Childs Augustus O. student, PORTER'S TELE- 

CHILDS BROTHERS (Joseph, M. W. and 
Henry Childs). importers and jobbers in notions 
and fancy goods. 51 State 

Childs Charles", captain, bds. 3!>2 Calumet av. 

Childs Charles, r. 655 W. Washington 

Childs Emery E. pres. Riverside Improvement Co. 
r. 3!I2 N. Dearborn 

Childs Francis R. eec. Western Star Metal Co. r. 341 
E. Indiana 

Childs George D. commercial traveler, r. 108 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Childs Henrietta, wid. Jacob, r. 1315 Indiana av. 

Childs Henry (Childs Bros.), r. 1315 Indiana av. 

Childs Henry C. (Childs, Verdier & Co.), r. DuPage 

Childs Henry C. realestate, room 14, 106 Randolph, 
r. Wlieaton, 111. 

Childs Herman, bds. 1315 Indiana av. 

Childs Joseph (Childs Bros.), r. 1228 Indiana av. 

Childs Lorenzo W. (Childs, Verdier & Co.), r. Da 
Page county 

Childs Myor W. (Childs Bros.X r. 914 Michigan av. 

Child* Samuel, entryclerk. Childs Bros. r. 914 Michi- 
gan av. 

Childs Samuel D. (S. D. Childs & Co.), bds. Massa- 
soit house 

Childs Samuel D. jr. (S. D. Childs jr. & Co.), r. 116 
Lincoln av. 

Child.- Shubael D. r. 939 N. Clark 

CHII.DS S, D. JR. &: CO. (Samuel D. 
Childs jr. Jerome A Smith and Samuel D. 
Childs), engravers and die sinkers, 11 7 % Ran- 

Childs Thoron T. managr. Atlantic and Pacific and 
Miss. Valley National Tel. Co.'s 1-28 Washington, 
r. (;-r> Fulton 


General Korttv-ostern Agents for 


, T.I &1 3 S- Wolls 

Sweet & Co., Large L.OUHS 

Nos. 155 and 157 LA 


WM. D. JSJERFOOT, Real Estate flJcaEer and Broker, 

No. 89 Washington Street. Estatesmanaged. 






Childs, Verdier & Co. (Lorenzo W. Childs, Timothy 

Verdier and Henry C. Childs), bakers, 190 W. 

Childs \V. A. student, BRYANT & STRATTON 


Childs , bds. 145 Adams 

Chilson Charles F. lawyer and notary public, 107 

Chilson George, fireman, C. & N. W. R. W. bds. 72 

W. Madison 

Chimek Frank, lab. r. 155 Bunker 
Chimmels Christian, fireman, r. 49 S. Desplaines 
Chinco.-ith G. G. constable, 109 Madison 
Chine William, clothing, 220 Wells, r. same 
Chiniquy N. F. salesman, True, Bainter & McMurry, 

r. Monroe, cor. State 
Chiperowsky Max, foreman, pattern shops, Boomer's 

bridge works, r. 77 W. 16th 

CbipewonU Maxmillian, machinist, r. 77 W. 10th 
Chiplock Charles, cooper, r. rear 133 N. Curtis 
Chiplock William, cooper, r. rear 133 N. Carpenter 
Chipinan George, painter, bds. % 3dav. 
Chipp John, drygoods, 86 Blue Island av. r. same 
Chippell George, brass finisher, David M. Ford 
Chippy Jacob, lab. r. rear 109 Bunker 
Chiruside John, lab. r. 49 Milwaukee av. 

Chisel . type moulder, r. 417 N. Wells 

Chiser Jacob, carpenter, bds. 439 Clark 

Chisholm Archibald, salesman, Taylor & Wright, 

bds. Richmond house 
Chisholm E. A. clerk, Carson, Pirie & Co. r. 924 W. 

Chisholm Oliver P. printer, Evening Post Printing 

Co. bd. 256 Ewing 
Chisholm William, sec. and manager, Union Rolling 

Mill Co. r. 955 Prairie av. 
Chittenden George R. r. 364 Michigan av. 
Chittenden Horace N. special agt. R. J. Smith, bds. 

Richmond house 

Chitteuden H. N. student, PORTER'S TELE- 

Chittenden Morris A. carpenter, r. 174 27th 
Chittenden William, student, PORTER'S TELE- 
Chittendon T. S. salesman. Field, Leiter& Co. r. 278 

W. Randolph 

Chivaller John, wagonmaker, r. 430 W. 12th 
Chivers Ellen Mrs. dress and cloak maker, 817 Hub- 
bard, r. same 

Chivers John, brassfinisher, r. 817 Hu